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Benito's Jellybean, The Collection - Benito

Benito's Jellybean, The CollectionBenito

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In the tradition of Charles Shultz’s (Peanuts) and Bill Waterson’s(Calvin & Hobbes), Comes America’s new delightful comedy hit (Jellybean).The comic centers around a 12 year old boy (Jellybean), His twin sister(Pinky), his 11 month old baby… more

Benito’s Jellybean, The Collection
Mustard Seed Comics , English
Ravenskull Vol. 1 - Christopher Vogler

Ravenskull Vol. 1Christopher Vogler

A hell-cursed Templar on an epic quest!Brian De Bois Guilbert, villain in Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, returns as the doomed hero in this thrilling sequel to the classic work. After a brutal death at the hands of Sir Ivanhoe, Brian is reborn… more

Ravenskull Vol. 1
Christopher Vogler
Seven Seas Entertainment , English
Affairs of the Mind: Chibi - Jwan Jordan

Affairs of the Mind: ChibiJwan Jordan

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Affairs of Mind: Chibi stars little Rose Wood as she does everything in her power to get an apple down from a towering tree. AOTM: Chibi is a poem for kids to enjoy and laugh and see the power of friendship at work. I hope you and your kid… more

Affairs of the Mind: Chibi
Jwan Jordan
Hammers Made For Working Creations , English
A Fallen Saint's Kiss (Yaoi Manga) - You Higashino

A Fallen Saint's Kiss (Yaoi Manga)You Higashino

1 rating

Arrogant senior Tokiwa is granted a golden opportunity to take advantage of a special someone he’s had his eye on for ages – his smart, unassuming teacher! But will their secret trysts ever grow into a full-fledged relationship? What will i… more

A Fallen Saint’s Kiss (Yaoi Manga)
You Higashino
Digital Manga Publishing , English
Odd Is on Our Side - Dean Koontz, Fred Van Lente

Odd Is on Our SideDean Koontz, Fred Van Lente

Note: This title has complex layouts and has been optimized for reading on larger screens, but can still be viewed on other devices.When things get scary, it’s nice to know that Odd is on our side. The one and only Odd Thomas is back—in his… more

Odd Is on Our Side
Dean Koontz, Fred Van Lente
Del Rey , English
Higurashi When They Cry: Abd... - Ryukishi07

Higurashi When They Cry: Abd...Ryukishi07

Up until now, Keiichi’s been having the time of his life with his new friends in Hinamizawa. But when their good-natured pranks take a deadly turn, Keiichi grows more and more suspicious about their involvement with the so-called “Oyashiro-… more

Higurashi When They Cry: Abducted by Demons Arc, Vol. 2
Yen Press World , English
Gyo, Vol. 1 (2nd Edition): T... - Junji Ito

Gyo, Vol. 1 (2nd Edition): T...Junji Ito

Something’s Rotten in Okinawa…The rank odor of death floats above the famous island… What is the source? Then a strange fish—with legs—appears! So begins teenagers Tadashi and Kaori’s plunge into the horror (and stench) of the sea.

Gyo, Vol. 1 (2nd Edition): The Death-Stench Creeps (Gyo (2nd Edition))
Junji Ito
VIZ Media: VIZ Signature , English
Rockstar Savior #1 - Bobby Smith, B Smith

Rockstar Savior #1Bobby Smith, B Smith

Ryo is the lead singer of Japan’s biggest band, White Winger, but is having difficulty maintaining his rockstar life with his new life… as a HERO. Ryo must deal with his new powers all the while running into enemies like Silent Ninja and … more

Rockstar Savior #1
Bobby Smith, B Smith
Im A Geek Entertainment , English
New Give My Regards to Black... - Shuho Sato, 秀峰 佐藤

New Give My Regards to Black...Shuho Sato, 秀峰 佐藤

What happened in the urology department?”

New Give My Regards to Black Jack (6)[English Translation] (New Give My Regards to Black Jack [English Translation])
Shuho Sato, 秀峰 佐藤
Black Cat, Vol. 20: A Carefr... - Kentaro Yabuki

Black Cat, Vol. 20: A Carefr...Kentaro Yabuki

Final Volume!A Carefree TomorrowTrain faces Creed in a final showdown. Train is determined to follow the Sweeper’s Code and take Creed alive. But now that Creed has become virtually indestructible, Train may have finally met his match. Will… more

Black Cat, Vol. 20: A Carefree Tomorrow
Kentaro Yabuki
VIZ Media: SHONEN JUMP , English
Black Cat, Vol. 19: As a Sweeper - Kentaro Yabuki

Black Cat, Vol. 19: As a SweeperKentaro Yabuki

As a SweeperAfter fighting their way to the center of Creed’s Hideout, Train and Sven find their way blocked by the unexpected appearance of the Chrono Numbers. They’re stopping the Sweepers so that they can take down Creed by themselves. B… more

