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Whispers in the Wind - Frankie J. Jones

Whispers in the WindFrankie J. Jones

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Athletic photographer Dixon Hayes thinks she and her best friend, high school teacher Elizabeth Colter, would make the perfect couple. There’s just one little problem— Elizabeth is only interested sharing a friendship and nothing more. Whe… more

Whispers in the Wind
Frankie J. Jones
Bella Books , English
She's The One - B L Miller, Verda Foster

She's The OneB L Miller, Verda Foster

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Career cop Laurel Waxman wasn’t looking for love when rookie Nicole Burke became her temporary partner. Looking or not, she finds it, and her routine life is turned upside down. Sure that Nicole feels the same, Laurel takes a chance. Will h… more

She’s The One
B L Miller, Verda Foster
Rose Quartz Publishing , English
A Road Less Travelled - Annette De Burgh

A Road Less TravelledAnnette De Burgh

1 rating
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At 21, Jordache Alexander meets Mell Quinn. Now at 29, Jordache is beautiful and successful but bitter and mourning the death of her lover Mell. She agrees to go to Devon for a poetry and painting course.

On the course is Frances Ledger 47… more

A Road Less Travelled
Annette De Burgh
www.fwwpublishing.co.uk , English
Do You Remember When? - Emily lawler

Do You Remember When?Emily lawler

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Toni and Beth connect in a morning of hot loving sex, exploring each others bodies in the only way they know how. For adults only. Contains sexual content.

Do You Remember When?
Emily lawler
The Following Sea - Geonn Cannon

The Following SeaGeonn Cannon

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Sara Tamirova doesn’t need much to make her happy. She’s a well-respected deckhand on an Alaskan salmon seiner in the summer months, and she has a steady stream of beds she can hop into if the winter gets too cold. But all that changes when… more

The Following Sea
Geonn Cannon
Supposed Crimes LLC , English
Mistress of Peacock Walk - Kate Sweeney

Mistress of Peacock WalkKate Sweeney

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Rose Culhane leads an unremarkable life. She lives in a quaint apartment on the North Side of Chicago and has an ordinary job that pays the bills and affords her a yearly adventure—to visit her cousin, Kathleen, and her family in Ireland at… more

Mistress of Peacock Walk
Kate Sweeney
Intaglio Publications , English
CHILDHOOD DAMAGES: The Rippl... - M. M. Zip Zimmerman

CHILDHOOD DAMAGES: The Rippl...M. M. Zip Zimmerman

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This lesbian love story presents a young woman’s struggle with abuse throughout her life. She receives help from a woman who owns an agency called We Care, and they find their mutual attraction surprising and enlightening.

M. M. Zip Zimmerman
Build Me A Dream - Kate Sweeney

Build Me A DreamKate Sweeney

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Three old cronies from Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Jean, Yolanda—or Yoyo as she’s known—and Edie had a ridiculous idea. The adorable, if not eccentric women wanted to do a revival of The Chordettes, the famous quartet from the fifties. They wante… more

Build Me A Dream
Kate Sweeney
Intaglio Publications , English
Romeo Fails - Amy Briant

Romeo FailsAmy Briant

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Dorsey Larue nicknamed her the”Naked Silver Lake Goddess.” It was a one-night only encounter, no names, with only the music from the women’s festival and the stars as witnesses. Dorsey reluctantly returns home to Romeo Falls, where life in … more

Romeo Fails
Amy Briant
Bella Books , English
Beating  A Stud: At Her Own Game - Kristy Cato

Beating A Stud: At Her Own GameKristy Cato

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This is the story of that one sexy stud who catches your eye, yet you know she’s a player, so how do you beat her at her own game and whatever happens to the one who got away?

Beating A Stud: At Her Own Game
Kristy Cato
Kristy Cato , English
Catching Frogs -

Catching Frogs

What if after kissing so many frogs to find your prince, it was your princess you were looking for this whole time? The adage rings true for 25 year old Marnie Cummings. After dating Liam, a hot and wealthy Swede who’s in love with her, b… more

Catching Frogs
Penn Pal Publishing , English
Bella Vita - Sydney Canyon

Bella VitaSydney Canyon

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Brady Mohan is the First Officer of the crew on the Bella Vita, a luxury charter yacht in the Caribbean. She enjoys the laidback island lifestyle, and mingling with the rich and famous has it perks too. She’s accustomed to high profile gues… more

Bella Vita
Sydney Canyon
Triplicity Publishing, LLC , English
Crashing Waves - Graysen Morgen

Crashing WavesGraysen Morgen

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After a tragic accident, Pro Surfer, Rory Eden, spends her days hiding in the surf and snowboard manufacturing company that she built from the ground up, while living her life as a shell of the person that she once was. Rory’s world is turn… more

Crashing Waves
Graysen Morgen
Triplicity Publishing, LLC , English
Light Reading: A Collection ... - Sydney Canyon

Light Reading: A Collection ...Sydney Canyon

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Light Reading: A Collection of Novellas is a collection of Sydney Canyon’s novellas, including:

Shadow’s Eyes Tyler is the owner of a large ranch that breeds and sells different types of horses. She isn’t exactly thrilled when a movie pro… more

Light Reading: A Collection of Novellas
Sydney Canyon
Triplicity Publishing, LLC , English
Fine - Sydney Canyon

FineSydney Canyon

Average wait: N/A

Collin Anderson hides behind a façade, pretending everything is fine. Her workaholic wife and best friend are both oblivious as she goes on an emotional journey, battling a potentially hereditary disease that her mother has been diagnosed w… more

Sydney Canyon
Triplicity Publishing, LLC , English
Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel ... - Amy Dawson Robertson

Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel ...Amy Dawson Robertson

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All Rennie Vogel wants is to serve her country.Rennie has devoted her life and body to training as an FBI counterterrorism operative. The brutal pace has slowly stripped away her private life until only the most fleeting contacts with other… more

Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel Intrigue
Amy Dawson Robertson
Bella Books , English
Moonbeams and Skye (Winds of... - Kate Sweeney

Moonbeams and Skye (Winds of...Kate Sweeney

Average wait: N/A

In the sequel to Winds of Heaven, we find the Kennedy-Bennett family enjoying their first six months of newborn bliss—except when Casey has to change Tara’s diaper for the first time. But her best buddy little Skye comes to the rescue in he… more

Moonbeams and Skye (Winds of Heaven)
Kate Sweeney
Intaglio Publications , English
Small Town Secrets - Anna Grey

Small Town SecretsAnna Grey

Lesbian fiction novella- When Everlee Thomas hears about the death of an old school friend, she decides to go back home. But home isn’t how she left it……..and she is a killer’s next target.

Small Town Secrets
Anna Grey
Annabella Cichon , English
Cover Up in the Holy Land - Ilana Berner

Cover Up in the Holy LandIlana Berner

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In the Holy Land every archeological find leads to controversy, either between the religious and the secular, the Christians and the Jews, or the Biblical scholars and the scientists. While this book is fiction, those controversies provided… more

Cover Up in the Holy Land
Ilana Berner
I am Your Sister: Season 2 - Ericka K. F.  Simpson

I am Your Sister: Season 2Ericka K. F. Simpson

At 21 years old,Symone Holmes has finally transitioned into the second phase of her life,adulthood. As the WNBA’s top prospect coming out of college and with the loveof her life by her side, Symone is ready to start living her dreams withou… more

I am Your Sister: Season 2
Ericka K. F. Simpson
EKS Books , English