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The Hanging Shadow - Whats a... - Robert Wallace

The Hanging Shadow - Whats a...Robert Wallace

Popular Detective , December, 1944The Hanging Shadowby Robert WallaceJoe Casey, Taxi-man, takes time off from driving to do a bit of sleuthing and steps right into murder! Popular Detective, January, 1937What’s a Hundred Dollars?by Robert W… more

The Hanging Shadow - Whats a Hundred Dollars - Rats Are Smart
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
Hard Candy # 2, South Beach Noir - D C Messler

Hard Candy # 2, South Beach NoirD C Messler

Candy Rawlins is back. This time it’s to help her friend and colleague- Bang. Bang has been arrested for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, and all the evidence points to her.

As she starts to work with the lawyer representing Bang it becomes… more

Hard Candy # 2, South Beach Noir
D C Messler
The Soft Silken Wallet - David Wright O'Brien

The Soft Silken WalletDavid Wright O'Brien

Fantastic Adventures, July 1946The Soft Silken Walletby David Wright O’Brienillustration by William A GrayA wallet is for one purpose only, to carry money—but it can be made of a variety of materials…The wallet was soft and silky, but there… more

The Soft Silken Wallet
David Wright O’Brien
Peril Press , English
The House of Weird Sleep - Charles R Allen

The House of Weird SleepCharles R Allen

Spicy-Adventure Stories, January 1935THE HOUSE OF WEIRD SLEEPBy Charles R AllenOver the witchery of a tropic Panama night falls a vicious shadow—a phantom house of beautiful girls in strange, death-like sleep… .

The House of Weird Sleep
Charles R Allen
Peril Press , English
Hold That Tiger - Joe Archibald

Hold That TigerJoe Archibald

HOLD THAT TIGERThrilling Sports , January, 1948by Joe ArchibaldWhen Tigers meet Gophers there are more fouls than in a henyard, and more crooked work than in a box of pretzels!

Hold That Tiger
Joe Archibald
Peril Press , English
The Great American Giveaway ... - Van Holt

The Great American Giveaway ...Van Holt

Average wait: N/A

The Jake Card Mysteries - Book 1THE GREAT AMERICAN GIVEAWAY RUSHCard always wanted to be a nice guy like Spade or Marlowe someday when he grew up. He never quite made it because he kept running into people who, as Card himself once put it, … more

The Great American Giveaway Rush: Stealing the Taxpayers’ Money (The Jake Card Mysteries Book 1)
Van Holt
Three Knolls Publishing , English
Hard Justice Peregrination - Martin H. Petry

Hard Justice PeregrinationMartin H. Petry

Average wait: N/A

Peregrination is the 2nd book of The Hard Justice Trilogy. Sam, Jake and Susie sail south to Washington, D.C. to meet with the team at the CIA. Jameson, Bina, Nathan and Robin await anxiously for the three, while they enduring a terrifying,… more

Hard Justice Peregrination
Martin H. Petry
createspace , English
The Big Wrap-Up: A Hard-Boil... - Andy Oerman

The Big Wrap-Up: A Hard-Boil...Andy Oerman

Average wait: N/A

There’s real gauze for concern in 1946 Los Angeles …Meet Gus Candle. He’s a P.I. He doesn’t do divorce work. Maybe that’s because somewhere underneath all the tarnish, he’s got some class. Maybe it’s because messy break-ups hit too close … more

The Big Wrap-Up: A Hard-Boiled Horror Mystery (Gus Candle, P.I. Book 1)
Andy Oerman
Excess Braggage - Robert J Hogan

Excess BraggageRobert J Hogan

War Birds, March 1933Excess BraggageRobert J. HoganThey told Abe to brag of the might of his wings and it would win him the C.O.’s job. Abe bragged. But what it won him was something else again.Robert J Hogan wrote 110 “G-8 and His Battle A… more

Excess Braggage
Robert J Hogan
Peril Press , English
The No.1 Zombie Detective Agency - Danny King

The No.1 Zombie Detective AgencyDanny King

Average wait: N/A

The world has been taken over by zombies. Small pockets of humanity remain. Cities lay in ruins.

