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Fugitive Warrant (Stanley Be... - Al Stevens

Fugitive Warrant (Stanley Be...Al Stevens

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When the Captain gives him the boot again, soft-boiled detective Stanley Bentworth finds himself back in his P.I. office in search of new clients and cases to solve. His first assignment sends Stan and his associate Sanford as bounty hunter… more

Fugitive Warrant (Stanley Bentworth mysteries Book 6)
Al Stevens
Mockingbird Songs & Stories , English
A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight... - Jack Tunney

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight...Jack Tunney

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A year after the pulse-pounding action of Split Decision, Jimmy Wyler is back in Chicago trying to put his life back together. Working a job washing dishes in a late night diner, Jimmy vows to never get into a boxing ring again. But then, … more

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight Card Book 6)
Jack Tunney
Terror Train - Richard B Sale

Terror TrainRichard B Sale

Secret Agent X , March, 1934TERROR TRAINA Thrilling Noveletby Richard B. SaleSuddenly and with shrill horrific cadence, a macabre tortured shriek split through the nocturnal silence of the night. In that instant The Crescent Limited, snowbo… more

Terror Train
Richard B Sale
Peril Press , English
PUGILISTIC PULP STORIES - 6 ... - Thomas Thursday, Robert H. H...

PUGILISTIC PULP STORIES - 6 ...Thomas Thursday, Robert H. H...

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Fight Stories, October 1928 SOCK OF AGES by Thomas Thursday A fighting organist! From the Brotherhood Mission to the white glare of the prize ring! Punch for punch he … more

Thomas Thursday, Robert H. H. Nichols, Charles Pifer
Peril Press , English
Improvised Digital Short Sto... - B.R. Stateham, Laurie Bowler...

Improvised Digital Short Sto...B.R. Stateham, Laurie Bowler...

Four authors: B.R. Stateham(Death of a Young Lieutenant , Call Me Smitty ,Laurie Bowler (Across the City, The Depths of Darkness), CQ Scafidi ( Time Couriers, The Commissary), and Thomas White ( Justice Rules) used three things: a person (… more

Improvised Digital Short Story Hunter
B.R. Stateham, Laurie Bowler, C.Q. Scafidi, Thomas White
Trestle Press , English
Secret Clue - 4 Strange Tale... - Norvell Page

Secret Clue - 4 Strange Tale...Norvell Page

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Crime Busters, September, 1938 BLOOD ARROW by Norvell W. Page In Chinatown’s catacombs of doom, the Death Angel recklessly seeks a lovely kidnapped girl! Ch1: The Deadly Limousine Ch2: Fight For Life Ch3: Death With P… more

Secret Clue - 4 Strange Tales of Murder [Illustrated]
Norvell Page
Peril Press , English
The Butcher of Hell - Steve Fisher

The Butcher of HellSteve Fisher

Thrilling Detective, May, 1935THE BUTCHER OF HELLby Steve FisherLieutenant Guy Carpenter, Navy Sleuth, Plunges into Fast Action on the Trail of a Brutal Killer Aboard the U.S.S. Arizona

The Butcher of Hell
Steve Fisher
Peril Press , English
Wake Up to Nightmare - Norman A Daniels

Wake Up to NightmareNorman A Daniels

10-Story Detective, January, 1947WAKE UP TO NIGHTMARE by Norman A. DanielsBecause a wizard of Wall Street had a dream of murder, the department turned it over to matter-of-fact Detective Daley. But when that nightmare vision turned into day… more

Wake Up to Nightmare
Norman A Daniels
Peril Press , English
The Bastille - A Thriller (M... - Victor Methos

The Bastille - A Thriller (M...Victor Methos

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When Zain Tamora, the worst mass murderer in Nevada’s history, escapes from state custody, it sends shockwaves through the community. Leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, Tamora is a mute killing machine.

