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Queen and Country, Vol. 2: O... - Greg Rucka

Queen and Country, Vol. 2: O...Greg Rucka

Afghanistan is one of the hottest political spots in the world. When the taleban discovers foreign journalists are also serving as covert-agents for the SIS, the Minders are put on a mission to find a secret contact list before the enemy do… more

Queen and Country, Vol. 2: Operation: Morningstar
Greg Rucka
Oni Press , English
The Mask of Ra - Paul Doherty

The Mask of RaPaul Doherty

His great battles against the sea raiders in the Nile Delta have left Pharoah Tuthmosis II frail, but he finds solace in victory and in the welcome he is sure to receive on his return to Thebes. Across the river from Thebes, however, there … more

The Mask of Ra
Paul Doherty
Headline , English
Of Love and War - Paul Doherty

Of Love and WarPaul Doherty

In 1921, Lieutenant Henry Gilpin is scouring the country seeking out those who, perhaps, did not do their best for king and country in the Great War. In the mining town of Crouden, Jack Aylward’s name is on the top of his list. Many men ne… more

Of Love and War
Paul Doherty
Headline , English
The Heaven Field - James Ross

The Heaven FieldJames Ross

Average wait: N/A

St. Claire has given up the dealing and the one-night stands; he’s renounced violence, dropped out of sight and moved up the coast. He’s living like a hermit, trying to be a good man again.

Kaska lives in a hope-free, dead-end town where … more

The Heaven Field
James Ross
The Pet Hawk of the House of... - Dmitry Chen

The Pet Hawk of the House of...Dmitry Chen

Average wait: N/A

The first book in Russia’s acclaimed Silk Road Trilogy, available in English for the first time, is full of mystery, memorable characters, and nonstop adventure. In the heart of the world, where empires collide, Nanidat Maniakh, a dashing t… more

The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas (The Silk Road Trilogy)
Dmitry Chen
Edward & Dee , English
Project Nephili - T.L. Farmer

Project NephiliT.L. Farmer

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Project Nephili is a southern gothic thriller, but it is much more than that. Tim Farmer has gone all the way into America’s heart of darkness and far beyond, and he has done it with a relentless honesty that I would call courage. He has a… more

Project Nephili
T.L. Farmer
Story Merchant , English
The Writing Master - Kitty Burns Florey

The Writing MasterKitty Burns Florey

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Set in 1856 in the thriving city of New Haven, Connecticut, Kitty Burns Florey’s The Writing Master is a contemporary Victorian novel that begins with one fateful letter and ends with another. It tells the story of a summer in the life of a… more

The Writing Master
Kitty Burns Florey
Armory New Media , English
Murder 'N Mayhem - Ciara Webb

Murder 'N MayhemCiara Webb

In Miami 1988, Victoria Simmons, a Nurse’s assistant by day and a prostitute by night is found murdered in cold blood, leaving two children behind. Will they ever find the person who is responsible for her murder?

Arianna Mitchell, a resid… more

Murder ‘N Mayhem
Ciara Webb
Royalty Publishing House , English
Unseen Justice #1 - Justin Case, John Prince

Unseen Justice #1Justin Case, John Prince

EXPANDED VERSION. Unseen Justice is the story of a rookie Correctional Officer Wyatt Stone and his journey into the hell, known as El Malvado Correctional Center. CO Stone is thrust in an arena of violence, betrayal and darkness when he suf… more

Unseen Justice #1
Justin Case, John Prince
Tombstone Comics , English
The Rain Man - James Rada Jr.

The Rain ManJames Rada Jr.

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The rain began on March 16, 1936, and with it, the rain came pain. Raymond Twigg hates the rain because it gives the Rain Man power. It is a power to bring Raymond to his knees or drive him to deadly action.

