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Predictons for 2015 - Kurt B. Bakley

Predictons for 2015Kurt B. Bakley

Predictions for 2015Will on August 10, 2015, plus or minus three days, or July- August or August 28-29, September 7-8, 19, 26-27, October 15 of 2015-2018 and/or January of 2019 a very great earthquake and/or volcano eruption or a comet or … more

Predictons for 2015
Kurt B. Bakley
AuthorHouse , English


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This book is designed to answer questions about becoming spiritually mature and getting to heaven. The various denominations have different doctrines. This leads to much confusion. Since the only thing that counts is what the Bible require… more

AuthorHouse , English
His Christmas Presence - Greg Laurie

His Christmas PresenceGreg Laurie

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Never Be Disappointed Again!If you find yourself looking to tradition, nostalgia, family, or gifts to really “make your Christmas” this year….watch out! You could be in for a big letdown. But if in the middle of all the hurry, worry, an… more

His Christmas Presence
Greg Laurie
Kerygma Publishing , English
See The Cane?: "When MS Stri... - Karen Murphy Anderson

See The Cane?: "When MS Stri...Karen Murphy Anderson

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See The Cane?: “When MS Strikes, strike back”By:Karen Murphy Anderson

See The Cane?: “When MS Strikes, strike back”
Karen Murphy Anderson
Xlibris , English
The Sacred Light of Healing:... - Ronald Roth

The Sacred Light of Healing:...Ronald Roth

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Few American spiritual teachers of recent years have inspired others as lovingly as Ron Roth. After serving the Roman Catholic Church as a priest for twenty-five years, Roth left to pursue a more universal spirituality, teaching the possib… more

The Sacred Light of Healing: Teachings and Meditations on Divine Oneness
Ronald Roth
iUniverse , English
Precaution Why Weep - Janet Davis

Precaution Why WeepJanet Davis

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Precaution Why WeepBy: Janet Davis Precaution Why Weep was written to encourage and strengthen anyone or anybody that suffers with or become discourage and depress with the cares of this world. Many of us today know or have heard about Je… more

Precaution Why Weep
Janet Davis
Xlibris , English
Rich In Blessings: How to li... - Darrell D. Kelly

Rich In Blessings: How to li...Darrell D. Kelly

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Rich in Blessings is a new approach to an old message and is easy to understand and apply. This book highlights 17 principles that explain in detail God’s plan for our lives and how we can be successful and attain our Destiny in Him. While… more

Rich In Blessings: How to lives God’s Way into Wealth & Prosperity
Darrell D. Kelly
Booktango , English
The Sound of Bells: Meher Ba... - Norah Moore

The Sound of Bells: Meher Ba...Norah Moore

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This book brings together the teachings of Meher Baba and the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung for the first time. Many people would wish to bring together their inner experience of spirituality and psychological development. Meher Baba did… more

The Sound of Bells: Meher Baba, Carl Gustav Jung and Eastern Mysticism Spiritual Progress and Psychological Blocks
Norah Moore
AuthorHouse , English
The Power of I Believe: A Bo... - Robert Lee Fields

The Power of I Believe: A Bo...Robert Lee Fields

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This book is based on my writings in the journals I kept over six years. I have always had a strong belief in God. These writings reflect my spiritual nature.I wrote this book because many people who have had a stroke do not find the motiva… more

The Power of I Believe: A Book of Motivation, Encouragement, and Inspirational Throughts after a Stroke
Robert Lee Fields
Authorhouse , English
The Antibiotic an Ailing Ame... - Colonel Don Wilson

The Antibiotic an Ailing Ame...Colonel Don Wilson

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This book is a fast-paced, clear, and concise exposure of a declining America with solutions to restore her greatness. Full of inspiring quotes from the giants of our history as a nation, this book explores our godly heritage, information y… more

The Antibiotic an Ailing America Needs
Colonel Don Wilson
WestBowPress , English
Must I Tell It? I Gotta Tell It!:A Book of Sermons that Are Promoting, Pronouncing, Propelling, Prospering and Providential
Addie June Hall
AuthorHouse , English
The Price to Pay - Joseph Fadelle

The Price to PayJoseph Fadelle

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During his military service, Muhammad, a young Muslim Iraqi from a leading Shiite family, discovers to his dismay that his roommate is a Christian. Muhammad tries to convert his roommate, but he is the one who is converted.In Islam changing… more

The Price to Pay
Joseph Fadelle
Ignatius Press , English
God's Kingdom on Earth - Jr. Charles Anderson Godby

God's Kingdom on EarthJr. Charles Anderson Godby

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This book provides a roadmap within which one may find a deeper understanding of God”s grand plan for mankind. It describes His creation schemes, and the majesty of man - reflecting on his direction, history, and responsibilities. It defin… more

God’s Kingdom on Earth
Jr. Charles Anderson Godby
AuthorHouse , English
Mine All Mine Can Be Yours - Charles A. Jones

Mine All Mine Can Be YoursCharles A. Jones

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Mine All Mine Can Be Yours by: Charles A. Jones

Mine All Mine Can Be Yours
Charles A. Jones
AuthorHouse , English
Power From God To forgive - John Young

Power From God To forgiveJohn Young

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Power From God To forgiveBy: John Young

Power From God To forgive
John Young
iUniverse , English
The Dancing Hand of God, Vol... - James Maloney

The Dancing Hand of God, Vol...James Maloney

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James Maloney’s life began with abuse, rejection and fear.  His is an all-too-typical story of an unwanted baby who became suicidal at the age of fourteen.  But all of that changed New Year’s Day 1971, when in a moment of greatest despair,… more

The Dancing Hand of God, Volume 1: Unveiling the Fullness of God through Apostolic Signs, Wonders and Miracles
James Maloney
WestBowPress , English
How to Strengthen Your Walk ... - Barbara Ann King

How to Strengthen Your Walk ...Barbara Ann King

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To put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in… more

How to Strengthen Your Walk with God
Barbara Ann King
Trafford , English
Formed and Transformed by Hi... - Rev. Alfred Flatten

Formed and Transformed by Hi...Rev. Alfred Flatten

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Rev. Alfred Flatten had a productive life as a musician and as a partner in a successful home building business. But when the housing market fell apart, so did life as he and his family knew it. It took him a while to find his way, but ulti… more

Formed and Transformed by His Hand: Real Life, Real Lessons
Rev. Alfred Flatten
CrossBooks , English
365 Inspirations: One Minute... - Mark Rose

365 Inspirations: One Minute...Mark Rose

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What do Donald Trump, Wayne Dyer, Buddha, and Helen Keller have in common?

They all have said great things in an effort to teach us how to live better lives. But how can you use that wisdom today?

In 365 Inspirations: One Minute Insights… more

365 Inspirations: One Minute Insightst for Love, Success, and Happiness
Mark Rose
The Claflin Media Group LLC , English