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Dark Pages- Volume One - Paul D. Brazill, Benjamin So...

Dark Pages- Volume OnePaul D. Brazill, Benjamin So...

Trestle Press releases the first in a series of anthologies that ask and answer the question: What is noir/hard-boiled like all over the world? What does it mean in your country and how does it read?Contained in these Dark Pages are storie… more

Dark Pages- Volume One
Paul D. Brazill, Benjamin Sobieck, B.R. Stateham, Warren Bull, Julia Madeleine, Paul Grezegorzek, Thad Brown, Graham Smith, Lily Mulholland, Andrew Nette
Trestle Press , English
A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight... - Jack Tunney

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight...Jack Tunney

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A year after the pulse-pounding action of Split Decision, Jimmy Wyler is back in Chicago trying to put his life back together. Working a job washing dishes in a late night diner, Jimmy vows to never get into a boxing ring again. But then, … more

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight Card Book 6)
Jack Tunney
Braineater Jones - Stephen Kozeniewski

Braineater JonesStephen Kozeniewski

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Braineater Jones wakes up face down in a swimming pool with no memory of his former life, how he died, or why he’s now a zombie. With a smart-aleck severed head as a partner, Jones descends into the undead ghetto to solve his own murder.

B… more

Braineater Jones
Stephen Kozeniewski
Red Adept Publishing, LLC , English
Tombstone Murders: 7 Pulp Fi... - Norman A. Daniels

Tombstone Murders: 7 Pulp Fi...Norman A. Daniels

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Ten Detective Aces, December, 1942THE COPPER COBRAby Norman A. DanielsAttorney Stan Leonard’s first case promised to be his last when he took a treatment from the health cult whose cure meant death.5300 WordsTen Detective Aces, May, 1943PEOmore

Tombstone Murders: 7 Pulp Fiction Murder Aces [Illustrated]
Norman A. Daniels
Peril Press , English
a season for redemption - Ronald S. Barak

a season for redemptionRonald S. Barak

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From one of America’s newest and most engaging novelists comes the gripping story of a political system gone awry–and those who feel compelled to fix it.Detective Frank Lotello is investigating a murder—his first time back on the job foll… more

a season for redemption
Ronald S. Barak
Gander House Publishers , English
Chicago Noir (Akashic Noir) -

Chicago Noir (Akashic Noir)

“Chicago Noir is a legitimate heir to the noble literary tradition of the greatest city in America. Nelson Algren and James Farrell would be proud.” —Stephen Elliott, author of Happy Baby “If ever a city was made to be the home of noir, it’… more

Chicago Noir (Akashic Noir)
Akashic Books , English
Death Flight - Robert Wallace

Death FlightRobert Wallace

Popular Detective, September, 1935DEATH FLIGHTA Complete Noveletteby Robert WallaceAuthor of “Written in Blood,” “The Price of Murder,” etc.Surging Thousands Saw the Great Pilot as He Completed His Non-Stop Flight. And Then They Saw Him — M… more

Death Flight
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
Book Characters: They Are th... - Van Holt

Book Characters: They Are th...Van Holt

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On Sale Now! Regularly $3.99, now only $2.99!THE JAKE CARD MYSTERIESThe series where freedom of speech makes its last stand against the forces of political correctness, which is government-controlled speech and government-controlled behavio… more

Book Characters: They Are the Worst Kind of People (The Jake Card Mysteries 8)
Van Holt
Three Knolls Publishing , English
Manhunter's Mountain (Cash L... - Wayne D. Dundee

Manhunter's Mountain (Cash L...Wayne D. Dundee

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Manhunter’s Mountain shows a powerful side to Cash Laramie as he makes his way down the side of a mountain with a prisoner in tow, and two prostitutes eager to flee a mining town that’s gone bust, looking to make a new life for themselves. … more

Manhunter’s Mountain (Cash Laramie & Gideon Miles Series Book 4)
Wayne D. Dundee
BEAT to a PULP , English
Death's Bright Halo (Dan Tur... - Robert Leslie Bellem

Death's Bright Halo (Dan Tur...Robert Leslie Bellem

Spicy Detective, October 1935Dan Turner Hollywood DetectiveDEATH’S BRIGHT HALOby Robert Leslie BellemThose necklaces were as effective as a headman’s axe. To pierce their secret Dan Turner finds his way into the house of missing girls.

