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Build Me A Dream - Kate Sweeney

Build Me A DreamKate Sweeney

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Three old cronies from Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Jean, Yolanda—or Yoyo as she’s known—and Edie had a ridiculous idea. The adorable, if not eccentric women wanted to do a revival of The Chordettes, the famous quartet from the fifties. They wante… more

Build Me A Dream
Kate Sweeney
Intaglio Publications , English
Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P"... - Candy Kross

Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P"...Candy Kross

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I was wearing a mini skirt with a tight blouse, a white lace bra and matching white lace panties. I undid my skirt and dropped it to the floor. I unbuttoned my blouse and it also fell to the floor. I was standing in my bra and panties an… more

Dial “L” for Lesbian and “P” for Pain Volume 3
Candy Kross
Vince Stead , English
Double Portion - BROTHER

Double PortionBROTHER

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Rene returns home from living abroad in Paris, she left the states to escape the stigma of being a lesbian. Paris allowed an atmosphere where she could be free and open about her sexuality, her reluctant return was due in part of a dying fa… more

Double Portion
BROTHER , English
Heart of the Bighorns - Lori Cooper

Heart of the BighornsLori Cooper

Sheridan, Wyoming, the sort of Main Street U.S.A. town that you would see in a magazine and where Dr. Shea McKinnon grew up. After the death of her beloved grandfather, it’s time to go home and continue her oncology practice there. Her ca… more

Heart of the Bighorns
Lori Cooper
Lori J. Cooper , English
Paid in Full - Ann Roberts

Paid in FullAnn Roberts

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A quiet Sunday afternoon takes a deadly turn for real estate agent Ari Adams, who discovers the corpse of a business tycoon in one of her listings. When her best friend, Bob, becomes the prime suspect, Ari’s desire to prove his innocence pu… more

Paid in Full
Ann Roberts
Bella Books , English
Whispers in the Wind - Frankie J. Jones

Whispers in the WindFrankie J. Jones

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Athletic photographer Dixon Hayes thinks she and her best friend, high school teacher Elizabeth Colter, would make the perfect couple. There’s just one little problem— Elizabeth is only interested sharing a friendship and nothing more. Whe… more

Whispers in the Wind
Frankie J. Jones
Bella Books , English
The Education of Ellie - Jackie Calhoun

The Education of EllieJackie Calhoun

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Returning home to Pine Hill to attend her mother’s funeral Ellie sees her childhood friend Helen for the first time in thirty years. A lot has happened in thirty years. Both women are divorced with grown children and careers that satisfy th… more

The Education of Ellie
Jackie Calhoun
Bella Books , English
Life's Surprises - Jackie Calhoun

Life's SurprisesJackie Calhoun

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An after-work walk to clear her mind was what Mallory Kerrigan intended, but spotting Caitlyn Goodwin on the river trail interrupts her plans. At work she had watched as a distraught Caitlyn signed over the deed of her house to her ex-husba… more

Life’s Surprises
Jackie Calhoun
Bella Books , English
CHILDHOOD DAMAGES: The Rippl... - M. M. Zip Zimmerman

CHILDHOOD DAMAGES: The Rippl...M. M. Zip Zimmerman

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This lesbian love story presents a young woman’s struggle with abuse throughout her life. She receives help from a woman who owns an agency called We Care, and they find their mutual attraction surprising and enlightening.

M. M. Zip Zimmerman
End of the Rope - Jackie Calhoun

End of the RopeJackie Calhoun

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Meg Klein has two enduring loves—horses and Nicky Hennessey.When Meg buys a house with a barn and a few acres, her plans to convert it to a profitable stable go downhill with the economy. She finds it impossible to turn away horses whose ow… more

End of the Rope
Jackie Calhoun
Bella Books , English
Warm and Willing - Lawrence Block

Warm and WillingLawrence Block

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An emotionally and sexually frustrated divorcée explores her mounting attraction to women  Rhoda’s divorce has her thinking that romance is not for her. But maybe she just needs to look in a new direction. Megan is an attractive blonde who … more

Warm and Willing
Lawrence Block
Open Road Media , English
Addicted to Adella - Anna Keraleigh

Addicted to AdellaAnna Keraleigh

Welcome to Ulla Major! Home to the thousand-floor high rise, the best synthetic food in the quadrant, and the safest space port for five planets. Please be on the lookout for two fugitives, Adella and Sally. Adella Perski is wanted for the… more

Addicted to Adella
Anna Keraleigh
Evernight Publishing , English
Clifford Henderson Novels - Clifford Henderson

Clifford Henderson NovelsClifford Henderson

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An award-winning Lesbian Drama Fiction eBook Bundle by Clifford Henderson:Maye’s Request – When Brianna Bell promises her ailing mother she’ll heal the rift between her “other two” parents, she discovers how little she knows about those clo… more

Clifford Henderson Novels
Clifford Henderson
Bold Strokes Books , English
Spring Break Adventures: Kar... - Candy Kross

Spring Break Adventures: Kar...Candy Kross

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Oh! They are so adorable and sexy!” Lucy exclaimed. “Wherever do you find these girls Karen? I just have to know your secret!” She added.

There are always college girls who want to stay here for Spring Break, you remember how it was… more

Spring Break Adventures: Karen and Susan Take On Two Submissive Co-eds Volume 2
Candy Kross
Vince Stead , English
Community of Women - Lawrence Block

Community of WomenLawrence Block

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Four women are trapped in suburbia, bored and eager for their next torrid affair  Roz is left unfulfilled each day when her husband sets off for work. So is Maggie, whose frustration with her own marriage sends her looking for comfort in th… more

Community of Women
Lawrence Block
Open Road Media , English
Catching Frogs -

Catching Frogs

What if after kissing so many frogs to find your prince, it was your princess you were looking for this whole time? The adage rings true for 25 year old Marnie Cummings. After dating Liam, a hot and wealthy Swede who’s in love with her, b… more

Catching Frogs
Penn Pal Publishing , English
Do You Remember When? - Emily lawler

Do You Remember When?Emily lawler

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Toni and Beth connect in a morning of hot loving sex, exploring each others bodies in the only way they know how. For adults only. Contains sexual content.

Do You Remember When?
Emily lawler
The Lucky U - Kathleen Willett

The Lucky UKathleen Willett

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Welcome to The Lucky U!The Lucky U is a heart-warming story about Mitch Tanner, a down-on-her-luck lesbian whose life is about to take a dramatic turn for the better. When her luck changes, she has the time and resources to fulfill her aut… more

The Lucky U
Kathleen Willett
I am Your Sister: Season 2 - Ericka K. F.  Simpson

I am Your Sister: Season 2Ericka K. F. Simpson

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At 21 years old,Symone Holmes has finally transitioned into the second phase of her life,adulthood. As the WNBA’s top prospect coming out of college and with the loveof her life by her side, Symone is ready to start living her dreams withou… more

I am Your Sister: Season 2
Ericka K. F. Simpson
EKS Books , English
Reading Zazie Zelner - Zazie Zelner

Reading Zazie ZelnerZazie Zelner

Zazie Zelner’s e-books are erotic, entertaining, and satirical. Zazie Zelner’s texts are full of literary tricks.

Reading Zazie Zelner connects Zazie’s texts to Zazie’s tricks. After learning Zazie’s tricks, you’ll want to reread Zazie’s … more

Reading Zazie Zelner
Zazie Zelner