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Absent Companions - Tom Kelly

Absent CompanionsTom Kelly

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Absent Companions, 2008, is Tom Kelly’s 13th edition of stories about the bird, the people of the South, lost friends, a special black lab and the loss of a circus that he was personally involved in. Here is Tom’s copy from the dust cover…. more

Absent Companions
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly, Inc. , English
Oh, the Horror! - Monica Murray

Oh, the Horror!Monica Murray

Meet Joyous June, a seemingly innocent child’s doll who… Enough said! Meet Kint Lunt, a semi-typical beast who is in love with a typical damsel in distress. Meet Honey Henderson, the town gossip who knows everything… or does she? Meet a… more

Oh, the Horror!
Monica Murray
Neil - David Blaine

NeilDavid Blaine

     Neil is the epic, pointless, and funny story of a guy named Neil. His adventure starts when he argues with himself and falls into some quicksand, then things get bad. He meets up with Steve, a guy who got flushed down a toilet. Lat… more

David Blaine
Trafford , English
Getting to know the Presiden... - Michael Mathiesen

Getting to know the Presiden...Michael Mathiesen

All of the Top Presidential Candidates of Both Parties claim to be the AGENT of REAL CHANGE. BUT who are they REALLY. This short and humorous look at the candidates offers you Real CHANGE by voting for YOUR FAVORITE Candidate on the INTERNmore

Getting to know the Presidential Candidates
Michael Mathiesen
Michael Mathiesen , English
The Rocket Book - Peter Newell

The Rocket BookPeter Newell

The Rocket Book By Peter NewellThe upward progress of a rocket, lit in the basement by the janitor’s son, causes some strange situations as it passes through twenty floors of apartments.My reviewI love to read a book and story. I thing this… more

The Rocket Book
Peter Newell
Caesar , English
My Mate's Got A UFO In His Shed - Marcus Freestone

My Mate's Got A UFO In His ShedMarcus Freestone

A short book about the strange things that have happened to me. Or possibly someone else, I’m not sure. It seems too interesting to be my life. Anyway, it’s a collection of odd people and thoughts.

My Mate’s Got A UFO In His Shed
Marcus Freestone
Thank You For Not Laughing - Chris Illuminati

Thank You For Not LaughingChris Illuminati

Keeping a journal is recommended practice for all writers, comedians and even crazy people. I keep a writing journal. Several. Most of the stuff should never be seen by eyes other than mine, and even my eyes find the writing troublesome. Th… more

Thank You For Not Laughing
Chris Illuminati
Adventures of Paddy Beaver - Thornton W. Burgess

Adventures of Paddy BeaverThornton W. Burgess

Adventures of Paddy Beaver by Thornton W. Burgess

Adventures of Paddy Beaver
Thornton W. Burgess
Playtime For Truth - John Stephens

Playtime For TruthJohn Stephens

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Playtime for Truth is intended to amuse, entertain and occasionally to challenge some of the values we hold in life, including our relationship with God and with those around us. A sense or perspective, and a sense of humour, are very desi… more

Playtime For Truth
John Stephens
Xlibris , English
How An Idiot Writes A Self-H... - David Chandler

How An Idiot Writes A Self-H...David Chandler

You think you could write a self-help book? You probably can. No writing experience? No problem.If you’ve read self-help books, you know that it doesn’t take a genius to write one. In fact, idiots write self-help books every day. David S. … more

How An Idiot Writes A Self-Help Book
David Chandler
iUniverse , English
The Prank Book - Nicholas  Godson

The Prank BookNicholas Godson

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20 great classic pranks only to read for excitement.DO NOT TRY ANY PLACE UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE THE BLAME I WILL NOT BE CHARGED!!!!

The Prank Book
Nicholas Godson
Nicholas Godson , English
Looking Past the Welfare Lin... - Angelique Cooper

Looking Past the Welfare Lin...Angelique Cooper

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Looking Past the Welfare Line: The John and Jane Doe StoryBy: Angelique Cooper

Looking Past the Welfare Line: The John and Jane Doe Story
Angelique Cooper
AuthorHouse , English
SMILE - Milena  Gilbreath

SMILEMilena Gilbreath

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SMILE Milena Gilbreath

Milena Gilbreath
Xlibris , English
Cliche Characters Dating Service - Preston Randall

Cliche Characters Dating ServicePreston Randall

Are you tired of trying to find your soul-mate from amongst thousands upon thousands of so-called “normal” characters? Oh, you know the type—sure, they’re well-rounded, fully developed with layer upon layer of original traits and personalit… more

Cliche Characters Dating Service
Preston Randall
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
A Boy With a Secret - Elizabeth Sallay

A Boy With a SecretElizabeth Sallay

A book I made for Christian.

A Boy With a Secret
Elizabeth Sallay
Kai Stew - Elizabeth Sallay

Kai StewElizabeth Sallay

A book I made for Kai.

Kai Stew
Elizabeth Sallay
Max and Me and the day of the sheep - Randy Stensaas

Max and Me and the day of the sheepRandy Stensaas

It was finally here, shearing day, The day the sheep lose their coats, what could go wrong?

Max and Me and the day of the sheep
Randy Stensaas
The Insane Ramblings Of The ... - Joey Passmore

The Insane Ramblings Of The ...Joey Passmore

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Take a step into the mind of a man who sees the world through very different glasses. The Insane Ramblings Of The Insanely Sane is a blog created on a whim that caught fire for a very brief time. The author made a bet with a friend to see w… more

The Insane Ramblings Of The Insanely Sane
Joey Passmore
Tom Loves Autographs! - Tom O. Rowland

Tom Loves Autographs!Tom O. Rowland

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Tom O. Rowland is a simpleton but he loves writing to celebrities to ask for autographs. If you look in the spot for wherever you buy books for your Kindle you will see at least 4 other books that have awesome letters written to famous peop… more

Tom Loves Autographs!
Tom O. Rowland
SGM Publishing , English
More Things That Strike Me Funny - Richard Butler

More Things That Strike Me FunnyRichard Butler

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This is the second book filled with one-liners, anecdotes, silliness, hilarity, humor and just plain nonsense to keep the reader entertained for hours.

More Things That Strike Me Funny
Richard Butler
Richard Gary Butler , English