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Animal Communication Magic &... - Kumari Mullin

Animal Communication Magic &...Kumari Mullin

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Animal Communication Magic and Miracles is a compilation of my most powerful teachings on animal communication that will empower you to create ever deepening connections with the animal brethren who grace your lives. The Keys were taught t… more

Animal Communication Magic & Miracles: 13 Keys to Deepen Your Bond with Your Pets, Improve Health and Change Behavior Immediately
Kumari Mullin
The rationale of mesmerism - A. P. Sinnett

The rationale of mesmerismA. P. Sinnett

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The review from Amazon.com reviewerThe author starts off quite well and the first 6 chapters are generally quite lucid. From the 7th chapter onwards, A. P. Sinnett increasingly tries to reconcile the phenomena and theory of mesmerism (anima… more

The rationale of mesmerism
A. P. Sinnett
AMA Publication , English
Music Healing and Harmony - Sally Fletcher

Music Healing and HarmonySally Fletcher

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What Makes Music So Powerful and Healing? Why Does Everyone Love Music? Is Music the Universal Language?You will discover:How great music, carefully selected, changes your mood, energizes you, calms you, improves your mental focus, lifts yo… more

Music Healing and Harmony
Sally Fletcher
Aura Publishing , English
BIPOLAR - Short Story - Don De Lene

BIPOLAR - Short StoryDon De Lene

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This short story is an episode in the author’s life involving his aged mother who suffers from Bipolar Disorder. Without a doubt, the right pharmaceutical medication is important in alleviating the symptoms of this debilitating condition. H… more

BIPOLAR - Short Story
Don De Lene
Don De Lene , English
The Compassionate Warrior - William A. Roper

The Compassionate WarriorWilliam A. Roper

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A powerful example of what is possible in the aftermath of recovery from war-related injuries. Learn how a soldier fought through negative perceptions, overcame his disability, and created a successful business career.”

The Compassionate Warrior
William A. Roper
BalboaPress , English
Beyond Tantra: Healing Throu... - Mieke Wik, Stephan Wik

Beyond Tantra: Healing Throu...Mieke Wik, Stephan Wik

Provides Westerners with a step-by-step, tastefully illustrated, practical introduction to the ancient Chinese art of sexual dual cultivation.

Beyond Tantra: Healing Through Taoist Sacred Sex
Mieke Wik, Stephan Wik
Findhorn Press , English
Words to Relax: Relaxation S... - Candi Raudebaugh

Words to Relax: Relaxation S...Candi Raudebaugh

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This book is essential for professionals who use relaxation with clients, and provides clear, straight forward instruction for nonprofessionals as well. It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to relax. Features more than 50 unique s… more

Words to Relax: Relaxation Scripts for Personal Growth and Stress Relief
Candi Raudebaugh
Inner Health Studio , English
How to Become Rich A Treatis... - WILLIAM WINDSOR

How to Become Rich A Treatis...WILLIAM WINDSOR

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The unremitting demand made by an indulgent and appreciative public for a printed edition of the lectures delivered by me in my professional capacity, has furnished the motive for the publication of the present edition, comprising the three… more

How to Become Rich A Treatise on Phrenology, Choice of Professions and Matrimony (Illustrated) (Kindle Edition)
Celebrate the Divine Feminin... - Joy Reichard

Celebrate the Divine Feminin...Joy Reichard

Celebrate the Divine Feminine; Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom is an introduction to the Sacred Feminine, and a history, or “her-story,” of the evolution of the goddess. Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom is full … more

Celebrate the Divine Feminine: Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom - Earth, the Body of the Goddess
Joy Reichard
Bush Street Press , English
Healing with Crystals & Gems... - Laurie Denise Andrews

Healing with Crystals & Gems...Laurie Denise Andrews

Learn how to heal yourself and others using crystals & gemstones through this new guide by Laurie Denise Andrews. In this handy guide you will learn what crystal healing is, how it works, how to care for your crystals & gemstones, how to c… more

Healing with Crystals & Gemstones - Your guide to health and healing using the minerals of the Earth
Laurie Denise Andrews
Dr. Laurie Denise Andrews , English
Love and Accept it All: A Jo... - Cristy Lynn Hayden MA B.Sc.

