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The Marriage of Spirit: Enli... - Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad...

The Marriage of Spirit: Enli...Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad...

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The Marriage of Spirit is a handbook for spiritual awakening for people living and working in the world. It directly addresses how we can experience divine presence in our lives, and offers simple, powerful and fast exercises for creating b… more

The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today’s World
Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad Laughlin
CoreLight Publishing , English


A physician’s training is not complete until it integrates the wisdom of his or her patients….I feel like the ancient mariner. I have taken a long, stormy, forty-year journey in search of the medical Holy Grail: what makes people sick and w… more

Paul Brenner
ReadHowYouWant , English
Studies in divine science - Daisy Mary Davis Baum

Studies in divine scienceDaisy Mary Davis Baum

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A FOREWORD. To THE Readers : This book is a clear definite statement of Divine Science as taught at the Colorado College of Divine Science. It will meet a need and find a cordial welcome in many places. If it is carefully studied and the su… more

Studies in divine science
Daisy Mary Davis Baum
AMA Publication , English
Gnostic Healing: Revealing t... - Tau Malachi, Siobhan Houston EdD

Gnostic Healing: Revealing t...Tau Malachi, Siobhan Houston EdD

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In this groundbreaking work, Gnostic teacher Tau Malachi and Harvard-educated independent scholar Siobhán Houston have teamed up to present powerful Gnostic healing practices in a clear and systematic way found nowhere else. Techniques in… more

Gnostic Healing: Revealing the Hidden Power of God
Tau Malachi, Siobhan Houston EdD
Llewellyn Publications , English
Transcending Bipolar Disorde... - B. Robert Jameson

Transcending Bipolar Disorde...B. Robert Jameson

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Author Robert Jameson was leading a very successful life as a husband, recent PhD graduate, and professional chemist when he first noticed feeling somewhat abnormal. Asstresses mounted over time, Robert slowly approached one of the most si… more

Transcending Bipolar Disorder: My Own True Story of Recovery from Mental Illness
B. Robert Jameson
iUniverse , English
The Long Walk Home (Life Hon... - Aija Butler

The Long Walk Home (Life Hon...Aija Butler

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Sharing Life After Moments of INSPIRATION: I contemplated about the walk home. I had driven but, I thought it would be fitting to take a stroll. It had seemed like such a long haul to overcome my first bout with illness. I just didn’t think… more

The Long Walk Home (Life Honestly After)
Aija Butler
Joann Spurrier's Dream Journal - Joann Spurrier

Joann Spurrier's Dream JournalJoann Spurrier

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What dreams may come I cannot sayUntil, asleep, they come my wayBut only for a moment stayAnd then they’re lost, forever goneUnless in journals they live on.”As my poem says, our dreams are fleeting and may hold valuable insights into our … more

Joann Spurrier’s Dream Journal
Joann Spurrier
Refresh Your Soul (Treasure ... - Phyliss Todd

Refresh Your Soul (Treasure ...Phyliss Todd

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“Refresh Your Soul” will stir you deep within; allowing His words to vividly come alive. He wants to fill your void and set you free from everything that is holding you back. Written in a very simple poem format; allowing you the ease of … more

Refresh Your Soul (Treasure Trove of Poems - Overcoming Obstacles)
Phyliss Todd
Phyliss Todd , English


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The world is experiencing uncontrolled increases in cancers, diabetes, obesity, autism and toxic poisoning of children and adults. Kids are being born with mental deficiencies and loss of motor skills; many die young from their ailments.We … more

Robert G. Fritchie
World Service Institute , English
Exploring Hot Yoga Benefits - Lauren Young

Exploring Hot Yoga BenefitsLauren Young

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Exploring Hot Yoga Benefits’ is a fast read to give the you the basics and benefits of Hot Yoga! This spotlight report covers the history of Bikram Yoga, why it is best known as Hot Yoga, and how practicing this form of yoga can help promo… more

Exploring Hot Yoga Benefits
Lauren Young
Firebird Publishing , English
The Ecstasy of Practice - Shelley Lynne  Cummins

