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Illustrated Biographies-Mao Zedong - Marie Publications

Illustrated Biographies-Mao ZedongMarie Publications

Among the greatest leaders who were responsible for changing the fate and course of their countries, Mao’s name stands as an example, for he lifted China from the tyrannical dynasties and extreme poverty and started a revolution which resul… more

Illustrated Biographies-Mao Zedong
Marie Publications
Marie Publications , English
No Freedom Shrieker: The Civ... -

No Freedom Shrieker: The Civ...

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Among the piles of knickknacks, haystacks, dust, and debris abandoned in her historic barn, Katie Aldridge discovered a box containing the Civil War letters of Charles Freeman Biddlecom. Painstakingly transcribing and lightly editing more t… more

No Freedom Shrieker: The Civil War Letters of Union Soldier Charles Freeman Biddlecom
Paramount Market Publishing, Inc. , English
One Army Wife's Tale - Jenn Carpenter

One Army Wife's TaleJenn Carpenter

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One Army Wife’s Tale is a no-holds-barred look into the life of one of our nation’s heroes, as seen through the eyes of the wife he left behind when he deployed. Told through the daily excerpts of the highly popular blog that gave birth to … more

One Army Wife’s Tale
Jenn Carpenter
Brotherhood of the Fin: A Co... - Gerald R.  Hoover

Brotherhood of the Fin: A Co...Gerald R. Hoover

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When survivors began crawling up through the hole, I saw that things could get out of hand quickly. I signaled for Scott to join me and went to talk to the apparent leader.”How many in this building?”“I don’t know, twenty-five, maybe one hu… more

Brotherhood of the Fin: A Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer’s Story
Gerald R. Hoover
Wheatmark, Inc. , English
Remembering the Last Ninety Years - Sr. John Wallace Etheredge

Remembering the Last Ninety YearsSr. John Wallace Etheredge

Book SummaryRemembering the Last Ninety Years, the biography of John Wallace Etheredge, Captain, United States Army Air Corp, Retired is an anecdotal book recounting John’s East Texas childhood in the 1920´s and ‘30´s, his pilot experiences… more

Remembering the Last Ninety Years
Sr. John Wallace Etheredge
Bismarck and the Development... - Otto Pflanze

Bismarck and the Development...Otto Pflanze

IN JUNE 16, 1871, the German Kaiser, preceded by Bismarck, Roon, and Moltke, entered the city of Berlin on horseback in triumph at the head of forty thousand troops newly returned from France. George Bancroft, the American minister, descri… more

Bismarck and the Development of Germany, Vol. 2: The Period of Consolidation, 1871-1880
Otto Pflanze
Been There, Done That: Throu... - Ron Butcher DFC CD (Ret'd)

Been There, Done That: Throu...Ron Butcher DFC CD (Ret'd)

According to Lieutenant General Bill Carr, an ex-Commander of Canada’s Air Command, and himself a decorated WWII Spitfire pilot: “This book contains the most vivid, uncomplaining and honest descriptions I have ever read of what the WWII Bom… more

Been There, Done That: Through Treacherous Skies
Ron Butcher DFC CD (Ret’d)
Trafford Publishing , English
Panzer Leader (Documents of War) - Heinz Guderian

Panzer Leader (Documents of War)Heinz Guderian

In this book a man who has made history—on a great scale—gives us his own story of how he shaped it by means of a new idea, and how it led to an end he had not foreseen. Guderian had a tremendous impact on the course of events in our time. … more

Panzer Leader (Documents of War)
Heinz Guderian
Panzertruppen Publications , English
My Truth from the Top : Obse... - Sergeant Major Patrick Durr

My Truth from the Top : Obse...Sergeant Major Patrick Durr

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After the 9/11, controversy has stirred when news broke that the U.S. military was conducting a “War on Terror” initiative. Many American civilians and civic groups have relentlessly expressed their disdain against sending American soldiers… more

My Truth from the Top : Observations From Inside the HQs
Sergeant Major Patrick Durr
Xlibris , English
Weems' Life of General Franc... - Mason Locke Weems

Weems' Life of General Franc...Mason Locke Weems

Francis Marion (c. 1732 – February 26, 1795) was a military officer who served in the American Revolutionary War. Acting with Continental Army and South Carolina militia commissions, he was a persistent adversary of the British in their occ… more

Weems’ Life of General Francis Marion
Mason Locke Weems
Billy tells Everybody Everything - W.T. Sutherland

Billy tells Everybody EverythingW.T. Sutherland

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The autobiography of W.T.(Bill) Sutherland. I am a retired jeweller, but also an alcoholic and a long-time member of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was written as the result of an old friend who commented on the fact that I had quite a good memo… more

Billy tells Everybody Everything
W.T. Sutherland
W,T.Sutherland , English
The Warrior - Nenad Ivankovic

The WarriorNenad Ivankovic

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Unfolding like a gripping novel, this book tells the life of Croatian Army General Ante Gotovina. He left home at 16 to become a sailor and then at 18 he joined the famous Foreign Legion. After fighting all over Africa, he became a commando… more

The Warrior
Nenad Ivankovic
Vietnam and Cambodia Recalled - M.D. William Frederick Sleigh

Vietnam and Cambodia RecalledM.D. William Frederick Sleigh

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Vietnam and Cambodia Recalledby William Frederick Sleigh, M.D.

Vietnam and Cambodia Recalled
M.D. William Frederick Sleigh
Xlibris , English
Forgotten Moments Forgotten People - v.h. markle

Forgotten Moments Forgotten Peoplev.h. markle

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About the Book FORGOTTEN MOMENTSA small book of true stories about the forgotten people from a very unpopular war. No one saw the tears shed by those who lived through the hell of this war, and the hell we came home to. The Brotherhood w… more

Forgotten Moments Forgotten People
v.h. markle
Xlibris , English
My Navy: The voyage of a sub... - Clay Westfall

My Navy: The voyage of a sub...Clay Westfall

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Clay Westfall’s decision to join the Navy over thirty years ago wasn’t an easy one. He had no idea what adventures were in store for him, and now, looking back, we can see how it was not only a good decision, but it was the key ingredient … more

My Navy: The voyage of a submarine cook.
Clay Westfall
AuthorHouse , English
Two Hundred Thousand Boys on... - Kennith Culbreth

Two Hundred Thousand Boys on...Kennith Culbreth

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… and other Asiatic Pacific World War II Stories including a First Hand Report… Launching the Doolittle Raiders The war statistics and military strategy of World War II have been well documented.The purpose of these writings is to give … more

Two Hundred Thousand Boys on a Rock Called Guam
Kennith Culbreth
WorldComm , English
Return To Glory Hole - Walter Bell

Return To Glory HoleWalter Bell

It was a great honor ro be born on the same day in the same country as President Carter, and I am also thrilled he selected my birthday to be his.You know, I’m glad providence tapped the other child born ten miles away to become the thirty… more

Return To Glory Hole
Walter Bell
Trafford , English
High Sea Fleet World War (Do... - Reinhard Scheer

High Sea Fleet World War (Do...Reinhard Scheer

THE visit of an English squadron for the Kiel Week in June, 1914, seemed to indicate a desire to give visible expression to the, fact that the political situation had eased. Although we could not suppress a certain feeling of doubt as to th… more

High Sea Fleet World War (Documents of War)
Reinhard Scheer
Panzertruppen Publishing Company , English