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I Challenge You - Cindy Brown

I Challenge YouCindy Brown

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Life is truly a journey, and life waits for no one. Want to start today walking in your new no holds, no burdens, and no invisable chains purposed life? “I Challenge You” is a step in that direction. All you’ll need is your favorite writing… more

I Challenge You
Cindy Brown
Authorhouse , English
Rich In Blessings: How to li... - Darrell D. Kelly

Rich In Blessings: How to li...Darrell D. Kelly

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Rich in Blessings is a new approach to an old message and is easy to understand and apply. This book highlights 17 principles that explain in detail God’s plan for our lives and how we can be successful and attain our Destiny in Him. While… more

Rich In Blessings: How to lives God’s Way into Wealth & Prosperity
Darrell D. Kelly
Booktango , English
Goliath Awaits - Benjamin  Lee Vince, Mike Ol...

Goliath AwaitsBenjamin Lee Vince, Mike Ol...

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There were six knife-carrying bullies in our community during my teen years that kept us farm boys living in fear that they might engrave their initials on our skin…until one day my mouth overtook my brain and I challenged them to clean u… more

Goliath Awaits
Benjamin Lee Vince, Mike Oliver, Vickie Oliver
Authorhouse , English


The Banner Mission is a compilation of the life and times of one man who is dedicated to God in his ministry, the dreams and visions of one man who is committed to God in his beliefs, the miracles and healings of one man who is steadfast in… more

AuthorHouse , English
Ransomed: Let the redeemed o... - William Stewart Whittemore

Ransomed: Let the redeemed o...William Stewart Whittemore

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This is a remarkable story of God delivering a man out of a horrible pit (and the clutches of death) and setting his feet on a rock (Jesus). His subsequent life experiences could be the plot of an exciting movie. His eventual knowledge of … more

Ransomed: Let the redeemed of the LORD say so…
William Stewart Whittemore
Xulon Press , English
At All Times : Devotionals f... - Donna Renay Patrick

At All Times : Devotionals f...Donna Renay Patrick

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This book is about next-level praise and worship for every believer. Starting your day with the praises of God on your heart and in your mouth will transform your perspective, no matter where you are in life or your Christian experience. T… more

At All Times : Devotionals for Praise and Worship to Empower You for Daily Living
Donna Renay Patrick
WestBowPress , English
Praise and Worship: Heaven's... - Dr. Althea M. Brown and Past...

Praise and Worship: Heaven's...Dr. Althea M. Brown and Past...

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From the author who brought readers the insightful books Evangelism: Go Make… (Matt. 28:19) and Holy Spirit: Fruit and Gifts Seminar comes another helpful read. This time, Dr. Althea Marchelle Brown collaborates with Pastor Anthony M. Sha… more

Praise and Worship: Heaven’s Address
Dr. Althea M. Brown and Pastor Anthony M. Shaw
AuthorHouse , English
Angels and Chicken Wings - Sandra Lee

Angels and Chicken WingsSandra Lee

For some, the mere mention of angels and miracles brings a raised eyebrow or two and perhaps some caustic remarks. But for Sandra Lee, these divine occurrences are a very special—and very real—part of her family’s lives. Drawing on her uni… more

Angels and Chicken Wings
Sandra Lee
Trafford , English
Let Them Hear Truth - Edward Lynch

Let Them Hear TruthEdward Lynch

This book is offered as a Scriptural based, common sense, approach to the issue of helping Christians to share their faith in such basic Bible truths as:·        In the beginning God·        Man’s original relationship with God·        Tha… more

Let Them Hear Truth
Edward Lynch
AuthorHouse , English
Monah Lisa's Testimonial Tears - Lisa Ayers

Monah Lisa's Testimonial TearsLisa Ayers

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The title of this book should speak for itself. To make these words fair and plain so that you the reader would understand a woman being persecuted, mentally and physically abused, and also fed up at the same time. Decided to express and te… more

