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The Big Wrap-Up: A Hard-Boil... - Andy Oerman

The Big Wrap-Up: A Hard-Boil...Andy Oerman

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There’s real gauze for concern in 1946 Los Angeles …Meet Gus Candle. He’s a P.I. He doesn’t do divorce work. Maybe that’s because somewhere underneath all the tarnish, he’s got some class. Maybe it’s because messy break-ups hit too close … more

The Big Wrap-Up: A Hard-Boiled Horror Mystery (Gus Candle, P.I. Book 1)
Andy Oerman
Sideshow P.I.-All Fall Down - Nathaniel Lambert, Kevin Sweeney

Sideshow P.I.-All Fall DownNathaniel Lambert, Kevin Sweeney

Eddie Gnash has had enough.New Ramoth is less a city than a cesspit of sins, one thousand and one nightmares bought and sold at a bizarre bazaar of depravity, insanity, and bodily fluids. Many come to play, checking morality with their lugg… more

Sideshow P.I.-All Fall Down
Nathaniel Lambert, Kevin Sweeney
Bucket O’ Guts Press , English
Blood for the Vampire Dead - Robert Leslie Bellem

Blood for the Vampire DeadRobert Leslie Bellem

Mystery Tales, March 1940BLOOD FOR THE VAMPIRE DEADby Robert Leslie BellemAuthor of “Curse of the Lovely Torso,” etc.Was this then the horrible price Tim Croft must pay for his disbelief in devil-magic philtres?—forfeiture of his own lovely… more

Blood for the Vampire Dead
Robert Leslie Bellem
Peril Press , English
Sixguns to Bowie - Robert J Hogan

Sixguns to BowieRobert J Hogan

Exciting Western, September, 1949SIXGUNS TO BOWIERobert J. HoganOn the Dodge, Young Wes Kane Plays Destiny’s Cards!Robert J Hogan wrote 110 “G-8 and His Battle Aces” for Popular Publications between October 1933 and June 1944. Robert J Hoga… more

Sixguns to Bowie
Robert J Hogan
Peril Press , English
Empire of Terror (The Phanto... - Robert Wallace

Empire of Terror (The Phanto...Robert Wallace

The Phantom Detective, October 1936EMPIRE OF TERRORby Robert WallaceThe Phantom Detective was the 2nd Pulp Hero and went for 170 issues between 1933 and 1953. Richard Curtis Van Loan, wealth socialite and playboy, turned his focus to solvin… more

Empire of Terror (The Phantom Detective)
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
Bullet Fury - 5 Tales of Wei... - Frederick C. Davis

Bullet Fury - 5 Tales of Wei...Frederick C. Davis

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Peril Press presents:

Secret Agent “X”, February 1934 FANGED FURY by Frederick C. Davis Swiftly Professor Van Dyk swung the door shut. Too late! Through the opening swished a glittering green dart of light. The deadly flying snake had esca… more

Bullet Fury - 5 Tales of Weird Murder
Frederick C. Davis
Peril Press , English
Hold That Tiger - Joe Archibald

Hold That TigerJoe Archibald

HOLD THAT TIGERThrilling Sports , January, 1948by Joe ArchibaldWhen Tigers meet Gophers there are more fouls than in a henyard, and more crooked work than in a box of pretzels!

Hold That Tiger
Joe Archibald
Peril Press , English
Excess Braggage - Robert J Hogan

Excess BraggageRobert J Hogan

War Birds, March 1933Excess BraggageRobert J. HoganThey told Abe to brag of the might of his wings and it would win him the C.O.’s job. Abe bragged. But what it won him was something else again.Robert J Hogan wrote 110 “G-8 and His Battle A… more

Excess Braggage
Robert J Hogan
Peril Press , English
Private War - Norman A Daniels

Private WarNorman A Daniels

Army-Navy Flying Stories, Summer, 1943PRIVATE WARby Norman A DanielsLieutenants Roberts and O’Malley prove that two Yanks to a Jap platoon make just about the right odds!

