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The ManIrving Wallace

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With a Foreword by JAMES EARL JONES & A Spcial Afterword by Irving Wallace’s son, bestselling author DAVID WALLECHINSKY

The time is 1964. The place is the Cabinet Room of the White House. An unexpected accident and the law of succession ha… more

The Man
Irving Wallace
Crossroad Press , English

The TasteAlan Orloff, Zak Allen

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After his mother dies, Jake Wheeler returns to his birthplace of Dark Springs, West Virginia, seeking solace among his kin. But his family’s unique comfort food includes some ingredients Jake’s not sure he can stomach.They eat dead people.D… more

The Taste
Alan Orloff, Zak Allen

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 2Sean Platt, David Wright

1 rating

*NOTE: THE FULL SEASON (Episodes 1-6) are now available for one low price at:amazon.com/Yesterdays-Gone-Season-One-ebook/dp/B005REXCKE/The post-apocalyptic serial thriller with more than 200 5-Star Reviews!READER REVIEWS: “Stephen King Meet… more

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 2
Sean Platt, David Wright
Collective Inkwell , English

The Dead CityJonathan Isenor

“What do you mean my parents are dead?” Jack Foster yelled at the phone. With those few words Jack Foster’s world forever changed. His much-loved parents were dead in an apparent double suicide. Left to pick up the pieces with his somewhat … more

The Dead City
Jonathan Isenor
Solstice Publishing , English

Shreds of Humanitymj Hangge

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At the fall of humanity, the world is violently divided between those who are still human and those who want to eat them. Shreds of Humanity is the story of a man who has lost his humanity, only to rediscover it in the scared eyes of a sma… more

Shreds of Humanity
mj Hangge
Final Approach Productions , English

Over The BridgeRandy Noble

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

Nathan, forced to hide in his backyard in the dead of night, gets a disturbing phone call from a stranger. Now, before time runs out, Nathan will discover if his once honed instincts will keep him alive or take him to the brink of the impos… more

Over The Bridge
Randy Noble

The WomanJack Ketchum, Lucky McKee

2 ratings
Average wait: 11d, 2h

The Woman is the powerful story of the last survivor of a feral tribe of cannibals who have terrorized the east coast from Maine into Canada for years now. Badly wounded in a battle with police, she takes refuge in a cave overlooking the se… more

The Woman
Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee
Crossroad Press & Macabre Ink Digital , English

Double Blind (Samantha Cody Series)D. P. Lyle

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Who, or what, is preying on innocent citizens in the isolated mountain community of Gold Creek, Colorado?Some vacation. Deputy Samantha Cody has just won her third professional boxing match and expects a relaxing, stress-free visit to her f… more

Double Blind (Samantha Cody Series)
D. P. Lyle
Bengal Press , English

Nation At RiskJohn Brinling

1 rating
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An action-filled rollercoaster ride with more subplots than seeds in a watermelon, and you will never view space travel the same way again. Political intrigue, Jihadists with A-bombs, Islamic Fundamentalism, Christian Fundamentalism, the Is… more

Nation At Risk
John Brinling

A Master of Deception [Annotated]Richard Marsh

CONTENTSCHAPTER 1. The Inclining of a Twig.2. His Uncle And His Cousin.3. Rodney Elmore the First.4. The Three Girls and the Three Telegrams.5. Stella.6. Gladys.7. Mary.8. By The 9.10: The First Part of the Journey.9. The Second.10. In the … more

A Master of Deception [Annotated]
Richard Marsh

Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: ...A.J. Harris

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Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: Evil Lurks Around the CornerAs the last wish of a dying patient, Dr. Josh Harrington reluctantly accepts the deed for an abandoned adobe house and the large parcel of land upon which it sits, just off prestigious… more

Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: Evil Lurks Around the Corner (A Dr. Josh Harrington Mystery)
A.J. Harris
Murder Mystery Press , English

The Nightmare Hunters, Episo...Alexander Matt

THE NIGHTMARE HUNTERSEPISODE 3 - In which Axle and Victoria meet faeries.Case File from the Archive of Dr. Samuel Anders: #0098-2715 “The Shoemaker”“Upon my return from Peru, I was shocked and dismayed to find my home in a complete state of… more

The Nightmare Hunters, Episode 3: The Shoemaker
Alexander Matt

Infinity Twice Removed (Deli...Michael McBride, William C. ...

While deployed in the Middle East in 1991 to fight in the Gulf War, U.S. Navy SEAL Malcolm Jeffers learns that his wife and young son have been brutally killed by the “Infinity Killer,” a serial killer preying on young children throughout t… more

Infinity Twice Removed (Delirium Novella Series)
Michael McBride, William C. Rasmussen
Delirium Books , English

Take 2 Tabs Then Die: RX-A P...A.J. Harris

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Take 2 Tabs Then Die: RX- A Prescription For DeathMagna Pharmex, an international pharmaceutical giant, launches an anti-arthritis drug with the promise of unprecedented pain relief. Dr. Josh Harrington conducts clinical trials of the new d… more

Take 2 Tabs Then Die: RX-A Prescription for Death (A Dr. Josh Harrington Mystery)
A.J. Harris
Murder Mystery Press , English

Ghost Soldier (The Ghost Files #2)Evelyn Klebert

Average wait: < 1h

Second in a new series featuring paranormal investigators Ellen and Monty Drew. Ellen claims to possess a sixth sense but Monty, a former P.I., only believes what he can see. She views their work as a sacred mission while Monty just wants a… more

Ghost Soldier (The Ghost Files #2)
Evelyn Klebert

American EpitaphJames Laabs

FROM THE KIRKUS INDIE REVIEW…”A grim 2025 comes to life in James Laabs timely utopian thriller. Just over a decade into the future, the USA has succumbed to rule by a tiny, extremely wealthy fraction of the population. After winning elect… more

American Epitaph
James Laabs
First American Publishing , English

Cat's PawRustin Petrae

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A dark/paranormal fantasy, Cat’s Paw centers around a 15 year old boy named Tad. In his neighborhood, something has happened. Something tragic. He sees the effects that this horrible event has in his neighborhood but is powerless to stop it… more

Cat’s Paw
Rustin Petrae
Rustin Petrae , English

FearMaker: Family MattersTerry Castle

Average wait: N/A

Twelve-year-old Adam Castle lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills. But for him, life is just like that for any other ordinary twelve-year-old. That is, until he mistakenly overhears the unsavory truth about his father. Dear old Dad is a homic… more

FearMaker: Family Matters
Terry Castle

The Fall of Mist and RedB.L. Wright

A long lost relative thought to be dead… The mysterious reappearance… The tormenting of a family… The Fall of Mist and Red is a dramatic thriller surrounding an evil that faces a family in rural northwest Scotland. Will the help of ne… more

The Fall of Mist and Red
B.L. Wright
Black Rose Writing , English

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 5Sean Platt, David Wright

(THE FULL SEASON - ALL SIX EPISODES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR $4.99 http://www.amazon.com/Yesterdays-Gone-Season-One-ebook/dp/B005REXCKE/) THE EXPLOSIVE POST-APOCALYPTIC SERIES CONTINUES!On October 15 at 2:15 a.m. everyone on Earth vanished.Wel… more

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 5
Sean Platt, David Wright
Collective Inkwell , English