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James Lambert (1758-1847):An... - George Robert Lambert

James Lambert (1758-1847):An...George Robert Lambert

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This book includes the Author’s transcriptions of various microfilmed documents he first reviewed at the National Archives, Washington, D. C., in August 1998. In an effort to obtain a pension, James Lambert explained under oath and in great… more

James Lambert (1758-1847):An Elaboration of His American Revolutionary War Service in the Virginia Militia and Virginia Line
George Robert Lambert
AuthorHouse , English
Air War Over Kosovo - Albert Atkins

Air War Over KosovoAlbert Atkins

The Air War over Kosovo opens with an exploration of the ethnic conflict in the Balkans. From this foundation, the book examines the weapons systems that were utilized. The author scrutinize the missiles employed, review the diverse bomber … more

Air War Over Kosovo
Albert Atkins
iUniverse , English
Bullets Billets - Bruce Bairnsfather

Bullets BilletsBruce Bairnsfather

In billets it was. I strolled across the old farmyard and into the wood beyond. Sitting by a gurgling little stream, I began, with the aid of a notebook and a pencil, to record the joys and sorrows of my first six months in France.”

Bullets Billets
Bruce Bairnsfather
Their Deeds of Valor - Don Lasseter

Their Deeds of ValorDon Lasseter

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Fly combat missions with the 8th air force in WWII!Feel the horror of being shot to pieces in mid-air, baling out or crash landing,then facing possible execution or imprisonment!Meet the french Samaritans, including many young women, who r… more

Their Deeds of Valor
Don Lasseter
Xlibris , English
Nostradamus - Tom Jones

NostradamusTom Jones

Leading a life of prophetic ministry must be one of the most daunting tasks ever asked of any man. One who did, Jonah of the Old Testament, even went as far as being taken up by a whale to try to ward off God’s assigned office for him. Of c… more

Tom Jones
Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. , English
Matt Long: U.S. Marshall - William P. Bussey

Matt Long: U.S. MarshallWilliam P. Bussey

Matt Long: U.S. Marshall by William P. Bussey

Matt Long: U.S. Marshall
William P. Bussey
AuthorHouse , English
388th Anthology Vol. I: Tale... - Richard Singer

388th Anthology Vol. I: Tale...Richard Singer

The 388th Bombardment Group (H) arrived at Station 136, Knettishall, England, in mid-1943 and sent B-17s against Nazi Germany for two years, until its mission was accomplished. The Group stood down in June, 1945. This is the compelling stor… more

388th Anthology Vol. I: Tales of the 388th Bombardment Group (H) 1942-45
Richard Singer
iUniverse , English
The Kunar ADT and The Afghan... - LTC David M. Kelly

The Kunar ADT and The Afghan...LTC David M. Kelly

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The Kunar Agribusiness Development Team (ADT) was created from volunteers from the 40th Infantry Division and Task Force Warrior of the California National Guard. ADTs are special units, which only exist in Afghanistan. The Kunar ADT suppo… more

The Kunar ADT and The Afghan COIN Fight
LTC David M. Kelly
Authorhouse , English
Blitzkrieg Military Magazine No 1 - Panzertruppen Publishing Company

Blitzkrieg Military Magazine No 1Panzertruppen Publishing Company

In the midst of crisis and defeat at the end of 1918, the civilian leaders of Germany were demoralized and confused. Germany’s military defeat had brought about the collapse of the Imperial government, the proclamation of a republic virtual… more

Blitzkrieg Military Magazine No 1
Panzertruppen Publishing Company
Panzertruppen Publishing Company , English
The So What Factor" of  Logi... - LTC James H. Henderson - USA (Ret.)

The So What Factor" of Logi...LTC James H. Henderson - USA (Ret.)

