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The Monster That Ate My Summ... - Damon Young

The Monster That Ate My Summ...Damon Young

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Don’t turn down that road. Don’t stop at that diner. It doesn’t matter how bright and sunny and hot it is outside. It doesn’t matter that there’s nothing else for miles around in the Nevada desert. Whatever you do, never EVER get out of… more

The Monster That Ate My Summer Vacation
Damon Young
Blood Rising (The Sugartown Series) - Tom Woodward

Blood Rising (The Sugartown Series)Tom Woodward

Former Title: Gonzo’s Dead.Blood Rising: On a quiet night in the Sugartown CBD, a debut extortionist gets whacked on his first job. Meanwhile, a young drug addict is caught breaking into the Lamborghini of Sugartown’s notorious crime boss, … more

Blood Rising (The Sugartown Series)
Tom Woodward
Shotgun Press , English
Yesterday's Gone: Episode 2 - Sean Platt, David Wright

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 2Sean Platt, David Wright

1 rating

*NOTE: THE FULL SEASON (Episodes 1-6) are now available for one low price at:amazon.com/Yesterdays-Gone-Season-One-ebook/dp/B005REXCKE/The post-apocalyptic serial thriller with more than 200 5-Star Reviews!READER REVIEWS: “Stephen King Meet… more

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 2
Sean Platt, David Wright
Collective Inkwell , English
Take 2 Tabs Then Die: RX-A P... - A.J. Harris

Take 2 Tabs Then Die: RX-A P...A.J. Harris

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Take 2 Tabs Then Die: RX- A Prescription For DeathMagna Pharmex, an international pharmaceutical giant, launches an anti-arthritis drug with the promise of unprecedented pain relief. Dr. Josh Harrington conducts clinical trials of the new d… more

Take 2 Tabs Then Die: RX-A Prescription for Death (A Dr. Josh Harrington Mystery)
A.J. Harris
Murder Mystery Press , English
The Bridge: A Horror Novella - Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

The Bridge: A Horror NovellaAmanda Lawrence Auverigne

1 rating

After finding an online advertisement for a free designer couch, roommates Lena, Stacy and Tamara believe that they have found the perfect bargain. After the sofa’s quick delivery, the three friends soon make a terrifying discovery. Parenta… more

The Bridge: A Horror Novella
Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
A Master of Deception [Annotated] - Richard Marsh

A Master of Deception [Annotated]Richard Marsh

CONTENTSCHAPTER 1. The Inclining of a Twig.2. His Uncle And His Cousin.3. Rodney Elmore the First.4. The Three Girls and the Three Telegrams.5. Stella.6. Gladys.7. Mary.8. By The 9.10: The First Part of the Journey.9. The Second.10. In the … more

A Master of Deception [Annotated]
Richard Marsh
American Epitaph - James Laabs

American EpitaphJames Laabs

FROM THE KIRKUS INDIE REVIEW…”A grim 2025 comes to life in James Laabs timely utopian thriller. Just over a decade into the future, the USA has succumbed to rule by a tiny, extremely wealthy fraction of the population. After winning elect… more

American Epitaph
James Laabs
First American Publishing , English
To Fleece a Legacy - C. L. Daveler

To Fleece a LegacyC. L. Daveler

Exercise the full range of emotions with this family friendly adventure story. Laughter, joy and sadness coupled with fear and anger come along for the ride to be met with a personal challenge: to discover the power of gaining the ability t… more

To Fleece a Legacy
C. L. Daveler
The Dead City - Jonathan Isenor

The Dead CityJonathan Isenor

“What do you mean my parents are dead?” Jack Foster yelled at the phone. With those few words Jack Foster’s world forever changed. His much-loved parents were dead in an apparent double suicide. Left to pick up the pieces with his somewhat … more

The Dead City
Jonathan Isenor
Solstice Publishing , English
Sinister Island - Charles Wadsworth Camp

Sinister IslandCharles Wadsworth Camp

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author: Charles Wadsworth Camppublished: 1915language: EnglishRational person solves mystery of a “haunted island”. Believable story full of action; suboptimal transcription.

