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Blossoming (Romance, Fantasy... - Ursula Terman

Blossoming (Romance, Fantasy...Ursula Terman

When she was a girl, Wendy's village was saved from disease and famine by a mysterious group called the Adzians. Now a grown woman, is accepted into their order and discovers she will be able to use magic, only to find that her abilities ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00G8I2PWO/#editorial-review">more</a>
Blossoming (Romance, Fantasy, Pregnant, Expansion, Magic, Paranormal) (Adzian Academy)
Ursula Terman
Terman Books , English
The Betrothed: A Mulu Empire Book - Jen Bluekissed

The Betrothed: A Mulu Empire BookJen Bluekissed

Qanat has been chosen by the gods and by Emperor Terromuni to wed Prince Raya. Because she is of the Qalili people, she has been assigned to the Itzli, a priest of the imperial Chantico sect of priests. He must ready her body by neutraliz… more

The Betrothed: A Mulu Empire Book
Jen Bluekissed
Expanding Darkness (Romance,... - Ursula Terman

Expanding Darkness (Romance,...Ursula Terman

Wendy finally gets to join Arkunas on the road during a long demon-hunting mission. Wendy is taken by demons in the middle of the night. She awakens in a dungeon where an evil wizard is performing unspeakable experiments on women, impregn... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00G8I2YGQ/#editorial-review">more</a>
Expanding Darkness (Romance, Fantasy, Pregnant, Expansion, Magic, Paranormal) (Adzian Academy)
Ursula Terman
Terman Books , English
Magic Carpet Ride (Erotic Fa... - Sonia Robinson

Magic Carpet Ride (Erotic Fa...Sonia Robinson

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Emila has a secret. Every night, the carpet by the bed comes alive and takes her into the sky, giving her the freedom to explore her sexual desires without getting caught. It’s her only escape from her fat husband, until one night, a treach… more

Magic Carpet Ride (Erotic Fantasy in the Desert) (The Honeypot Series Book 24)
Sonia Robinson
Red Tides of Desire - Bryn Colvin

Red Tides of DesireBryn Colvin

Driven by the tides of her blood, Tabitha needs a woman’s touch. This hunger for sexual contact brings mystery and magic into her life.Young farmer, Tabitha May, isn’t into people, but she loves the land. Driven half mad by menstruation, he… more

Red Tides of Desire
Bryn Colvin
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
Mirabilis Comics episode 1.2... - Dave Morris

Mirabilis Comics episode 1.2...Dave Morris

In Mirabilis episode 1.2 “The Door in the Water”: Jack’s all at sea, the Kind Gentleman comes looking for the two-headed coin, and something very nasty gets out of its bottle. This full color mini-episode collects pages 11-20 of Mirabilis i… more

Mirabilis Comics episode 1.2 (Mirabilis - Year of Wonders)
Dave Morris
Mirus Entertainment , English
The Artifact - Jacka Bahn

The ArtifactJacka Bahn

Professor Larissa Smythington receives an artifact from an old dig she worked on years ago. When the delivery man opens it, sexy trouble ensues — and reawakens the Professor to feelings she’s suppressed for years. Will she respond now to t… more

The Artifact
Jacka Bahn
JackaB Press , English
Hot Blood -- Book 1: The Seductress - Tony Richards

Hot Blood -- Book 1: The SeductressTony Richards

Two immortal creatures have arrived in New York City. One of them is Tanya Merrit, the last of the Ykrall, a magical race that lives among, and depends on, humans … they take a little of their blood while making love. But the other is Janos… more

Hot Blood — Book 1: The Seductress
Tony Richards
Tony Richards , English
Candle Magick Erotica: A Sho... - Erotica Reid

Candle Magick Erotica: A Sho...Erotica Reid

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http://www.wix.com/maisondeerotica/erotica - When beautiful witch Nena finally meets her sexual match in Bret, a California investment broker, they begin an insane journey of erotic thrills and sexual abandon. After a brief break-up, Nena u… more

Candle Magick Erotica: A Short Story
Erotica Reid
http://www.wix.com/maisondeerotica/erotica , English
Fairy Tail 8 - Hiro Mashima

Fairy Tail 8Hiro Mashima

ULTIMATE DUEL Gajeel is a dragon slayer who can shoot huge iron pillars from his body with crushing precision, while dragon slayer Natsu fights with devastating flame attacks. Their fierce battle began when Gajeel’s wizard guild, Phantom Lo… more

Fairy Tail 8
Hiro Mashima
Kodansha Comics , English
Ill Met By Moonlight (Magica... - Sarah A. Hoyt

Ill Met By Moonlight (Magica...Sarah A. Hoyt

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Young Will Shakespeare is a humble school master who arrives home to find his wife and infant daughter, Susannah are missing, kidnapped by the fairies of Arden Woods, the children of Titania and Oberon. His attempts at rescue are interrupt… more

Ill Met By Moonlight (Magical Shakespeare Book 1)
Sarah A. Hoyt
Goldport Press , English
Witch and Wizard #1 - Dara Naraghi, Victor Santos,...

