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Perspectives on Lion Feuchtw... - Dr. Hans Peter Plischka, Han...

Perspectives on Lion Feuchtw...Dr. Hans Peter Plischka, Han...

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First encounter of a European Company with India in 18thcentury. Famous authors Brecht and Feuchtwanger have written a conspiracy drama on thefirst global player, the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY , in traditional Indian society.Governor Warre… more

Perspectives on Lion Feuchtwanger and Bertolt Brecht: CALCUTTA, 4th MAY
Dr. Hans Peter Plischka, Hans Peter Dr.Plischka, Carl Wege, Martin Kämpchen
Avantgarde Press , Calcutta 1994 , English
India: A History - John Keay

India: A HistoryJohn Keay

The first single-volume history of India since the 1950s, combining narrative pace and skill with social, economic and cultural analysis. Five millennia of the sub-continent’s history are interpreted by one of our finest writers on India an… more

India: A History
John Keay
HarperCollins , English
Later Mughals Vol 1 - William Irvine

Later Mughals Vol 1William Irvine

AUTHOR’S FOREWORDIf this book cannot claim in the highest sense of the word the name of History, it is at least the result of some research and labour, things sadly required in Indian history as a preparatory clearing of the ground for more… more

Later Mughals Vol 1
William Irvine
A history of the Maratha peo... - Charles Augustus Kincaid

A history of the Maratha peo...Charles Augustus Kincaid

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INTRODUCTORYIn the ensuing pages it will be the writer’s aim to tell the story of the country known as Maharashtra. It lies on the western shore of middle India and is in shape a triangle* Its base is the sea from Daman to Karwar. The perpe… more

A history of the Maratha people, Volume 1
Charles Augustus Kincaid
Glimpses of old Bombay and w... - James Douglas

Glimpses of old Bombay and w...James Douglas

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Glimpses of old Bombay and western India, with other papers (364 pages)

Glimpses of old Bombay and western India, with other papers
James Douglas
The Anglo-Indian Genome Project - Warren Brown

The Anglo-Indian Genome ProjectWarren Brown

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The numbers of Anglo-Indians in India are lessening, as a number of them leave for greener pastures abroad. With their known spirit of industry and hard-work, these members of the community make a success of their lives in other countries. … more

The Anglo-Indian Genome Project
Warren Brown
Warren Brown , English
The Prince of India : Or, Wh... - Lew Wallace

The Prince of India : Or, Wh...Lew Wallace

This book is an illustrated version of the original The Prince of India; Or, Why Constantinople Fell by Lew Wallace. “The Israelite thus honored delayed opening the linen envelope while he surveyed the messenger. The liberty, it must be rem… more

The Prince of India : Or, Why Constantinople Fell, Volume II (Illustrated)
Lew Wallace
History of the French in Ind... - G B. Malleson

History of the French in Ind...G B. Malleson

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History of the French in India, from the founding of Pondichery in 1674 to the capture of that place in 1761The review from Amazon.com reviewerIf you are interested in this subject, you might want to check Animesh Rai’s work. A good introdu… more

History of the French in India, from the founding of Pondichery in 1674 to the capture of that place in 1761 Vol.2
G B. Malleson
AMA Publication , English
From Bharata to India: Volum... - M. K. Agarwal

From Bharata to India: Volum...M. K. Agarwal

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Continuing the narrative from Volume One of: From Bharata to India, this second volume spans the years from the Muslim conquests down to the present era.The Volume begins by contrasting the stifling theocracy of the Abrahamic religions (Ju… more

From Bharata to India: Volume 2: The Rape of Chrysee
M. K. Agarwal
iUniverse , English
From Bharata to India : Volu... - M. K. Agarwal

From Bharata to India : Volu...M. K. Agarwal

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The origin of world civilization can be traced to the Sindhu and Sarasvati river valleys (located in present-day Pakistan) as early as 8,000 BC. Here, innovation and originality in every aspect of human endeavor, from mathematics and scien… more

