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Legends of the Ancient World... - Charles River Editors

Legends of the Ancient World...Charles River Editors

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Includes art depicting Hannibal and other important people in his life.Includes maps of Hannibal’s most famous battles.Discusses the debate over which route Hannibal took to cross the AlpsIncludes a Table of Contents“God has given to ma… more

Legends of the Ancient World: The Life and Legacy of Hannibal
Charles River Editors
Royal Artillery - Long Range... - John Jenkins

Royal Artillery - Long Range...John Jenkins

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I was born of humble beginnings in 1930, to a working class family in Greenford, Middlesex, England. Bombed and machine gunned, as a child, by the German Luftwaffe in WWII. After the war I achieved the rank of Bombardier in The Royal Artill… more

Royal Artillery - Long Range Snipers
John Jenkins
Sovereign Art Company, Inc. , English
True Life - The Soldier who ... - Brian Comerford

True Life - The Soldier who ...Brian Comerford

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Clem Ryan, from Ireland, served in the Armed Forces of Ireland, Britain and the United States.He visited Hiroshima six months after the Atom Bomb. He provides a chilling first person account of that visit. He volunteered for service in Viet… more

True Life - The Soldier who Served Under Three Flags (Features)
Brian Comerford
Barbed Wire Battleground - Robert O'Brien

Barbed Wire BattlegroundRobert O'Brien

This book deals with the control, by a North Korean Colonel P.O.W., of some of the prison compounds located on the island of Koje during the Korean war. His efforts were aimed at disrupting the peace talks in progress at Panunjom to gain c… more

Barbed Wire Battleground
Robert O’Brien
Trafford Publishing , English
Decisive Force: Strategic Bo... - Richard G. Davis

Decisive Force: Strategic Bo...Richard G. Davis

In the Persian Gulf War, the Air Force demonstrated that a new era in strategic bombing had begun.Air power could now destroy portions of a country’s military and economic infrastructure with minimal losses to both the attacker and enemy ci… more

Decisive Force: Strategic Bombing in the Gulf War
Richard G. Davis


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This is the memoir of an eighteen-year-old World War II Army Air Corp Cadet. Join him as he matures over his three years in the military learning to fly, handle success, failure, and love. If you`re looking for the usual war story, this isn… more

iUniverse , English
Four Years in Rebel Capitals... - T. C. DeLeon

Four Years in Rebel Capitals...T. C. DeLeon

This digital book includes an annotated listing of select bibliographies for research on the American Civil War (added 2011)Written almost immediately after the war, from notes and recollections gathered during its most trying scenes, these… more

Four Years in Rebel Capitals, an Inside View of Life in the Southern Confederacy (Civil War) - includes an annotated listing of select bibliographies for research on the American Civil War
T. C. DeLeon
Napoleon Bonaparte (Illustrated) - John Abbott

Napoleon Bonaparte (Illustrated)John Abbott

This accessible, immensely readable biography of Napoleon by John Abbott has been specially formatted for Kindle by Black Swan Classics.

Napoleon Bonaparte (Illustrated)
John Abbott
Black Swan Classics , English
Paul Shull (Arizona Veteran ... - Chris  Anderson, Mary Michel...

Paul Shull (Arizona Veteran ...Chris Anderson, Mary Michel...

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A 21 year old from Kansas is drafted and joins the Air Force in World War II. He becomes a POW after his B24 was shot down over Germany.

Paul Shull (Arizona Veteran Legacy Project)
Chris Anderson, Mary Michele McCarville
GULAG memoirs of an American... - Peter Schwarzlose

GULAG memoirs of an American...Peter Schwarzlose

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my memoirs of three years in the German army and 4 years in a Siberian prisoncamp

GULAG memoirs of an American in Hitler’s Amy and Stalin’s Gulag
Peter Schwarzlose
selof published , English
Youth Interrupted - Karl Lindquist

Youth InterruptedKarl Lindquist

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Karl Lindquist’s memoir begins with his childhood on Nantucket Island, back when it was still a salty seaport. He went off-island for high school at Phillips Exeter Academy and left before graduation to enlist. Serving in the Infantry in Fr… more

Youth Interrupted
Karl Lindquist
The Life of Artemas Ward: Th... - Charles Martyn

The Life of Artemas Ward: Th...Charles Martyn

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The Life of Artemas Ward: The First Commander-in-Chief of the American RevolutionPUBLISHER’S PREFACE FROM my childhood I had hoped to write the biography of my great-grandfather, Artemas Ward, the first com- mander-in-chief of the American … more

The Life of Artemas Ward: The First Commander-in-Chief of the American Revolution
Charles Martyn
AMA Publication , English
Storming The Falklands: My W... - Tony Banks

Storming The Falklands: My W...Tony Banks

In the late 1970s, wild, eager young Scotsman Tony Banks joined one of the toughest outfits in the British army. The men of the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment were highly trained but nothing could prepare them for the intensity and… more

Storming The Falklands: My War and After
Tony Banks
Little, Brown Book Group , English
Hannibal - Tom Thomas

HannibalTom Thomas

Hannibal, the legendary warrior from Carthage, ravaged the known world with his great military tactics. He fought the Punic Wars and led his elephants over the Alps to gain victory! His legacy lies in his enemies copiying his military stra… more

Tom Thomas
Createspace , English
I Visited Heaven, But Lived ... - Nelson Peregoy

I Visited Heaven, But Lived ...Nelson Peregoy

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Follow the life of Nelson Peregoy as he goes from very successful salesman to highly decorated Army combat pilot in Vietnam, to two-star general, to multimillionaire jet setter—to a drunk, broke, and homeless derelict who ends up spending a… more

I Visited Heaven, But Lived in Hell: A Wounded Warrior, A Failed Life
Nelson Peregoy
Red Willow Digital Press , English
A Confederate Girl's Diary -... - Sarah Morgan Dawson

A Confederate Girl's Diary -...Sarah Morgan Dawson

This digital book includes an annotated listing of select bibliographies for research on the American Civil War (added 2011)Originally published 1913Excerpt from Introduction -It is perhaps due to a chance conversation, held some seventeen … more

A Confederate Girl’s Diary - includes an annotated listing of select bibliographies for research on the American Civil War
Sarah Morgan Dawson
This Child Military - Rebecca L. Harris

This Child MilitaryRebecca L. Harris

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For author Rebecca L. Harris, the military has played a key role in her life. She was born on a military base and was part of a military family for fourteen years. In This Child Military, Harris not only recounts the perks and the downside… more

This Child Military
Rebecca L. Harris
iUniverse , English
Sometimes We Fall as Boys bu... - Thomas Green III

Sometimes We Fall as Boys bu...Thomas Green III

On April 24, 2004, Thomas Green III was driving a military truck down a dusty road in Iraq when an explosion ripped the wheel out of his hands. The injuries he sustained as a result of this attack changed his life forever. He joined the U…. more

Sometimes We Fall as Boys but Rise as Men:The Healing of a Purple Heart Iraqi Veteran
Thomas Green III
iUniverse , English