Witch and Wizard #1Dara Naraghi, Victor Santos,...

In a blink of an eye, their world has changed, with the oppressive New Order declaring all magic as evil incarnate! In this action-packed first issue spinning out of best-selling author James Pattersons’s #1 novel, sibling teenagers Whit &more

Witch and Wizard #1
Dara Naraghi, Victor Santos, J.K. Woodward
IDW Publishing , English
CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcom... - Michael Peters

CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcom...Michael Peters

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CRESCENT CITY MAGICK : Welcome to New Orleans issue 4 of a 4-issue digital comic book, miniseries. Clayton Woods, on the run from forces he doesn’t understand, is aided by Julia, a red-haired, self-described witch, who is convinced Clayto… more

CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcome To New Orleans issue 4
Michael Peters
Michael L. Peters , English
It Takes A Wizard: Part 3 - Thomas R. Hart

It Takes A Wizard: Part 3Thomas R. Hart

It Takes A Wizard chapters 7-9 (of 9)!No outsider has set foot on the island of Manhattan for the past three years, and with good reason. It’s become a place of wild dark magic, where technology and the laws of science do not work. The Manh… more

It Takes A Wizard: Part 3
Thomas R. Hart
Seven Seas Entertainment , English
Cemetery Things - Keith Latch

Cemetery ThingsKeith Latch

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Uploaded 1-3-2012, Author’s Preferred Version. New edits and story additions.For one hundred years, The Devil’s Graveyard has been a place of horror, gruesome murders, and terrible mutilations. For too long have the locals allowed this plac… more

Cemetery Things
Keith Latch
Broken Mind Publications , English
Mirabilis episode 1.1 (Mirab... - Dave Morris

Mirabilis episode 1.1 (Mirab...Dave Morris

In Mirabilis episode 1.1 “Stung!”: Jack Ember is about to face a duel to the death when he finds an ancient two-headed coin that is destined to change his life forever. The Year of Wonders starts here!This full color mini-episode collects t… more

Mirabilis episode 1.1 (Mirabilis comics)
Dave Morris
Mirus Entertainment , English
Strange Sex Stories: My Boyf... - Odessa Piper

Strange Sex Stories: My Boyf...Odessa Piper

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Summary:Gala’s boyfriend, Elan, is the kind of guy most folks wouldn’t approve of. So the two of them need to sneak away every time they want to spend time together. But Elan is sweet, and strong, and loves spending time with Gala. More imp… more

Strange Sex Stories: My Boyfriend is a Unicorn (Fantasy Erotica, Magical Beasts)
Odessa Piper
Odessa Piper , English
It Takes A Wizard (Chapters 6-9) - Thomas R. Hart

It Takes A Wizard (Chapters 6-9)Thomas R. Hart

It Takes A Wizard - Chapters 6-9 (of 9)!No outsider has set foot on the island of Manhattan for the past three years, and with good reason. It’s become a place of wild dark magic, where technology and the laws of science do not work. The Ma… more

It Takes A Wizard (Chapters 6-9)
Thomas R. Hart
Seven Seas Entertainment , English
Black Numbers - Dean Frank Lappi

Black NumbersDean Frank Lappi

2 ratings

In a land where magic is based on advanced mathematics, Sid is something special, for his awakening sexuality and genius-level understanding of mathematics combines to create a power beyond anything ever seen in the world. Sid’s journey pro… more

Black Numbers
Dean Frank Lappi
Fantasy Island Book Publishing , English
Return to Wildwood - Andrea Dale

Return to WildwoodAndrea Dale

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The ancestral mansion and lands Julia inherits from her aunts comes with a price: regular tribute to the lord of the forest in exchange for his protection. The Green Man regains his power when Julia freely submits to him, finding true ecsta… more

Return to Wildwood
Andrea Dale
Soul’s Road Press , English