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This is a bouk on the realities of getting over rought places. Getting out of stuck situations. Getting to know who you are and where you belong.

Joy Smith
Joy Smith , English
A Mystic's Way - Mark Patterson

A Mystic's WayMark Patterson

Mark Patterson had a Near Death Experience from alcohol poisoning as an irrational teenager. Almost ten years later he received a phone call in the middle of the night from a woman whom he never met. She described the events of his Near Dea… more

A Mystic’s Way
Mark Patterson
iUniverse , English
A Woman's Book of Healing: A... - Carolyn Gage

A Woman's Book of Healing: A...Carolyn Gage

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An adaption of the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, for use by those who are seeking a metaphysical system of healing with an emphasis on right relation and connection with the natural world, where… more

A Woman’s Book of Healing: An Adaptation of Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy
Carolyn Gage
How to successfully get out ... - Julia Wittmann

How to successfully get out ...Julia Wittmann

Depression is on the rise. More and more people are severely affected by this disease. New drugs come out in record time…You don’t have to be part of this trend! It is time to take charge of your happiness. Dig into this entertaining quic… more

How to successfully get out of depression and never go back
Julia Wittmann
The Marriage of Spirit: Enli... - Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad...

The Marriage of Spirit: Enli...Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad...

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The Marriage of Spirit is a handbook for spiritual awakening for people living and working in the world. It directly addresses how we can experience divine presence in our lives, and offers simple, powerful and fast exercises for creating b… more

The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today’s World
Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad Laughlin
CoreLight Publishing , English
How To Grow In Your Christia... - Dr. James McBean

How To Grow In Your Christia...Dr. James McBean

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How to live the Christians life. What pastors do not tell you, the rope of the road. How to walk through the Christians life, knowing and seeing the pitfalls in the way.

How To Grow In Your Christian Faith (Living The Christian life series Book 1)
Dr. James McBean
Dr. James A McBean , English
Light Medicine: Evolving Our... - Dr. Michael D. Winer

Light Medicine: Evolving Our...Dr. Michael D. Winer

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Imagine your body as a unique expression of your joy and aliveness, and the Earth as your playground to create Life exactly the way you want. Imagine you can use everything that occurs in your life and in your body as an opportunity to acti… more

Light Medicine: Evolving Our Body, Our Life, and Our Planet
Dr. Michael D. Winer
BalboaPress , English
Gnostic Healing: Revealing t... - Tau Malachi, Siobhan Houston EdD

Gnostic Healing: Revealing t...Tau Malachi, Siobhan Houston EdD

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In this groundbreaking work, Gnostic teacher Tau Malachi and Harvard-educated independent scholar Siobhán Houston have teamed up to present powerful Gnostic healing practices in a clear and systematic way found nowhere else. Techniques in… more

Gnostic Healing: Revealing the Hidden Power of God
Tau Malachi, Siobhan Houston EdD
Llewellyn Publications , English
Psychics Speak, The Individu... - Gail Kushner

Psychics Speak, The Individu...Gail Kushner

What is it like to be psychic? How can psychics communicate with unseen entities and bring helpful insights to people? What do psychics know about life, death and the afterlife?

The “Psychics Speak” series presents conversations with prof… more

Psychics Speak, The Individual Interviews: Cynthia Rae
Gail Kushner
Kushners Kreations Press , English
Spiritual Protection: A Safe... - Sophie Reicher

Spiritual Protection: A Safe...Sophie Reicher

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Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Psychics, and Healers is a training handbook for anyone interested in deepening their psychic abilities, training gifts already in evidence, or simply developing a greater sensitivit… more

Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics
Sophie Reicher
New Page Books , English
The Art of Zen-Touch - SEYMOUR KOBLIN

The Art of Zen-TouchSEYMOUR KOBLIN

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Zen-Touch Shiatsu developed and trademarked by Seymour Koblin is a soothing form of Shiatsu/acupressure that includes a wide range of techniques from light hands on-off energy work to extensive yoga like stretches performed with clients in … more

