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Valhalla Revealed - Robert Wright

Valhalla RevealedRobert Wright

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At a long-forgotten battle in German Cameroon in 1915 Africa, the fates of two families became forever entwined. Decades later, one remaining son, Paul Hoffman, must unravel their twisted destinies. Valhalla Revealed, the riveting sequel to… more

Valhalla Revealed
Robert Wright
Robert A. Wright , English
The Cabin (The Manhattan Sto... - Donna Mabry

The Cabin (The Manhattan Sto...Donna Mabry

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In the third of The Manhattan Stories, it’s 1930, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to a town of renegade Mormons. On Nancy’s 18th birthday, her father tells her she must marry her cousin Abner, the town’s blacksmith. He’s already ma… more

The Cabin (The Manhattan Stories Book 3)
Donna Mabry
Jack Kirby Classics v6: Just... - Prize Comics

Jack Kirby Classics v6: Just...Prize Comics

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A collection of 3 Golden Age classic Jack Kirby comics originally published by Prize Comics in 1947 and are now in the public domain. These are issues 1, 2, and 3 of Justice Traps the Guilty and are formatted for kindle. 132 Pages.

This c… more

Jack Kirby Classics v6: Justice Traps the Guilty
Prize Comics
RectorSoft , English
Jack Kirby Classics v7: Head... - Prize Comics

Jack Kirby Classics v7: Head...Prize Comics

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A collection of 3 Golden Age classic Jack Kirby comics originally published by Prize Comics in 1947 and are now in the public domain. These are issues 23, 262, and 27 of Headline Comics and are formatted for kindle. 132 Pages.

This comic … more

Jack Kirby Classics v7: Headline Comics
Prize Comics
RectorSoft , English
A Moment from Different Angles - CRAIG PARKER

A Moment from Different AnglesCRAIG PARKER

Three short stories, 12,000 words. Three days in the lives of three killers.THE FAMILY MAN:Meet Greg. He’s finally found his soulmate. He lives a double life. He’s just gotten the phone call that will change them both forever.THE INSTALLER:… more

A Moment from Different Angles
Squire Throwleigh's Heir (Kn... - Michael Jecks

Squire Throwleigh's Heir (Kn...Michael Jecks

Sir Baldwin is preparing for his marriage when he learns that a guest, Sir Roger, Squire of Throwleigh, has died. Herbert, only five years old, is heir. But his mother unfairly blames him for her husband’s death. Baldwin is concerned about … more

Squire Throwleigh’s Heir (Knights Templar)
Michael Jecks
Simon & Schuster UK , English
Trust in Me - Jennifer  Savage

Trust in MeJennifer Savage

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Pairs skating is exhilarating—and dangerous. When June O’Hare suffers a terrible fall during a complicated jump, her angry partner—who may indeed have deliberately caused the fall—deserts her. After weeks of rehab, she’s back on the ice—… more

Trust in Me
Jennifer Savage
Arrow Publications, LLC , English
The Ring of Minos - Frederick Dixon

The Ring of MinosFrederick Dixon

What is it about a bloody ring that sends Tassos and the young men of Thera on a clandestine mission to Minoan Crete? Why at a time of severe seismic activity and civil unrest are those in power there so desperate to acquire a seemingly ha… more

The Ring of Minos
Frederick Dixon
Violet Rose - Volume 1 #3 - Emma Davis

Violet Rose - Volume 1 #3Emma Davis

Violet Rose is at it again in the case of the “Substitue Substitutes.” Something fishy is going on at Serling Elementary School. Two teachers are out sick and there’s something rather odd about their replacements. With a few hints from her … more

Violet Rose - Volume 1 #3
Emma Davis
Bluewater Productions , English
Violet Rose #2 - Emma Davis

Violet Rose #2Emma Davis

Everybody’s sixth grade super sleuth is back in the second mystery of the “Violet Rose” series. In this story, Violet Rose and her friends attend a local carnival that has come into town. People are complaining that random items are missing… more

Violet Rose #2
Emma Davis
Bluewater Productions , English
Offer of Love - Eleanor  Fisher

