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Quien F!#kin' Sabe? - Patrick Carlin

Quien F!#kin' Sabe?Patrick Carlin

A collection of quotes, poems, thoughts, and questions from imaginary folks I allow to hang out up in my head, the same guy who wrote Highway 23, The Unrepentant, a novel set in the early 50s, in Michigan. I call it an action/romance. Unli… more

Quien F!#kin’ Sabe?
Patrick Carlin
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The Ballad Of Mad Dog McLeod - Billy McLeod

The Ballad Of Mad Dog McLeodBilly McLeod

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The Ballad’ is the autobiography of a larger than life character who hails from the Scottish town of Arbroath. In his local vernacular, Billy ‘Mad Dog’ McLeod tells his life story: a riotous series of highs and lows that has Mad Dog rampag… more

The Ballad Of Mad Dog McLeod
Billy McLeod
GROWING UP IN REVERSE - Zachary Burroughs


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A journey of discovery is about to begin for an irresponsible young man through a series of revelry laden misadventures. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad and sometimes downright over the top, but always unexpectedly relevant. “Growing… more

Zachary Burroughs
Zoombies from Planet X (Good... - Karl Larew

Zoombies from Planet X (Good...Karl Larew

The Good Vampires are at it again in this spoof of vampire/mummy/zombie/James Bond stories. This time, the Bad Vampires are animating mummies…and, worse, are creating zombies—so highly mobile that they are called “zoombies.” Where do t… more

Zoombies from Planet X (Good Vampires)
Karl Larew
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The Cougar Diaries, Part III - Aoife Brennan

The Cougar Diaries, Part IIIAoife Brennan

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The Cougar Diaries Trilogy – Parts I, II & III – and the Prequel Thinking Women’s Erotica – the Genre that dares to speak its Name! The Cougar Diaries Trilogy is a fast paced, sassy story of Aoife Brennan, newly separated and struggling wit… more

The Cougar Diaries, Part III
Aoife Brennan
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Everyone's Wrong Except Me - Alias Pseudonym

Everyone's Wrong Except MeAlias Pseudonym

Ever wondered why the world is stuffed? Want to know what to do about it? Alias Pseudonym has the answer! Or at least, an answer. Well, more of a suggestion really. Managing to be both left & right wing simultaneously, Alias Pseudonym (prob… more

Everyone’s Wrong Except Me
Alias Pseudonym
Gullible's Travels, Etc. - Ring W. Lardner

Gullible's Travels, Etc.Ring W. Lardner

Brilliant Satire from American Writer and Sports Columnist Ring W. Lardner

Gullible’s Travels, Etc.
Ring W. Lardner
Ok, Intriguing:: Hell Yeah! ... - David Tieck

Ok, Intriguing:: Hell Yeah! ...David Tieck

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With the publication of his Ok, Intriguing: Hell Yeah! Awesomenessous, Australian comedian David Tieck propelled himself face-first into the colorful realms of the less-trodden segments of existence with a seemingly simple mission to impro… more

Ok, Intriguing:: Hell Yeah! Awesomenessous
David Tieck
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Dirty Pranks, Simple Revenge... - W Spencer

Dirty Pranks, Simple Revenge...W Spencer

Dirty Pranks - Thousands of dirty pranks which you should never pull on your worst enemy! Dirty pranks covers material that is intended for educational purposes only. It may be illegal to do most if not all the things covered in this book b… more

Dirty Pranks, Simple Revenge, Pranks and Dirty Tricks - Pay Back Hell
W Spencer
The Hoopee Holler Gazette - Polecat Tribble

The Hoopee Holler GazettePolecat Tribble

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Faster than a flushing toilet. More powerful than an overnite laxative. Able to do nothing and make it look easy. It’s the Polecat. Legend in his own mind and nearly famous. Polecat is a journalist with the local paper. He also has a nightl… more

The Hoopee Holler Gazette
Polecat Tribble
Polecat Tribble , English
Bad Medicine - Robert Sheckley

Bad MedicineRobert Sheckley

Bad MedicinebyRobert Sheckley

Bad Medicine
Robert Sheckley
Nuggets of Wisdom - J.M. Mehta

Nuggets of WisdomJ.M. Mehta

Parables, anecdotes and fables have always been popular ways of conveying essential wisdom for personal development. Nuggets of Wisdom is one such book - a rare collection of little tales, stories and incidents that the author has painstaki… more

Nuggets of Wisdom
J.M. Mehta
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Give Us This Day Our Daily Blog - Gayle Hall and Gail Adams

Give Us This Day Our Daily BlogGayle Hall and Gail Adams

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Gayle and Gail grew up together in a small middle-class town in Southern California. Facing their 50th high school reunion, they gathered their thoughts, hopes, dreams, accomplishments and disappointments in a blog-form for their own perso… more

Give Us This Day Our Daily Blog
Gayle Hall and Gail Adams
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Bigboobenstein (BigBoobenste... - Jeff O'Brien

Bigboobenstein (BigBoobenste...Jeff O'Brien

Is it really necrophila if the corpse you’re f***ing has been reanimated? You just might find the answer to such a question within the pages of this book.

Aside from supposed necrophiliacs, you will also find porn-obsessed bridge trolls, … more

Bigboobenstein (BigBoobenstein Saga Book 1)
Jeff O’Brien
Riot Forge , English
The Customer's Always Wrong:... - Geoff Tibballs

The Customer's Always Wrong:...Geoff Tibballs

Customers do say the dumbest things, and this hilarious book contains a whole host of crass, stupid and just plain odd requests and queries heard on the high street. Featuring laugh out loud remarks from coffee shops and supermarkets to bar… more

The Customer’s Always Wrong: Stupid Things Shoppers Say
Geoff Tibballs
Michael O’Mara Books , English
O Melhor do Humor no Brasil ... - A. M. Costa Netto

O Melhor do Humor no Brasil ...A. M. Costa Netto

Uma coleção de piadas, frases, contos, e listas de humor.

O Melhor do Humor no Brasil - Vol 2 (Portuguese Edition)
A. M. Costa Netto
Laws of Men - Johnathan Barnes

Laws of MenJohnathan Barnes

Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s a man law” or “Its guy code” and wondered, “This guy has no idea what he is talking about.” Well, you would actually be wrong (for the most part), because every man has the “Guy Code” in his brain. I… more

Laws of Men
Johnathan Barnes
Stalked by Royalty - Manwithfishhead

Stalked by RoyaltyManwithfishhead

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These are the official diaries of Dave Reid. These are the only official versions available.Dave found himself living a life like no other at the end of 1999. He created the world’s most bizarre diary and now for the very first time you can… more

Stalked by Royalty
Those were the days: Another... - Gordon Grindstaff

Those were the days: Another...Gordon Grindstaff

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Those were the days’ is the third book in the `Travels with Susie’ series. Like the first two, this book is a collection of essays, some of which first saw the light of day as the author’s newspaper columns. The topics will appeal to almos… more

Those were the days: Another humor filled chronicle from the ‘Travels with Susie’ series
Gordon Grindstaff
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Rusty Goes to Prom - Mike Ronny

Rusty Goes to PromMike Ronny

Take a hilarious trip back to high school through the eyes of Rusty Barker. Rusty’s a custodian about to retire from Michigan’s Johnson High, but not before some wild hijinks as he chaperones the junior prom.

Rusty Goes to Prom
Mike Ronny