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Exposure - Roxanne Parrish

ExposureRoxanne Parrish

“I’m finding myself becoming bolder … freer … in my thoughts and in my actions.”

Sharon Stokes simply wanted to find a fun lady to share her home with, now that her daughter had gone off to college and the big house was so empty an… more

Roxanne Parrish
Paid in Full - Ann Roberts

Paid in FullAnn Roberts

Average wait: N/A

A quiet Sunday afternoon takes a deadly turn for real estate agent Ari Adams, who discovers the corpse of a business tycoon in one of her listings. When her best friend, Bob, becomes the prime suspect, Ari’s desire to prove his innocence pu… more

Paid in Full
Ann Roberts
Bella Books , English
Forevermore - Lynn Galli

ForevermoreLynn Galli

Average wait: N/A

For M Desiderius, finding someone to love who loves her back was all she could have asked for in life. After marrying Briony and settling in, she begins to hope for even more. Her secret wish is to provide a home for an orphaned girl like s… more

Lynn Galli
Penikila Press , English
Moonbeams and Skye (Winds of... - Kate Sweeney

Moonbeams and Skye (Winds of...Kate Sweeney

Average wait: N/A

In the sequel to Winds of Heaven, we find the Kennedy-Bennett family enjoying their first six months of newborn bliss—except when Casey has to change Tara’s diaper for the first time. But her best buddy little Skye comes to the rescue in he… more

Moonbeams and Skye (Winds of Heaven)
Kate Sweeney
Intaglio Publications , English
Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel ... - Amy Dawson Robertson

Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel ...Amy Dawson Robertson

Average wait: N/A

All Rennie Vogel wants is to serve her country.Rennie has devoted her life and body to training as an FBI counterterrorism operative. The brutal pace has slowly stripped away her private life until only the most fleeting contacts with other… more

Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel Intrigue
Amy Dawson Robertson
Bella Books , English
L' Babes, Lesbian Adventure ... - Rosalyn Wraight

L' Babes, Lesbian Adventure ...Rosalyn Wraight

Average wait: N/A

Maggie and Susan are doing their last hurrah as hostesses before their family grows and responsibilities change. It’ll be a Best of the Best weekend. But since there’s always a ‘but’ with this crew, the best may not simply be the good thing… more

L’ Babes, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 18
Rosalyn Wraight
Don’t Waste Daylight , English
Reading Zazie Zelner - Zazie Zelner

Reading Zazie ZelnerZazie Zelner

Zazie Zelner’s e-books are erotic, entertaining, and satirical. Zazie Zelner’s texts are full of literary tricks.

Reading Zazie Zelner connects Zazie’s texts to Zazie’s tricks. After learning Zazie’s tricks, you’ll want to reread Zazie’s … more

Reading Zazie Zelner
Zazie Zelner
Lonely Horizons - Annette De Burgh

Lonely HorizonsAnnette De Burgh

Average wait: N/A

Leon - The brave new world of being judged for your ability not your sex. Oh she had had such romantic notions of a life of love and laughter.

Dr Robin Mclean listened to the surge of male voices. At thirty-seven she somehow felt there sh… more

Lonely Horizons
Annette De Burgh
www.fwwpublishing.co.uk , English
Addicted to Adella - Anna Keraleigh

Addicted to AdellaAnna Keraleigh

Average wait: N/A

Welcome to Ulla Major! Home to the thousand-floor high rise, the best synthetic food in the quadrant, and the safest space port for five planets. Please be on the lookout for two fugitives, Adella and Sally. Adella Perski is wanted for the… more

Addicted to Adella
Anna Keraleigh
Evernight Publishing , English
End of the Rope - Jackie Calhoun

End of the RopeJackie Calhoun

Average wait: N/A

Meg Klein has two enduring loves—horses and Nicky Hennessey.When Meg buys a house with a barn and a few acres, her plans to convert it to a profitable stable go downhill with the economy. She finds it impossible to turn away horses whose ow… more

End of the Rope
Jackie Calhoun
Bella Books , English
The Education of Ellie - Jackie Calhoun

