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Murderer's Bait - Jerome Severs Perry

Murderer's BaitJerome Severs Perry

Spicy Detective, September, 1936Murderer’s BaitBy Jerome Severs PerryThey wanted Frisco Pete for murder. He didn’t dare show himself to the girl in the next room. Yet—there are times when even a crook hiding out can’t help butting in.

Murderer’s Bait
Jerome Severs Perry
Peril Press , English
Dark Pages- Volume One - Paul D. Brazill, Benjamin So...

Dark Pages- Volume OnePaul D. Brazill, Benjamin So...

Trestle Press releases the first in a series of anthologies that ask and answer the question: What is noir/hard-boiled like all over the world? What does it mean in your country and how does it read?Contained in these Dark Pages are storie… more

Dark Pages- Volume One
Paul D. Brazill, Benjamin Sobieck, B.R. Stateham, Warren Bull, Julia Madeleine, Paul Grezegorzek, Thad Brown, Graham Smith, Lily Mulholland, Andrew Nette
Trestle Press , English
Gene Killers (Joe Henderson ... - Lawrence Kaplan

Gene Killers (Joe Henderson ...Lawrence Kaplan

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Medical Fraud, Mafia Money, And A Maniac In the White House. When a mass murder shatters the calm of bucolic Westfield, New Jersey, veteran detective Joe Henderson is unprepared for the fallout as the shooter turns out to be a fellow soccer… more

Gene Killers (Joe Henderson Mysteries)
Lawrence Kaplan
Zolexa Publishing , English
The Soft Silken Wallet - David Wright O'Brien

The Soft Silken WalletDavid Wright O'Brien

Fantastic Adventures, July 1946The Soft Silken Walletby David Wright O’Brienillustration by William A GrayA wallet is for one purpose only, to carry money—but it can be made of a variety of materials…The wallet was soft and silky, but there… more

The Soft Silken Wallet
David Wright O’Brien
Peril Press , English
A Favor for the Cop - Thomas McMorrow

A Favor for the CopThomas McMorrow

Collier’s, April 13th 1940A FAVOR FOR THE COPby Thomas McMorrowIllustrated By George HoweA Short Short Story Complete On This PageA New York cop and a guy from Cincinnati are listening to the Yankees play the Reds when a store gets knocked … more

A Favor for the Cop
Thomas McMorrow
Peril Press , English
Corpse On The Wall - 5 Tales... - G.T. Fleming-Roberts

Corpse On The Wall - 5 Tales...G.T. Fleming-Roberts

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PERIL PRESS presents:

Phantom Detective, May 1934 BLUE HEAT by G.T. Fleming-Roberts Author of “The Devil’s Belfry,” “The Standing Corpse,” etc. Detective Faring Couldn’t Take a Joke—But He Was No Slouch When It Came To Action! 3600 Words


Corpse On The Wall - 5 Tales of Weird Murder [Illustrated]
G.T. Fleming-Roberts
Peril Press , English
Death Plays Santa Claus - Johnston McCulley

Death Plays Santa ClausJohnston McCulley

Popular Detective, December, 1945DEATH PLAYS SANTA CLAUSby Johnston McCulleyLieutenant Mike O’Hara of homicide makes short work of a murder case—so that he can spend his Christmas at home!

Death Plays Santa Claus
Johnston McCulley
Peril Press , English
A Mind For Killing (Judge Steele) - Lon Williams

A Mind For Killing (Judge Steele)Lon Williams

Western Action , January, 1957A Judge Steele StoryA MIND FOR KILLINGby Lon WilliamsOne-Half Tompkins sure looked and acted loco, and French Demeree contended that a crazy man is not legally responsible if he kills someone. But Judge Steele … more

A Mind For Killing (Judge Steele)
Lon Williams
Peril Press , English
Terror Train - Richard B Sale

Terror TrainRichard B Sale

Secret Agent X , March, 1934TERROR TRAINA Thrilling Noveletby Richard B. SaleSuddenly and with shrill horrific cadence, a macabre tortured shriek split through the nocturnal silence of the night. In that instant The Crescent Limited, snowbo… more

Terror Train
Richard B Sale
Peril Press , English
PUGILISTIC PULP STORIES - 6 ... - Thomas Thursday, Robert H. H...

PUGILISTIC PULP STORIES - 6 ...Thomas Thursday, Robert H. H...

