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Sex and the Single Mom - Cheryl Kelmar

Sex and the Single MomCheryl Kelmar

TABLEOF CONTENTS: Athoughtful discussion about the issues that face single mothers whenseeking romance, such as Dating and the Single Mom; Interviews ofSingle Moms; such as Mary a Stripper; Jane, a Conservative; Samanthafrom France; Shelly … more

Sex and the Single Mom
Cheryl Kelmar
"Hollywood Lips, Baby Bird &... - Chloe Dee Noble

"Hollywood Lips, Baby Bird &...Chloe Dee Noble

This book contains one short story. It is a true and meandering precious little story but not necessarily a story for children. If you have the Kindle eBook or the paperback edition of “Rear Elephant” it is already included in that collec… more

Hollywood Lips, Baby Bird & Piggyback Possum”
Chloe Dee Noble
Blindfold Press , English
P. EWE Talk...Five Rows Back... - Deacon Dan McGrath, Carol McGrath

P. EWE Talk...Five Rows Back...Deacon Dan McGrath, Carol McGrath

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Passages of life experiences from womb to tomb seen through the eyes of Deacon Dan McGrath…(Deacon and Pastoral Administrator of Holy Spirit Catholic Community) and his wife…Carol. Shared from the pews.(No kneeling required). Smiles and… more

P. EWE Talk…Five Rows Back and Three Seats In (Journey With Us)
Deacon Dan McGrath, Carol McGrath
Carol McGrath , English
The Three Greatest Needs In A Home - Walter James

The Three Greatest Needs In A HomeWalter James

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The first thing in love- marriage and hour to treat your spouse, hour to communicate with each other.How to raise your children that God has blessed you with, hour to talk with them and Christise them the way God want you too.The book tell… more

The Three Greatest Needs In A Home
Walter James
Xlibris , English
ANKI (UN AMOR NACIDO CON LA ... - danielle revaud

ANKI (UN AMOR NACIDO CON LA ...danielle revaud

la primera parte de tres donde su protagonista vive y actúa según la siguiente cita. “Solo existe un amor para cada ser y no tiene principio ni fin. Nació con la creación y como la vida eterna, es eterno. De ahí la importancia de saber … more

danielle revaud
The Complete Dating Guide -

The Complete Dating Guide

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current dating life? Do you feel that the passion and attraction are barely there or missing altogether? Whether you’re looking to find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with or you simp… more

The Complete Dating Guide
Why Are You Hurting Me? : Un... - Shirley Young

Why Are You Hurting Me? : Un...Shirley Young

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Understand Why People Hurt People Have you ever wondered why someone you love would hurt you?Are you in pain and want to stop the hurt?Are you hurting others and want to stop?What are the signs of a hurting person?This book answers these q… more

Why Are You Hurting Me? : Understand Why People Hurt People
Shirley Young
Xlibris , English
Devil In The Details II (Dev... - LT Morrison

Devil In The Details II (Dev...LT Morrison

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Volume II - Mastery Refined: The Issues & The SkillsThe critical real life issues facing all Master-slave couples. Developing skills and a framework to solve the issues within the M/s dynamic, is the Art of Mastery.Volume II carries on whe… more

Devil In The Details II (Devil In The Details - The Art of Mastery - A Mentoring Trilogy)
LT Morrison
LT Morrison , English
Relationships - Robert Alfred Taylor Jr.

RelationshipsRobert Alfred Taylor Jr.

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Robert Alfred Taylor Jr.
Xlibris , English
How To Win Friends, Influenc... - Mike Carnegie

How To Win Friends, Influenc...Mike Carnegie

Commuter Summary for people “on the go” for those who want to Win Friends and Influence People Effectively. Simple Steps.This is a summarized critical book review, literary analysis and critique, which is protected under fair use. It is mea… more

How To Win Friends, Influence People, Commuter Summary
Mike Carnegie
Guide to Online Dating and M... -

Guide to Online Dating and M...

Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking!Are you ready to find a budding romance online?This 57 page Guide has been researched on how to best present yourself and find a meaningful relationship online. It is amazing and you can refer back to … more

Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking !
How To Cheat Like A Man: A H... - Paulo Rossi

How To Cheat Like A Man: A H...Paulo Rossi

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Let’s face it, ladies: there are a lot of good things to be said about having an affair. It can bring the passion, romance and excitement back into your life that may be missing from your marriage or monogamous relationship while keeping th… more

How To Cheat Like A Man: A How-To-Guide for Women Who Want to Stray, Play and Get Away With It
Paulo Rossi
BookBaby , English
Chimera Recovery - Connie Whipple

Chimera RecoveryConnie Whipple

People need each other. Friendships can mean the difference between a happy, successful life and a life filled with pain. This is a story about what a difference in one’s life other people can make.

Chimera Recovery
Connie Whipple
The Widows of Rainman Island - Miriam Peterson

The Widows of Rainman IslandMiriam Peterson

This story examines the stuff that real relationships are built from. You will find yourself thinking about the characters long after you finish the book. The story is engaging, intellectually stimulating, atmospheric and suspenseful — … more

The Widows of Rainman Island
Miriam Peterson
The Art of the Compliment, 2... - Jonathan Clyde Moore

The Art of the Compliment, 2...Jonathan Clyde Moore

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The problem with most of the advice men get about relationships is that it is both stupid and wrong. It’s stupid because it pretends we can stop being men. It’s wrong because it insists we stop being men.You can be a man and be successful a… more

The Art of the Compliment, 2nd Edition: A Man’s Guide to a Relationship
Jonathan Clyde Moore
Suck Free Publishing , English
Queer Theory, Gender Theory - Riki Wilchins

Queer Theory, Gender TheoryRiki Wilchins

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A one-stop, no-nonsense introduction to the core of postmodern theory, particularly its impact on queer and gender studies. Nationally known gender activist Riki Wilchins combines straightforward prose with concrete examples from LGBT and f… more

Queer Theory, Gender Theory
Riki Wilchins
Riverdale Avenue Books , English
Be Yourself Seduction -

Be Yourself Seduction

Get HOT Women Into Your Bed Without Acting Fake, Without Following A Complicated System,And Without Being A “Weirdo.” Finally, you CAN attract sexy, fun-loving, interesting women — total “10’s” — WITHOUT any of the difficulties of traditi… more

Be Yourself Seduction
The Power Of Relationships: ... - Tim Johnson, Steve Pavlina

The Power Of Relationships: ...Tim Johnson, Steve Pavlina

About the authorsSteve Pavlina is widely recognized as one ofthe most successful personal development writers, attracting more thantwo million monthly readers. He has written more than 1000 articles andrecorded many audio programs on a broa… more

The Power Of Relationships: Solutions To Strengthen Your Marriage, Love Life, and Friendships (Effective Ways To Unlock The Power Of Your Relationships)
Tim Johnson, Steve Pavlina
Ebook On Man And Woman Dynam... - Allen Harper

Ebook On Man And Woman Dynam...Allen Harper

“ Learning About Man And Woman Dynamics Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Relationship!”A Simple Guide To Understanding The Opposite Sex!With increasing tensions at work and with greater expectations of lasting romance at home, re… more

Ebook On Man And Woman Dynamics. A Simple Guide To Understanding The Opposite Sex
Allen Harper
Women: A Textbook for Men. B... - Oleg Novoselov

Women: A Textbook for Men. B...Oleg Novoselov

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In Women: A Textbook for Men, Oleg Novoselov explains how to unlock your leadership instincts and become the kind of man women crave. We humans have taken over the planet and created an affluent, comfortable society, but deep down we’re sti… more

Women: A Textbook for Men. Become the Kind of Man Women Desire. The Last Book You Ever Need to Read.
Oleg Novoselov
Laurel Crest Publishing Inc. , English