Special Age… more

The Bastille - A Thriller (Mickey Parsons Mysteries Book 2)
Victor Methos
The Casablanca Tango (Mill C... - James Lileks

The Casablanca Tango (Mill C...James Lileks

Minneapolis, 1947. A mob meeting at the Casablanca Bar goes bad fast: when the smoke clears a top boss is dead with a top boss dead, along with his mouthpiece and the muscle watching the back door. Open and shut - except for the beautiful y… more

The Casablanca Tango (Mill City Book 2)
James Lileks
a season for redemption - Ronald S. Barak

a season for redemptionRonald S. Barak

From one of America’s newest and most engaging novelists comes the gripping story of a political system gone awry–and those who feel compelled to fix it.Detective Frank Lotello is investigating a murder—his first time back on the job foll… more

a season for redemption
Ronald S. Barak
Gander House Publishers , English
The Murderer Within - Norman A Daniels

The Murderer WithinNorman A Daniels

Popular Detective , June, 1941The Murderer Withinby Norman A. Daniels Author of “The Man Who Was Death,” “He Who Killed,” etc.Back From the Lair of the Cadavers Comes a Wraith-Like Apparition to Make Dr. Acroyd Obey His Fiendish Commands!

The Murderer Within
Norman A Daniels
Peril Press , English
Death's Bright Halo (Dan Tur... - Robert Leslie Bellem

Death's Bright Halo (Dan Tur...Robert Leslie Bellem

Spicy Detective, October 1935Dan Turner Hollywood DetectiveDEATH’S BRIGHT HALOby Robert Leslie BellemThose necklaces were as effective as a headman’s axe. To pierce their secret Dan Turner finds his way into the house of missing girls.

Death’s Bright Halo (Dan Turner Hollywood Detective)
Robert Leslie Bellem
Peril Press , English
A Favor for the Cop - Thomas McMorrow

A Favor for the CopThomas McMorrow

Collier’s, April 13th 1940A FAVOR FOR THE COPby Thomas McMorrowIllustrated By George HoweA Short Short Story Complete On This PageA New York cop and a guy from Cincinnati are listening to the Yankees play the Reds when a store gets knocked … more

A Favor for the Cop
Thomas McMorrow
Peril Press , English
Sixguns to Bowie - Robert J Hogan

Sixguns to BowieRobert J Hogan

Exciting Western, September, 1949SIXGUNS TO BOWIERobert J. HoganOn the Dodge, Young Wes Kane Plays Destiny’s Cards!Robert J Hogan wrote 110 “G-8 and His Battle Aces” for Popular Publications between October 1933 and June 1944. Robert J Hoga… more

Sixguns to Bowie
Robert J Hogan
Peril Press , English
Private War - Norman A Daniels

Private WarNorman A Daniels

Army-Navy Flying Stories, Summer, 1943PRIVATE WARby Norman A DanielsLieutenants Roberts and O’Malley prove that two Yanks to a Jap platoon make just about the right odds!

Private War
Norman A Daniels
Peril Press , English
A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories... - Johnston McCulley

A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories...Johnston McCulley

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PERIL PRESS presents:

THANKSGIVING Detective Story, November 26 1918 THUBWAY THAM’S THANKSGIVING DINNER by Johnston McCulley 4200 Words


Popular Detective, December, 1945 DEATH PLAYS SANTA CLAUS by JOHNSTON McCul… more

A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories [Illustrated]
Johnston McCulley
Peril Press , English
Book Characters: They Are th... - Van Holt

Book Characters: They Are th...Van Holt

On Sale Now! Regularly $3.99, now only $2.99!THE JAKE CARD MYSTERIESThe series where freedom of speech makes its last stand against the forces of political correctness, which is government-controlled speech and government-controlled behavio… more

Book Characters: They Are the Worst Kind of People (The Jake Card Mysteries 8)
Van Holt
Three Knolls Publishing , English
Dead Blossoms: The Third Geisha - Richard Monaco

Dead Blossoms: The Third GeishaRichard Monaco

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In 16th century civil war-wracked Japan, Takezo, a handsome, hard-drinking master swordsman, poet with a good heart, former ninja and kabuki actor, and nowa free-lance detective/bodyguard, is in love with the famous geisha, Miou, and dreams… more

Dead Blossoms: The Third Geisha
Richard Monaco
Iron Dragon Books , English
Blood for the Vampire Dead - Robert Leslie Bellem

Blood for the Vampire DeadRobert Leslie Bellem

Mystery Tales, March 1940BLOOD FOR THE VAMPIRE DEADby Robert Leslie BellemAuthor of “Curse of the Lovely Torso,” etc.Was this then the horrible price Tim Croft must pay for his disbelief in devil-magic philtres?—forfeiture of his own lovely… more

Blood for the Vampire Dead
Robert Leslie Bellem
Peril Press , English
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