Black Cat, Vol. 19: As a Sweeper
Kentaro Yabuki
VIZ Media: SHONEN JUMP , English
I"s, Vol. 1: Iori - Masakazu Katsura

I"s, Vol. 1: IoriMasakazu Katsura

Torn between his physical feelings for Iori and his desire for real love, Ichitaka’s life gets more complicated when his childhood friend Itsuki moves back from America and ends up living in his house!Itsuki’s no longer the young girl Ichit… more

I”s, Vol. 1: Iori
Masakazu Katsura
Kindle: SCREENSAVER 046 "MAN... - Tatsuhiko Kadoya

Kindle: SCREENSAVER 046 "MAN...Tatsuhiko Kadoya

[ SS 046 “MANGA 01 Comic Kanji” Picture Image (jpg) for Kindle Display Screen Saver. ]”Kanji MANGA Comic” ScreenSaver- 2 size (Available on Kindle & Kindle DX) -: Display Screen Saver Picture Image (jpg) for Kindle: Display Screen Saver Pic… more

Kindle: SCREENSAVER 046 “MANGA 01 Comic Kanji” Picture Image (jpg) for Kindle Display Screen Saver. - 2 size (Available on Kindle & Kindle DX) (SS 046) - TKP 0150 -
Tatsuhiko Kadoya
CRAFTec Art WEB http://www.owari.ne.jp/~craftec/ , English
Osamu Tezuka & Fritz Lang - ... - Tiago José Albuquerque Bacelar

Osamu Tezuka & Fritz Lang - ...Tiago José Albuquerque Bacelar

Essa pesquisa contribui para uma melhor compreensão dessas influências, apenas uma das que os mangás modernos se apropriaram, explicando com essa análise de que forma o cinema expressionista alemão ajudou esse produto cultural tipicamente j… more

Osamu Tezuka & Fritz Lang - O Nascimento do Mangá Moderno sob os Olhos do Cinema Expressionista Alemão (Portuguese Edition)
Tiago José Albuquerque Bacelar
Tiago José Albuquerque Bacelar , Portuguese
Julie Kagawa's: The Iron Kin... - Julie Kagawa, Sara Gundell

Julie Kagawa's: The Iron Kin...Julie Kagawa, Sara Gundell

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Having escaped the Seelie Court, Meghan sets off in search of her brother, with the help of Grimalkin, Puck, and Ash. But more obstacles lay before them, not the least of which is a fight between Puck and Ash that has been brewing for years… more

Julie Kagawa’s: The Iron King #3 (The Iron Fey Manga series)
Julie Kagawa, Sara Gundell
Bluewater Productions INC. , English
Polterguys, Vol. 1 - Nathan Go, Laurianne Uy

Polterguys, Vol. 1Nathan Go, Laurianne Uy

Bree, a nerdy and ambitious freshman, can’t wait to start college. Shunned in high school for her single-minded devotion to her studies, she looks forward to a place where brains trump social status. In her first week, she adjusts to colleg… more

Polterguys, Vol. 1
Nathan Go, Laurianne Uy
Mumo Press , English
Sex Angel -Immoral Lyceenne-... - Itsuki Imazaki

Sex Angel -Immoral Lyceenne-...Itsuki Imazaki

The 3 groupie girl ‘Megumi Kirisaki,’ ‘Rena Hatori,’ and ‘Mitsugu Amano’ is planning to create their porno video by themselves. They start to masterbate in the park, get laid with each other, and so on…Their sexual flirting doesn’t stop … more

Sex Angel -Immoral Lyceenne- part3 (manga)
Itsuki Imazaki
Julie Kagawa: The Iron King ... - Julie Kagawa, Sara Gundell

Julie Kagawa: The Iron King ...Julie Kagawa, Sara Gundell

Based off the New York Times best selling novels. The Iron King is the first book in the Iron Fey series, and follows the adventures of a girl named Meghan Chase. On her sixteenth birthday, Meghan discovers her little brother has been kidna… more

Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #1 (The Iron Fey Manga series)
Julie Kagawa, Sara Gundell
Bluewater Productions INC. , English
Butterfly Chronicles - Chron... - João Mascarenhas

Butterfly Chronicles - Chron...João Mascarenhas

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Butterfly Chronicles is a science fiction manga comic book, the most recent work of the author of the Sad Boy series, João Mascarenhas. It’s an ebook exclusive! Butterfly Chronicles is set in an alternate universe, one where robotics and ar… more

Butterfly Chronicles - Chronicle one: Hanako
João Mascarenhas
Qual Albatroz , English
Majutsu (The masterpiece to ... - Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Majutsu (The masterpiece to ...Ryunosuke Akutagawa

You can read the masterpieces by manga are worth reading .Try them so you would be impressed by them !!We faithfully replicated Akutagawa’s works by manga.One day I visited Western-style residence.Mr.Mithra who is a great expert of the Indi… more

Majutsu (The masterpiece to enjoy by comics.)
Ryunosuke Akutagawa
NTC Electronic Book Publishing Section , English