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Fight Stories, October 1928 SOCK OF AGES by Thomas Thursday A fighting organist! From the Brotherhood Mission to the white glare of the prize ring! Punch for punch he … more

Thomas Thursday, Robert H. H. Nichols, Charles Pifer
Peril Press , English
The Moon-God Takes - Robert Leslie Bellem

The Moon-God TakesRobert Leslie Bellem

Spicy Mystery, December 1936THE MOON-GOD TAKESBy Robert Leslie BellemThis dancing girl was beautiful – and perhaps he loved her because she looked like the girl he had killed. But she wanted too much…the thing he must carve out of the gray … more

The Moon-God Takes
Robert Leslie Bellem
Peril Press , English
Fued's End - E Hoffmann Price

Fued's EndE Hoffmann Price

FEUD’S ENDSpicy Western Stories , July, 1937E. Hoffmann PriceWhen Simon Bolivar Grimes killed her daddy, naturally Melinda would have nothing more to do with him. But romance proves itself as long-lived as the proverbial cat when he saves h… more

Fued’s End
E Hoffmann Price
Peril Press , English
A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight... - Jack Tunney

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight...Jack Tunney

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A year after the pulse-pounding action of Split Decision, Jimmy Wyler is back in Chicago trying to put his life back together. Working a job washing dishes in a late night diner, Jimmy vows to never get into a boxing ring again. But then, … more

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight Card Book 6)
Jack Tunney
A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories... - Johnston McCulley

A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories...Johnston McCulley

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PERIL PRESS presents:

THANKSGIVING Detective Story, November 26 1918 THUBWAY THAM’S THANKSGIVING DINNER by Johnston McCulley 4200 Words


Popular Detective, December, 1945 DEATH PLAYS SANTA CLAUS by JOHNSTON McCul… more

A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories [Illustrated]
Johnston McCulley
Peril Press , English
Fanged Fury - Frederick C Davis

Fanged FuryFrederick C Davis

Secret Agent “X” , February 1934FANGED FURYBy Frederick C. DavisSwiftly Professor Van Dyk swung the door shut. Too late! Through the opening swished a glittering green dart of light. The deadly flying snake had escaped.Chapter 1: Winged Poi… more

Fanged Fury
Frederick C Davis
Peril Press , English
Murder by Moonlight (Dick Mo... - Vincent Zandri

Murder by Moonlight (Dick Mo...Vincent Zandri

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In Murder by Moonlight, Vincent Zandri’s cunning detective Dick Moonlight returns with his toughest case yet: proving an open-and-shut murder investigation isn’t over at all.Joan Parker is the last woman private eye Dick Moonlight would eve… more

Murder by Moonlight (Dick Moonlight)
Vincent Zandri
Thomas & Mercer , English
Murder Under the Boards: The... - Christopher Pinto

Murder Under the Boards: The...Christopher Pinto

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Murder, ghosts, and the Atlantic City Boardwalk in 1957!This noir style murder mystery ghost story is the third in a series of paranormal novels by author Christopher Pinto. Pinto’s unique blend of mid-century noir and modern ghost story-te… more

Murder Under the Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery featuring Detective Bill Riggins (Detective Bill Riggins Mysteries Book 3)
Christopher Pinto
StarDust Mysteries Publishing , English
Winging Back - Robert J Hogan

Winging BackRobert J Hogan

Wings, June, 1931WINGING BACKby Robert J. HoganAuthor of “Crash Dive,” “Frame Test,” etc.Cadet Easton was a wildcat on wings when dual contol ruled the air – but only hope’s flailing backwash could drive him to solo. Robert J Hogan wrote 11… more

Winging Back
Robert J Hogan
Peril Press , English
Improvised Digital Short Sto... - B.R. Stateham, Laurie Bowler...

Improvised Digital Short Sto...B.R. Stateham, Laurie Bowler...

Four authors: B.R. Stateham(Death of a Young Lieutenant , Call Me Smitty ,Laurie Bowler (Across the City, The Depths of Darkness), CQ Scafidi ( Time Couriers, The Commissary), and Thomas White ( Justice Rules) used three things: a person (… more

Improvised Digital Short Story Hunter
B.R. Stateham, Laurie Bowler, C.Q. Scafidi, Thomas White
Trestle Press , English
When the Death-Bat Flies: Th... - Norvell W. Page

When the Death-Bat Flies: Th...Norvell W. Page

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Best known for his Spider pulp stories, scribe Norvell Page was a master mystery writer as well. This 800-page book collects over 30 of Page’s detective stories from the pages of DETECTIVE TALES, THE SPIDER, DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY and STRmore

When the Death-Bat Flies: The Detective Stories of Norvell Page
Norvell W. Page
Altus Press , English
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