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This book is designed to provide the reader with a diverse look at the different logistical processes that make up the “Science and Art of Logistics”, focusing on old as well as new doctrine and theory’s, and how to implement new ideas, pro… more

The So What Factor” of Logistics - The Science and Art of Military Logistics
LTC James H. Henderson - USA (Ret.)
AuthorHouse , English
Wargames Handbook, Third Edition - James Dunnigan

Wargames Handbook, Third EditionJames Dunnigan

Describes origins of commercial wargames as well as how to play and design them.

Wargames Handbook, Third Edition
James Dunnigan
iUniverse , English
The Army in the Pacific : a ... - James C. McNaughton

The Army in the Pacific : a ...James C. McNaughton

The Army in the Pacific: A Century of Engagement, by James C. McNaughton, offers an overview of the Army’s history in this rapidly changing region. It describes how the Army’s involvement began with an expedition to seize Manila from Spain … more

The Army in the Pacific : a century of engagement
James C. McNaughton
Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History, United States Army, 2012. , English
Diplomatic Mission to Abssinia 1903 - United States Marine Corps

Diplomatic Mission to Abssinia 1903United States Marine Corps

History of Diplomatic Mission to Abssinia 1903

Diplomatic Mission to Abssinia 1903
United States Marine Corps
The Charge of the Light Brig... - Alfred Lord Tennyson, Fabio ...

The Charge of the Light Brig...Alfred Lord Tennyson, Fabio ...

It inspired movies, poems, and even the song “The Trooper” by British Heavy Metal legends Iron Maiden: The Charge of the Light Brigade.But what did actually occur on that fateful October day in 1854?Why did Lord Cardigan lead his men into t… more

The Charge of the Light Brigade (Their Finest Hour)
Alfred Lord Tennyson, Fabio de Angelis
For Love of Country : Milita... - Billy Ray Wilson MSGT USAF (...

For Love of Country : Milita...Billy Ray Wilson MSGT USAF (...

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Every American should read this book and take immediate action thereafter to recall their state’s US delegation to Washington. As a military enlistee, as do members of Congress, we sore an oath to defend the United States Constitution agai… more

For Love of Country : Military are not Stupid Animals Nor Foreign Policy Pawns
Billy Ray Wilson MSGT USAF (Retired)
AuthorHouse , English
The United States Marines in... - United States Marine Corps

The United States Marines in...United States Marine Corps

History of The United States Marines in the War with Spain

The United States Marines in the War with Spain
United States Marine Corps
Archangel: CIA's Supersonic ... - Central Intelligence Agency

Archangel: CIA's Supersonic ...Central Intelligence Agency

This history of the A-12 reconnaissance aircraft was occasioned by CIA’s acquisition on loan from the Air Force of the eighth A-12 in the production series of 15 in September 2007. Known as Article 128, the aircraft is on display at the Age… more

Archangel: CIA’s Supersonic A-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft
Central Intelligence Agency
Peace - Bernard Lee DeLeo

PeaceBernard Lee DeLeo

Dan and Pauley walk to school together, beginning a lifetime friendship. Dan embraces honor and courage, while Pauley endures his school years in fear. They go their separate ways after high school, until fate reunites them in an Iraqi pris… more

Bernard Lee DeLeo
AuthorHouse , English
FBI Report on Unidentified F... - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI Report on Unidentified F...Federal Bureau of Investigation

In 1947, a rash of sightings of Unexplained Flying Objects (UFOs) swept America. Although the newly formed U.S. Air Force was the primary investigator of these sightings, the FBI received many reports and worked for a time with the Air Forc… more

FBI Report on Unidentified Flying Objects (Annotated)
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Cherry Hill Publishing , English
47 Secret Veterans' Benefits... - Victoria Collier

47 Secret Veterans' Benefits...Victoria Collier

47 Secret Veterans Benefits for Seniors is written for Veterans and their advocates. You will learn insider secrets the VA doesn t want you to know, learn how you can get tax free income to pay for private health care, and learn how to push… more

47 Secret Veterans’ Benefits for Seniors
Victoria Collier
Collier Communications LLC , English