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Points of You - David Stroker

Points of YouDavid Stroker

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“Points of You” is a collection of brief editorials that creatively challenge some commonly accepted notions. Its easy reading style and sense-seeking nature encourages free thought in the reader’s mind. The often humorous commentaries are … more

Points of You
David Stroker
It Was Written All Over His ... - Mark Starlin

It Was Written All Over His ...Mark Starlin

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It Was Written All Over His Face (Book) is a collection of humorous Facebook posts by Mark Starlin spanning four years between October 2008 and October 2012. Mark’s unique brand of humor was previously only available to select friends, but … more

It Was Written All Over His Face (Book)
Mark Starlin
Letters I Wish I Had Sent - Preston Randall

Letters I Wish I Had SentPreston Randall

Have you ever read an advertisement, received a spam email, or watched a television program you felt was so insulting you wanted to scream? You know, sadly, there are many people who still buy the “product”, believe the message, or watch th… more

Letters I Wish I Had Sent
Preston Randall
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
Best Yo momma jokes -Part 1 ... - Boriss

Best Yo momma jokes -Part 1 ...Boriss

Yo momma so … And on the go fun! This is the first of several that will be released on Yo momma classic and current jokes.This jokes are always funny and charts.

Best Yo momma jokes -Part 1 (The Ultimate Joke Guide Series)
The First and Last Kiss: A W... - Evenson Dufour

The First and Last Kiss: A W...Evenson Dufour

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The First and Last Kiss”Evenson has captured the sentiment of appreciation of many Americans; permanent residents who come from many countries in the world—that much of the abuse against young girls we see happening in many societies inclu… more

The First and Last Kiss: A Wonderful Friendship
Evenson Dufour
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
Randy (The Trouble Trilogy Book 2) - Matt Robbins

Randy (The Trouble Trilogy Book 2)Matt Robbins

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It’s three years later and Trouble is trying his best to be an adult at university. Jules is still the love of his life - and still gorgeous. Of course. He works in a (different) corner shop, plays horn in a (different) band and is still a … more

Randy (The Trouble Trilogy Book 2)
Matt Robbins
A Cop's Tale: Amusing Short ... - Craig Elkin

A Cop's Tale: Amusing Short ...Craig Elkin

Once described by the Hartford Courant as a “Bronx native with a dry wit,” the author has instilled his brand of humor in a collection of amusing short stories relaying events over the course of a twenty-seven year police career. These true… more

A Cop’s Tale: Amusing Short Stories Written At The Expense Of Others
Craig Elkin


A mans dreams begin to replace reality

V.R.Bennett , English
Contrary Conservative: My Be... - Gary Newsom

Contrary Conservative: My Be...Gary Newsom

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Gary Newsom’s best and funniest columns written during President Obama’s first term. Actively seeking to annoy and offend liberals even more than they already are.

Contrary Conservative: My Best And Funniest Columns From Obama’s Reign Of Error
Gary Newsom
BookCountry , English
Those Were the Days ... My A... - Richard Wilson

Those Were the Days ... My A...Richard Wilson

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Richard Wilson is like the naughty kid poking the ant’s nest with a stick.’ Times OnlineKids these days are all fat, lazy and thick and their parents don’t know how to bring them up properly any more. They’re glued to their phones, play to… more

Those Were the Days … My Arse! 101 Old Fashioned Activities NOT to Do With Your Kids
Richard Wilson
Portico , English
Three little old ladies with guns - Lisa Jones

Three little old ladies with gunsLisa Jones

They could be your grandmothers, except they carry out mercenary operations for a shadowy organization. A driver is chosen to ferry the three old ladies around on their latest mission of mayhem. The chaos ensues and increases as their drive… more

Three little old ladies with guns
Lisa Jones
"RANT!" - L. Perdue

"RANT!"L. Perdue

When a “man” yells for change, makes demands and publicly points out problems, he’s considered a “Politician”.When a “woman” does it, they call her a bitch!Sometimes it takes a person who gets fed up with what life dishes out to say it ALLmore

L. Perdue
I Have Mine...Show Me Yours - Grant Handgis

I Have Mine...Show Me YoursGrant Handgis

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This satirical memoir is based upon real life experiences as they occurred, with all the attendant embarrassments connected therein. Although the story may be real, not all of the characters may be so.. I have taken the liberty of embellish… more

I Have Mine…Show Me Yours
Grant Handgis
Brother Coyote Publications , English
Blonde Jokes (A Collection o... - Bambi Sun

Blonde Jokes (A Collection o...Bambi Sun

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A collection of the funniest LAUGH OUT LOUD Blond Jokes in the World. We all need to smile or or good laugh from time to time. You definitely want this book as part of your kindle library.

Blonde Jokes (A Collection of the Funniest in the World)
Bambi Sun
D & D Publishing , English
Funniest Excuses Ever (Excus... - S Wilson

Funniest Excuses Ever (Excus...S Wilson

I have had so much fun in writing this book!I interviewed and contacted hundreds of people to find the funniest excuses they have used or had used on them.I hope that you will chuckle your way through the book just as I did, better than the… more

Funniest Excuses Ever (Excuses Excuses)
S Wilson
A to Z of Englishness - Jeremy Lousada

A to Z of EnglishnessJeremy Lousada

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A humurous and sometimes satirical look at modern English culture, sport and institutions written as a guide for a foreign visitor in the form of a dictionary.

A to Z of Englishness
Jeremy Lousada
Jeremy Lousada , English
My First Year as a Newspaper... - John Randall Howard

My First Year as a Newspaper...John Randall Howard

The author of MY FIRST YEAR AS A NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST, John Randall Howard, has compiled some very funny and entertaining looks at life, how we are dealing with it, and what it is doing to us. Join in and read up on some of the most witty a… more

My First Year as a Newspaper Columnist
John Randall Howard
PublishAmerica , English
Tales of Obamaland - Robert Thomas

Tales of ObamalandRobert Thomas

You are tooling your 12-year old Crown Vic down a winding road at speeds too high for the mediocre suspension and well-worn tires. Around each bend, you begin to notice little bits of bizarrity. A hitchhiker who wants to go to Pantsville, … more

Tales of Obamaland
Robert Thomas
iUniverse , English
The Funny Book of 21st Centu... - Bruce Duguid

The Funny Book of 21st Centu...Bruce Duguid

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Quick and short humor about 21st century life in the USA. It’s a big batch of funny lists about anything and everything.

The Funny Book of 21st Century Lists
Bruce Duguid
Wit and Humor of America (19... - Washington Irving, Nathaniel...

Wit and Humor of America (19...Washington Irving, Nathaniel...

All ten volumes of the the Wit and Humor in America series. First published in 1907, this large collection includes short humorous prose and verse by such writers as Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Carolyn … more

Wit and Humor of America (1907), complete, all 10 volumes in a single file
Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Carolyn Wells, James Whitcomb Riley, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Bill Nye, Bret Harte, John Philip Sousa
B&R Samizdat Express , English