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The Toybag Guide To Foot And... - Midori

The Toybag Guide To Foot And...Midori

This is a handy manual to the delights of feet and footwear from Fetish Diva Midori. Includes * A guide to the varieties of feet, boots and shoes, and those who love them * How to give pleasure to feet * How to enjoy being the recipient of … more

The Toybag Guide To Foot And Shoe Worship
Greenery Press , English


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If you hate grocery shopping, we have a lot in common! Even if you don’t, there are still terrific, essential ideas in this e-book that will help you improve your shopping experiences! You will know how to:- Streamline grocery shopping - D… more

Rene Collier
Rene Collier , English
What is the Key to Happiness... - DVG Concepts

What is the Key to Happiness...DVG Concepts

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Have you ever wondered why some people go through happier than everyone else? Do you ever stop to think about what they are doing differently than you?What is the Key to Happiness leads you through some very easy concepts and processes that… more

What is the Key to Happiness? Happiness is a Choice! (30 Minute Success!)
DVG Concepts
Natural Remedies - Elamari Atewa

Natural RemediesElamari Atewa

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It describes some of the most common natural substances that we use in everyday basis, their content, benefits, uses especially curative ones. It encourages more search and reading about those materials.

Natural Remedies
Elamari Atewa
Peace and Harmony in Daily Living - Ramesh Balsekar

Peace and Harmony in Daily LivingRamesh Balsekar

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Do you really know what you want most in life? Even if you have all the success, fame and money you want, and the good health to enjoy it – are you happy and fulfilled? Why is it that we all find ourselves seeking something more from life –… more

Peace and Harmony in Daily Living
Ramesh Balsekar
The Secret To Easy Fitness - Buzz Campion

The Secret To Easy FitnessBuzz Campion

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The book offers a simple approach to exercise and fitness that produces results. Easily understood effective yet low impact workouts, will help you get your body to the fitness levels you want. You’ll learn to relieve tension, increase flex… more

The Secret To Easy Fitness
Buzz Campion
Get Happy NOW! - Joseph McClendon III

Get Happy NOW!Joseph McClendon III

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Joseph McClendon III, Ph.D., a global life transformation and practicing neuropsychologist, teaches the tactics and techniques to think and grow rich, abundant, and happy relationships and businesses.  Find the keys to achieving your own p… more

Get Happy NOW!
Joseph McClendon III
SUCCESS Books , English
How To Find Happiness: 14 To... - Keval Shah

How To Find Happiness: 14 To...Keval Shah

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How To Find Happiness (Booklet – 13 A4 Pages)Many will agree that ultimately we are all in search of finding true happiness in our lives. In our minds we may from time to time find ourselves asking “how can I find happiness in my life?” and… more

How To Find Happiness: 14 Top tips on how to find true happiness and be happier in your life using simple, proven techniques… also includes some useful quotes about happiness!
Keval Shah
The Ethereal Warrior - Dr. Ron Shane

The Ethereal WarriorDr. Ron Shane

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Man’s psyche is more challenged by predators within or what has been termed the mythic sphere. Hunters have been able to abate wily carnivorous mammals through their cunning treachery, and even their human adversaries have been keenly molli… more

The Ethereal Warrior
Dr. Ron Shane
The Furtive Dynamics of Cult... - Dr. Ron Shane

The Furtive Dynamics of Cult...Dr. Ron Shane

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In 1884 William James wrote, “The aesthetic sphere of the mind, its longings, its pleasures and pains, and its emotions, have been so ignored….”(1) Have neuroscientists, in the ensuing 117 years, made substantial progress with respect to … more

The Furtive Dynamics of Cultural Evolution
Dr. Ron Shane
Savage Fire . Icing Inferno ... - Dr. Ron Shane

Savage Fire . Icing Inferno ...Dr. Ron Shane

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Melting Dream Chorus Night of illusion: Corrupting darkness of illusion; melt that melt that Smothering dream: The chaining dream: Delicious chaos melting dream

Verse Rebel wanton summer heat rebel wanton summer heat

Savage Fire . Icing Inferno ~Two Artistic Plays~
Dr. Ron Shane
Volume II: Visionary Mystica... - Dr. Ron Shane

Volume II: Visionary Mystica...Dr. Ron Shane

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Spring’s Fire

This is the season Of your highest prime; You have bloomed With startling perfection: So fair is your appearance. Let summer’s pride Burn delightfully into The icy chill Of your winter cold Your inward April Is of fairest per… more

Volume II: Visionary Mystical Rock Poetry
Dr. Ron Shane
Blake's Mythic Conception of... - Dr. Ron Shane

Blake's Mythic Conception of...Dr. Ron Shane

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For many years, sociologists have been trying to understand why individuals feel alienated from their societies. A survey of the literature on alienation shows that various conditions in western society viewed to be inherently alienating. S… more

Blake’s Mythic Conception of Man’s Fall into Outer Selfhood
Dr. Ron Shane
How Broccoli-Head Lost Thirt... - Anselm Anyoha MD

How Broccoli-Head Lost Thirt...Anselm Anyoha MD

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Author Anselm Anyoha struggled with finding time to exercise because, like so many others, he worked long hours.When the weight started to add up and his overall health declined, however, he realized something needed to change. His doctor w… more

How Broccoli-Head Lost Thirty Pounds : A Handbook for Healthy Living
Anselm Anyoha MD
iUniverse , English
Alienation Process - Dr. Ron Shane

Alienation ProcessDr. Ron Shane

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From a survey of the literature on alienation, various conditions on contemporary society are viewed to be inherently alienating. These particular conditions within the structure of society have caused individuals to react with feelings of … more

Alienation Process
Dr. Ron Shane
Volume II: Arcane Metamorpho... - Dr. Ron Shane

Volume II: Arcane Metamorpho...Dr. Ron Shane

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In this paper I shall consider how Shakespeare thematically records how man is driven to thunderous inner death by the storm-tempest of his hell blighted social world. Shakespeare shows repeatedly throughout his tragedies that the spiritual… more

Volume II: Arcane Metamorphosis: The Elevating Seething Muse
Dr. Ron Shane
Get Real!: Inspiring Stories... - Michelle Bridges

Get Real!: Inspiring Stories...Michelle Bridges

Lose weight • Reach goals • Feel fantasticThe Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation has already helped Australians lose over 700,000 kilos!Now you can go behind the scenes and hear 75 people’s amazing life-changing success stories. F… more

Get Real!: Inspiring Stories and lessons from the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation revolution
Michelle Bridges
e-penguin , English
The key to great christmas g... - Wascana Presbyter

The key to great christmas g...Wascana Presbyter

Table of Contents“The Gift Matters”: Introduction … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … . . 2Best of Intentions … … … … … … … … … … … … . . … more

The key to great christmas gifts—Christmas Gift Project kit:A Resource Kit to Guide Congregations in Planning Christmas Gift Projects—just listed!AAA+++
Wascana Presbyter
Vasectomy - George C. Denniston

VasectomyGeorge C. Denniston

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For men contemplating vasectomy and for the women who want their man to take his turn at preventing pregnancy, this book tells them what they need to know.

George C. Denniston
Trafford , English
The Other Side of Mind - W. Clement Stone, Norma Lee ...

The Other Side of MindW. Clement Stone, Norma Lee ...

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The human mind today is undergoing the most exciting and intensive probing in the history of mankind. In this unusual and provocative book, W. Clement Stone, a hard-headed businessman, and Norma Lee Browning, a top reporter, combine forces … more

The Other Side of Mind
W. Clement Stone, Norma Lee Browning
Napoleon Hill Foundation , English