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Animal Communication Magic &... - Kumari Mullin

Animal Communication Magic &...Kumari Mullin

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Animal Communication Magic and Miracles is a compilation of my most powerful teachings on animal communication that will empower you to create ever deepening connections with the animal brethren who grace your lives. The Keys were taught t… more

Animal Communication Magic & Miracles: 13 Keys to Deepen Your Bond with Your Pets, Improve Health and Change Behavior Immediately
Kumari Mullin
Celebrate the Divine Feminin... - Joy Reichard

Celebrate the Divine Feminin...Joy Reichard

Celebrate the Divine Feminine; Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom is an introduction to the Sacred Feminine, and a history, or “her-story,” of the evolution of the goddess. Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom is full … more

Celebrate the Divine Feminine: Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom - Earth, the Body of the Goddess
Joy Reichard
Bush Street Press , English
Love and Accept it All: A Jo... - Cristy Lynn Hayden MA B.Sc.

Love and Accept it All: A Jo...Cristy Lynn Hayden MA B.Sc.

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Cristy Lynn Hayden suffered a very severe brain injury as a result of a drunk driver crossing the median and hitting her car. Miraculously, she recovered fully from her brain injury and slowly created a life that has become more than anyon… more

Love and Accept it All: A Journey from Near Death to Bliss
Cristy Lynn Hayden MA B.Sc.
BalboaPress , English
The Science of Pranayama - Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati

The Science of PranayamaSri Swami Sivananda Saraswati

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It is needless for us to stress on the merits of the subject or its author, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. Sri Swamiji already lives in the hearts of the people of the world as an ‘unfailing saviour’. The Swamiji’s method of presenting such… more

The Science of Pranayama
Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati


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This is a bouk on the realities of getting over rought places. Getting out of stuck situations. Getting to know who you are and where you belong.

Joy Smith
Joy Smith , English


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In this book we learn how to handle our thoughts. We learn the weight of what we think. We learn that if we are not careful we could hurt ourselves as well as others by what we think is a meaningless thought.

Joy Smith
Joy Smith , English
Repairing the Soul of A Thre... - Todd Farnsworth

Repairing the Soul of A Thre...Todd Farnsworth

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Approximately 20% of veterans returning home from war experience either Post Traumatic Stress, Moral Injury, Complicated Grief, or some combination of the three. Faith communities are uniquely positioned to bring healing to these distressin… more

Repairing the Soul of A Three Legged Stool (Veterans Workshop Series Book 1)
Todd Farnsworth
Brookfield Institute , English
Finding Joy in Healing - Janet Hartlove

Finding Joy in HealingJanet Hartlove

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Uplifting and often humorous, Finding Joy in Healing is a glimpse into the life of a chronic pain patient via the journal she kept before, during and after spinal cord stimulator surgery. Journey with her as she candidly shares the emotiona… more

Finding Joy in Healing
Janet Hartlove
Tonya Holmes Shook , English
Time for some R&R - Eric Blair

Time for some R&REric Blair

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Quotes and Thoughts

Time for some R&R
Eric Blair
Vibrational Raindrop Techniq... - Christi Bonds-Garrett

Vibrational Raindrop Techniq...Christi Bonds-Garrett

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The version of Raindrop upon which this book is based is the one Gary Young taught is Dallas in 2000. It is also the one taught by the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE). It is referred to in this book as the “Classic Rai… more

Vibrational Raindrop Technique (2nd Edition)
Christi Bonds-Garrett
Aromasounds , English
The Love of the Father - Dr. Dorothy Hooks

The Love of the FatherDr. Dorothy Hooks

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In this book, Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD, describes “The Love of The Father.” Dr. Hooks explains, “What Is The Love of The Father?,” how to “Experience The Love of The Father,” “Why We Love The Father,” and extends an “Invitation to Take th… more

The Love of the Father
Dr. Dorothy Hooks
Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks at Smashwords , English
Surrounded By Inspiration - Marala Scott

Surrounded By InspirationMarala Scott

Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Multi Award-winning Author, and Inspirational Speaker, Marala Scott will touch your heart and motivate you with soul-shaking power and immeasurable thought-provoking passion. After years of carrying the painful m… more

Surrounded By Inspiration
Marala Scott
Premier Digital Publishing , English
The Bimini Project - Rebecca Fountain

The Bimini ProjectRebecca Fountain

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The Bimini Project was a self-proclaimed project. It was about me. It was about my spiritual and logical rebirth. Swimming with the dolphins, in amazingly clear blue waters with trusted spiritual friends? It wasn’t a mistake that I was in B… more

The Bimini Project
Rebecca Fountain
Rebecca Fountain , English
Firing on All Cylinders: Rec... - David Power

Firing on All Cylinders: Rec...David Power

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Firing on All Cylinders tries to leave its readers with a newer, fresher, more profound outlook on life by integrating the timeless teachings of the Bible with relevant, modern, everyday living. This book beckons you on a journey, on a ques… more

Firing on All Cylinders: Recognizing Our Co-Responsibility for the Creation of Our Own Lives
David Power
WestBowPress , English
The Science of Psychic Healing - William Walter Atkinson, Yog...

The Science of Psychic HealingWilliam Walter Atkinson, Yog...

The trouble with us is that modern “civilization” has drawn us so far away from Nature, that our natural impulses and tendencies have been smothered and stifled…-from “Natural Laws of the Body”Mind over matter… The natural over the arti… more

The Science of Psychic Healing
William Walter Atkinson, Yogi Ramacharaka
Red Earth Wisdom - Linda Bowlby

Red Earth WisdomLinda Bowlby

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In our increasingly complex and complicated world, we often forget life’s simple pleasures and the feelings they give us. For too long, our society has taught that more is better and the perfection can be attained for a price. Dr. Linda Bow… more

Red Earth Wisdom
Linda Bowlby
Red Earth Publishing, Inc. , English
No Expiration Dates: A Cance... - Leon Weisman

No Expiration Dates: A Cance...Leon Weisman

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No Expiration Dates: A Cancer Patient’s Strategies for Survival
Leon Weisman
iUniverse , English
Morning Has Broken - Jan Draper

Morning Has BrokenJan Draper

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Morning Has Broken is a small book which explains how to cope with everyday stress and trauma of life. You will discover what makes your fellow human beings ‘tick’ as we all strive along the road of advancing our spirituality to the next le… more

Morning Has Broken
Jan Draper
Jan Draper , English
The Six Breaths of Life : A ... - Walter Berns

The Six Breaths of Life : A ...Walter Berns

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This is a description of chi kung exercises that help increase the general health of your body.

The Six Breaths of Life : A Journey to Better Health
Walter Berns
Book Tango , English
Healing for my Whole Life 2012 - Barbara Callahan Quin

Healing for my Whole Life 2012Barbara Callahan Quin

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This “Healing for My Whole Life” journal approaches the subject of healing from a metaphysi-cal perspective. What this means is looking at areas of your life where you would like “healing” or to express more of the “wholeness” you were crea… more

Healing for my Whole Life 2012
Barbara Callahan Quin
Great Spirit Publishing , English