Monah Lisa’s Testimonial Tears
Lisa Ayers
Xlibris , English
The Issues That Divide Christians - Christopher Dale Phillips

The Issues That Divide ChristiansChristopher Dale Phillips

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“The Issues That Divide Christians”, is about specific issues in America that Christopher feels has divided Christians and has kept Christians apart and not walking in unity. Christopher wrote the book after having what he feels being spok… more

The Issues That Divide Christians
Christopher Dale Phillips
Xlibris , English
Girlfriends & God: A Women's... - ED.S. Kristy Daniels-Jackson

Girlfriends & God: A Women's...ED.S. Kristy Daniels-Jackson

Girlfriends & God: A Women’s Fellowship Guide by Kristy Daniels-Jackson, ED.S.

Girlfriends & God: A Women’s Fellowship Guide
ED.S. Kristy Daniels-Jackson
AuthorHouse , English
The Lost Supper:Reawakening ... - Michael Wolff

The Lost Supper:Reawakening ...Michael Wolff

In record numbers the faithful are leaving the church to find healing. They’re on their way to therapists and twelve step programs, seeking places where they can confess habitual patterns of sin amongst others who can help them. But is this… more

The Lost Supper:Reawakening Communion’s Power to Guide Us Through Life’s Storms
Michael Wolff
AuthorHouse , English
You Are Always Your Own Experience - Tom Johnson

You Are Always Your Own ExperienceTom Johnson

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You Are Always Your Own Experience. A profound statement of fact! Dr. Tom Johnson, Minister, Author, Lecturer is one of the most powerful teachers of Science of Mind. His approach to the teaching is unique and strong. He advocates developin… more

You Are Always Your Own Experience
Tom Johnson
Willie Clayton , English
Your Eye Is Power (Discoveri... - Shane Baiva

Your Eye Is Power (Discoveri...Shane Baiva

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Your Eye Is Power – Series 3 of 6Do you know that you possess Creative Powers? Do you know that the fullness of God was breathed into man’s nostril from the very beginning of creation? Do you know that you possess abilities that no other cr… more

Your Eye Is Power (Discovering Your Best Within Yourself)
Shane Baiva
Joy Publication , English
Jesus Christ Is The Only Way... - Artavis Campbell

Jesus Christ Is The Only Way...Artavis Campbell

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IT’S HARD TO CHANGE YOURSELF. But by God’s love, patience, and power, if you want change, and ask for change, He will change you. God created everyone in his own image (Genesis 1:27). It is God’s will for people to be prosperous in every … more

Jesus Christ Is The Only Way For A New Life In This World After A Sinful Heart
Artavis Campbell
AuthorHouse , English
Mother of Pearl: Luminous Le... - Margaret McSweeney

Mother of Pearl: Luminous Le...Margaret McSweeney

Like oysters, women often encounter unexpected grit during their everyday lives. In response, God’s love and grace covers this grit and transforms the pain into a precious pearl that leaves a layered, luminous lining within a shell: Mother… more

Mother of Pearl: Luminous Lessons and Iridescent Faith
Margaret McSweeney
InspiringVoices , English
Growing Catholics - Denise Sullivan Barnes

Growing CatholicsDenise Sullivan Barnes

In this entertaining and informative guide, a former non-practicing Catholic who later became a passionate Catholic mother, shares light-hearted guidance for other Catholic parents who aspire to nurture their own faith and pass on what the… more

Growing Catholics
Denise Sullivan Barnes
iUniverse , English
The New Day Experience Part ... - Daniel J. Coleman

The New Day Experience Part ...Daniel J. Coleman

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About the BookYou and I can receive the highest and best God has prepared for us. Our consistent spiritual growth comes from praying, reading, studying and applying Bible doctrine in our daily living. Bible doctrine creates capacity for li… more

The New Day Experience Part III:The Young and Ever Growing Christian’s Journey
Daniel J. Coleman
AuthorHouse , English