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The Toybag Guide To Foot And... - Midori

The Toybag Guide To Foot And...Midori

This is a handy manual to the delights of feet and footwear from Fetish Diva Midori. Includes * A guide to the varieties of feet, boots and shoes, and those who love them * How to give pleasure to feet * How to enjoy being the recipient of … more

The Toybag Guide To Foot And Shoe Worship
Greenery Press , English
Thoughts From Earth - James Miller

Thoughts From EarthJames Miller

Thoughts From Earth is a sparkling collection of timeless words and wisdom written for those seeking more meaning and purpose in their life. This rich anthology features many of the world’s truly enlightened thinkers such as Einstein, Lao … more

Thoughts From Earth
James Miller
Trafford , English
Original Strength Performanc... - Geoff Neupert, Tim Anderson

Original Strength Performanc...Geoff Neupert, Tim Anderson

All of us were meant to be superheroes. Original Strength Performance teaches readers how to build the strength and resilience of a superhero, the strength you were made to have.

Original Strength Performance picks up where Original Stren… more

Original Strength Performance: Becoming The Superhero You Were Meant To Be (Original Stength)
Geoff Neupert, Tim Anderson
Original Strength Systems , English
Sleep Your Way to Success - Gregory Gerard

Sleep Your Way to SuccessGregory Gerard

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Sleep Your Way to Success contains a range of inspirational stories and strategies for up and coming professionals that may be looking to fast track their goal of financial independence. This book is based on the adventures and successes of… more

Sleep Your Way to Success
Gregory Gerard
Createspace , English
Dream Warrior - Robert Monroe

Dream WarriorRobert Monroe

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“Dream Warrior How to annihilate the adversity of your dream” A book full of motivation! If you possess a dream in your heart or have ever possessed a vision within your soul, don’t let go of it; don’t talk yourself out of it and by all mea… more

Dream Warrior
Robert Monroe
Instantpublisher.com , English
SPONTANEOUS OPTIMISM: Proven... - Michael  Mercer, Maryann  Troiani

SPONTANEOUS OPTIMISM: Proven...Michael Mercer, Maryann Troiani

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The authors were on Oprah. Find out what you – and millions of people – must know to feel vastly more optimistic, dramatically improve your mood, and tremendously better your life. In this fun to read, easy-to-use book, you will learn:+ You… more

SPONTANEOUS OPTIMISM: Proven Strategies for Health, Prosperity & Happiness
Michael Mercer, Maryann Troiani
Castlegate Publishers, Inc. , English
Should You Adopt? - Christine Field

Should You Adopt?Christine Field

Does your heart yearn to adopt a child? Ever wish there was a guidebook to help you through the process? Wherever you are in your journey, Should You Adopt can assist. As the adoptive mom of 3, and biological mom of 1, with 1 domestic and 2… more

Should You Adopt?
Christine Field


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If you hate grocery shopping, we have a lot in common! Even if you don’t, there are still terrific, essential ideas in this e-book that will help you improve your shopping experiences! You will know how to:- Streamline grocery shopping - D… more

Rene Collier
Rene Collier , English
The 52 Weeks: How Two Women ... - Karen Amster-Young, Pam Godwin

The 52 Weeks: How Two Women ...Karen Amster-Young, Pam Godwin

Edging into forty-something, Karen and Pam found themselves in a state of stuck. They had checked off many of their major life goals—career, husband, children, friends—but they’d lost momentum. After griping over drinks one night, they came… more

The 52 Weeks: How Two Women Got Unstuck, Got Inspired, and Got Going, and How You Can Too!
Karen Amster-Young, Pam Godwin
Skyhorse Publishing , English
The Natural Facelift (Short Book) - H.J. Maxwell

The Natural Facelift (Short Book)H.J. Maxwell

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The Natural Facelift (Short Book)By: H.J. Maxwell

The Natural Facelift (Short Book)
H.J. Maxwell
Xlibris , English
MASSAGE: More Than A Technique - Carly Stevenson

MASSAGE: More Than A TechniqueCarly Stevenson

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Carly felt compelled to write a book on Massage Therapy. Being new to the profession she wanted to expand on areas and subjects that she felt needed additional attention. She has written this book to be informational, not concentrating on … more

MASSAGE: More Than A Technique
Carly Stevenson
iUniverse , English
The Simple Habits of Happy P... - John Trimmer

The Simple Habits of Happy P...John Trimmer

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What can you do to bring joy and contentment into your life? In 21 short chapters, this thoughtful “daily reader” offers simple action steps that will help you avoid problems, reduce stress, achieve positive goals, and live a happier, more … more

The Simple Habits of Happy People: How to Go from Sad to Glad in 21 Days or Less
John Trimmer


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The Author believes that in order to aquire a large amount of money, then you must change the way you think. It is no longer the American dream to go to school, then college, get a degree and get a secured job, that is the old American drea… more

genarobooks publishing , English
Cheat The Clock: New Science... - Margaret Webb Pressler

Cheat The Clock: New Science...Margaret Webb Pressler

Washington Post reporter Margaret Webb Pressler’s husband Jim is one of those people who doesn’t look his age. After years of fielding questions about how he does it, Pressler decided to ask the experts. Her conversations with some of the w… more

Cheat The Clock: New Science to Help You Look and Feel Younger
Margaret Webb Pressler
Alpha , English
Mindful Gratitude - Kani Ilangovan

Mindful GratitudeKani Ilangovan

We sculpt our brain through the thoughts, feelings, sensations, images, memories and experiences of our daily lives. Our brain is constantly changing its structure based on the information it processes and what we focus upon. Just as we are… more

Mindful Gratitude
Kani Ilangovan
At Left Brain Turn Right: An... - Anthony  Meindl

At Left Brain Turn Right: An...Anthony Meindl

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15 weeks and 25 ways to unleash your inner Brando, Einstein and Shakespeare. The most successful and creative people in the world don’t posses anything different than you. They have no magic formula or special secret. They’ve simply prevent… more

At Left Brain Turn Right: An Uncommon Path to Shutting Up Your Inner Critic, Giving Fear the Finger & Having an Amazing Life!
Anthony Meindl
CreateSpace , English
The Five Principles of Happi... - W.G. Simon

The Five Principles of Happi...W.G. Simon

Do you get so caught up with work and family that you get lost? Do you feel constantly stressed out? Is the pressure of life overwhelming? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.This helpful and simple guide wil… more

The Five Principles of Happiness: How to Lead a Happier and Healthier Life
W.G. Simon
What is the Key to Happiness... - DVG Concepts

What is the Key to Happiness...DVG Concepts

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Have you ever wondered why some people go through happier than everyone else? Do you ever stop to think about what they are doing differently than you?What is the Key to Happiness leads you through some very easy concepts and processes that… more

What is the Key to Happiness? Happiness is a Choice! (30 Minute Success!)
DVG Concepts
5 Tips to live a healthy life style - Ayodeji Emmanuel

5 Tips to live a healthy life styleAyodeji Emmanuel

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This book illustrates how to live an healthy life style,it also gives you a pointer into the kind of things you are expected to be doing in order to stay in maximal healthiness.

5 Tips to live a healthy life style
Ayodeji Emmanuel
Natural Remedies - Elamari Atewa

Natural RemediesElamari Atewa

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It describes some of the most common natural substances that we use in everyday basis, their content, benefits, uses especially curative ones. It encourages more search and reading about those materials.

Natural Remedies
Elamari Atewa