Death’s Bright Halo (Dan Turner Hollywood Detective)
Robert Leslie Bellem
Peril Press , English
The Bastille - A Thriller (M... - Victor Methos

The Bastille - A Thriller (M...Victor Methos

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When Zain Tamora, the worst mass murderer in Nevada’s history, escapes from state custody, it sends shockwaves through the community. Leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, Tamora is a mute killing machine.

Special Age… more

The Bastille - A Thriller (Mickey Parsons Mysteries Book 2)
Victor Methos
The Empty Badge (Cash Larami... - Wayne D. Dundee

The Empty Badge (Cash Larami...Wayne D. Dundee

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It’s been weeks since Cash Laramie, the famed “Outlaw Marshal,” has been heard from. Meanwhile, at the Federal Marshal headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming, some disturbing reports are starting to filter in about the notorious Driscoll Gang ra… more

The Empty Badge (Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles Book 8)
Wayne D. Dundee
BEAT to a PULP , English
Corpse On The Wall - 5 Tales... - G.T. Fleming-Roberts

Corpse On The Wall - 5 Tales...G.T. Fleming-Roberts

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PERIL PRESS presents:

Phantom Detective, May 1934 BLUE HEAT by G.T. Fleming-Roberts Author of “The Devil’s Belfry,” “The Standing Corpse,” etc. Detective Faring Couldn’t Take a Joke—But He Was No Slouch When It Came To Action! 3600 Words


Corpse On The Wall - 5 Tales of Weird Murder [Illustrated]
G.T. Fleming-Roberts
Peril Press , English
Killer's Carnival - Stewart Sterling

Killer's CarnivalStewart Sterling

Thrilling Detective, July 1940KILLER’S CARNIVALA Complete Noveletby Stewart SterlingAuthor of “Coffin Candidate,” “The Devil’s at the Door,” etcGil Vine Suspects a Death-Defying Skate Troupe of Putting Murder On Ice!Chapter 1: No Blunt Inst… more

Killer’s Carnival
Stewart Sterling
Peril Press , English
The Casablanca Tango (Mill C... - James Lileks

The Casablanca Tango (Mill C...James Lileks

Minneapolis, 1947. A mob meeting at the Casablanca Bar goes bad fast: when the smoke clears a top boss is dead with a top boss dead, along with his mouthpiece and the muscle watching the back door. Open and shut - except for the beautiful y… more

The Casablanca Tango (Mill City Book 2)
James Lileks
Satan's Nightmares: 7 Weird ... - Norman A. Daniels

Satan's Nightmares: 7 Weird ...Norman A. Daniels

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Secret Agent “X”, February 1934CLUES IN THE DARK by Norman A. DanielsAll the pent-up hatred of seven unjust years in stir pounded in the blood of Terry Lane, He fought to conquer that festering evil, for a friend had placed him on his… more

Satan’s Nightmares: 7 Weird Detective Tales [Illustrated]
Norman A. Daniels
Peril Press , English
When the Death-Bat Flies: Th... - Norvell W. Page

When the Death-Bat Flies: Th...Norvell W. Page

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Best known for his Spider pulp stories, scribe Norvell Page was a master mystery writer as well. This 800-page book collects over 30 of Page’s detective stories from the pages of DETECTIVE TALES, THE SPIDER, DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY and STRmore

When the Death-Bat Flies: The Detective Stories of Norvell Page
Norvell W. Page
Altus Press , English
The Murderer Within - Norman A Daniels

The Murderer WithinNorman A Daniels

Popular Detective , June, 1941The Murderer Withinby Norman A. Daniels Author of “The Man Who Was Death,” “He Who Killed,” etc.Back From the Lair of the Cadavers Comes a Wraith-Like Apparition to Make Dr. Acroyd Obey His Fiendish Commands!

The Murderer Within
Norman A Daniels
Peril Press , English
Cold Blood (Detective James ... - Hugh Wiley

Cold Blood (Detective James ...Hugh Wiley

Blue Book, June 1940Mr. Wong:COLD BLOODA James Lee detective story—by Hugh Wileyillustrated by Hamilton GreeneHugh Wiley wrote a series of stories featuring the Famous Chinese Detective, James Lee Wong, of San Francisco for Collier’s magazi… more

Cold Blood (Detective James Lee Wong)
Hugh Wiley
Peril Press , English
The House of Weird Sleep - Charles R Allen

The House of Weird SleepCharles R Allen

Spicy-Adventure Stories, January 1935THE HOUSE OF WEIRD SLEEPBy Charles R AllenOver the witchery of a tropic Panama night falls a vicious shadow—a phantom house of beautiful girls in strange, death-like sleep… .

The House of Weird Sleep
Charles R Allen
Peril Press , English
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