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CHRISTIANS AND SPICES”: The Portuguese in India, 1497 - 1961By Roderick MatthewseBook published by IDEAINDIA.COM© Roderick Matthews 2007To reach India by sea the first Portuguese navigators had to spend periods out of sight of land for up … more

CHRISTIANS AND SPICES”: The Portuguese in India, 1497 - 1961
Later Mughals Vol 1 - William Irvine

Later Mughals Vol 1William Irvine

AUTHOR’S FOREWORDIf this book cannot claim in the highest sense of the word the name of History, it is at least the result of some research and labour, things sadly required in Indian history as a preparatory clearing of the ground for more… more

Later Mughals Vol 1
William Irvine
The Anglo-Indian Genome Project - Warren Brown

The Anglo-Indian Genome ProjectWarren Brown

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The numbers of Anglo-Indians in India are lessening, as a number of them leave for greener pastures abroad. With their known spirit of industry and hard-work, these members of the community make a success of their lives in other countries. … more

The Anglo-Indian Genome Project
Warren Brown
Warren Brown , English
Primary Sources for History ... - Murugar Gunasingam

Primary Sources for History ...Murugar Gunasingam

This Work “Primary Sources for History of the Sri Lankan Tamils : A World-wide Search”, the First of its kind, is a very significant one. In this work I see the Historian and the Professional Librarian within the Author Dr. M. Gunasingam a … more

Primary Sources for History of the Sri Lankan Tamils: World-Wide Search
Murugar Gunasingam
From Bharata to India: Volum... - M. K. Agarwal

From Bharata to India: Volum...M. K. Agarwal

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Continuing the narrative from Volume One of: From Bharata to India, this second volume spans the years from the Muslim conquests down to the present era.The Volume begins by contrasting the stifling theocracy of the Abrahamic religions (Ju… more

From Bharata to India: Volume 2: The Rape of Chrysee
M. K. Agarwal
iUniverse , English
India: A Short History - Andrew Robinson

India: A Short HistoryAndrew Robinson

India’s unfolding story, from the ancient Hindu dynasties to the coming of Islam, from the Mughal Empire to the present day India has always been a land of great contradictions. To Alexander the Great, the country was a place of clever… more

India: A Short History
Andrew Robinson
Thames & Hudson , English
On Yuan Chwang's travels in ... - Thomas Watters, Thomas Willi...

On Yuan Chwang's travels in ...Thomas Watters, Thomas Willi...

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On Yuan Chwang’s travels in India, 629-645 A.D. 428 Pages.

On Yuan Chwang’s travels in India, 629-645 A.D.
Thomas Watters, Thomas William Rhys Davids, Stephen Wootton Bushell, Vincent Arthur Smith
On the Indian Hills V1 - Edwin Lester Linden Arnold

On the Indian Hills V1Edwin Lester Linden Arnold

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Or Coffee Planting in Southern India.Volume I of II.Originally published 1881.

On the Indian Hills V1
Edwin Lester Linden Arnold
History of India. From Ancie... - William W. Hunter

History of India. From Ancie...William W. Hunter

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The history of nearly every European country affords the historian a subject of homogeneous character for his task; not so with the history of India, for instead of one race, many must be dealt with; instead of one religion the people of In… more

History of India. From Ancient Times to the 20th Century
William W. Hunter
Lecturable , English
The Babur-nama in English (M... - Babur Emperor of Hindustan, ...

The Babur-nama in English (M...Babur Emperor of Hindustan, ...

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The Babur-nama in English (Memoirs of Babur). Volume 1. 526 Pages.

The Babur-nama in English (Memoirs of Babur) VOLUME 1
Babur Emperor of Hindustan, Annette Susannah Beveridge
WikiBooks: Vijayanagara Empire - Wikimedia Foundation

WikiBooks: Vijayanagara EmpireWikimedia Foundation

The Vijayanagara Empire Kannada: ವಿಜಯನಗರ ಸಾಮ್ರಾಜ್ಯ Vijayanagara Sāmrājya, Telugu: విజయనగర సామ్రాజ్యము Vijayanagara Sāmrājyamu, referred as the Kingdom of Bisnaga by the Portuguese, was a South Indian empire based in the Deccan Plateau. Esta… more

WikiBooks: Vijayanagara Empire
Wikimedia Foundation
The Babur-nama in English (M... - Annette Susannah Beveridge, ...

