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Empire of Terror (The Phanto... - Robert Wallace

Empire of Terror (The Phanto...Robert Wallace

The Phantom Detective, October 1936EMPIRE OF TERRORby Robert WallaceThe Phantom Detective was the 2nd Pulp Hero and went for 170 issues between 1933 and 1953. Richard Curtis Van Loan, wealth socialite and playboy, turned his focus to solvin… more

Empire of Terror (The Phantom Detective)
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
Dark Pages- Volume One - Paul D. Brazill, Benjamin So...

Dark Pages- Volume OnePaul D. Brazill, Benjamin So...

Trestle Press releases the first in a series of anthologies that ask and answer the question: What is noir/hard-boiled like all over the world? What does it mean in your country and how does it read?Contained in these Dark Pages are storie… more

Dark Pages- Volume One
Paul D. Brazill, Benjamin Sobieck, B.R. Stateham, Warren Bull, Julia Madeleine, Paul Grezegorzek, Thad Brown, Graham Smith, Lily Mulholland, Andrew Nette
Trestle Press , English
Sixguns to Bowie - Robert J Hogan

Sixguns to BowieRobert J Hogan

Exciting Western, September, 1949SIXGUNS TO BOWIERobert J. HoganOn the Dodge, Young Wes Kane Plays Destiny’s Cards!Robert J Hogan wrote 110 “G-8 and His Battle Aces” for Popular Publications between October 1933 and June 1944. Robert J Hoga… more

Sixguns to Bowie
Robert J Hogan
Peril Press , English
The Sinister Dr. Wong [Illustrated] - Robert Wallace

The Sinister Dr. Wong [Illustrated]Robert Wallace

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PERIL PRESS presents: Popular Detective, June 1935 The Sinister Dr. Wong by Robert Wallace Author of “Notes of Doom,” “The House of Murder,” etc.

Dick Graham, Secret Service Ace, Plunges into a Seething Maelstrom of Oriental Terror! Menace… more

The Sinister Dr. Wong [Illustrated]
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
Blood for the Vampire Dead - Robert Leslie Bellem

Blood for the Vampire DeadRobert Leslie Bellem

Mystery Tales, March 1940BLOOD FOR THE VAMPIRE DEADby Robert Leslie BellemAuthor of “Curse of the Lovely Torso,” etc.Was this then the horrible price Tim Croft must pay for his disbelief in devil-magic philtres?—forfeiture of his own lovely… more

Blood for the Vampire Dead
Robert Leslie Bellem
Peril Press , English
Death Plays Santa Claus - Johnston McCulley

Death Plays Santa ClausJohnston McCulley

Popular Detective, December, 1945DEATH PLAYS SANTA CLAUSby Johnston McCulleyLieutenant Mike O’Hara of homicide makes short work of a murder case—so that he can spend his Christmas at home!

Death Plays Santa Claus
Johnston McCulley
Peril Press , English
The Butcher of Hell - Steve Fisher

The Butcher of HellSteve Fisher

Thrilling Detective, May, 1935THE BUTCHER OF HELLby Steve FisherLieutenant Guy Carpenter, Navy Sleuth, Plunges into Fast Action on the Trail of a Brutal Killer Aboard the U.S.S. Arizona

The Butcher of Hell
Steve Fisher
Peril Press , English
Excess Braggage - Robert J Hogan

Excess BraggageRobert J Hogan

War Birds, March 1933Excess BraggageRobert J. HoganThey told Abe to brag of the might of his wings and it would win him the C.O.’s job. Abe bragged. But what it won him was something else again.Robert J Hogan wrote 110 “G-8 and His Battle A… more

Excess Braggage
Robert J Hogan
Peril Press , English
The Murderer Within - Norman A Daniels

The Murderer WithinNorman A Daniels

Popular Detective , June, 1941The Murderer Withinby Norman A. Daniels Author of “The Man Who Was Death,” “He Who Killed,” etc.Back From the Lair of the Cadavers Comes a Wraith-Like Apparition to Make Dr. Acroyd Obey His Fiendish Commands!

The Murderer Within
Norman A Daniels
Peril Press , English
Fued's End - E Hoffmann Price

Fued's EndE Hoffmann Price

FEUD’S ENDSpicy Western Stories , July, 1937E. Hoffmann PriceWhen Simon Bolivar Grimes killed her daddy, naturally Melinda would have nothing more to do with him. But romance proves itself as long-lived as the proverbial cat when he saves h… more

Fued’s End
E Hoffmann Price
Peril Press , English
Murderer's Bait - Jerome Severs Perry

Murderer's BaitJerome Severs Perry

Spicy Detective, September, 1936Murderer’s BaitBy Jerome Severs PerryThey wanted Frisco Pete for murder. He didn’t dare show himself to the girl in the next room. Yet—there are times when even a crook hiding out can’t help butting in.

