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Medical Myths Doctors Believe - Michael  Anchors

Medical Myths Doctors BelieveMichael Anchors

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Much of what your doctor knows is false or unproven. U.S. doctors read little or nothing, and they are never really tested after medical school. You need this book to understand this, and to defend yourself.

Medical Myths Doctors Believe
Michael Anchors
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Neem: The Super Herb for Eve... - Mindy T Reynolds

Neem: The Super Herb for Eve...Mindy T Reynolds

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Neem is considered to be one of the best herbs for skin care and improving overall health. Its benefits in the field of dermatology have been researched and proven over the years, lending further credence to its potency to treat skin ailmen… more

Neem: The Super Herb for Every Skin Type Medicinal Uses of Neem and Its Benefits for Your Skin and Health
Mindy T Reynolds
Win the Race - You Can, Yes You! - Pearl Glasgow

Win the Race - You Can, Yes You!Pearl Glasgow

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You Can, Yes You! is a three-part motivational series consisting of titles such as “Win the Race!” “Climb the Mountain!” and “Survive the Storm!” The writer, Pearl Glasgow, is a Pastor at World Impact International Ministries, Brooklyn, New… more

Win the Race - You Can, Yes You!
Pearl Glasgow
Plain Vision Publishing , English
For Love to Flourish - John Selby

For Love to FlourishJohn Selby

Usually when we think of our involvements with those we love, we think in terms of closeness with these people, not distance from them. And in fact, the underlying dynamics of any human relationship is based on that somewhat magical attract… more

For Love to Flourish
John Selby
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Slow Burn Yoga with Rodney Yee - Gaiam

Slow Burn Yoga with Rodney YeeGaiam

We all know that every person is different, but did you know the same goes for yoga routines? “Slow Burn Yoga” emphasizes slow and continuous movements, demanding mindfulness that will lead to subtle adjustments helping to align the mind, b… more

Slow Burn Yoga with Rodney Yee
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Principles of Brain Management: 1 - Nicole Dean

Principles of Brain Management: 1Nicole Dean

Your brain decides everything that you are and everything you will become. It is through the brain that you make choices and execute the actions that ultimately make the day-to-day reality of your life. If you want to become everything that… more

Principles of Brain Management: 1
Nicole Dean
Best Life Media , English
Amazon Domination Self-Help ... - Jonathan Higgins

Amazon Domination Self-Help ...Jonathan Higgins

Find Out Why Everyone Is Going Crazy Over The Amazon Domination Series!

Amazon Domination - Self-Help Edition 2014: Get Your Copy Now! Before The Kindle Book Rush Is Over.

Amazon Domination Self-Help Edition: How To Make 2,500 A Month … more

Amazon Domination Self-Help Edition: How To Make 2,500 A Month Publishing “Self-Help Books” On Amazon Kindle. Real Money Making Proof Inside! (Amazon Domination Series)
Jonathan Higgins
J.Higgins Legacy Publishing , English
The one you've been waiting ... - Tony Horto

The one you've been waiting ...Tony Horto

Getting started This information sheet aims to help you get started with applying to local businesses for small amounts of money, raffle prizes and gifts. It’s got 3 sections: a) Some general advice and things to think about b) A list of lo… more

The one you’ve been waiting for—Fundraising from local businesses—Where to get small amounts of money or ra le prizes for Christmas Parties, Fun Days, outings&other small projects—JUST LISTED!AA++
Tony Horto
If You Think You Can! - TJ Hoisington

If You Think You Can!TJ Hoisington

Most people set out unequipped to achieve. Just as there are laws that govern nature, there are also laws that govern performance and achievement. Unfortunately, people are either not aware of them or simply do not apply them. As a result, … more

If You Think You Can!
TJ Hoisington
Aylesbury Publishing, LLC , English
Reflexology Rescue for Stres... - Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz

Reflexology Rescue for Stres...Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz

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Reflexology Rescues for Stress and AnxietyRelaxation is a significant result of reflexology work. All together, 24 studies demonstrate reflex- ology’s stress and anxiety reducing effects. As noted in one study, even a single reflexology ses… more

Reflexology Rescue for Stress and Anxiety (MyReflexologist Says: Help yourself-and others-feel your best Book 1)
Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz
RRP Press , English
Wings of Change - Jim  Murdoch, Katharina Murdoch

Wings of ChangeJim Murdoch, Katharina Murdoch

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Jim and Katharina inspire you to move beyond your comfort zone and enjoy all that life has to offer. This is a book for anyone who truly wants to reach the pinnacle of success and happiness.

