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Revolution! - Ronald  Atkin

Revolution!Ronald Atkin

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The Mexican Revolution, the first true social upheaval of the 20th century, has long exerted a peculiar fascination over the public imagination. Its heroes and heroines, its songs, battles and sieges, all seem larger than life and make a fa… more

Ronald Atkin
Thistle Publishing , English
Middle Baja, Mexico, includi... -

Middle Baja, Mexico, includi...

Frommer’s ShortCuts give you exactly what you need for your trip to Middle Baja, Mexico-and no more.In this ebook, you’ll get the same expert advice that you’ll find in all Frommer’s guides, from candid reviews and detailed maps to insider … more

Middle Baja, Mexico, including Loreto, Muleg and Santa Rosala: Frommer’s ShortCuts
Frommers , English
Central Pacific Mexico: Maza... - Vivien Lougheed

Central Pacific Mexico: Maza...Vivien Lougheed

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This guide is drawn from our much larger guide to Mexico’s Pacific Coast. It focuses on the Central Pacific Coast primarily - San Blas, Mazatlan, Jaltemba Bay and the area down to Puerto Vallarta. The extensive introduction covers all of th… more

Central Pacific Mexico: Mazatlan, San Blas & Beyond
Vivien Lougheed
Hunter Publishing , English
The Riviera Maya and the Sou... - Frommers

The Riviera Maya and the Sou...Frommers

Frommer’s ShortCuts give you exactly what you need for your trip to The Riviera Maya & the Southern Yucatan Coast, Mexico—and no more.In this ebook, you’ll get the same expert advice that you’ll find in all Frommer’s guides, from candid rev… more

The Riviera Maya and the Southern Yucatan Coast, Mexico: Frommer’s ShortCuts
Frommers , English
De la guerra civil al exilio... - Indalecio Prieto, Lázaro Cárdenas

De la guerra civil al exilio...Indalecio Prieto, Lázaro Cárdenas

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Biblioteca Nueva. Colección Historia Biblioteca Nueva. 2005. 272 p.

De la guerra civil al exilio. Los republicanos españoles y México (Spanish Edition)
Indalecio Prieto, Lázaro Cárdenas
Biblioteca Nueva/Digitalia , Spanish
Northern Pacific Mexico: Gua... - Vivien Lougheed

Northern Pacific Mexico: Gua...Vivien Lougheed

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This guide is drawn from our much larger guide to Mexico’s Pacific Coast. It focuses on the Northern Pacific Coast primarily - Guayman and San Carsol, Ciudad Obregon and the Yaqui Valley, Chihuahua, Los Mochis, El Fuerte, the Copper Canyon,… more

Northern Pacific Mexico: Guaymas, the Copper Canyon & Beyond
Vivien Lougheed
Hunter Publishing , English
Manzanillo, Playa Azul, Ixta... - Vivien Lougheed

Manzanillo, Playa Azul, Ixta...Vivien Lougheed

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Drawn from our much larger guide to Mexico’s Pacific Coast, this guide focuses on the Manzanillo Region, Playa Azul, Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Places covered include Colima, Cuyutlan, Tecoman, and Patzcuaro as well. The extensive introduction… more

Manzanillo, Playa Azul, Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo
Vivien Lougheed
Hunter Publishing , English
Baja's Hidden Gold: Treasure... - Herman Hill

Baja's Hidden Gold: Treasure...Herman Hill

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Herman Hill, from whose memory these stories come, still lives in his beachfront home in Bahia de los Angeles. His stories, filled with humor and verve, illuminate the history of the beautiful Baja Pueblo of Bahia de los Angeles. A prospect… more

Baja’s Hidden Gold: Treasure Along the Mission Trail
Herman Hill
Gorostieta and the Cristiada... - Richard Grabman

Gorostieta and the Cristiada...Richard Grabman

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Focusing on the career of Enrique Gorostieta Velarde, the “atheist” mercenary hired to lead the insurgent army, Gorostieta and the Cristiada: Mexico’s Catholic Insurgency of 1926-1929 by Richard Grabman, is an extended look at the how a sea… more

Gorostieta and the Cristiada: Mexico’s Catholic Insurgency 1926-1929
Richard Grabman
Editorial Mazatlán , English
James Richardson- Travels in... - James Richardson

