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Don't Die For Love: Escape t... - D.F.D. Nance

Don't Die For Love: Escape t...D.F.D. Nance

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“Across the nation women are entering the homes of friends or family, domestic violence shelters, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, substance abuse treatment programs, and even prison as a result of attempting to cope with domestic violenc… more

Don’t Die For Love: Escape the Cycle of Violence
D.F.D. Nance
Trafford , English
Fear - The Friend of Excepti... - Geoff Thompson

Fear - The Friend of Excepti...Geoff Thompson

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Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving everything you want to – let Geoff Thompson show you how to make fear your friend.Once a doorman at some of Britain’s roughest nightclubs and now a world-renowned martial artist, Geoff Thompson ha… more

Fear - The Friend of Exceptional People
Geoff Thompson
#1 All Time Best Seller - Th... - Wallace D. Wattles

#1 All Time Best Seller - Th...Wallace D. Wattles

CATION: THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFEAs Featured In The Secret–––––––––––––––––-More Millionairs Have Been Made Reading This Book Than Any Other–––––––––––––––––-THIS BOOmore

#1 All Time Best Seller - The Science Of Getting Rich - As Featured In The Secret - CATION: THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE
Wallace D. Wattles
Between Black and White - Leon Vaughn Gilchrist Jr. wi...

Between Black and WhiteLeon Vaughn Gilchrist Jr. wi...

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Craving for a fulfilling, rewarding and gratifying life is overwhelming for George Grey. George Grey, a man in his forties, has come to a point in his life where he no longer can hide the disappointment he feels about his life. One Saturday… more

Between Black and White
Leon Vaughn Gilchrist Jr. with Phillip Martin Williamson and Alan H. Smith
AuthorHouse , English
Observations and Experiences... - John Stearns

Observations and Experiences...John Stearns

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INTRODUCTION All of my life, I have wondered why some people are leaders and others are not. This book is sort of an analysis of the relationship between employee, supervisor, manager and leader. In the 1970s, I had the pleasure of working… more

Observations and Experiences with Leadership in Management: 42 Years with Pan American World Airways
John Stearns
Xlibris , English
Positive Messages: For Young... - Marc Anthony Butcher

Positive Messages: For Young...Marc Anthony Butcher

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When I was six and seven I constantly wondered why I didn’t deserve to have a father, the other half of my biological parents. I knew what my mother told me. She had left him.“But why?”“He was a black jellyfish”; a Black man with no backbon… more

Positive Messages: For Young Men Growing Up Without Their Fathers
Marc Anthony Butcher
Wise, Happy and Feeling Good... - Steve Sekhon, Jarl Forsman

Wise, Happy and Feeling Good...Steve Sekhon, Jarl Forsman

Wise, Happy and Feeling Good is a compilation of 215 wisdom quotes from the popular website gratitudetwentyfourseven. Each refreshing message is packed with valuable insight and humor to help you on your way to greater fulfillment and happi… more

Wise, Happy and Feeling Good: Maxims on Life, Success and Well Being
Steve Sekhon, Jarl Forsman
High Vibration Publishing , English
Gambe e Glutei Perfetti (Ita... - Riccardo Gaspari, Umberto Miletto

Gambe e Glutei Perfetti (Ita...Riccardo Gaspari, Umberto Miletto

Gambe e glutei sono un punto critico del corpo che va allenato con costanza e senza esagerazioni. L’Ebook di Umberto Miletto e di Riccardo Gaspari ci fornisce trucchi, consigli e dei veri e propri allenamenti guidati, abbinati ad una corret… more

Gambe e Glutei Perfetti (Italian Edition)
Riccardo Gaspari, Umberto Miletto
Bruno Editore , Italian
THE PURRFECT TRILOGY : On be... - Lynn Margaret Hamilton

THE PURRFECT TRILOGY : On be...Lynn Margaret Hamilton

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The Purrfect Trilogy was written for the millions of ordinary, everyday people who will move our civilization into a new era and feel overwhelmed by this task. These books are written to the science of vibration. Different levels of underst… more

THE PURRFECT TRILOGY : On being human and finding where you want to be
Lynn Margaret Hamilton
BalboaPress , English
SOUL LANGUAGE: A Collection ... - Noreen Conlan

SOUL LANGUAGE: A Collection ...Noreen Conlan

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This book is a collection of inspirual writings which I have written over a number of years. I feel that I was inspired to write and some people feel that the writings have given them comfort. Now I feel that I want to share with the wor… more

