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James Richardson- Travels in... - James Richardson

James Richardson- Travels in...James Richardson

An Excerpt from the book-Notwithstanding the imbecile prejudices of the native Barbary Jews, suchof them who adopt European habits, or who mix with European merchants,are tolerably good members of society, always endeavouring to restrainthe… more

James Richardson- Travels in Morocco, Vol. 2.
James Richardson
Playa Del Carmen 2013 - bob story

Playa Del Carmen 2013bob story

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A tourist guide to Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen 2013
bob story
Manzanillo, Playa Azul, Ixta... - Vivien Lougheed

Manzanillo, Playa Azul, Ixta...Vivien Lougheed

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Drawn from our much larger guide to Mexico’s Pacific Coast, this guide focuses on the Manzanillo Region, Playa Azul, Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Places covered include Colima, Cuyutlan, Tecoman, and Patzcuaro as well. The extensive introduction… more

Manzanillo, Playa Azul, Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo
Vivien Lougheed
Hunter Publishing , English
Romancero (Poesia) (Spanish ... - Author Anónimo

Romancero (Poesia) (Spanish ...Author Anónimo

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Hasta el siglo XVI no se comenzaron a escribir los romances. El romancero viejo está formado por todos los romances anónimos compuestos desde el siglo XIV al siglo XVI. Los primeros romances tienen su origen en el cantar de gesta y cada uno… more

Romancero (Poesia) (Spanish Edition)
Author Anónimo
Linkgua digital , Spanish
Conquest: Cortes, Montezuma,... - Hugh Thomas

Conquest: Cortes, Montezuma,...Hugh Thomas

THE UNPARALLELED HISTORY OF THE FALL OF OLD MEXICODrawing on newly discovered sources and writing with brilliance, drama, and profound historical insight, Hugh Thomas presents an engrossing narrative of one of the most significant events of… more

Conquest: Cortes, Montezuma, and the Fall of Old Mexico
Hugh Thomas
Simon & Schuster , English
Mexican Mornings : Essays So... - Michael Hogan

Mexican Mornings : Essays So...Michael Hogan

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INTRODUCTION   There is a part of Mexico, the west-central area encompassing the state of Jalisco and its capital, Guadalajara, which is the cradle of many significant cultural traditions that most of us associate with that great country: … more

Mexican Mornings : Essays South of the Border
Michael Hogan
Trafford , English
Hernando Cortes , Conqueror ... - Frederick Ober

Hernando Cortes , Conqueror ...Frederick Ober

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The Pergamum Collection publishes books history has long forgotten. We transcribe books by hand that are now hard to find and out of print.Hernando Cortes, Conqueror of Mexico, tells the story of Cortes’ life, with particular attention to h… more

Hernando Cortes , Conqueror of Mexico
Frederick Ober
The Pergamum Collection , English
A GRINGO IN DANGEROUS MEXICO... - Dr. Leo Henry Wildeman


SYNOPSISTHE AUTHOR: I am a US single male MD psychiatrist, though I usually don’t advertise the fact. I went to Mexico to start a new life. SYNOPSIS: The four books occur in the same central-Mexico small town, where I lived for three years…. more

A GRINGO IN DANGEROUS MEXICO: modern nonfiction love, romance, and sex \ TROUBLE STARTS AS FUN? \ THE CAT-AND-MOUSE GAME: A Gringo Chases Young Mexican Women \ THE WHITE MAGIC OF DARK KARINA
Dr. Leo Henry Wildeman
A Wetback in Reverse: Huntin... - Frederick Martin-Del-Campo

A Wetback in Reverse: Huntin...Frederick Martin-Del-Campo

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Our hero, let’s call him Freddy for the sake of confusion, treks to the land of his forebears ~ that unique land of many names, but to the confused and disillusioned, we know it as Mexico. Why is he there? That is the question! He suffers m… more

A Wetback in Reverse: Hunting for an American in the Wilds of Mexico
Frederick Martin-Del-Campo
CCB Publishing , English
The Forgotten Temple of Pompeii - Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore

The Forgotten Temple of PompeiiRonald Ritter, Sussan Evermore

The archaeological site of Pompeii in southern Italy was an ancient Roman town/city situated near modern Naples. It was covered in (4-6) meters of ash and pumice by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The site lay virtually undisturbe… more

The Forgotten Temple of Pompeii
Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore
Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore , English
Mexico-More Expatriates Insi... - George Puckett, Alvin Starkm...

