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The Everything Guide to Cook... - Megan Hart, Kim Lutz

The Everything Guide to Cook...Megan Hart, Kim Lutz

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Life with a child with autism can be challenging, exhausting, and—ultimately—very rewarding. For parents, even daily activities like getting dressed or grocery shopping can become daunting exercises. Children with autism require special s… more

The Everything Guide to Cooking for Children with Autism: From everyday meals to holiday treats; how to prepare foods your child will love to eat (Everything®)
Megan Hart, Kim Lutz
Adams Media , English
Paleo Bread: Gluten-Free Bre... - John Chatham

Paleo Bread: Gluten-Free Bre...John Chatham

              Who said embracing the healthy Paleo diet means having to giving up bread?Living the Paleo lifestyle just got a little bit easier with the help of Paleo Bread:Enjoy 28 delicious Paleo bread recipes, from breakfast muffins ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00AW0IQMM/#editorial-review">more</a>
Paleo Bread: Gluten-Free Bread Recipes for a Paleo Diet
John Chatham
Rockridge University Press , English
Cooking with Herbs - Lynne Sha

Cooking with HerbsLynne Sha

Great little herb book, 25 pages or so. Herb recipes, and an a-z of cooking herbs. Tips for cooking with herbs.

Cooking with Herbs
Lynne Sha
The Khaki Kook Book (New Ill... - Mary Kennedy Core

The Khaki Kook Book (New Ill...Mary Kennedy Core

About ten years ago the idea of writing a little cook book had its birth. We were in Almora that summer. Almora is a station far up in the Himalayas, a clean little bazaar nestles at the foot of enclosing mountains. Dotting the deodar-cover… more

The Khaki Kook Book (New Illustrated)
Mary Kennedy Core
The Gluten-Free Food Movement - The New York Times

The Gluten-Free Food MovementThe New York Times

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In recent years, gluten has joined saturated fat, high-fructose corn syrup and sodium in the league of dietary villains. Much of this is because of celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disorder that experts say is largely underdiagnosed and… more

The Gluten-Free Food Movement
The New York Times
The New York Times Company , English
The Healthy Life Recipe Book - Jen Cook

The Healthy Life Recipe BookJen Cook

This is a Recipe Book, focusing on healthy meals. Each recipe is simple and takes no time but will still impress you.In this Recipe book you will receive:Healthy Tips: Controlling Food CravingsChicken Ham and Cucumber QuinoaHealthy Recipes:… more

The Healthy Life Recipe Book
Jen Cook
Dairy Free Dessert Recipes: ... - Alexander Marriot

Dairy Free Dessert Recipes: ...Alexander Marriot

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Presenting you, the 10 greatest dairy free dessert recipes ever. Some might be basic, some might be more advanced, and tastes might be subjective; but if you looking for some delicious dessert recipes, dairy free, then you have to try every… more

Dairy Free Dessert Recipes: The 10 Greatest Dairy Free Dessert Recipes Ever
Alexander Marriot
Carving and Serving (New Ill... - Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln

Carving and Serving (New Ill...Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln

Mrs. Lincoln, nothing daunted by the legion of cook-books already in existence, thinks there is room for one more. Her handsome and serviceable-looking volume seems to contain everything essential to a complete understanding of the culinar… more

Carving and Serving (New Illustrated)
Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln


DIRECTIONS FOR COOKERY, IN ITS VARIOUS BRANCHES: BY MISS LESLIE,Soups Etc,Fish Etc,Shell Fish Etc,Beef Etc,Mutton And Lamb,Pork, Ham,Vegetables Etc

Sirinan Saelor , English
Try-It Diet: Gluten-Free: A ... - Editors of Adams Media

Try-It Diet: Gluten-Free: A ...Editors of Adams Media

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Think all diets have to be boring and bland? Think again. With Try-It Diet: Gluten-Free, you’ll get a taste for the nutritional plan without having to give up great tasting food like Sweet and Spicy Apple-Cinnamon Crepes, Classic Southern F… more

Try-It Diet: Gluten-Free: A two-week healthy eating plan (Try-It Diets)
Editors of Adams Media
Adams Media , English
Quick and Easy SOUPS (Quick ... - S Shana

Quick and Easy SOUPS (Quick ...S Shana

Delicious soup recipes including cream of mushroom soup, carrot soup, cream of onion soup, tom yam soup, miso soup, avocadoe soup, watercress soup and more!!