SOUL LANGUAGE: A Collection of Inspirational Writings
Noreen Conlan
AuthorHouse , English
What's My Name: Based on the... - Alex Wright

What's My Name: Based on the...Alex Wright

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If you have ever felt forgiveness, love, and betrayal, but still haven’t determined how you could use these feelings to their utmost advantage, then you’ve picked up the right book. Based on the real-life story of Alex LaShawn Wright (i.e.,… more

What’s My Name: Based on the real life story of Alex Wright
Alex Wright
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Nightmare - MD Frank Joseph Fara

NightmareMD Frank Joseph Fara

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For Carla and Frank, life was good, and everything seemed to be going according to plan, until, with a whisper, everything changed one early Fall morning. Nightmare is the story of how people cope with a brush with death, and w… more

MD Frank Joseph Fara
Xlibris , English
20 Simple Ways to Improve Yo... - Steve Pavlina, Steve Kershaw

20 Simple Ways to Improve Yo...Steve Pavlina, Steve Kershaw

Steve Pavlina is widely recognized as one of the most successful personal development writers, attracting more than two million monthly readers. He has written more than 1000 articles and recorded many audio programs on a broad range of sel… more

20 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life and Other Personal Development Articles (Steve Pavlina Personal Development)
Steve Pavlina, Steve Kershaw
Steve Pavlina Personal Development , English
Hustla's Etiquette - Dank Nity

Hustla's EtiquetteDank Nity

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Hustle Guru and Author Dank Nity educates individuals, entrepreneurs and the streets with this concisely informative handbook of rules, regulations and procedures that hustlas worldwide should adhere to.

Hustla’s Etiquette
Dank Nity
Drive Your Destiny: The Secr... - LaVerne Adams

Drive Your Destiny: The Secr...LaVerne Adams

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The “Drive Your Destiny” Mini Book Series was written by Dr. LaVerne Adams to help you to define your destiny, maximize your potential, and live the life you dream about. The foreword is written by Rick Warren and includes 12 Secret Keys to… more

Drive Your Destiny: The Secret Key to Your Reward - Vol. 12
LaVerne Adams
LaVerne Adams , English
A Practical Guide To Becomin... - Joseph Burke

A Practical Guide To Becomin...Joseph Burke

About the BookThis book is a guide on how to quit smoking and more than that. First of all a guide is meant to illuminate a path to follow. It is not a treatise or dissertation, but a simple guide. Follow the path and it will lead you wher… more

A Practical Guide To Becoming a Nonsmoker
Joseph Burke
iUniverse , English
Life MedsTM, Breakfast & Ora... - Sergio J.L.H. Sanders

Life MedsTM, Breakfast & Ora...Sergio J.L.H. Sanders

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Get this Book. Yes, You need It, there, I said it. Also, buy Vol 1 if You haven’t yet read It. Dive Deep in these Pages, let Them Ruminate in Your Core. This World is a Journey, so grab a copy of this Book and Go Explore. The Youth need Our… more

Life MedsTM, Breakfast & Orange Juice: Vol. 2 The 42 Day Trial Pack
Sergio J.L.H. Sanders
Xlibris , English
All About Working Smart - Charles Chua C K

All About Working SmartCharles Chua C K

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A collection of useful articles to inspire you to work smarter and more productive.

All About Working Smart
Charles Chua C K
My 'Uncle Servant' (One Kidn... - YoonOk  Kim

My 'Uncle Servant' (One Kidn...YoonOk Kim

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I grew up with my ‘Uncle Servant’. He loved homemade soy milk and its leftover bean curd.As I sip homemade soy milk in sitting in my current house, I see there is my ‘Uncle Servant’ sipping in standing.This story is to tell how my ‘Uncle Se… more

My ‘Uncle Servant’ (One Kidney Bean’s Destiny)
YoonOk Kim
Daily Inspiration: Transform... - Africa Miranda

Daily Inspiration: Transform...Africa Miranda

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With all the negative noise in our world today, our minds become filled with useless drama, paralyzing fear, and other people’s problems. Staying positive is getting harder and harder everyday.In Daily Inspiration: Transform Your Mind, Body… more

Daily Inspiration: Transform Your Mind, Body & Spirit
Africa Miranda
Pocket PhD , English