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Reflexology Rescue for Const... - Barbara Kunz, Kevin Kunz

Reflexology Rescue for Const...Barbara Kunz, Kevin Kunz

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Reflexology can help you help yourself—or another—ease constipation. Multiple studies show individuals of all ages experience relief from the symptoms of constipation with reflexology technique application.Reflexology Rescue provides the ea… more

Reflexology Rescue for Constipation (MyReflexologist Says: Help yourself-and others-feel your best)
Barbara Kunz, Kevin Kunz
RRP Press , English
Fruit Diet 77 Days - Hernando Enriquez de la Barca

Fruit Diet 77 DaysHernando Enriquez de la Barca

DESCRIPTION OF THE 77 DAY FRUITARIAN DIETThis work is a guide to follow on how to start a weight loss diet eating only fruits, nuts and vegetables in the form of shakes, smoothies or in a raw state for 77 days. The author intends to change … more

Fruit Diet 77 Days
Hernando Enriquez de la Barca
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
Everyday Weight Loss: 365 bi... - Michelle Bridges

Everyday Weight Loss: 365 bi...Michelle Bridges

Looking for inspiration in your weight-loss program?Look no further!Australia’s leading weight-loss expert Michelle Bridges shares her hot tips and amazing facts about diet and exercise to help you stay motivated.Handy advice for a healthie… more

Everyday Weight Loss: 365 bite-sized bits of inspiration, information and motivation
Michelle Bridges
e-penguin , English
pH Balanced for Life! The Ea... - Bill Thompson, Parhatsathid ...

pH Balanced for Life! The Ea...Bill Thompson, Parhatsathid ...

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What Is It That Your Body Needs? You know you’re not your optimal self. Though you may feel reasonably healthy, something is not quite right. No wonder. Toxic modern life is turning your body into an acidic mess, out of sync with the natura… more

pH Balanced for Life! The Easiest Way to Alkalize
Bill Thompson, Parhatsathid Napatalung
Body Axis LLC , English
The "Unknown" Reality, Volum... - Jane Roberts

The "Unknown" Reality, Volum...Jane Roberts

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From the Bestselling Author of Seth SpeaksIn this second volume of The “Unknown” Reality, Seth radically expands our conceptions of “self,” by showing us that the human personality is literally infinite in its scope and potential. He disclo… more

The “Unknown” Reality, Volume Two (A Seth Book)
Jane Roberts
Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. , English
Healthy Living - M Osterhoudt

Healthy LivingM Osterhoudt

Start living a life of healthy living with this Ebook 3 Pack – “Supplement Free- Get Your Vitamins Natually from Food”, “H2O The Miracle Cure” and “I Want to Look Like That”. For a limited time only, get yours today! Supplement Free - Say g… more

Healthy Living
M Osterhoudt
Morning Poses: Rodney Yee's ... - Gaiam

Morning Poses: Rodney Yee's ...Gaiam

You don’t have to be an early bird to enjoy “Morning Yoga” with renowned Gaiam fitness instructor Rodney Yee. Yoga is a great way for people to begin the day. In addition to energizing the body, it helps to both clear and focus the mind on … more

Morning Poses: Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners
Vook , English
100 Ways to Be Happy: Simple... - Editors of Adams Media

100 Ways to Be Happy: Simple...Editors of Adams Media

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Becoming happier is easier than you think. Here at your fingertips are dozens of different ideas on how to enjoy each and every day. With 100 Ways to Be Happy as your guide, things are going to get a little brighter, a little lighter, and a… more

100 Ways to Be Happy: Simple Tips and Tricks to Brighten Up Your Day
Editors of Adams Media
Adams Media , English
How To Listen To What Your B... - Michael Senoff

How To Listen To What Your B...Michael Senoff

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Steve Sisgold, author of the book “What’s Your Body Telling You”, was raised to be a polite child and not express everything he felt. Most of us were raised with similar beliefs, and in turn pass them on to our children. In this interview, … more

How To Listen To What Your Body For Optimal Health And Weight Loss - An Interview With Steve Sisgold
Michael Senoff
Michael Senoff , English
Health Care - Are You Ready?... - Michael Wayne K. Stahl

Health Care - Are You Ready?...Michael Wayne K. Stahl

Health Care - Are You Ready?:A Handbook for Care Giversby: Michael Wayne K. Stahl

