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A Mark M Miscellany - Mark  M.

A Mark M MiscellanyMark M.

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A second compilation of many of Mark M’s eccentric chapbooks which are often humorous and/or arty such as Mark M’s Heavily-Abridged Dictionary, Aggravating Answers to Annoying Questions, How the English Language Worx, Ignoramia, Bildungsrom… more

A Mark M Miscellany
Mark M.
Mark M Giese , English
Senior Things I Said, Say, D... - Ronald Hudkins

Senior Things I Said, Say, D...Ronald Hudkins

It isn’t easy being me and somehow I reckon pretty much like Mr. Wilson and Dennis the Menace, it is not much easier living with or around me either. Doesn’t matter if I was six or 60 I’ll take you on a voyage of vocabulary and actions I s… more

Senior Things I Said, Say, Did and Do
Ronald Hudkins
PUMPY'S STAIN: a very short ... - Tommy Kovac

PUMPY'S STAIN: a very short ...Tommy Kovac

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A 685-word short story about a pathetic little pumpkin and his bitter demise. With one bonus interior illustration.Excerpt: “What about the seeds? Should we roast them and eat them?” asked the mother. “No. This pumpkin’s seeds look green an… more

PUMPY’S STAIN: a very short and mean-spirited Halloween story
Tommy Kovac
Spaztastic Zombies - Tammy Lee Morris

Spaztastic ZombiesTammy Lee Morris

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Why does a zombie make a great husband? Have you wondered just what practical things you can actually do with a zombie? How about some great zombie beauty tips for keeping undead flesh looking fresh and pretty.”Spaztastic Zombies” may be ju… more

Spaztastic Zombies
Tammy Lee Morris
Mirrors Tell Lies - Jerry Flesher

Mirrors Tell LiesJerry Flesher

She’s a supermodel who is graceful and confident in front of a camera but when she’s with a man she likes her confidence slips and she becomes a klutz as she imagines herself as that tall, skinny, sixteen-year-old with braces and zits that… more

Mirrors Tell Lies
Jerry Flesher
iUniverse , English
Catchers - Dana Rey

CatchersDana Rey

Timeless treasures in the men we love.

Dana Rey
Is This For Real?: Anecdotes... - Cindy D'Antonio

Is This For Real?: Anecdotes...Cindy D'Antonio

Is This For Real?: Anecdotes and Short Stories from the World of Corporate America

Is This For Real?: Anecdotes and Short Stories from the World of Corporate America
Cindy D’Antonio
Xlibris , English
Gone Missing: Ten Famous and... - Albert Jack

Gone Missing: Ten Famous and...Albert Jack

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We all love a good mystery don’t we? And by all, I mean each and every one of us are, or will be, captivated at one time or another by a decent, real-life, scary mystery; either one of the world’s most famous or something on a much smaller… more

Gone Missing: Ten Famous and Mysterious Disappearances
Albert Jack
Money for Old Rope Publishing , English
I am a Dirty Immigrant - Anderson A Charles

I am a Dirty ImmigrantAnderson A Charles

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Bob Marley lyrics exploded in my head, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds”. I swallowed hard, trying to stop myself from throwing up. Then another quote ran through my mind. It was the Karl Marx s… more

I am a Dirty Immigrant
Anderson A Charles
Say Uncle - Hazel Goats

Say UncleHazel Goats

This book is shorter than most and uses mostly small words. Impress your friends with the fact that you’ve read a book without actually doing anything difficult.

Say Uncle
Hazel Goats
When a Southern Woman Ramble... - L. Avery Brown

When a Southern Woman Ramble...L. Avery Brown

Once again the comedic mind of Southern Belle, L. Avery Brown, has put together a bounty of beauty boo-boos. So, kick off your loafers, slide into your slippers, and get ready to snort out loud! That’s right! If Volume I of Tragic Tales o… more

When a Southern Woman Rambles…: Tragic Tales of Beauty, Volume II
L. Avery Brown
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
Kissing 101:: A Guidebook for Men - L. Avery Brown

Kissing 101:: A Guidebook for MenL. Avery Brown

ATTENTION MEN! Are you ready to be Kiss-u-cated?Do you ever wonder if your kissing technique is up to par? Have you ever found yourself smack dab in the middle of a lip lock and you open your eyes only to see your date glancing at the cloc… more

Kissing 101:: A Guidebook for Men
L. Avery Brown
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
Divas Never Flinch - A Comed... - Jon McDonald

Divas Never Flinch - A Comed...Jon McDonald

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Love to laugh out loud? Then the antics in Divas Never Flinch will have you literally shaking with laughter

Who says there are no longer any civil wars in America? Santa Fe, New Mexico is the epicenter of epic battles fought between the … more

Divas Never Flinch - A Comedy of Manners
Jon McDonald
Is it Just Me? (or one woman... - Susan Hungerford

Is it Just Me? (or one woman...Susan Hungerford

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W hat’s a mom to do when her family drives her crazy? Write about it, of course. This is one woman’s story about her family and the driving force behind her reasons to e-mail to her friends about what it’s like to be part of the insanity th… more

Is it Just Me? (or one woman’s life through emails)
Susan Hungerford
Xlibris , English
"...And While You're At It, ... - Craig Parsons

"...And While You're At It, ...Craig Parsons

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Prepare for a hilarious ride into the brilliant mind and imagination of the author as he whisks you away on an entertaining journey! You’ll venture down crazy rabbit holes, chuckling and giggling, as he shares his observations and life exp… more

…And While You’re At It, Replace The Urinal Cake!”
Craig Parsons
Baboo Jabberjee, B.A. : Illustrated - Thomas Anstey Guthrie

Baboo Jabberjee, B.A. : IllustratedThomas Anstey Guthrie

INTRODUCTORY LETTER FROM BABOO JABBERJEE.To the Hon’ble —— Punch.Venerable and Ludicrous Sir.—Permit me most respectfully to bring beneath your notice a proposal which I serenely anticipate will turn up trumps under the fructifying sunshine… more

Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.: Illustrated
Thomas Anstey Guthrie
The Non Sequitur Survival Gu... - Wiley Miller, Washington Pos...

The Non Sequitur Survival Gu...Wiley Miller, Washington Pos...

Since its debut in 1992, Non Sequitur—a comic that jabs at the feats and foibles of modern-day life—has become one of the fastest-rising comic strips in the U.S. Named Non Sequitur because no one strip has anything to do with another, eac… more

The Non Sequitur Survival Guide for the Nineties
Wiley Miller, Washington Post Writers Group
Andrews McMeel Publishing , English
Really Funny Jokes: From Aro... - David Zephaniah

Really Funny Jokes: From Aro...David Zephaniah

These jokes are downright funny.These are myall-time favorite jokes. I have collected jokes from Russia, Israel,USA, Europe, South America, and other countries. Having a good fun and tellinggood jokes, is my family’s tradition. The laughter… more

Really Funny Jokes: From Around The World
David Zephaniah
Booktango , English
test7 (do not buy) - a b

test7 (do not buy)a b

test book 7 (do not buy)

test7 (do not buy)
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ASK THIS!  Questions for Con... - Brandon W. G. Waters

ASK THIS! Questions for Con...Brandon W. G. Waters

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Ask This! The book with crazy questions that won’t be half as funny as the answers you’ll hear. By pulling out this little black box in your head of over one thousand questions that you read, you’ll have your guests laughing out loud and a… more

ASK THIS! Questions for Conversations
Brandon W. G. Waters
Balboa Press , English