Wings of Change
Jim Murdoch, Katharina Murdoch
TAG Publishing LLC , English
Jogging - King of Weight Los... - Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins

Jogging - King of Weight Los...Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins

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About This BookAlmost every single day, we see people jogging to lose weight.  People of all ages and health levels are out there, pounding the pavement to try and drop a few pounds.But is jogging for weight loss a good idea?  Or are these … more

Jogging - King of Weight Loss or Just The Best Way to Kill Your Ankles? (Working Class Weight Loss Series - Vol. 4)
Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins
Pilates:Help Your Balance wi... - M Johnson

Pilates:Help Your Balance wi...M Johnson

Don’t neglect your lower body muscles while training your upper body, or else you may end up with an unbalanced physique. You may have muscular biceps and broad shoulders attached to malnourished looking legs. Legs are the foundation of you… more

Pilates:Help Your Balance with Lower Body Stengthening Training
M Johnson
Essential Oils and Aromatics... - Marge Clark

Essential Oils and Aromatics...Marge Clark

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Essential oils and other aromatherapy tools and products offer real physical and emotional benefits—in the form of clearer heads, elevated moods, and strengthened immune systems—are the focus of this aromatherapy handbook. The easy-to-follo… more

Essential Oils and Aromatics: A Step-by-Step Guide for Use in Massage and Aromatherapy
Marge Clark
The Magic of Neem Margosa to... - John Davidson, Dueep J. Singh

The Magic of Neem Margosa to...John Davidson, Dueep J. Singh

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The Magic of Neem Margosa to Heal

Table of Contents Introduction Neem oil Make Your Skin Blemish Free How to Grow a Neem Neem in Ancient Medicine Traditional Kajal How to Apply Kajal Curing Eye Infections Neem Seeds As a Pesticide Neem Se… more

The Magic of Neem Margosa to Heal (Health Learning Series Book 49)
John Davidson, Dueep J. Singh
JD-Biz Corp Publishing , English
Empowered: Make Your Passion... - Adrian Milan

Empowered: Make Your Passion...Adrian Milan

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Believe it or not, a great many of the outcomes that you have experienced in your life, have NOTHING to do with “CHANCE” or “FATE.” Those experiences are the direct result of decisions that YOU made, or that you failed to make. This book wa… more

Empowered: Make Your Passion Your Life
Adrian Milan
Adrian Milan Publishing , English
Essential Oils For Weight Lo... - Elaina Pearce

Essential Oils For Weight Lo...Elaina Pearce

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Every Minute Spent Wishing For A Better Body Is A Minute Wasted Are you worried that you are overweight? Do you feel saddened by the sight of your bulged belly and your oversized thighs?

There is nothing to worry about. More than 40% of t… more

Essential Oils For Weight Loss: Aromatherapy Recipes For Shredding Fat, Losing Weight And Feeling Healthy
Elaina Pearce
Stress Survival: Simple rela... - Alexander Flint

Stress Survival: Simple rela...Alexander Flint

Offered are fifteen chapters of various practices to reduce stress. Some of the techniques simply explained are the use of food concepts, genealogy research, yoga easily done at home, methods of self-enrichment, benefits of pet ownership, b… more

Stress Survival: Simple relaxation techniques
Alexander Flint
Xlibris , English
AARP Osteoarthritis and Oste... - Mark Stengler, Robin Young-B...

AARP Osteoarthritis and Oste...Mark Stengler, Robin Young-B...

AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, proven solutions, and expert guidance. James Balch and Mark Stengler, coauthors of the hugely successful Prescription for Natural Cures, and Robin Young Balch have teamed up to create the most… more

AARP Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis Drug Alternatives: All-Natural Options for Better Health without the Side Effects
Mark Stengler, Robin Young-Balch, James F. Balch
Wiley , English
25 Ways to Dramatically Chan... - Anthony Lippis

25 Ways to Dramatically Chan...Anthony Lippis

If you’re like me, you’ve read a lot of self-help books. I’ve read just about every well know book of it’s kind over the years and you can read them all too, however, sometimes you’re still not sure what to do.

This book is a record of 25 … more

25 Ways to Dramatically Change Your Life Now!
Anthony Lippis