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The Terror of the French Resistance - Alexis Kypridemos

The Terror of the French ResistanceAlexis Kypridemos

Colonel Vasoline had planned his ambush on the Germans to the last detail. But he had no way of expecting…The Terror of the French Resistance! Part of short story collection “Tales of the Wild.”

The Terror of the French Resistance
Alexis Kypridemos
Hug a Tree - Alexis Kypridemos

Hug a TreeAlexis Kypridemos

Ellie Costas is forced by her mother into doing a beach cleanup with the ecological organization Hug a Tree. But when Ellie makes a joke about a global warming, the organization’s authoritarian leader, Frau Bittch has Ellie sent for re-educ… more

Hug a Tree
Alexis Kypridemos
Highway 6 Runs Both Ways: Re... - Jack B. Holt

Highway 6 Runs Both Ways: Re...Jack B. Holt

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The years 1962 through 1966 saw major changes occur at Texas A&M.

  • Mandatory participation in the Corps of Cadets was eliminated
  • Black students were admitted for the first time
  • Women were enrolled as full… more
Highway 6 Runs Both Ways: Recollections of My Four Years in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets
Jack B. Holt
AuthorHouse , English
Tippy The Cripple:  Bedtime ... - James Rasmussiensteiner

Tippy The Cripple: Bedtime ...James Rasmussiensteiner

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Humor that sneaks up on you (if you are smart and wise). Warm lighthearted with gentle attempts at wisdom. Humor on different levels that might make some of you squirt milk out of your nose so be forewarned. Humor without any bad words. Hap… more

Tippy The Cripple: Bedtime stories for potentially delinquent children, mildly challenged adults, with a sprinkling of legal terminology for all and sundry.
James Rasmussiensteiner
Rasmussiensteiner Publishing , English
I'll Go Home Then; It's Warm... - David Thorne

I'll Go Home Then; It's Warm...David Thorne

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New Edition. All new, never before published material from the author ofThe Internet is a Playground. New emails, new articles, new exclusive content. Featuring more than 239 pages of brand-spanking-new material, I’ll Go Home Then; It’s War… more

I’ll Go Home Then; It’s Warm and Has Chairs: The Unpublished Emails
David Thorne
27b/6 , English
The Little Book of Big Laughs - Laughing Laura

The Little Book of Big LaughsLaughing Laura

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This 172-page small book is small enough to go everywhere with you. That way, you’ll always have laughter yoga ideas handy. But don’t let it’s little size deceive you—it’s jam packed with exciting things including a foreword by Dr. Kataria,… more

The Little Book of Big Laughs
Laughing Laura
Penfield Books , English
Best Joke Book - Volume 2 -

Best Joke Book - Volume 2

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Laugh until you drop with hundreds of funny jokes, polite and saucy … extracted from a joke-bank that, after two decades of collecting, keeps on growing. Plenty of one-liners … “I must admit you brought religion into my life — I never bel… more

Best Joke Book - Volume 2
Thorn Island Publishing , English
Selected Poems (yeah right, ... - Darren Worrow

Selected Poems (yeah right, ...Darren Worrow

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Yeah I know, I’ve heard it all before, sheesh! Look, I’ve updated this book of poems, added loads more and even padded it out some Facebook status’, it’s still all rubbish, even the three short stories I have also put in, you won’t like the… more

Selected Poems (yeah right, selected from the waste paper bin you mean!): New Revised Edition; now with even more rubbish.
Darren Worrow
Darren Worrow , English
Ying Ying - Graham Todd

Ying YingGraham Todd

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They give dummies and porn to pandas to teach them how to procreate. What an indignity, according to the panda who narrates this short story….

Scott Hutchins recommended Graham Todd to Connu.

Ying Ying
Graham Todd
Connu , English
The Hoosegow Chronicles (1) - Will Kane

The Hoosegow Chronicles (1)Will Kane

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Who would think that escaping from jail would be so much fun!In the most notoriously corrupt jail in the state, five inept inmates, living under the viciously cruel thumb of correctional officer-Titus Weedarce, decide to break out. However,… more

The Hoosegow Chronicles (1)
Will Kane
Will Kane Publishing , English
Me: Diary of an American Hero - Scott Hughes

Me: Diary of an American HeroScott Hughes

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“Me: Diary of an American Hero” tells the story of Scott, a once-humble encyclopedia salesman who is promoted to a new job investigating employee theft. However, he loses his moral compass practically overnight, and is soon terminated for c… more

Me: Diary of an American Hero
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes , English
When a Southern Woman Ramble... - L. Avery Brown

When a Southern Woman Ramble...L. Avery Brown

No matter if you’re a man or a woman - we’ve all experienced at least ONE moment when we’ve had a horrible beauty mishap. Mullets, bad perms, over plucked eyebrows, or maybe you looked in the mirror and thought ‘Oh, Mother (Nature)! How did… more

When a Southern Woman Rambles…: Tragic Tales of Beauty: Volume I.
L. Avery Brown
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
Ripley Bogle - Robert McLiam Wilson

Ripley BogleRobert McLiam Wilson

I am twenty-one years old, my name is Ripley Bogle and my occupations are starving, freezing, and weeping hysterically. So announces the eponymous narrator of this alternately hilarious and horrifying novel by the Irish writer Robert McLiam… more

Ripley Bogle
Robert McLiam Wilson
Arcade Publishing , English
The Blogger's Guide to Absol... - Seumas Gallacher

The Blogger's Guide to Absol...Seumas Gallacher

Humorous collection of blog posts by the Blogger of the Year

The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing
Seumas Gallacher
SGC , English
The Surly Cabbie: Stories fr... - Ryan Shamblee

The Surly Cabbie: Stories fr...Ryan Shamblee

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A collection of stories from life as a Phoenix Metro cab driver

The Surly Cabbie: Stories from the Road
Ryan Shamblee
Ryan Shamblee , English
I Was Morgan Fairchild's Love Slave - Stanley Harris

I Was Morgan Fairchild's Love SlaveStanley Harris

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I Was Morgan Fairchild’s Love Slave” is a general audience comedy novel guaranteed to deliver laughs on nearly every page. The novel recounts the story of author Stanley Harris’s trip to Southern California in 1971 where, while hitchhiking… more

I Was Morgan Fairchild’s Love Slave
Stanley Harris
If You Dance...You Will Pay ... - Lee Carey

If You Dance...You Will Pay ...Lee Carey

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These six short stories are true. They are funny now…but not so much then. During my youthful, immature years I was known for trying to skirt my parents’ rules. It seemed I was always caught, and then came ‘payday’. My dad would always sa… more

If You Dance…You Will Pay the Fiddler
Lee Carey
Sandfiddler Publishing , English
Ammunition 357: Jokes for Yo... - Brian King

Ammunition 357: Jokes for Yo...Brian King

Coach Brian King has put together his vast joke collection in a unique school year calendar format.  You pick the month and he as put the month’s events and appropriate jokes together for you.  They can be used for speeches, e-mail ammuniti… more

Ammunition 357: Jokes for Your Internet Ammo
Brian King
AuthorHouse , English


A story of three friends, apprentices, group members, and their lives and holiday. Based on real events in 1968, but with altered names.As you will see, music has always been a big influence or part of my life. I hope you enjoy your selecti… more

mick o’brien
The Devil's Dictionary by Am... - Ambrose Bierce

The Devil's Dictionary by Am...Ambrose Bierce

The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
Ambrose Bierce