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The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins

The MoonstoneWilkie Collins

The Moonstone of the title is a diamond (not to be confused with the semi-precious moonstone gem). It gained its name from its association with the Hindu god of the moon. Originally set in the forehead of a sacred statue of the god at Somna… more

The Moonstone
Wilkie Collins
Teens Take It to Court - Judge Tom Jacobs

Teens Take It to CourtJudge Tom Jacobs

Your life is impacted daily by decisions made in courts. The U.S. judicial system exists to provide ”justice for all,” including teenagers. But minors don’t have the same legal rights as adults, so what happens when teens take it to court… more

Teens Take It to Court
Judge Tom Jacobs
ReadHowYouWant , English
The Devil Doctor - Sax Rohmer

The Devil DoctorSax Rohmer

list chapter A Midnight SummonsEltham VanishesThe Wire JacketThe Cry of a NighthawkThe NetUnder the ElmsEnter Mr. Abel SlattinDr. Fu-Manchu StrikesThe ClimberThe Climber ReturnsThe White PeacockDark Eyes Look into MineThe Sacred OrderThe Co… more

The Devil Doctor
Sax Rohmer
The Legacy of Lizzie Dolan - Bill May

The Legacy of Lizzie DolanBill May

Average wait: N/A

The outbreak of World War II is imminent. The Nazis have givenAnastasia, the monarch of the small nation of Lichtenstein anultimatum. They are demanding that Lichtenstein act as a repositoryfor their confi scated loot but Anastasia refuses… more

The Legacy of Lizzie Dolan
Bill May
Xlibris , English
The Adventures of Hyde and Z... - D.M. Korth

The Adventures of Hyde and Z...D.M. Korth

Average wait: N/A

No more school!School just got out for the summer and twin brothers, Hyde and Zeek, have big plans for their break before they start the fourth grade. They think that building a fort is the way to start having great adventures but they find… more

The Adventures of Hyde and Zeek: In the Tick of Time
D.M. Korth
Lulu , English
The Mystery of Puppy Pie - Melinda Michaels

The Mystery of Puppy PieMelinda Michaels

Average wait: N/A

Charlie and Phoebe Grittier live in Boarington, the most boring town in the whole world. Nothing exciting ever happens there, until Charlie and Phoebe witness something so bizarre, they can’t believe their eyes. The two old ladies down the … more

The Mystery of Puppy Pie
Melinda Michaels
Melinda Michaels , English
The Message in the Transom (... - J.H. Sweet

The Message in the Transom (...J.H. Sweet

Average wait: N/A

While helping to transplant rosebushes, Cassie and Enilsa, along with two of their friends, begin to uncover secrets involving an old house. Following a series of clues that begins with a strange message in a stained-glass transom, the frie… more

The Message in the Transom (Cassie Kingston Mysteries)
J.H. Sweet
Westin Hills Books , English
The Voracious Volcano Myster... - Carole Marsh

The Voracious Volcano Myster...Carole Marsh

Average wait: N/A

Artemis and his kids, Nick and Curie head to Yellowstone and Mt. St. Helens to check out “Volcanoland” when they get word that a mountain with a tummy-ache, Kilauea in Hawaii is about to blow! They abandon their trusty MOD van to check out … more

The Voracious Volcano Mystery ((Masters of Disasters))
Carole Marsh
Gallopade International , English
Something Wicked (Passages) - Anne Schraff

Something Wicked (Passages)Anne Schraff

Average wait: N/A

Passages Hi/Lo Novel.

Something Wicked (Passages)
Anne Schraff
The Corpse that Wasn't There... - Gayle Nastasi

The Corpse that Wasn't There...Gayle Nastasi

Exciting children’s mystery for ages 8-12 that also teaches about dog showing.Kids, dogs and special dog show classes just for youngsters: what could be more fun? Try adding a psychic Saluki hound with a nose for trouble, a mysterious body… more

The Corpse that Wasn’t There (Junior Handlers Mysteries Series)
Gayle Nastasi
Fehrman Books , English


ON SECRET SERVICEDetective-Mystery StoriesBased on Real Cases SolvedBy Government AgentsBYWILLIAM NELSON TAFTCONTENTS PAGEI. A Flash in the Night 1II. The Mint Mystery 15III. The Ypiranga Case 28IV. The Clue on Shelf 45 42V. Phyllis Dodge, … more

