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The Book of Shadows - Paul Doherty

The Book of ShadowsPaul Doherty

The year is 1471. Shortly after the murderous takeover of the throne by Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, blackmailers thrive by challenging detractors of the new king. The ugliest threat to the people of Canterbury is the magus Tenebrae, … more

The Book of Shadows
Paul Doherty
Headline , English
Death in the Desert (Nikolas... - Iain Campbell

Death in the Desert (Nikolas...Iain Campbell

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The gold-mining village of Bir Umm Fawakhir in the desert east of Thebes lies silent, populated only by hundreds of corpses. The gold extracted during the mining season is gone, the strong-room empty. Caravans carrying the riches extracted … more

Death in the Desert (Nikolas of Kydonia Mysteries Book 5)
Iain Campbell
Of Love and War - Paul Doherty

Of Love and WarPaul Doherty

In 1921, Lieutenant Henry Gilpin is scouring the country seeking out those who, perhaps, did not do their best for king and country in the Great War. In the mining town of Crouden, Jack Aylward’s name is on the top of his list. Many men ne… more

Of Love and War
Paul Doherty
Headline , English
The New Colossus - Marshall Goldberg

The New ColossusMarshall Goldberg

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Greed. Corruption. Murder. New York in 1880 is a hell of a place to make your living.

Nellie Bly arrives at age 24 in Manhattan, lacking connections and money, but blessed with an abundance of courage and a skill for reportage. Within ten … more

The New Colossus
Marshall Goldberg
Madison Square Books , English
Queen and Country, Vol. 2: O... - Greg Rucka

Queen and Country, Vol. 2: O...Greg Rucka

Afghanistan is one of the hottest political spots in the world. When the taleban discovers foreign journalists are also serving as covert-agents for the SIS, the Minders are put on a mission to find a secret contact list before the enemy do… more

Queen and Country, Vol. 2: Operation: Morningstar
Greg Rucka
Oni Press , English
Scalped Vol. 9: Knuckle Up - JASON AARON, R.M. GUERA

Scalped Vol. 9: Knuckle UpJASON AARON, R.M. GUERA

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Fifteen years ago, Dashiell “Dash” Bad Horse ran away from a life of poverty and hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservationin search of something better. Now he’s come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell-ben… more

Scalped Vol. 9: Knuckle Up
Vertigo , English
Frontier Faith (Back to Omah... - Jewell Tweedt

Frontier Faith (Back to Omah...Jewell Tweedt

Frontier Faith is a trilogy of the popular Back to Omaha Adventure series. The setting is the wild frontier town of Omaha, Nebraska in the years 1868-1874.This historical and inspirational work of fiction centers around strong, resourceful … more

Frontier Faith (Back to Omaha Adventures)
Jewell Tweedt
The Chance She Took: Book 1 ... - Kole Black

The Chance She Took: Book 1 ...Kole Black

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Book 1- “The Chance She Took” is the story of Miss Rayqelle Davis; the stepdaughter of a Chicago police officer who grows up in a seriously dysfunctional home and turns to the streets as a means of escape.

Broken and torn apart by physic… more

The Chance She Took: Book 1 ( Surprise Bonus inside)
Kole Black
Orphan Black , English
The Rain Man - James Rada Jr.

The Rain ManJames Rada Jr.

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The rain began on March 16, 1936, and with it, the rain came pain. Raymond Twigg hates the rain because it gives the Rain Man power. It is a power to bring Raymond to his knees or drive him to deadly action.

