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DEVIL'S ACRE - Stephen Wheeler

DEVIL'S ACREStephen Wheeler

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January 1242. Brother Walter of Ixworth is dying. He is an old man but the prospect of death does not disturb him - indeed, he welcomes it to meet with old friends and see God in the face. But before he finally joins the heavenly host he is… more

Stephen Wheeler
Stephen Wheeler , English
Rayqelle's Relapse -Book 4- ... - Shon Cole-Black

Rayqelle's Relapse -Book 4- ...Shon Cole-Black

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RATCHET 4 …Drama escalates when Rayqelle discovers that Chance has seemingly found a new love interest in Ms. Angell Epps, a naive school teacher who, due to no fault of her own, has just been placed in the center of a deadly love triang… more

Rayqelle’s Relapse -Book 4- (RATCHET)
Shon Cole-Black
Clandestine International Affiliates , English
A Moment from Different Angles - CRAIG PARKER

A Moment from Different AnglesCRAIG PARKER

Three short stories, 12,000 words. Three days in the lives of three killers.THE FAMILY MAN:Meet Greg. He’s finally found his soulmate. He lives a double life. He’s just gotten the phone call that will change them both forever.THE INSTALLER:… more

A Moment from Different Angles
Death in the Desert (Nikolas... - Iain Campbell

Death in the Desert (Nikolas...Iain Campbell

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The gold-mining village of Bir Umm Fawakhir in the desert east of Thebes lies silent, populated only by hundreds of corpses. The gold extracted during the mining season is gone, the strong-room empty. Caravans carrying the riches extracted … more

Death in the Desert (Nikolas of Kydonia Mysteries Book 5)
Iain Campbell
Chaos at Chancellorsville (J... - Jean West

Chaos at Chancellorsville (J...Jean West

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John Morgan, owner of the Eagle Gold Mine, has disappeared! With Fighting Joe Hooker’s spring offensive imminent, the Bureau of Military Information can spare no time looking for a civilian and turn to the McEntee brothers to assist. Althou… more

Chaos at Chancellorsville (Jean West Civil War Mystery Book 5)
Jean West
CreateSpace , English
Violet Rose #2 - Emma Davis

Violet Rose #2Emma Davis

Everybody’s sixth grade super sleuth is back in the second mystery of the “Violet Rose” series. In this story, Violet Rose and her friends attend a local carnival that has come into town. People are complaining that random items are missing… more

Violet Rose #2
Emma Davis
Bluewater Productions , English
The New Colossus - Marshall Goldberg

The New ColossusMarshall Goldberg

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Greed. Corruption. Murder. New York in 1880 is a hell of a place to make your living.

Nellie Bly arrives at age 24 in Manhattan, lacking connections and money, but blessed with an abundance of courage and a skill for reportage. Within ten … more

The New Colossus
Marshall Goldberg
Madison Square Books , English
The Misplaced Horse (1) - Constance Downes

The Misplaced Horse (1)Constance Downes

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They Hang Horse Thieves, Don’t They?When a horse named Stagedoor Joey goes missing, professional actor and amateur sleuth Ted Kelly finds himself thrust into a web of shadow and deceit on behalf of Joey’s rightful owners. Paired with Leslie… more

The Misplaced Horse (1)
Constance Downes
Outskirts Press , English
Lethal Relationships: A Mitt... - E. A. Stowers

Lethal Relationships: A Mitt...E. A. Stowers

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Mitty Jones looked at Alice Kearse and insisted her death was not from natural causes. Something was amiss. This was murder, and Mitty vowed not to rest until she understood every facet of the who, what, why, and how Alice was killed. She c… more

Lethal Relationships: A Mitty Jones Mystery
E. A. Stowers
E. A. Stowers , English
Blood Related - William Cook

Blood RelatedWilliam Cook

Dark and deeply disturbing.” - Jonathan Nasaw, author of Fear Itself and The Girls He Adored.”Blood Related is a nasty but nuanced take on the serial killer genre. Cook’s bruising tale of twin psychopaths who are as cold as mortuary slabs … more

