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CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcom... - Michael Peters

CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcom...Michael Peters

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CRESCENT CITY MAGICK : Welcome to New Orleans issue 3 of a 4-issue digital comic book, miniseries. Clayton Woods, on the run from forces he doesn’t understand, is aided by Julia, a red-haired, self-described witch, who is convinced Clayto… more

CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcome To New Orleans issue 3
Michael Peters
Michael L. Peters , English
Blood and Shadows (Border To... - Curt Collier

Blood and Shadows (Border To...Curt Collier

No good deed goes unpunished.Last Halloween, in the basement of an abandoned church, Detective Sergeant Ellis Morgan, his girlfriend Alice Harvey and her surrogate father Daniel Graycloud faced off with a pack of Cursed were-creatures led b… more

Blood and Shadows (Border Town Blood)
Curt Collier
Curt Collier , English
Words -- by JandA - Alexandra Haines, John Haines

Words -- by JandAAlexandra Haines, John Haines

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Words — dare I use a cliche? does what it says on the tin. It is a book brought to you by father and daughter, John and Alexandra Haines - or - JandA when they collaborate as one. John’s offerings are firmly in the traditional, light heart… more

Words — by JandA
Alexandra Haines, John Haines
Haines - Rogan , English
Magic A Fantastic Comedy - G. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton

Magic A Fantastic ComedyG. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Magic A Fantastic Comedy
G. K.(Gilbert Keith) Chesterton
Immortal Fire: Almost Human - M. King

Immortal Fire: Almost HumanM. King

In a world where everything has changed, two immortals flee for sanctuary. A violent, pitiless order pursues them, but why? When Kalyan and Lazarus made the mistake of stealing from the Agisci monks, their theft revealed a dark truth. Now t… more

Immortal Fire: Almost Human
M. King
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
Eldest: Il ciclo dell'eredit... - Christopher Paolini

Eldest: Il ciclo dell'eredit...Christopher Paolini

CALANO LE TENEBRE.LE SPADE SI INCROCIANO.IL MALE REGNA.Salvata la città dei ribelli dall’assalto dello sterminato esercito di Re Galbatorix, Eragon e Saphira si mettono in viaggio per raggiungere Ellesméra, la terra degli elfi. È lì che Er… more

Eldest: Il ciclo dell’eredità #2 (BUR big) (Italian Edition)
Christopher Paolini
BUR , Italian
Game of Enemas: A Story of B... - James Smith

Game of Enemas: A Story of B...James Smith

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This book is indescribable. Simply put. It involves princesses and submissive behaviour, enemas and bondage, humiliation and shame and truly demented sex.

Pure filth of the highest calibre written by a borderline lunatic with an all consum… more

Game of Enemas: A Story of Bondage and Enemas (Fantasy Sex Wizard Erotica Book 1)
James Smith
The Artifact - Jacka Bahn

The ArtifactJacka Bahn

Professor Larissa Smythington receives an artifact from an old dig she worked on years ago. When the delivery man opens it, sexy trouble ensues — and reawakens the Professor to feelings she’s suppressed for years. Will she respond now to t… more

The Artifact
Jacka Bahn
JackaB Press , English
It Takes A Wizard (Chapters 1-5) - Thomas R. Hart

It Takes A Wizard (Chapters 1-5)Thomas R. Hart

It Takes A Wizard - Chapters 1-5 (of 9)!No outsider has set foot on the island of Manhattan for the past three years, and with good reason. It’s become a place of wild dark magic, where technology and the laws of science do not work. The Ma… more

It Takes A Wizard (Chapters 1-5)
Thomas R. Hart
Seven Seas Entertainment , English
Pariah's Moon (The Pariah of... - Ian Thomas Healy

Pariah's Moon (The Pariah of...Ian Thomas Healy

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Branded on his face and exiled following his forbidden affair with the Princess of Aelfland, Elven soldier Giele seeks redemption on the frontier across the ocean, but even fleeing half a world away isn’t far enough to escape the troubles t… more

Pariah’s Moon (The Pariah of Verigo Book 1)
Ian Thomas Healy
Local Hero Press , English
Mirabilis Comics episode 1.2... - Dave Morris