Quick and Easy SOUPS (Quick and Easy Recipes)
S Shana
200 Gluten-Free Recipes (All... - Hamlyn Cookbooks

200 Gluten-Free Recipes (All...Hamlyn Cookbooks

Gluten-free is the way to be for many of those who suffer from coeliac disease, gluten allergies and even those who simply want to cut wheat from their diet. With over 200 delicious recipes, Hamlyn All Colour: 200 Gluten-Free Recipes showc… more

200 Gluten-Free Recipes (All Colour Cookbook)
Hamlyn Cookbooks
Hamlyn , English
Healing Foods and Recipes - Sankhya Shana

Healing Foods and RecipesSankhya Shana

A book describing common ailments and the foods that heal them. Delicious mouthwatering recipes to assist healing of particulars.

Healing Foods and Recipes
Sankhya Shana
Dairy Free Main Dish Recipes... - Alexander Marriot

Dairy Free Main Dish Recipes...Alexander Marriot

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Presenting you, the 10 greatest dairy free main dish recipes ever. Some might be basic, some might be more advanced, and tastes might be subjective; but if you are in need of main dish recipes that are dairy free, then you have to try every… more

Dairy Free Main Dish Recipes: The 10 Greatest Dairy Free Main Dish Recipes Ever
Alexander Marriot
Cooking To Stay in Shape - Nancy Gray

Cooking To Stay in ShapeNancy Gray

Many times dinner is the family meal that all gather and discuss what it is that has been going on throughout the day. So maybe that is not so much the case anymore, but many people still try to make it the main meal of the day. Dinner shou… more

Cooking To Stay in Shape
Nancy Gray
Iron Rich Recipes - Tarla Dalal

Iron Rich RecipesTarla Dalal

Iron Rich RecipesBy Tarla DalalIron is an important trace mineral that is found in every cell of the body. It is essential for the formation of haemoglobin and myoglobin, which carry oxygen in the blood and muscles. If iron is lacking in th… more

Iron Rich Recipes
Tarla Dalal
Sanjay & Company , English
Holiday Candy & Fudge - anomouys

Holiday Candy & Fudgeanomouys

At No Other Time Of The Year Is There As Many Homemade Confectionery Delights To Sample As During Christmas. Now You Can Sweeten Your Holiday Gatherings With Some Of The Most Delicious And Easy To Make Candies And Rich Decedent Fudge You Ha… more

Holiday Candy & Fudge
Paleo Indulgences: Healthy G... - Tammy Credicott

Paleo Indulgences: Healthy G...Tammy Credicott

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Whether you’re living a paleo, primal, or gluten-free lifestyle, or you simply want to take steps toward a healthier you, Paleo Indulgences can help you curb cravings for daily treats without completely undoing your progress. Life is about … more

Paleo Indulgences: Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes to Satisfy Your Primal Cravings
Tammy Credicott
Victory Belt Publishing , English
The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Auti... - Pamela Compart, Dana Laake

The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Auti...Pamela Compart, Dana Laake

Pam and Dana know what works for kids…This book is a fantastic resource for the diets that make a difference. Follow their advice!!” —Jenny McCarthy, author of Louder Than Words and Mother Warriors The best “kid-friendly” recipes and guid… more

The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook, Updated and Revised: The Ultimate Guide to the Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet
Pamela Compart, Dana Laake
Fair Winds Press , English
Dairy Free Side Dish Recipes... - Alexander Marriot

Dairy Free Side Dish Recipes...Alexander Marriot

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Presenting you, the 10 greatest dairy free side dish recipes ever. Some might be basic, some might be more advanced, and tastes might be subjective; but if you are looking for side dish recipes that are dairy free, then you have to try ever… more

Dairy Free Side Dish Recipes: The 10 Greatest Dairy Free Side Dish Recipes Ever
Alexander Marriot
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