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Healer:  The Controversial a... - Brett Wyatt

Healer: The Controversial a...Brett Wyatt

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Part two of this book on Lake includes more interview coverage from those who knew him as well as additional historical coverage of the man and his ministry, found in no other books. Interviews, articles, sermons and more bring John G. Lake… more

Healer: The Controversial and Supernatural Life of John G. Lake Book 2 1924-1935
Brett Wyatt
Riley Media Group LLC , English
Surrounded By Inspiration - Marala Scott

Surrounded By InspirationMarala Scott

Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Multi Award-winning Author, and Inspirational Speaker, Marala Scott will touch your heart and motivate you with soul-shaking power and immeasurable thought-provoking passion. After years of carrying the painful m… more

Surrounded By Inspiration
Marala Scott
Premier Digital Publishing , English
Repairing the Soul of A Thre... - Todd Farnsworth

Repairing the Soul of A Thre...Todd Farnsworth

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Approximately 20% of veterans returning home from war experience either Post Traumatic Stress, Moral Injury, Complicated Grief, or some combination of the three. Faith communities are uniquely positioned to bring healing to these distressin… more

Repairing the Soul of A Three Legged Stool (Veterans Workshop Series Book 1)
Todd Farnsworth
Brookfield Institute , English
Time for some R&R - Eric Blair

Time for some R&REric Blair

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Quotes and Thoughts

Time for some R&R
Eric Blair


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The world is experiencing uncontrolled increases in cancers, diabetes, obesity, autism and toxic poisoning of children and adults. Kids are being born with mental deficiencies and loss of motor skills; many die young from their ailments.We … more

Robert G. Fritchie
World Service Institute , English
Vibrational Raindrop Techniq... - Christi Bonds-Garrett

Vibrational Raindrop Techniq...Christi Bonds-Garrett

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The version of Raindrop upon which this book is based is the one Gary Young taught is Dallas in 2000. It is also the one taught by the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE). It is referred to in this book as the “Classic Rai… more

Vibrational Raindrop Technique (2nd Edition)
Christi Bonds-Garrett
Aromasounds , English
Courage to Thrive -

Courage to Thrive

The first annual Writers Unite to Fight Cancer writing contest was organized to promote new writing voices and increase public awareness about cancer. The winning entries have been published in this anthology along with other contributions … more

Courage to Thrive
Good Oak Press, LLC , English
Red Earth Wisdom - Linda Bowlby

Red Earth WisdomLinda Bowlby

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In our increasingly complex and complicated world, we often forget life’s simple pleasures and the feelings they give us. For too long, our society has taught that more is better and the perfection can be attained for a price. Dr. Linda Bow… more

Red Earth Wisdom
Linda Bowlby
Red Earth Publishing, Inc. , English
The Effects of Different Kin... - DEVIKA PRIMIC

The Effects of Different Kin...DEVIKA PRIMIC

The following information is most helpful for many ailments, the herbal spices and unique herbal teas, to the top cures from around the world, of the best traditional medicine, and of the different remedies for a younger looking skin. Read … more

The Effects of Different Kinds of Herbal Teas, and Indian Spices
Bipolar Hope (My Bipolar World) - Sylvia Meier

Bipolar Hope (My Bipolar World)Sylvia Meier

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Learning to live with hope in bipolar disorder is key. You need to have hope and faith that the sun will rise after the rain. You need to have hope in yourself and your medical team.Meier gives you just that in “Bipolar Hope: Finding Hope I… more

Bipolar Hope (My Bipolar World)
Sylvia Meier


Evidence of altered states of consciousness has been proven by many experts throughout the past. Since ancient time shamans, mystics, saints and people have been using self-hypnotic trance to catalyse altered states of consciousness for hea… more

Kay King
Kay King , English
Healing for my Whole Life 2012 - Barbara Callahan Quin

Healing for my Whole Life 2012Barbara Callahan Quin

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This “Healing for My Whole Life” journal approaches the subject of healing from a metaphysi-cal perspective. What this means is looking at areas of your life where you would like “healing” or to express more of the “wholeness” you were crea… more

