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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome -... - Michael Martel

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome -...Michael Martel

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome is a motto of the US Army Special Forces Green Berets. The Green Berets are masters at Unconventional Warfare – looking at situations, people and things and getting results when it seemed impossible.Whether skiing… more

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome - Achieve the Green Beret Way
Michael Martel
Bringing June Home: A World ... - Sally Grey, Kenneth Wilcox, ...

Bringing June Home: A World ...Sally Grey, Kenneth Wilcox, ...

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In late April 1945, my dad’s older brother, Private William H. Wilcox, Junior, known as “June,” died in the Philippine Islands, a casualty of war.This book is a collection of letters written to and by my father and his brother and their par… more

Bringing June Home: A World War II Story
Sally Grey, Kenneth Wilcox, William Wilcox Jr., William Wilcox Sr., Margaret Wilcox, Cecelia H. G.
Grey Matters, Santa Cruz, CA , English
The Pipes Were Calling: A Vi... - David Flaherty

The Pipes Were Calling: A Vi...David Flaherty

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There are many books about war. There are books that describe the bravery and glories of war. Other books portray the warrior as an “anti-hero”. The Pipes Were Calling: A Vietnam War Story is not either of these formula tales.The Pipes Were… more

The Pipes Were Calling: A Vietnam War Story
David Flaherty
iUniverse , English
Victory: Tales of a Tuskegee Airman - Les Williams and Penny L. Williams

Victory: Tales of a Tuskegee AirmanLes Williams and Penny L. Williams

WITH THE WORLD ON FIRE, blacks living in the United States put aside their grievances at home to fight for freedom abroad during World War II. One of them, Les Williams, wants to trade in his dancing shoes to become a pilot. But at twenty-t… more

Victory: Tales of a Tuskegee Airman
Les Williams and Penny L. Williams
iUniverse , English
Omar Nelson Bradley The Centennial - U.S. Army Center for Militar...

Omar Nelson Bradley The CentennialU.S. Army Center for Militar...

During the Second World War, America possessed the great military leaders needed to guide its armed forces successfully through that terrible ordeal. Those leaders, whose prewar origins have often been obscure, met the challenges of worldwi… more

Omar Nelson Bradley The Centennial
U.S. Army Center for Military History
A Time For Everything: The K... - Michael White

A Time For Everything: The K...Michael White

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Does God still work miracles today as He did in the Bible? That question, asked in a television interview several years ago, prompted Kevin Zimmerman to commission the writing and publication of his personal story as a response. This book d… more

A Time For Everything: The Kevin Zimmerman Story
Michael White
Parson Place Press , English
War (From Prisoners of Eternity) - Kim Seabrook

War (From Prisoners of Eternity)Kim Seabrook

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War is Volume 2 from the book Prisoners of Eternity. It follows on from Volume 1 Deadlier than the Male (Women in History). It covers many aspects of war from major battles and sieges to life on the Home Front, weaponry, political oppressio… more

War (From Prisoners of Eternity)
Kim Seabrook
Kim Seabrook , English
Ghost Nation : Post-Traumati... - Ron Breland

Ghost Nation : Post-Traumati...Ron Breland

A true story about the experiences of an american soldier’s, and his family’s, experiences with PSTD. The road may not always be ashort one, but the light at the end of the tunnel is certainly worth it. Forthe Soldiers and their spouses who… more

Ghost Nation : Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Society
Ron Breland
Surviving Hell: Surrender on Cebu - Lewis Miner, William Miner

Surviving Hell: Surrender on CebuLewis Miner, William Miner

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Surviving Hell is a harrowing account of Lieutenant Colonel William Miner, taken prisoner for 39 months after his unit surrendered to the Japanese on the island of Cebu, Philippines, during World War II. Despite losing every friend in his u… more

Surviving Hell: Surrender on Cebu
Lewis Miner, William Miner
Turner Publishing Company , English
A Marine - A Soldier - John C. Bird

