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Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947 - United States Marine Corps

Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947United States Marine Corps

History Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947

Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947
United States Marine Corps
MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close Encounters - Jack Scott

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close EncountersJack Scott

World War II was the first conflict in which air power was a deciding and indispensable factor. May Day! May Day! Close Encounters (An Instructor Pilot Remembers) reveals the personal stories of the aircrews who flew and maintained the pla… more

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close Encounters
Jack Scott
iUniverse , English
Grapes of wrath - Boyd Cable

Grapes of wrathBoyd Cable

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Grapes of wrath. 304 Pages.

Grapes of wrath
Boyd Cable
DUTY DRIVEN: The Plight of N... - Peggy Allen Towns

DUTY DRIVEN: The Plight of N...Peggy Allen Towns

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Duty DrivenThe Plight of North Alabama’s African Americans During the Civil WarFor over a century and a half, history has not adequately captured the voices of African Americans during the Civil War. Duty Driven vividly summarizes the rema… more

DUTY DRIVEN: The Plight of North Alabama’s African Americans During the Civil War
Peggy Allen Towns
AuthorHouse , English
Fortune Favors the Brave: Fo... - Perry McMullin , Robert French

Fortune Favors the Brave: Fo...Perry McMullin , Robert French

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“Fortune Favors The Brave” is an exciting fiction book with several twists.In the beginning they are two ninteen year old men who become best friends, dispite their different  backgrounds, views and beliefs.Bob French is a Navy Corpsman th… more

Fortune Favors the Brave: Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
Perry McMullin , Robert French
AuthorHouse , English
D-Day to VE-Day:with the Sec... - Greg Hayward

D-Day to VE-Day:with the Sec...Greg Hayward

This book is a personal account of the experiences of a member of the ground crew of a Royal Air Force fighter-bomber wing during the invasion of Western Europe during World War 2.    This wing was one of many such units that made up th… more

D-Day to VE-Day:with the Second Tactical Air Force 1944-1945
Greg Hayward
AuthorHouse , English
The Forgotten Conflict - 194... - Roy Russell 22nd SAS

The Forgotten Conflict - 194...Roy Russell 22nd SAS

Malaya and Borneo were a world away from the previous experiences ofalmost every one of those who took part in the Malayan emergency or theBorneo Indonesian Confrontation, during those traumatic days from June1948 until August 1966, days wh… more

The Forgotten Conflict - 1948 to 1960 Malaya
Roy Russell 22nd SAS
Marine Corps Lore - United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps LoreUnited States Marine Corps

History of Marine Corps Lore

Marine Corps Lore
United States Marine Corps
DETERRENCE - Chris Adams


“While much has been written about the Cold War from the political, diplomatic and overall military perspective, very little has been written about the American warriors who fought and won the war. In Deterrence, Adams tells the story of t… more

Chris Adams
iUniverse , English
Pious Frauds: Exposing the H... - John A. Nolan

Pious Frauds: Exposing the H...John A. Nolan

During the years 1845-51 a great famine occurred in Ireland when the yearly potato crop failed and one million people died of starvation and disease and a million more were forced to leave their homes.Many charitable organizations donated … more

Pious Frauds: Exposing the Hoax of Religions
John A. Nolan
AuthorHouse , English
Gallantry Awards At Rorke's Drift - James W Bancroft

Gallantry Awards At Rorke's DriftJames W Bancroft

ZULU!’ - the motion picture, is based on the battle at Rorke’s Drift in 1879, when a small garrison of British soldiers successfully defended the field hospital and stores which had been established there, against an overwhelming army of f… more

Gallantry Awards At Rorke’s Drift
James W Bancroft
James W Bancroft , English
HISTORY OF THE JIHAD:Islam V... - Leonard Michael Kroll

HISTORY OF THE JIHAD:Islam V...Leonard Michael Kroll

OSAMA BIN LADEN DOES NOT WANT YOU TO READ THIS BOOK!History of the Jihad: Islam versus civilization  The Jihad is a war that has been waged for the last 14 centuries against non-moslems. The September 11th attacks were just another chapter… more

HISTORY OF THE JIHAD:Islam Versus Civilization
Leonard Michael Kroll
AuthorHouse , English
Sworn to Secrecy - For Life:... - Charles Joseph Fickey

Sworn to Secrecy - For Life:...Charles Joseph Fickey

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“Trust no one,” Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun, carefully warns the precocious young German hero. She has no idea that the handsome young man with the perfect German accent was born with a West Virginia twang. Or that he is now an undercover … more

Sworn to Secrecy - For Life: A Young American Spy’s Odyssey through War-torn Germany and Russia
Charles Joseph Fickey
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
The battles of the Somme - Philip Gibbs

The battles of the SommePhilip Gibbs

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The battles of the Somme. 366 Pages.

The battles of the Somme
Philip Gibbs
Realities of war - Philip Gibbs

Realities of warPhilip Gibbs

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Realities of war. 480 Pages.

Realities of war
Philip Gibbs
James Lambert (1758-1847):An... - George Robert Lambert

James Lambert (1758-1847):An...George Robert Lambert

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This book includes the Author’s transcriptions of various microfilmed documents he first reviewed at the National Archives, Washington, D. C., in August 1998. In an effort to obtain a pension, James Lambert explained under oath and in great… more

James Lambert (1758-1847):An Elaboration of His American Revolutionary War Service in the Virginia Militia and Virginia Line
George Robert Lambert
AuthorHouse , English
Till Memory Serves: Victoria Cross - Jaswant Singh, Manvendra Singh

Till Memory Serves: Victoria CrossJaswant Singh, Manvendra Singh

Till Memory Serves takes us down a forgotten lane and revisits those heroes of the Indian Army who served in British India in the time honoured tradition of valour and courage. It is a factual account of the indefatigable spirit of the fort… more

Till Memory Serves: Victoria Cross
Jaswant Singh, Manvendra Singh
Rupa Publications , English
China and the Chinese - Herbert Allen Giles

China and the ChineseHerbert Allen Giles

If the Chinese people were to file one by one past a given point the interesting procession would never come to an end. Before the last man of those living today had gone by another and a new generation would have grown up and so on for … more

China and the Chinese
Herbert Allen Giles
indypublish.com , English
Bombs at Bikini; the officia... - United States Joint Task Force One

Bombs at Bikini; the officia...United States Joint Task Force One

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Bombs at Bikini; the official report of Operation Crossroads. 270 Pages.

Bombs at Bikini; the official report of Operation Crossroads
United States Joint Task Force One
The European Union and the C... - David Ward

The European Union and the C...David Ward

Bringing together leading academics in their respective fields, this edited collection examines the European Union’s impact on media and public policy. It provides an analysis of the broader areas of EU policy and links these together to gi… more

The European Union and the Culture Industries
David Ward
Ashgate , English