As the March 1936 rains bring … more

The Rain Man
James Rada Jr.
Legacy Publishing , English
Awakening (A Homoerotic Myst... - Maximillion

Awakening (A Homoerotic Myst...Maximillion

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There’s nothing like the murder of a southern aristocrat…

Judge Jean-Pierre Batiste, the host of the Mystic Order of Momus’ annual Carnival Masquerade Ball, is found dead in the gardens of his perennial estate in Mobile, Alabama. The city … more

Awakening (A Homoerotic Mystery Novella)
The Devil at my Heels - Charles Mossop

The Devil at my HeelsCharles Mossop

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Historian Dr. Michael Stuart is found murdered in his home in a university town in the north of England. Police investigations yield nothing, and the case grows cold until Stuart’s friend and former colleague, Professor George Randall decid… more

The Devil at my Heels
Charles Mossop
MuseItUp Publishing , English
The Eye of God - Paul Doherty

The Eye of GodPaul Doherty

As the bloody confusion of the War of the Roses rages through 15th-century Canterbury, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, gives the precious royal relic the Eye of God to his trusted soldier Brandon, just before being killed. Ordered to take… more

The Eye of God
Paul Doherty
Headline , English
Botched #1 - John Allison

Botched #1John Allison

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The Story: The son of a crime lord is brutally murdered in a brothel in Frankfurt Germany by two of its employees. Police begin their investigation of what appears to be a self defense shooting as the victim’s father puts his plan for retri… more

Botched #1
John Allison
Escape Artist Entertainment , English
Valhalla Revealed - Robert Wright

Valhalla RevealedRobert Wright

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At a long-forgotten battle in German Cameroon in 1915 Africa, the fates of two families became forever entwined. Decades later, one remaining son, Paul Hoffman, must unravel their twisted destinies. Valhalla Revealed, the riveting sequel to… more

Valhalla Revealed
Robert Wright
Robert A. Wright , English
The Cabin (The Manhattan Sto... - Donna Mabry

The Cabin (The Manhattan Sto...Donna Mabry

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In the third of The Manhattan Stories, it’s 1930, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to a town of renegade Mormons. On Nancy’s 18th birthday, her father tells her she must marry her cousin Abner, the town’s blacksmith. He’s already ma… more

The Cabin (The Manhattan Stories Book 3)
Donna Mabry
Jack Kirby Classics v6: Just... - Prize Comics

Jack Kirby Classics v6: Just...Prize Comics

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A collection of 3 Golden Age classic Jack Kirby comics originally published by Prize Comics in 1947 and are now in the public domain. These are issues 1, 2, and 3 of Justice Traps the Guilty and are formatted for kindle. 132 Pages.

This c… more

Jack Kirby Classics v6: Justice Traps the Guilty
Prize Comics
RectorSoft , English
Jack Kirby Classics v7: Head... - Prize Comics

Jack Kirby Classics v7: Head...Prize Comics

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A collection of 3 Golden Age classic Jack Kirby comics originally published by Prize Comics in 1947 and are now in the public domain. These are issues 23, 262, and 27 of Headline Comics and are formatted for kindle. 132 Pages.

This comic … more

Jack Kirby Classics v7: Headline Comics
Prize Comics
RectorSoft , English
A Moment from Different Angles - CRAIG PARKER

A Moment from Different AnglesCRAIG PARKER

Three short stories, 12,000 words. Three days in the lives of three killers.THE FAMILY MAN:Meet Greg. He’s finally found his soulmate. He lives a double life. He’s just gotten the phone call that will change them both forever.THE INSTALLER:… more

A Moment from Different Angles
Squire Throwleigh's Heir (Kn... - Michael Jecks

Squire Throwleigh's Heir (Kn...Michael Jecks

Sir Baldwin is preparing for his marriage when he learns that a guest, Sir Roger, Squire of Throwleigh, has died. Herbert, only five years old, is heir. But his mother unfairly blames him for her husband’s death. Baldwin is concerned about … more

Squire Throwleigh’s Heir (Knights Templar)
Michael Jecks
Simon & Schuster UK , English
Trust in Me - Jennifer  Savage

Trust in MeJennifer Savage

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Pairs skating is exhilarating—and dangerous. When June O’Hare suffers a terrible fall during a complicated jump, her angry partner—who may indeed have deliberately caused the fall—deserts her. After weeks of rehab, she’s back on the ice—… more

Trust in Me
Jennifer Savage
Arrow Publications, LLC , English