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Those Were the Days ... My A... - Richard Wilson

Those Were the Days ... My A...Richard Wilson

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Richard Wilson is like the naughty kid poking the ant’s nest with a stick.’ Times OnlineKids these days are all fat, lazy and thick and their parents don’t know how to bring them up properly any more. They’re glued to their phones, play to… more

Those Were the Days … My Arse! 101 Old Fashioned Activities NOT to Do With Your Kids
Richard Wilson
Portico , English
The Creative Insults Handbook - Briana Blair

The Creative Insults HandbookBriana Blair

Are you tired of calling people “jerk” and “douchebag”? if so, this is the book for you! This book comes to you as a collection of some of the most unique, weird and obscure insults I’ve ever come across. If you really want to make people d… more

The Creative Insults Handbook
Briana Blair
Briana Blair , English
Loose Screws - Gerry Tortorelli

Loose ScrewsGerry Tortorelli

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Loose Screws is a collection of sixty-nine amusing, often touching, anecdotes from the life of a Bronx boy who has lived and traveled throughout the world. The author, Gerry Tortorelli, is a retired business executive, who immigrated to Sw… more

Loose Screws
Gerry Tortorelli
iUniverse , English
The Lost Battleship - Jenő Rejtő

The Lost BattleshipJenő Rejtő

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The battleship ‘Balmoral’ has gone missing, although it’s not lost at all. Dirty Fred and a group of happy scoundrels ‘borrow’ it to rescue Tom Leven and his important invention. During their adventures they rescue high-ranking military off… more

The Lost Battleship
Jenő Rejtő
The Battle of Pennsylvania Gulch - Baron of Cleveland

The Battle of Pennsylvania GulchBaron of Cleveland

On a cold and blustery winter day in 1777, George Washington, short of supplies and being hunted by an entire division of the British Army, has to figure out a way to win a battle that could mean annihilation for his young American army.Thi… more

The Battle of Pennsylvania Gulch
Baron of Cleveland
P Dugan/Basic Pubs , English
ONLY HALF EVIL - 333 SAYINGS - Andreas Lachmann

ONLY HALF EVIL - 333 SAYINGSAndreas Lachmann

333 sayings! Here are some examples:• The USA is bankrupt and nobody in the whole world wants to know this• Being online is like being controlled• We’ve had enough of words! - Put dishonest politicians under the guillotine!• Porn is for wan… more

Andreas Lachmann
Absent Companions - Tom Kelly

Absent CompanionsTom Kelly

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Absent Companions, 2008, is Tom Kelly’s 13th edition of stories about the bird, the people of the South, lost friends, a special black lab and the loss of a circus that he was personally involved in. Here is Tom’s copy from the dust cover…. more

Absent Companions
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly, Inc. , English
Skully Says SHUT IT!: Life, ... - Heidi Rice

Skully Says SHUT IT!: Life, ...Heidi Rice

From playing hopscotch on the black and white tiles of the kitchen floor, attempting a stealth purchase of feminine protection for his wife, imitating Mighty Mouse by saving the day each morning as he bounds down the stairs or secretly bei… more

Skully Says SHUT IT!: Life, Love, and Laughter with Husband-Head
Heidi Rice
iUniverse , English
The Valley Girl Turns 40 - Laura Ross

The Valley Girl Turns 40Laura Ross

I am so sure! If you loved and miss the 80s and are finding yourself slowly being gobbled up by the big scary 4-0, then this is the book for you. Its about remembering all the things we Vals held dear back in the day.

