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ALDI-Geschichten: Ein Gesell...Eberhard Fedtke

ALDI - Erinnerungen aus der Schaltzentrale des Discount-Imperiums. Vor 50 Jahren haben die Gebrüder Albrecht ihr Discount-Prinzip entwickelt, das ALDI zu einem der führenden Einzelhandelskonzerne Europas gemacht hat. In diesem Buch zeigt ei… more

ALDI-Geschichten: Ein Gesellschafter erinnert sich. (German Edition)
Eberhard Fedtke
NWB Verlag , German

Code of Professional Conduct...Kitty Hailey CLI CFE

People come to private investigators to seek help in different situations. Lawyers use investigators to gather information for their cases; business executives hire investigators to discover fraudulent activity within their companies; and c… more

Code of Professional Conduct: Standards and Ethics for the Investigative Profession, Second Edition
Kitty Hailey CLI CFE
Lawyers & Judges Publishing , English

Canada - Guide to Law Firms 2014The Legal 500

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The Legal 500 Canada is the guide to ‘the best of the best’ national law firms in the Canada.

The performance of each firm is assessed by reviewing a wide range of criteria. Recommendations from clients provide first-hand feedback on servi… more

Canada - Guide to Law Firms 2014
The Legal 500
Legalease Ltd , English

Texas Estate Planning Statut...Gerry W. Beyer

Texas Estate Planning Statutes with Commentary: 2011-2013 Edition is a compilation of Texas statutes which are significant to law school and paralegal courses related to estate planning such as Wills & Estates, Trusts, Estate Planning, Est… more

Texas Estate Planning Statutes With Commentary : 2011-2013 Edition
Gerry W. Beyer
AuthorHouse , English

The Philosophy of the Teachi...Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

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The essay entitled The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam was written in Urdu by Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi(as) at the invitation of Swami Shugan Chandar Sahib under whose auspicious the conference of Great … more

The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Islam International Publications , English

Offshore E-commerce TaxationIBLS Inc.

The growth of offshore e-commerce raises many new issues for governments, tax authorities, and legislators; and the question of taxation is by far the most challenging of these. E-business entrepreneurs need to keep abreast of the recent de… more

Offshore E-commerce Taxation
Internet Business Law Services (IBLS) , English

Foreclosure Law 101: The Ani...Dr. Vook Ph.D, Vook

Introducing “Foreclosure Law 101: The Animated TextVook” – a lively, informed crash course featuring engaging animations, that will get you up-to-speed on the laws that govern our homes and finances. Whether you are facing foreclosure, inte… more

Foreclosure Law 101: The Animated TextVook
Dr. Vook Ph.D, Vook
Vook , English

Hong Kong's Constitutional D...

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This book explores legal and constitutional issues in Hong Kong’s relationship with mainland China through an analysis of the litigation on the right of abode of the children of Hong Kong residents who are born and live in the mainland. The… more

Hong Kong’s Constitutional Debate: Conflict Over Interpretation
Hong Kong University Press , English

How to be Smart, Shrewd & Cu...Richard Lee Orey

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Millions of us feel lost in the pressures of our modern world. Personal and economic stresses drive us to divorce, charges of driving under the influence and work-related embezzlement and contract disputes. We face misfortunes that leave u… more

How to be Smart, Shrewd & Cunning - Legally!
Richard Lee Orey
Xlibris , English

Contempt of ParliamentWood Kieron

Four centuries ago, when lawyer Edward Floyde insulted the King of England’s children, he was sentenced to ride backwards on a horse without a saddle across London, a ‘K’ was branded on his forehead and he was fined £5,000 and imprisoned fo… more

Contempt of Parliament
Wood Kieron
Clarus Press , English

Henry Wade's Tough Justice: ...Edward Gray

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Charles Chatman believed he would die in a Texas prison. He was sent there at age 21, convicted of raping a 52 year old white woman in his neighborhood, and sentenced to 99 years. The victim had picked his picture out of a line-up and the j… more

Henry Wade’s Tough Justice: How Dallas County Prosecutors Led the Nation in Convicting the Innocent
Edward Gray
Dog Ear Publishing , English

A Seventh Child and The LawPatrick Yu Shuk-siu

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The author comes from a distinguished family in Hong Kong. His father, Yu Wan, was an eminent figure in educational circles both before and after the Second World War. In Part I of this book, there is a detailed description of the unique ci… more

A Seventh Child and The Law
Patrick Yu Shuk-siu
Hong Kong University Press , English

Lucifer's ChildElliott L. Epstein

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On a chilly, gray autumn afternoon in 1984, a patrolman was dispatched to an inner-city tenement in Auburn, Maine to investigate the report of a possible fire. What he found inside the building’s smoke-filled, second-story apartment was not… more

Lucifer’s Child
Elliott L. Epstein
Authorhouse , English

Getting Legal Help

Table of ContentsLegal Help InfoAffordable Legal HelpOnline Legal HelpConsidering other Legal Help TypesacknowledgingAffording Legal Help Concerning BankruptcyAsking Help on Legalities Regarding Medical MalpracticeConditions for Financial M… more

Getting Legal Help
Rinky Dink Press , English

How to Represent Yourself Ag...Greg Okwuosah

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How to Represent Yourself Against the IRS in the United States Tax Courtby Greg Okwuosah

How to Represent Yourself Against the IRS in the United States Tax Court
Greg Okwuosah
AuthorHouse , English

Constitutional Law: The Quick GuideVook

Constitutional Law: The Quick Guide” presents a comprehensive reference to the laws of the U.S. Constitution in a compact, useful format. This digital compendium highlights all of the key roles and rights of the individual and the governme… more

Constitutional Law: The Quick Guide
Vook , English

Tracking the Bullet Saved My ChildDemetri Bell

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Tracking the Bullet Saved My Child
Demetri Bell
Xlibris , English

Islamic Rules of OrderImad-ad-Dean Ahmad

Organizations must have rules of order to facilitate their debate and to fill in the procedures not detailed by their constitutional documents. While most American organizations are content to operate by Robert’s Rules of Order, Muslim orga… more

Islamic Rules of Order
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad
amana publications , English

The Fairfax County CourthouseRuby Waldeck, Ross De Witt N...

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Fairfax County Courthouse
Ruby Waldeck, Ross De Witt Netherton


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In the booklet under review, the author has complied 100 Messages of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) contained in the 1906 most authentic and ‘Agreed upon Ahadith’ from Al-Bukhari and Muslim.According to the Holy Quran every Muslim is requ… more

M Usman Pervaiz