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Garden of Stones - Sophie Littlefield

Garden of StonesSophie Littlefield

In the dark days of war, a mother makes the ultimate sacrificeLucy Takeda is just fourteen years old, living in Los Angeles, when the bombs rain down on Pearl Harbor. Within weeks, she and her mother, Miyako, are ripped from their home, rou… more

Garden of Stones
Sophie Littlefield
Harlequin MIRA , English
The Persian Jesuit:A Romance... - Ray Thomas Smith

The Persian Jesuit:A Romance...Ray Thomas Smith

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India like the rest of the world has always found lovers drawn passionately to each other in spite of society’s customs, preferences, and barriers. Marriage in sixteenth century India was customarily regarded as one of family arrangement, n… more

The Persian Jesuit:A Romance of India in the Age of Akbar
Ray Thomas Smith
Trafford , English
No Haid Pawn - Thomas Nelson  Page

No Haid PawnThomas Nelson Page

This book was originally published prior to 1923, and represents a reproduction of an important historical work, maintaining the same format as the original work.

No Haid Pawn
Thomas Nelson Page
Coming Up For Air (Ring of E... - Joanne Benford

Coming Up For Air (Ring of E...Joanne Benford

There are things we should say, things we should not. And there are things we want to say but have never learned how.”I heard the cry of the driven clouds, and the awful shout of the pursuers mingled with the clamouring and thudding of th… more

Coming Up For Air (Ring of Elements)
Joanne Benford
Moog Enterprises , English
The Typist: A Novel - Michael Knight

The Typist: A NovelMichael Knight

Written with the stunning economy of language for which Michael Knight’s work has always been praised, The Typist is a rich and powerful work of historical fiction that expertly chronicles both the politics of the Pacific theater of World W… more

The Typist: A Novel
Michael Knight
Atlantic Monthly Press , English
Sark - John Cunningham

SarkJohn Cunningham

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In a powerful yarn of the apocalyptic decline of all that is green and natural, Sark of the Micmacs of Prince Edward Island becomes a messianic hero who fights vainly against the forces of “development” in the form of corrupt big business a… more

John Cunningham
iUniverse , English
The Trial - Hoosier Style - Sean O'Brien

The Trial - Hoosier StyleSean O'Brien

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The Trial - Hoosier Styleby: Sean O’Brien

The Trial - Hoosier Style
Sean O’Brien
AuthorHouse , English
Beneath The Dreaming Tree - Jacob Garcia

Beneath The Dreaming TreeJacob Garcia

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Modern poetry here weaves themes of romance, philosophy, memory, personal experience and collective experience. Experiments in free verse and traditional verse abounds with explorations, a variety of inspiration, the mystery and adventure o… more

Beneath The Dreaming Tree
Jacob Garcia
Herman's History - T J Price

Herman's HistoryT J Price

Trapped in a dead-end job, Herman’s luck finally seems to change when his uncle Sonny, a psychopathic taxi driver, dies in prison and Herman inherits his house and car. But Sonny’s legacy proves to be poisonous and step by step Herman is dr… more

Herman’s History
T J Price
Nici Torquemada (Romanian Edition) - Michael Haulica

Nici Torquemada (Romanian Edition)Michael Haulica

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Romanian Literary Criticism Published by Millennium Books, Distributed by TexaRom LLCMichael Haulică evoluează decis, cu avantajul celui ce s-a străduit ani în şir să urmărească riguros un fenomen mai complex decît ar putea părea el celor d… more

Nici Torquemada (Romanian Edition)
Michael Haulica
TexaRom LLC , English
The Island at the End of the... - Sam Taylor

The Island at the End of the...Sam Taylor

A chilling post-apocalyptic tale of how far a father will go to protect his children?from the author of The AmnesiacIn a world nearly destroyed by catastrophic floods, one family has been spared. Many years ago, as the waters rose, a father… more

The Island at the End of the World: A Novel
Sam Taylor
Penguin Books , English
Die Kindsmoerderin (German Edition) - Helga Stipa Madland

Die Kindsmoerderin (German Edition)Helga Stipa Madland

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Die Handlung spielt im spaeten achtzehnten Jahrhundert in Strassburg. Evchen Humbrecht, die Tochter des Fleischers Humbrecht, wird von einem Offizier verfuehrt und ist schwanger. Der Offizier, von Groeningseck, verspricht sie zu heiraten,… more

Die Kindsmoerderin (German Edition)
Helga Stipa Madland
BookSurge Publishing , German
Inferno: A Modern Paradise Lost - Nicholas Pace

Inferno: A Modern Paradise LostNicholas Pace

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The Devil occupies Wall Street through the character of Dante Allagear in a modern twist to a classic tale. Dante confronts his sinful conceits in drugged-out dreams. But reality eventually becomes his worst nightmare.

Inferno: A Modern Paradise Lost
Nicholas Pace
Asylum Publications Digital Inc , English
The Years - Virginia Woolf

The YearsVirginia Woolf

The principal theme of this ambitious book is Time, threading together three generations of an upper-class English family, the Pargiters. The characters come and go, meet, talk, think, dream, grow older, in a continuous ritual of life that … more

The Years
Virginia Woolf
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English
Merit the Greyhound: The Rac... - J. R. Von Der Lohe

Merit the Greyhound: The Rac...J. R. Von Der Lohe

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In the fictional story of Merit the Greyhound, the reader learns about some of the unique characteristics of the greyhound breed and the racing industry. Greyhounds, the world’s oldest and fastest breed, were worshiped by the Egyptians -Ra… more

Merit the Greyhound: The Racing Years
J. R. Von Der Lohe
iUniverse , English
Vignettes of the Office - Da... - George Seaton

Vignettes of the Office - Da...George Seaton

Should one worry about their office workmates, and what might be churning behind those happy smiles, and what might really be in those pot luck concoctions? Why no. Of course not. Unless… Well, perhaps these wee glimpses into the office m… more

Vignettes of the Office - Darkly Told
George Seaton
George Seaton , English
Wages of Sin - Charlene Gage

Wages of SinCharlene Gage

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Enduring the pain of her mother’s murder, her father’s rejection, and her grandmother’s rules, Reva rebels against all positive influences. With an abortion behind her by age fifteen, Reva spirals from one bad decision to the next, with no… more

Wages of Sin
Charlene Gage
iUniverse , English
Short Cruises: A short story... - W. W. Jacobs

Short Cruises: A short story...W. W. Jacobs

Humorous tales of seafaring men, longshoremen and their adventures.”In the dozen tales contained in ‘Short Cruises’ he shows that the stream of humor is flowing as freshly as ever. He is at his best… . The final story in the volume take… more

Short Cruises: A short story collection, nautical, fiction and literature novel. (ILLUSTRATED)
W. W. Jacobs
Figures in a Landscape - Barry England

Figures in a LandscapeBarry England

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Dazzling … the author achieves a tension that is almost unbearable.’ - Daily Mail’England’s prose has the tough, spare elegance of steel scaffolding. His vocabulary is wide, and used with arresting precision… . On all levels, Figur… more

Figures in a Landscape
Barry England
Valancourt Books , English
The Moon and Sixpence (Illus... - W. Somerset Maugham

The Moon and Sixpence (Illus...W. Somerset Maugham

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This is the story of an unremarkable man leading an unremarkable existence who suddenly turns his back on everything to live life as an artist—without artifice or apology. A classic English novel. One of W. Somerset Maugham’s best works, it… more

The Moon and Sixpence (Illustrated) (Hol Art Classics)
W. Somerset Maugham
Hol Art Books , English