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Army Boys in the French Tren... - Homer Randall

Army Boys in the French Tren...Homer Randall

The word passed in a whisper down the long line of the trench, where theAmerican army boys crouched like so many khaki-clad ghosts, awaiting thecommand to go “over the top.”“That will be in about fifteen minutes from now, I figure,” murmure… more

Army Boys in the French Trenches : Or Hand to Hand Fighting with the Enemy with Illustrated
Homer Randall
Legends of the Fall - Jim Harrison

Legends of the FallJim Harrison

“[Legends of the Fall] may well be the best set of novellas to appear in this country during the last quarter century.” —Robert Houston, New York Times Book ReviewNew York Times bestselling author Jim Harrison is one of America’s most belov… more

Legends of the Fall
Jim Harrison
Grove/Atlantic, Inc. , English
Juneteenth: A Novel (Vintage... - Ralph Ellison

Juneteenth: A Novel (Vintage...Ralph Ellison

NATIONAL BESTSELLER”[A]n extraordinary book, a work of staggering virtuosity. With its publication, a giant world of literature has just grown twice as tall.”—NewsdayFrom Ralph Ellison—author of the classic novel of African-American exper… more

Juneteenth: A Novel (Vintage International)
Ralph Ellison
Vintage , English
Shroud (Vintage International) - John Banville

Shroud (Vintage International)John Banville

One part Nietzsche, one part Humbert Humbert, and a soupcon of Milton’s Lucifer, Axel Vander, the dizzyingly unreliable narrator of John Banville’s masterful new novel, is very old, recently widowed, and the bearer of a fearsome reputation … more

Shroud (Vintage International)
John Banville
Vintage , English
Such a Long Journey (Vintage... - Rohinton Mistry

Such a Long Journey (Vintage...Rohinton Mistry

It is Bombay in 1971, the year India went to war over what was to become Bangladesh. A hard-working bank clerk, Gustad Noble is a devoted family man who gradually sees his modest life unravelling. His young daughter falls ill; his promising… more

Such a Long Journey (Vintage International)
Rohinton Mistry
Vintage , English
The Art of Freedom - Milan Heger

The Art of FreedomMilan Heger

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Growing up in Slovakia in the 1960’s, Adam’s world is ruled by his country’s iron fist. A naturally talented artist, he finds his dreams of attending art school dashed when his family is stripped of their wealth and he is forced into the mi… more

The Art of Freedom
Milan Heger
Alleen op de Wereld (Dutch Edition) - Hector r Malot

Alleen op de Wereld (Dutch Edition)Hector r Malot

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wde mij naar den man, die op den drempel was blijven staan

Alleen op de Wereld (Dutch Edition)
Hector r Malot
Hector Malot , Dutch
The Turn of the Screw (Annotated) - Henry James

The Turn of the Screw (Annotated)Henry James

This ebook includes a biographical introduction, a short, critical analysis of James’ career and a brief introduction to this work.Originally published in 1898 by Macmillan, The Turn of the Screw is a novella that might or might not be a gh… more

The Turn of the Screw (Annotated)
Henry James
Moorside Press , English
Believe in Me - Jason Warburg

Believe in MeJason Warburg

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Tim Green’s life is falling apart; he’s just lost the single father he grew up with and his brief career in politics is in the process of crashing and burning around him. That is, until stadium-filling musical icon and political activist Jo… more

Believe in Me
Jason Warburg
Wampus Multimedia , English
PEN America Issue 5: Silence... - PEN America

PEN America Issue 5: Silence...PEN America

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Silences features tributes to Samuel Beckett and Gertrude Stein as well as writing from Rikki Ducornet, Rick Moody, Bruno Schulz, Heather McHugh, Saadi Youssef, and Wislawa Szymborska, among many others. PEN members discuss the unspeakable.