The Ecstasy of PracticeShelley Lynne Cummins

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The Ecstasy of Practice is a sensual journey cultivating liberation. Forty four ecstatic practices each embodying: jnana a liberated essence for reflection, pranayama a breathing experience, asana a physical yoga posture, dhyana a meditatio… more

The Ecstasy of Practice
Shelley Lynne Cummins
Just shoot me - Tere Leahy

Just shoot meTere Leahy

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If you have any form of a mental illness you need to read my book. I tell my story with alot of good advise. I built a web site which took me a long time to do with articles, pictures and video clips for fun. I created it online, then conve… more

Just shoot me
Tere Leahy
Tere Leahy , English
Embracing the Call - Lester Sumrall

Embracing the CallLester Sumrall

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Do you have compassion and urgency for lost souls? Are you ready to go, you just don’t know how or where? Are you willing to “get your hands dirty” working for the calling God has given to you? Written by Dr. Sumrall towards the end of his … more

Embracing the Call
Lester Sumrall
LeSEA Publishing , English
Light Medicine: Evolving Our... - Dr. Michael D. Winer

Light Medicine: Evolving Our...Dr. Michael D. Winer

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Imagine your body as a unique expression of your joy and aliveness, and the Earth as your playground to create Life exactly the way you want. Imagine you can use everything that occurs in your life and in your body as an opportunity to acti… more

Light Medicine: Evolving Our Body, Our Life, and Our Planet
Dr. Michael D. Winer
BalboaPress , English
Wake Up Women: Be Happier, H... - Karen Mayfield

Wake Up Women: Be Happier, H...Karen Mayfield

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Sharing inspiring stories of happiness prosperity and health are Marcia Wieder, Terri Amos-Britt, Bonnie Ross-Parker, Simran Singh and other expert professionals, authors and master coaches from around the world.Discover the courage to alte… more

Wake Up Women: Be Happier, Healthier, Wealthier with Peace of Mind
Karen Mayfield
Wake Up Women Publishing , English
Ugly Thorns on Beautiful Flowers - Evangelist Carmen Prince  Jackson

Ugly Thorns on Beautiful FlowersEvangelist Carmen Prince Jackson

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Ugly Thorns on Beautiful Flowers: The Truth About a Christian’s Life is partly autobiographical in the sense that Carmen Prince Jackson shares her stories and experiences in order to help others attain understanding and peace. In this book,… more

Ugly Thorns on Beautiful Flowers
Evangelist Carmen Prince Jackson
BookBaby , English
Master Keys to Personal Wholeness - Kim Michaels

Master Keys to Personal WholenessKim Michaels

Why is it that you can take a group of people with the same disease and expose them to the same treatment, yet some people are healed and some people are not healed? Given that the material circumstances are very similar, the explanation ca… more

Master Keys to Personal Wholeness
Kim Michaels
More to Life OU , English
2013 Precious Seeds: A Morni... - Vine Branch Ministries

2013 Precious Seeds: A Morni...Vine Branch Ministries

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This is a crucial time in human history. More and more people are failing in their spiritual and family lives; it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve good success (Joshua 1:8); confusion and uncertainty are wide-spread, and it is … more

2013 Precious Seeds: A Morning and Evening Christian Devotional
Vine Branch Ministries
BookBaby , English
Breath: The Ultimate Secret to Life - M. Rose Windels

Breath: The Ultimate Secret to LifeM. Rose Windels

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Millions of books have been written on how to become rich and the secrets on the law of attraction. This book contains the secrets on how to outlive all the possible money in the world in a healthy, beautiful and enlightened body. With a li… more

Breath: The Ultimate Secret to Life
M. Rose Windels
BookBaby , English
POOR BABY: A Child of the 60... - HEATHER KING

POOR BABY: A Child of the 60...HEATHER KING

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I came of age during the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. I’m a former waitress, an ex-lawyer, a sober barfly, a Catholic convert, and a self-supporting writer. I’ve been financially independent all my life. But I’ve never much been able to reduce the myst… more

POOR BABY: A Child of the 60’s Looks Back on Abortion