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Seriously-Cancer? I Do Not H... - Lauren Graham

Seriously-Cancer? I Do Not H...Lauren Graham

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Lauren Graham was three weeks away from turning twenty-one—loving college life, her friends, and her family—when her life was turned upside down and changed forever. She was diagnosed with cancer—specifically, with acute lymphoblastic lymph… more

Seriously-Cancer? I Do Not Have Time for This!
Lauren Graham
InspiringVoices , English
Soulfood For All Seasons - Ngaire J. Adamson

Soulfood For All SeasonsNgaire J. Adamson

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Many of us go through the experiences oflife with out giving a thought as to how wecould learn from these situations.For those who do learn from life’s ups anddowns, there are few who have the gift ofbeing able to share these lessons with o… more

Soulfood For All Seasons
Ngaire J. Adamson
Xlibris , English
Of Paradise Despised ... And... - Roy  Alexander Graham

Of Paradise Despised ... And...Roy Alexander Graham

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Most of us will agree that our lives are, in many ways, not all that we would like them to be. We expend a great amount of energy reaching for a better us. The desire to lead more satisfying lives is the impetus behind many of the choices w… more

Of Paradise Despised … And lives that bought into a lie
Roy Alexander Graham
Figtree Books , English
What Have You Got to Lose? - Eric Thompson

What Have You Got to Lose?Eric Thompson

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When you are tired of losing, it is time to stop being entertained and start being educated. The answer to the question posed by the title of this book comes in three parts.The first is that when all else fails, you have nothing to lose ex… more

What Have You Got to Lose?
Eric Thompson
WestBowPress , English
Back to the Beginning... - Mary Barrett

Back to the Beginning...Mary Barrett

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A Collection of Reflective and Devotional Spiritual StudiesGo back to the beginning …and remember again all the love available to us in God. We all can find ourselves knocked off course when life gets out of focus. But remembering what o… more

Back to the Beginning…
Mary Barrett
iUniverse , English
Devotions from a Hunting, Fi... - Gary Miller

Devotions from a Hunting, Fi...Gary Miller

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This collection of devotions from father to son draws upon the rich experiences of men who hunt, fish, love the outdoors, and all kinds of sports; it illustrates spiritual lessons for growing into the kind of men who follow Christ with zea… more

Devotions from a Hunting, Fishing, and Sports Father to His Son
Gary Miller
CrossBooks , English
Evening Time Laborers: Resur... - Gary Wilson

Evening Time Laborers: Resur...Gary Wilson

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Evening Time Laborers: Resurrection of Hitlerby Gary Wilson

Evening Time Laborers: Resurrection of Hitler
Gary Wilson
Xlibris , English
A Glimmer of Light:Studies i... - Paul Young

A Glimmer of Light:Studies i...Paul Young

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Lamentation- often neglected by churches and preachers today. Yet it has powerful relevance for God’s people in contemporary society. It is a book that needs to be read, studied and applied.”

A Glimmer of Light:Studies in the Book of Lamentations
Paul Young
AuthorHouse , English
What God Has Done For Me: An... - Calvin Wilson

What God Has Done For Me: An...Calvin Wilson

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Much of my life has been unhappy. I had the worst of tempers. I could not and did not want to forgive. I wanted revenge or to get even with people. I used to hope that something bad would happen to those I felt had done me wrong. I was stre… more

What God Has Done For Me: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, and Worry Are Gone
Calvin Wilson
WestBowPress , English
And The Waters Parted: Leavi... - Coraleen

And The Waters Parted: Leavi...Coraleen

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Four marriages, drinking, drugs, and many years later, the waters parted. Char had searched for answeres as to why she had been raped at thirteen only to find walls of every kind. Hate, anger, and fear kept her from a wholesome well balanc… more

And The Waters Parted: Leaving the Past Behind
AuthorHouse , English
RELIGION - Joseph R. Sgro

RELIGIONJoseph R. Sgro

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Is religion confusing? Does it make you uncomfortable? The path to the Lord shouldn’t be. Are feelings of emptiness and longing gripping your soul? Are you searching for relief from the torrent of day-to-day pressure and stress? Have you ha… more

Joseph R. Sgro
Xlibris , English
The Holy Grail - Anton Keyter

The Holy GrailAnton Keyter

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From the very beginning of the creation of the universe 6,000 years ago, have we once experienced an event on Earth confirming the existence of the Holy Spirit? Not only will you now finally be able to meet yourself, but you will also meet … more

The Holy Grail
Anton Keyter
RoseDog Books , English
Worship Walk: where worship ... - Gareth J Goossen

Worship Walk: where worship ...Gareth J Goossen

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“Gareth Goossen describes worship as entailing more than music, as entailing all of life. To that one can only say a hearty ‘Amen.’ But he does more than this, for he not only describes the goal of worship, doing so in a very down-to-earth … more

Worship Walk: where worship and life intersect
Gareth J Goossen
WestBowPress , English
Men God Expect More...What I... - Alice Alexander-Favors

Men God Expect More...What I...Alice Alexander-Favors

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Men God Expect More…” is designed to give the readers the guidance they need to stand strong and be able to study the word of God. This book can also be used as a study tool for your Bible Study and small study group.

Men God Expect More…What Is Your More?
Alice Alexander-Favors
AuthorHouse , English
Possess the Promise: Guide o... - April C. Clark

Possess the Promise: Guide o...April C. Clark

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There is not a person alive who does not want to see his or her God-given dreams become a reality, enjoy peace of mind, and experience true joy. With Possess the Promise, you will learn how to pursue a relationship with God through prayer … more

Possess the Promise: Guide on How to Manifest God’s Promises Plus Overcome the Anxieties and Disappointments of Life.
April C. Clark
WestBowPress , English
A PLACE TO BELONG: Spiritual... - Robert A. Williams

A PLACE TO BELONG: Spiritual...Robert A. Williams

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In this provocative and insightful book the author deals with guilt, grace, forgiveness, love, and-in a most significant way with theChurch as it is and can be.Our turbulent world, in social and moral revolution, is desperately in need of … more

A PLACE TO BELONG: Spiritual Renewal For Our Time
Robert A. Williams
Trafford , English
The Purpose Driven Donkey - Jamie Lynn Warren

The Purpose Driven DonkeyJamie Lynn Warren

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The Purpose Driven Donkey will melt your heart as he shows you that love runs deep and it always finds a way to hold on to hope. As the small donkey goes from knowing he is cared for to wondering why he is left all alone. This is a story of… more

The Purpose Driven Donkey
Jamie Lynn Warren
AuthorHouse , English
Heaven's Lockbox: Finding Et... - D. L. Starkey

Heaven's Lockbox: Finding Et...D. L. Starkey

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Is it possible to know for sure that you are saved?Can you have that assurance that passes all understanding? Is your life stuck on hold because you don’t feel God’s love?Can you really ever feel confident in your walk with the Lord?Has you… more

Heaven’s Lockbox: Finding Eternal Security in an Insecure World
D. L. Starkey
WestBowPress , English
Before You Walk Down the Ais... - Elizabeth A. Thomas

Before You Walk Down the Ais...Elizabeth A. Thomas

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Why are you getting married? Why do you want to get married?Marriage was originally designed by God to be a lifetime union between a man and a woman. How do you know when you have found the ‘perfect guy’? Do you believe that you are ready … more

Before You Walk Down the Aisle: A Woman’s Guide to Selecting a Lifelong Partner
Elizabeth A. Thomas
WestBowPress , English