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Air War Over Kosovo - Albert Atkins

Air War Over KosovoAlbert Atkins

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The Air War over Kosovo opens with an exploration of the ethnic conflict in the Balkans. From this foundation, the book examines the weapons systems that were utilized. The author scrutinize the missiles employed, review the diverse bomber … more

Air War Over Kosovo
Albert Atkins
iUniverse , English
Wargames Handbook, Third Edition - James Dunnigan

Wargames Handbook, Third EditionJames Dunnigan

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Describes origins of commercial wargames as well as how to play and design them.

Wargames Handbook, Third Edition
James Dunnigan
iUniverse , English
Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947 - United States Marine Corps

Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947United States Marine Corps

History Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947

Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947
United States Marine Corps
Cordon of Steel and the Cuba... - Naval Historical Center

Cordon of Steel and the Cuba...Naval Historical Center

This study is a dramatic example of how the U.S. Navy’s multipurpose ships and aircraft, flexible task organization, and great mobility enabled President Kennedy to protect national interests in one of the most serious confrontations of the… more

Cordon of Steel and the Cuban Missle Crisis
Naval Historical Center
Peace - Bernard Lee DeLeo

PeaceBernard Lee DeLeo

Dan and Pauley walk to school together, beginning a lifetime friendship. Dan embraces honor and courage, while Pauley endures his school years in fear. They go their separate ways after high school, until fate reunites them in an Iraqi pris… more

Bernard Lee DeLeo
AuthorHouse , English
United States Marine Corps R... - United States Marine Corps

United States Marine Corps R...United States Marine Corps

History United States Marine Corps Ranks and Grades 1775-1969

United States Marine Corps Ranks and Grades 1775-1969
United States Marine Corps
Archangel: CIA's Supersonic ... - Central Intelligence Agency

Archangel: CIA's Supersonic ...Central Intelligence Agency

This history of the A-12 reconnaissance aircraft was occasioned by CIA’s acquisition on loan from the Air Force of the eighth A-12 in the production series of 15 in September 2007. Known as Article 128, the aircraft is on display at the Age… more

Archangel: CIA’s Supersonic A-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft
Central Intelligence Agency
James Lambert (1758-1847):An... - George Robert Lambert

James Lambert (1758-1847):An...George Robert Lambert

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This book includes the Author’s transcriptions of various microfilmed documents he first reviewed at the National Archives, Washington, D. C., in August 1998. In an effort to obtain a pension, James Lambert explained under oath and in great… more

James Lambert (1758-1847):An Elaboration of His American Revolutionary War Service in the Virginia Militia and Virginia Line
George Robert Lambert
AuthorHouse , English
Not Your Father's Coast Guar... - Matthew Mitchell

Not Your Father's Coast Guar...Matthew Mitchell

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While the Coast Guard’s many battles at sea in the War on Drugs are widely known, its participation in the ground offensive is not. Indeed, the Guard didn’t just send its cutters to interdict narcotics-laden vessels attempting to bring thei… more

Not Your Father’s Coast Guard:The Untold Story of U.S. Coast Guard Special Forces
Matthew Mitchell
11/16/2009 , English
Bombs at Bikini; the officia... - United States Joint Task Force One

Bombs at Bikini; the officia...United States Joint Task Force One

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Bombs at Bikini; the official report of Operation Crossroads. 270 Pages.

Bombs at Bikini; the official report of Operation Crossroads
United States Joint Task Force One
Two of a Kind The War Generals - J.W. Carter

Two of a Kind The War GeneralsJ.W. Carter

A short examination of the War Generals of the Civil War, addressed by the Andersons and reviewed by the author of this work. Southern Commander Robert E. Lee is drawn in comparison and compared and contrasted to Northern Commander Ulysses… more

Two of a Kind The War Generals
J.W. Carter
J.W. Carter , English
Australia 1942 (Australian A... - Kim Beazley

Australia 1942 (Australian A...Kim Beazley

In 1942, the shadow of modern war reached Australia’s shores for the first time. In this compelling volume, leading historians explore why 1942 was such a pivotal year in Australia’s history and explain how the nation confronted some of its… more

Australia 1942 (Australian Army History)
Kim Beazley
Cambridge University Press , English
China and the Chinese - Herbert Allen Giles

China and the ChineseHerbert Allen Giles

If the Chinese people were to file one by one past a given point the interesting procession would never come to an end. Before the last man of those living today had gone by another and a new generation would have grown up and so on for … more

China and the Chinese
Herbert Allen Giles
indypublish.com , English
Phantom Gettysburg: Alternat... - John G. Sabol Jr.

Phantom Gettysburg: Alternat...John G. Sabol Jr.

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Phantom Gettysburg discusses the contemporary alternative version of a perceived haunted battlefield. In order to understand this alternative perception, contemporary anomalous phenomena must be affixed to and analyzed within their exact h… more

Phantom Gettysburg: Alternative Histories on a Civil War Battlefield
John G. Sabol Jr.
AuthorHouse , English
Bullets Billets - Bruce Bairnsfather

Bullets BilletsBruce Bairnsfather

In billets it was. I strolled across the old farmyard and into the wood beyond. Sitting by a gurgling little stream, I began, with the aid of a notebook and a pencil, to record the joys and sorrows of my first six months in France.”

Bullets Billets
Bruce Bairnsfather
The Art of War - Sun Tzu

The Art of WarSun Tzu

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The world’s most influential treatise on strategyMao Zedong used it to defeat Chiang Kai-shek. Colin Powell thinks every US soldier should be familiar with its principles. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick built a football dynasty o… more

The Art of War
Sun Tzu
Open Road Media , English
WAR IS NOT ALL HELL: The Sto... - William R. Covington

WAR IS NOT ALL HELL: The Sto...William R. Covington

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As strange as it may seem, there is a lot of room for humor and laughter in a war zone environment. Maybe the reason is that when so much sadness and danger is all around, one seems to welcome anything that is remotely funny. During my two … more

WAR IS NOT ALL HELL: The Story of Comraderie and Friendship Born in Times of War
William R. Covington
iUniverse , English
Remember Pearl Harbor - Renita Menyhert

Remember Pearl HarborRenita Menyhert

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Remember Pearl Harbor

Remember Pearl Harbor
Renita Menyhert
Xlibris , English
NIGHT IN THE DOG'S HEAD: A w... - Morris J. Brady

NIGHT IN THE DOG'S HEAD: A w...Morris J. Brady

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NIGHT IN THE DOG’S HEAD by Morris J. Brady

NIGHT IN THE DOG’S HEAD: A war we didn’t want to win
Morris J. Brady
AuthorHouse , English
Balaclava Victoria Crosses: ... - James W Bancroft

Balaclava Victoria Crosses: ...James W Bancroft

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At Balaclava during the Crimean War the Charge of the Heavy Brigade and the Light Brigade action became two of the most famous deeds recorded in the annals of the British Army.This well-researched book provides biographical tributes and det… more

Balaclava Victoria Crosses: Including the Charge of the Light Brigade
James W Bancroft