The Valley Girl Turns 40
Laura Ross
iUniverse , English
Will Rogers Views the News: ... - Robert V. Waldrop

Will Rogers Views the News: ...Robert V. Waldrop

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One of the most famous and funniest observers of people and events was Will Rogers, a country boy known for his keen and witty views of the ridiculous, bumbling antics of national leaders. Although Will Rogers died in 1935, his penetrating … more

Will Rogers Views the News: Humorist Ponders Current Events
Robert V. Waldrop
AbbottPress , English
Martha Stewart Can Suck It! - Vanessa Vantastic

Martha Stewart Can Suck It!Vanessa Vantastic

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Susie homemaker is my bitch. That’s what you will be saying after you get through these awesome life saving (well, not really life saving, but pretty cool) tips. The problems discussed in this book are most definitely #firstworldproblems. L… more

Martha Stewart Can Suck It!
Vanessa Vantastic
A Poor Man's Wish - J. R. Rodney, Matt Mulligan

A Poor Man's WishJ. R. Rodney, Matt Mulligan

A Poor Man’s Wish offers exactly what the comedy world wants and needs, and also might not have asked for. This compilation of fictional short stories is sure to make you laugh when reading and also reminiscing on your new favorites. Mullig… more

A Poor Man’s Wish
J. R. Rodney, Matt Mulligan
Ol' Tom and Laura - Tom  Kelly

Ol' Tom and LauraTom Kelly

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Ol’ Tom and Laura, 2008 by Tom Kelly. This book of Tom and Laura stories is a gift to dads and moms who have had the delight to raise their children in the outdoors. The selections are from Tom Kelly’s previous books. Tom had this to sa… more

Ol’ Tom and Laura
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly,Inc. , English
You Might Be A Problem Drink... - David L. Anders

You Might Be A Problem Drink...David L. Anders

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Hilarious and yet insightful, more than 100 ways to know if maybe it’s time to cut down on the drinking (or increase your life insurance coverage!).Ever since the days of the biblical Great Flood, astute observers have identified a link bet… more

You Might Be A Problem Drinker If…
David L. Anders
David Anders Publishing House , English
Down on Hill Street Beech Bo... - Andrew Lee Smith

Down on Hill Street Beech Bo...Andrew Lee Smith

This book is a collection, not of stories, but of adventures. Beech Bottom, WV and the surrounding area provided great opportunity for mischief and the Smith family of Hill Street met the call. These adventures follow the Smith family throu… more

Down on Hill Street Beech Bottom, WV
Andrew Lee Smith
AuthorHouse , English
Dreams III - Dr. Asoka S.B Dissanayake

Dreams IIIDr. Asoka S.B Dissanayake

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Dreams and their interpretations are new avenues, I have ventured into and explored in some detail.Most of the dreams have a futuristic theme and value.They are current, relevant and global in nature.Of course, I would not have accomplished… more

Dreams III
Dr. Asoka S.B Dissanayake
The Accidental Conservative:... - Jim Riggins

The Accidental Conservative:...Jim Riggins

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In the early nineties, Jim Riggins became a conservative on a bet. He didn’t expect to enjoy the ruse but did. Years later, he found himself in the White House working for George W. Bush. Life was good for the GOP, but thanks to the Right’… more

The Accidental Conservative: The Improbable Story of My Time in the Echo Chamber
Jim Riggins
Authorhouse , English
Corazon - Alison Raymond

CorazonAlison Raymond

Corazon By Alison RaymondOrganised crime in the localallotment society?Surely not.Jennifer Renshaw is settling intoa comfortable suburban lifeuntil she becomes the victim ofa ‘drive by onion attack’ and abarely concealed threat.Evidence of … more

Alison Raymond
Lulu.com , English
The Great Pursuit - Tom Sharpe

The Great PursuitTom Sharpe

A totally filthy novel to put the literary world in spasms - but sure to make a shameful pile of money in America. Frensic, a literary agent with a ‘nose for a bestseller’ (as well as port and snuff), places this hot property with Hutchmeye… more

The Great Pursuit
Tom Sharpe
Pan Books , English
Up In The Air   Volume 1 (Il... - Stephen Shearer

Up In The Air Volume 1 (Il...Stephen Shearer

100 humorous photos with appropriate commentary dealing with things that are, or should be, in the air.CAUTION: Adult Content.

Up In The Air Volume 1 (Illustrated)
Stephen Shearer