The Babur-nama in English (M...Annette Susannah Beveridge, ...

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The Babur-nama in English (Memoirs of Babur). Volume 2. 542 Pages.

The Babur-nama in English (Memoirs of Babur) VOLUME 2
Annette Susannah Beveridge, Babur Emperor of Hindustan
Perspectives on Lion Feuchtw... - Dr. Hans Peter Plischka, Han...

Perspectives on Lion Feuchtw...Dr. Hans Peter Plischka, Han...

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First encounter of a European Company with India in 18thcentury. Famous authors Brecht and Feuchtwanger have written a conspiracy drama on thefirst global player, the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY , in traditional Indian society.Governor Warre… more

Perspectives on Lion Feuchtwanger and Bertolt Brecht: CALCUTTA, 4th MAY
Dr. Hans Peter Plischka, Hans Peter Dr.Plischka, Carl Wege, Martin Kämpchen
Avantgarde Press , Calcutta 1994 , English


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Each young man left his house silently. Rang Bahadur avoided looking at his sisters as he tiptoed past them, his father snoring on a nearby charpai. He stole along the high mud wall of the house, crossed the large courtyard and ran unnotice… more

David Howard Day
Xlibris , English
The Cambridge History of Ind... - E.J. Rapson

The Cambridge History of Ind...E.J. Rapson

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E.J. Rapson’s The Cambridge History of India:Volume I, Ancient India , is a massive history of India from the dawn of history until after Alexander the Great’s conquest of India.A table of contents is included.

The Cambridge History of India: Volume 1, Ancient India
E.J. Rapson
Waxkeep Publishing , English
Trade And Trade Routes In An... - Moti Chandra

Trade And Trade Routes In An...Moti Chandra

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Trade And Trade Routes In Ancient India
by Moti ChandraThe present book is a pioneering attempt to reconstruct the route systems of ancient India upto the eleventh century A.D., the traders that traversed them restlessly, the goods in which… more

Trade And Trade Routes In Ancient India
Moti Chandra
Abhinav Publications , English
SIDDHARTHA - Herman Hesse


SIDDHARTHA An Indian Tale by Hermann HesseThe story begins as Siddhartha, the son of a Brahmin, leaves his home to join the ascetics with his companion Govinda. The two set out in the search of enlightenment.Siddhartha goes from asceticism,… more

Herman Hesse
Travel Goa, India 2011 - Ill... - MobileReference

Travel Goa, India 2011 - Ill...MobileReference

This illustrated Travel Guide is designed for optimal navigation on Kindle and other electronic devices. It is indexed alphabetically and by category, making it easier to access individual articles. Articles feature information about attrac… more

Travel Goa, India 2011 - Illustrated Guide, Phrasebook and Maps. Entertainment Bonus: FREE Sudoku Puzzles & “The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana” (Mobi Travel)
MobileReference , English
Nurjahan's Daughter - Tanushree Podder

Nurjahan's DaughterTanushree Podder

Empress Nur Jahan ruled Hindustan for sixteen long years. While her story is often told with wonder and awe, historians and writers ignore the tale of her daughter, Laadli: the reluctant princess who found herself sucked in the maelstrom of… more

Nurjahan’s Daughter
Tanushree Podder
Rupa Publications , English
A Narrative of the Siege of Delhi - Charles John Griffiths

A Narrative of the Siege of DelhiCharles John Griffiths

The ever memorable period in the history of our Eastern Empire known as the Great Indian Rebellion or Mutiny of the Bengal army was an epoch fraught with the most momentous consequences, and one which resulted in covering with undying fame … more

A Narrative of the Siege of Delhi
Charles John Griffiths
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