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Best Short Stories - from the HEART - Mark Jones

Best Short Stories - from the HEARTMark Jones

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Best Short Stories - from the Heart - is a truly heartwarming collection of Short Stories written by an Award-Winning author and songwriter. With two FREE BONUS stories included for your enjoyment, each Best Short Story is written in such a… more

Best Short Stories - from the HEART
Mark Jones
Mark Jones Music , English
I Cry Over Spilled Milk...Bu... - Catarina LaGuardia

I Cry Over Spilled Milk...Bu...Catarina LaGuardia

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Getting through the day when you have kids can be challenging. There are no breaks for mommies! You realize one day that your body no longer looks like it did when you were twenty-two and your patience is as thin as your hair. We’ve all bee… more

I Cry Over Spilled Milk…But I’m Learning to Laugh About It
Catarina LaGuardia
RoseDog Books , English
'Do You Have a Sleepy Grandma?'' - Cheryl Lynn Lott

'Do You Have a Sleepy Grandma?''Cheryl Lynn Lott

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The reason for writing this piece for publication was that I have a Sleepy Grandma. I am also dedicating my book to my Sleepy Grandma Erma Lee Jackson. I felt this would be a fun title for children. This is due, to they may experience the s… more

Do You Have a Sleepy Grandma?”
Cheryl Lynn Lott
Xlibris , English
Hug a Tree - Alexis Kypridemos

Hug a TreeAlexis Kypridemos

Ellie Costas is forced by her mother into doing a beach cleanup with the ecological organization Hug a Tree. But when Ellie makes a joke about a global warming, the organization’s authoritarian leader, Frau Bittch has Ellie sent for re-educ… more

Hug a Tree
Alexis Kypridemos
Mirrors Tell Lies - Jerry Flesher

Mirrors Tell LiesJerry Flesher

She’s a supermodel who is graceful and confident in front of a camera but when she’s with a man she likes her confidence slips and she becomes a klutz as she imagines herself as that tall, skinny, sixteen-year-old with braces and zits that… more

Mirrors Tell Lies
Jerry Flesher
iUniverse , English
Catchers - Dana Rey

CatchersDana Rey

Timeless treasures in the men we love.

Dana Rey
Is This For Real?: Anecdotes... - Cindy D'Antonio

Is This For Real?: Anecdotes...Cindy D'Antonio

Is This For Real?: Anecdotes and Short Stories from the World of Corporate America

Is This For Real?: Anecdotes and Short Stories from the World of Corporate America
Cindy D’Antonio
Xlibris , English
Rhymes & Jingles of "Edie" L... - Compiler: Jan Walker

Rhymes & Jingles of "Edie" L...Compiler: Jan Walker

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This is a super collection of witty rhymes written from the viewpoint of a darling rodent called “Anon y Mouse”.This little “mouse” tells stories of real events in the author’s life.  For instance: “Discussin’ My Concussion”, “Ode to the Ju… more

Rhymes & Jingles of “Edie” Lashley:aka: Anon y Mouse
Compiler: Jan Walker
AuthorHouse , English
The Tale Tales Of Tiberius O... - Robert St-John Smith

The Tale Tales Of Tiberius O...Robert St-John Smith

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The Dead Adventurers Club presents the first volume of the Tall Tales of Tiberius O’Donnell, the infamous explorer of London’s clubs and bars.

The Tale Tales Of Tiberius O’Donnell Volume 1. (Tall Tales Of Tiberius O’Donnell)
Robert St-John Smith
The Dead Adventurers Club , English
Make Love Not Warts - Brian T Shirley

Make Love Not WartsBrian T Shirley

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If you are a human, then you’ve had someone give you advice. Whether it’s your parents,grandparents, or some guy digging in a dumpster they often use some sort of saying or “”words of wisdom”“. This book takes many of those little gems and… more

Make Love Not Warts
Brian T Shirley
Trafford , English
School's Out and I Missed My Chance - Melissa Carter

School's Out and I Missed My ChanceMelissa Carter

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Personal Blog of Melissa Carter of “The Bert Show” in Atlanta. This entry reflects upon the flooding of Atlanta and memories of a missed chance with a boy in school.

School’s Out and I Missed My Chance
Melissa Carter
The Accidental Immigrant - David Bouchier

The Accidental ImmigrantDavid Bouchier

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Transatlantic humorist David Bouchier brings wit, wisdom and a touch of philosophy to the everyday dramas of American suburban life. This book brings together more than a hundred essays, originally broadcast on National Public Radio, or pu… more

The Accidental Immigrant
David Bouchier
iUniverse , English
The Eggs are Talking : Book 2 -

The Eggs are Talking : Book 2

It is what it is!!An egg always returns home, I’m home once again.

The Eggs are Talking : Book 2
AuthorHouse , English
You're Just Like Me... "If i... - Michael B. Muri

You're Just Like Me... "If i...Michael B. Muri

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Zaria’s Zetropolis is a world full of bizarre creatures and a proliferation of mysterious structures, which defy the laws of physics.

You’re Just Like Me… “If it ain’t about you, you don’t care… And if you didn’t say it, it ain’t funny”
Michael B. Muri
Trafford , English
Fun with Stuff - Bruce A. Smith

Fun with StuffBruce A. Smith

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Fun with Stuff is a collection of humor columns, many of which first appeared in a Southern California Mensa publication. But don’t be frightened; they’re not all that intellectual. Hardly. Instead, these are true life stories and exaggera… more

Fun with Stuff
Bruce A. Smith
iUniverse , English
A Motley Melange of Mondegreens - Cynthia MacGregor

A Motley Melange of MondegreensCynthia MacGregor

Mondegreens are those well-known quotes—song lines, proverbs, and other famous sayings—that most of us repeat correctly, but a few of us inevitably hear wrong—like “Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds.” While children, naturally, commit a fair s… more

A Motley Melange of Mondegreens
Cynthia MacGregor
XOXO Publishing , English
It's Just MY Nonsense: The W... - Melissa Mintz

It's Just MY Nonsense: The W...Melissa Mintz

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It’s Just MY Nonsense turns the ordinary into extraordinary funny! It’s a hilarious view of everyday life in a zany world. A world that is funny, sometimes ridiculous, and even absurd at times. IJMN is a unique and contemporary laugh out lo… more

It’s Just MY Nonsense: The World is Full of Nonsense … I just write about it.
Melissa Mintz
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC , English
Really Funny Jokes: From Aro... - David Zephaniah

Really Funny Jokes: From Aro...David Zephaniah

These jokes are downright funny.These are myall-time favorite jokes. I have collected jokes from Russia, Israel,USA, Europe, South America, and other countries. Having a good fun and tellinggood jokes, is my family’s tradition. The laughter… more

Really Funny Jokes: From Around The World
David Zephaniah
Booktango , English
The Terror of the French Resistance - Alexis Kypridemos

The Terror of the French ResistanceAlexis Kypridemos

Colonel Vasoline had planned his ambush on the Germans to the last detail. But he had no way of expecting…The Terror of the French Resistance! Part of short story collection “Tales of the Wild.”

The Terror of the French Resistance
Alexis Kypridemos
The Loose Women Book for Lov... -

The Loose Women Book for Lov...

The perfect gift for lovely mums everywhere, this book is a collection of heart-warming anecdotes and hilarious misdemeanors that celebrate mums and reminds us all why they are so special. The Loose Women will reflect on their relationshi… more

The Loose Women Book for Lovely Mums
Hodder & Stoughton , English