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FTWSELF DEFENSEFTW Self Defense is a revolutionary text which addresses, in great detail, many important yet controversial topics which most instructors do not discuss with their students. Th is is the reality of self defense, and these top… more

iUniverse , English
The philosophy of the invinc... - Sergey Matyushkov

The philosophy of the invinc...Sergey Matyushkov

This unique book first appeared on the American market, talks about the development of secret aspects of training JEET KUNE DO Bruce Lee’s. No one and never-before-explained in detail the work of consciousness and the human psyche condition… more

The philosophy of the invincibility of Bruce Lee (Esoteric martial arts)
Sergey Matyushkov
Matyushkov Sergey Vladimirovich , English
Rapid Fire! Tactics for High... - Max  Velocity

Rapid Fire! Tactics for High...Max Velocity

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The purpose of this manual is to provide information to enhance tactics and protection skills for those operating in high threat, protection and combat environments. This includes the operations of the following, by no means exclusive list:… more

Rapid Fire! Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations
Max Velocity
Dragons Touch: Weaknesses of... - Master Hei Long

Dragons Touch: Weaknesses of...Master Hei Long

Drop your opponent in an instant with the deadly moves of the Dragon’s Touch. Immobilize or destroy your foe with high-impact blows to the body’s most vulnerable areas. Learn which angles to use in striking 43 major target zones. These pres… more

Dragons Touch: Weaknesses of the Human Anatomy
Master Hei Long
Paladin Press , English
Real Head, Knees & Elbows - Geoff Thompson

Real Head, Knees & ElbowsGeoff Thompson

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The final book in the REAL series. This volume includes devastating head, knee and elbow techniques from every range.

Real Head, Knees & Elbows
Geoff Thompson
No Second Chance: A Reality-... - Mark Hatmaker

No Second Chance: A Reality-...Mark Hatmaker

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When violence becomes unavoidable, it’s best to be informed, and this self-defense book provides revolutionary information that could mean the difference between life and death in the event of a physical assault. Included are drills to incr… more

No Second Chance: A Reality-Based Guide to Self-Defense
Mark Hatmaker
Tracks Publishing , English
Ed Parker's Infinite Insight... - Ed Parker

Ed Parker's Infinite Insight...Ed Parker

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Ed Parker Sr. author of the most sold Martial Arts books worldwide. Father of American Kenpo Karate and founder of the International Kenpo Karate Association and the International Karate Championships in Long Beach, California. His famous q… more

Ed Parker’s Infinite Insights Into Kenpo: Physical Anaylyzation I
Ed Parker
Kam IV, Inc. , English
Women's Personal Safety 101 - Samuel Scott

Women's Personal Safety 101Samuel Scott

Women’s Personal Safety 101 is a simple to read, information packed user guide for all women who are serious about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. The author has spent thousands of hours working with and learning the metho… more

Women’s Personal Safety 101
Samuel Scott
Trafford , English


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FTWSELF DEFENSEFTW Self Defense is a revolutionary text which addresses, in great detail, many important yet controversial topics which most instructors do not discuss with their students. Th is is the reality of self defense, and these to… more

iUniverse , English
The Bruce Lee TRAINING SECRE... - Grandmaster William Cheung

The Bruce Lee TRAINING SECRE...Grandmaster William Cheung

Every martial artist would like to know how and what made Bruce Lee such a devastating fighter. Eventhough a lot of people associated with Bruce Lee or many claimed to have trained him or trained with him,I can safely say that not many of t… more

The Bruce Lee TRAINING SECRET by Grandmaster William Cheung
Grandmaster William Cheung
Shillelagh: The Irish Fighti... - John W. Hurley

Shillelagh: The Irish Fighti...John W. Hurley

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For centuries the Irish have been associated with a stick weapon called the Shillelagh. And for generations of Irishmen, the Shillelagh was a badge of honor - a symbol of their courage, their martial prowess and their willingness to fight f… more

Shillelagh: The Irish Fighting Stick
John W. Hurley
Caravat Press , English
Kama: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense - Fumio Demura

Kama: Karate Weapon of Self-DefenseFumio Demura

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Kama: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense, by Fumio Demura, is available for the first time in 20 years! The new digital version of Kama is a must-have for all martial arts enthusiasts and students of martial arts techniques. Bonus content includ… more

Kama: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense
Fumio Demura
Black Belt Books , English
The Judo Twins - Stan Friedland

The Judo TwinsStan Friedland

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The Judo Twins is a compelling book that will capture both the heart and mind of the reader. It is the story of twin brothers who were given up by their dysfunctional parents as infants and sent to orphanages where they would spend their e… more

The Judo Twins
Stan Friedland
Bruce Lee's Training Secrets... - Mingfeng Lai

Bruce Lee's Training Secrets...Mingfeng Lai

If you are interested in Karate, Taekwondo and other martial artsyou must know who is bruce lee, you can find him in google or youtube. there is many information about him.This book is part of a series includes:. Introduction. Force, Moment… more

Bruce Lee’s Training Secrets (Eagle Publication) (The Tao of Bruce Lee: A Martial Arts Memoir)
Mingfeng Lai
Amazon.com , English
Body Alarm Reaction: Scienti... - Michael Patrick

Body Alarm Reaction: Scienti...Michael Patrick

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Body Alarm Reaction (B.A.R.) or Adrenal Stress Response should be the basis of all forms of defensive systems. Sadly, it is not. Too many rely upon complex techniques which will likely fail during a real life encounter. This text examine… more

Body Alarm Reaction: Scientific Training of the Adrenal Stress Response
Michael Patrick
Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing: Kil... - Ken Primola

Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing: Kil...Ken Primola

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The leg lasso, the hook guard, this position has many names. This position is also a real pain in the butt to deal with. Save yourself the years of time and trouble and check out this book. Ken will walk you step by step in trying to unders… more

Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing: Killing the leg lasso
Ken Primola
Ken Primola , English
Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden Dummy - Shaun Rawcliffe

Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden DummyShaun Rawcliffe

Wing Chun Kung Fu has a long history but it has only been taught openly since the 1950s when Grandmaster Yip Man revealed the secrets fo the art and began to teach large numbers of students in Hong Kong. Characterized by economical movemen… more

Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden Dummy
Shaun Rawcliffe
Crowood , English
SIMPLY WING CHUN KUNG FU - Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe


Wing Chun is a logical, scientific yet simple Chinese martial art system, which was developed purely for practical and effective self-defence for everybody. It is a martial art known for its efficiency and economy of movement, which emphasi… more

Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe
Crowood , English
Self Defense 101 & The BadAs... - Angus McIntosh

Self Defense 101 & The BadAs...Angus McIntosh

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In order to fully enjoy the world, you need the confidence that comes from knowing you can protect yourself. There are a lot of assholes out there. Self Defense 101 will give you the specific skills you need to stay safe and protect yoursel… more

Self Defense 101 & The BadAss Cane (Testaments of the Temple of the Circus Monkey)
Angus McIntosh
Temple of the Circus Monkey Publishing , English
The Text-Book of Ju-Jutsu as... - S.K. Uyenishi

The Text-Book of Ju-Jutsu as...S.K. Uyenishi

Sadu Kaza Uyenishi’s Textbook of Ju-Jutsu as Practiced In Japan is one of the earliest English-language books about jujitsu. The book appeared in at least eight editions, one of the most recent being in 1952. The date of the first edition i… more

The Text-Book of Ju-Jutsu as Practised in Japan
S.K. Uyenishi
Alcuin Classics , English