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The Outcast Earl (The Misbeg... - Elle Q. Sabine

The Outcast Earl (The Misbeg...Elle Q. Sabine

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The Misbegotten Misses:They are the daughters of an earl, flowers of the ton, with bright futures ahead under the glittering chandeliers of London. But then, one day they are not. These four misses — Fiona, Abigail, Gloria and Genevieve —… more

The Outcast Earl (The Misbegotten Misses)
Elle Q. Sabine
Totally Bound Publishing , English
Cougar Woman - Peggy Lee Johnson

Cougar WomanPeggy Lee Johnson

Short adventure story set in the mountains of the 1800’s. Widowed and alone her only friend, a Cougar. Keno, chased by killers, shot, left for dead his only chance is her…

Cougar Woman
Peggy Lee Johnson
Sabine - Talia Kelley

SabineTalia Kelley

In the time of Lords, Ladies, and serfs, Sabine is a Lady with a special talent for magic. In a fit of jealousy over Sabine’s acolyte, Henri, her husband has placed guards in the tower she must use for her ritual. Now, Sabine has learned of… more

Talia Kelley
Red Rose Publishing , English
The Midnight Witch - Paula Brackston

The Midnight WitchPaula Brackston

Midnight is the most bewitching hour of them all…From Paula Brackston, the New York Times bestselling author of The Witch’s Daughter and The Winter Witch, comes a magical tale that is as dark as it is enchanting.  Set in high society Edward… more

The Midnight Witch
Paula Brackston
Thomas Dunne Books , English
The Rake's Redemption (The E... - Regina Scott

The Rake's Redemption (The E...Regina Scott

Even infamous duelist and poet Vaughn Everard has qualms about dragging an innocent lady into his quest for revenge. But Imogene Devary is the daughter of the man suspected of murdering Vaughn’s uncle. Surely that makes her fair game in ord… more

The Rake’s Redemption (The Everard Legacy)
Regina Scott
Love Inspired Historicals , English
The Virgin Pirate (Pirate's Booty) - Temple Hogan

The Virgin Pirate (Pirate's Booty)Temple Hogan

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Born to a life of piracy, Nellie Bouchard knows no other life, but she longs to find a world beyond the ruthless violence and danger. Her wish is fulfilled when she captures Lord Trey Carlyle. Mesmerized by his masculinity and raw sexuality… more

The Virgin Pirate (Pirate’s Booty)
Temple Hogan
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English
Her Bodyguard (Steam! Romanc... - E.E. Burke

Her Bodyguard (Steam! Romanc...E.E. Burke

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Passion and ambition collide when a woman embroiled in a bitter war between a powerful railroad and rioting settlers hires a bodyguard to protect her from a killer.

Brought together by Fate, the wealthy businesswoman and penniless drifter… more

Her Bodyguard (Steam! Romance and Rails)
E.E. Burke
E.E. Burke , English
Her Errant Earl - Scarlett Scott

Her Errant EarlScarlett Scott

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Victoria, Countess of Pembroke, knew her marriage wasn’t a love match, but she certainly hadn’t expected to be wedded, bedded and abandoned in the countryside. When her husband suddenly returns bent on seduction, she’s suspicious of his mot… more

Her Errant Earl
Scarlett Scott
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
Maybe Someday: Book Club Gui... - Book*Sense

Maybe Someday: Book Club Gui...Book*Sense

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Maybe Someday: by Colleen Hoover | Book Club Guide & Analysis

This is a Book Club Guide & Analysis of the original book. She exercises her creativity, to depict a contemporary love story. The narrative is driven by themes of love, music, … more

Maybe Someday: Book Club Guide & Analysis
Mountain Wild - Judith Bronte

Mountain WildJudith Bronte

2 ratings
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The year is 1836, and Josiah Brown is a half-breed Blackfoot mountain man, trapping the Rocky Mountain streams for beaver and fur. In the process of saving the daughter of an immigrant from raiding Blackfoot Indians, Josiah decides to take … more

Mountain Wild
Judith Bronte
Judith Bronte , English
Defiant Destiny (The Hearts ... - Phoebe Conn

