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Silent Frustration, Resoundi...Nicole N. Hutchinson

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Silent Frustration, Resounding Victory by Nicole N. Hutchinson

Silent Frustration, Resounding Victory
Nicole N. Hutchinson
AuthorHouse , English

Married to ChristMilton J Fletcher

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Examine the foundation of union with Christ’s death and resurrection as a source of salvation. Explain the idea that as ordinary death alters legal relationships, death in Christ alters the believer’s legal obligations. The penalty that the… more

Married to Christ
Milton J Fletcher
WestBowPress , English

Every Day : The Journey of F...Linda Johnson

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The book is written to share the empowerment of a forty-year journey. During the journey many books were read, which developed a passion for reading. While studying psychology the author knew her destiny was to open a small intimate book… more

Every Day : The Journey of Forty-Years
Linda Johnson
Booktango , English

Predictons for 2015Kurt B. Bakley

Predictions for 2015Will on August 10, 2015, plus or minus three days, or July- August or August 28-29, September 7-8, 19, 26-27, October 15 of 2015-2018 and/or January of 2019 a very great earthquake and/or volcano eruption or a comet or … more

Predictons for 2015
Kurt B. Bakley
AuthorHouse , English


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This book is designed to answer questions about becoming spiritually mature and getting to heaven. The various denominations have different doctrines. This leads to much confusion. Since the only thing that counts is what the Bible require… more

AuthorHouse , English

40 Days of Sterling Silver LiningsBrian Sterling

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Here’s a bonus bite for you. Instead of having a bucket list, you should just try doing all the things you’re interested in doing. It’s a lot less morbid and a positive way to look at getting things accomplished—if you put your mind to it, … more

40 Days of Sterling Silver Linings
Brian Sterling
AuthorHouse , English

His Christmas PresenceGreg Laurie

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Never Be Disappointed Again!If you find yourself looking to tradition, nostalgia, family, or gifts to really “make your Christmas” this year….watch out! You could be in for a big letdown. But if in the middle of all the hurry, worry, an… more

His Christmas Presence
Greg Laurie
Kerygma Publishing , English

How to PrayDr. Charles L. Burton

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Ever wonder how to really reach Heaven? Do you wonder if your prayers are even heard? Well join the crowd, all of us have been there. In this book you will find the BIblical answer to your questions about prayer.

How to Pray
Dr. Charles L. Burton
AuthorHouse , English

Let Faith Arise!Ronnie Dauber

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Let Faith Arise! is collection of inspirational messages that make a perfect daily devotional read. Each message answers a specific question or thought that we have regarding faith and why we need to have it. As a whole, the book teaches u… more

Let Faith Arise!
Ronnie Dauber
Booktango , English

See The Cane?: "When MS Stri...Karen Murphy Anderson

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See The Cane?: “When MS Strikes, strike back”By:Karen Murphy Anderson

See The Cane?: “When MS Strikes, strike back”
Karen Murphy Anderson
Xlibris , English


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“A stunningly honest testimony of a woman who survived a life-threatening illness and was saved eternally in the process.”—Dr. Brian Campbell, Christian PsychologistAuthor of “Pearls: Scriptures to Live By”; “Godly Counsel: Scriptures for T… more

AVM” A VICTORIOUS MICHELLE: A Testimony Of God’s Miracles & Evidence Of His Grace!
Michelle J. Walter
WestBowPress , English

The Sacred Light of Healing:...Ronald Roth

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Few American spiritual teachers of recent years have inspired others as lovingly as Ron Roth. After serving the Roman Catholic Church as a priest for twenty-five years, Roth left to pursue a more universal spirituality, teaching the possib… more

The Sacred Light of Healing: Teachings and Meditations on Divine Oneness
Ronald Roth
iUniverse , English

Precaution Why WeepJanet Davis

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Precaution Why WeepBy: Janet Davis Precaution Why Weep was written to encourage and strengthen anyone or anybody that suffers with or become discourage and depress with the cares of this world. Many of us today know or have heard about Je… more

Precaution Why Weep
Janet Davis
Xlibris , English

Rich In Blessings: How to li...Darrell D. Kelly

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Rich in Blessings is a new approach to an old message and is easy to understand and apply. This book highlights 17 principles that explain in detail God’s plan for our lives and how we can be successful and attain our Destiny in Him. While… more

Rich In Blessings: How to lives God’s Way into Wealth & Prosperity
Darrell D. Kelly
Booktango , English

Learning to Untie God's HandsSherry York

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When you are facing the troubles and pains of everyday life, do you feel that, instead of overcoming them, they are overcoming you? Are you letting your troubles get the best of you instead of seeking God’s help to deal with your challenges… more

Learning to Untie God’s Hands
Sherry York
InspiringVoices , English

The Guide to Greatness: For ...Leah Hill McNair

GOD WANTS TO MAKE YOUR NAME GREAT!When God made woman, He made her with a specific purpose in mind. While His plan has not changed, we often get off track when we allow our everyday lives to take us away from the will of God. How can we st… more

The Guide to Greatness: For Women in Ministry
Leah Hill McNair
Xlibris , English

If Tomorrow Never Comes!:Is ...Jane Van Deventer

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If Tomorrow Never Comes is about helping parents to realize their responsibility for the spiritual education of their children.  More often than not, parents are only concerned with the physical care of their children and give little or no … more

If Tomorrow Never Comes!:Is your child prepared for eternity?
Jane Van Deventer
AuthorHouse , English

The Sound of Bells: Meher Ba...Norah Moore

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This book brings together the teachings of Meher Baba and the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung for the first time. Many people would wish to bring together their inner experience of spirituality and psychological development. Meher Baba did… more

The Sound of Bells: Meher Baba, Carl Gustav Jung and Eastern Mysticism Spiritual Progress and Psychological Blocks
Norah Moore
AuthorHouse , English

A Believable Bible: An Enlig...Ph.D. Walter Kania

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In a recent study reported by the Associated Press, the American Religious Identification Survey concluded that, the percentage of Christians in America had declined.  It went on further to report that more people say that they have no rel… more

A Believable Bible: An Enlightening and Inspiring Guide to a Mature Faith
Ph.D. Walter Kania
AuthorHouse , English