James Richardson- Travels in...James Richardson

An Excerpt from the book-Policy of the Court of Morocco.—Its strength.—Diplomatic Intercoursewith England.—Distrust of Europeans.—Commercial Relations.Morocco is the China of North Africa. The grand political maxim of theShereefian Cour… more

James Richardson- Travels in Morocco, Vol. 1.
James Richardson
Journey With a Baja Burro - Graham Mackintosh

Journey With a Baja BurroGraham Mackintosh

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Journey With a Baja Burro. (Illustrated)Graham Mackintosh describes his arduous 1000 mile burro trip from the US border to Loreto, celebrating the 300th anniversary of the founding of the first permanent mission in the Californias.This ente… more

Journey With a Baja Burro
Graham Mackintosh
Baja Detour Press , English
Frommer's Mexico 2011 - David Baird, Shane Christens...

Frommer's Mexico 2011David Baird, Shane Christens...

Explore the Pyramid of the Magician at the ruins of Uxmal in Yucatán state. See chapter 17.Free pocket map inside, plus easy-to-read maps throughout Exact prices, directions, opening hours, and other practical informationCandid reviews of h… more

Frommer’s Mexico 2011
David Baird, Shane Christensen, Joy Hepp, Christine Delsol
Frommers , English


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The long history of intrusions, invasions and abuses of Latin America is a dark chapter of U.S. history. Most of the factors and conspiratorial aspects of U.S. actions abroad are masked or unmentioned in history textbooks. To those who ha… more

Editorial Ramos , English
Fresh Wind & Strange Fire: O... - Lyn  Fuchs

Fresh Wind & Strange Fire: O...Lyn Fuchs

Are you ready to travel beyond where even news reporters fear to tread? Fresh Wind & Strange Fire is author Lyn Fuchs’ journey through stranger-than-fiction primal terrain. As an American professor in a Mexican university exploring the sout… more

Fresh Wind & Strange Fire: One Man’s Adventures in Primal Mexico
Lyn Fuchs
Coffeetown Press , English
In Indian Mexico (1908) - Frederick Starr

In Indian Mexico (1908)Frederick Starr

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

In Indian Mexico (1908)
Frederick Starr
Public Domain Books , English
Good Info for Gringos Living... - Peter Fowler

Good Info for Gringos Living...Peter Fowler

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Concise expatriate guide with need to know information such as Mexican real estate laws, visas and immigration, auto insurance, moving household goods across the border, the Mexican criminal justice system, and who to call if victimized.

Good Info for Gringos Living in Baja
Peter Fowler
CreateSpace , English
101 Facts... Aztecs! Books f... - IP Factly

101 Facts... Aztecs! Books f...IP Factly

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IP Factly presents… “101 Facts… Aztecs!” Aztecs for Kids - Amazing facts, incredible images and super videos of this incredible empire.

History books for kids - a fun and fascinating way for young readers to discover more about the A… more

101 Facts… Aztecs! Books for Kids. (101 History Facts for Kids Book 5)
IP Factly
IP Factly , English
The Forgotten Temple of Pompeii - Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore

The Forgotten Temple of PompeiiRonald Ritter, Sussan Evermore

The archaeological site of Pompeii in southern Italy was an ancient Roman town/city situated near modern Naples. It was covered in (4-6) meters of ash and pumice by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The site lay virtually undisturbe… more

The Forgotten Temple of Pompeii
Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore
Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore , English
American and Canadian Expatr... - Don Nelson, Michele Kinnon, ...

American and Canadian Expatr...Don Nelson, Michele Kinnon, ...

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More writings by American and Canadian expats. We have some new contributors and new topics.

We also have some returning authors, namely, Carol Billups, Brien Blackburn, Alvin Starkman, Blanca Heil & George Puckett. New authors include, … more

American and Canadian Expatriate Writings on Mexico Volume 2
Don Nelson, Michele Kinnon, Brian Blackburn, Alvin Starkman, Carol Billups, Blanca Heil, Sid Grosvenor, Marie Dwyer-Bullock, George Puckett
ESP Media , English
Living in San Miguel: The He... - John Scherber

Living in San Miguel: The He...John Scherber

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Thinking about living in Mexico?

Perhaps you’ve heard it’s cheaper, warmer, and the culture is rich. Places like San Miguel de Allende have support communities of expatriates, (about 8,000) to help you settle in.

But this is a big change!… more

Living in San Miguel: The Heart of the Matter
John Scherber
San Miguel Allende Books , English
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