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Waiting Out Winter (Elementa... - Kelli Owen

Waiting Out Winter (Elementa...Kelli Owen

Nick and the boys return from the summer’s last hunting trip to find the streets empty, the beachfront and park abandoned, and the windows of their own homes boarded shut. The hunters have become the hunted, in an apocalyptic plague that pi… more

Waiting Out Winter (Elemental Series)
Kelli Owen
Thunderstorm Books , English
Theron: The Amusing Musings ... - L A Morgan

Theron: The Amusing Musings ...L A Morgan

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Theron was a wealthy, easy-going, party animal. After he’s murdered, he comes back to get the killer and discovers that his family did not really love him. When he discovers that he has new ghostly powers, the fun begins. Wow! I can fly… more

Theron: The Amusing Musings of a Ghost (The Theron Ghost Series)
L A Morgan
L A Morgan , English
On the Ropes (A Duffy Dombro... - Tom Schreck

On the Ropes (A Duffy Dombro...Tom Schreck

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A ghetto social worker, moonlighting as a heavyweight fighter, Duffy Dombrowski, knows the street, the ring and the meanness this world can throw in relentless combinations. He has his code, he’s got Elvis and now he’s got his own reason to… more

On the Ropes (A Duffy Dombrowski Mystery)
Tom Schreck
IGLA , English
Let Death Pass (Molly) - James Butler

Let Death Pass (Molly)James Butler

My name’s Hank McCoy, private detective. I had just finished up with a case involving Molly the ghost.There was a knock at my door and a beautiful woman walked into my office. “My name is Penny Pickle,” she said, “and I want you to find my… more

Let Death Pass (Molly)
James Butler
James Butler , English
Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: ... - A.J. Harris

Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: ...A.J. Harris

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Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: Evil Lurks Around the CornerAs the last wish of a dying patient, Dr. Josh Harrington reluctantly accepts the deed for an abandoned adobe house and the large parcel of land upon which it sits, just off prestigious… more

Satan Stalks Sinatra Drive: Evil Lurks Around the Corner (A Dr. Josh Harrington Mystery)
A.J. Harris
Murder Mystery Press , English
The Man - Irving Wallace

The ManIrving Wallace

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With a Foreword by JAMES EARL JONES & A Spcial Afterword by Irving Wallace’s son, bestselling author DAVID WALLECHINSKY

The time is 1964. The place is the Cabinet Room of the White House. An unexpected accident and the law of succession ha… more

The Man
Irving Wallace
Crossroad Press , English
Bigfoot War 4: Legion - Eric S. Brown

Bigfoot War 4: LegionEric S. Brown

In the wake of the Civil War, Captain Vander, a former spy for the Union, is sent to the South to serve at a fort where mysterious circumstances have suddenly arisen. Attacks on both the town’s residents and its livestock have the local com… more

Bigfoot War 4: Legion
Eric S. Brown
Coscom Entertainment , English
The Calm Before the Swarm: A... - Michael McBride

The Calm Before the Swarm: A...Michael McBride

Dr. Lauren Allen, an investigator for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is summoned by the FBI to a small town in Georgia, where she finds bodies scattered around a circus big top. It’s even worse inside. Nearly three hundred … more

The Calm Before the Swarm: A Novella (Novella Series)
Michael McBride
Factor V Media , English
A GOOD DEATH - Robert Stokes

A GOOD DEATHRobert Stokes

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J.C. Dance, an ex-Navy SEAL and bounty hunter gets a call from a former boss that sends him on a dangerous and circuitous investigation that reaches into the heart of the White House and the administration of conservative President Franklin… more

Robert Stokes
Robert S. Stokes , English
Dangerous Pursuits - Quintin Jardine

Dangerous PursuitsQuintin Jardine

Update of ‘Blackstone’s Pursuits’, the tale that launched the stellar career of PI turned movie star Oz Blackstone and his feisty co-protagonist Primavera Phillips

Dangerous Pursuits
Quintin Jardine
Portador Books , English
A Little Bit of Horror - Andrew E. Kaufman, A.K. Alexander