Health Care - Are You Ready?:A Handbook for Care Givers
Michael Wayne K. Stahl
AuthorHouse , English
The Complete Guide to Master... - Yukta

The Complete Guide to Master...Yukta

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Have you given up the idea of mastering the lotus pose? Does it seem impossible to you? It may take a lot of time to do it?I won’t break your fears just because there is no need for that.You will do it yourself.The book contains everything … more

The Complete Guide to Mastering the Lotus Pose
VERTIGO TIPS:  Simple, Pract... - Mindel Bar

VERTIGO TIPS: Simple, Pract...Mindel Bar

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Vertigo is one of the worst feelings in the world … and controlling it is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s empowering, energizing and liberating. I know because I lived with vertigo on and off for most of m… more

VERTIGO TIPS: Simple, Practical Tips on Dealing with Vertigo
Mindel Bar
Trust Your Intuition: 25 "Na... - JENNI WILSON

Trust Your Intuition: 25 "Na...JENNI WILSON

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Read True Life Stories from 25 Prominent Women and… Discover why they stopped depending on conventional medicineGet their recipes for natural home remediesLearn tips on avoiding drugs and the doctor’s office!Feel more confident in “home d… more

Trust Your Intuition: 25 “Natural Medicine Confessions” From Influential Women Who Use Healing Remedies For Their Families
Xlibris , English
My X-Factor: Life as a Turne... - Renee Bailey

My X-Factor: Life as a Turne...Renee Bailey

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Turner’s Syndrome affects approximately one in 2500 births. It is the lack or genetic mutation of the second X chromosome that women have. This book is about how a girl with Turner’s Syndrome grew up to be a full-fledged woman woman with Tu… more

My X-Factor: Life as a Turner’s Syndrome Girl
Renee Bailey
Waterfront Digital Press , English
The Essential Oils Handbook ... - Harper Evans

The Essential Oils Handbook ...Harper Evans

The Essential Oils Handbook - Getting Started with Essential Oils & Aromatherapy If you are like most people, you are probably searching for a way to cure your ailments with natural remedies. Well, you may have just found the solution to ma… more

The Essential Oils Handbook - Getting Started with Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
Harper Evans
Yoga For Weight Loss: Focus,... - Allen Francis

Yoga For Weight Loss: Focus,...Allen Francis

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“Yoga for Weight Loss” is a modern-day, practical fitness guide to a very ancient mind-body practice. You won’t even need to leave the house to complete these routines! The safe and effective yoga postures presented in this book are designe… more

Yoga For Weight Loss: Focus, Be Strong and Fit!
Allen Francis
Talent Writers , English
Jump Rope Fitness - How to B... - M.J. Boyce

Jump Rope Fitness - How to B...M.J. Boyce

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Who said jumping (skipping) rope only belongs on the playground? Can you believe working out with the jump rope can burn upwards of 1,000 calories an hour?!Are you tired of paying for expensive and often-underutilized gym memberships that n… more

Jump Rope Fitness - How to Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Tone Up by Skipping Rope
M.J. Boyce
M.J. Boyce , English
SENIORS: Get Strong and Stay... - Neville Warburton

SENIORS: Get Strong and Stay...Neville Warburton

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This book is designed with a series of active stretches and exercises for seniors that can be done while lying in bed. Active stretching not only stretches the muscles and tissues, but prepares the muscles for the action by activating and … more

SENIORS: Get Strong and Stay Fit (While in Bed)
Neville Warburton
Easy in Fitness , English
INDIGESTION - How to STOP Be... - Joseph Harper

INDIGESTION - How to STOP Be...Joseph Harper

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INDIGESTIONHOW TO STOP BEING UPSET is a book about indigestion. What indigestion is and what may cause it. It also covers the symptoms, treatment and who gets indigestion. But you will want to know about the Indigestion Diet and a n… more

Joseph Harper
Get Friggin Huge: The simple... - Fit Rippotoe

Get Friggin Huge: The simple...Fit Rippotoe

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If you want to build huge muscles in the next 3 weeks using these simple exercises that takes less then 30 minutes … then this new book by Fit Rippotoe (American #1 Personal Fitness Trainer) will show you how. This is a short guide on how… more

Get Friggin Huge: The simple science behind building thick, solid, tight muscles
Fit Rippotoe