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FDR and The Holocaust: A Bre... - Rafael Medoff

FDR and The Holocaust: A Bre...Rafael Medoff

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President Franklin Roosevelt was admired as a humanitarian—yet he shut America’s doors to Jews fleeing the Holocaust. He called himself the champion of “the forgotten man,” but when it came to the Jews under Hitler’s jackboot, FDR turned a… more

FDR and The Holocaust: A Breach of Faith
Rafael Medoff
The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies , English
Like Birds In Black and White - Miriam Raz-Zunszajn

Like Birds In Black and WhiteMiriam Raz-Zunszajn

LIKE BIRDS IN BLACK AND WHITE is not just another story among the thousand tales of terror that this war wrought by WWII on this world. LIKE BIRDS IN BLACK AND WHITE is the narrative of a young Jewish girl from the village of Wereszczyn, Po… more

Like Birds In Black and White
Miriam Raz-Zunszajn
Moreshet-The Mordechai Anelevich Memorial Holocaust Study and Research Center , English
David's Story - Stig Dalager

David's StoryStig Dalager

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Separated from his parents when they’re deported by the Nazis, David struggles to survive, hungry and alone. Picked up by the police, he escapes into the chaos of occupied Warsaw. Quickly, he learns to smuggle precious goods from one area o… more

David’s Story
Stig Dalager
Aurora Metro Press , English
When The Butterflies Flew Away - Lynn Murphy

When The Butterflies Flew AwayLynn Murphy

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When the evil Roole invades Sophie’s country, she and her family, because they are”different,” are sent to live in the little star shaped city where everyone fears for their future and talks about the mysterious trains to the East. While sh… more

When The Butterflies Flew Away
Lynn Murphy
Volume 1-9  of Moreshet-Jour... -

Volume 1-9 of Moreshet-Jour...

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MORESHET, The Journal for the Study of the Holocaust and Antisemitism is published annually through the cooperative efforts of The Mordechai Anielevich Memorial, Holocaust Study and Research Center, in conjunction with the Stephen Roth Inst… more

Volume 1-9 of Moreshet-Journals of the Study of the Holocaust and AntiSemitism
Moreshet of Multieducator , English
Good-bye for Always: The Tri... - Cecile Kaufer, Joe Allen

Good-bye for Always: The Tri...Cecile Kaufer, Joe Allen

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There was never a more terrible time for Jews in Europe than from 1938 to 1945. The Nazis had overrun a great deal of the continent, bent on the domination of the world and the annihilation of an entire people. The death camps, unknown to m… more

Good-bye for Always: The Triumph of the Innocents
Cecile Kaufer, Joe Allen
Hudson Cove Group, Inc. , English
Survival and Payback: Memoir... - Burt Goldman

Survival and Payback: Memoir...Burt Goldman

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Joe Brandt’s story, written by Burt Goldman is worthy of being revealed in a Stephen Spielberg movie about the Holocaust. It is a fascinating story, striking in the beau… more

Survival and Payback: Memoir of Joe Brandt—Survivor # A17874
Burt Goldman
Burt Goldman , English
Hitler and the Nazi Darwinia... - Jerry Bergman

Hitler and the Nazi Darwinia...Jerry Bergman

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Book Description Publication Date: October 3, 2012 This book takes a fresh look at Germany’s most influential Nazi leaders, examining their backgrounds, education and convictions. It provides compelling evidence that the rising influence of… more

Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian worldview:How the Nazi eugenic crusade for a superior race caused the greatest Holocaust in world history
Jerry Bergman
Joshua Press , English
Scheisshaus Luck - Pierre Berg, Brian Brock

Scheisshaus LuckPierre Berg, Brian Brock

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In 1943, eighteen year old Pierre Berg picked the wrong time to visit a friend’s house—at the same time as the Gestapo. He was thrown into the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. But through a mixture of savvy and chance, he man­aged to … more

Scheisshaus Luck
Pierre Berg, Brian Brock
Blue Coffee Books , English
Long Journey Home : A Young ... - Lucy Lipiner

Long Journey Home : A Young ...Lucy Lipiner

The summer of 1939 turned out to be the last summer of author Lucy Lipiner’s childhood. On September 1, when she was six years old, her parents roused her and her older sister from their beds and, with other relatives in tow, left their tow… more

