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People generally think of Old folks homes as places for seniors waiting to die. Not the one in this story. The main character in the home is Paddy the Irishman who is 90years old. He conveniently finds a supply of Viagra just as a new resid… more

John Stewart
Booktango , English

Meeko The Little Black CatDouglas Smith

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Cartoon cat Meeko ends up in a variety of situations. Usually involving food.

Meeko The Little Black Cat
Douglas Smith

The Dreamers: A Story of Sam KullenOliver Dahl

Top 50 Idaho Author award-winning novel by 13-year-old author Oliver Dahl-NaNoWriMo YWP 2010 WinnerSam Kullen is a Dreamer. Every night he dreams, and he lives in each one. Together, the Dreamers must stop Malfix from taking over the Dream … more

The Dreamers: A Story of Sam Kullen
Oliver Dahl
BookBaby , English

Best Short Stories - from the HEARTMark Jones

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Best Short Stories - from the Heart - is a truly heartwarming collection of Short Stories written by an Award-Winning author and songwriter. With two FREE BONUS stories included for your enjoyment, each Best Short Story is written in such a… more

Best Short Stories - from the HEART
Mark Jones
Mark Jones Music , English

Ammunition 357: Jokes for Yo...Brian King

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Coach Brian King has put together his vast joke collection in a unique school year calendar format.  You pick the month and he as put the month’s events and appropriate jokes together for you.  They can be used for speeches, e-mail ammuniti… more

Ammunition 357: Jokes for Your Internet Ammo
Brian King
AuthorHouse , English

Daisy MayStanley Mcqueen

Fred is determined to buy the farm he has always wanted. Trouble is, he has no money. Will courting the cross-eyed Daisy May get him the wherewithal to achieve his dreams?A Muddy Fork story

Daisy May
Stanley Mcqueen
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English

The Great Pierogi WarJessica Kott

A humorous short story. When Mrs. Nowak, the acknowledged Pierogi Queen of Polonia Street, is challenged by a rival - the result is dough-vastating. Length: 1.500 words.

The Great Pierogi War
Jessica Kott
Nostina , English

Wit and Humor of America (19...Mark Twain, O. Henry, John K...

First published in 1907, this large collection includes short humorous prose and verse by such writers as James Whitcomb Riley, O. Henry, Mark Twain, John Kendrick Bangs, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Bret Harte.

Wit and Humor of America (1907), Volume `10
Mark Twain, O. Henry, John Kendrick Bangs, Bret Harte, Olvier Wendell Holmes, James Whitcomb Riley
B&R Samizdat Express , English

I Cry Over Spilled Milk...Bu...Catarina LaGuardia

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Getting through the day when you have kids can be challenging. There are no breaks for mommies! You realize one day that your body no longer looks like it did when you were twenty-two and your patience is as thin as your hair. We’ve all bee… more

I Cry Over Spilled Milk…But I’m Learning to Laugh About It
Catarina LaGuardia
RoseDog Books , English

Get Out of My HeadMike Ducey

Humorous Stories of Life, Love and School Memories

Get Out of My Head
Mike Ducey

PUMPY'S STAIN: a very short ...Tommy Kovac

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A 685-word short story about a pathetic little pumpkin and his bitter demise. With one bonus interior illustration.Excerpt: “What about the seeds? Should we roast them and eat them?” asked the mother. “No. This pumpkin’s seeds look green an… more

PUMPY’S STAIN: a very short and mean-spirited Halloween story
Tommy Kovac

O Melhor do Humor no Brasil ...A. M. Costa Netto

Uma coleção de piadas, frases, contos, e listas de humor.

O Melhor do Humor no Brasil - Vol 3 (Portuguese Edition)
A. M. Costa Netto

Vegas Vices: Stories From A ...James B

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Strippers, booze, gambling, hookers, hobos, and porn stars!!!! I must be talking about Las Vegas, right? Follow me as I walk you through the highlights and low lights of my 17 trips to Las Vegas. Whether it was getting accosted by ladies o… more

Vegas Vices: Stories From A Low-Roller
James B

'Do You Have a Sleepy Grandma?''Cheryl Lynn Lott

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The reason for writing this piece for publication was that I have a Sleepy Grandma. I am also dedicating my book to my Sleepy Grandma Erma Lee Jackson. I felt this would be a fun title for children. This is due, to they may experience the s… more

Do You Have a Sleepy Grandma?”
Cheryl Lynn Lott
Xlibris , English

Senior Things I Said, Say, D...Ronald Hudkins

It isn’t easy being me and somehow I reckon pretty much like Mr. Wilson and Dennis the Menace, it is not much easier living with or around me either. Doesn’t matter if I was six or 60 I’ll take you on a voyage of vocabulary and actions I s… more

Senior Things I Said, Say, Did and Do
Ronald Hudkins

You Might Be A Problem Drink...David L. Anders

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Hilarious and yet insightful, more than 100 ways to know if maybe it’s time to cut down on the drinking (or increase your life insurance coverage!).Ever since the days of the biblical Great Flood, astute observers have identified a link bet… more

You Might Be A Problem Drinker If…
David L. Anders
David Anders Publishing House , English

Dreams IIIDr. Asoka S.B Dissanayake

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Dreams and their interpretations are new avenues, I have ventured into and explored in some detail.Most of the dreams have a futuristic theme and value.They are current, relevant and global in nature.Of course, I would not have accomplished… more

Dreams III
Dr. Asoka S.B Dissanayake

O Melhor do Humor no Brasil ...A. M. Costa Netto

Uma coleção de piadas, frases, contos, e listas de humor.

O Melhor do Humor no Brasil - Vol 2 (Portuguese Edition)
A. M. Costa Netto

A Poor Man's WishJ. R. Rodney, Matt Mulligan

A Poor Man’s Wish offers exactly what the comedy world wants and needs, and also might not have asked for. This compilation of fictional short stories is sure to make you laugh when reading and also reminiscing on your new favorites. Mullig… more

A Poor Man’s Wish
J. R. Rodney, Matt Mulligan

Hug a TreeAlexis Kypridemos

Ellie Costas is forced by her mother into doing a beach cleanup with the ecological organization Hug a Tree. But when Ellie makes a joke about a global warming, the organization’s authoritarian leader, Frau Bittch has Ellie sent for re-educ… more

Hug a Tree
Alexis Kypridemos