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Thick Thoughts - Pamela D. Williams

Thick ThoughtsPamela D. Williams

Thick Thoughts are my poetic expressions of things that has/have happenthrough—out my life. From when I was very depressed, to being stressed, to losingmy oldest son, to trying to teach our young ladies of the world how to respectourselves… more

Thick Thoughts
Pamela D. Williams
Xlibris , English
The Law of Success - Complete - Napoleon Hill

The Law of Success - CompleteNapoleon Hill

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Teaching, for the First Time in the History of the World, the True Philosophy upon which all Personal Success is Built.”You Can Do It if You Believe You Can!”THIS is a course on the fundamentals of Success.Success is very largely a matter o… more

The Law of Success - Complete
Napoleon Hill
BN Publishing , English
ON OUR BACKS... :... CAME TH... - William Foster

ON OUR BACKS... :... CAME TH...William Foster

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William Foster
Xlibris , English
Resurrecting The Muse - Francesca James

Resurrecting The MuseFrancesca James

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There has never been a more important time in history for women to honor the significance of being born female. “Resurrecting the Muse” inspires a mandatory awakening in Woman to embrace the fullness of her nature as inspiration and motivat… more

Resurrecting The Muse
Francesca James
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Law Of Attraction Secrets - Tian Dayte

Law Of Attraction SecretsTian Dayte

Use the Law of Attraction to Improve your lifeHow To Practice The Laws Of Attraction to Improve your Finances and Relationships

Law Of Attraction Secrets
Tian Dayte
20/20: Vision for the Victor - Dr. William E. Flippin Sr.

20/20: Vision for the VictorDr. William E. Flippin Sr.

If you are looking to jumpstart your life into a life of vision with victory, this book will guide you through that process. Visioning is hard when you feel like a victim in life. Dr. William E. Flippin motivates his readers to become victo… more

20/20: Vision for the Victor
Dr. William E. Flippin Sr.
Ace Your Life With Affirmati... - WorkAtHomeSuccessAcademy.com

Ace Your Life With Affirmati...WorkAtHomeSuccessAcademy.com

Learning About Ace Your Life With Affirmation Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success!A Step By Step Guide On How To Be Effective In Using Affirmations!Some of you might think it’s laughable to center on something that you don’t… more

Ace Your Life With Affirmation - A Step By Step Guide On How To Be Effective In Using Affirmations
The Stars In Their Path: A N... - Harold Covington

The Stars In Their Path: A N...Harold Covington

Reincarnation is the ancient belief that the human soul does not perish at death, but is reborn in a new body and lives on, again and again, in different lifetimes and different ages. Underground cult novelist H. A. Covington’s long-awaited… more

The Stars In Their Path: A Novel of Reincarnation
Harold Covington
iUniverse , English
Deliver Me: My Journey to Fr... - Catherine Harris

Deliver Me: My Journey to Fr...Catherine Harris

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No matter the circumstance, God is faithful. Catherine has witnessed God’s faithfulness firsthand, and she relates her encounter with touching simplicity and honesty. Catherine knows what it is to struggle, but she also knows with certain… more

Deliver Me: My Journey to Freedom from Depression and the Power of Suicidal Thoughts
Catherine Harris
Xlibris , English
Clipped Wings And Broken Spirit - RL Gatson

Clipped Wings And Broken SpiritRL Gatson

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Clipped Wings And Broken Spirit
RL Gatson
Xlibris , English
The Answer - Tom Wright

The AnswerTom Wright

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What is the answer? How you can live love in your life to produce more satisfaction and abundance than even you have ever dreamed possible. There’s no need to wait, because The Answer is here, right now, here and now, for you!

The Answer
Tom Wright
TwIxSilver Press , English
Listen To Your Heart! Lesson... - Michael Leslie

Listen To Your Heart! Lesson...Michael Leslie

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Each of us has a burning desire longing to be fulfilled!It may be a desire for greater financial abundance;It may be a desire for a closer walk with God;It may a desire for a perfect partner;It may be a desire to render perfect service to m… more

Listen To Your Heart! Lessons From My Life
Michael Leslie
Success Love Now - Laurie Alison Moore, Jessie ...

Success Love NowLaurie Alison Moore, Jessie ...

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A formula for love and success in most simple form. This is a quick read 24 page book gives you a way to approach each moment in love, as love, and with love! Succeed in life’s endeavors in the momentum of fulfillment and richness!

Learn… more

Success Love Now
Laurie Alison Moore, Jessie Justin Joy
Dr. Laurie Moore , English
The Art of Money Getting - opportunity4all 4aproduct

The Art of Money Gettingopportunity4all 4aproduct

Golden Rules for Making MoneyPlease “Like” the Ebook Facebook Fan Page and get your Incredible FREE Downloadshttp://www.opportunity4all.info

The Art of Money Getting
opportunity4all 4aproduct
Created for Wholeness - Andrew Benedict Acheampong

Created for WholenessAndrew Benedict Acheampong

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This book shows you how to know and validate yourself, your purpose in life, body type, psychological personality, astrological soul personality, religious faith, spiritual path for personal transformation. It examines various approaches t… more

Created for Wholeness
Andrew Benedict Acheampong
Promontory Press , English
Why Must I Marry This Bruvva? - Seyi Hopewell

Why Must I Marry This Bruvva?Seyi Hopewell

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With the alarming rate of divorce in the United States, the aim of this book is to help young adults all over the world to make better choices.Not every proposal must lead to marriage.Marriage is to be enjoyed, not endured; if we can learn … more

Why Must I Marry This Bruvva?
Seyi Hopewell
Xlibris , English
JUST TALK TO ME... - Peter Settelen

JUST TALK TO ME...Peter Settelen

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They say Peter Settelen put marbles into the Princess of Wales’s mouth! Just Talk To Me… guides you through what he really does to help people talk to each other.Talking to someone for the first time can be a truly painful experience. So … more

Peter Settelen
Chakra Productions Ltd , English
Facing the Dragon - Dave M. Nyekwere

Facing the DragonDave M. Nyekwere

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This piece ofl itera ture is a haunting and ruthlessly honest memoir that containstales of triumph over adversi ties.-Prof. Dayo Alao, Babco ck University.Fashioned in graphic and urbane diction, Facing the Dragon hold s the reader with aco… more

Facing the Dragon
Dave M. Nyekwere
Xlibris , English
I Choose to Be Free, I Choos... - Dianne Coop

I Choose to Be Free, I Choos...Dianne Coop

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STOP WISHING,START LIVING! Many of us are caught in the daily struggle of life feeling overwhelmed and seeming to just keep up - as if we’re on a large treadmill. Now you can choose to step out of the rat race and create the life you’ve alw… more

I Choose to Be Free, I Choose to Be Me
Dianne Coop
TAG Publishing LLC , English
Good Character - Dr. Joseph Bailey

Good CharacterDr. Joseph Bailey

Good Character is Love in Action. Its tools are right and decent thoughts, feelings, expressions, and behaviours,”” writes the author. “”These same tools build good relations with others as well as cause things to be left better off than w… more

Good Character
Dr. Joseph Bailey
Trafford , English