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Recipes for a Natural Beauty... - Meredith Isaacs, Agatha Elizabeth

Recipes for a Natural Beauty...Meredith Isaacs, Agatha Elizabeth

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Recipes for a Natural BeautyAll-Natural Beauty Products You Can Make at Home[Scrubs, Masks, Toners, Moisturizers, and Eye-Bag Treatments]This book is a compendium of some of the easiest and most effective skin care therapies around. Many of… more

Recipes for a Natural Beauty: All-Natural Beauty Products You Can Make at Home; Scrubs, Masks, Toners, Moisturizers, and Eye-Bag Treatments
Meredith Isaacs, Agatha Elizabeth
Agatha Elizabeth , English
Faith - R.B. Cunninghame Graham

FaithR.B. Cunninghame Graham

Read an excerpt:…what we can do, is to look out as far as possible through the imprisoning crystal and set down what we see. So, I have written all the sketches in the book, as clearly as my vision serves me to peep out. If they seem false … more

R.B. Cunninghame Graham
Soul Colors - Becky Jenkins

Soul ColorsBecky Jenkins

Soul Colors is inspired information about how our souls and personalities are designed and formed by the colors and aspects of nature. Some of us are temperamental and rage out of control like the burning red fire and some are fun, outgoin… more

Soul Colors
Becky Jenkins
Becky Jenkins , English
Adventures In Awareness:Lear... - Barbara K. Rector

Adventures In Awareness:Lear...Barbara K. Rector

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The Handbook of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning through the lens of Adventures In Awareness offers the theory, principles and practice of equine inner-active exercises for wellness work with horses. Outlined in detail is AIA’s 5 DAmore

Adventures In Awareness:Learning with the Help of Horses
Barbara K. Rector
AuthorHouse , English
Charcoal Remedies.com - John Dinsley

Charcoal Remedies.comJohn Dinsley

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The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its ApplicationsHistory, science, and practical applications of medicinal charcoal in hospitals and homes, for people and for pets. When and how to give activated charcoal internally, and when a… more

Charcoal Remedies.com
John Dinsley
Gatekeepers Books , English
39 Things, To Make You, A Wo... - Chantel McGleno

39 Things, To Make You, A Wo...Chantel McGleno

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As a woman we have a higher chances to get depression so let’s stop the cycle. Inside this book is 19 positive affirmations and 20 postive tasks that will help you stay happier longer. There are things that I do on day to day basis with my … more

39 Things, To Make You, A Woman, Happier
Chantel McGleno
Reason Enough to Live : From... - Emely  Wang

Reason Enough to Live : From...Emely Wang

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Do you ever doubt God’s love for you?Do you wonder if you really matter to anyone?Do you feel like you should be happy and cheerful because you’re a Christian, but you can’t seem to perk up like your fellow churchgoers?Emely has said yes t… more

Reason Enough to Live : From Depression and Suicide to Life and Love
Emely Wang
Xlibris , English
God's Provision Fresh Each Day - Michele Woolley

God's Provision Fresh Each DayMichele Woolley

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God is in the midst of your daily life.  It may not seem like He is helping you or answering prayers but He does have a plan for each of your needs.  The Holy Spirit will not intrude in your life unless you invite Him as He gives us all fre… more

God’s Provision Fresh Each Day
Michele Woolley
Beginner's Guide to a Better Life - Vonia Jackson

Beginner's Guide to a Better LifeVonia Jackson

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Sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact on our lives. This booklet is one of those things. Read it and begin the journey to a better life!

