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Foundations of Martial Science - Michael Patrick

Foundations of Martial ScienceMichael Patrick

An Introduction to Martial Science!Ever wonder where to begin your study of Martial Science? This is it!! The application of acupuncture science to Martial Arts, known as Martial Science, has been around for several years now thanks in larg… more

Foundations of Martial Science
Michael Patrick
Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden Dummy - Shaun Rawcliffe

Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden DummyShaun Rawcliffe

Wing Chun Kung Fu has a long history but it has only been taught openly since the 1950s when Grandmaster Yip Man revealed the secrets fo the art and began to teach large numbers of students in Hong Kong. Characterized by economical movemen… more

Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden Dummy
Shaun Rawcliffe
Crowood , English
The Neutronic Motors of Pa K... - Al Case

The Neutronic Motors of Pa K...Al Case

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Teacup Bagua ZhangBagua Zhang, also known as bagu zhang, is known as one of the three sisters of internal martial arts. (The other two being Tai Chi Chuan and Hsing I).Founded by Dong Hai Chuan, it is an art shrouded in secrecy, and it is u… more

The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang
Al Case
Monster Martial Arts , English
Cold Steel - John Styers

Cold SteelJohn Styers

Paladin has obtained exclusive reprint rights to this classic (originally published by Leatherneck magazine), which was the Marine bible of unarmed combat. Emphasizing the practice aspect of bayonet, knife and stick fighting, this rare volu… more

Cold Steel
John Styers
Paladin Press , English
Kendo World 4.3 (Kendo World... -

Kendo World 4.3 (Kendo World...

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The December 2008 edition of Kendo World. Original 112 A4 pages.Contents: Sumi Masatake sensei’s Kendo That Cultivates People, Know your Opponent, Chiba Masashi (Tokyo MPD kendo Shihan, Hanshi 8-dan), Tozando Bōgu, Hanshi Says - Okushima Yo… more

Kendo World 4.3 (Kendo World Magazine Volume 4)
Bunkasha International , English
The 18 Fighting Principles o... - Dr. John La Tourrette

The 18 Fighting Principles o...Dr. John La Tourrette

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Learn The 18 Fighting principles of Bruce Lee!”

The 18 Fighting Principles of Bruce Lee
Dr. John La Tourrette


This book’s target audience is females between the ages of 18 and 35 who are seeking REALISTIC advice about how to avoid conflict, stay safe in high risk situations, and defend themselves EFFECTIVELY if necessary.This book differs from the … more

Pressure Point Atlas - Michael Patrick

Pressure Point AtlasMichael Patrick

The Encyclopedia of Pressure Points!Want to know what will happen when you strike a particular Pressure Point? Want to know which points are lethal or which ones lead to knockouts? This Atlas is a roadmap of the body energetically! Classifi… more

Pressure Point Atlas
Michael Patrick
Street Stoppers: The Martial... - Mark Mireles, Loren W. Christensen

Street Stoppers: The Martial...Mark Mireles, Loren W. Christensen

Street Stoppers is your guide to the martial arts most devastating trips, sweeps and throws. Mark Mireles has combined his knowledge of wrestling and jujitsu with his many years of experience as a member of the LAPD to put together this col… more

Street Stoppers: The Martial Arts Most Devastating Trips, Sweeps, and Throws for Real Fighting
Mark Mireles, Loren W. Christensen
Turtle Press , English
Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks [Ill... - H. Irving Hancock

Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks [Ill...H. Irving Hancock

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No martial arts library is complete without this rare edition. In the late 1800s, West Point graduate and globe-trotting adventurer H. Irving Hancock visited the legend shrouded islands of Japan and studied Jiu-Jitsu. His fascinating memoir… more

Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks [Illustrated]
H. Irving Hancock
Aikido for Kids - Elmer Tancinco, Vook

