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Why Dogs Don't Worship God - Sarah R. Taggart

Why Dogs Don't Worship GodSarah R. Taggart

This small book is author  Sarah Taggart’s reply to the questions: Does God exist? and Why do we care?  It is written in simple language, with vivid stories and challenging ideas. It is intended for young people whose science classes have … more

Why Dogs Don’t Worship God
Sarah R. Taggart
AuthorHouse , English
The Non Sequitur Survival Gu... - Wiley Miller, Washington Pos...

The Non Sequitur Survival Gu...Wiley Miller, Washington Pos...

Since its debut in 1992, Non Sequitur—a comic that jabs at the feats and foibles of modern-day life—has become one of the fastest-rising comic strips in the U.S. Named Non Sequitur because no one strip has anything to do with another, eac… more

The Non Sequitur Survival Guide for the Nineties
Wiley Miller, Washington Post Writers Group
Andrews McMeel Publishing , English
Tales of the Komets - Blake Sebring

Tales of the KometsBlake Sebring

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Over 55 seasons, the Fort Wayne Komets have been one of the greatest franchises in North American minor league sports. Throughout their existence, they have experienced uncounted unique stories dealing with players, teams, fans and other ch… more

Tales of the Komets
Blake Sebring
AuthorHouse , English
The Eggs are Talking : Book 2 - Barbara A. Ellis

The Eggs are Talking : Book 2Barbara A. Ellis

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It is what it is!!An egg always returns home, I’m home once again.

The Eggs are Talking : Book 2
Barbara A. Ellis
AuthorHouse , English
More Later: Lyle's Letters f... - John Arthur Robinson

More Later: Lyle's Letters f...John Arthur Robinson

What a fantastically funny piece of writing, I absolutely loved it. Great style which lets us into the mind of the character at once. All I can say is brilliant, excellent and highly recommended. —Julie Elizabeth Powell, “Julie’s Quick Pic… more

More Later: Lyle’s Letters from the University
John Arthur Robinson
The Armstrongs' A-Z Guide to Life - John Armstrong, Ann Armstrong

The Armstrongs' A-Z Guide to LifeJohn Armstrong, Ann Armstrong

Have you ever wondered how typewriters can rival commercial radio? Why, according to John, it’s best to shave only once a week, and with old fashioned soap and water? And what the various repercussions of spring and its extra hour of daylig… more

The Armstrongs’ A-Z Guide to Life
John Armstrong, Ann Armstrong
Cornerstone Digital , English
Make Love Not Warts - Brian T Shirley

Make Love Not WartsBrian T Shirley

If you are a human, then you’ve had someone give you advice. Whether it’s your parents,grandparents, or some guy digging in a dumpster they often use some sort of saying or “”words of wisdom”“. This book takes many of those little gems and… more

Make Love Not Warts
Brian T Shirley
Trafford , English
Kitty's Laws: Murphy's Laws ... - Daniel Roberts

Kitty's Laws: Murphy's Laws ...Daniel Roberts

It’s the “cat’s meow” as cartoonist Daniel Roberts provides a satirical look at owning a cat. Each “law for owning a cat” is written in a “tongue-and-cheek” manner and illustrated with a cartoon drawing. It’s “purrfect” entertainment for ca… more

Kitty’s Laws: Murphy’s Laws for Cat Owners
Daniel Roberts
AuthorHouse , English
Mirrors Tell Lies - Jerry Flesher

Mirrors Tell LiesJerry Flesher

She’s a supermodel who is graceful and confident in front of a camera but when she’s with a man she likes her confidence slips and she becomes a klutz as she imagines herself as that tall, skinny, sixteen-year-old with braces and zits that… more

Mirrors Tell Lies
Jerry Flesher
iUniverse , English
Why Are People So Stupid? - Gordon A. Long

Why Are People So Stupid?Gordon A. Long

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Social Commentary with a wry twist. Biting analysis of: The Stock Market Committees Corporate Cowboys Bureaucracy Communism Capitalism Bullies And that idiot driving in front of you who slams o… more

Why Are People So Stupid?
Gordon A. Long
Airborn Press , English
A Boy With a Secret - Elizabeth Sallay

A Boy With a SecretElizabeth Sallay

A book I made for Nathan

A Boy With a Secret
Elizabeth Sallay
Breann Stew - Elizabeth Sallay

Breann StewElizabeth Sallay

A book I made for Breann.

Breann Stew
Elizabeth Sallay
A Boy With a Secret - Elizabeth Sallay

A Boy With a SecretElizabeth Sallay

A book I made for Cian.

A Boy With a Secret
Elizabeth Sallay
A Girl Who Can Fly - Elizabeth Sallay

A Girl Who Can FlyElizabeth Sallay

A book I made for Chloe

A Girl Who Can Fly
Elizabeth Sallay
Ava Stew - Elizabeth Sallay

Ava StewElizabeth Sallay

A book I made for Ava.

Ava Stew
Elizabeth Sallay
A Girl Who Can Fly - Elizabeth Sallay

A Girl Who Can FlyElizabeth Sallay

A book I made for Eden.

A Girl Who Can Fly
Elizabeth Sallay
To Hell with the Harp! (Hell... - Malcolm Twigg

To Hell with the Harp! (Hell...Malcolm Twigg

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There are many irrevocable rules in the universe, one of which is never trust a tone-deaf angel and a disgraced demon to sort out a mess. Despite their worst efforts, however, and irrespective of a pyromaniac Greek god being let loose in He… more

To Hell with the Harp! (Hell Raiders)
Malcolm Twigg
Malcolm Twigg , English
The Sick Day Handbook: Strat... - Ellie Bishop

The Sick Day Handbook: Strat...Ellie Bishop

We’ve all been there. The alarm goes off, and the thought of your morning commute, a buttoned-up shirt, and e-mail makes you want to cry. You don’t want to go to work—YOU CAN’T. So what’s a 9-to-5er to do? KISS: Keep it Simple, Sickie. “I’m… more

The Sick Day Handbook: Strategies And Techniques for Faking It
Ellie Bishop
Conari Press , English
"Max Ryan: Nuclear Whore" an... - Max Ryan

"Max Ryan: Nuclear Whore" an...Max Ryan

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Soon after beginning his life as a nuclear contract worker, Max met and fell in love with a news journalist while doing improvisation at Second City in Toronto. Three years later they got married. A year after that they gave birth to their … more

Max Ryan: Nuclear Whore” and other Life Stories of a Secondary Parent
Max Ryan
Short Stories To Tickle Your... - Robert Thornhill

Short Stories To Tickle Your...Robert Thornhill

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Laughter has been shown to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow, promote circulation, and reduce tension as well as lower blood pressure, ease stress and boost your immune system. (Dr. Michael Cutler)

Take a … more

Short Stories To Tickle Your Funnybone
Robert Thornhill
Createspace , English