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Complete Mapp and Lucia (Pul... - E. F. Benson

Complete Mapp and Lucia (Pul...E. F. Benson

Complete Mapp and Lucia is the entire collection of Mapp and Lucia stories by E. F. Benson.And features the following novels:Queen LuciaMiss MappThe Male ImpersonatorLucia in LondonMapp and LuciaLucia’s ProgressTrouble for LuciaThe novels f… more

Complete Mapp and Lucia (Pulp Humour)
E. F. Benson
Pulptastic , English
No Kiss Good-Night - Kevin Zdrill

No Kiss Good-NightKevin Zdrill

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The day of his thirty-ninth birthday, relationship counsellor Gus Adams was completely alone. He was supposed to have a birthday bash, surrounded by friends and coworkers, but everyone cancelled for this reason or that. Gus—left with a sil… more

No Kiss Good-Night
Kevin Zdrill
iUniverse , English
How to Be Unsuccessful - John Feldman

How to Be UnsuccessfulJohn Feldman

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This is not a good book. If it was, it would have a more clever title. But cleverness leads to success. And success isn’t funny.

How to Be Unsuccessful
John Feldman
Balle Kumar's Universe Vol 12 - Sunil Wagh

Balle Kumar's Universe Vol 12Sunil Wagh

Balle Kumar’s Universe represents the eccentricity present in every human being. This book is in written in English alphabet but the language is Hindi.

Balle Kumar’s Universe Vol 12
Sunil Wagh
Sunil Wagh , English
O Melhor do Humor no Brasil ... - A. M. Costa Netto

O Melhor do Humor no Brasil ...A. M. Costa Netto

Uma coleção de piadas, frases, contos, e listas de humor.

O Melhor do Humor no Brasil - Vol 4 (Portuguese Edition)
A. M. Costa Netto
Quien F!#kin' Sabe? - Patrick Carlin

Quien F!#kin' Sabe?Patrick Carlin

A collection of quotes, poems, thoughts, and questions from imaginary folks I allow to hang out up in my head, the same guy who wrote Highway 23, The Unrepentant, a novel set in the early 50s, in Michigan. I call it an action/romance. Unli… more

Quien F!#kin’ Sabe?
Patrick Carlin
BookBaby , English
Nuggets of Wisdom - J.M.Mehta

Nuggets of WisdomJ.M.Mehta

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Parables, anecdotes and fables have always been popular ways of conveying essential wisdom for personal development. Nuggets of Wisdom is one such book - a rare collection of little tales, stories and incidents that the author has painstaki… more

Nuggets of Wisdom
Unicorn Books , English
Bigfoot, Elvis, Mr. Spock an... - Morgan Green, Elizabeth Moore

Bigfoot, Elvis, Mr. Spock an...Morgan Green, Elizabeth Moore

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A longitudinal sociological study of life in a small town…okay, it’s really like sitting at the kitchen table having coffee with a good friend and gossiping, well discussing the important things of life. This book is full of mystery, susp… more

Bigfoot, Elvis, Mr. Spock and Ralph the Ghost: Turn of the Century Life in Washington State
Morgan Green, Elizabeth Moore
10 Stupid Criminals: Hilario... - Jeffrey Fisher

10 Stupid Criminals: Hilario...Jeffrey Fisher

Enjoy these 10 hilarious stories about stupid criminals, and their hilarious attempts at crime. These include everything from hiding deadly snakes in underwear, and a criminal admitting guilt to the wrong crime.

10 Stupid Criminals: Hilarious and True Crime Stories
Jeffrey Fisher
Dirty Pranks, Simple Revenge... - W Spencer

Dirty Pranks, Simple Revenge...W Spencer

Dirty Pranks - Thousands of dirty pranks which you should never pull on your worst enemy! Dirty pranks covers material that is intended for educational purposes only. It may be illegal to do most if not all the things covered in this book b… more

Dirty Pranks, Simple Revenge, Pranks and Dirty Tricks - Pay Back Hell
W Spencer
Oh Shit! A Humorous Look at Life - Andrea Lee  Prytz

Oh Shit! A Humorous Look at LifeAndrea Lee Prytz

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OH SHIT! A Humorous Look at Life is a unique book. What do you say when something goes wrong? Chances are you say “Oh Shit!” or something like it. This book covers a wide range of topics - family life, relationships, siblings, dating, … more

Oh Shit! A Humorous Look at Life
Andrea Lee Prytz
Xlibris , English
The Happy Hypocrite: A Fairy... - Max Beerbohm

The Happy Hypocrite: A Fairy...Max Beerbohm

This edition is formatted for with hassle-free content navigation.

