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Words -- by JandA - Alexandra Haines, John Haines

Words -- by JandAAlexandra Haines, John Haines

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Words — dare I use a cliche? does what it says on the tin. It is a book brought to you by father and daughter, John and Alexandra Haines - or - JandA when they collaborate as one. John’s offerings are firmly in the traditional, light heart… more

Words — by JandA
Alexandra Haines, John Haines
Haines - Rogan , English
The Magic Carpet: An Erotic ... - Fletchina Archer

The Magic Carpet: An Erotic ...Fletchina Archer

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THE GENIE BROUGHT HER THE PERFECT LOVERWHAT ELSE COULD HE DO? Jazmine is broken-hearted and disillusioned with love. So she consoles herself with shopping for bargains. But when she finds the long missing mate to an heirloom oriental rug… more

The Magic Carpet: An Erotic Fantasy Romance
Fletchina Archer
Sizzler , English
Fairy Tail 5 - Hiro Mashima

Fairy Tail 5Hiro Mashima

GRAY-OUT Gray’s old training companion Reitei Lyon is trying to revive a calamity demon, but doing so will make their former master’s sacrifice meaningless! What’s the secret of Gray’s past, and why does he keep taking off his clothing? Gra… more

Fairy Tail 5
Hiro Mashima
Kodansha Comics , English
Captured & Collared: Magic C... - Mandoline Creme

Captured & Collared: Magic C...Mandoline Creme

1 rating

A dark graveyard, a fateful meeting by pure chance, and one young woman is wrapped up in the seductive claws of magical enslavement.Lana is clever and brave, but her luck has never been the best. Attending her college and studying magic and… more

Captured & Collared: Magic Can Get You Anything, Book 1 (Dark Fantasy Romance)
Mandoline Creme
A Paranormal Murder - The Wi... - Chris William

A Paranormal Murder - The Wi...Chris William

Michael wants to become state governor at all costs.When his campaign manager suggests that they pay a visit to Baba, a 60 year old Wizard, he is introduced to a whole new world that would change his life forever.A PARANORMAL MURDERMichael … more

A Paranormal Murder - The Wizards and Witches series - Part 1
Chris William
Return to Wildwood - Andrea Dale

Return to WildwoodAndrea Dale

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The ancestral mansion and lands Julia inherits from her aunts comes with a price: regular tribute to the lord of the forest in exchange for his protection. The Green Man regains his power when Julia freely submits to him, finding true ecsta… more

Return to Wildwood
Andrea Dale
Soul’s Road Press , English
Pariah's Moon (The Pariah of... - Ian Thomas Healy

Pariah's Moon (The Pariah of...Ian Thomas Healy

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Branded on his face and exiled following his forbidden affair with the Princess of Aelfland, Elven soldier Giele seeks redemption on the frontier across the ocean, but even fleeing half a world away isn’t far enough to escape the troubles t… more

Pariah’s Moon (The Pariah of Verigo Book 1)
Ian Thomas Healy
Local Hero Press , English
Mirabilis episode 1.1 (Mirab... - Dave Morris

Mirabilis episode 1.1 (Mirab...Dave Morris

In Mirabilis episode 1.1 “Stung!”: Jack Ember is about to face a duel to the death when he finds an ancient two-headed coin that is destined to change his life forever. The Year of Wonders starts here!This full color mini-episode collects t… more

Mirabilis episode 1.1 (Mirabilis comics)
Dave Morris
Mirus Entertainment , English
Game of Enemas: A Story of B... - James Smith

Game of Enemas: A Story of B...James Smith

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This book is indescribable. Simply put. It involves princesses and submissive behaviour, enemas and bondage, humiliation and shame and truly demented sex.