Beginner’s Guide to a Better Life
Vonia Jackson
Sex Secrets: A Husband's Gui... - Frank Cupidon

Sex Secrets: A Husband's Gui...Frank Cupidon

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Sex Secrets is the comprehensive manual that will teach you how to make your lover so “hot to trot” she’ll practically drag you into bed. You’ll discover how women really view sex, what they desire, and how you can employ this knowledge to … more

Sex Secrets: A Husband’s Guide to Lovemaking
Frank Cupidon
Know Thyself (A Journey to S... - Tiffany Tilley

Know Thyself (A Journey to S...Tiffany Tilley

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The most exciting, enriching journey you can ever take is your own. Believing in yourself is key to becoming successful, happy and healthy, but it is not enough. In this book you will find key’s that are paramount to helping you become empo… more

Know Thyself (A Journey to Self-Empowerment)
Tiffany Tilley
Manna Entertainment Group, LLC , English
The Trials of a Woman: From ... - JoAnn Jones

The Trials of a Woman: From ...JoAnn Jones

God placed this book in my heart seven years ago. Although some of the information He told me to write in the book had not come to fruition yet. I did not know what He had in store for me. Through all my experiences, good has allowed me to … more

The Trials of a Woman: From Struggle to Survival
JoAnn Jones
iUniverse , English
Understanding the Positive a... - James Rogers

Understanding the Positive a...James Rogers

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Do you want to know about the Sub-conscious mind? How it works? How it controls the way you interact around others. How it affects the way you think and respond to crisis? How it creates images in your visual mind that make you see positiv… more

Understanding the Positive and Negative Thinking
James Rogers
AuthorHouse , English
A.M. Yoga with Rodney Yee: D... - Gaiam

A.M. Yoga with Rodney Yee: D...Gaiam

Want to try your hand (and back and legs and abdominals) at yoga but not sure how to begin? Let renowned fitness instructor Rodney Yee demystify and demonstrate the essentials of a morning yoga routine. From stretches and back bends to trad… more

A.M. Yoga with Rodney Yee: Daily Yoga Practice (Volume 1)
Vook , English
Making Choices - Alexandra Stoddard, Marc Romano

Making ChoicesAlexandra Stoddard, Marc Romano

Alexandra Stoddard, world famous interior decorator, author and lecturer, originally opened the eyes of millions to the beauty and grace of simplicity in her phenomenal bestseller Living a Beautiful Life and the books that followed. Now, in… more

Making Choices
Alexandra Stoddard, Marc Romano
Avon , English
7 Attributes for Success (In... - Patricia Elliot

7 Attributes for Success (In...Patricia Elliot

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A very practical approach to dealing with life in general. It is relevant to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing and to any organisation that wants to couple staff wellbeing with stress legislation compliance. Written in friendly la… more

7 Attributes for Success (Inner Success and Happiness)
Patricia Elliot
Prosperity: How To Attract It - Orison Swett Marden

Prosperity: How To Attract ItOrison Swett Marden

According to Orson Swett Marden, everything in man’s life, everything in God’s universe, is based upon principle, a divine law; and the law of prosperity and abundance is just as definite as the law of gravitation, just as unerring as the p… more

Prosperity: How To Attract It
Orison Swett Marden
Success Magaazine Corporate Publishers , English
Where Has My Ceiling Gone? - Sally Eichhorst, Warren  Veenman

Where Has My Ceiling Gone?Sally Eichhorst, Warren Veenman

If you have ever dreamed of bettering your life but never thought itpossible, this is the book for you.We invite you to read this book and embark on an amazing journeythat can improve every aspect of your life.This book is built around a fa… more

Where Has My Ceiling Gone?
Sally Eichhorst, Warren Veenman
Reach Publishers , English
Breathing Techniques: The Ar... - Mason Shuri

Breathing Techniques: The Ar...Mason Shuri

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Breathing is not something that we often pay much attention to, however proper breathing can make one healthier, less stressed, and en-vigor one’s life. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, feel more energetic, or improve your feeling … more

Breathing Techniques: The Art of Breathing
Mason Shuri
Timer Diet - Sherri Sue Fisher

Timer DietSherri Sue Fisher

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Have you ever wondered if there were secrets to losing weight?

Learn how to eat what you want and have it be what you need!

Learn how to lose weight and enjoy your life!!

Keep the weight off with simple guidelines you can follow forever… more

Timer Diet
Sherri Sue Fisher
ArchwayPublishing , English