Defiant Destiny (The Hearts ...Phoebe Conn

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When King George II orders the Acadians, descendants of 17th-century French colonists, expelled from their Nova Scotian land, Arielle Douville, an Acadian healer, reluctantly agrees to translate for the captain of the Virginia Militia, Byro… more

Defiant Destiny (The Hearts of Liberty Series, Book 2)
Phoebe Conn
ePublishing Works! , English
His Saxon Slave - Danielle Fonda

His Saxon SlaveDanielle Fonda

1 rating

Lord Bonar De Sky known as the Black Boar by his legion of warriors lays siege to the Saxon stronghold of Garth. The Saxon wench, Kiana, is captured helping Welsh bowmen escape off the cliffs. Bonar’s second in command wants her whipped as … more

His Saxon Slave
Danielle Fonda
Allure Books , English
Lord Melvedere's Ghost (The ... - Rebecca King

Lord Melvedere's Ghost (The ...Rebecca King

Cecily had no doubt that Lord Melvedere’s offer for her hand in marriage had more to do with his investigations for the Star Elite, rather than sincere affection. Nevertheless, she desperately needed help from someone, and Jamie Calverton, … more

Lord Melvedere’s Ghost (The Star Elite Series)
Rebecca King
R L King , English
A Gentleman Never Tells: Sec... - Jerrica Knight-Catania

A Gentleman Never Tells: Sec...Jerrica Knight-Catania

In this haunting second epilogue, Phoebe and Benjamin head north to visit their family at the Dunbocan estate in the highlands of Scotland. Mischief and mayhem ensue upon their arrival, which is to be expected, especially since Katherine,… more

A Gentleman Never Tells: Second Epilogue (The Wetherby Brides)
Jerrica Knight-Catania
Night Shift Publishing , English
Loup-Garou for You - Katalina Leon

Loup-Garou for YouKatalina Leon

Bayou Country, 1834. Aubert Marston awakens on the eve of his twenty-seventh birthday to discover he’s undergone some disturbing physical changes. His body is bigger, stronger and hairier than it’s ever been, and burns with the lust of a be… more

Loup-Garou for You
Katalina Leon
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
Portrait of Passion: 1 (Idyllwild) - Lynne Barron

Portrait of Passion: 1 (Idyllwild)Lynne Barron

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Book one in the Idyllwild series.What’s a Viscount to do when a mysterious lady with a secret past and a reputation frayed around the edges suddenly appears in London? Especially when she’s in hot pursuit of his naïve young cousin, setting … more

Portrait of Passion: 1 (Idyllwild)
Lynne Barron
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
The Bride Wore Spurs (Love I... - Janet Dean

The Bride Wore Spurs (Love I...Janet Dean

The Cowgirl Takes a Husband!To keep the Texas ranch she loves, Hannah Parrish will wed a man she doesn’t. Cowpokes won’t take orders from a young, single female. But while her exasperating neighbor Matt Walker jokes about her being a mere d… more

The Bride Wore Spurs (Love Inspired Historical)
Janet Dean
Love Inspired Historicals , English
Once Upon a Wedding - Kathleen Eagle

Once Upon a WeddingKathleen Eagle

How do you feel about weddings?1. Love them2. Hate them3. Terrific as long asI’m not wearing blue taffeta with a bow buttFor Camille, her daughter Jordan’s announcement that she’s getting married brings about a mixture of pure excitement an… more

Once Upon a Wedding
Kathleen Eagle
HarperCollins e-books , English
Lilac - Louisa Trent

LilacLouisa Trent

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Lilac - Previously released and newly revised.Tegan Ellis storms the Hudson River mansion of negligent mine owner Sean Griffith intent on nobly sacrificing herself to her mining reform cause. Her plan to blackmail the despicable industriali… more

Louisa Trent
Trent Publications , English
Dandelions on the Wind: The ... - Mona Hodgson

Dandelions on the Wind: The ...Mona Hodgson

Tattered relationships and broken hearts, like a quilt, can be pieced together by God’s love.                                                                                      When Maren Jensen took a job on Elsa Brantenberg’s St. Charle… more

Dandelions on the Wind: The Quilted Heart Novella One
Mona Hodgson
WaterBrook Press , English