A Marine - A SoldierJohn C. Bird

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Johannes Andersen was retired, until he was asked to assist the First MarineDivision ready for war, mainly the First Force Recon Battalion change from legto a mechanized organization. He provided the Division Commander notesand ideas, he b… more

A Marine - A Soldier
John C. Bird
Xlibris , English
Memories at Low Altitude: Th... - Jacinto Veloso

Memories at Low Altitude: Th...Jacinto Veloso

A story of war and peace in Mozambique and beyond, Memories at Low Altitude spans four decades of southern African history, from the point of view of one of its main protagonists. Jacinto Veloso fought in the Mozambican liberation struggle … more

Memories at Low Altitude: The Autobiography of a Mozambican Security Chief
Jacinto Veloso
Zebra Press (Random House Struik) , English
Fifty Years In Camp And Fiel... - Ethan Allen Hitchcock

Fifty Years In Camp And Fiel...Ethan Allen Hitchcock

The review from Amazon.com reviewerI first uncovered this excellent book in 1964 while writing an original paper on the Mexican Spy Company for Department of the Army! I only had a colored drawing of a man wearing a large sombrero, green sh… more

Fifty Years In Camp And Field: Diary Of Major-General Ethan Allen Hitchcock, U.S.A. Vol.1
Ethan Allen Hitchcock
AMA Publication , English
"Charlie" Brown's Vietnam Jo... - Garnett C. Brown Jr.

"Charlie" Brown's Vietnam Jo...Garnett C. Brown Jr.

“Charlie” Brown’s Vietnam Journal: A Tactical Airlift Pilot’s View of the War records the 1970-1971 years of Garnett C. Brown, Jr., or “Charlie Brown,” as his flying cronies called him. During that year, he flew the C-123, a tactical airlif… more

Charlie” Brown’s Vietnam Journal: A Tactical Airlift Pilot’s View of the War
Garnett C. Brown Jr.
PublishAmerica , English
Silver Step 210 - J. Geiling Brady

Silver Step 210J. Geiling Brady

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Stories of a young man’s dream of becoming afighter pilot and his journey through the UnitedStates Navy fighter community of the 1960s.

Silver Step 210
J. Geiling Brady
J. Geiling Brady , English
West Pac: A Young Sailor's Journey - Scott F. Schmidt

West Pac: A Young Sailor's JourneyScott F. Schmidt

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When a carrier goes to sea, those who work on the dangerous flight deck are at an average age of twenty years old. To add to the danger, those who work with aircraft ordnance, the bombs and missiles of these planes, are at even more risk of… more

West Pac: A Young Sailor’s Journey
Scott F. Schmidt
Salvo Press , English
Elite Navy SEAL Team Secrets... - Anonymous

Elite Navy SEAL Team Secrets...Anonymous

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Six men of the Elite Navy SEAL Team have been specially selected for a mission in Southeast Asia where an extremist organization is set to create a new political party and religion to get rid of the current establishment. Based CIA Intellig… more

Elite Navy SEAL Team Secrets (The Heart, The Fist and The Mind)
Still Standing - Jim Kosmo, John Kriesel

Still StandingJim Kosmo, John Kriesel

When SSG John Kriesel lost his legs and two buddies in a roadside bomb explosion, no one expected him to survive. He died three times on the operating table. Miracles, a lot of miracles, starting with a few grunts who refused to let him die… more

Still Standing
Jim Kosmo, John Kriesel
Beaver’s Pond Press , English
The Heart, the Mind, the Fis... - Eric G. Howard

The Heart, the Mind, the Fis...Eric G. Howard

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Tensions run high in Southeast Asia as the North Koreans complete the building of a secret military base capable of firing short range missiles into South Korea. The North shows off their capabilities in an exercise that detonates missiles … more

The Heart, the Mind, the Fist - The Delta Solution
Eric G. Howard