Mirabilis Comics episode 1.2...Dave Morris

In Mirabilis episode 1.2 “The Door in the Water”: Jack’s all at sea, the Kind Gentleman comes looking for the two-headed coin, and something very nasty gets out of its bottle. This full color mini-episode collects pages 11-20 of Mirabilis i… more

Mirabilis Comics episode 1.2 (Mirabilis - Year of Wonders)
Dave Morris
Mirus Entertainment , English
This World - Lloyd H. Whitling

This WorldLloyd H. Whitling

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A story whose characters you’ll fall in love with. The first volume in the This World series tells a tale of survival on a devastated planet where our naked heroes go to war against a tyrant who threatens to steal their souls. Grab hold of … more

This World
Lloyd H. Whitling
Lloyd Harrison Whitling , English
Magic, A Fantastic Comedy, B... - GK Chesterton

Magic, A Fantastic Comedy, B...GK Chesterton

-Includes a unique and detailed biography written by Francis MoweMagic: A Fantastic Comedy is the English writer GK Chesterton’s earliest playwriting venture. Achieving considerable success after its first publication and performances, the … more

Magic, A Fantastic Comedy, By GK Chesterton (Annotated)
GK Chesterton
Phantom Thief Scarlet EP - Mia Aruna

Phantom Thief Scarlet EPMia Aruna

Welcome to Ikaria, a city steeped in chaos. If the ever deepening recession wasn’t enough for the Ikarian citizenry to worry about, they are now being hunted by Scarlet, the mysterious Phantom Thief. But Scarlet isn’t interested in jacking … more

Phantom Thief Scarlet EP
Mia Aruna
Seeking Liminality Studio , English
The Wizards and Witches seri... - Chris William

The Wizards and Witches seri...Chris William

Michael wants to become state governor at all costs.When his campaign manager suggests that they pay a visit to Baba, a 60 year old Wizard, he is introduced to a whole new world that would change his life forever.PART 1 - A PARANORMAL MURDEmore

The Wizards and Witches series - Part 1 - A Paranormal Murder
Chris William
Mirabilis Comics episode 1.3 - Dave Morris

Mirabilis Comics episode 1.3Dave Morris

In Mirabilis episode 1.3 “The Wrong Side of Bedlam”: a storm is brewing and there’s disaster on the wind, but Jack is helpless to do anything about it as he’s trapped at the bottom of a bottle. Meanwhile Estelle pays a visit to the Royal My… more

Mirabilis Comics episode 1.3
Dave Morris
Mirus Entertainment , English
The Magic World (Annotated) - Edith Nesbit

The Magic World (Annotated)Edith Nesbit

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: The Magic WorldAuthor: Edith Nesbit1924CONTENTS 1. The Cat-hood of Maurice 2. The Mixed Mine 3. Accidental Magic 4. The Princess… more

The Magic World (Annotated)
Edith Nesbit
Strange Sex Stories: My Boyf... - Odessa Piper

Strange Sex Stories: My Boyf...Odessa Piper

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Summary:Gala’s boyfriend, Elan, is the kind of guy most folks wouldn’t approve of. So the two of them need to sneak away every time they want to spend time together. But Elan is sweet, and strong, and loves spending time with Gala. More imp… more

Strange Sex Stories: My Boyfriend is a Unicorn (Fantasy Erotica, Magical Beasts)
Odessa Piper
Odessa Piper , English
The Wizards and Witches seri... - Chris William

The Wizards and Witches seri...Chris William

Michael wants to become state governor at all costs.When his campaign manager suggests that they pay a visit to Baba, a 60 year old Wizard, he is introduced to a whole new world that would change his life forever.AUTOPSYAn autopsy is carrie… more

The Wizards and Witches series - Part 2 - Autopsy
Chris William
Tales from the Darkened Stre... - Various

Tales from the Darkened Stre...Various

Dublin ranks amongst the most literary cities in the world. Collected here are the finest ghost stories set in the Emerald City, from the pen of classic authors such as Bram Stoker and J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Tales from the Darkened Streets of Dublin - Ghost Stories and Tales of Witchcraft and Magic from Authors Like Bram Stoker and J. Sheridan Le Fanu (Fantasy and Horror Classics)
Fantasy and Horror Classics , English