Love and Accept it All: A Jo...Cristy Lynn Hayden MA B.Sc.

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Cristy Lynn Hayden suffered a very severe brain injury as a result of a drunk driver crossing the median and hitting her car. Miraculously, she recovered fully from her brain injury and slowly created a life that has become more than anyon… more

Love and Accept it All: A Journey from Near Death to Bliss
Cristy Lynn Hayden MA B.Sc.
BalboaPress , English
Sensitives Magazine - August - Lorraine Holloway-White

Sensitives Magazine - AugustLorraine Holloway-White

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Readers true life stories, spiritual matters, natural mediumship, horoscopes, saints of the month, angels and much more.

Sensitives Magazine - August
Lorraine Holloway-White
Closed Poppy Publishing , English
A Bend in the Road - Karen  Kelly Boyce

A Bend in the RoadKaren Kelly Boyce

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In the fast-paced world of technology we live in today, we seldom pay much attention to the journey each of us are on; instead we remain focused on the goals ahead of us. As we take this journey, friends and family members walk alongside of… more

A Bend in the Road
Karen Kelly Boyce
KFR Communications , English
Medicine and Beyond (The Dia... - John Diamond

Medicine and Beyond (The Dia...John Diamond

Medicine and Beyond” is the first of a three-volume milestone collection of writings that confirms Dr. Diamond’s status as a global pioneer in the field of holistic medicine. Originally appearing as newsletters in the 1970s and 80s under … more

Medicine and Beyond (The Diamond Reports Book 1)
John Diamond
Enhancement Books , English
a course in miracles reveale... - nathn taylor

a course in miracles reveale...nathn taylor

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Discover new depths and meaning in A Course in Miracles. The inspirational and compelling ACIM messages are clearly revealed by fresh formatting, enhanced with colors and font size definition. Contrasting colors and highlights bring the sub… more

a course in miracles revealed in silence, in color, & in time, volume 6
nathn taylor
The Twelve Vibrations Of Cre... - Michael Neary

The Twelve Vibrations Of Cre...Michael Neary

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Many people are interested in life after death and have asked questions concerning what lies beyond the physical realms and what this means to their lives. Michael Neary is a gifted healer and has been in contact with other dimentional bein… more

The Twelve Vibrations Of Creation Before and After Life
Michael Neary
Michael Neary , English
Faith Can Change Your World - Lester Sumrall

Faith Can Change Your WorldLester Sumrall

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In this book Dr. Lester Sumrall reveals the primary principles you need to know to develop world-changing faith and have it function properly in your life. This is a Lester Sumrall classic containing endorsements by Kenneth Copeland, Billy … more

Faith Can Change Your World
Lester Sumrall
LeSEA Publishing , English
How To Tackle The Loss Of Yo... - Editorial Team Of MPowerUniv...

How To Tackle The Loss Of Yo...Editorial Team Of MPowerUniv...

If you are (market), then here is help.In this small yet meaty report, our researchers have identified (step) plan to completely (remove,add).You can put this to test and if you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you can ask for yo… more

How To Tackle The Loss Of Your Parents - A 3 Step Failproof Plan!
Editorial Team Of MPowerUniversity.com
MPowerUniversity.com , English
How To Easily Forgive - Kimber Toney

How To Easily ForgiveKimber Toney

A short explanation on how to easily forgive someone who has hurt you. Forgiveness isn’t always easy but there is an easy way to forgive anyone for hurting, abusing, slandering, or abandoning you.

How To Easily Forgive
Kimber Toney
HURT / HEAL - Joy Smith

HURT / HEALJoy Smith

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There are times when we need to heal. Sometimes there are places in us that have been hurt for so long that we have covered them over and we don’t want to face it because the hurt is too bad. Consequently, we cannon be ourselves because w… more

Joy Smith
Joy Smith , English