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The Daily Wad: Choice tidbit... - Paul Anderson

The Daily Wad: Choice tidbit...Paul Anderson

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Some years ago, I noticed that certain verses and even brief phrases seemed to stand out from Bible passages I read during my daily devotions. I found myself thinking about, meditating on, “ruminating” the words throughout the day. It amus… more

The Daily Wad: Choice tidbits to enjoy throughout your day
Paul Anderson
WestBowPress , English
The Things a Mother Knows: A... - Nicole Bradley

The Things a Mother Knows: A...Nicole Bradley

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The Things a Mother Knows is the author’s humorous account of her meeting and marrying her current husband and the birth of their daughter. It highlights all aspects of motherhood, from potty training to school projects. It accounts her d… more

The Things a Mother Knows: A Humorous Journey Through One Mother’s Life
Nicole Bradley
CrossBooks , English
The New Day Experience Part ... - Daniel J. Coleman

The New Day Experience Part ...Daniel J. Coleman

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The New Day Experience Part II by Daniel J. Coleman

The New Day Experience Part II: Using The Shield of Protection
Daniel J. Coleman
Authorhouse , English
Desperate For Love: The True... - Diana Fogel

Desperate For Love: The True...Diana Fogel

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There is a global epidemic of children who have been abandoned, abused, and neglected. When there is no one to care what happens to them, these children usually end up on the streets. All it takes is one person whose heart is totally submi… more

Desperate For Love: The True Story of the Faith, Hope, and Love Kids Ranch
Diana Fogel
WestBowPress , English
Finding the Common Ground: M... - Pastor Teresa S. Johnson

Finding the Common Ground: M...Pastor Teresa S. Johnson

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Loaded with tasteful humor tailored to fit and soothe the ache of heart-wrenching situations, this book will help you to resuscitate your marriage. Tender subjects are visited and dealt with in a pragmatic way that will bring life to dead s… more

Finding the Common Ground: Marriage vs Divorce
Pastor Teresa S. Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
A Light in the Darkness: Ins... - C. Ernie Nivens

A Light in the Darkness: Ins...C. Ernie Nivens

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There was a time when life in a small town in the South meant it was safe for a child to wander the neighborhood alone. In A Light in the Darkness: Insights of a Christian Southern Gentleman, author Ernie Nivens recounts how he took advanta… more

A Light in the Darkness: Insights of a Christian Southern Gentleman
C. Ernie Nivens
InspiringVoices , English
The Daily Thought Shaker - David George

The Daily Thought ShakerDavid George

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Ever wish for something to challenge your thinking? How about a fresh application of looking at something? Well, The Daily Thought Shaker ® could be just what the doctor ordered. It is a collection of devotions that adhere to the truth of G… more

The Daily Thought Shaker
David George
WestBowPress , English
Dare to Believe in the Man i... - Melissa K. Larsen

Dare to Believe in the Man i...Melissa K. Larsen

Throughout all the years of our life we each have our memories of Christmas. These memories have many perspectives; as children, young adults, adults, parents and grandparents. These memories also are based on many beliefs; in the birth of… more

Dare to Believe in the Man in the Red Suit
Melissa K. Larsen
AuthorHouse , English
Jesus Christ Made Straight A's - Sr. Dr. Clarence Talley

Jesus Christ Made Straight A'sSr. Dr. Clarence Talley

Jesus Christ Made Straight A’sby: Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr.

Jesus Christ Made Straight A’s
Sr. Dr. Clarence Talley
AuthorHouse , English
Divine Journey:Exploring the... - Marc Lloyd Hensen

Divine Journey:Exploring the...Marc Lloyd Hensen

As the title indicates, Divine Journey: Exploring the Baha’i Faith, takes one on a guided tour of the Baha’i Faith and its teachings.  While not intended to proselytize (Baha’is are strictly forbidden to do so) it seeks to gently share wit… more

Divine Journey:Exploring the Bahá’í Faith
Marc Lloyd Hensen
Author House , English
The Way of Perfection (Parac... - Teresa of Avila

The Way of Perfection (Parac...Teresa of Avila

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God will always give us more than we ask forMillions have read and benefited from this book since it was first written nearly 500 years ago. St. Teresa’s message of humility, simplicity, persistence, and faith is replete with language that … more

The Way of Perfection (Paraclete Essentials)
Teresa of Avila
Paraclete Press , English


The work is a manual of devotion intended to assist the soul with its pursuit of holiness and communion with God. Its sentences are statements, not arguments, and are pitched in the highest key of Christian experience. It was meant for mona… more

Thomas a Kempis
I Need Thee Every Hour: The ... - Blaine M. Yorgason

I Need Thee Every Hour: The ...Blaine M. Yorgason

As Latter-day Saints we often sing, “I need thee every hour, most gracious Lord. No tender voice like thine can peace afford” (Hymns, no. 98). That, in essence, is the message of I Need Thee Every Hour: The Joy of Coming unto Christ, by Bla… more

I Need Thee Every Hour: The Joy of Coming to Christ
Blaine M. Yorgason
Deseret Book , English
Humble Pie - Demona M. Reed

Humble PieDemona M. Reed

This is a self-help book that helps an individual judge whether or not they possess humility.  It also gives biblical and real life examples of humility used and how it blessed individuals today and in the past.  If you are a successful pe… more

Humble Pie
Demona M. Reed
AuthorHouse , English
Renew Your Mind, Restore You... - Linda Johnson

Renew Your Mind, Restore You...Linda Johnson

Renue Your Mind, Restore Your Spirit, is a book of inspirational poetry and short stories that is intended to stir the mind body and soul. All of the stories in this inspirational book were inspired by real events.The author’s intent in wri… more

Renew Your Mind, Restore Your Spirit:Inspirational Thoughts to Help You Through Life’s Daily Journey
Linda Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
Valley of Silent Men: When t... - Douglas C. Jackson

Valley of Silent Men: When t...Douglas C. Jackson

Valley of Silent Men takes you on a fast paced, page turning excursion, through generations of alcoholism, drug addiction, and the illusive search for hope. If there is anyone in your circle of family or friends that is battling the demon o… more

Valley of Silent Men: When the only way out is up!
Douglas C. Jackson
AuthorHouse , English
Power Outage: Inspiration Wh... - Leketha "1Word" Leggett

Power Outage: Inspiration Wh...Leketha "1Word" Leggett

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The inspirational thoughts in this book are real-life experiences expressed through inspiring thoughts and poetry. The author’s introduction sets the stage for an enjoyable expectation for all other writings. You will find yourself smiling… more

Power Outage: Inspiration When Life’s Storms Leave You in the Dark
Leketha “1Word” Leggett
WestBow Press , English
It's All In The Attitude: I ... - Bill Graybeal

It's All In The Attitude: I ...Bill Graybeal

This book teaches you the right attitudes to have to overcome the devil.  It will teach you how to have bold, aggressive persistent attitudes.  Attitudes that will not give up or give in spite of what you are facing.       It is a book… more

It’s All In The Attitude: I Am I Can Therefore I will
Bill Graybeal
AuthorHouse , English
Before Our Very Eyes - David K. Williams

Before Our Very EyesDavid K. Williams

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Before Our very Eyes points out how the laws of man have taken complete precedence over God’s Law within the governments of man. It exposes how greed and the lust for power among many other scenarios are the determining factor on how mans … more

Before Our Very Eyes
David K. Williams
Authorhouse , English