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The Were People Trypopalus I I - Scott Allen Smith

The Were People Trypopalus I IScott Allen Smith

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The Were people those who hide in our shadows and we know there their but who are they and why do they come here for, this book follows Van Drake into the human world while exposing the truth of UFO’s, Aliens and the pyramids of Egypt ..He … more

The Were People Trypopalus I I
Scott Allen Smith
H.S Home Studeos , English
The Conscripted - Nicholas Keys

The ConscriptedNicholas Keys

Scripted love and spontaneous romance, historical miraculous and full of chance, a cinematic experience - life in a movie.Multiple narratives written in the style of a screenplay.

The Conscripted
Nicholas Keys
The Sticklepath Strangler (K... - Michael Jecks

The Sticklepath Strangler (K...Michael Jecks

1322Two girls find the skeleton of a 10 year old girl, who disappeared 6 years ago.Baldwin and Simon investigate, and learn that the villagers have been concealing a serial killer. Shocking evidence suggests that the killer could be a canni… more

The Sticklepath Strangler (Knights Templar)
Michael Jecks
Simon & Schuster UK , English
The Mask of Ra - Paul Doherty

The Mask of RaPaul Doherty

His great battles against the sea raiders in the Nile Delta have left Pharoah Tuthmosis II frail, but he finds solace in victory and in the welcome he is sure to receive on his return to Thebes. Across the river from Thebes, however, there … more

The Mask of Ra
Paul Doherty
Headline , English
Awakening (A Homoerotic Myst... - Maximillion

Awakening (A Homoerotic Myst...Maximillion

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There’s nothing like the murder of a southern aristocrat…

Judge Jean-Pierre Batiste, the host of the Mystic Order of Momus’ annual Carnival Masquerade Ball, is found dead in the gardens of his perennial estate in Mobile, Alabama. The city … more

Awakening (A Homoerotic Mystery Novella)
Frontier Faith (Back to Omah... - Jewell Tweedt

Frontier Faith (Back to Omah...Jewell Tweedt

Frontier Faith is a trilogy of the popular Back to Omaha Adventure series. The setting is the wild frontier town of Omaha, Nebraska in the years 1868-1874.This historical and inspirational work of fiction centers around strong, resourceful … more

Frontier Faith (Back to Omaha Adventures)
Jewell Tweedt
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime a... - Oscar Wilde

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime a...Oscar Wilde

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories ;-Included TOC for Reader. -Included About the Biography’s Author.-This sample in ebook “Ten minutes later, with face blanched by terror, and eyes wild with grief, Lord Arthur Savile rushed from … more

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories — Classic Book (Annotated)
Oscar Wilde
SaYong , English
North Star Conspiracy (Senec... - Miriam Grace Monfredo

North Star Conspiracy (Senec...Miriam Grace Monfredo

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Glynis Tryon, the delightful Seneca Falls, New York, librarian introduced in Seneca Falls Inheritance (SMP, 1992), returns, still balancing her own life against the momentous events of the times. With sure authenticity, the author evokes th… more

North Star Conspiracy (Seneca Falls Series)
Miriam Grace Monfredo
The Wrong Number (Fear Stree... - R.L. Stine

The Wrong Number (Fear Stree...R.L. Stine

It begins as an innocent prank: Deena Martinson and her best friend, Jade Smith, make sexy phone calls to the boys from school. But Deena’s half-brother, Chuck, catches them in the act and threatens to tell their parents—unless the girls le… more

The Wrong Number (Fear Street Superchillers)
R.L. Stine
Simon Pulse , English
BLOOD MOON - Stephen Wheeler

BLOOD MOONStephen Wheeler

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November 1214. King John has returned to England having lost his empire to King Philip of France. Humiliated and desperate for support, he again travels to Bury St Edmunds where Abbot Samson has died and a battle is raging among the monks o… more

Stephen Wheeler
Stephen Wheeler , English
The Rain Man - James Rada Jr.

The Rain ManJames Rada Jr.

