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Fort Laramie Park History 1834-1977
National Park Service
OSS:Stories that can now be told - Dorothy Ringlesbach

OSS:Stories that can now be toldDorothy Ringlesbach

Have you heard about Raunchy?  Who was he?  Or how about the night the Cabbie sold two greenhorns cold tea in place of scotch?These are just two examples of why you should read this book  You will not only find out more about the two above… more

OSS:Stories that can now be told
Dorothy Ringlesbach
AuthorHouse , English
Gallantry Awards At Rorke's Drift - James W Bancroft

Gallantry Awards At Rorke's DriftJames W Bancroft

ZULU!’ - the motion picture, is based on the battle at Rorke’s Drift in 1879, when a small garrison of British soldiers successfully defended the field hospital and stores which had been established there, against an overwhelming army of f… more

Gallantry Awards At Rorke’s Drift
James W Bancroft
James W Bancroft , English
D-Day to VE-Day:with the Sec... - Greg Hayward

D-Day to VE-Day:with the Sec...Greg Hayward

This book is a personal account of the experiences of a member of the ground crew of a Royal Air Force fighter-bomber wing during the invasion of Western Europe during World War 2.    This wing was one of many such units that made up th… more

D-Day to VE-Day:with the Second Tactical Air Force 1944-1945
Greg Hayward
AuthorHouse , English
Matt Long: U.S. Marshall - William P. Bussey

Matt Long: U.S. MarshallWilliam P. Bussey

Matt Long: U.S. Marshall by William P. Bussey

Matt Long: U.S. Marshall
William P. Bussey
AuthorHouse , English
The U.S. Army and Irregular ... - U.S. Army Center for Militar...

The U.S. Army and Irregular ...U.S. Army Center for Militar...

Using the theme “The U.S. Army and Irregular Warfare, 1775–2007,” the 2007 Conference of Army Historians featured over sixty formal papers exploringthenatureofunconventionalwarfareanditssignificancethroughout history.Theeventalsoincludedsev… more

The U.S. Army and Irregular Warfare 1775-2007
U.S. Army Center for Military History
388th Anthology Vol. I: Tale... - Richard Singer

388th Anthology Vol. I: Tale...Richard Singer

The 388th Bombardment Group (H) arrived at Station 136, Knettishall, England, in mid-1943 and sent B-17s against Nazi Germany for two years, until its mission was accomplished. The Group stood down in June, 1945. This is the compelling stor… more

388th Anthology Vol. I: Tales of the 388th Bombardment Group (H) 1942-45
Richard Singer
iUniverse , English
The So What Factor" of  Logi... - LTC James H. Henderson - USA (Ret.)

The So What Factor" of Logi...LTC James H. Henderson - USA (Ret.)

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This book is designed to provide the reader with a diverse look at the different logistical processes that make up the “Science and Art of Logistics”, focusing on old as well as new doctrine and theory’s, and how to implement new ideas, pro… more

The So What Factor” of Logistics - The Science and Art of Military Logistics
LTC James H. Henderson - USA (Ret.)
AuthorHouse , English
The Dreadnought of the Air - Percy F. Westerman

The Dreadnought of the AirPercy F. Westerman



IT was Thursday afternoon—Make and Mend Clothes Day as it is known in the Royal Navy. H.M.S.“Royal Oak,” a Super-Dreadnought now relegated to the second class, lay at moorings off Singapore. T… more

The Dreadnought of the Air
Percy F. Westerman
Blitzkrieg Military Magazine No 1 - Panzertruppen Publishing Company

Blitzkrieg Military Magazine No 1Panzertruppen Publishing Company

In the midst of crisis and defeat at the end of 1918, the civilian leaders of Germany were demoralized and confused. Germany’s military defeat had brought about the collapse of the Imperial government, the proclamation of a republic virtual… more

Blitzkrieg Military Magazine No 1
Panzertruppen Publishing Company
Panzertruppen Publishing Company , English
History of the War in Afghan... - John William Kaye

History of the War in Afghan...John William Kaye

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Pyrrhus Press specializes in bringing books long out of date back to life, allowing today’s readers access to yesterday’s treasures. John William Kaye’s book is a comprehensive look at the European intrigue and fighting that took place in m… more

History of the War in Afghanistan Volume 3
John William Kaye
Pyrrhus Press , English
1st Infantry Division Wehrmacht - Georg von Küchler, Hans-Joac...

1st Infantry Division WehrmachtGeorg von Küchler, Hans-Joac...

For all soldiers in an infantry division there was the same field uniform. Ranks were distinguished only by their insignia. The only exceptions were riders and drivers (who will be dealt with briefly). The field-gray uniform consisted of lo… more

1st Infantry Division Wehrmacht
Georg von Küchler, Hans-Joachim Baurmeister, Walther Schroth
Flight of a White Dinosaur - James Edward Harris

Flight of a White DinosaurJames Edward Harris

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Flight of a White Dinosaurby James Edward Harris

Flight of a White Dinosaur
James Edward Harris
Xlibris , English


The Battle of New Orleans marked a turning point in American history. The Treaty of Ghent had not been ratified prior to this last struggle in the War of 1812. More important, the victory at Chalmette on January 8th was only one battle… more

Ron Chapman
Xlibris , English
America's Abandoned Sons - Robert S. Miller

America's Abandoned SonsRobert S. Miller

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Tens of thousands of America’s WWII, Korean Conflict, and Vietnam War military servicemen ended up as hostages secretly hijacked into the USSR. Today this regrettable saga is still one of America’s most closely guarded secrets. … more

America’s Abandoned Sons
Robert S. Miller
Xlibris , English
Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947 - United States Marine Corps

Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947United States Marine Corps

History Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947

Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947
United States Marine Corps
Battles of the Civil War - Thomas Elbert Vineyard

Battles of the Civil WarThomas Elbert Vineyard

In all history of this American Republic, or perhaps any other nation, there was no conflict that was so terrible as our Civil war. Napoleon’s efforts to bring into reality his dream of universal empire would not compare with it.I have ende… more

Battles of the Civil War
Thomas Elbert Vineyard
Thomas Elbert Vineyard , English
A Brief History of the 9th Marines - United States Marine Corps

A Brief History of the 9th MarinesUnited States Marine Corps

History A Brief History of the 9th Marines

A Brief History of the 9th Marines
United States Marine Corps
The military memoirs of an i... - James Hope

The military memoirs of an i...James Hope

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The military memoirs of an infantry officer, 1809-1816. 484 Pages.

The military memoirs of an infantry officer, 1809-1816
James Hope
The Green Berets and Their V... - Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Pa...

The Green Berets and Their V...Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Pa...

Joseph Patrick Meissner, Lieutenant Colonel

The Green Berets and Their Victories
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Patrick Meissner
AuthorHouse , English