Pure filth of the highest calibre written by a borderline lunatic with an all consum… more

Game of Enemas: A Story of Bondage and Enemas (Fantasy Sex Wizard Erotica Book 1)
James Smith
CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcom... - Michael Peters

CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcom...Michael Peters

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CRESCENT CITY MAGICK : Welcome to New Orleans issue 4 of a 4-issue digital comic book, miniseries. Clayton Woods, on the run from forces he doesn’t understand, is aided by Julia, a red-haired, self-described witch, who is convinced Clayto… more

CRESCENT CITY MAGICK: Welcome To New Orleans issue 4
Michael Peters
Michael L. Peters , English
Red Tides of Desire - Bryn Colvin

Red Tides of DesireBryn Colvin

Driven by the tides of her blood, Tabitha needs a woman’s touch. This hunger for sexual contact brings mystery and magic into her life.Young farmer, Tabitha May, isn’t into people, but she loves the land. Driven half mad by menstruation, he… more

Red Tides of Desire
Bryn Colvin
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
It Takes A Wizard: Part 3 - Thomas R. Hart

It Takes A Wizard: Part 3Thomas R. Hart

It Takes A Wizard chapters 7-9 (of 9)!No outsider has set foot on the island of Manhattan for the past three years, and with good reason. It’s become a place of wild dark magic, where technology and the laws of science do not work. The Manh… more

It Takes A Wizard: Part 3
Thomas R. Hart
Seven Seas Entertainment , English
Hot Blood -- Book 2: Captive... - Tony Richards

Hot Blood -- Book 2: Captive...Tony Richards

The vampires have fled to Eastern Europe. And, pursuing them, Tanya is forced to make a perilous journey over the Atlantic, racing the sunrise the whole way. But are her struggles even worth it? Kathy is already in the final stages of turni… more

Hot Blood — Book 2: Captive of the Night
Tony Richards
Tony Richards , English
Blood and Shadows (Border To... - Curt Collier

Blood and Shadows (Border To...Curt Collier

No good deed goes unpunished.Last Halloween, in the basement of an abandoned church, Detective Sergeant Ellis Morgan, his girlfriend Alice Harvey and her surrogate father Daniel Graycloud faced off with a pack of Cursed were-creatures led b… more

Blood and Shadows (Border Town Blood)
Curt Collier
Curt Collier , English
Miles and the Magic Flute - Heidi Cullinan

Miles and the Magic FluteHeidi Cullinan

2 ratings

When the forest behind a Minnesota pawn shop turns out to be the doorway into a faerie paradise, Miles Larson doesn’t see any reason to complain. He’s bankrupt, single, and living in a trailer in his backwoods hometown after being laid off … more

Miles and the Magic Flute
Heidi Cullinan
Dreamspinner Press , English
The Magic World (Annotated) - Edith Nesbit

The Magic World (Annotated)Edith Nesbit

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: The Magic WorldAuthor: Edith Nesbit1924CONTENTS 1. The Cat-hood of Maurice 2. The Mixed Mine 3. Accidental Magic 4. The Princess… more

The Magic World (Annotated)
Edith Nesbit
Under the Ice - Tony Richards

Under the IceTony Richards

David and Bobby are a pair of twin brothers both in love with the same woman. But on a trip to Finland, the matter gets resolved in the worst way imaginable —Bobby drowns in the icy waters just outside Helsinki. Two years later, David is s… more

Under the Ice
Tony Richards
Tony Richards , English
Candle Magick Erotica: A Sho... - Erotica Reid

Candle Magick Erotica: A Sho...Erotica Reid

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http://www.wix.com/maisondeerotica/erotica - When beautiful witch Nena finally meets her sexual match in Bret, a California investment broker, they begin an insane journey of erotic thrills and sexual abandon. After a brief break-up, Nena u… more

Candle Magick Erotica: A Short Story
Erotica Reid
http://www.wix.com/maisondeerotica/erotica , English
Tales from the Darkened Stre... - Various

Tales from the Darkened Stre...Various

Dublin ranks amongst the most literary cities in the world. Collected here are the finest ghost stories set in the Emerald City, from the pen of classic authors such as Bram Stoker and J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Tales from the Darkened Streets of Dublin - Ghost Stories and Tales of Witchcraft and Magic from Authors Like Bram Stoker and J. Sheridan Le Fanu (Fan
Fantasy and Horror Classics , English
Expanding Darkness (Romance,... - Ursula Terman

Expanding Darkness (Romance,...Ursula Terman

Wendy finally gets to join Arkunas on the road during a long demon-hunting mission. Wendy is taken by demons in the middle of the night. She awakens in a dungeon where an evil wizard is performing unspeakable experiments on women, impregn... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00G8I2YGQ/#editorial-review">more</a>
Expanding Darkness (Romance, Fantasy, Pregnant, Expansion, Magic, Paranormal) (Adzian Academy)
Ursula Terman
Terman Books , English