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How To Grow In Your Christia... - Dr. James McBean

How To Grow In Your Christia...Dr. James McBean

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How to live the Christians life. What pastors do not tell you, the rope of the road. How to walk through the Christians life, knowing and seeing the pitfalls in the way.

How To Grow In Your Christian Faith (Living The Christian life series Book 1)
Dr. James McBean
Dr. James A McBean , English
Joann Spurrier's Dream Journal - Joann Spurrier

Joann Spurrier's Dream JournalJoann Spurrier

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What dreams may come I cannot sayUntil, asleep, they come my wayBut only for a moment stayAnd then they’re lost, forever goneUnless in journals they live on.”As my poem says, our dreams are fleeting and may hold valuable insights into our … more

Joann Spurrier’s Dream Journal
Joann Spurrier
Finding Peace - T RavenHawk

Finding PeaceT RavenHawk

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Finding Peace is basically a book about how I found peace and serenity. I have included my personal journey towards peace and serenity. The book illustrates exactly how the reader can do what I did in order to find inner peace and perhaps… more

Finding Peace
T RavenHawk
On Earth As It Is In Heaven - Kristin Schneider

On Earth As It Is In HeavenKristin Schneider

%This story is about life, death, pain and love, and the way they are intertwined to form the unique fabric that is the life of Sibyl.We join with Sibyl as she traces her life, beginning during the Second World War as a small child, struggl… more

On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Kristin Schneider
Trafford , English
Spiritual Healing - Peter Matthews

Spiritual HealingPeter Matthews

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Spiritual healing is the oldest and most natural of all healing methods. This book covers in detail the experience of healing, how it may work,the nature of disease, how to develop as a healer, do and don’ts and almost everything you need t… more

Spiritual Healing
Peter Matthews
Peter Matthews , English
The Oxygen Legacy: A Fountai... - Thomas Tasseff

The Oxygen Legacy: A Fountai...Thomas Tasseff

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A Legacy of Good Health ContinuesOur God-given body is a finely tuned machine with the unique ability to replicate and rejuvenate itself, to stay young and strong, and to last indefinitely. Of course, this simple fundamental principle has i… more

The Oxygen Legacy: A Fountain of Youth and An End to All Disease
Thomas Tasseff
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
The Path of Energy (Healing ... - Dr. Synthia Andrews

The Path of Energy (Healing ...Dr. Synthia Andrews

The Path of Energy provides an elegant and comprehensive understanding of the many faces and feelings of energy. Synthia is clearly a very accomplished expert in the field of energy awareness and the practical application of its movement. … more

The Path of Energy (Healing Science, Awaken Your Inner Spirit and Expand Your Consciousness)
Dr. Synthia Andrews
A MAP TO HEALING AND YOUR ES... - Dr. Robert J. Newton J.D. N.D.

A MAP TO HEALING AND YOUR ES...Dr. Robert J. Newton J.D. N.D.

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Finally, a FORMULA FOR HEALING, perfect health and the immortality of your existing body is, the result of DIVINE KNOWLEDGE, revealed in a unified and coherent format via ”Theta Consciousness Healing”™. Almost everything we have been taught… more

A MAP TO HEALING AND YOUR ESSENTIAL DIVINITY THROUGH THETA CONSCIOUSNESS: The Physics of the Immortal “Light Body” and the Creator’s Template of Perfection and Abundance for His People
Dr. Robert J. Newton J.D. N.D.
BalboaPress , English
Heavenly Healing - Bonnie Young

Heavenly HealingBonnie Young

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This inspirational book delivers messages of healing … proving faith in Jesus can truly move mountains. As you read each testimony, touching on topics such as difficult relationships, addiction, suicide, and fear, you will see the grace… more

Heavenly Healing
Bonnie Young
GabrielPress , English
The Chance AIDS - Moritz Boerner

The Chance AIDSMoritz Boerner

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The purpose of this book is to help people develop a new understanding of the phenomenon of AIDS. This new understanding will go far beyond that which we have been given by the media, politicians, physicians, psychologists or churches until… more

The Chance AIDS
Moritz Boerner
boernermedia , English
Medicinal Astrology - Sheri Ann Richerson

Medicinal AstrologySheri Ann Richerson

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Medicinal Astrology is one of the oldest medical traditions in our Western culture. Certain herbs resonate with the energetic and health patterns identified in each astrological sign. The three signs that are the foundation of your horosc… more