But none of this can stop Jake Trundle from solving the biggest case of his career because Jake Trundle is also a zombie. And somewhere deep … more

The No.1 Zombie Detective Agency
Danny King



Winging Back - Robert J Hogan

Winging BackRobert J Hogan

Wings, June, 1931WINGING BACKby Robert J. HoganAuthor of “Crash Dive,” “Frame Test,” etc.Cadet Easton was a wildcat on wings when dual contol ruled the air – but only hope’s flailing backwash could drive him to solo. Robert J Hogan wrote 11… more

Winging Back
Robert J Hogan
Peril Press , English
A Halo for Red Betsy (A Fran... - Aki Liao, Al McDermid

A Halo for Red Betsy (A Fran...Aki Liao, Al McDermid

Average wait: N/A

It’s 1949, the war is long over, the next one is heating up, and U.S. Navy Gunner’s Mate and former San Diego Police detective Frank Keegan has just returned to Hawaii after serving a four-year tour with the Military Police in Occupied Japa… more

A Halo for Red Betsy (A Frank Keegan Mystery Book 1)
Aki Liao, Al McDermid
Empire of Terror (The Phanto... - Robert Wallace

Empire of Terror (The Phanto...Robert Wallace

The Phantom Detective, October 1936EMPIRE OF TERRORby Robert WallaceThe Phantom Detective was the 2nd Pulp Hero and went for 170 issues between 1933 and 1953. Richard Curtis Van Loan, wealth socialite and playboy, turned his focus to solvin… more

Empire of Terror (The Phantom Detective)
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
Murder Madness - 5 Tales of ... - G.T. Fleming-Roberts

Murder Madness - 5 Tales of ...G.T. Fleming-Roberts

PERIL PRESS presents:

G-Men, August 1937 ENEMIES OF UNCLE by G. T. FLEMING-ROBERTS Author of “Death After Murder,” “Mine Host, the Hangman,” etc. G-Man Tony Banta Stalks Crime with a Vacuum Cleaner That Turns Out to Be an Instrument of Law… more

Murder Madness - 5 Tales of Weird Murder [Illustrated]
G.T. Fleming-Roberts
Peril Press , English
She Herded Him Around - E Hoffmann Price

She Herded Him AroundE Hoffmann Price

SHE HERDED HIM AROUNDSpicy Western, February, 1941by E. Hoffmann Price”Ain’t no female can heard me around!” Grimes swore. But Elma was going to teach him different, with her insistence that he become a rancher instead of hunting for Gold i… more

She Herded Him Around
E Hoffmann Price
Peril Press , English
Further Adventures of Cash L... - Edward A. Grainger

Further Adventures of Cash L...Edward A. Grainger

Average wait: N/A

Nine rousing, noir Western tales with a hardboiled edge are collected in this third volume of short stories, Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles.

Their story begins once again in the 1880s Wyoming Territory, then thunders t… more

Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles (Cash Laramie & Gideon Miles Series Book 9)
Edward A. Grainger
BEAT to a PULP , English
Braineater Jones - Stephen Kozeniewski

Braineater JonesStephen Kozeniewski

Average wait: N/A

Braineater Jones wakes up face down in a swimming pool with no memory of his former life, how he died, or why he’s now a zombie. With a smart-aleck severed head as a partner, Jones descends into the undead ghetto to solve his own murder.

B… more

Braineater Jones
Stephen Kozeniewski
Red Adept Publishing, LLC , English
The Empty Badge (Cash Larami... - Wayne D. Dundee

The Empty Badge (Cash Larami...Wayne D. Dundee

Average wait: N/A

It’s been weeks since Cash Laramie, the famed “Outlaw Marshal,” has been heard from. Meanwhile, at the Federal Marshal headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming, some disturbing reports are starting to filter in about the notorious Driscoll Gang ra… more

The Empty Badge (Cash Laramie & Gideon Miles Series Book 8)
Wayne D. Dundee
BEAT to a PULP , English
Manhunter's Mountain (Cash L... - Wayne D. Dundee

Manhunter's Mountain (Cash L...Wayne D. Dundee

Average wait: < 1h

Manhunter’s Mountain shows a powerful side to Cash Laramie as he makes his way down the side of a mountain with a prisoner in tow, and two prostitutes eager to flee a mining town that’s gone bust, looking to make a new life for themselves. … more

Manhunter’s Mountain (Cash Laramie & Gideon Miles Series Book 4)
Wayne D. Dundee
BEAT to a PULP , English
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