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The Transactions of the Roya... - Royal Irish Academy

The Transactions of the Roya...Royal Irish Academy

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The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, Volume 21, Part 1Publica
Royal Irish Academy
Old Classics , English
Quick and Easy Breads for Gl... - Virginia Schollenberger

Quick and Easy Breads for Gl...Virginia Schollenberger

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Families with gluten-intolerant members need simple, inexpensive solutions for mealtimes. This collection of gluten-free quick breads helps families put bread on the table for all three meals. Even friends and family with unrestricted diets… more

Quick and Easy Breads for Gluten-Free Cooking
Virginia Schollenberger
Choosing Your Adult Cat: An ... - Peter Hedges

Choosing Your Adult Cat: An ...Peter Hedges

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Pets of all sorts are capable of bringing great joy to owners, and none more so than cats and dogs, creatures that interact particularly closely with humans. In the family home, a cat or dog can become a much loved member of the family, off… more

Choosing Your Adult Cat: An alternative to bringing home a new kitten
Peter Hedges
Peter Hedges , English
"The life of the Right Rever... - Henry Kaye Bonney

"The life of the Right Rever...Henry Kaye Bonney

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The life of the Right Reverend Father in God, Jeremy Taylor …”
Henry Kaye Bonney
Classics , English
Girlfriends: Boys Behaving Badly - Jean Ure

Girlfriends: Boys Behaving BadlyJean Ure

They’re the GIRLFRIENDS - Polly, Keri, Frizz and Lily. They’re totally INSEPARABLE, but totally INDIVIDUAL too! A brand-new story in this brilliant series: unmissable books for girls! Polly’s getting tired of doing the same things with her … more

Girlfriends: Boys Behaving Badly
Jean Ure
Orchard Books , English
Jason's Final Coming - Terry Smith

Jason's Final ComingTerry Smith

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Juvenile delinquent Jason Taylor is murdered by his best friend, Nicholas Page. Jason’s spirit appears in hereafter— where he learns that his mother is about to die after she was shot while killing his killer. Jason returns to life as a s… more

Jason’s Final Coming
Terry Smith
iUniverse , English
Trade Offs - W.A. Jacob

Trade OffsW.A. Jacob

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Trade Offs
W.A. Jacob
Dark Flowers - Tina Marie

Dark FlowersTina Marie

As Spock said in Star Trek, “In an insane society, the sane appear insane”. These are my poems and thoughts of my life experience so far and a simple philosophy that I express to allow me to function in the apparent chaos that surrounds me…. more

Dark Flowers
Tina Marie
iUniverse , English