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Codename Litefoot - Robert A. Boyd

Codename LitefootRobert A. Boyd

Autobiography: 1965-1968 Vietnam… The secret book, ‘you,’ the general public, were never supposed to see or even hear about. Avoiding the military draft, a sure way to die during the mid 1960’s; a seventeen year old boy leaves hig… more

Codename Litefoot
Robert A. Boyd
Robert A. Boyd , English
The life of Nelson (scan version) - Robert Southey

The life of Nelson (scan version)Robert Southey

This book is made by carefully scanning, so you won’t find boring things such as misspellings and punctuation errors.

The life of Nelson (scan version)
Robert Southey
East of The Elbe - Dawn Walsh

East of The ElbeDawn Walsh

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I joined the US Army straight out of high school looking for an affordable education, but also for travel and adventure. Assigned to the 287th Military Police Company in Berlin Germany in 1988, during the height of the cold war, I experienc… more

East of The Elbe
Dawn Walsh
Dawn Walsh , English
On and Off Duty - Jack Bush

On and Off DutyJack Bush

For 28 years, Major Lloyd Jack Bush served in the Canadian Armed Services. His new memoir, ON AND OFF DUTY, details these years of experience and his exploits during this time. Serving at many postingss both in Canada and overseas, Bush’s s… more

On and Off Duty
Jack Bush
Trafford Publishing , English
Blinded by His Shadow - Tammy Zimmerman

Blinded by His ShadowTammy Zimmerman

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Blinded by His Shadow is a journey through the life of Joseph T. Zimmerman, a man whose memory painfully clung to those who had lost him and a man who remained a mystery to family who had never known him. Through this book, published on the… more

Blinded by His Shadow
Tammy Zimmerman
Adico Publishing , English
Autobiography of George Dewe... - George Dewey

Autobiography of George Dewe...George Dewey

George Dewey (December 26, 1837 – January 16, 1917) was an admiral of the United States Navy. He is best known for his victory (without the loss of a single life of his own forces due to combat; one man died of heat stroke) at the Battle of… more

Autobiography of George Dewey, Admiral of the Navy
George Dewey
The Boys from New Jersey - Tom Kindre

The Boys from New JerseyTom Kindre

These are the dramatic stories of ordinary young men—some of them still teenagers—who were thrust into action in World War II, and of how they coped with the dangers they faced.In New Guinea, George Boggs leaps into a shell hole to escap… more

The Boys from New Jersey
Tom Kindre
Trafford , English
AL GRAY, MARINE: The Early Y... - Scott Laidig

AL GRAY, MARINE: The Early Y...Scott Laidig

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Most people know General Al Gray as the 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps. His achievements as a transformational Commandant are legendary within the Marine Corps and the military services. However, little is generally known about his yea… more

AL GRAY, MARINE: The Early Years 1950-1967, Vol1
Scott Laidig
Potomac Institute Press , English
The Life of Nelson, the Embo... - Alfred Thayer Mahan

The Life of Nelson, the Embo...Alfred Thayer Mahan

Classic biography. According to Wikipedia: “Alfred Thayer Mahan (September 27, 1840 - December 1, 1914) was a United States Navy officer, geostrategist, and educator. His ideas on the importance of sea power influenced navies around the wo… more

The Life of Nelson, the Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain (both volumes in one file)
Alfred Thayer Mahan
B&R Samizdat Express , English
The Story of Cole Younger (A... - Cole Younger

The Story of Cole Younger (A...Cole Younger

Edited and Annotated by Galen C. Dukes, 2012, with historic photographs and comments added where appropriate.Thomas Coleman “Cole” Younger (January 15, 1844 - March 21, 1916) was an American Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil W… more

The Story of Cole Younger (Annotated)
Cole Younger
The Henneberry Company , English
The First Lady of Mulberry Walk - David Llewellyn

The First Lady of Mulberry WalkDavid Llewellyn

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Anne Acheson was a sensitive, caring and extremely talented sculptress, whose gift to the world at large has remained unacknowledged for almost a century. During voluntary work in the First World War, she applied her artistic skills to inve… more

The First Lady of Mulberry Walk
David Llewellyn
Matador , English
The memoirs of Baron Thiébau... - Général de Division Baron Pa...

The memoirs of Baron Thiébau...Général de Division Baron Pa...

General Thiébault was always destined for a career in the military: his father was a professor in the military school in Berlin and a friend of Frederick the Great. Having started as a volunteer in the Revolutionary army, he started to acqu… more

The memoirs of Baron Thiébault (late lieutenant-general in the French army) - Vol. I
Général de Division Baron Paul-Charles-François-Adrien-Henri Dieudonné Thiébault, Arthur John Butler
Pickle Partners Publishing , English
Beyond Survival: Building on... - Captain Gerald Coffee

Beyond Survival: Building on...Captain Gerald Coffee

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When life loses its meaning, when suddenly the world is turned upside down, when there’s nothing left that resembles life as we’ve known it, where do we find the strength and sustenance to go on? For naval aviator Jerry Coffee and others wh… more

Beyond Survival: Building on the Hard Times - a POW’s Inspiring Story
Captain Gerald Coffee
AudioInk Publishing , English
Desert Storm Diaries - Lette... - Carlin Comm

Desert Storm Diaries - Lette...Carlin Comm

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From mind numbing boredom one moment to being absolutely scared to death the nextLife at sea is always interesting!The men and women of the Navy’s HC-5 “Providers”, Detachment 4, while deployed on the T-AE-26 Kilauea, set records, got award… more

Desert Storm Diaries - Letters From Home
Carlin Comm
CarlinComm , English
Forsaken Heroes of the Pacif... - Kevin Moore, Don Morrow

Forsaken Heroes of the Pacif...Kevin Moore, Don Morrow

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He was the nation’s oldest living survivor of the infamous Bataan Death March and three and a half years in Japanese prison camps during World War II.As a youth, he was a four letter man and captain of his high school and college teams. Af… more

Forsaken Heroes of the Pacific War: One Man’s True Story
Kevin Moore, Don Morrow
The Bedford Group , English
The Bristol Gunners - Tim Anderson

The Bristol GunnersTim Anderson

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The Bristol Gunners tells the story of the Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery (GVA) from its birth in the French invasion crisis of 1859 through to the modern day. An Italian revolutionary sparked the crisis which gave life to the GVA, and… more

The Bristol Gunners
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson , English
The Autobiography of Sergean... - William Lawrence

The Autobiography of Sergean...William Lawrence

This book is an illustrated version of the original The Autobiography of Sergeant William Lawrence by William Lawrence. “Interesting perhaps the book will prove as giving some of the details of what our soldiers had to undergo in those old … more

The Autobiography of Sergeant William Lawrence : A Hero of the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns (Illustrated)
William Lawrence
Georgio Italiano - by Harry D. George and Harry...

Georgio Italianoby Harry D. George and Harry...

Young and in love and heading off to war with pilot’s wings and heroes dreams, then shot down and on the run for 78 days in the mountains north of Florence - from cockpit to caveman, from hunter to hunted - until three noble and brave Ital… more

Georgio Italiano
by Harry D. George and Harry D. George Jr.
Trafford , English