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Don't Feed Me - Gluten-free,... - Joyce Nielsen

Don't Feed Me - Gluten-free,...Joyce Nielsen

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This cookbook gives you the basics of how to cook gluten-free and dairy-free. In addition to information on Celiac disease, casein allergy, cross-contamination issues and Aivah’s story, it includes descriptions of gluten-free ingredients an… more

Don’t Feed Me - Gluten-free, Dairy-free Cooking
Joyce Nielsen
Crazy for Kale: Glow from th... - Hallie Klecker

Crazy for Kale: Glow from th...Hallie Klecker

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Crazy for Kale offers 40 wholesome recipes that make the most of kale in everything from salads to main dishes to snacks and sweet treats. Whether you’re a longtime kale lover or new on the leafy green scene, you’ll find yourself making the… more

Crazy for Kale: Glow from the Inside Out with 40 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes
Hallie Klecker
Pure Living Press , English
The Riviera, Ancient and Modern
Charles Lenth?ric, Charles West Charles Pierre Marie Lentheric
Old Classics , English
Retrogenesis - Robert Joseph Iwaniec

RetrogenesisRobert Joseph Iwaniec

 Retrogenesis is the sixth volume of thought-provoking poetry released by Dr. Robert Joseph Iwaniec – The Philosopher Poet. This engaging collection presents readers the rare opportunity to view the world through new eyes.   “Dr. Iwaniec i… more

Robert Joseph Iwaniec
AuthorHouse , English
Choosing Your Adult Cat: An ... - Peter Hedges

Choosing Your Adult Cat: An ...Peter Hedges

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Pets of all sorts are capable of bringing great joy to owners, and none more so than cats and dogs, creatures that interact particularly closely with humans. In the family home, a cat or dog can become a much loved member of the family, off… more

Choosing Your Adult Cat: An alternative to bringing home a new kitten
Peter Hedges
Peter Hedges , English
"The life of the Right Rever... - Henry Kaye Bonney

"The life of the Right Rever...Henry Kaye Bonney

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The life of the Right Reverend Father in God, Jeremy Taylor …”
Henry Kaye Bonney
Classics , English
Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volumes 22-24; Vol
Royal Astronomical Society
Old Classics , English
"H": A Novel - Barbara Dinerman

"H": A NovelBarbara Dinerman

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After being infected with herpes, Joan Halprin, a single woman in her mid-thirties, feels untouchable. She spent her youth enjoying worldly experiences in New York and Paris, but now it’s time to start a career as a copywriter for a Florida… more

H”: A Novel
Barbara Dinerman
iUniverse , English