Murderer’s Bait
Jerome Severs Perry
Peril Press , English
The Hanging Shadow - Whats a... - Robert Wallace

The Hanging Shadow - Whats a...Robert Wallace

Popular Detective , December, 1944The Hanging Shadowby Robert WallaceJoe Casey, Taxi-man, takes time off from driving to do a bit of sleuthing and steps right into murder! Popular Detective, January, 1937What’s a Hundred Dollars?by Robert W… more

The Hanging Shadow - Whats a Hundred Dollars - Rats Are Smart
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
The Blue Pearls [Illustrated... - Maxwell Grant

The Blue Pearls [Illustrated...Maxwell Grant

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PERIL PRESS presents:

Street and Smith’s Mystery Magazine, December 1939 THE BLUE PEARLS by Walter B Gibson (probably) as Maxwell Grant Norgil actually had to steal—to be honest! Can stealing ever become a Virtue? Chapter 1: Norgil Makes A… more

The Blue Pearls [Illustrated] (Norgil The Magician)
Maxwell Grant
Peril Press , English
Death Flight - Robert Wallace

Death FlightRobert Wallace

Popular Detective, September, 1935DEATH FLIGHTA Complete Noveletteby Robert WallaceAuthor of “Written in Blood,” “The Price of Murder,” etc.Surging Thousands Saw the Great Pilot as He Completed His Non-Stop Flight. And Then They Saw Him — M… more

Death Flight
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
The Sun Never Rises in the Big City - Jeremy C. Shipp

The Sun Never Rises in the Big CityJeremy C. Shipp

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Shipp’s clear, insistent voice pulls you down into the rabbit hole and doesn’t let go.”—Jack KetchumTHE SUN NEVER RISES IN THE BIG CITYDRM-free and 99 cents. A hard-boiled tale of gritty dystopian noir. “The Sun Never Rises in the Big City… more

The Sun Never Rises in the Big City
Jeremy C. Shipp
The Pale Man (The Fifth Sam ... - Nate Southard

The Pale Man (The Fifth Sam ...Nate Southard

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When a mysterious woman hires Sam Truman to find both her brother and a family heirloom known as The Pale Man, Sam is grateful for the money. So grateful, in fact, that he’s willing to enter The Phillips-Rogers Project, a tenement known fo… more

The Pale Man (The Fifth Sam Truman Mystery) (The Sam Truman Mysteries)
Nate Southard
Abattoir Press , English
3 Wrestling Stories from the Pulps - Thomas Thursday

3 Wrestling Stories from the PulpsThomas Thursday

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PERIL PRESS presents: 3 WRESTLINGPULP STORIESby Thomas ThursdayTop-Notch, April 15 1925THAT TERRIBLE WRESTLERby Thomas ThursdayChapter 1: Husky and RoughChapter 2: All Holds PermittedChapter 3: What Would Never HappenChapter 4: Eager For Th… more

3 Wrestling Stories from the Pulps
Thomas Thursday
Peril Press , English
She Herded Him Around - E Hoffmann Price

She Herded Him AroundE Hoffmann Price

SHE HERDED HIM AROUNDSpicy Western, February, 1941by E. Hoffmann Price”Ain’t no female can heard me around!” Grimes swore. But Elma was going to teach him different, with her insistence that he become a rancher instead of hunting for Gold i… more

She Herded Him Around
E Hoffmann Price
Peril Press , English
Fanged Fury - Frederick C Davis

Fanged FuryFrederick C Davis

Secret Agent “X” , February 1934FANGED FURYBy Frederick C. DavisSwiftly Professor Van Dyk swung the door shut. Too late! Through the opening swished a glittering green dart of light. The deadly flying snake had escaped.Chapter 1: Winged Poi… more

Fanged Fury
Frederick C Davis
Peril Press , English
Hold That Tiger - Joe Archibald

Hold That TigerJoe Archibald

HOLD THAT TIGERThrilling Sports , January, 1948by Joe ArchibaldWhen Tigers meet Gophers there are more fouls than in a henyard, and more crooked work than in a box of pretzels!

Hold That Tiger
Joe Archibald
Peril Press , English
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