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One Woman, One God, and a Ho... - Nancy Rose Blomiley

One Woman, One God, and a Ho...Nancy Rose Blomiley

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Happy trails to you until we meet again. Having lived in the heart of the Kettle Moraine forest most of my adult life I have enjoyed riding my horse on the beautiful trails. I have sought to find answers for the disappointment and heartbrea… more

One Woman, One God, and a Horse Named CJ-A Love Story
Nancy Rose Blomiley
WestBowPress , English
Tuesday's Child (A New Day) - Janice Hildreth

Tuesday's Child (A New Day)Janice Hildreth

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Two years ago, Ginny Porter made some bad decisions — the biggest of which was falling for her boyfriend’s lies. While she regretted her period of rebellion, she would never regret the birth of their child, Sophy. Now, trying to get her li… more

Tuesday’s Child (A New Day)
Janice Hildreth
Brynwood Publishing , English
From Disgrace, Shame, Humili... - Dr Nii Lante Wallace-Bruce

From Disgrace, Shame, Humili...Dr Nii Lante Wallace-Bruce

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This book seeks to inspire you, lift up your faith and give you hope and confidence in the future. It teaches you not to accept the disadvantageous circumstances of your birth, the place where you started life or other limitations as a fait… more

From Disgrace, Shame, Humiliation and Hopelessness to Leaping to Victory and Celebration : The Victory can be Yours if You Strategically Position Yourself
Dr Nii Lante Wallace-Bruce
WestBowPress , English
progress - Doc Murphy

progressDoc Murphy

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progress :developing a higher, better, and more advanced stage in life.Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever felt like you were walking a tight rope gripped by fear? If so, you’re like most people who are in pursuit of something better. W… more

Doc Murphy
Doc Murphy Ministries , English
The Beauty Within - Sean Wilson

The Beauty WithinSean Wilson

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The Beauty Within speaks to the truth in everyone, activating their true love. Readers will connect with the truths in this book; truths they have forgotten through the years.The energy behind these words will awaken the love within, combi… more

The Beauty Within
Sean Wilson
Trafford , English
Called to Travail:Birthing G... - Theresa Ann Reyna

Called to Travail:Birthing G...Theresa Ann Reyna

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Called to Travail explains in depth the process and purpose of our fiery trials and God’s ultimate desire to birth His presence and power into His end-time intercessors. We are on the verge of an unprecedented outpouring of the Spirit and a… more

Called to Travail:Birthing God’s End-Time Purposes into the Earth
Theresa Ann Reyna
WestBowPress , English
The Christian Family Workbook - Pastor Loretta Rorie

The Christian Family WorkbookPastor Loretta Rorie

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This workbook is not a brain teaser or a puzzle. This is a workbook designed with those in mind who assemble themselves together whether a large or small group that are interested in learning and studying the bible. This workbook is for th… more

The Christian Family Workbook
Pastor Loretta Rorie
AuthorHouse , English
Predictions for 2013-2014 - Kurt B. Bakley

Predictions for 2013-2014Kurt B. Bakley

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Predictions for 2013-2014Will two great earthquakes and tidal waves strike on August 10, 2013 and August 10, 2014, plus or minus three days, or in July- August of 2013-2014? Will wars, terrorist attacks, storms, attacks and volcano erupti… more

Predictions for 2013-2014
Kurt B. Bakley
AuthorHouse , English
Beyond The Surface - Fola Omotoyinbo

Beyond The SurfaceFola Omotoyinbo

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People have issues. The world is absolutely full of them. The Bible has an inexhaustible list of them. A patriach who loved prostitutes. A General with leprosy. Priests who were sons of Beliaal. A brother who slept with his sister. A believ… more

Beyond The Surface
Fola Omotoyinbo
Authorhouse , English
Hosea - Daniel F. Owsley

HoseaDaniel F. Owsley

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“Unto the synagogs of Jehovah Nissi, Israel’s banner, beyond the highest peaks of the mount of Olives, I send this history and spiritual insight about that lowly prophet, Hosea, that is most wonderful, true, and desperately needed. For our… more

Daniel F. Owsley
Booktango , English


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This book describes what meditation is and how to practise it with benefit.Specific step-by-step procedures provided will be of great assistance to seekers on the Path.For a new meditator, the guide will reveal a realistic start for deeper… more

AuthorHouse , English
Glory Be!! - Reverend Edward A. "Buddy" Dowd

Glory Be!!Reverend Edward A. "Buddy" Dowd

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An inspiring collection of sermons which will inspire and strengthen you in your walk with God. Topics include:Discovering the Abundant LifeA Reason to HopeA Step of FaithWaiting with JoyThe Secret DiscipleWhat Burns Your Hearts?”

Glory Be!!
Reverend Edward A. “Buddy” Dowd
iUniverse , English
Seriously-Cancer? I Do Not H... - Lauren Graham

Seriously-Cancer? I Do Not H...Lauren Graham

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Lauren Graham was three weeks away from turning twenty-one—loving college life, her friends, and her family—when her life was turned upside down and changed forever. She was diagnosed with cancer—specifically, with acute lymphoblastic lymph… more

Seriously-Cancer? I Do Not Have Time for This!
Lauren Graham
InspiringVoices , English
Release From Captivity:A Mes... - Mike Lee

Release From Captivity:A Mes...Mike Lee

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 …the Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in His wings…                                                        Malachi 4:2 (NKJV)     The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is in trouble in the day and time in which we live. Church a… more

Release From Captivity:A Message for God’s People Today
Mike Lee
AuthorHouse , English
Soulfood For All Seasons - Ngaire J. Adamson

Soulfood For All SeasonsNgaire J. Adamson

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Many of us go through the experiences oflife with out giving a thought as to how wecould learn from these situations.For those who do learn from life’s ups anddowns, there are few who have the gift ofbeing able to share these lessons with o… more

Soulfood For All Seasons
Ngaire J. Adamson
Xlibris , English
A Journey Through Faith - Jack Snyder

A Journey Through FaithJack Snyder

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A Journey through Faith is an account of one man’s journey experiencing and learning obedience to God’s word. Jack is a marvelous storyteller. He uses that skill to illustrate from his own life how he walks out his faith in everyday life. I… more

A Journey Through Faith
Jack Snyder
Xulon Press , English
Walking With The Angels - White Eagle

Walking With The AngelsWhite Eagle

White Eagle’s teaching gives insights into the entire angelic kingdom, from the guardian angels who trigger the miracles in our lives to the great beings who are masters of the rays of creation. He speaks of the angels of creativity with wh… more

Walking With The Angels
White Eagle
White Eagle Publishing Trust , English
Simply Beautiful, Rooted in Him - Trudi Olivo

Simply Beautiful, Rooted in HimTrudi Olivo

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Simply Beautiful, Rooted in Him takes you on a journey through some of life’s challenges while striving to see the beauty of Christ in them and discovering the beauty within ourselves. From forgiveness and mercy to redemption and grace, th… more

Simply Beautiful, Rooted in Him
Trudi Olivo
Be Careful What You Pray For... - Elder William N. Brooks

Be Careful What You Pray For...Elder William N. Brooks

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A pastor’s prayer for a supernatural vision, answered by God in a terrifying way. By a visit to Heaven via the final Hell (The Lake of Fire!)

Be Careful What You Pray For! Hell is Real, and So is Heaven
Elder William N. Brooks