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Hitler's War: The Story Of A... - Mark Jones

Hitler's War: The Story Of A...Mark Jones

His name and image are synonymous with tyranny, brutally and a chapter in human history which, though painful to remember, should never be forgotten. Hitler’s War is the fully illustrated story of how an unremarkable boy from Austria rose t… more

Hitler’s War: The Story Of A False Messiah
Mark Jones
Pegasus Entertainment , English
The Young Hitler I knew:Hitl... - August Kubizek

The Young Hitler I knew:Hitl...August Kubizek

If you’ve ever wanted to get behind the two dimensional caricature of Hitlers profound evil and find out what made him the way he was this is the boo you need.Kubizek the man who wrote it ,was Hitlers best and only friend during his formati… more

The Young Hitler I knew:Hitler Youth
August Kubizek
Unfinished Symphony - Bernard Hellreich Ingram

Unfinished SymphonyBernard Hellreich Ingram

This is not a book about survival in a concentration camp. It is a book about “ordinary” people, maybe like you & me, on the peripheries of the Holocaust. It is a book about an ordinary man who is a young Polish Jewish doctor & it tells of … more

Unfinished Symphony
Bernard Hellreich Ingram
Chris Ingram , English
Holocaust : In the Name of t... - Richard Grant

Holocaust : In the Name of t...Richard Grant

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During the Second World War, six million Jews - as well as other targeted groups such as Gypsies, Poles, the handicapped and homosexuals - were systematically murdered by Adolf Hitler’s Nazis and their collaborators. The incomprehensible nu… more

Holocaust : In the Name of the FŸehrer
Richard Grant
Trafford , English
Rachel's Aunt Ita (Rachel, M... - Nava Herzog

Rachel's Aunt Ita (Rachel, M...Nava Herzog

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The sixth in the series Rachel, My Mother tells the story of Ita, Rachel’s aunt. Ita’s holocaust journey is an amazing account of devastation and hope, tragedy and triumph.

Rachel’s Aunt Ita (Rachel, My Mother)
Nava Herzog
David's Story - Stig Dalager

David's StoryStig Dalager

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Separated from his parents when they’re deported by the Nazis, David struggles to survive, hungry and alone. Picked up by the police, he escapes into the chaos of occupied Warsaw. Quickly, he learns to smuggle precious goods from one area o… more

David’s Story
Stig Dalager
Aurora Metro Press , English
Eva's Story: A Survivor's Ta... - Evelyn Julia Kent, Eva Schloss

Eva's Story: A Survivor's Ta...Evelyn Julia Kent, Eva Schloss

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‘A patently honest account of the struggle of a courageous and resourceful young woman to survive in a nightmare world’ - JEWISH CHRONICLEIn March 1938 the Germans invaded Austria and young Eva Geiringer and her family became refugees. Like… more

Eva’s Story: A Survivor’s Tale by the Step-Sister of Anne Frank
Evelyn Julia Kent, Eva Schloss
Eva Schloss , English
Buchenwald: Hell on a Hillto... - Flint Whitlock

Buchenwald: Hell on a Hillto...Flint Whitlock

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How was it that, from 1933 to 1945, a sophisticated, civilized nation like Germany could sink into an abyss of degradation that had no bottom? How could the SS rulers of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp—high on a hill above Weimar, German… more

Buchenwald: Hell on a Hilltop (The Buchenwald Trilogy)
Flint Whitlock
Cable Publishing , English
IBM and the Holocaust: The S... - Edwin Black

IBM and the Holocaust: The S...Edwin Black

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IBM and the Holocaust is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling shocker—a million copies in print—detailing IBM’s conscious co-planning and co-organizing of the Holocaust for the Nazis, all micromanaged by its president Thomas J Wa… more

IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation-Expanded Edition
Edwin Black
Dialog Press , English
Scheisshaus Luck - Pierre Berg, Brian Brock

Scheisshaus LuckPierre Berg, Brian Brock

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In 1943, eighteen year old Pierre Berg picked the wrong time to visit a friend’s house—at the same time as the Gestapo. He was thrown into the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. But through a mixture of savvy and chance, he man­aged to … more

Scheisshaus Luck
Pierre Berg, Brian Brock
Blue Coffee Books , English
This Medal is for you, Papa - Lucille Travis

This Medal is for you, PapaLucille Travis

This Medal is for you, Papa

When Sunday came it was the worst ever. Fear sat inside twelve-year old Hanna like a lump of stale bread she couldn’t swallow. She stared at her pastor- father, silently willing him not to talk about the Jews. … more

This Medal is for you, Papa
Lucille Travis
Lucille Travis author , English
Volume 1-9  of Moreshet-Jour... -

Volume 1-9 of Moreshet-Jour...