ON SECRET SERVICE Detective-Mystery Stories Based on Real Cases Solved By Government Agents BY WILLIAM NELSON TAFT [ZHINGOORA WORLDS CLASSICS]
The Revolving Resort - Hermione Ma, Jennifer Fu

The Revolving ResortHermione Ma, Jennifer Fu

Average wait: N/A

Jacob, Judy, and Cookie need a vacation from their hectic work in the hot smoldering Charleston Animal College, a place which has no air conditioning. What better than a relaxing time at the famous Revolving Resort, where they can swim, eat… more

The Revolving Resort
Hermione Ma, Jennifer Fu
Children’s Collections , English
The Aztlan Project - James Parker

The Aztlan ProjectJames Parker

A group of teenagers stumble upon four stolen crop dusters loaded with an extremely potent nerve agent ready to attack Southern California. They steal vital information from the terrorists and flee across the desert fighting for their lives… more

The Aztlan Project
James Parker
James D. Parker , English
The Mystery in Icy Antarctic... - Carole Marsh

The Mystery in Icy Antarctic...Carole Marsh

Average wait: N/A

The story will give kids the scoop on Antarctica including how the continent formed, how cold it is, who owns the continent, who wants to own it,the history of adventurers who went there and the wildlife, including penguins. Environmental i… more

The Mystery in Icy Antarctica: The Frozen Continent ((Around the World in 80 Mysteries))
Carole Marsh
Gallopade International , English
The Ferocious Forest Fire My... - Carole Marsh

The Ferocious Forest Fire My...Carole Marsh

Average wait: N/A

The madcap Master of Disasters team gets wind of a big forest fire in famous Yellowstone Park and off they go in their marvelous MOD van! Dad gets hot under the collar, but Nick and Curie keep their cool as they learn about arson, wildfires… more

The Ferocious Forest Fire Mystery ((Masters of Disasters))
Carole Marsh
Gallopade International , English
The Windy Hill - Cornelia Meigs

The Windy HillCornelia Meigs

1922 Newbery award winner. A family mystery is unraveled by a boy and girl visiting their uncle one summer.

The Windy Hill
Cornelia Meigs
ManyBooks.net , English
The Ghost of the Golden Gate... - Carole Marsh

The Ghost of the Golden Gate...Carole Marsh

Average wait: N/A

What is planned as a pleasure trip to the city by the bay (San Francisco), turns out to be a topsy-turvy mystery with new friends helter-skelter through Chinatown, Lombardy, and even Alcatraz Prison one dark, foggy night.LOOK what’s in this… more

The Ghost of the Golden Gate Bridge (Gallopade International, mysteries, educational, children’s books, Carole Marsh)
Carole Marsh
Gallopade International , English
The Mystery at Mount Vernon ... - Carole Marsh

The Mystery at Mount Vernon ...Carole Marsh

Average wait: N/A

Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa bike to Mount Vernon, historic home of George Washington and find mystery, history and more “wooden” teeth than you can shake a stick at! LOOK what’s in this mystery - people, places, history, and more! Georg… more

The Mystery at Mount Vernon ((Real Kids, Real Places))
Carole Marsh
Gallopade International , English
The Behemoth Blizzard Myster... - Carole Marsh

The Behemoth Blizzard Myster...Carole Marsh

Average wait: N/A

It’s s’now wonder that Artemis, Nick and head directly for the worst snowstorm predicted in years! Of course, it’s hard to solve a mystery when upstate New York is all white and everyone and everything is invisible in a BEHOMOTH BLIZZARD! T… more

The Behemoth Blizzard Mystery ((Masters of Disasters))
Carole Marsh
Gallopade International , English
The Rip-ROARING Mystery on t... - Carole Marsh

The Rip-ROARING Mystery on t...Carole Marsh

Average wait: N/A

It’s a looooong plane flight from Georgia to South Africa for Grant, Christina, Papa, and the kids’ mystery-writing grandmother Mimi! They’re going on a safari! Grant can’t wait to see the “Big Five”-lions, elephants, Cape buffalo, rhinos, … more

The Rip-ROARING Mystery on the African Safari: Kruger National Park (Gallopade International, mysteries, educational, children’s books, Carole Marsh)
Carole Marsh
Gallopade International , English