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Garden of Stones - Sophie Littlefield

Garden of StonesSophie Littlefield

In the dark days of war, a mother makes the ultimate sacrificeLucy Takeda is just fourteen years old, living in Los Angeles, when the bombs rain down on Pearl Harbor. Within weeks, she and her mother, Miyako, are ripped from their home, rou… more

Garden of Stones
Sophie Littlefield
Harlequin MIRA , English
The Siren's Call - Matthew S. Urdan

The Siren's CallMatthew S. Urdan

Throughout our lives, we all come into contact with some amazing people. Some of them come, some of them go, and some of them even stay for a while. At its heart, The Siren’s Call is the story of the love between friends—what we do to susta… more

The Siren’s Call
Matthew S. Urdan
AuthorHouse , English
Vancy's Journey - Kinaya Jolomi Ade'

Vancy's JourneyKinaya Jolomi Ade'

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Vancy Jones is a high-powered attorney who, as a child, dreamed of reaching the top of the legal world by helping those who had no voice for themselves. She discovers that the less advantaged clients don’t have the power to get her all th… more

Vancy’s Journey
Kinaya Jolomi Ade’
BookTango , English
Revolution 2020 - Chetan Bhagat

Revolution 2020Chetan Bhagat

Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat Yet Another Grasping Work By The Bestselling Author Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys. One wanted to use his intelligence to make money. Another wanted to use his intell… more

Revolution 2020
Chetan Bhagat
Rupa Publications , English
Infrared - Nancy Huston

InfraredNancy Huston

Award-winning author Nancy Huston follows her bestselling novel, Fault Lines, winner of the Prix Femina, with an intensely provocative story about a passionate yet emotionally-wounded woman’s sexual explorations.After a troubled childhood a… more

Nancy Huston
Grove Press, Black Cat , English
Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry - G.P. Grewal

Machine Wash Warm, Tumble DryG.P. Grewal

Set amidst the smog and sprawl of Los Angeles, MACHINE WASH WARM TUMBLE DRY is the story of a hopeless, sex-starved geek named Leonard and his struggle to become one of the greatest warriors of all time. Armed with his self-help books and w… more

Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry
G.P. Grewal
Siamese Dreams: Love and Dis... - Christopher Johnson

Siamese Dreams: Love and Dis...Christopher Johnson

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Ready to change the world, two high school friends from America begin a new life in Thailand. They take new names, learn Thai, and experiment with sex, drugs and radical lifestyles — from spectacular poverty to salacious stardom. Set amid … more

Siamese Dreams: Love and Disaster in a Thai Paradise
Christopher Johnson
Booktango , English
Searching the Andes for Albe... - Jon Peterson

Searching the Andes for Albe...Jon Peterson

%Alex Half-Moon Peoples knows he’s one of the walking wounded. As an international journalist, he knows, too, that abject poverty and global injustice breed terrorism. Having witnessed one massacre, famine, epidemic, or civil war after anot… more

Searching the Andes for Albert Schweitzer:A Novel
Jon Peterson
iUniverse , English
Field Guide: A Novel - Gwendolen Gross

Field Guide: A NovelGwendolen Gross

In this mesmerizing first novel a young American graduate student abandons her research deep in the Australian rain forest to investigate her professor’s mysterious disappearance.Annabel Mendelssohn has an unusual but oddly satisfying life … more

Field Guide: A Novel
Gwendolen Gross
Henry Holt and Co. , English
For Love or Honor - Taylor Joseph

For Love or HonorTaylor Joseph

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In a time long ago, when honor meant more than life itself, the most powerful king in the world had everything, but he didn’t have the one thing he desired most: peace in his land. His country had been at war with its neighboring nations fo… more

For Love or Honor
Taylor Joseph
Four Star Publishing , English
New Orleans Review 38.2 -

New Orleans Review 38.2

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This is the Fall 2012 issue of New Orleans Review, a collection of five chapbooks.Contributors: Cody Peace Adams (“Polish Movers,” fiction); Patricia Colleen Murphy (“Beloved Father Person,” nonfiction); Juan Rengifo-Borrero (“To Create a W… more

New Orleans Review 38.2
Loyola University , English
Gordon: A Novel (Vintage Int... - Edith Templeton