Aikido for KidsElmer Tancinco, Vook

Aikido for Kids” features Aikido 4th Degree Black Belt, Elmer Tancinco, as he walks you through all the stages of learning Aikido. This Vook features 8 amazing videos that teach you everything from How To Roll Properly to How To Defend Aga… more

Aikido for Kids
Elmer Tancinco, Vook
Vook , English
The Essence of Martial Arts:... - John Hennessy

The Essence of Martial Arts:...John Hennessy

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In this guide, author John Hennessy presents a concise, to-the-point volume on martial arts written from the perspective of prospective students to help make sense of complicated routines that remained reserved for senior martialarts stude… more

The Essence of Martial Arts: Making Your Skills Work in Practice
John Hennessy
iUniverse , English
Murphy's World: Essays From ... - Ian Murphy

Murphy's World: Essays From ...Ian Murphy

From 1996 until 1999, Ian Murphy was Martial Artists Wired’s most popular columnist, from his first submission “If You Give A Dance, You Gotta Pay The Band” to his final “There’s a Kind of Hush All Over My World.” Thoughtful and prosaic, h… more

Murphy’s World: Essays From Martial Artists Wired
Ian Murphy
Inkblot Books , English
Peaceful Mind Heian Karate S... - John Burke

Peaceful Mind Heian Karate S...John Burke

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The applications to the Shotokan Karate Kata that coloured belts learn - Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, and Heian Godan. The self-defence techniques shown in this book represent what happens at a realistic distance … more

Peaceful Mind Heian Karate Shotokan Kata Bunkai/oyo
John Burke
Karate Academy , English
How to Start Your Own Martia... - Al Case

How to Start Your Own Martia...Al Case

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How to Start Your Own Martial Arts SchoolplusHow to Teach Martial ArtsplusHow to Run a Martial Arts SeminarThree incredible martial arts books.If you want to learn how to open your own martial arts school, and have it be a success…this is… more

How to Start Your Own Martial Arts School!
Al Case
Al Case , English
How To Street Fight - Sam Fury

How To Street FightSam Fury

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Imagine this is you and there is no other escape. Could you fight your way to safety?

This book will teach you how.

How To Street Fight is a simple, unrefined, close range and aggressive fighting system which can be adapted for training, … more

How To Street Fight
Sam Fury
SurviveTravel.com , English
Bruce Lee's Speed Training (... - Mingfeng Lai

Bruce Lee's Speed Training (...Mingfeng Lai

If you are interested in Karate, Taekwondo and other martial artsyou must know who is bruce lee, you can find him in google or youtube. there is many information about him.This book is part of a series includes:. Introduction. Force, Moment… more

Bruce Lee’s Speed Training (The Tao of Bruce Lee: A Martial Arts Memoir)
Mingfeng Lai
Amazon.com , English
EL LIBRO DE LOS CINCO ANILLO... - Miyamoto Musashi


Sobre el libro de los Cinco Anillos y Miyamoto Musashi De acuerdo con sus propios escritos, Musashi comenzó a comprender el Camino de la Estrategia cuando alcanzó los 50 años de edad. Junto con su hijo adoptivo Iori, un huérfano que había e… more

Miyamoto Musashi
Three Second Fighter - The S... - Geoff Thompson

Three Second Fighter - The S...Geoff Thompson

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The majority of attacks/fights last less than three seconds and are preceded by aggressive or disarming behaviour. This book trains you to read the body language and ritual of attack and ‘stop’ your attacker in his tracks by using a physica… more

Three Second Fighter - The Sniper Option
Geoff Thompson
Matrix Digital Publishing , English
Fighting Edge: Using Your Ma... - James Lafond

Fighting Edge: Using Your Ma...James Lafond

James LaFond has been training in various U.S., European, Korean, Chinese and Filipino martial arts for 25 years. He is also a veteran boxer and a laborer in one of America’s toughest cities. He knows that the martial arts do not present al… more

Fighting Edge: Using Your Martial Arts to Fight Better
James Lafond
Paladin Press , English