The Education of EllieJackie Calhoun

Average wait: N/A

Returning home to Pine Hill to attend her mother’s funeral Ellie sees her childhood friend Helen for the first time in thirty years. A lot has happened in thirty years. Both women are divorced with grown children and careers that satisfy th… more

The Education of Ellie
Jackie Calhoun
Bella Books , English
Life's Surprises - Jackie Calhoun

Life's SurprisesJackie Calhoun

Average wait: N/A

An after-work walk to clear her mind was what Mallory Kerrigan intended, but spotting Caitlyn Goodwin on the river trail interrupts her plans. At work she had watched as a distraught Caitlyn signed over the deed of her house to her ex-husba… more

Life’s Surprises
Jackie Calhoun
Bella Books , English
Lesbian Romance: Cowgirl Win... - Spirited Sapphire Publishing

Lesbian Romance: Cowgirl Win...Spirited Sapphire Publishing

Lesbian Romance: Cowgirl Winter - One Snowy Romance. In this short story lesbian fiction tale, Erin is a successful artist who recently transplanted to the countryside of Montana from the busy city life in Chicago. Excited about submersing … more

Lesbian Romance: Cowgirl Winter: One Snowy Romance
Spirited Sapphire Publishing
Spirited Sapphire Publishing , English
The Dance: My First Love - Kristy Cato

The Dance: My First LoveKristy Cato

Average wait: N/A

This is the first of a eight book series. This story is long overdue and has never been told. “”The Dance My First Love”” offers you, from everyday life, ,to laughter, sadness It will make you smile, cry , and most importantly think! Just … more

The Dance: My First Love
Kristy Cato
Booktango , English
Scaredy Cat - Robin Alexander

Scaredy CatRobin Alexander

1 rating
Average wait: 30d, 3h

Blake Taylor isn’t the queen of horror, but she’s certainly a member of the royal court. Blake has made a career out of writing novels that make her readers want to leave the lights on at night. What Blake’s fans and very few people realize… more

Scaredy Cat
Robin Alexander
Intaglio Publications , English
Mitch and the Governor - Kathleen Willett

Mitch and the GovernorKathleen Willett

Average wait: N/A

The sequel to The Lucky U begins with a bang as Mitch’s old girlfriend comes back to town. Mitch and Rebecca, the governor of Colorado, have barely had time to settle into their new life together when complications arise. Lisa, Mitch’s fo… more

Mitch and the Governor
Kathleen Willett
Fine - Sydney Canyon

FineSydney Canyon

Average wait: N/A

Collin Anderson hides behind a façade, pretending everything is fine. Her workaholic wife and best friend are both oblivious as she goes on an emotional journey, battling a potentially hereditary disease that her mother has been diagnosed w… more

Sydney Canyon
Triplicity Publishing, LLC , English
Cypress Lake - Graysen Morgen

Cypress LakeGraysen Morgen

Average wait: N/A

The small town of Cypress Lake is rocked when one murder after another happens. Dani Ricketts, the Chief Deputy for the Cypress Lake Sheriff’s Office, realizes the murders are linked. She’s surprised when the girl that broke her heart in hi… more

Cypress Lake
Graysen Morgen
Triplicity Publishing, LLC , English
The Magic of White Oak Lake ... - Robin Alexander

The Magic of White Oak Lake ...Robin Alexander

Average wait: N/A

Love’s potion is once again being brewed in the next installment of the White Oak Lake series. The matchmakers have found a new project in Leslie Parker when she rents Morgan Chassion’s cabin. As always, the intentions are good when Clarice… more

The Magic of White Oak Lake (White Oak Series Book 2)
Robin Alexander
Intaglio Publications , English
Spring Break Adventures: Kar... - Candy Kross

Spring Break Adventures: Kar...Candy Kross

Average wait: N/A

Susan put the laptop down in front of Brenda and Kelly. She began showing them her slideshow of the photos of the night before. Susan had Photoshopped them a little, but they still looked very real and legitimate. The girls jaws dropped a… more

Spring Break Adventures: Karen and Susan Take On Two Submissive Co-eds Volume 1
Candy Kross
Vince Stead , English