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God Is My Spinach - Sr. Robert Pickering

God Is My SpinachSr. Robert Pickering

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Thumb through this book and you’ll see it’s not like the other books on this shelf. Pious and dreamy are not foremost in Bob’s style. The balloons were the photographer’s idea.Bob has been creating his weekly Good News for 12 years and publ… more

God Is My Spinach
Sr. Robert Pickering
WestBowPress , English
Faces of Faith - Jon Hanna

Faces of FaithJon Hanna

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This book is the result of seven years of research and publishing award - winning ‘good news’ from Connections Magazine. Faces of Faith introduces you to actresses, athletes, politicians, singers and other notable women who have discovered … more

Faces of Faith
Jon Hanna
It is Finished, Coming to th... - Michelle Howe

It is Finished, Coming to th...Michelle Howe

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Life tends to beat us up and chip away at our confidence. Disappointments, death, divorce, abuse, business failures and other life situations stop us in our tracks. So how do you restart and rebuild confidence to move on? Michelle Howe’s… more

It is Finished, Coming to the end of you so God can do something new
Michelle Howe
My Thoughts for Love and Life - John Ward

My Thoughts for Love and LifeJohn Ward

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            This book was written for the understanding of anyone with a desire to understand.  It is designed with you in mind.            These poems were written for people that have dreams but somehow are hindered from fulfilling them…. more

My Thoughts for Love and Life
John Ward
AuthorHouse , English
Three da' Hard Way: It's Onl... - Robin L. Cooper

Three da' Hard Way: It's Onl...Robin L. Cooper

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Three da’ Hard Way: It’s Only Just BegunBy:Robin L. Cooper

Three da’ Hard Way: It’s Only Just Begun
Robin L. Cooper
Authorhouse , English
Cancer To Be Or Not To Be Let'n Go - Paulajean Anne Anderson

Cancer To Be Or Not To Be Let'n GoPaulajean Anne Anderson

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Cancer To Be Or Not To Be Let’n Go by Paulajean Anne Anderson

Cancer To Be Or Not To Be Let’n Go
Paulajean Anne Anderson
Xlibris , English
Love It or Leave It: You don... - Francesco Granati

Love It or Leave It: You don...Francesco Granati

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What is so tremendously striking about kids? The way they look at the world? Their enthusiasm? Their curiosity for every possible experience that they stumble upon? All of this together and more. Passion is something that people lose over t… more

Love It or Leave It: You don’t know you have it in you, until you really look for it.
Francesco Granati
CreateSpace , English
The Only Way Out: Forgivenes... - Don De Lene

The Only Way Out: Forgivenes...Don De Lene

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What a mess we’ve made of the world! Bloody conflicts within countries and between countries abound. Human’s inhumanity towards other human beings is as prevalent now as it has ever been in the history of mankind. While incredible advanc… more

The Only Way Out: Forgiveness - The Path to Peace & Happiness (Spiritual Awakening/Forgiveness Book 2)
Don De Lene
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Dragons, Butterflies, and Buddha - Brenda J. Robinson Burgett

Dragons, Butterflies, and BuddhaBrenda J. Robinson Burgett

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A light, humorous, and thought provoking look at a journey of life. From movie matinees to global travel, bubble baths to bobble heads, life offers countless smiles, tears and laughs. These, coupled with challenging issues such as, but not … more

Dragons, Butterflies, and Buddha
Brenda J. Robinson Burgett
BalboaPress , English
Common Bad Habits to Avoid, ... - Richard Lee

Common Bad Habits to Avoid, ...Richard Lee

Common habits rarely addressed by most people.Sometimes You can slip into a bad habit without You even knowing it. The embassisment of it can be overwelming. Other Consequenses can follow and by the time You realize it, it might be to late…. more

Common Bad Habits to Avoid, Whats Yours?
Richard Lee
The Hex of Hemlock - Judith Ging

The Hex of HemlockJudith Ging

Reading The Hex of Hemlock, a compelling, touching, and mainstream novel, willmove the reader in a deep, personal way.  Judith Ging, the author, has always been concerned with social and educational problems, especially those of the late t… more

The Hex of Hemlock
Judith Ging
Authorhouse , English
The Go-Getter - Peter B. Kyne

The Go-GetterPeter B. Kyne

The Go-Getter is a classic motivational business parable in the form of a short novel by American author Peter B. Kyne, with a foreword by Dave Ramsey.

The Go-Getter
Peter B. Kyne
Lampo Press , English
My Baby Sister - Jamie Gibson

My Baby SisterJamie Gibson

A true touching story! This book is about my 4 year old son who coped with the death of his baby sister! How I reacted and how he managed to help me cope as well and give me strength and hope. If you want to read something touching and TRUEmore

My Baby Sister
Jamie Gibson
Booktango , English
Thoughts Are Things - Prentice  Mulford

Thoughts Are ThingsPrentice Mulford

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A Powerful 100 Year Old Law of Attraction Book. Clickable TOC : Material mind vs. the spiritual mind; Who are our relations? Thought currents; One way to cultivate courage; Look forward; God in the trees; Some laws of health and beauty; Mus… more

Thoughts Are Things
Prentice Mulford
Angelic Reiki: The Healing f... - Christine Core

Angelic Reiki: The Healing f...Christine Core

This is a long awaited book. It always seemed that it was Kevin’s task to write it. Hewas the mouth piece for the Archangel Metatron and the Ascended Master DjwhalKhul. Kevin left the incarnation in June 2009 without starting. The words yo… more

Angelic Reiki: The Healing for Our Time, Archangel Metatron
Christine Core
BalboaPress , English
Facing Fears, Quenching Flam... - Virginia Grounds

Facing Fears, Quenching Flam...Virginia Grounds

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No one is immune to grief and the emotions that follow it. All of us will experience it at some point in life.To grieve is to experience such intense sorrow and anguish that you feel as if it will never end. Along with grief comes an extens… more

Facing Fears, Quenching Flames: Daily Devotional Guide to Freedom from Fear and Anger
Virginia Grounds
WestBowPress , English
Cometh the hour cometh the woman - NANCY BANKS-LEAR

Cometh the hour cometh the womanNANCY BANKS-LEAR

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In November 201 British Home Secretary, Theresa May, stated that she wanted to see more women in the Boardroom and more women entrepreneurs out there developing businesses because she believes that women can add literally billions to the UKmore

Cometh the hour cometh the woman
Nancy Banks-Lear , English
Your Greatest Power - J. Martin Kohe

Your Greatest PowerJ. Martin Kohe

This is a small book with a powerful message…the power to choose.Many people can’t be successful in the best of the times because they have failed to make use of this greatest power… the power to choose.Other people will apply this grea… more

Your Greatest Power
J. Martin Kohe
The Napoleon Hill Foundation , English
Beyond the Ego: Where Love, ... - David Mutchler

Beyond the Ego: Where Love, ...David Mutchler

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We live in a marketplace filled with valuable ideas for how to be happy, yet people continue to suffer. We are just now awakening to the principal source of our unhappiness and suffering, which is ego. Ego wreaks havoc in our daily lives, … more

Beyond the Ego: Where Love, Joy, and Peace of Mind Await You
David Mutchler
BalboaPress , English
Married To The Game - Julius B. Black

Married To The GameJulius B. Black

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Infamous lives in a world of manicured lawns, neatly maintained calenders, drugs and violence.With no one to live for but her girls, Infamous lives in commitment and supreme sacrafice. Julius lives in a world that was … more

Married To The Game
Julius B. Black
AuthorHouse , English