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Neil - David Blaine

NeilDavid Blaine

     Neil is the epic, pointless, and funny story of a guy named Neil. His adventure starts when he argues with himself and falls into some quicksand, then things get bad. He meets up with Steve, a guy who got flushed down a toilet. Lat… more

David Blaine
Trafford , English
PG Rated Skits/Parodies for ... - giovanni diviacchi

PG Rated Skits/Parodies for ...giovanni diviacchi

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I need some funny!” A book of commerical parodies and the one act play, “Another Double for Grace.”Very, very funny. ASINB0013CX3KS

PG Rated Skits/Parodies for the Stage or Screen (PG Rated Skits/Parodies for the Stage or Screen, an Amazon Short)
giovanni diviacchi
Jill the Reckless - New Century Edition with DirectLink Technology
Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
Weekly World News 2011 Issue 5 - Weekly World News, Neil  McGinness

Weekly World News 2011 Issue 5Weekly World News, Neil McGinness

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In this uncanny issue of Weekly World News!• SPECIAL REPORT : Michael Jackson Crypt Mystery “Who was buried in Jacko’s tomb?”• Next King of England! “Papuan tribesman clams royal throne!”• Plumber worship in the south pacific!• and More!

Weekly World News 2011 Issue 5
Weekly World News, Neil McGinness
Road Trip To Devil's Tower - Allen Scarbrough

Road Trip To Devil's TowerAllen Scarbrough

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A humorous lark of an adventure featuring Bubba and Skeeter as they take a wild ride across the west in search of aliens, women and a soul.

Road Trip To Devil’s Tower
Allen Scarbrough
Allen Scarbrough , English
It Occurred To Me - Jarod Kintz

It Occurred To MeJarod Kintz

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I wanted to write something that made no linear sense. None. Zero. Something that was 87% pure nonsense, 12% pure alcohol, and 3% orange juice, for a chaser. That formula is accurate, give or take 2% for the milk. In my experience, comedy i… more

It Occurred To Me
Jarod Kintz
How to Destroy Fanbases and ... - Matt Walker

How to Destroy Fanbases and ...Matt Walker

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A collection of the best insults Matt Walker (@funnymatt) has thrown at Justin Bieber on Twitter. With over 200 hand selected tweets, and over a dozen hate mail messages, this will keep you entertained for at least 10 minutes.

How to Destroy Fanbases and Alienate Biebtards (Twitter Troll)
Matt Walker
This Book Has No Title - Jarod Kintz

This Book Has No TitleJarod Kintz

This book does not exist. And if that doesn’t deter you from buying it, then I’m also selling frozen alien flesh, a patch of Bigfoot’s fur, and a patch of land on Pluto (limit one per customer).

This Book Has No Title
Jarod Kintz
Jessie B. James: A True Amer... - Jonathan L. Parks

Jessie B. James: A True Amer...Jonathan L. Parks

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Jessie B. James is a forty-five year old man who still lives the way he did as a teenager. Whiskey, women, and getting the occasional paycheck; that is all ole Jessie has ever worried about. However, age is starting to catch up with him. Ne… more

Jessie B. James: A True American Drunk
Jonathan L. Parks
Get Me Out of Here Before Th... - Rex Chilcote

Get Me Out of Here Before Th...Rex Chilcote

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Get Me Out of Here Before They Fire Me! is a hilarious series of stories about my life. The stories are real life situations from my childhood and adult life. Story One is called, My Nemesis. It is about the kid who sat next to me in hoo… more

Get Me Out of Here Before They Fire Me! Story I: My Nemesis
Rex Chilcote
Howdy Folks! I'm Fuster Buskins - Darrell Sroufe

Howdy Folks! I'm Fuster BuskinsDarrell Sroufe

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Howdy Folks! I’m Fuster Buskins is a collection of the humorous stories and song poems of hillbilly comedy character Fuster Buskins, as played by actor/singer/songwriter and banjo picker Darrell Sroufe. In an over twenty-five year career of… more