PEN America Issue 5: Silences (PEN America: A Journal for Writers and Readers)
PEN America
PEN American Center , English
The PowerBook (Vintage Inter... - Jeanette Winterson

The PowerBook (Vintage Inter...Jeanette Winterson

Winterson enfolds her seventh novel within the world of computers, and transforms the signal development of our time into a wholly human medium. The story is simple: an e-mail writer called Ali will compose anything you like, on order, prov… more

The PowerBook (Vintage International)
Jeanette Winterson
Vintage , English
A Homicide In Hooker's Point - Gloria Taylor Weinberg

A Homicide In Hooker's PointGloria Taylor Weinberg

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In the fall of 1950, Vicki Leigh Bayle learned that love and hate are drawn from the same well, and that some of the people she loved most kept stores of each in equal measure. In the segregated context of South Florida, she learned that p… more

A Homicide In Hooker’s Point
Gloria Taylor Weinberg
Xlibris , English
Colonel Brandon's Diary - Amanda Grange

Colonel Brandon's DiaryAmanda Grange

A vibrant retelling of Sense and Sensibility, Grange’s sweeping epic breathes new life into another of Austen’s best-loved novels. At the age of eighteen, James Brandon’s world is shattered when the girl he loves, Eliza, is forced to marry … more

Colonel Brandon’s Diary
Amanda Grange
Berkley , English
Quarter Romance - Guy Gallo

Quarter RomanceGuy Gallo

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A sidewalk artist and a stripper find love and hardship in the French Quarter.Set in the French Quarter, New Orleans — one of the most exotic places in America — Quarter Romance traces the relationship between a jaded side-walk artist and… more

Quarter Romance
Guy Gallo
Guy Gallo , English
Guardian - Charlie Sheldon

GuardianCharlie Sheldon

Tom Hand, back from a summer at sea aboard a sea scalloper, chooses to drop football and join the fledgling UMass crew team. His father, bitterly disappointed, struggles with gambling debts, drinking, and poor work performance. When Tom’s g… more

Charlie Sheldon
iUniverse , English
The Faces of Harriet Brown - Ananda Wolf

The Faces of Harriet BrownAnanda Wolf

When my mother was twelve years old, directing imaginary plays from the little outhouse roof in her tenement back yard, she knew that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the world. Standing by her living room window, catching a brown an… more

The Faces of Harriet Brown
Ananda Wolf
Wolfstuff , English
The Secret City (Capuchin Classics) - Hugh Walpole

The Secret City (Capuchin Classics)Hugh Walpole

Sent out to Russia by the Foreign Office in 1916, Jerry Lawrence and Henry Bohun find themselves unlikely travelling companions. Bohun, an immaculately dressed man who holds himself in high regard as a poet, feels the force of destiny to be… more

The Secret City (Capuchin Classics)
Hugh Walpole
Capuchin Classics , English
NATURAL LOVING: A Comedy of ... - Richard Burnett Carter

NATURAL LOVING: A Comedy of ...Richard Burnett Carter

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NATURAL LOVING is a seriously comic account of a sample few of the consequences we humans face when we take it for granted that, because love, in any of its morphs—including love of money, etc.—is “natural”, it needs neither shaping nor def… more

NATURAL LOVING: A Comedy of Mostly Bad Manners
Richard Burnett Carter
The Magic of Shirley Jackson - Shirley Jackson

The Magic of Shirley JacksonShirley Jackson

This collection is a generous selection of Jackson’s work, consisting of three complete books:The Bird’s Nest,Life Among the Savages,Raising Demons,and eleven short stories—including the world-famous The Lottery.

The Magic of Shirley Jackson
Shirley Jackson
Farrar, Straus and Giroux , English
The Wallahs of Paper Jail [U... - Ron May

The Wallahs of Paper Jail [U...Ron May

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A nameless figure arrives unbidden at a far country’s department of immigration and declares himself a nonperson. He provides for officialdom no useful biography. A complicated detention ensues.

Months before the man had resolved to spend … more

The Wallahs of Paper Jail [UK Edition]
Ron May