The Happy Hypocrite: A Fairy Tale for Tired Men by Max Beerbohm (with hassle-free content navigation)
Max Beerbohm
Budan , English
Cowboy Cruncher: The Unforgi... - Lane Bristow

Cowboy Cruncher: The Unforgi...Lane Bristow

I once told one of my American friends about the great Canadian sea serpent, the Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan. His only response was, “Bucky, a country needs to have culture before it can have mythology.”Well, the hard reality is that Canada r… more

Cowboy Cruncher: The Unforgivable Scientific Legacy of Bucky Laroo
Lane Bristow
Authorhouse , English
Miscellaneous Stuff & Stuff ... - Jim "Crash Cromwell" Henry

Miscellaneous Stuff & Stuff ...Jim "Crash Cromwell" Henry

Ah yes, hello! You there! Standing in the bookstore looking at the book! Yes, I would like to have a word with you, if I might.Hello.OK, maybe I need a few more words, such as, perhaps, thank you for picking up the book. You are half-way to… more

Miscellaneous Stuff & Stuff (The World According to Crash)
Jim “Crash Cromwell” Henry
Bunganut Publishing , English
Cowboy Cruncher : The Unforg... - Lane Bristow

Cowboy Cruncher : The Unforg...Lane Bristow

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I once told one of my American friends about the great Canadian sea serpent, the Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan. His only response was, “Bucky, a country needs to have culture before it can have mythology.”Well, the hard reality is that Canada r… more

Cowboy Cruncher : The Unforgivable Scientific Legacy of Bucky Laroo
Lane Bristow
AuthorHouse , English
Homes and Dr. Williams: Case... - Roy S. Purcell

Homes and Dr. Williams: Case...Roy S. Purcell

As a child, Stanley Homes – like most of us – dreamt of becoming rich, famous and successful. His boyhood hero was his near namesake – the great Sherlock Holmes.As an adult, Stanley – like most of us – realized that ‘life’ was complicated,… more

Homes and Dr. Williams: Case File No. 1
Roy S. Purcell
Xlibris , English
If It Flies, Floats, or Flir... - David Alan Cohen

If It Flies, Floats, or Flir...David Alan Cohen

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A humorous and engaging account of the bored and dysfunctional very rich who subscribe to this lifestyle and the obvious pitfalls that ensue, as shared by the author, who has been an employee and confidant to these participants for decades… more

If It Flies, Floats, or Flirts…turn the page
David Alan Cohen
Xlibris , English
God Bothering:Our Journey Aw... - Stuart Abercrombie, Malcolm Hobbs

God Bothering:Our Journey Aw...Stuart Abercrombie, Malcolm Hobbs

Warfare with Satan, mumbling in tongues, rapturous encounters with the Holy Spirit, healing prayer — the Alpha Course devotes entire evenings to each of these. It is also the most popular introductory Christianity course in Britain, offere… more

God Bothering:Our Journey Away From God
Stuart Abercrombie, Malcolm Hobbs
AuthorHouse , English
L.O.L. Volume 2. A Collectio... - Ray Salaph

L.O.L. Volume 2. A Collectio...Ray Salaph

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Second Collection of Adult Humour

L.O.L. Volume 2. A Collection Of Adult Humour and Funnies From Around the World..
Ray Salaph
GROWING UP IN REVERSE - Zachary Burroughs


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A journey of discovery is about to begin for an irresponsible young man through a series of revelry laden misadventures. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad and sometimes downright over the top, but always unexpectedly relevant. “Growing… more

Zachary Burroughs