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MORESHET, The Journal for the Study of the Holocaust and Antisemitism is published annually through the cooperative efforts of The Mordechai Anielevich Memorial, Holocaust Study and Research Center, in conjunction with the Stephen Roth Inst… more

Volume 1-9 of Moreshet-Journals of the Study of the Holocaust and AntiSemitism
Moreshet of Multieducator , English
The Upstairs Room (Winner of... - Johanna Reiss

The Upstairs Room (Winner of...Johanna Reiss

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This Newbery Honor-winning book shows us that in the steady courage of a young girl lies a profound strength that transcends the horrors of war. This is the true story of a girl’s extraordinary survival during the German occupation of Holl… more

The Upstairs Room (Winner of the Newbery Honor) (The Upstairs Room Series)
Johanna Reiss
Graymalkin Media , English
Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die - Max H Bortnick

Who Shall Live and Who Shall DieMax H Bortnick

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an intriguing story of Shoshanna ( Rose & Joseph ) Wagner and their trials and tribulations of surviving through the Holocaust in LVOV Poland starting from the onset of the war in Europe September 1, 1939 through being liberated by U.S. sol… more

Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die
Max H Bortnick
New Vision Publishing , English
Rays of Sunshine: Women Duri... - Melissa Provines

Rays of Sunshine: Women Duri...Melissa Provines

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Written by an education major at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK, “Rays of Sunshine: Women During the Holocaust” is more than a research paper. It includes photographs and personal notes from the author telling how a visit to the… more

Rays of Sunshine: Women During the Holocaust
Melissa Provines
Tanya Provines , English
The Transfer Agreement--25th... - Edwin Black

The Transfer Agreement--25th...Edwin Black

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The Transfer Agreement is Edwin Black’s compelling, award-winning story of a negotiated arrangement in 1933 between Zionist organizations and the Nazis to transfer some 50,000 Jews, and $100 million of their assets, to Jewish Palestine in e… more

The Transfer Agreement—25th Anniversary Edition: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine
Edwin Black
Dialog Press , English
Transcript of 1980 Magda Her... - Magda Herzberger

Transcript of 1980 Magda Her...Magda Herzberger

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When the first oral history interviews with Holocaust survivors appeared, they tended to focus only on wartime experiences. Archivist Barbara Kaiser of the Wisconsin Historical Society thought this approach was flawed, since it artificially… more

Transcript of 1980 Magda Herzberger Interview by the Wisconsin Historical Society
Magda Herzberger
Groundbreaking Press , English


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I am in Terezin Concentration Camp (Ghetto) in a Children Home. It is a dark rainy night, fall of 1944: I wake up early in the morning. There… more

HOLOCAUST & CHILDREN ON DEATH ROW: About the Vanishing Children
Tommy Lustig
Thomas Lenda , English
Good-bye for Always: The Tri... - Cecile Kaufer, Joe Allen

Good-bye for Always: The Tri...Cecile Kaufer, Joe Allen

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There was never a more terrible time for Jews in Europe than from 1938 to 1945. The Nazis had overrun a great deal of the continent, bent on the domination of the world and the annihilation of an entire people. The death camps, unknown to m… more

Good-bye for Always: The Triumph of the Innocents
Cecile Kaufer, Joe Allen
Hudson Cove Group, Inc. , English
On the Jewish Question - Kar... - Chuck Morse

On the Jewish Question - Kar...Chuck Morse

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Author and radio commentator Chuck Morse has written a book about Karl Marx’s anti-Semitic tract “On the Jewish Question” which was first published in 1844. He contends that Marx book belongs in the same pantheon of anti-Semitic hate litera… more

On the Jewish Question - Karl Marx, anti-Semitism and the War against the West
Chuck Morse
City Metro Enterprises , English