Mexico-More Expatriates Insi...George Puckett, Alvin Starkm...

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ve you ever thought of pulling up stakes and moving to Mexico after retiring? Have you considered Los Cabos, Puerto Penasco, Playa del Carmen, Chacala, Lake Chapala, Cuernavaca, La Paz, San Felipe, Rosarito Beach or Tepoztlán? That’s how th… more

Mexico-More Expatriates Insights the Sequel (Mexico Insights Volume 2)
George Puckett, Alvin Starkman, Marla Kostis, Jane Onstott, Kevin Simpson, David MacLean, William Michael, Robin Miller, Roxana McDade
Lifetime Journeys: Explore P... - Kim Heinbuch

Lifetime Journeys: Explore P...Kim Heinbuch

Whether this is your first trip to Mexico or you are a seasoned traveler looking for something new, you’ll find plenty of exciting ideas here. This day-by-day journey includes 31 color photos. Receive personal recommendations on the best al… more

Lifetime Journeys: Explore Playa Del Carmen
Kim Heinbuch
In Indian Mexico (1908) - Frederick Starr

In Indian Mexico (1908)Frederick Starr

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

In Indian Mexico (1908)
Frederick Starr
Public Domain Books , English
San Felipe Mexico - Your Spo... - Roberto Chavez

San Felipe Mexico - Your Spo...Roberto Chavez

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So you have heard about Mexico from your friends, and all the wonderful times they had, however you are unsure on what part of Mexico to visit. Well you are in luck, because we have found the perfect place for you, San Felipe! We have so… more

San Felipe Mexico - Your Spot For Fun In The Sun!
Roberto Chavez


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The long history of intrusions, invasions and abuses of Latin America is a dark chapter of U.S. history. Most of the factors and conspiratorial aspects of U.S. actions abroad are masked or unmentioned in history textbooks. To those who ha… more

Editorial Ramos , English
Forever Stirling - Melissa Smith

Forever StirlingMelissa Smith

Victoria McEwan thought she had it all figured out. All she had known was an established career and a fiancée with a taste for the finer things in life. That is, until she traveled to Scotland to fulfill her grandmother¡¯s final wish. Soon… more

Forever Stirling
Melissa Smith
iUniverse , English
The Conquest of the Aztec Empire - Alejandro  Toulet

The Conquest of the Aztec EmpireAlejandro Toulet

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Trying to understand the conquest of the Aztec Empire entails penetrating one of the most fabulous and sad episodes of the history of mankind. It is well known that the Spaniards, led by Hernan Cortes, conquered the Aztecs; the most powerfu… more

The Conquest of the Aztec Empire
Alejandro Toulet
BookBaby , English
Northern Pacific Mexico: Gua... - Vivien Lougheed

Northern Pacific Mexico: Gua...Vivien Lougheed

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This guide is drawn from our much larger guide to Mexico’s Pacific Coast. It focuses on the Northern Pacific Coast primarily - Guayman and San Carsol, Ciudad Obregon and the Yaqui Valley, Chihuahua, Los Mochis, El Fuerte, the Copper Canyon,… more

Northern Pacific Mexico: Guaymas, the Copper Canyon & Beyond
Vivien Lougheed
Hunter Publishing , English
Mexico's Tabasco, Oaxaca, Ch... - Joanie Sanchez

Mexico's Tabasco, Oaxaca, Ch...Joanie Sanchez

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This guide is drawn from our larger book on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, but here we focus on Tabasco, Oaxaca, Villahermosa, Chiapas & Palenque.  We travel to grow – our Adventure Guides show you how. Experience the places you visit more directly, … more

Mexico’s Tabasco, Oaxaca, Chiapas & Palenque
Joanie Sanchez
Hunter Publishing , English
Driving Baja : A Guide for F... - Rachel McMillen

Driving Baja : A Guide for F...Rachel McMillen

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Specifically designed for Snowbirds and travelers who want to drive down the Baja Peninsula, this book is an invaluable resource both in planning your trip and in safely navigating once you get there. From arranging finances to stocking th… more

Driving Baja : A Guide for First Timers
Rachel McMillen
Trafford , English
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