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Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947 - United States Marine Corps

Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947United States Marine Corps

History Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947

Henry Clay Cochrane 1841-1947
United States Marine Corps
Corsair - Raymond L. Ledesma

CorsairRaymond L. Ledesma

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This story is about the F4-U Corsair that was developed for the navy as a carrier plane by Chance Vought Aircraft in 1938. This plane was introduced into World War II in 1943 as a land based aircraft and was assigned to a Marine fighter squ… more

Raymond L. Ledesma
AuthorHouse , English
Flight of a White Dinosaur - James Edward Harris

Flight of a White DinosaurJames Edward Harris

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Flight of a White Dinosaurby James Edward Harris

Flight of a White Dinosaur
James Edward Harris
Xlibris , English
Army Life: Up Close And Personal - Renita Menyhert

Army Life: Up Close And PersonalRenita Menyhert

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Army Life: Up Close And Personal by Renita Menyhert

Army Life: Up Close And Personal
Renita Menyhert
Xlibris , English
Operation Vittles: Stories f... - Renita Menyhert

Operation Vittles: Stories f...Renita Menyhert

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Operation Vittles

Operation Vittles: Stories from the Berlin Airlift
Renita Menyhert
Xlibris , English
Gallantry Awards at Rorke's Drift - James W Bancroft

Gallantry Awards at Rorke's DriftJames W Bancroft

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Extensively researched over four decades, this publication provides biographical tributes and accounts of the deeds of the sixteen men who were awarded gallantry medals during the defence of Rorke’s Drift; the battle made famous in the moti… more

Gallantry Awards at Rorke’s Drift
James W Bancroft
The Forgotten Battle : A His... - Mark Haynes

The Forgotten Battle : A His...Mark Haynes

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The Forgotten Battle is the discovery of a secret battle fought at Canso in 1718. The only known armed conflict to take place between the Acadians and the British.

The Forgotten Battle : A History of the Acadians of Canso/Chedabuctou
Mark Haynes
Trafford , English
Brassankle - David G. Weaver

BrassankleDavid G. Weaver

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A true history lesson deftly woven into the plot of a fictional novel of high adventure and intrigue with romantic interludesTeenage Gray Cloud, well trained and adept in the skills of his Catawba hunter/warrior relatives, is deemed ready … more

David G. Weaver
AuthorHouse , English
Trash Haulers: The Story of ... - Sam McGowan

Trash Haulers: The Story of ...Sam McGowan

On August 23, 1954 the most successful airplane in aviation history took to the skies on its maiden flight. A little over two years later the first operational airplanes were delivered to the 463rd Troop Carrier Wing at Ardmore AFB, Oklahom… more

Trash Haulers: The Story of the C-130 Hercules Troop Carrier/Tactical Airlift Mission
Sam McGowan
AuthorHouse , English
Letters of Zachary Taylor, f... - Zachary Taylor

Letters of Zachary Taylor, f...Zachary Taylor

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Letters of Zachary Taylor, from the battle-fields of the Mexican War. 268 Pages.

Letters of Zachary Taylor, from the battle-fields of the Mexican War
Zachary Taylor
Aces High: The War in the Ai... - Alan Clark

Aces High: The War in the Ai...Alan Clark

First published in 1973, Aces High is the vivid chronicle of aerial warfare during World War One. Clark gives a gripping account of the flying aces - Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron), Mick Mannock, Rene Fonck, Georges Guynemer, Alber… more

Aces High: The War in the Air over the Western Front 1914-18 (Bloomsbury Reader)
Alan Clark
Bloomsbury Reader , English
The U.S. Army and Irregular ... - U.S. Army Center for Militar...

The U.S. Army and Irregular ...U.S. Army Center for Militar...

Using the theme “The U.S. Army and Irregular Warfare, 1775–2007,” the 2007 Conference of Army Historians featured over sixty formal papers exploringthenatureofunconventionalwarfareanditssignificancethroughout history.Theeventalsoincludedsev… more

The U.S. Army and Irregular Warfare 1775-2007
U.S. Army Center for Military History
ABU - Kelly Anderson

ABUKelly Anderson

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The American people have a right to know what happened, Why it happened and what their government did about it. This is not an incident involving 5 young soldiers. This incident struck at the moral conscious of our nation. Two presidents h… more

Kelly Anderson
iUniverse , English
Territorial soldiering in th... - John Malcolm Bulloch

Territorial soldiering in th...John Malcolm Bulloch

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Territorial soldiering in the north-east of Scotland during 1759-1814

Territorial soldiering in the north-east of Scotland during 1759-1814
John Malcolm Bulloch
Boys of the Light Brigade - Herbert Strang

Boys of the Light BrigadeHerbert Strang

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The Light Brigade” was the name given to the first British Brigade of Light Infantry, consisting of the 43rd Light Infantry, 52nd Light Infantry, and the 95th Rifles, which were trained together as a war-brigade at Shorncliffe Camp in the … more

Boys of the Light Brigade
Herbert Strang
Edicts of Ares - Michael Riggs

Edicts of AresMichael Riggs

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” Book SummaryOf the successful military leaders over the past recorded millenia, there are a few nuggets of military wisdom that are consistently repeated by the most successful military leaders in history, truisms that have been successfu… more

Edicts of Ares
Michael Riggs
Xlibris , English
Invasion of Ireland by Edward Bruce - Caroline Colvin

Invasion of Ireland by Edward BruceCaroline Colvin

The younger brother of Robert the Bruce, Edward Bruce (1280-1318) supported his brother’s claim to the Scottish crown and then pursued his own interests in Ireland. Eventually becoming the High King of Ireland - the first in nearly two hund… more

Invasion of Ireland by Edward Bruce
Caroline Colvin
AlbaCraft Publishing , English
Manual for Courts-Martial (M... - Department of Defense

Manual for Courts-Martial (M...Department of Defense

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The Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM), United States (2012 Edition) updates the MCM (2008 Edition). It is a complete reprinting and incorporates the MCM (2008 Edition), including all amendments to the Rules for Courts-Martial, Military Rules … more

Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM-2012)
Department of Defense
Department of Defense , English
MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close Encounters - Jack Scott

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close EncountersJack Scott

World War II was the first conflict in which air power was a deciding and indispensable factor. May Day! May Day! Close Encounters (An Instructor Pilot Remembers) reveals the personal stories of the aircrews who flew and maintained the pla… more

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!: Close Encounters
Jack Scott
iUniverse , English
Aussie Soldier Prisoner of War - Craig Smith, Denny Neave

Aussie Soldier Prisoner of WarCraig Smith, Denny Neave

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34,737 Australian service personnel were prisoners of war during the Boer War, World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Some lived to tell their story of survival through extreme hardship and to carry with them the burden of those who … more

Aussie Soldier Prisoner of War
Craig Smith, Denny Neave
Big Sky Publishing , English