Private War
Norman A Daniels
Peril Press , English



The Hanging Shadow - Whats a... - Robert Wallace

The Hanging Shadow - Whats a...Robert Wallace

Popular Detective , December, 1944The Hanging Shadowby Robert WallaceJoe Casey, Taxi-man, takes time off from driving to do a bit of sleuthing and steps right into murder! Popular Detective, January, 1937What’s a Hundred Dollars?by Robert W… more

The Hanging Shadow - Whats a Hundred Dollars - Rats Are Smart
Robert Wallace
Peril Press , English
San Francisco Noir -

San Francisco Noir

Brand new stories by: Domenic Stansberry, Barry Gifford, Eddie Muller, Robert Mailer Anderson, Michelle Tea, Peter Plate, Kate Braverman, David Corbett, Alejandro Murguía, Sin Soracco, Alvin Lu, Jon Longhi, Will Christopher Baer, Jim Nesbit… more

San Francisco Noir
Akashic Books , English
Dark Pages- Volume One - Paul D. Brazill, Benjamin So...

Dark Pages- Volume OnePaul D. Brazill, Benjamin So...

Trestle Press releases the first in a series of anthologies that ask and answer the question: What is noir/hard-boiled like all over the world? What does it mean in your country and how does it read?Contained in these Dark Pages are storie… more

Dark Pages- Volume One
Paul D. Brazill, Benjamin Sobieck, B.R. Stateham, Warren Bull, Julia Madeleine, Paul Grezegorzek, Thad Brown, Graham Smith, Lily Mulholland, Andrew Nette
Trestle Press , English
A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight... - Jack Tunney

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight...Jack Tunney

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A year after the pulse-pounding action of Split Decision, Jimmy Wyler is back in Chicago trying to put his life back together. Working a job washing dishes in a late night diner, Jimmy vows to never get into a boxing ring again. But then, … more

A Mouth Full Of Blood (Fight Card Book 6)
Jack Tunney
Braineater Jones - Stephen Kozeniewski

Braineater JonesStephen Kozeniewski

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Braineater Jones wakes up face down in a swimming pool with no memory of his former life, how he died, or why he’s now a zombie. With a smart-aleck severed head as a partner, Jones descends into the undead ghetto to solve his own murder.

B… more

Braineater Jones
Stephen Kozeniewski
Red Adept Publishing, LLC , English
Dead Blossoms: The Third Geisha - Richard Monaco

Dead Blossoms: The Third GeishaRichard Monaco

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In 16th century civil war-wracked Japan, Takezo, a handsome, hard-drinking master swordsman, poet with a good heart, former ninja and kabuki actor, and nowa free-lance detective/bodyguard, is in love with the famous geisha, Miou, and dreams… more

Dead Blossoms: The Third Geisha
Richard Monaco
Iron Dragon Books , English
A Mind For Killing (Judge Steele) - Lon Williams

A Mind For Killing (Judge Steele)Lon Williams

Western Action , January, 1957A Judge Steele StoryA MIND FOR KILLINGby Lon WilliamsOne-Half Tompkins sure looked and acted loco, and French Demeree contended that a crazy man is not legally responsible if he kills someone. But Judge Steele … more

A Mind For Killing (Judge Steele)
Lon Williams
Peril Press , English
A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories... - Johnston McCulley

A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories...Johnston McCulley

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PERIL PRESS presents:

THANKSGIVING Detective Story, November 26 1918 THUBWAY THAM’S THANKSGIVING DINNER by Johnston McCulley 4200 Words


Popular Detective, December, 1945 DEATH PLAYS SANTA CLAUS by JOHNSTON McCul… more

A Dozen Pulp Holiday Stories [Illustrated]
Johnston McCulley
Peril Press , English
Tombstone Murders: 7 Pulp Fi... - Norman A. Daniels

Tombstone Murders: 7 Pulp Fi...Norman A. Daniels

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Ten Detective Aces, December, 1942THE COPPER COBRAby Norman A. DanielsAttorney Stan Leonard’s first case promised to be his last when he took a treatment from the health cult whose cure meant death.5300 WordsTen Detective Aces, May, 1943PEOmore

Tombstone Murders: 7 Pulp Fiction Murder Aces [Illustrated]
Norman A. Daniels
Peril Press , English
a season for redemption - Ronald S. Barak

a season for redemptionRonald S. Barak

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From one of America’s newest and most engaging novelists comes the gripping story of a political system gone awry–and those who feel compelled to fix it.Detective Frank Lotello is investigating a murder—his first time back on the job foll… more

a season for redemption
Ronald S. Barak
Gander House Publishers , English
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