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The rain began on March 16, 1936, and with it, the rain came pain. Raymond Twigg hates the rain because it gives the Rain Man power. It is a power to bring Raymond to his knees or drive him to deadly action.

As the March 1936 rains bring … more

The Rain Man
James Rada Jr.
Legacy Publishing , English
Offer of Love - Eleanor  Fisher

Offer of LoveEleanor Fisher

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Despite her evident success as a hardworking Toronto real estate agent, Lynette is an emotional cripple, haunted by a painful past. Her love life, by choice, is nonexistent. So when a new client, the devastatingly handsome Jack Ovits, sweep… more

Offer of Love
Eleanor Fisher
Arrow Publications, LLC , English
Unseen Justice #1 - Justin Case, John Prince

Unseen Justice #1Justin Case, John Prince

EXPANDED VERSION. Unseen Justice is the story of a rookie Correctional Officer Wyatt Stone and his journey into the hell, known as El Malvado Correctional Center. CO Stone is thrust in an arena of violence, betrayal and darkness when he suf… more

Unseen Justice #1
Justin Case, John Prince
Tombstone Comics , English
Murder at Eastern Columbia (... - Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

Murder at Eastern Columbia (...Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

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James Murray is a young man with a dream — he wants to be a writer just like his idol, Dashiell Hammett — but there’s a Depression on, and he’s the only one in his family with a job. Even though it’s a good job — clerking in the Junior B… more

Murder at Eastern Columbia (The James Murray Mysteries)
Christopher Geoffrey McPherson
Watson and Holmes #4 - Karl Bollers

Watson and Holmes #4Karl Bollers

THIS IS IT! The epic conclusion of the premier story arc starring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Watson and Holmes, culturally recast as modern day, African American crime solvers. Believe the hype! When we say epic we mean epic! To save the life… more

Watson and Holmes #4
Karl Bollers
New Paradigm Studios , English
The Tournament of Blood (Kni... - Michael Jecks

The Tournament of Blood (Kni...Michael Jecks

Plans to host a tournament in the spring of 1322, gives moneylenders everywhere a golden opportunity. Many knights in Devon are already indebted to Benjamin Dudenay, and when a month before the festivities, he is found beaten to death, it i… more

The Tournament of Blood (Knights Templar)
Michael Jecks
Simon & Schuster UK , English
Sabotage at RKO Studio (The ... - Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

Sabotage at RKO Studio (The ...Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

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James Murray is a young man with a dream — he wants to be a writer just like his idol, Dashiell Hammett. While working as a clerk at a swank downtown department store, James pens a novel that turns out to be a surprise success. Now, he’s t… more

Sabotage at RKO Studio (The James Murray Mysteries)
Christopher Geoffrey McPherson
The Chance She Took: Book 1 ... - Kole Black

The Chance She Took: Book 1 ...Kole Black

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Book 1- “The Chance She Took” is the story of Miss Rayqelle Davis; the stepdaughter of a Chicago police officer who grows up in a seriously dysfunctional home and turns to the streets as a means of escape.

Broken and torn apart by physic… more

The Chance She Took: Book 1 ( Surprise Bonus inside)
Kole Black
Orphan Black , English
Chapter 1 in A Series: "THE ... - Tony Dunbar

Chapter 1 in A Series: "THE ...Tony Dunbar

A slightly surreal telling of the Battle of New Orleans in short stories. They will appear about once a month until the final chapter is written in January 2015, the bicentennial of the battle that pitted volunteer militiamen, “free people … more

Chapter 1 in A Series: “THE MOUNTAIN” (A short story from The Battle of New Orleans Collection)
Tony Dunbar
Rain is a Song without Lyrics - Ángel Gil Cheza

Rain is a Song without LyricsÁngel Gil Cheza

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Rain is a Song without Lyrics is a story that could have happened; the descriptions of physical anthropology and archaeology and the real accounts of Ireland’s entangled history and the Viking w… more

Rain is a Song without Lyrics
Ángel Gil Cheza
Babelcube Inc , English