Sinister Island
Charles Wadsworth Camp
Charles Wadsworth Camp , English
Waiting Out Winter (Elementa... - Kelli Owen

Waiting Out Winter (Elementa...Kelli Owen

Nick and the boys return from the summer’s last hunting trip to find the streets empty, the beachfront and park abandoned, and the windows of their own homes boarded shut. The hunters have become the hunted, in an apocalyptic plague that pi… more

Waiting Out Winter (Elemental Series)
Kelli Owen
Thunderstorm Books , English
In Shadows Of Night - Diem Carpe

In Shadows Of NightDiem Carpe

The death of a psychotic serial-killer is not the end of his mystery and two Federal Agents are about to discover the dark side of things!

In Shadows Of Night
Diem Carpe
Theron: The Amusing Musings ... - L A Morgan

Theron: The Amusing Musings ...L A Morgan

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Theron was a wealthy, easy-going, party animal. After he’s murdered, he comes back to get the killer and discovers that his family did not really love him. When he discovers that he has new ghostly powers, the fun begins. Wow! I can fly… more

Theron: The Amusing Musings of a Ghost (The Theron Ghost Series)
L A Morgan
L A Morgan , English
On the Ropes (A Duffy Dombro... - Tom Schreck

On the Ropes (A Duffy Dombro...Tom Schreck

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A ghetto social worker, moonlighting as a heavyweight fighter, Duffy Dombrowski, knows the street, the ring and the meanness this world can throw in relentless combinations. He has his code, he’s got Elvis and now he’s got his own reason to… more

On the Ropes (A Duffy Dombrowski Mystery)
Tom Schreck
IGLA , English
Let Death Pass (Molly) - James Butler

Let Death Pass (Molly)James Butler

My name’s Hank McCoy, private detective. I had just finished up with a case involving Molly the ghost.There was a knock at my door and a beautiful woman walked into my office. “My name is Penny Pickle,” she said, “and I want you to find my… more

Let Death Pass (Molly)
James Butler
James Butler , English
The Wisdom of Evil - Scarlet Black

The Wisdom of EvilScarlet Black

Glory Solomon doesn’t just fear death; she’s obsessed with it! When the Grim Reaper becomes a real flesh and blood enemy; no one will believe her. Even her husband, Michael, a ruggedly handsome tough as nails cop thinks she’s crazy. As the … more

The Wisdom of Evil
Scarlet Black
World Castle Publishing , English
Yesterday's Gone: Episode 6 - Sean Platt, David Wright

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 6Sean Platt, David Wright

(THE FULL SEASON - ALL SIX EPISODES ARE NOW AVAILABLE amazon.com/Yesterdays-Gone-Season-One-ebook/dp/B005REXCKE/)THE EXPLOSIVE POST-APOCALYPTIC SERIES CONTINUES!On October 15 at 2:15 a.m. everyone on Earth vanished.Well, almost everyone.A s… more

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 6
Sean Platt, David Wright
Collective Inkwell , English
Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: ... - A.J. Harris

Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: ...A.J. Harris

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Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: Evil Lurks Around the CornerAs the last wish of a dying patient, Dr. Josh Harrington reluctantly accepts the deed for an abandoned adobe house and the large parcel of land upon which it sits, just off prestigious… more

Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: Evil Lurks Around the Corner (A Dr. Josh Harrington Mystery)
A.J. Harris
Murder Mystery Press , English
The House that Jack Built - James M. Campbell

The House that Jack BuiltJames M. Campbell

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Stone by clammy stone, the house in the wilderness claws toward heaven, but its long and winding roots are firmly planted in hell. Dark forces possess Jack. When he shows Malcolm his newest acquisition, Malcolm shrugs it off. How could a ti… more

The House that Jack Built
James M. Campbell
Icarus Press Publishing , English
The Karma Booth - Jeff Pearce

The Karma BoothJeff Pearce

They say, “Executing a murderer won’t bring your loved one back.” But now it CAN.The Karma Booth. It’s terrifying. It’s devastating. It will change history, ethics, religion, science, everything. What are its terrible secrets? How does it w… more

The Karma Booth
Jeff Pearce
Gallivant Books , English