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CHRISTIANS:Sending the Wrong... - William Derrick Moore

CHRISTIANS:Sending the Wrong...William Derrick Moore

How Much Willful Sin is a Part of Your Christian Testimony? “Christians sending the wrong message to the world” is a warning to all who profess to being Christians. Their actions speak volumes about their relationship with God. Satan and t… more

CHRISTIANS:Sending the Wrong Message to the World
William Derrick Moore
AuthorHouse , English
CHOSEN - Angela D. Arnwine

CHOSENAngela D. Arnwine

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Are you one of the chosen? Scripture states that “many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14).

• Abraham was chosen.

• Samuel was chosen.

• Deborah was chosen.

• King David was chosen.

• Queen Esther was chosen.

• John the Ba… more

Angela D. Arnwine
WestBowPress , English
Called to Travail:Birthing G... - Theresa Ann Reyna

Called to Travail:Birthing G...Theresa Ann Reyna

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Called to Travail explains in depth the process and purpose of our fiery trials and God’s ultimate desire to birth His presence and power into His end-time intercessors. We are on the verge of an unprecedented outpouring of the Spirit and a… more

Called to Travail:Birthing God’s End-Time Purposes into the Earth
Theresa Ann Reyna
WestBowPress , English
THE ARROW OF JUSTICE and oth... - Aryeh Leib Broder

THE ARROW OF JUSTICE and oth...Aryeh Leib Broder

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The stories in this book, `The Arrow of Justice’, portray all facets of human behaviour - their strengths and their weaknesses. The noble integrity of Joshua to honour his treaty with the Gibeonites; the anguish and frustration of the chil… more

THE ARROW OF JUSTICE and other Bible stories
Aryeh Leib Broder
AuthorHouse , English
Daily ARMOR 365 : Practical ... - Dr. Anthony Revis

Daily ARMOR 365 : Practical ...Dr. Anthony Revis

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Daily ARMOR 365, Practical Motivation for Daily Living is a compilation of inspirational messages for every day of the year to help motivate you to a greater sense of empowerment over the events of your life. It is based on practical observ… more

Daily ARMOR 365 : Practical Motivation for Daily Living
Dr. Anthony Revis
Xlibris , English
At the Corner of Broken & Lo... - Elisabeth Klein

At the Corner of Broken & Lo...Elisabeth Klein

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Author Elisabeth K. Corcoran thought this past year had been completely self-absorbed, so she focused on fixing something unfixable—so pathetic and sad—that it could have just been thrown out. But as it turns out, she was still thinking de… more

At the Corner of Broken & Love:Where God Meets Us in the Everyday
Elisabeth Klein
WestBow , English
A Scripture A Day Will Keep ... - Shelia D. Johnson

A Scripture A Day Will Keep ...Shelia D. Johnson

This book is to inspire you to do the things that you want to do in life.  By reading and meditating on the scriptures, it will help you stay focus on the things that are in your heart to do.  My goal for you is to live out your visions an… more

A Scripture A Day Will Keep Satan Away
Shelia D. Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
The Dream Catcher: A Father ... - Tim Young Eagle

The Dream Catcher: A Father ...Tim Young Eagle

Are you searching foranswers?  Have you wondered about the meaningof life?  What is the secret to finding success, happiness, and contentment?  In an age where illuminationabounds and knowledge has never been greater or more accessible, th… more

The Dream Catcher: A Father and Son Story
Tim Young Eagle
AuthorHouse , English
Listen Up-God Talking!: An i... - James Miller

Listen Up-God Talking!: An i...James Miller

Is there too much noise in your life? Do talking heads only add to your confusion and uncertainty? Has Christianity lost its edge, appeal, and zest for you? Do you need to hear the voice of God again for the first time?Listen Up!: An Intro… more

Listen Up-God Talking!: An introduction to biblical living
James Miller
iUniverse , English


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The book contains sixteen sermons from the book of Job. I take something as horrible as Job’s condition, and I compare it with something as totally constraining as a straitjacket. The book traces Job through the many seasons of his situatio… more

WHEN YOU ARE IN A STRAIT-JACKET: Sermons From the Book of Job
Trafford , English
Saved, Now What? - Tara Jones

Saved, Now What?Tara Jones

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This book touches on the basics of being a Christian, not taking you away from going to church and from being taught, but actually encouraging you to attend regularly to receive the Word of God. There are many subjects, for example, talking… more

Saved, Now What?
Tara Jones
Trafford , English
The Great Commission Revealed - Larry James Anderson

The Great Commission RevealedLarry James Anderson

  To convey a synopsis of the subject matter is not a simple thing to achieve,at least for me.The theme of commission in itself is a topic that implies authority and a chain of command.A commission is a mandate,a task,an authorization,or e… more

The Great Commission Revealed
Larry James Anderson
AuthorHouse , English
Monday's Message: A Refreshi... - James Harrison

Monday's Message: A Refreshi...James Harrison

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Monday’s Message is a weekly devotional consisting of fifty-two of the most popular messages sent out by author James Harrison through his weekly e-mail ministry. The unique and captivating style of Reverend Harrison’s writing has challeng… more

Monday’s Message: A Refreshing Word of Encouragement and Spiritual Direction from God Each Week!
James Harrison
WestBowPress , English
Kingdom Dynamics and Theorem... - Dr. WALTER MASOCHA

Kingdom Dynamics and Theorem...Dr. WALTER MASOCHA

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This book explores some key biblical principles of the kingdom of God and relates them to some (very) basic math. It draws on geometry and divinity to come up with some innovative practical theorems that are sure to titillate your mind and… more

AuthorHouse , English
Jesus in Columbus - Reverend James R. Harris

Jesus in ColumbusReverend James R. Harris

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Jesus In Columbus is a fascinating book about a little boy named Tommy, who was seeking the ‘Healing power of God’ to help his best friend, that was ’gun-shot’ and about to die. The greatest thing about the book is, that little Tommy ‘Never… more

Jesus in Columbus
Reverend James R. Harris
AuthorHouse , English
Poems Given by God - Corrine Hooks

Poems Given by GodCorrine Hooks

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This book of poetry was given to the author by God to minister to everyone. There is a poem for variety of situations that people may experience.

Poems Given by God
Corrine Hooks
Corrine Hooks , English
Love Me Passionately ...Love... - Paul F Taylor

Love Me Passionately ...Love...Paul F Taylor

I have always enjoyed preparing and presenting Bible Studies and the congregation has always received them with enthusiasm.Some people joined the church because of them. Some taped them and sent them to their friends in other countries.Rec… more

Love Me Passionately …Love Me Tenderly …
Paul F Taylor
AuthorHouse , English
The Transformed Man: The Tra... - Rev. Charles E. Moore

The Transformed Man: The Tra...Rev. Charles E. Moore

Strictly for men is a book written to raise men awareness of their need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It also identifies the old and new concepts and places emphases on the new, which is deeply embedded in truth and love. … more

The Transformed Man: The Transformed Man
Rev. Charles E. Moore
Xlibris , English
Fifteen Real-Life Experiences - James Quinn

Fifteen Real-Life ExperiencesJames Quinn

Life is full of great experiences. But what have you learned from them? Are they helping you become the person you want to be? Are any preventing you from accomplishing your dreams?James Quinn uses these provocative questions to guide us t… more

Fifteen Real-Life Experiences
James Quinn
iUniverse , English