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The Eye of the Storm: My Jou... - Sandra Parker

The Eye of the Storm: My Jou...Sandra Parker

This book is a very personal account of a woman’s journey through depression. In The Eye of the Storm, Sandra Parker writes about her struggle with depression and how she fought her way back. While the book tells about this one woman’s str… more

The Eye of the Storm: My Journey to Happiness
Sandra Parker
AuthorHouse , English
I Hate to Leave on a Cloudy ... - Gene Larson

I Hate to Leave on a Cloudy ...Gene Larson

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Each day brings its own unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities. What we do with each situation we face will bring more peace and serenity if we let our passions be part of our response. In reality, how we live each day is often… more

I Hate to Leave on a Cloudy Day: Thoughts and Ideas about Life Garnered From Living It or Let What You Love Define How You Live
Gene Larson
iUniverse , English
Journey of Discovery: awaken... - Jonas Cain

Journey of Discovery: awaken...Jonas Cain

A book that you can read in an hour or keep on your nightstand for daily inspiration, Journey of Discovery: awaken your inner power offers concise advice on how to bring your inner purpose to Light.Offering examples from prominent figures t… more

Journey of Discovery: awaken your inner power
Jonas Cain
Believe in the Magic - Dee Louis-Scott

Believe in the MagicDee Louis-Scott

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This book is a journey through the events in Mattie Fisher’s life. There are also the life lessons gained from those events. Mattie was born at a time in history when being black and female was a double curse. You had to look very hard to … more

Believe in the Magic
Dee Louis-Scott
DocUmeant Publishing , English
Before a Heartache or After ... - Tina L Lewis-Stevenson

Before a Heartache or After ...Tina L Lewis-Stevenson

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This book is a great read for all women, teens to adults, it’s ageless! It is written in a support group format, full of girl talk and advice, given from one friend to another. It touches on negative relationships, rebounding and rebuil… more

Before a Heartache or After a Heart Break : Lets Talk empowering Girl Talk
Tina L Lewis-Stevenson
Tina Lewis-Stevenson , English


Feel your Affirmations-A Secret This information could help change your life. It is concrete comprehensive information on HOW TO feel affirmations and be validated. 48 pages include….. Conventional AffirmationsPositive Conventional aff… more

Don Wadington
Life MedsTM, Breakfast & Ora... - Sergio J.L.H. Sanders

Life MedsTM, Breakfast & Ora...Sergio J.L.H. Sanders

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Get this Book. Yes, You need It, there, I said it. Also, buy Vol 1 if You haven’t yet read It. Dive Deep in these Pages, let Them Ruminate in Your Core. This World is a Journey, so grab a copy of this Book and Go Explore. The Youth need Our… more

Life MedsTM, Breakfast & Orange Juice: Vol. 2 The 42 Day Trial Pack
Sergio J.L.H. Sanders
Xlibris , English
The Self Improvement Evangel... - Sherwood Seit

The Self Improvement Evangel...Sherwood Seit

Have you ever admired somebody or looked up to something about another individual that truly motivated you? Well, there are particular things about an individuals character that enable them to inspire other people, and there are likewise a … more

The Self Improvement Evangelist - How To Motivate Your Friends And Family Members To Achieve Greatness!
Sherwood Seit
My Observations Of, And Expe... - John Stearns

My Observations Of, And Expe...John Stearns

INTRODUCTION All of my life, I have wondered why some people are leaders and others are not. This book is sort of an analysis of the relationship between employee, supervisor, manager and leader. In the 1970’s, I had the pleasure of working… more

My Observations Of, And Experiences With Leadership In Management
John Stearns
Xlibris , English
The Secrets of Existence - Jeff Miller

The Secrets of ExistenceJeff Miller

For the past 25 years we have been conducting a research project into life and spirituality. What have emerged are the secrets of existence. These secrets open doors, reveal what has been missing, and transport you to the life and world tha… more

The Secrets of Existence
Jeff Miller
AuthorHouse , English
You Next: The Next You - Jaye Corley

You Next: The Next YouJaye Corley

You Next!, is a story of a young man’s life in his teenage and early adult years of living. This story is unique because of it intimate look in the mind of a average black male who without mentoring or a college education finds a way to pos… more

You Next: The Next You
Jaye Corley
BookBaby , English
The Heart Of A Viking And Th... - Henry J. Nicols Nicols

The Heart Of A Viking And Th...Henry J. Nicols Nicols

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As a boy growing up in New York City, Henry Nicols was introduced to the Appalachian Trail by his father. He started to plan the adventure of a thru hike at the age of fourteen. More than four decades later he fulfilled his dream. Along the… more

The Heart Of A Viking And The Faith Of A Child: Lessons from the Appalachian Trail
Henry J. Nicols Nicols
The Enemies and Allies of yo... - Wesley J. Adams Jr.

The Enemies and Allies of yo...Wesley J. Adams Jr.

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This book was written to help inspire people to start dreaming again. It also lays out the things that will help you and hurt you in your quest for jump starting your dreams. Things such as VISION, DETERMINATION, PROCRASTINATION AND FEAR ar… more

The Enemies and Allies of your Dreams: Connecting the Dots
Wesley J. Adams Jr.
BookBaby , English
RISE AND SHINE: Anxiety & De... - Ron Williams

RISE AND SHINE: Anxiety & De...Ron Williams

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For Those Current Sufferers from Anxiety and Depression, or for those who are looking for an Excellent Set of Life Management Skills (regardless of your condition), you have all come to the right place! If you are looking for a Sense of In… more

RISE AND SHINE: Anxiety & Depression, & Life Management Tools
Ron Williams
Xlibris US , English
When You're Ready - Andrea Gross

When You're ReadyAndrea Gross

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WHEN YOURE READY is the book I wanted to read as I spent years searching bookstore shelves for answers. After reading so many self-help books, I decided I wanted to write a book about what it is really like to change your life. I began k… more

When You’re Ready
Andrea Gross
BalboaPress , English
Blah to Fierce Workbook - Shekina Moore

Blah to Fierce WorkbookShekina Moore

Blah to Fierce Workbook is full of action activities that coincide with the book’s challenge. Ideal for women serious about change, ready to shake the blah off of her life and reignite her power at a new level!

Blah to Fierce Workbook
Shekina Moore
A Happy You: Your Ultimate P... - Elizabeth Lombardo

A Happy You: Your Ultimate P...Elizabeth Lombardo

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Wish you had more happiness in your life? Imagine being less stressed and happier right now. Finally, you can make this dream a reality! Based on scientific research and real life stories, here is your ultimate prescription to a joyful, fu… more

A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness
Elizabeth Lombardo


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God is waiting for us in the body of Christ to come to the realization that we were bought with a price. We have work to do for the Kingdom. We must be willing to serve and we will receive the Promises that He has for us. When I saw Jes… more

Monique Moore
AuthorHouse , English
Future Glory: Walking in the... - Sean McGowan

Future Glory: Walking in the...Sean McGowan

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Are you willing to cast off a Christian life of quiet submission for one that reflects God’s glory? Are you no longer satisfied with lukewarm Christianity and a lack of the manifestation of God’s power in this world? The Bible confirms tha… more

Future Glory: Walking in the Power of Your God-Given Destiny
Sean McGowan
WestBowPress , English
Improving Oneself For Good a... - Halille Azami

Improving Oneself For Good a...Halille Azami

Dealing With Trouble of What Life Brings. How to move from Anger to Happiness. Bring Change For Good, the power of Healthy Communication. Moving on with life and…..

Improving Oneself For Good and Achieve Goals in Life
Halille Azami