A Little Bit of HorrorAndrew E. Kaufman, A.K. Alexander

For a limited time International Bestselling authors Andrew E. Kaufman and A.K. Alexander bring readers A Little Bit of Horror. Readers can enjoy Kaufman’s WHILE THE SAVAGE SLEEPS and Alexander’s MOMMY, MAY I? for the price of one.WHILE THmore

A Little Bit of Horror
Andrew E. Kaufman, A.K. Alexander
The Rise of Aztlan! A Black ... - David Bergsland

The Rise of Aztlan! A Black ...David Bergsland

It begins with Deborah “Stones” Stoner recovering from a gut wound inflicted by a Pakistani bullet in a CIA op gone bad near Jalalabad. She’s assuming she is finished with the violence and killing, but, finds herself saving a young man and … more

The Rise of Aztlan! A Black Sail Thriller
David Bergsland
Radiqx Press , English
Democracy Society - John Christmas

Democracy SocietyJohn Christmas

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The Founding Fathers of the United States of America fought hard to create a democratic republic. Will the republic last? What if irrational voters elect a socialist demagogue to the presidency?The year is 2014. Captain Jack Cannon is a new… more

Democracy Society
John Christmas
The Karma Booth - Jeff Pearce

The Karma BoothJeff Pearce

They say, “Executing a murderer won’t bring your loved one back.” But now it CAN.The Karma Booth. It’s terrifying. It’s devastating. It will change history, ethics, religion, science, everything. What are its terrible secrets? How does it w… more

The Karma Booth
Jeff Pearce
Gallivant Books , English
The Maximum Contribution - Rick Robinson

The Maximum ContributionRick Robinson

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Award Winning Finalist Indie Book Awards for Best Political Novel Honorable Mention New York Book Festival Honorable Mention Hollywood Book FestivalHonorable Mention Nashville Book FestivalRookie candidate Richard Thompson gets hands-on exp… more

The Maximum Contribution
Rick Robinson
Headline Books, Inc. , English
Double Blind (Samantha Cody Series) - D. P. Lyle

Double Blind (Samantha Cody Series)D. P. Lyle

Who, or what, is preying on innocent citizens in the isolated mountain community of Gold Creek, Colorado?Some vacation. Deputy Samantha Cody has just won her third professional boxing match and expects a relaxing, stress-free visit to her f… more

Double Blind (Samantha Cody Series)
D. P. Lyle
Bengal Press , English
The Alehouse Murders: A Temp... - Maureen Ash

The Alehouse Murders: A Temp...Maureen Ash

A Templar treasure for mystery readers! An honorable-yet world-weary-Knight Templar solves the mysteries of Medieval England. After eight years of captivity in the Holy Land, Templar Bascot de Marins escapes with injuries to his body and … more

The Alehouse Murders: A Templar Knight Mystery
Maureen Ash
Berkley , English
The Dirty Secret - Brent Wolfingbarger

The Dirty SecretBrent Wolfingbarger

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The difference between victory and defeat in the Electoral College comes down to 259 votes in West Virginia. A state senator desperately fights back against a lawsuit that is pushing his family’s company toward bankruptcy. A vice presidenti… more

The Dirty Secret
Brent Wolfingbarger
Smallridge Publishing , English
UrbEx - Edgar Million

UrbExEdgar Million

He’d broken into the Princes Gate Asylum as part of his Urban Exploration project to take some photos of the derelict building, but now was trapped in the gloom.A vicious, dangerous man has him cornered and he is forced to stand by as a ter… more

Edgar Million
Infinity Twice Removed (Deli... - Michael McBride, William C. ...

Infinity Twice Removed (Deli...Michael McBride, William C. ...

While deployed in the Middle East in 1991 to fight in the Gulf War, U.S. Navy SEAL Malcolm Jeffers learns that his wife and young son have been brutally killed by the “Infinity Killer,” a serial killer preying on young children throughout t… more

Infinity Twice Removed (Delirium Novella Series)
Michael McBride, William C. Rasmussen
Delirium Books , English