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Of Paradise Despised ... And... - Roy  Alexander Graham

Of Paradise Despised ... And...Roy Alexander Graham

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Most of us will agree that our lives are, in many ways, not all that we would like them to be. We expend a great amount of energy reaching for a better us. The desire to lead more satisfying lives is the impetus behind many of the choices w… more

Of Paradise Despised … And lives that bought into a lie
Roy Alexander Graham
Figtree Books , English
And The Waters Parted: Leavi... - Coraleen

And The Waters Parted: Leavi...Coraleen

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Four marriages, drinking, drugs, and many years later, the waters parted. Char had searched for answeres as to why she had been raped at thirteen only to find walls of every kind. Hate, anger, and fear kept her from a wholesome well balanc… more

And The Waters Parted: Leaving the Past Behind
AuthorHouse , English
Grace Walking - Sir Charles Davis

Grace WalkingSir Charles Davis

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Grace WalkingBy: Sir Charles Davis

Grace Walking
Sir Charles Davis
Xlibris , English
Changed Forever : 101 Life C... - Dr. James A. Carter

Changed Forever : 101 Life C...Dr. James A. Carter

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Changed Forever is a book dedicated to helping others learn the Word of God, love the Word of God and live the Word of God in their lives. This book will transform the life of the reader and allow them to fall in love with the scriptures of… more

Changed Forever : 101 Life Changing Verses and Commentary To Transform Your Mind and Soul
Dr. James A. Carter
AuthorHouse , English
The Best of "The Spirit of M... - June Klins

The Best of "The Spirit of M...June Klins

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In 1981 a beautiful lady appeared to 6 young people in the village of Medjugorje in what is now Bosnia-Herzegovina. She told them that She was the Blessed Virgin Mary, the “Queen of Peace,” and that She came with a message of peace –peace … more

The Best of “The Spirit of Medjugorje”
June Klins
AuthorHouse , English
Love Thy Neighbor…?:When A Spirit Of Religion Opposes The Heart Of God
Aaron D. Davis
AuthorHouse , English
Heaven is Real - A Young Gir... - Rev. Jessie Morris

Heaven is Real - A Young Gir...Rev. Jessie Morris

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This book is an incredible story of a young girl (she was ten years when these visions took place) who was taken to heaven by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

For four hours, she was taken on a tour of heaven and shown so many deep and a… more

Heaven is Real - A Young Girl’s Amazing Trip to Heaven and Back.
Rev. Jessie Morris
Rev. Jessie Morris , English
The Normal Christian Wildern... - Bob Bennett

The Normal Christian Wildern...Bob Bennett

Want to see and experience life the way it really it?  Want to read a book that does not cover up the deep, emotional pain people experience?  Want to read about overcoming and being healed of this deep, emotional pain?  Want to live life … more

The Normal Christian Wilderness: Experiencing Peace and Healing During Life’s Storms
Bob Bennett
AuthorHouse , English
Soul Inspiration: The Triump... - Sheritha Bowman

Soul Inspiration: The Triump...Sheritha Bowman

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Soul Inspiration: The Triumphant Testimony of a Praying Wife will inspire every woman to stand on the promises of God and not give up. With an anointed mixture of boldness and humor, Bowman gives life-changing advice on prayer, love, submi… more

Soul Inspiration: The Triumphant Testimony of a Praying Wife
Sheritha Bowman
iUniverse , English
A Stranger Within My Spirit - Yolanda A. Williams

A Stranger Within My SpiritYolanda A. Williams

While reading this book, I hope and pray that you will have your spirit open and be receptive to what the Holy Spirit wants to share with you. While writing this book, I wanted to be led by the Lord and not Yolanda. This book is to allow yo… more

A Stranger Within My Spirit
Yolanda A. Williams
AuthorHouse , English
My Lord and My God: Seeing G... - Karen Louise

My Lord and My God: Seeing G...Karen Louise

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Few of us look forward to challenging seasons of our lives. If we had things our way, our lives would be problem free; however, God often seems to allow difficulties to arise so that we cry out to Him. In these moments, or seasons, of utter… more

My Lord and My God: Seeing God in Life’s Valleys
Karen Louise
WestBowPress , English
Every Day : The Journey of F... - Linda Johnson

Every Day : The Journey of F...Linda Johnson

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The book is written to share the empowerment of a forty-year journey. During the journey many books were read, which developed a passion for reading. While studying psychology the author knew her destiny was to open a small intimate book… more

Every Day : The Journey of Forty-Years
Linda Johnson
Booktango , English
Walking as Children of Light... - Carol Gibson

Walking as Children of Light...Carol Gibson

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A woman, age twenty-two, with two small children and married only five years, sits watching a campfire when she suddenly becomes aware that she is no longer married.  Another time, she is out to dinner with a friend, only to be urgently sen… more

Walking as Children of Light : A Devotional
Carol Gibson
WestBowPress , English
Moving Forward on my Journey... - S. King  Livingston

Moving Forward on my Journey...S. King Livingston

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This book contains deep and inspiring works of fiction. I hope the reader will allow his/her mind to journey into the past reaching back to a time where nothing was forbidden. The word BACKWARDS is meant to take you on a magical journey in… more

Moving Forward on my Journey ”sdrawkcaB” (Backwards)
S. King Livingston
Xlibris , English
The Overcomers: Christian Au... - Molly Noble Bull , Ginny Aik...

The Overcomers: Christian Au...Molly Noble Bull , Ginny Aik...

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Did you ever try to push a one hundred–pound rock up a hill with nothing but a toothpick? If you can imagine what that might be like, you have some idea how difficult it is for a child with a learning problem to read or spell ten simple wo… more

The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities
Molly Noble Bull , Ginny Aiken, Margaret Daley, Jane Myers Perrine, Ruth Scofield
WestBowPress , English
A Year of Promise: 365 Days ... - Carol Mersch and Sherry L. Jackson

A Year of Promise: 365 Days ...Carol Mersch and Sherry L. Jackson

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A chronicle of hope and inspiration, A Year of Promise opens the doorway to each day with ringing words of inspiration from thirteen religious leaders inviting you to join them in a walk through your day—365 days of the year.It has been sa… more

A Year of Promise: 365 Days of Inspiration to Guide your Day & Guide your Way
Carol Mersch and Sherry L. Jackson
iUniverse , English
Merely Words of Inspiration:... - Glenda Turner Edwards

Merely Words of Inspiration:...Glenda Turner Edwards

Merely Words of Inspiration”” was written because of an awakening of my spiritual nature, which inspired me. I would hear different phrases during the day at work, on television, or just having a casual conversation during the day. The book… more

Merely Words of Inspiration:Being Inspired by the Word of God
Glenda Turner Edwards
AuthorHouse , English
Processing Life's Moments: T... - D. Kennedy Williams

Processing Life's Moments: T...D. Kennedy Williams

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Processing Life’s Moments: Therapy for the Soul:God, I can hear YOUBy: D. Kennedy Williams

Processing Life’s Moments: Therapy for the Soul:God, I can hear YOU
D. Kennedy Williams
AuthorHouse , English
Spiritual Suicide - Dr. George Wilson Khaukha

Spiritual SuicideDr. George Wilson Khaukha

Almost everybody has had this experience in life. This is to do with figuring out the map instructions somebody has given you to find a place you have never been to before. If you form a different mental map image in your mind from the ins… more

Spiritual Suicide
Dr. George Wilson Khaukha
TraffordSG , English