From Bharata to India : Volume 1: Chrysee the Golden
M. K. Agarwal
iUniverse , English
History of India. From the R... - Stanley Lane-Poole

History of India. From the R...Stanley Lane-Poole

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Chapter 1 – The United empire – Akbar the Great – 1556–1605 A.D.Chapter 2 – Akbar’s reforms – the Divine Faith – 1566–1605 A.D.Chapter 3 – The Great Moghul and European Travellers – 1605–1627 A.D.Chapter 4 – Shah Jahan – The Magnificent – 1… more

History of India. From the Reign of Akbar the Great to the Fall of the Moghul Empire
Stanley Lane-Poole
India - William St. Clair Tisdall

IndiaWilliam St. Clair Tisdall

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(…)”Educational Secretary; in this pamphlet a selected bibliography will be found. This book is sent out with the earnest hope that it will prove a valuable guide to all those who desire a fuller acquaintance with India as a Mission-Field… more

William St. Clair Tisdall
Nurjahan's Daughter - Tanushree Podder

Nurjahan's DaughterTanushree Podder

Empress Nur Jahan ruled Hindustan for sixteen long years. While her story is often told with wonder and awe, historians and writers ignore the tale of her daughter, Laadli: the reluctant princess who found herself sucked in the maelstrom of… more

Nurjahan’s Daughter
Tanushree Podder
Rupa Publications , English
Lachmi Bai Rani of Jhansi by... - Michael  White

Lachmi Bai Rani of Jhansi by...Michael White

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It was a day of angry, torrid heat. The June sun of Central India blazed fiercely upon an uneven plain, upon a river winding to the northward, a lake bordered by trees, and upon the walled city of Jhansi with its rock fortress rising precip… more

Lachmi Bai Rani of Jhansi by Michael White
Michael White
Castes and tribes of souther... - Edgar Thurston

Castes and tribes of souther...Edgar Thurston

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Talayari.— The Talayari (talai, head) or chief watchman, or Uddari (saviour of the village), is a kind of undepartmental village policeman, who is generally known as the Talari. Among other duties, he has to follow on the track of stolen ca… more

Castes and tribes of southern India, Volume 7
Edgar Thurston
Theory of Orient - Balkrishna Baldawa

Theory of OrientBalkrishna Baldawa

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Looking into the recent researches in the geological structures of the continents, history of natural environment: soil, air, and water, sources of energy during various ages of history, and impact of ice ages on the evolutionary history of… more

Theory of Orient
Balkrishna Baldawa
Travel Goa, India 2011 - Ill... - MobileReference

Travel Goa, India 2011 - Ill...MobileReference

This illustrated Travel Guide is designed for optimal navigation on Kindle and other electronic devices. It is indexed alphabetically and by category, making it easier to access individual articles. Articles feature information about attrac… more

Travel Goa, India 2011 - Illustrated Guide, Phrasebook and Maps. Entertainment Bonus: FREE Sudoku Puzzles & “The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana” (Mobi Travel)
MobileReference , English
Shivaji and his times - Jadunath Sarkar

Shivaji and his timesJadunath Sarkar

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Shivaji and his times. 490 Pages.

Shivaji and his times
Jadunath Sarkar
Kharavela - D.N.Shanbhag


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A great king of Kalinga who ruled twenty-one centuries ago. Coming to the throne when the state was in distress, he brought confidence and self-respect to the people. And he refused to join hands with a foreign army against an Indian prince… more

History of Persia. From the ... - W. Harold Claflin

History of Persia. From the ...W. Harold Claflin

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There are but few nations of the earth which can match the boast of Persia: that despite an unexampled series of conquests and subjugations she has as a nation played a great part in world history in ancient, in mediaeval, and in modern ti… more

History of Persia. From the Sassanids to the 20th Century
W. Harold Claflin
Lecturable , English