Medicinal Astrology
Sheri Ann Richerson
The Heart of Soul Healing: E... - Ken Page, Nancy Nester

The Heart of Soul Healing: E...Ken Page, Nancy Nester

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The only safe way to stay centered in your heart – is to learn about the energetics that exist in your world. Sometimes centering in your heart in the ‘normal outward way’ can be painful, throwing you back into old patterns, leaving you vul… more

The Heart of Soul Healing: Energy Dynamics - Volume One
Ken Page, Nancy Nester
BookLogix , English
OCD Snippets, Living with OC... - Marcus john Kim

OCD Snippets, Living with OC...Marcus john Kim

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This is the second book in the series, of short essays in the day to day life of a sufferer of Obsessive compulsive disorder. It charts the daily struggles of living with the condition, and although not a diary, it is similar in format, and… more

OCD Snippets, Living with OCD and CBT, Part Two
Marcus john Kim
Marcus John Kim , English
Forgiving The Unforgivable: ... - Niramisa Weiss

Forgiving The Unforgivable: ...Niramisa Weiss

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It is one thing struggling to forgive our nearest and dearest those foolish squabbles that leave us bitter and upset. But what about the big stuff; that which we cannot comprehend?

While we fail to understand why humans behave so atrocious… more

Forgiving The Unforgivable: Removing the Obstacles to Love
Niramisa Weiss
Affirmations and Thought Forms - Linda Stein-Luthke, Martin F...

Affirmations and Thought FormsLinda Stein-Luthke, Martin F...

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A channeled discourse from the Ascended Master ST. GERMAIN on the use of affirmations and the power of thought forms in the process of manifestation. ST. GERMAIN discusses how to create and use affirmations and thought forms productively, e… more

Affirmations and Thought Forms
Linda Stein-Luthke, Martin F. Luthke Ph.D.
eBookIt.com , English
Hands of Hope - Thomas Williams

Hands of HopeThomas Williams

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Based on a true story.Michael Hope, was an average young man, unsure of what to do with his life. Until suddenly in 1975, a string of strange events would spiral his life into the unknown world of physic healing. Inexplicable physical phen… more

Hands of Hope
Thomas Williams
iUniverse , English
Llewellyn's 2015 Herbal Alma... - Elizabeth Barrette, Llewelly...

Llewellyn's 2015 Herbal Alma...Elizabeth Barrette, Llewelly...

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Discover the Power of Herbs As nature’s most versatile and potent plants, herbs can be used in hundreds of ways to add zest and vitality to your life. Inspiring you with a bounty of innovative ideas and recipes, Llewellyn’s 2015 Herbal Alm… more

Llewellyn’s 2015 Herbal Almanac: Herbs for Growing & Gathering, Cooking & Crafts, Health & Beauty, History, Myth & Lore (Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac)
Elizabeth Barrette, Llewellyn, Ellen Dugan, Susan Pesznecker, Clea Danaan, Sally Cragin, Estha McNevin, Dallas Jennifer Cobb, Laurel Reufner, Calantirniel, JD Hortwort, Diana Rajchel, Alice Deville, Suzanne Ress, Anne Sala, Doreen Shababy, Tess Whitehurst
Llewellyn Publications , English
Healing Into Immortality: A ... - Gerald Epstein

Healing Into Immortality: A ...Gerald Epstein

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Healing Into Immortality is the definitive guide to using your mind to heal your body. Gerald Epstein, M.D.- a pioneer in the field of mindbody medicine - provides a proven program of self-healing based on 45 years of clinical practice… more

Healing Into Immortality: A New Spiritual Medicine of Healing Stories and Imagery
Gerald Epstein
ACMI Press , English
Chasing Rainbows of Eden: Se... - Joseph Leo Coghe

Chasing Rainbows of Eden: Se...Joseph Leo Coghe

               Chasing Rainbows of Eden    Inspiration and imagination to work through life’s traumas and stresses comes from within.  This workbook walks you on a journey that encourages change, through the freedom of choice.  Each step t… more

Chasing Rainbows of Eden: Self Healing in the 21st Century
Joseph Leo Coghe
AuthorHouse , English
The Mechanism - John Snyder III

The MechanismJohn Snyder III

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The Mechanism will bring more abundance and power to everything you attempt to do. This “”God switch”” will improve everything you attempt.The Mechanism has long been kept secret but now the truth is out! Now you can be the Superman/woman … more

The Mechanism
John Snyder III
iUniverse , English