Long Journey Home : A Young Girl’s Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust
Lucy Lipiner
iUniverse , English


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In 1941 I was deported with my parents from Prague to the Lodz Ghetto in Poland. Within one year my parents died. I was 13 years old, alone to fend for myself. The three years that followed found me fighting for survival in a series of conc… more

Edith Hofmann
Transcript of 1980 Magda Her... - Magda Herzberger

Transcript of 1980 Magda Her...Magda Herzberger

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When the first oral history interviews with Holocaust survivors appeared, they tended to focus only on wartime experiences. Archivist Barbara Kaiser of the Wisconsin Historical Society thought this approach was flawed, since it artificially… more

Transcript of 1980 Magda Herzberger Interview by the Wisconsin Historical Society
Magda Herzberger
Groundbreaking Press , English


INDRODUCTION:PLEASE NOTE: A PAPERBACK OF THE 8TH EDITION IS AVAILABLE at Amazon.com.The book starts with My Dream for Ever:I wake up early in the morning. I am in our home in Terezin Concentration Camp. It is a dark rainy day, 1944. There a… more

Tommy Lustig
Thomas Lenda , English
"That's What Happened": A Sh... - Jack Honig

"That's What Happened": A Sh...Jack Honig

The book shows the impact of the holocaust on a young boy, who saw it happen in Germany, and his subsequent life.

That’s What Happened”: A Shoah Survivor’s Story
Jack Honig
Booktango , English
By My Mother's Hand: As Told... - Henry Melnick, Limore Zisckind

By My Mother's Hand: As Told...Henry Melnick, Limore Zisckind

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Holocaust survivor HENRY MELNICK was born in Lodz, Poland. Shortly after the Nazis occupied Poland in 1939, he was sent to do slave labour in the Nowy Sącz, Tarnów Ghettos and Szebnie camp. He was then transferred to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bun… more

By My Mother’s Hand: As Told by Survivor Henry Melnick
Henry Melnick, Limore Zisckind
Tandem Publishing , English
Eva's Story: A Survivor's Ta... - Evelyn Julia Kent, Eva Schloss

Eva's Story: A Survivor's Ta...Evelyn Julia Kent, Eva Schloss

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‘A patently honest account of the struggle of a courageous and resourceful young woman to survive in a nightmare world’ - JEWISH CHRONICLEIn March 1938 the Germans invaded Austria and young Eva Geiringer and her family became refugees. Like… more

Eva’s Story: A Survivor’s Tale by the Step-Sister of Anne Frank
Evelyn Julia Kent, Eva Schloss
Eva Schloss , English
The Upstairs Room (Winner of... - Johanna Reiss

The Upstairs Room (Winner of...Johanna Reiss

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This Newbery Honor-winning book shows us that in the steady courage of a young girl lies a profound strength that transcends the horrors of war. This is the true story of a girl’s extraordinary survival during the German occupation of Holl… more

The Upstairs Room (Winner of the Newbery Honor) (The Upstairs Room Series Book 1)
Johanna Reiss
Graymalkin Media , English
A Dog of War - Heather Gregson

A Dog of WarHeather Gregson

Farm dog, Tierza, is devoted to her human boy, Aaron. Their idyllic life is interrupted when the German army invades. Forced from their farm, Tierza accompanies her family to the Warsaw ghetto. Together with her boy, they try to live as nor… more

A Dog of War
Heather Gregson
Writers AMuse Me Publishing , English
A Faraway Island - Annika Thor

A Faraway IslandAnnika Thor

Two Jewish sisters leave Austria during WWII/Holocaust and find refuge in Sweden.It’s the summer of 1939. Two Jewish sisters from Vienna—12-year-old Stephie Steiner and 8-year-old Nellie—are sent to Sweden to escape the Nazis. They expect t… more

A Faraway Island
Annika Thor
Delacorte Books for Young Readers , English
Unfinished Symphony - Bernard Hellreich Ingram

Unfinished SymphonyBernard Hellreich Ingram

Thank you Amazon for keeping these facts alive with over 10,000 esales since Dec 2012. This is not a book about survival in a concentration camp. It is a book about “ordinary” people, maybe like you & me, on the peripheries of the Holocaust… more

Unfinished Symphony
Bernard Hellreich Ingram
Chris Ingram , English