Howdy Folks! I’m Fuster Buskins
Darrell Sroufe
Xlibris , English
Confessions of a Southern-Fr... - Jill Reese

Confessions of a Southern-Fr...Jill Reese

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Do dumb people get on your nerves? Have you ever been horrified by the sight of folks in pajamas running around in public? Do deer heads and stuffed turkeys decorate your condo? If so, you are in good company, especially if you happen to… more

Confessions of a Southern-Fried Yankee
Jill Reese
Last Plays, Please! - Dedwydd Jones

Last Plays, Please!Dedwydd Jones

Last Plays, Please!Dedwydd Jones (Author)

Last Plays, Please!
Dedwydd Jones
AuthorHouse , English
What the F***?  Three Women'... - Jana Leigh, Crystal Chanda L...

What the F***? Three Women'...Jana Leigh, Crystal Chanda L...

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There is no redeeming value to this book other than to laugh. I will not apologize or change anything that is written in this book because all of it is true. For my fans, buy it so I can get a glass of wine, for family, we are totally going… more

What the F***? Three Women’s Survival Guide to Life, Love and Laughter!
Jana Leigh, Crystal Chanda Leir , Anita Mann
JK Publishing, Inc. , English
Kitty's Laws: Murphy's Laws ... - Daniel Roberts

Kitty's Laws: Murphy's Laws ...Daniel Roberts

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It’s the “cat’s meow” as cartoonist Daniel Roberts provides a satirical look at owning a cat. Each “law for owning a cat” is written in a “tongue-and-cheek” manner and illustrated with a cartoon drawing. It’s “purrfect” entertainment for ca… more

Kitty’s Laws: Murphy’s Laws for Cat Owners
Daniel Roberts
AuthorHouse , English
James May's Man Lab: The Boo... - James May

James May's Man Lab: The Boo...James May

For at least two decades now modern man has been on the brink of a crisis. Persuaded by both the post-feminist political landscape and his representation in the popular media to remodel himself as an endearingly hopeless halfwit, he now exi… more

James May’s Man Lab: The Book of Usefulness
James May
Hodder , English
Devlin, Abnormal Investigati... - Greg Crites

Devlin, Abnormal Investigati...Greg Crites

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Devlin, the foul-tempered, foul-tongued alcoholic vampire who drinks rum instead of blood, arrives back in The Bar after nearly exterminating a race of giant lizards with a taste for human flesh and killing a couple entities with the temeri… more

Devlin, Abnormal Investigations: Case File-Plan Fore From Outer Space
Greg Crites
veinarmor , English
Gabriel's Angel - Mark Radcliffe

Gabriel's AngelMark Radcliffe

Quote from Bestselling author Christopher Brookmyre-“You might think you’d rather die than go through group therapy, but what if death was no escape? Gabriel’s Angel is the perfect antidote to the glib platitudes of emotional quick-fix cult… more

Gabriel’s Angel
Mark Radcliffe
'Do You Have a Sleepy Grandma?'' - Cheryl Lynn Lott

'Do You Have a Sleepy Grandma?''Cheryl Lynn Lott

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The reason for writing this piece for publication was that I have a Sleepy Grandma. I am also dedicating my book to my Sleepy Grandma Erma Lee Jackson. I felt this would be a fun title for children. This is due, to they may experience the s… more

Do You Have a Sleepy Grandma?”
Cheryl Lynn Lott
Xlibris , English
Rhymes & Jingles of "Edie" L... - Compiler: Jan Walker

Rhymes & Jingles of "Edie" L...Compiler: Jan Walker

This is a super collection of witty rhymes written from the viewpoint of a darling rodent called “Anon y Mouse”.This little “mouse” tells stories of real events in the author’s life.  For instance: “Discussin’ My Concussion”, “Ode to the Ju… more

Rhymes & Jingles of “Edie” Lashley:aka: Anon y Mouse
Compiler: Jan Walker
AuthorHouse , English