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Army Boys in the French Tren... - Homer Randall

Army Boys in the French Tren...Homer Randall

The word passed in a whisper down the long line of the trench, where theAmerican army boys crouched like so many khaki-clad ghosts, awaiting thecommand to go “over the top.”“That will be in about fifteen minutes from now, I figure,” murmure… more

Army Boys in the French Trenches : Or Hand to Hand Fighting with the Enemy with Illustrated
Homer Randall
Legends of the Fall - Jim Harrison

Legends of the FallJim Harrison

“[Legends of the Fall] may well be the best set of novellas to appear in this country during the last quarter century.” —Robert Houston, New York Times Book ReviewNew York Times bestselling author Jim Harrison is one of America’s most belov… more

Legends of the Fall
Jim Harrison
Grove/Atlantic, Inc. , English
Juneteenth: A Novel (Vintage... - Ralph Ellison

Juneteenth: A Novel (Vintage...Ralph Ellison

NATIONAL BESTSELLER”[A]n extraordinary book, a work of staggering virtuosity. With its publication, a giant world of literature has just grown twice as tall.”—NewsdayFrom Ralph Ellison—author of the classic novel of African-American exper… more

Juneteenth: A Novel (Vintage International)
Ralph Ellison
Vintage , English
Such a Long Journey (Vintage... - Rohinton Mistry

Such a Long Journey (Vintage...Rohinton Mistry

It is Bombay in 1971, the year India went to war over what was to become Bangladesh. A hard-working bank clerk, Gustad Noble is a devoted family man who gradually sees his modest life unravelling. His young daughter falls ill; his promising… more

Such a Long Journey (Vintage International)
Rohinton Mistry
Vintage , English
Believe in Me - Jason Warburg

Believe in MeJason Warburg

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Tim Green’s life is falling apart; he’s just lost the single father he grew up with and his brief career in politics is in the process of crashing and burning around him. That is, until stadium-filling musical icon and political activist Jo… more

Believe in Me
Jason Warburg
Wampus Multimedia , English
The PowerBook (Vintage Inter... - Jeanette Winterson

The PowerBook (Vintage Inter...Jeanette Winterson

Winterson enfolds her seventh novel within the world of computers, and transforms the signal development of our time into a wholly human medium. The story is simple: an e-mail writer called Ali will compose anything you like, on order, prov… more

The PowerBook (Vintage International)
Jeanette Winterson
Vintage , English
A Homicide In Hooker's Point - Gloria Taylor Weinberg

A Homicide In Hooker's PointGloria Taylor Weinberg

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In the fall of 1950, Vicki Leigh Bayle learned that love and hate are drawn from the same well, and that some of the people she loved most kept stores of each in equal measure. In the segregated context of South Florida, she learned that p… more

A Homicide In Hooker’s Point
Gloria Taylor Weinberg
Xlibris , English
Colonel Brandon's Diary - Amanda Grange

Colonel Brandon's DiaryAmanda Grange

A vibrant retelling of Sense and Sensibility, Grange’s sweeping epic breathes new life into another of Austen’s best-loved novels. At the age of eighteen, James Brandon’s world is shattered when the girl he loves, Eliza, is forced to marry … more

Colonel Brandon’s Diary
Amanda Grange
Berkley , English
Guardian - Charlie Sheldon

GuardianCharlie Sheldon

Tom Hand, back from a summer at sea aboard a sea scalloper, chooses to drop football and join the fledgling UMass crew team. His father, bitterly disappointed, struggles with gambling debts, drinking, and poor work performance. When Tom’s g… more

Charlie Sheldon
iUniverse , English
The Faces of Harriet Brown - Ananda Wolf

The Faces of Harriet BrownAnanda Wolf

When my mother was twelve years old, directing imaginary plays from the little outhouse roof in her tenement back yard, she knew that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the world. Standing by her living room window, catching a brown an… more

The Faces of Harriet Brown
Ananda Wolf
Wolfstuff , English


Read these stories carefully. Read them one, two, three times. There’s more here than meets the eye.Some of the stories are fictions; some are not. Some are what I call “”fictional memoirs”“-make believe with a bit of truth mixed in. There… more

Jack Swenson
iUniverse , English
The WILLIAM BLACK Reader - William Black

The WILLIAM BLACK ReaderWilliam Black

TheWILLIAM BLACKReader CONTENTS:GoldsmithThe Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four MacnicolsMacleod of DareSunrisePrince Fortunatus *** In his own lifetime Black’s novels were immensely popular and widely read, and were comp… more

William Black
Oak Grove , English
Palindrome Hannah - Michael Bailey

Palindrome HannahMichael Bailey

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Enter a cruel palindrome world: a symmetric place where disturbing situations displace the common; where good acts transmute to evil ones; where windows and mirrors are interchangable. Within, characters influence each other through macabre… more

Palindrome Hannah
Michael Bailey
Written Backwards , English
The Garden of Lost and Found - Dale Peck

The Garden of Lost and FoundDale Peck

The Garden of Lost and Found is the story of James Ramsay, a 21-year-old man who discovers he’s inherited a building in New York City upon the death of his mother, who disappeared from his life shortly after his first birthday. James is imm… more

The Garden of Lost and Found
Dale Peck
Mischief + Mayhem Publishing , English
For the Liberty of Texas: A ... - Edward Stratemeyer

For the Liberty of Texas: A ...Edward Stratemeyer

Primarily the struggle of the Texans for freedom did not form a part of our war with Mexico, yet this struggle led up directly to the greater war to follow, and it is probably a fact that, had the people of Texas not at first accomplished t… more

For the Liberty of Texas: A war,history, fiction and literature novel. (ILLUSTRATED)
Edward Stratemeyer
The School at Thrush Green - Miss Read

The School at Thrush GreenMiss Read

When two beloved primary school teachers, Miss Dorothy and Miss Agnes, decide to retire, the townspeople are aflutter, musing about the teachers’ replacements and seeking an appropriate farewell gift.

The School at Thrush Green
Miss Read
Mariner Books , English
Rock Bottom: Dark Moments In... - Pamela Des Barres

Rock Bottom: Dark Moments In...Pamela Des Barres

The dark moments of rock history fascinate and tantalize like the pathos of Greek tragedy.  The bottom sinks lower, the air seems colder, the bad endings—whent they are bad—seem beyond bad.  The unlucky practitioners of our most thriving … more

Rock Bottom: Dark Moments In Music Babylon
Pamela Des Barres
St. Martin’s Press , English
King Me - Matthew Rowland

King MeMatthew Rowland

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K did not want to be King anymore. Not without his mother. And not on his father’s terms. But Railroad wasn’t called Railroad for nothing. And no was not an answer he would accept from his only son, the son whose duty it was to take over t… more

King Me
Matthew Rowland
iUniverse , English
Coco - Kristy Webster

CocoKristy Webster

Coco” is a novella that tells the story of two families; the Trozcos and the Fabos and the two children that set the destiny of both families in motion.Sammy Fabo and Maribel Trozco are born on the same night, at the exact same hour and mi… more

Kristy Webster
The Death of O'Ryan Ross! - John Kenworthy

The Death of O'Ryan Ross!John Kenworthy

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The Death of O’Ryan Ross!” is a harrowing tale of a young man’s descent into madness and death.Torn apart by surging emotions, tortured by his own insecurities, shamed by his total obsession with a mythic young woman he just met, O’Ryan Ro… more

The Death of O’Ryan Ross!
John Kenworthy