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A Gathering of Soldiers - Martin Hicks

A Gathering of SoldiersMartin Hicks

A Gathering of Soldiers relates the story of Daniel Ryan, an Irish immigrant who has begun a new life in Georgia just as the events leading up to the momentous civil war in America have begun to unfold. The book describes his experiences u… more

A Gathering of Soldiers
Martin Hicks
AuthorHouse , English
SOE and The Resistance: As t... - M. R. D. Foot

SOE and The Resistance: As t...M. R. D. Foot

SOE and The Resistance describes the extraordinary contribution to the allied war effort made by the Special Operations Executive, from its formation in 1940 to the end of the war. Within a broadly chronological framework, the book illustra… more

SOE and The Resistance: As told in The Times Obituaries
M. R. D. Foot
Continuum , English
Two of a Kind The War Generals - J.W. Carter

Two of a Kind The War GeneralsJ.W. Carter

A short examination of the War Generals of the Civil War, addressed by the Andersons and reviewed by the author of this work. Southern Commander Robert E. Lee is drawn in comparison and compared and contrasted to Northern Commander Ulysses… more

Two of a Kind The War Generals
J.W. Carter
J.W. Carter , English
Dog Tags: The History, Perso... - Ginger Cucolo

Dog Tags: The History, Perso...Ginger Cucolo

Human bones lying on the ground, unknown and forgotten.” Joshua ChamberlainThe History, Personal Stories, Cultural Impact, and Future of Military IdentificationThe 100 year anniversary of the official use of American military personal iden… more

Dog Tags: The History, Personal Stories, Cultural Impact, and Future of Military Identification
Ginger Cucolo
Allen House Publishing , English
Great Military Blunders - Geoffrey Regan

Great Military BlundersGeoffrey Regan

From ancient times to the Bay of Pigs and the Falklands War, military history has been marked as much by misjudgements and incompetence as by gallantry and glory. Such blunders have sometimes ended in tragedy, sometimes in farce - such as t… more

Great Military Blunders
Geoffrey Regan
Andre Deutsch , English
The British Expedition to th... - William Howard Russell

The British Expedition to th...William Howard Russell

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THE causes of the last war with Russia, overwhelmed by verbiage, and wrapped up in coatings of protocols and dispatches, at the time are now patent to the world. The independence of Turkey was menaced by the Czar, but France and England wou… more

The British Expedition to the Crimea
William Howard Russell
Realities of war - Philip Gibbs

Realities of warPhilip Gibbs

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Realities of war. 480 Pages.

Realities of war
Philip Gibbs
Rifle and light infantry tac... - William Joseph Hardee

Rifle and light infantry tac...William Joseph Hardee

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Rifle and light infantry tactics; for the exercise and manoeuvers of troops when acting as light infantry or riflemen. 208 Pages.

Rifle and light infantry tactics; for the exercise and manoeuvers of troops when acting as light infantry or riflemen
William Joseph Hardee
Escaping Iran: A True Accoun... - Mark Lijek

Escaping Iran: A True Accoun...Mark Lijek

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              Escaping Iran is a first-person account of a daring CIA operation to extricate six American diplomats caught up in the 1979 Iranian revolution. With their comrades held hostage at the embassy compound, the author and five ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00K1ETD3K/#editorial-review">more</a>
Escaping Iran: A True Account of the Best Bad Idea
Mark Lijek
Deeds Publishing , English
The life of Nelson, the embo... - A. T. Mahan

The life of Nelson, the embo...A. T. Mahan

The life of Nelson, the embodiment of the sea power of Great BritainThe review from Amazon.com reviewerA.T. Mahan is one of the most influential naval theorists of the 19th/20th centuries. This is the first volume of his two volume biograph… more

The life of Nelson, the embodiment of the sea power of Great Britain Vol.1
A. T. Mahan
AMA Publication , English
Understanding Muslim-West Al... - Arshad Khan

Understanding Muslim-West Al...Arshad Khan

Do Muslims promote terrorism?Are all Muslims eager to participate in a holy war?Are Muslim distrust and, in some cases, hatred of America justified?Are the West and Islam doomed to continue their enmity?The conflict between Muslims and the… more

Understanding Muslim-West Alienation: : Building a Better Future
Arshad Khan
iUniverse , English
Cordon of Steel and the Cuba... - Naval Historical Center

Cordon of Steel and the Cuba...Naval Historical Center

This study is a dramatic example of how the U.S. Navy’s multipurpose ships and aircraft, flexible task organization, and great mobility enabled President Kennedy to protect national interests in one of the most serious confrontations of the… more

Cordon of Steel and the Cuban Missle Crisis
Naval Historical Center
Iron Butterfly - Ralph Christopher and Chief ...

Iron ButterflyRalph Christopher and Chief ...

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The true story of an elite group of men who wrote a page in Naval history.               They patrolled the waterways in thirty-one foot river patrol boats powered by Detroit diesel engines with water jet-propulsion. Armed with machine… more

Iron Butterfly
Ralph Christopher and Chief Jim Davy
AuthorHouse , English
MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close Encounters - Jack Scott

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close EncountersJack Scott

World War II was the first conflict in which air power was a deciding and indispensable factor. May Day! May Day! Close Encounters (An Instructor Pilot Remembers) reveals the personal stories of the aircrews who flew and maintained the pla… more

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close Encounters
Jack Scott
iUniverse , English
Historical record of the 14t... - Henry Blackburn Hamilton

Historical record of the 14t...Henry Blackburn Hamilton

Historical record of the 14th (King’s) Hussars from A. D. 1715 to A. D. 1900

Historical record of the 14th (King’s) Hussars from A. D. 1715 to A. D. 1900
Henry Blackburn Hamilton
Leopold and Oskar: Page - No... - Aubrey J. Sher Ph.D.

Leopold and Oskar: Page - No...Aubrey J. Sher Ph.D.

LEOPOLD AND OSKAR: Page-No. 173 Of Schindler’s List is a book written about a hero in his own right who was mainly responsible for the world-wide huge success enjoyed by the author, Thomas Keneally, and the movie producer, Steven Spielberg,… more

Leopold and Oskar: Page - No. 173 of Schindler’s List
Aubrey J. Sher Ph.D.
AuthorHouse , English
The Rider of the White Horse - Rosemary Sutcliff

The Rider of the White HorseRosemary Sutcliff

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This is the story of a marriage.

Yet is also the story of England’s civil war, as seen through the eyes of Sir Thomas Fairfax and his indomitable wife Anne, who trailed in the wake of her husband’s army for three exhausting years, so that… more

The Rider of the White Horse
Rosemary Sutcliff
Endeavour Press , English
The history of the holy war - Thomas Fuller

The history of the holy warThomas Fuller

The history of the holy war

The history of the holy war
Thomas Fuller
Pious Frauds: Exposing the H... - John A. Nolan

Pious Frauds: Exposing the H...John A. Nolan

During the years 1845-51 a great famine occurred in Ireland when the yearly potato crop failed and one million people died of starvation and disease and a million more were forced to leave their homes.Many charitable organizations donated … more

Pious Frauds: Exposing the Hoax of Religions
John A. Nolan
AuthorHouse , English
Battle for the Falklands: Th... - Patrick Bishop

Battle for the Falklands: Th...Patrick Bishop

‘Boldly planned, bravely executed and brilliantly accomplished’ was Margaret Thatcher’s assessment of the Falklands campaign. But what did the war mean to the men in the trenches and below decks?This gripping first-hand account of the Falkl… more

Battle for the Falklands: The Winter War
Patrick Bishop
HarperPress , English