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Deer Hunting EquipmentDonnie Hoover

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** Kindle Best Seller **If you’re serious about tagging the big one, then you can count on spending quite a few hours in the woods. You’re going to freeze, you’re going to sweat, and you’re probably going to wonder what in the world … more

Deer Hunting Equipment
Donnie Hoover

Advanced Deerhunter's BibleJohn Weiss

This book explores the world of the whitetail deer, its feeding, traveling, and mating habits, and shows how to use this knowledge to refine your hunting skills.• All about the whitetail’s senses—and how to outwit them• What you can learn f… more

Advanced Deerhunter’s Bible
John Weiss
Main Street Books , English

Timeless Bowhunting: The Art...Roy S. Marlow

Timeless Bowhunting will help you:Choose a bow based on the merits of technical designFind a hunting arrow that gives optimum accuracy, trajectory, and penetrationShoot accurately uphill, downhill, from tree stands, and in the windChoose an… more

Timeless Bowhunting: The Art, The Science, The Spirit
Roy S. Marlow
Stackpole Books , English

Guide to TrappingJim Spencer

Trapping has become somewhat of a lost art, but interest in the sport is as strong as ever thanks to a stable fur market and a growing need to control mammal populations or remove nuisance animals. In Guide to Trapping, Jim Spencer covers s… more

Guide to Trapping
Jim Spencer
Stackpole Books , English

How To Learn Taxidermy, Book...Forrest Ketner

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How to Learn Taxidermy Book 2 How to Mount FishYou can buy one book at a time or all 5.These 5 books are set up to start with book 1 and work to book 5. Book 1 starts with the basics of mounting and starts with birds. Birds are a great plac… more

How To Learn Taxidermy, Book 2 How to Mount a Fish
Forrest Ketner

500 Deer Hunting Tips: Strat...Bill Vaznis

One Simple Tip Can Bring You a Trophy!This book gives whitetail hunters exactly what they’re always looking for: that extra edge—whitetail hunters are always looking for that extra edge in outsmarting their prey. Short and to-the-point tip… more

500 Deer Hunting Tips: Strategies, Techniques & Methods (The Complete Hunter)
Bill Vaznis
Creative Publishing international , English

How to Learn Taxidermy, Book...Forrest Ketner

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How to Learn Taxidermy you can buy 1 book or buy all 5. I would suggest working on them in order and learning from each one.These 5 books are set up to start with book 1 and work to book 5. Book 1 starts with the basics of mounting and star… more

How to Learn Taxidermy, Book 5 Novelties
Forrest Ketner

Wingshooter's Guide to IdahoKen Retallic, Rocky Barker

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This new edition of Winghooter’s Guide to Idaho features updated information, including new hunting regulations and the Access Yes! program. Updated hub city information includes hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, sporting good stores, veter… more

Wingshooter’s Guide to Idaho
Ken Retallic, Rocky Barker
Wilderness Adventures Press , English

Turkey Camp: ... and other t...Mark Strand

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Wild turkeys cast a spell on those who love to hunt them, and this book celebrates these magnificent birds as well as any work of turkey hunting literature. Here’s a short sample:“I caught the movement of his tailfeathers going up and splay… more

Turkey Camp: … and other turkey hunting stories (Finding Time for the Outdoors)
Mark Strand
BookBaby , English

The Art of Rimfire AccuracyBill Calfee

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Bill Calfee has been working with guns since the 1970’s and decided to focus on the 22 rimfire beginning in the 1980’s. Since the 1980’s Bill has had many ideas on how to improve the accuracy of the 22 rimfire, some ideas have increased th… more

The Art of Rimfire Accuracy
Bill Calfee
AuthorHouse , English

A Matter of ContextTom Kelly

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What this book attempts to do, is to discuss some of the changes, and some of the changes to the changes, that occur from time to time for what appears to be no reason whatsoever. Nobody truly understands turkeys all of the time, in all of… more

A Matter of Context
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly, Inc. , English

Hunting Ducks and Geese: Har...Steve Smith

Covers preseason scouting, how and where to place a blind, use of decoys and calls Identifies and corrects common mistakes made when placing and setting up blinds and decoys, timing the hunt, and waiting for waterfowlThis engaging guide cov… more

Hunting Ducks and Geese: Hard Facts, Good Bets, and Serious Advice from a Duck Hunter You Can Trust
Steve Smith
Stackpole Books , English

Strategies for WhitetailsCharles J. Alsheimer

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A Landmark Book from the Master Whitetail Hunter! In one monumental volume, the acknowledged master of white-tail deer hunting, Charlie Alsheimer, shares a lifetime of experience about the animal he knows and loves so well. Brilliantly illu… more

Strategies for Whitetails
Charles J. Alsheimer
Krause Publications , English

How To Learn Taxidermy, How ...Forrest Ketner

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How to learn taxidermy is a 5 book series, you can buy them 1 at a time or all 5.These 5 books are set up to start with book 1 and work to book 5. Book 1 starts with the basics of mounting and starts with birds. Birds are a great place to s… more

How To Learn Taxidermy, How to Mount Birds
Forrest Ketner

Training Birds of PreyJemima Parry-Jones

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An in-depth guide to the fascinating world of captive birds of prey, offering everything the falconer needs to know about the five family groups; buzzards, owls, falcons, eagles and hawks. Beginning with advice on which bird you should get,… more

Training Birds of Prey
Jemima Parry-Jones
David & Charles , English

Ten Was the Deal: Southern H...John P. Faris

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Ten Was The Deal is more than a book of stories about hunting and fishing, it offers all of the enchantment of yarns spun while sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck; all of the lore of tales told around a campfire. Ten Was The Deal is … more

Ten Was the Deal: Southern Hunting and Fishing Stories
John P. Faris
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC , English

Bow Hunting Deer - Deer Hunt...Donnie Hoover

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** Kindle Best Seller **Bowhunters are a fiercely loyal group, and who can blame them? In most states and localities, you get a head start on the season, which is reason enough when you’re eager for deer season to start back up. It … more

Bow Hunting Deer - Deer Hunting Books
Donnie Hoover

Deer Hunting Camp And Using ...Donnie Hoover

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** Kindle Best Seller **The definition of “deer camp” can vary quite a bit from one guy to the next. One hunter might be roughing it at the back of that trek near his house, while the other guy is traveling 2,000 miles for the huntin… more

Deer Hunting Camp And Using Guide Services
Donnie Hoover

Bowhunter's Guide to Accurat...Lon E. Lauber

Tune your bow - be more accurate!Most hunters agree that bowhunting is a low-percentage affair. It’s crucial that you choose the right equipment and set it up properly-whether compound bow, recurve or longbow. Then, practicing good shooting… more

Bowhunter’s Guide to Accurate Shooting (The Complete Hunter)
Lon E. Lauber
Creative Publishing international , English

Bowhunting Pressured Whiteta...John Eberhart

Learn how to scout and prepare sites while leaving minimal evidence of human presence, and how to read deer sign to find the most productive places to hunt Comprehensive coverage of scent control, including the use of odor-eliminating cloth… more

Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails: Expert Techniques for Taking Big, Wary Bucks
John Eberhart
Stackpole Books , English