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An Apple Existance - Joel Smith

An Apple ExistanceJoel Smith

Young writer Joel Smith introduces a short story based loosely upon the current food paradigm among other major issues existing in the world due to a lack of global awareness and compassion. This well written story manages to weave togethe… more

An Apple Existance
Joel Smith
Booktango , English
America's Loch Ness Monsters - Philip Rife

America's Loch Ness MonstersPhilip Rife

A FLORIDA FISHERMAN MEETS ONE OF NESSIE’S AMERICAN COUSINS…”“It was as if someone were staring at my back. You know, the type of feeling when the hair seems to stand up on the back of your neck.I turned around and looked directly into th… more

America’s Loch Ness Monsters
Philip Rife
iUniverse , English
Dowsing For Higher Consciousness - James Nathan Post

Dowsing For Higher ConsciousnessJames Nathan Post

This book calls on research and experience to take a new look at the practices of dowsing, such as “water-witching” and other such mechanical techniques to obtain information not available to the physical senses, and to examine the astonish… more

Dowsing For Higher Consciousness
James Nathan Post
iUniverse , English
Autumn Light: Essays in Maturity - Helen Hills

Autumn Light: Essays in MaturityHelen Hills

AUTUMN LIGHT is the ideal bedside book for the thoughtful reader. It is inspirational without being shallow. Its insightful anecdotes, stories, and fables are sometimes poignant, often humorous, and always thought provoking. The author c… more

Autumn Light: Essays in Maturity
Helen Hills
iUniverse , English
Fast Forward: Surviving the ... - Linda Schurman

Fast Forward: Surviving the ...Linda Schurman

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Fast Forward: Surviving the Race to the Future features Linda Schurman’s interpretations of what lies ahead: the challenges and significant crises humanity is facing today, alongside possible solutions our civilization may choose to impleme… more

Fast Forward: Surviving the Race to the Future (What Next? A Survival Guide to the 21st Century)
Linda Schurman
Lazer Lady Publishing, Inc. , English
Self-Revealization Acceptanc... - Stephen F Kaufman

Self-Revealization Acceptanc...Stephen F Kaufman

The true secret to winning the so-called battles of life is not in understanding why things happen, or why they don’t, but rather in knowing what you want, and accepting it as already done by your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.

N… more

Self-Revealization Acceptance - Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom
Stephen F Kaufman
Hanshi Warrior Press , English
The Power of Unity; The Amaz... - Ruth L Miller

The Power of Unity; The Amaz...Ruth L Miller

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The Paths to Power Series is designed to be easy reading biographies of the founders of New Thought. They are easy reading for all ages from juvenile to adult.Imagine growing up with Indians as your neighbors and playmates—then having your … more

The Power of Unity; The Amazing Discoveries of Charles Fillmore (Paths to Power Book 2)
Ruth L Miller
WiseWoman Press , English
The Seven Days of My Creatio... - Jani Farrell-Roberts

The Seven Days of My Creatio...Jani Farrell-Roberts

In my early years I was called “father” although I had not fathered. I then left this rocky prominence to descend to a rich fertile land in which I became a priestess and parent, investigative journalist and filmmaker.On my journey I learn… more

The Seven Days of My Creation: Tales of Magic, Sex and Gender
Jani Farrell-Roberts
iUniverse , English
Heroes and Hierophants - Noel Rogers, Marcus D'Ambros...

Heroes and HierophantsNoel Rogers, Marcus D'Ambros...

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Heroes And Hierophants is the culmination of a year of innovative writing from three of today’s hottest underground authors. The plan was simple: each week one of them would propose a topic, and they would each have a week to write about it… more

Heroes and Hierophants
Noel Rogers, Marcus D’Ambrose, Douglas Palermo
iUniverse , English
Rational Spirituality - Koda

Rational SpiritualityKoda

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Watch the Rational Spirituality video on You Tube which features brief instructions for performing telekinesis and Visual Telepathy.Rational Spirituality is quite possibly the most useful book on the subject of spiritual and psychic awarene… more

Rational Spirituality
Psychic Publishing , English
The CORE Solution Report - Song Chengxiang

The CORE Solution ReportSong Chengxiang

Discover the ROOT CAUSE of all your life frustrations and learnpowerful techniques to QUICKLY and EASILY eliminate theROOT CAUSE such totally transform your life.You will get more value out of this report than what you canget from those $5,… more

The CORE Solution Report
Song Chengxiang
I AM... - Maddox and Mommy

I AM...Maddox and Mommy

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Maddox and Mommy Books encourage every child to dance in their magic. Maddox and Mommy Books serve as a tool for every child to create joy and expansion in their lives. Our books are created and centered in LOVE.Learn more about our books a… more

Maddox and Mommy


The object of this book is an attempt to help you understand why you behave the way you do. Written in a common sense way and without any technical jargon.No attempt is made to prove or disprove any other theory but to put forward a complet… more

Lyn Victor Williams
Oh My Genetics Of Divinity - Joy Ghosh

Oh My Genetics Of DivinityJoy Ghosh

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EXISTENCE is governed by a very specific code of Eternal Consciousness that was first instituted and put into application even before the Universe and humanity as we know it came to be. That same code without any change is operational and m… more

Oh My Genetics Of Divinity
Joy Ghosh
ICREATE Technologies, LLC , English
Turn on the Power - Leonard R  Phillips

Turn on the PowerLeonard R Phillips

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Turn on the Power explores new routes to personal power in the information age. The reader is challenged to transcend the mere human and to embrace the next stage in the evolutionaty journey of the human family as our planet approached the… more

Turn on the Power
Leonard R Phillips
createspace.com , English
Autism: Disease, Disorder or... - Jerome K. Lewis

Autism: Disease, Disorder or...Jerome K. Lewis

AUTISM AND AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER (ASD) ARE NOT WHAT WE THINK THEY ARE..Autism is not a disease or disorder.There is nothing inherently wrong with an autistic child.Autism is a condition of severe to mild withdrawal, shutting down to life… more

Autism: Disease, Disorder or Choice? Withdrawal, Loneliness, Magic
Jerome K. Lewis
Jerome K. Lewis , English
Beyond The Stars: Triology /... - Lynn David Livsey

Beyond The Stars: Triology /...Lynn David Livsey

This book, Beyond The Stars - Triology / Part One, covers all of cosmic science; from quantum mechanics and the formation of particles, to cosmology and the structure of space, to evolution and the formation of life. Moreover, this book is… more

Beyond The Stars: Triology / Part One
Lynn David Livsey
iUniverse , English
A SEARCH for "SELF": "Experi... - Richard Lode

A SEARCH for "SELF": "Experi...Richard Lode

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A SEARCH for “SELF” is a thought-provoking dialogue between two sincere seekers of truth.

During the camaraderie an in depth discussion of “A Course in Miracles” envelops, leaving them and the reader with an overwhelming desire to explor… more

A SEARCH for “SELF”: “Experiencing A Course in Miracles”
Richard Lode
Reconnecting With Your Soul:... - Ph.D. Susan Christopher

Reconnecting With Your Soul:...Ph.D. Susan Christopher

You’ve been attracted to this book because the Light and Love of “Who You Really Are” has been activated. It’s time now to honor your partnership with God and all life everywhere!This book is not meant to be read just once. It’s an ongoing… more

Reconnecting With Your Soul: An Ongoing Program for Higher Consciousness
Ph.D. Susan Christopher
Balboa , English
A Season of Eagles - Josie RavenWing

A Season of EaglesJosie RavenWing

A Season of Eagles by: Josie RavenWing

A Season of Eagles
Josie RavenWing
iUniverse , English