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Morning Reflections, A Colle... - Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Morning Reflections, A Colle...Karen Jean Matsko Hood

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Morning is a time to embrace renewed opportunity, fresh perspective, and an overall sense of rejuvenation. Morning Reflections is a collection of powerful and inspirational reading that is dedicated to helping you begin each new day in a p… more

Morning Reflections, A Collection of Bible Verses, Prayers, and Inspirational Poetry for Daily Reflection (Inspirational Reflections Series)
Karen Jean Matsko Hood
Whispering Pine Press International, Inc. , English
In Love with the Whirlwind: ... - Susan Davis

In Love with the Whirlwind: ...Susan Davis

The new book “”In Love with the Whirlwind”“—”“When God Takes Your Heart by Storm”“—a true report of the author’s pursuit of relationship with the Godhead: Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. Susan Davis shares how God entered her … more

In Love with the Whirlwind: When God Takes Your Heart by Storm
Susan Davis
AuthorHouse , English
UnSpoken Truths, Shades of Abuse - Victoria Morgan-Thomas

UnSpoken Truths, Shades of AbuseVictoria Morgan-Thomas

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Unspoken TruthsUnspoken truths must be pulled by the rootsthat’s been held so deep within;that’s the only way now for the pain to endSo that my life will someday begin.Some names may change, but that won’t end the painnor take away the sham… more

UnSpoken Truths, Shades of Abuse
Victoria Morgan-Thomas
Xulon Press , English
The Guide to Greatness: For ... - Leah Hill McNair

The Guide to Greatness: For ...Leah Hill McNair

GOD WANTS TO MAKE YOUR NAME GREAT!When God made woman, He made her with a specific purpose in mind. While His plan has not changed, we often get off track when we allow our everyday lives to take us away from the will of God. How can we st… more

The Guide to Greatness: For Women in Ministry
Leah Hill McNair
Xlibris , English
Back to the Beginning... - Mary Barrett

Back to the Beginning...Mary Barrett

A Collection of Reflective and Devotional Spiritual StudiesGo back to the beginning …and remember again all the love available to us in God. We all can find ourselves knocked off course when life gets out of focus. But remembering what o… more

Back to the Beginning…
Mary Barrett
iUniverse , English
Teachable Moments From My Sa... - Allison Jordan

Teachable Moments From My Sa...Allison Jordan

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I’m amazed at how my Savior can take any and every circumstance around me to show me more about him. From drinking a cup of coffee to riding down a country road, each moment of life is a glorious opportunity to learn more about the heart of… more

Teachable Moments From My Savior: A Journey Through Life Seeking God’s Will
Allison Jordan
authorhouse , English
Caminar en Adoración: donde ... - Gareth J Goossen

Caminar en Adoración: donde ...Gareth J Goossen

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Caminar en Adoración nos describe que la adoración es más que una expresión meramente musical, la verdadera adoración es con la vida. La expresión musical es importante pero no lo es todo, es donde la vida se intercepta con la adoración. Un… more

Caminar en Adoración: donde la adoración se intercepta con la vida
Gareth J Goossen
WestBowPress , English
Love Thy Neighbor…?:When A Spirit Of Religion Opposes The Heart Of God
Aaron D. Davis
AuthorHouse , English
An Ecclesiastical Model for HIV/AIDS ministry
D. Min Rev. C. Dennis Williams
AuthorHouse , English
The Normal Christian Wildern... - Bob Bennett

The Normal Christian Wildern...Bob Bennett

Want to see and experience life the way it really it?  Want to read a book that does not cover up the deep, emotional pain people experience?  Want to read about overcoming and being healed of this deep, emotional pain?  Want to live life … more

The Normal Christian Wilderness: Experiencing Peace and Healing During Life’s Storms
Bob Bennett
AuthorHouse , English
Refreshment in Refuge - Gina Burgess

Refreshment in RefugeGina Burgess

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A little dog revived with rain, a desperate woman comforted by warm arms, an intimate look at Mary Magdalene’s thoughts the morning Christ arose, a woman’s unselfish desire, are a few of the stories in this volume about living the Christian… more

Refreshment in Refuge
Gina Burgess
WestBow , English
To Light a Penny Candle - Rev. Dr. Alex Lawson

To Light a Penny CandleRev. Dr. Alex Lawson

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%To Light a Penny Candle offers Christmas and Easter devotionals full of colour, poetry, and joyful symbolism to touch our souls in many ways. These holidays, in particular, are a delight for every preacher, with their endless variety of th… more

To Light a Penny Candle
Rev. Dr. Alex Lawson
Trafford , English
Not Just Recovered But Delivered - Dr. Anthony Lightfoot

Not Just Recovered But DeliveredDr. Anthony Lightfoot

In this book I have the wonderful blessing and privilege of presenting to those who read some of my personal experiences on how a person can truly know that they are “Not just recovered but delivered.With no doubt in the mind that says I wi… more

Not Just Recovered But Delivered
Dr. Anthony Lightfoot
AuthorHouse , English
Merely Words of Inspiration:... - Glenda Turner Edwards

Merely Words of Inspiration:...Glenda Turner Edwards

Merely Words of Inspiration”” was written because of an awakening of my spiritual nature, which inspired me. I would hear different phrases during the day at work, on television, or just having a casual conversation during the day. The book… more

Merely Words of Inspiration:Being Inspired by the Word of God
Glenda Turner Edwards
AuthorHouse , English
My Lord and My God: Seeing G... - Karen Louise

My Lord and My God: Seeing G...Karen Louise

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Few of us look forward to challenging seasons of our lives. If we had things our way, our lives would be problem free; however, God often seems to allow difficulties to arise so that we cry out to Him. In these moments, or seasons, of utter… more

My Lord and My God: Seeing God in Life’s Valleys
Karen Louise
WestBowPress , English
A Year of Promise: 365 Days ... - Carol Mersch and Sherry L. Jackson

A Year of Promise: 365 Days ...Carol Mersch and Sherry L. Jackson

A chronicle of hope and inspiration, A Year of Promise opens the doorway to each day with ringing words of inspiration from thirteen religious leaders inviting you to join them in a walk through your day—365 days of the year.It has been sa… more

A Year of Promise: 365 Days of Inspiration to Guide your Day & Guide your Way
Carol Mersch and Sherry L. Jackson
iUniverse , English
Reflections: The Challenge a... - Robert J. Burton

Reflections: The Challenge a...Robert J. Burton

The book is intended as 1) a challenge to Christians to explore more deeply their Christian walk and 2) an introduction to non-Christians and nominal Christians of the true meaning of Christianity.  There are 35 Reflections, each on an impo… more

Reflections: The Challenge and Excitement of The Committed Christian Life Volume 1
Robert J. Burton
AuthorHouse , English
A Stranger Within My Spirit - Yolanda A. Williams

A Stranger Within My SpiritYolanda A. Williams

While reading this book, I hope and pray that you will have your spirit open and be receptive to what the Holy Spirit wants to share with you. While writing this book, I wanted to be led by the Lord and not Yolanda. This book is to allow yo… more

A Stranger Within My Spirit
Yolanda A. Williams
AuthorHouse , English
Processing Life's Moments: T... - D. Kennedy Williams

Processing Life's Moments: T...D. Kennedy Williams

Processing Life’s Moments: Therapy for the Soul:God, I can hear YOUBy: D. Kennedy Williams

Processing Life’s Moments: Therapy for the Soul:God, I can hear YOU
D. Kennedy Williams
AuthorHouse , English