The Art of Zen-Touch
Joann Spurrier's Dream Journal - Joann Spurrier

Joann Spurrier's Dream JournalJoann Spurrier

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What dreams may come I cannot sayUntil, asleep, they come my wayBut only for a moment stayAnd then they’re lost, forever goneUnless in journals they live on.”As my poem says, our dreams are fleeting and may hold valuable insights into our … more

Joann Spurrier’s Dream Journal
Joann Spurrier
Divine Towels - Jason McGlynn

Divine TowelsJason McGlynn

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Divine Towels is a fictional story where Jesus asks Ethan and his mother, Claire, to do a very special mission for Him: open a nonprofit store, called Divine Towels, where people have their feet washed. Depending on how much faith people ha… more

Divine Towels
Jason McGlynn
Createspace , English
Choices of Love - Dorothy Maclean

Choices of LoveDorothy Maclean

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Ever since her early days at the Findhorn Community in Scotland, Dorothy Maclean has been helping people attune to nature and connect with their inner divinity. Now, in Choices of Love, she discusses the nature of divine love and how each o… more

Choices of Love
Dorothy Maclean
Lindisfarne Books , English
Rituals for Life, Love and L... - Dorothy  McRae-McMahon

Rituals for Life, Love and L...Dorothy McRae-McMahon

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Rituals for Life, Love and Loss provides spiritual rituals and meditations for the modern world, for times of celebration and grief. Dorothy McRae-McMahon, who is internationally renowned for her work with ritual, has created meaningful cer… more

Rituals for Life, Love and Loss 2nd Ed
Dorothy McRae-McMahon
Jane Curry Publishing , English
Take Back Your Health: Clean... - Scott Werner MD

Take Back Your Health: Clean...Scott Werner MD

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Scott Werner, MD, and his wife, Vicki, have traveled the world, including the Amazon Jungle, using super foods, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, sacred rituals, energy medicine, sacred toning, removal of contracts and suffering,… more

Take Back Your Health: Clean Up and Detoxify the Body, Revitalize Your Organs and Brain Functioning at the Cellular Level, and Intuit for Yourself What You Should Do Each Day for Your Health
Scott Werner MD
BalboaPress , English
How to Live to be a Thousand... - David Danforth

How to Live to be a Thousand...David Danforth

HOW TO LIVE TO BE A THOUSAND with “DMA”. It is our greatest gift. It gives us the ability to rejuvenate our bodies numerous times. “DMA” (Designed Mechanics of the Anatomy) is total body control. For thousands of years, philosophers of thou… more

How to Live to be a Thousand with DMA (DMA Body Health)
David Danforth
Breakthrough Healing: 50 Key... - Larry Sparks

Breakthrough Healing: 50 Key...Larry Sparks

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What are the Bible secrets to receiving and releasing supernatural healing in your life?   In Breakthrough Healing, author Larry Sparks takes you through 50 keys to unlocking the power of God in your life to experience physical healing.   Y… more

Breakthrough Healing: 50 Keys to Experiencing God’s Supernatural Power in Your Life
Larry Sparks
Destiny Image , English
Master Keys to Personal Wholeness - Kim Michaels

Master Keys to Personal WholenessKim Michaels

Why is it that you can take a group of people with the same disease and expose them to the same treatment, yet some people are healed and some people are not healed? Given that the material circumstances are very similar, the explanation ca… more

Master Keys to Personal Wholeness
Kim Michaels
More to Life OU , English
The Immune System of the SOUL - Mike George

The Immune System of the SOULMike George

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The health of your body and the wellness of your being are different. Each has their own ‘immune system’. While the body develops many types of pain, which we call disease, the soul ‘suffers’ from many forms of dis - ease, which we call … more

The Immune System of the SOUL
Mike George
GAVISUS Media , English