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Blue Yonder: A Basic Trainin... - Hyacinth Andersen

Blue Yonder: A Basic Trainin...Hyacinth Andersen

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One woman’s experience with basic training at Lackland Air Force Base.

Blue Yonder: A Basic Training Experience
Hyacinth Andersen
Lincoln's Code: The Laws of ... - John Fabian Witt

Lincoln's Code: The Laws of ...John Fabian Witt

Pulitzer Prize FinalistBancroft Prize WinnerABA Silver Gavel Award WinnerA New York Times Notable Book of the YearIn the closing days of 1862, just three weeks before Emancipation, the administration of Abraham Lincoln commissioned a code s… more

Lincoln’s Code: The Laws of War in American History
John Fabian Witt
Free Press , English
Illustrated Biographies-Mao Zedong - Marie Publications

Illustrated Biographies-Mao ZedongMarie Publications

Among the greatest leaders who were responsible for changing the fate and course of their countries, Mao’s name stands as an example, for he lifted China from the tyrannical dynasties and extreme poverty and started a revolution which resul… more

Illustrated Biographies-Mao Zedong
Marie Publications
Marie Publications , English
The Week from Heaven and Hell - Duke Southard

The Week from Heaven and HellDuke Southard

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From the Author’s Note of The Week from Heaven and Hell:I told my family that my goal was to provide a fitting tribute to an exceptional young man who deserved to live out his life, a good person who had much to offer this somewhat warped w… more

The Week from Heaven and Hell
Duke Southard
Wheatmark, Inc. , English
No Freedom Shrieker: The Civ... -

No Freedom Shrieker: The Civ...

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Among the piles of knickknacks, haystacks, dust, and debris abandoned in her historic barn, Katie Aldridge discovered a box containing the Civil War letters of Charles Freeman Biddlecom. Painstakingly transcribing and lightly editing more t… more

No Freedom Shrieker: The Civil War Letters of Union Soldier Charles Freeman Biddlecom
Paramount Market Publishing, Inc. , English
The Travels of a Happy Hooli... - Jr. Frank A. Smith

The Travels of a Happy Hooli...Jr. Frank A. Smith

Sixteen-year-old twins, Frank, Jr. and Gerry wanted to help their mother make ends meet after their father became estranged from their Boston family. The year was 1942; America was at war in Europe and the South Pacific. The twins saw the c… more

The Travels of a Happy Hooligan:The World War II Memories of Frank A. Smith, Jr.
Jr. Frank A. Smith
AuthorHouse , English
The memoirs of Baron Thiébau... - Général de Division Baron Pa...

The memoirs of Baron Thiébau...Général de Division Baron Pa...

General Thiébault was always destined for a career in the military: his father was a professor in the military school in Berlin and a friend of Frederick the Great. Having started as a volunteer in the Revolutionary army, he started to acqu… more

The memoirs of Baron Thiébault (late lieutenant-general in the French army) - Vol. II
Général de Division Baron Paul-Charles-François-Adrien-Henri Dieudonné Thiébault
Pickle Partners Publishing , English
A Tarnished Eagle: Napoleon'... - U.S. Army Command and Genera...

A Tarnished Eagle: Napoleon'...U.S. Army Command and Genera...

The victories and accomplishments of Napoleon and his Grand Army were by the winter of 1806, the stuff of legend. Yet, on the bloody field of Eylau, Napoleon lost both his prestige and over one third of his Army. How did this Russian Army o… more

A Tarnished Eagle: Napoleon’s Winter Campaign in Poland, December 1806 Through February 1807
U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
Pennyhill Press , English
Below Me, The Clouds (True S... - Ron Collard

Below Me, The Clouds (True S...Ron Collard

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Climbing through solid cloud and breaking into a new world of sunshine and dazzling blue sky has been my delightful experience on numerous occasions. My life has been like that: living through clouds of war, fear, illness, disappointment, h… more

Below Me, The Clouds (True Stories Book 13)
Ron Collard
Onwards and Upwards Publishers , English


The year was 1965. I was twenty-two years old, a senior parachutist, a jump-master, a door gunner and a Crew Chief of a Huey Helicopter, one of many that made the trip to Vietnam with “A” Company of the 82nd Aviation Battallion, an Airborne… more

Wayne Arehart
Wayne Arehart , English
Billy Mitchell : "Stormy Pet... - Roger G.  Miller

Billy Mitchell : "Stormy Pet...Roger G. Miller

On July 21, 1921, Brig. Gen. William “Billy” Mitchell circled high above the rough surface of the Chesapeake Bay, exultant witness to an event he had orchestrated and produced. Shortly after noon, the mortally wounded, former- German battle… more

Billy Mitchell : “Stormy Petrel of the Air”
Roger G. Miller
From Huntsville to Hell: LTC... - Guy Wendell Hogue

From Huntsville to Hell: LTC...Guy Wendell Hogue

From Huntsville to Hell: LTC. MB Etheredge and The Men of K Company 30th Inf. 3rd Div. in WW IIBy: Guy Wendell Hogue

From Huntsville to Hell: LTC. MB Etheredge and The Men of K Company 30th Inf. 3rd Div. in WW II
Guy Wendell Hogue
AuthorHouse , English
A Knight's Journey into Shangri La - Thomas I. Whelan

A Knight's Journey into Shangri LaThomas I. Whelan

Fighting an unseen enemy at times and fighting them on their terms most of the time. They were like a fighting “ghost”. The mines and boobytraps took their toll on all of us Americans and Vietmanese themselves. Then there was the jungles:… more

A Knight’s Journey into Shangri La
Thomas I. Whelan
Trafford Publishing , English
One For the Boneyard: Book T... - Leo Gallagher

One For the Boneyard: Book T...Leo Gallagher

The story accompanies the author from basic training to parachute school, to occupation duty in Japan, then war in Korea, to military hospital, and finally, to prison.

One For the Boneyard: Book Two of the trilogy ‘Depraved’ (Depraved, 2)
Leo Gallagher
Trafford Publishing , English
They Called Us Devil Dogs - Byron Scarbrough

They Called Us Devil DogsByron Scarbrough

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The final first-person battlefield account of World War I and Belleau Wood, as told by Pvt. Jim Scarbrough, 83rd Company, 3rd Battalion, Sixth Regiment United States Marine Corps, Allied Expeditionary Force. Jim’s story puts you there; cros… more

They Called Us Devil Dogs
Byron Scarbrough
Drake, Nelson and Napolean - Walter Runciman

Drake, Nelson and NapoleanWalter Runciman

  • Three of the most influential military leaders in history. More than a character study of each …
Drake, Nelson and Napolean
Walter Runciman
Conquering Mental Fatigues: ... - Derek J. Porter

Conquering Mental Fatigues: ...Derek J. Porter

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A look inside the scarred mind of a new generation of American Veteran. Conquering Mental Fatigues is a true story that dives into the darkest realms of a combat veteran who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to heavy conflict … more

Conquering Mental Fatigues: PTSD & Hypervigilance Disorder- Post War
Derek J. Porter
War Writers’ Campaign, Inc. , English
Above it All - Dennis Brooks

Above it AllDennis Brooks

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Bodies weren’t the only things buried in Vietnam. Or in any war. Sometimes dreams are buried forever. Not only your dreams, but fragments of your life are destroyed as well. Combat has a way of putting everything you were taught to believe… more

Above it All
Dennis Brooks