Blood Related
William Cook
Angelic Knight Press , English
City of the Sun - Juliana Maio

City of the SunJuliana Maio

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Espionage, love, and power play upon the shifting sands of wartime Cairo

CAIRO, EGYPT 1941. As the Second World War rages, the city known as “Paris on the Nile” plays host to an international set who seem more interested in polo matches an… more

City of the Sun
Juliana Maio
Greenleaf Book Group , English
One And The Same - Roberta Stiger - Taylor

One And The SameRoberta Stiger - Taylor

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A simple photograph, encased in a beautiful crystal frame, the female executives appearing one and the same, their faces evenly blended so you can’t tell one from the other, best describes the disturbing events invading the VP’s previously … more

One And The Same
Roberta Stiger - Taylor
HAJ Publishing , English
John Saul's The God Project #2 - David McIntee

John Saul's The God Project #2David McIntee

When the families of Eastbury start asking questions, getting answers should provide enlightment and relief. But not in Eastbury. In Eastbury, the questions bring only darkness and death - and the answers can only be more frightening.

John Saul’s The God Project #2
David McIntee
Bluewater Productions , English
Squire Throwleigh's Heir (Kn... - Michael Jecks

Squire Throwleigh's Heir (Kn...Michael Jecks

Sir Baldwin is preparing for his marriage when he learns that a guest, Sir Roger, Squire of Throwleigh, has died. Herbert, only five years old, is heir. But his mother unfairly blames him for her husband’s death. Baldwin is concerned about … more

Squire Throwleigh’s Heir (Knights Templar Book 7)
Michael Jecks
Simon & Schuster UK , English
Raven Chronicles #13: Leader... - Scott Andrews

Raven Chronicles #13: Leader...Scott Andrews

Leader of the Pack”. A giant sized issue that takes the Raven team to Australia as a wave of attacks from Dingo Dogs terrorizes the small town of Wallagonga that has a population of 823 and counting down. As Raven members Lonnie Talbot, Ke… more

Raven Chronicles #13: Leader of the Pack: Leader of the Pack
Scott Andrews
Caliber Comics , English
2nd Chance - Kole Black

2nd ChanceKole Black

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AfricanAmericanEbooks.com Presents: Book 2 in The Chance Series saga. Kole Black returns with part two of The Chance series, the much acclaimed sequel to his best selling novel, The Chance She Took.

Chance struggles on through tragedy as … more

2nd Chance
Kole Black
AfricanAmericanEbooks.com , English
The Templar Thief: Peter Spa... - Scott Chapman

The Templar Thief: Peter Spa...Scott Chapman

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The Crusader States are dying, falling to victorious Saracen armies, and as they fall the very existence of the Knights Templar is threatened. Faced with inevitable disaster, the Grand Master is in a race against time to safeguard some of t… more

The Templar Thief: Peter Sparke book 4
Scott Chapman
Publish Nation , English
BLOOD MOON - Stephen Wheeler

BLOOD MOONStephen Wheeler

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November 1214. King John has returned to England having lost his empire to King Philip of France. Humiliated and desperate for support, he again travels to Bury St Edmunds where Abbot Samson has died and a battle is raging among the monks o… more

Stephen Wheeler
Stephen Wheeler , English
Vlad - Carlos Fuentes

VladCarlos Fuentes

Where, Carlos Fuentes asks, is a modern-day vampire to roost? Why not Mexico City, populated by ten million blood sausages (that is, people), and a police force who won’t mind a few disappearances?

Carlos Fuentes
Columbia University Press , English
UNHOLY INNOCENCE - Stephen Wheeler


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May 1199. Richard the Lionheart is dead and his brother John has just been crowned King of England.

John travels to St Edmund’s abbey in Suffolk to give thanks for his accession. His visit coincides with the murder of a twelve-year-old boy… more

Stephen Wheeler
Stephen Wheeler , English