Offer of LoveEleanor Fisher

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Despite her evident success as a hardworking Toronto real estate agent, Lynette is an emotional cripple, haunted by a painful past. Her love life, by choice, is nonexistent. So when a new client, the devastatingly handsome Jack Ovits, sweep… more

Offer of Love
Eleanor Fisher
Arrow Publications, LLC , English
The Three Kings of Cologne (... - Kate Sedley

The Three Kings of Cologne (...Kate Sedley

When the remains of Isabella Linkinhorne, who disappeared twenty years earlier and was known to have had three secret lovers, are discovered on nunnery land, Roger the Chapman is called in. Faced with the task of tracking down three people … more

The Three Kings of Cologne (Roger the Chapman Mysteries)
Kate Sedley
Severn House Digital , English
100 Bullets Vol. 1: First Sh... - BRIAN AZZARELLO, EDUARDO RISSO

100 Bullets Vol. 1: First Sh...BRIAN AZZARELLO, EDUARDO RISSO

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In this dark and intriguing trade paperback, the mysterious Agent Graves approaches ordinary citizens and gives them an opportunity to exact revenge on a person that has wronged them. Offering his clients an attaché case containing proof of… more

100 Bullets Vol. 1: First Shot, Last Call
Vertigo , English
Chaos at Chancellorsville (J... - Jean West

Chaos at Chancellorsville (J...Jean West

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John Morgan, owner of the Eagle Gold Mine, has disappeared! With Fighting Joe Hooker’s spring offensive imminent, the Bureau of Military Information can spare no time looking for a civilian and turn to the McEntee brothers to assist. Althou… more

Chaos at Chancellorsville (Jean West Civil War Mystery Book 5)
Jean West
CreateSpace , English
Murder at Eastern Columbia (... - Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

Murder at Eastern Columbia (...Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

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James Murray is a young man with a dream — he wants to be a writer just like his idol, Dashiell Hammett — but there’s a Depression on, and he’s the only one in his family with a job. Even though it’s a good job — clerking in the Junior B… more

Murder at Eastern Columbia (The James Murray Mysteries Book 1)
Christopher Geoffrey McPherson
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime a... - Oscar Wilde

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime a...Oscar Wilde

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories ;-Included TOC for Reader. -Included About the Biography’s Author.-This sample in ebook “Ten minutes later, with face blanched by terror, and eyes wild with grief, Lord Arthur Savile rushed from … more

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories — Classic Book (Annotated)
Oscar Wilde
SaYong , English
North Star Conspiracy (Senec... - Miriam Grace Monfredo

North Star Conspiracy (Senec...Miriam Grace Monfredo

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Glynis Tryon, the delightful Seneca Falls, New York, librarian introduced in Seneca Falls Inheritance (SMP, 1992), returns, still balancing her own life against the momentous events of the times. With sure authenticity, the author evokes th… more

North Star Conspiracy (Seneca Falls Series Book 2)
Miriam Grace Monfredo
Sabotage at RKO Studio (The ... - Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

Sabotage at RKO Studio (The ...Christopher Geoffrey McPherson

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James Murray is a young man with a dream — he wants to be a writer just like his idol, Dashiell Hammett. While working as a clerk at a swank downtown department store, James pens a novel that turns out to be a surprise success. Now, he’s t… more

Sabotage at RKO Studio (The James Murray Mysteries Book 2)
Christopher Geoffrey McPherson
The Wrong Number (Fear Stree... - R.L. Stine

The Wrong Number (Fear Stree...R.L. Stine

It begins as an innocent prank: Deena Martinson and her best friend, Jade Smith, make sexy phone calls to the boys from school. But Deena’s half-brother, Chuck, catches them in the act and threatens to tell their parents—unless the girls le… more

The Wrong Number (Fear Street Superchillers)
R.L. Stine
Simon Pulse , English
DMZ Vol. 5 The Hidden War - Brian Wood, RICCARDO BURCHIELLI

DMZ Vol. 5 The Hidden WarBrian Wood, RICCARDO BURCHIELLI

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The fifth volume in the critically acclaimed series that looks at life during wartime—America’s 21st Century Civil War.The world and characters of the DMZ—a wartorn Manhattan—are expanded and enriched in this volume as Matty Roth turns his … more

DMZ Vol. 5 The Hidden War
Vertigo , English