As the March 1936 rains bring … more

The Rain Man
James Rada Jr.
Legacy Publishing , English
Scalped Vol. 9: Knuckle Up - JASON AARON, R.M. GUERA

Scalped Vol. 9: Knuckle UpJASON AARON, R.M. GUERA

Average wait: N/A

Fifteen years ago, Dashiell “Dash” Bad Horse ran away from a life of poverty and hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservationin search of something better. Now he’s come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell-ben… more

Scalped Vol. 9: Knuckle Up
Vertigo , English
Raven Chronicles #13: Leader... - Scott Andrews

Raven Chronicles #13: Leader...Scott Andrews

Leader of the Pack”. A giant sized issue that takes the Raven team to Australia as a wave of attacks from Dingo Dogs terrorizes the small town of Wallagonga that has a population of 823 and counting down. As Raven members Lonnie Talbot, Ke… more

Raven Chronicles #13: Leader of the Pack: Leader of the Pack
Scott Andrews
Caliber Comics , English
Murder at Eastern Columbia (... - Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

Murder at Eastern Columbia (...Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

Average wait: N/A

James Murray is a young man with a dream — he wants to be a writer just like his idol, Dashiell Hammett — but there’s a Depression on, and he’s the only one in his family with a job. Even though it’s a good job — clerking in the Junior B… more

Murder at Eastern Columbia (The James Murray Mysteries Book 1)
Christopher Geoffrey McPherson
2nd Chance - Kole Black

2nd ChanceKole Black

Average wait: N/A

Book 2 in The Chance Series saga. Kole Black returns with part two of The Chance series, the much acclaimed sequel to his best selling novel, The Chance She Took.

Chance struggles on through tragedy as more deadly drama unfolds.

2nd Chance
Kole Black
jp4 ebooks , English
The Templar Thief (Peter Spa... - Scott Chapman

The Templar Thief (Peter Spa...Scott Chapman

Average wait: N/A

The Crusader States are dying, falling to victorious Saracen armies, and as they fall the very existence of the Knights Templar is threatened. Faced with inevitable disaster, the Grand Master is in a race against time to safeguard some of t… more

The Templar Thief (Peter Sparke Book 4)
Scott Chapman
Publish Nation , English
Death in the Time of Ice (A ... - Kaye George

Death in the Time of Ice (A ...Kaye George

Average wait: N/A

Enga Dancing Flower knows her Neanderthal tribe is in trouble. The dark seasons are becoming longer and the mammoth herds are fleeing south. When the tribal leader is found stabbed to death, the new leader thinks Enga did it. Expulsion and … more

Death in the Time of Ice (A People of the Wind Mystery Book 1)
Kaye George
Untreed Reads Publishing , English
Vlad - Carlos Fuentes

VladCarlos Fuentes

Where, Carlos Fuentes asks, is a modern-day vampire to roost? Why not Mexico City, populated by ten million blood sausages (that is, people), and a police force who won’t mind a few disappearances?

Carlos Fuentes
Columbia University Press , English
3rd Chance - Kole Black

3rd ChanceKole Black

Average wait: N/A

Part 3 >Kole Black returns with “The Game Of Chance”, part three to his bestselling book series, as the salacious trail of lust, lies, and deceit continues. Rayqelle Davis is back from the grave with a vengeance, when she flees federal witn… more

3rd Chance
Kole Black
jp4 ebooks , English
Sinful Folk: (Omnibus 1-4) - Ned Hayes

Sinful Folk: (Omnibus 1-4)Ned Hayes

Average wait: N/A

A tragic loss. A desperate journey. A mother seeks the truth.

In December of 1377, four children were burned to death in a house fire. Villagers traveled hundreds of miles across England to demand justice for their children’s deaths.

Sin… more

Sinful Folk: (Omnibus 1-4)
Ned Hayes
Campanile Books , English
The Innocent Spy (Detective ... - Laura Wilson

The Innocent Spy (Detective ...Laura Wilson

London, June 1940. When the body of silent screen star Mabel Morgan is found impaled on a wrought-iron fence, the coroner rules her death as suicide. Detective Ted Stratton is not convinced and suspects that Morgan’s fatal fall may have bee… more

The Innocent Spy (Detective Ted Stratton)
Laura Wilson
Minotaur Books , English