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Garden of Stones - Sophie Littlefield

Garden of StonesSophie Littlefield

In the dark days of war, a mother makes the ultimate sacrificeLucy Takeda is just fourteen years old, living in Los Angeles, when the bombs rain down on Pearl Harbor. Within weeks, she and her mother, Miyako, are ripped from their home, rou… more

Garden of Stones
Sophie Littlefield
Harlequin MIRA , English
Sixes & Sevens - Jeffrey Stoker

Sixes & SevensJeffrey Stoker

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“Sixes and Sevens” is a work of literary fiction. With its bleak atmosphere, direct prose, and clearly-drawn characters, the story invites comparison to the work of noted short story writer Raymond Carver.

Reed, the central character, is h… more

Sixes & Sevens
Jeffrey Stoker
Jeffrey Stoker , English
The X Tract - Sebastian Smith

The X TractSebastian Smith

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The X Tract is a novel based on the fictional diaries, sketch books and memorabilia that define an old man’s memories of a love affair that he had from the age of 7 to 28. He is an artist and obsessed with James Joyce’s Ulysses. The affair … more

The X Tract
Sebastian Smith
Sebastian Smith , English
Last Men in London (Sunday Classic) - Olaf Stapledon, William Olaf...

Last Men in London (Sunday Classic)Olaf Stapledon, William Olaf...

William Olaf StapledonGenre(s)Science fiction, NovelLast Men in London (1932) is a science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon.The narrator is the same member of the eighteenth and final human species who purportedly induced Stapledon to write … more

Last Men in London (Sunday Classic)
Olaf Stapledon, William Olaf Stapledon
A Warrior's Story : A Story ... - Retired William E. Barnes USMC

A Warrior's Story : A Story ...Retired William E. Barnes USMC

Captain William E. Connors is serving in a West Coast Communication Research Company. Suddenly he receives orders to report to the Commandant of the Marine Corps Headquarters in Washington D. C.Upon arrival he meets a Lieutenant who has run… more

A Warrior’s Story : A Story of the Marine Corps (Fictionalized)
Retired William E. Barnes USMC
Trafford , English
The Dark Witch of Oz - Margaret Baum

The Dark Witch of OzMargaret Baum

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The adventure in the magical Land of Oz continues in “The Dark Witch of Oz” as the Silverglade family, accompanied by the Army of South Grace, searches for its parents who became lost under mysterious circumstances. After befriending good w… more

The Dark Witch of Oz
Margaret Baum
Country Music: A Novel - C.W. Smith

Country Music: A NovelC.W. Smith

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C.W. Smith’s award-winning first novel, Thin Men of Haddam, established him as a novelist of power and compassion, and Country Music offers up a shrewd anatomy of sexual and social stances that extends the range and depth of his vision. Cou… more

Country Music: A Novel
C.W. Smith
White Rock Books , English
The Living (Kindle Single) (... - Christopher Castellani

The Living (Kindle Single) (...Christopher Castellani

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Even with a successful career as a lawyer and a beautiful wife, Tony Greto is tormented by his secrets—secrets that finally begin to surface at his 25th high school reunion. An impromptu speech in front of his entire class and an encounter… more

The Living (Kindle Single) (Ploughshares Solos)
Christopher Castellani
Ploughshares / Emerson College , English
The Violent Bear It Away: A Novel - Flannery O'Connor

The Violent Bear It Away: A NovelFlannery O'Connor

First published in 1955, The Violent Bear It Away is now a landmark in American literature. It is a dark and absorbing example of the Gothic sensibility and bracing satirical voice that are united in Flannery O’Conner’s work. In it, the orp… more

The Violent Bear It Away: A Novel
Flannery O’Connor
Farrar, Straus and Giroux , English
Mastodon Farm - Mike Kleine

Mastodon FarmMike Kleine

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Outside: something resembling Godzilla attacks the city. At the party, ‘Faith’ by George Michael is playing and someone is telling you to consider changing apartments.

Mastodon Farm
Mike Kleine
Atlatl Press , English
Avillion, and Other Tales, Voume I - Dinah Maria Craik

Avillion, and Other Tales, Voume IDinah Maria Craik


Avillion, and Other Tales, Voume I
Dinah Maria Craik
May Day (The Art of the Novella) - F. Scott Fitzgerald

May Day (The Art of the Novella)F. Scott Fitzgerald

All crowds have to howl.”Although F.Scott Fitzgerald is known for the kind of subtle, polished social commentary found in his masterpiece The Great Gatsby, his little-known novella May Day is unique in that it is the most raw, directly p… more

May Day (The Art of the Novella)
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Melville House , English
Sagittarius After Breaking - Jack Serv

Sagittarius After BreakingJack Serv

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When up-and-coming young Wall Street executive Spiro loses his job in a corporate downsizing, he spirals into an ever-deepening depression. Defined by his work, he suddenly realizes he has no real clue who he is outside that work. As Spir… more

Sagittarius After Breaking
Jack Serv
BookBaby , English
Soul of the Age: Selected Le... - Hermann Hesse

Soul of the Age: Selected Le...Hermann Hesse

Throughout his life, Herman Hesse was a devoted letter writer. He corresponded, not just with friends and family, but also with his readers. From his letters home from the seminary at age fourteen, to his last letters, written days before h… more

Soul of the Age: Selected Letters of Hermann Hesse, 1891-1962
Hermann Hesse
Farrar, Straus and Giroux , English
Sabrina's Window - Al Riske

Sabrina's WindowAl Riske

Luminis Books presents this gut-wrenchingly honest tale of love that happily defies societal expectations to deliver a story that packs a walloping emotional punch.  On a chilly morning in Taos, New Mexico, a 17-year-old paperboy breaks the… more

Sabrina’s Window
Al Riske
Luminis Books , English
Silent Jubilees - Zach Vowell

Silent JubileesZach Vowell

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Anniversary parties, family reunions, and other similar gatherings thrive on a network of little conflicts. Here, conflicts, and joys for that matter, ride underneath the surface of our interactions with others, so secret that only God coul… more

Silent Jubilees
Zach Vowell
Dual Gestures Press , English
Immortallo - Ryan J. Tressel

ImmortalloRyan J. Tressel

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Steven wakes up each morning in a bed next to his beautiful wife. He drives his two young daughters to school before heading into a job that is pleasant but mindless. He has as close to a perfect life as anybody could want. But he remembers… more

Ryan J. Tressel
The King of Good Intentions - John Andrew Fredrick

The King of Good IntentionsJohn Andrew Fredrick

Set in Los Angeles in the early 90s, the novel chronicles the early days of an indie band as they meet, practice, make their first record, and get their first break/big gig. It’s also the story of the the flowering love affair between John … more

The King of Good Intentions
John Andrew Fredrick
Verse Chorus Press , English
Run Baby Run - Nicky Cruz

Run Baby RunNicky Cruz

Tough kids and gangs are not issues of the past. Violence is alive in families, our schools, our communities and the media. Read the story of Nicky Cruz, a warlord of a vicious New York City gang. He was an experienced thief, mugger, and ha… more

Run Baby Run
Nicky Cruz
ReadHowYouWant , English
Finding Dean Moriarty - Michael Boloker

Finding Dean MoriartyMichael Boloker

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In the summer of 1958, 18 year old Paul Israel takes a 3 month journey from New York to Mexico City to emulate his heroes from Jack Kerouac’s ON THE ROAD. He passes through Washington D.C. and the deep South into Texas and Mexico. He meets … more

Finding Dean Moriarty
Michael Boloker
iUniverse , English