Healing for my Whole Life 2012
Barbara Callahan Quin
Great Spirit Publishing , English
The Law of Attraction - The ... - Dr. George Mentz JD DSS MBA ChMC

The Law of Attraction - The ...Dr. George Mentz JD DSS MBA ChMC

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This is a Law of Attraction executive book summary and commentary on the best authors who taught the secrets of prosperity and abundance who understood the ancient strategies of wealth, health, and peace of mind. Includes conceptual and adv… more

The Law of Attraction - The Greatest Books on Prosperity - Summaries of Wallace Wattles - Napoleon Hill - Charles Haanel - Thomas Troward - Robert Collier - William Walker Atkinson: Get Power Now
Dr. George Mentz JD DSS MBA ChMC
Menzinger Media ( Law of Attraction Series ) , English
Faith Can Change Your World - Lester Sumrall

Faith Can Change Your WorldLester Sumrall

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In this book Dr. Lester Sumrall reveals the primary principles you need to know to develop world-changing faith and have it function properly in your life. This is a Lester Sumrall classic containing endorsements by Kenneth Copeland, Billy … more

Faith Can Change Your World
Lester Sumrall
LeSEA Publishing , English
Celebrate the Divine Feminin... - Joy Reichard

Celebrate the Divine Feminin...Joy Reichard

Celebrate the Divine Feminine; Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom is an introduction to the Sacred Feminine, and a history, or “her-story,” of the evolution of the goddess. Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom is full … more

Celebrate the Divine Feminine: Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom - Earth, the Body of the Goddess
Joy Reichard
Bush Street Press , English
Dream Meanings: What Does it... - Cynthia Nodland, Cory Mann

Dream Meanings: What Does it...Cynthia Nodland, Cory Mann

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Dream Meanings: What Does it Mean When I Dream About Sex, Zombies, Flying, and Falling Teeth?This first volume of Dream Meanings will open the way to a deeper understanding of your dreams and how they can serve as guides toward a healthier,… more

Dream Meanings: What Does it Mean When I Dream About Sex, Zombies, Flying, and Falling Teeth?
Cynthia Nodland, Cory Mann
Juneau Marketing , English
Sound Healing: Vibrational H... - Marjorie  de Muynck

Sound Healing: Vibrational H...Marjorie de Muynck

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Ohm Therapeutics™ is a basic yet comprehensive Sound Healing system featuring the universally recognized Vibrational frequency of Ohm and its overtones. Ohm Therapeutics utilizes acu-points and anatomical placements known for their healing … more

Sound Healing: Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks
Marjorie de Muynck
Ohm Therapeutics , English
Healing Nuggets: A 40 day de... - Jim  Christian, Shelley Christian

Healing Nuggets: A 40 day de...Jim Christian, Shelley Christian

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Rediscover The Healing Power Of God’s Word!Have you ever desired a book that gives a daily dose of God’s Medicine – just enough to meditate on for that day? Healing Nuggets was designed for those who want to understand and appropriate the w… more

Healing Nuggets: A 40 day devotional of bible quotes, prayers and declarations to receive your healing
Jim Christian, Shelley Christian
Christ the Answer International Ministries (CTAIM) , English
Mindfulness: The Power of Mi... - William Maxwell

Mindfulness: The Power of Mi...William Maxwell

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The Power of Mindfulness Revealed This book is designed to teach the reader how to be more mindful in daily life by using mindfulness exercises. Practice Mindfulness Exercises to Improve Your Mental Health, Physical Health, and Overall Well… more

Mindfulness: The Power of Mindfulness Revealed (How to Practice Mindfulness)
William Maxwell
The Love of Chocolate (The L... - Marcia Brandt

The Love of Chocolate (The L...Marcia Brandt

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Spartanville was getting ready for the annual Butter Festival. People arrived by tour bus filling the local motels to capacity. The camp ground outside of town had been full a week ago with RV’s, conversion vans and tents. No one in the … more

The Love of Chocolate (The Ladies on Honeysuckle Road Book 4)
Marcia Brandt