Gordon: A Novel (Vintage Int...Edith Templeton

Louisa is a clever, self-reliant woman who has just been discharged from her duty as an officer in the British Army during World War II. In a London pub one afternoon she meets Gordon: a slight, peculiar psychiatrist with queer eyes and a s… more

Gordon: A Novel (Vintage International)
Edith Templeton
Vintage , English
Thirty Seconds Before Midnight - Helen J Beal

Thirty Seconds Before MidnightHelen J Beal

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What happens when the old money runs out and the new money rolls in? Welcome to Bestwood, a dilapidated estate in the wilds of the English countryside where Herbert, a giant land tortoise presides over the tatty menagerie. The zookeeper, Bo… more

Thirty Seconds Before Midnight
Helen J Beal
Carapace , English
Complete Works of Robert Lou... - Robert Louis Stevenson

Complete Works of Robert Lou...Robert Louis Stevenson

Language: EnglishInitials: yesSeparate Chapters: yesSuperior Kindle Formatting: yesInteractive Table of Contents: yesLending Allowed: yesThe novels of Robert Louis Stevenson in one collection with active table of contents. Works include:Mor… more

Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson Set.8 (Moral Emblems, New Arabian Nights, New Poems)
Robert Louis Stevenson
AMA Publication , English
Natsume Soseki Zenshu jo (Ja... - Natsume Soseki

Natsume Soseki Zenshu jo (Ja...Natsume Soseki

夏目漱石全集(上)です。漱石の長短編16編を収録しました。 全編「新字新仮名づかい」で、目次もついています。 収録作品は以下のとおりです。「吾輩は猫である」「倫敦塔」「幻影の盾」「琴のそら音」「一夜」「薤露行」「趣味の遺伝」「カーライル博物館」「坊っちゃん」「草枕」「二百十日」「野分」「虞美人草」「思い出す事など」「行人」「こころ」 別に出版の『夏目漱石全集(下)』と併せると長短編28編になり、漢詩や俳句などを別にすると創作作品が網羅されています。

Natsume Soseki Zenshu jo (Japanese Edition)
Natsume Soseki
pegasus , Japanese
Slipping into Silence - Hern Waldo Pienaar

Slipping into SilenceHern Waldo Pienaar

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Synopsis…Jon Samuels, a successful artist at his relatively young age of twenty eight, has grown restless and frustrated with his life of late. Suffering from insomnia, the inevitable breaking point comes when - after a fight with his long-… more

Slipping into Silence
Hern Waldo Pienaar
Salem Chapel (Annotated) - Margaret Oliphant

Salem Chapel (Annotated)Margaret Oliphant

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Salem Chapel tells the story of Arthur Vincent, recent graduate of Homerton College, Cambridge, who has been called to pastor Salem Chapel upon the retirement of its previous minister, Mr Tufton. Salem belongs to the Dissenters of Carlingfo… more

Salem Chapel (Annotated)
Margaret Oliphant
AP Publishing House , English
Blood For Culture: Part 3 - Mitul Mistry

Blood For Culture: Part 3Mitul Mistry

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With the Northern provinces in ruin, the mercenary Gideon Greythorne embarks on an epic adventure to save the world – only his adventure is being written by Joseph Anderson, a college dropout who packs boxes in the suburbs. With lofty aspir… more

Blood For Culture: Part 3
Mitul Mistry
Roark & Hudson Associates , English
The Portrait of Time - Lois Foyt, Jon Foyt

The Portrait of TimeLois Foyt, Jon Foyt

Far from portraying science-fiction fantasies, The Portrait of Time takes a serious look back from the year 2084 as three main characters: Joseph, a Zuni Pueblo avant-garde artist; Katherine, a Pulitzer Prize winning Irish-American journal… more

The Portrait of Time
Lois Foyt, Jon Foyt
PublishAmerica , English
Rockaway: A Novel - Tara Ison

Rockaway: A NovelTara Ison

Rockaway Beach, 2001. Sarah, a painter from southern California, retreats to this eccentric, eclectic beach town in the far reaches of Queens with the hopes of rediscovering her passion for painting. Sarah has the opportunity for a real gal… more

Rockaway: A Novel
Tara Ison
Soft Skull Press , English