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Yaa KarkariMichael Ofori-Mankata

The story of a very helpful and courteous village beauty who wins the hand of her prince in marriage. Her hopes are destroyed when he dies tragically. So, engulfed in sorrow, she refuses to eat…

Yaa Karkari
Michael Ofori-Mankata

Tom ThumbHannah C

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Tom Thumb is a character of English folklore. Tom is no bigger than his father’s thumb, and his adventures include being swallowed by a cow, tangling with giants, and becoming a favourite of King Arthur.

Tom Thumb
Hannah C


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IN Upper Swabia there stand to this day the walls of the Castle of Hohenzollern, once the finest in the land. It was built on the top of a high round hill, and from its look-out tower you could see all the length and breadth of the land. An… more

Wilhelm Hauff
Redhen , English


Treasury of 64 tales invites readers into the shadowy, twilight world of Celtic myth and legend. Mischievous fairy people, murderous giants, priests, devils, druidic spells and more. Stories include “The Soul Cages,” “The Kildare Pooka,” “T… more


Ewi, The Wise CatMichael Ofori-Mankata

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Ewi The Wise Cat, who has the ability to forecast the future, urges her friends to warn the Goat against over-exercising. She earns a bad name- Ewi, until tragedy strikes…

Ewi, The Wise Cat
Michael Ofori-Mankata
Ansaa Reads LLC , English

English and Scottish Ballads...Francis James Child

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This book is an illustrated version of the original English and Scottish Ballads by Francis James Child. The ballads are grouped in eight Books. It is as follows:— BOOK I. contains Ballads involving Superstitions of various kinds,—as of Fai… more

English and Scottish Ballads : Volume V (Illustrated)
Francis James Child

The Princess and the FishermanKristi Sprinkle

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King Le Mi’s daughter is so beautiful that her beauty disrupts the village of Vinai. When King Le Mi notices this, he imprisons his daughter in a tower. Kali, his daughter, weeps because she hears beautiful music coming from below the tower… more

The Princess and the Fisherman
Kristi Sprinkle
Kristi Sprinkle , English

West African Folk-Tales (Yes...William H. Barker

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This is a delightful collection of stories and fables from West Africa, collected by a missionary. Many stories feature the Spider-man Anansi, a clever but devious character who usually comes to a bad end. Most of the stories or fables have… more

West African Folk-Tales (Yesterday’s Classics)
William H. Barker
Yesterday’s Classics , English

Stories for Children - THE 2...Andy K Galilean

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Stories for Children - THE 26 INDIAN FAIRY STORIES In this book you have a collection of 26 great Indian fairy stories selected from the Indian Legends. Each chapter or story has its own graphics/Illustration. These selected 26 Stories for… more

Stories for Children - THE 26 INDIAN FAIRY STORIES
Andy K Galilean
Andy K Galilean , English

CinderellaE. Nesbit

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For in those days shoes were not sold ready-made in shops, but were made specially to fit the people who were to wear them. And besides, the glass slipper was magic, and so had too much sense to have fitted anyone but its owner, even if th… more

E. Nesbit

Italian FolktalesItalo Calvino

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Beautifully designed and carefully proofed for digital publication, this edition includes: • 18 unique illustrations which are relevant to its content; • Table of Contents with Quick Navigation.

Italian Folktales (Fiabe Italiane) is a coll… more

Italian Folktales
Italo Calvino

African Fables - Why Wisdom ...AA. VV.

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This is a collection of 39 beautiful African fables and folktales, suitable for children and adults.

One popular form of traditional African folktale is the “trickster” story, where a small animal uses its wits to survive encounters with l… more

African Fables - Why Wisdom Is Everywhere and other traditional folktales
Giredit , English

Music Is The Sound Of Life (...Camy De Mario, Ruben Campbell

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To all the kids on the planet and the future generations, may this book take you to the beautiful journey of discovering life, nature, other cultures and the unique essence of each human being in a world of respect, harmony, love and music…. more

Music Is The Sound Of Life (The World of Happy)
Camy De Mario, Ruben Campbell
Createspace , English

Nana ChicherMichael Ofori-Mankata

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An old woman who lived by herself, got help from Ms Swallow. She rewarded her so poorly, that the bird paid her back, and then told her story to the entire village.

Nana Chicher
Michael Ofori-Mankata
Ansaa Reads LLC , English

Jewish Fairy TalesGertrude Landa

In 1919 Gertrude Landa compiled legends passed on by Rabbis from generation to generation. She added a “modern touch” for Jewish boys and Girls of the 20th Century! Her effoort created this wonderful collection of fanciful stories!

Jewish Fairy Tales
Gertrude Landa
Createspace , English

The Sun and the Moon (The Ko...

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The Sun and the Moon is one of the most famous korean tales.The cute pictures with pastels and water colors are added.The Korean tales series will be published every month. Yudam publishing is a private publishing company - We made these bo… more

The Sun and the Moon (The Korean Tales)
Yudam Publishing , English

John Henry (Keepsake Stories)Carol Ottolenghi

This beloved tale captures the story of John Henry, a man as big as a mountain, whose arms were like oak trees! Children will eagerly continue reading to see what lessons this famous steel-driver teaches about the beauty of life. Between th… more

John Henry (Keepsake Stories)
Carol Ottolenghi
Brighter Child , English

Japanese fairy tale series (1885)Mrs. T. H. James, D. (David)...

Japanese fairy tale series (Volume Ser.1, no.10) - Thomson, D. (David); full color illustrations; 26 pages

Japanese fairy tale series (1885)
Mrs. T. H. James, D. (David) Thomson
Tokyo, Japan : T. Hasegawa , English

Aladdin and the magic lampHannah C

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Aladdin is a Middle Eastern folk tale. It is one of the tales in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights), and one of the most famous. The story follows Aladdin an impoverished young man that was coax by a magician to find a… more

Aladdin and the magic lamp
Hannah C

A Picture-book of Merry Tale...Anonymous

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IN the Duchy of Brunswick is a forest called Seib, and in this lies the village of Kneitlingen, where the good child Owlglass was born.The life of this child does not confirm the old saying, “like father like son,” for his father, by name E… more

A Picture-book of Merry Tales (Illustrated)
Lost Leaf Publications , English