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Of Paradise Despised ... And... - Roy  Alexander Graham

Of Paradise Despised ... And...Roy Alexander Graham

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Most of us will agree that our lives are, in many ways, not all that we would like them to be. We expend a great amount of energy reaching for a better us. The desire to lead more satisfying lives is the impetus behind many of the choices w… more

Of Paradise Despised … And lives that bought into a lie
Roy Alexander Graham
Figtree Books , English
What Have You Got to Lose? - Eric Thompson

What Have You Got to Lose?Eric Thompson

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When you are tired of losing, it is time to stop being entertained and start being educated. The answer to the question posed by the title of this book comes in three parts.The first is that when all else fails, you have nothing to lose ex… more

What Have You Got to Lose?
Eric Thompson
WestBowPress , English
And The Waters Parted: Leavi... - Coraleen

And The Waters Parted: Leavi...Coraleen

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Four marriages, drinking, drugs, and many years later, the waters parted. Char had searched for answeres as to why she had been raped at thirteen only to find walls of every kind. Hate, anger, and fear kept her from a wholesome well balanc… more

And The Waters Parted: Leaving the Past Behind
AuthorHouse , English
Heaven's Lockbox: Finding Et... - D. L. Starkey

Heaven's Lockbox: Finding Et...D. L. Starkey

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Is it possible to know for sure that you are saved?Can you have that assurance that passes all understanding? Is your life stuck on hold because you don’t feel God’s love?Can you really ever feel confident in your walk with the Lord?Has you… more

Heaven’s Lockbox: Finding Eternal Security in an Insecure World
D. L. Starkey
WestBowPress , English
Before You Walk Down the Ais... - Elizabeth A. Thomas

Before You Walk Down the Ais...Elizabeth A. Thomas

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Why are you getting married? Why do you want to get married?Marriage was originally designed by God to be a lifetime union between a man and a woman. How do you know when you have found the ‘perfect guy’? Do you believe that you are ready … more

Before You Walk Down the Aisle: A Woman’s Guide to Selecting a Lifelong Partner
Elizabeth A. Thomas
WestBowPress , English
Only Through Grace... - The Jerry Ross Story as told...

Only Through Grace...The Jerry Ross Story as told...

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Only Through Grace…The Jerry Ross Story as told to Charles Smith (Author)

Only Through Grace…
The Jerry Ross Story as told to Charles Smith
AuthorHouse , English
God Spoke I Listened - Randy B. Brown

God Spoke I ListenedRandy B. Brown

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God Spoke I Listened is a revealing portrait of a life spent in intimacy with God.  Starting with her first battle with cancer, Randy Brown chronicles in a series of intense personal revelations the dramatic intervention of God in her life…. more

God Spoke I Listened
Randy B. Brown
AuthorHouse , English
God's Outreached Hand - Annie Louise Kelly Cunningham

God's Outreached HandAnnie Louise Kelly Cunningham

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This book will guide you in following your dream. How you can become involved in lifting up the name of Jesus while He is away. The purpose of this book is to get as many young people involved in prioritizing by putting God first in their l… more

God’s Outreached Hand
Annie Louise Kelly Cunningham
Xlibris , English
The Hummingbird Incident, Wr... - C. Grant Skye

The Hummingbird Incident, Wr...C. Grant Skye

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This is the first writing in the Skye Teachings a new spiritual path and new spiritual theories. It is a simple inspiriting story of a man who walked away, then turned and walked backed.

The Hummingbird Incident, Writing One of the Skye Teachings
C. Grant Skye
The Skye Institute, Inc. , English
Prince of the House of David - Leona J. Cole

Prince of the House of DavidLeona J. Cole

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Herein are letters written from a young maiden to her father in the “present time” era of A.D. 26 to A.D. 73. She was sent to Jerusalem to experience the anticipated fulfillment of the promised prophesied Messiah, King. Thus to briefly re… more

Prince of the House of David
Leona J. Cole
WestBowPress , English
God Expects Something From Y... - Dr. Kevin W. H. Lewis

God Expects Something From Y...Dr. Kevin W. H. Lewis

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Preachingis as ancient a profession as the world is old. For countless years, humanity has been inspired of God to speak on Hisbehalf.  This, in and of itself is a boldand awe-striking statement and duty.  A duty and responsibility that th… more

God Expects Something From You: And Other Sermons By
Dr. Kevin W. H. Lewis
AuthorHouse , English
Life, Love and Lamenting: Sp... - Winda L. Marks

Life, Love and Lamenting: Sp...Winda L. Marks

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Life, Love and Lamenting: Spiritually SpeakingBy:Winda L. Marks

Life, Love and Lamenting: Spiritually Speaking
Winda L. Marks
Authorhouse , English
The Age of Divinity - B. William Ball

The Age of DivinityB. William Ball

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God does not punish or reward. He (or she or it) teaches love and its characteristics as a guide to heaven, a state, not a place. There is no reason to fear God, since love and fear are opposites and cannot exist simultaneously. It is up to… more

The Age of Divinity
B. William Ball
Trafford , English
The God Others did not See - Richard H. Vollnogle

The God Others did not SeeRichard H. Vollnogle

This book deals with pre-Law patriarchs of the Old Testament. They had a relationship with God that rivals any of today. The book reveals that we have so many more advantages over them, yet we lack a closeness that they had. Beyond that, I … more

The God Others did not See
Richard H. Vollnogle
Indestructible Hope - Peggy Curtice Harris

Indestructible HopePeggy Curtice Harris

Indestructible HopeBy Peggy Curtice Harris In these days of high stress and uncertainty, many are feeling hopeless.  Security, as we know it, is disappearing and in its place, extreme losses are taking place.  Loss of job, home, savings, h… more

Indestructible Hope
Peggy Curtice Harris
AuthorHouse , English


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Maxine E. Smith
Xlibris , English
My Favorite Cashew - C.B. Anderson

My Favorite CashewC.B. Anderson

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Like so many bright and beautiful baby boys, Tom Anderson was a child of great promise. Being sexually violated at a young age by an older man who presented himself as a father figure, Tom’s life was dramatically changed. With divine grace,… more

My Favorite Cashew
C.B. Anderson
WestBowPress , English
The Hunter's Horn - Bullgator

The Hunter's HornBullgator

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A young Ranger meets the founder of the Royal Ranger ministry; even though he knows the man has been dead for a number of years. Commander Barnes listens to the young man’s problems and offers comfort and advice. Most of all the solution to… more

The Hunter’s Horn
BookTango , English
Grace Walking - Sir Charles Davis

Grace WalkingSir Charles Davis

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Grace WalkingBy: Sir Charles Davis

Grace Walking
Sir Charles Davis
Xlibris , English