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Untucked and Unzipped - B. Peterson

Untucked and UnzippedB. Peterson

Untucked and Unzipped: Interviews and Recaps of RuPaul’s Drag Race contains 24 interviews and recaps of Season Four and the ALLSTARS season one, with a look into the behind-the-scenes for Northwest writer, Brian Michael Peterson.

Untucked and Unzipped
B. Peterson
LOST Thought: Leading Thinke... - Pearson Moore, Nikki Staffor...

LOST Thought: Leading Thinke...Pearson Moore, Nikki Staffor...

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The greatest collection of LOST expertise ever gathered in one book.What if all your favorite LOST authors and bloggers were gathered in one place, accessible anytime you wished, day or night? What would you talk about with them? What fasci… more

LOST Thought: Leading Thinkers Discuss LOST
Pearson Moore, Nikki Stafford, Paul Wright, Jo Garfein, Erika Olson, Sarah Clarke Stuart, Jeffrey Frame, Jennifer Galicinski, Michelle Lang
Inside AGT: The Untold Stori... - Sean Daly, Ashley Majeski

Inside AGT: The Untold Stori...Sean Daly, Ashley Majeski

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Think you know everything about television’s biggest talent competition? Think again!

From what really goes on backstage to the binding contracts each contestant must sign and why some performers say they don’t want to win — these are the… more

Inside AGT: The Untold Stories of America’s Got Talent
Sean Daly, Ashley Majeski
Roundup Publishing , English
The World of James Bond: Fro... - Luke Quantrill

The World of James Bond: Fro...Luke Quantrill

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The films, the books, random observations, 007 in popular culture. It’s the greatest guide ever to the world’s greatest secret agent!New updated and revised edition February 2013.

The World of James Bond: From Dr No to Skyfall
Luke Quantrill
A Walk To Remember Movie Rev... - Miquiel Banks

A Walk To Remember Movie Rev...Miquiel Banks

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StorylineIn Beaufort, North Carolina, a prank on a student goes terribly wrong and puts the student in the hospital. Landon Carter, a popular student with no defined plans for the future, is held responsible and forced to participate in aft… more

A Walk To Remember Movie Review (2002): From Menace to Medical Student
Miquiel Banks
Miquiel Banks , English
WHO Won?!?: An Irreverent Lo... - Robert James

WHO Won?!?: An Irreverent Lo...Robert James

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Who Should Have Won the Oscars? If you’ve ever wondered why the Oscars seem to go to the wrong movies, WHO Won?!? is the book for you. Beginning with the first Oscar ceremony, Robert James looks at all the major categories, slashing and bur… more

WHO Won?!?: An Irreverent Look at the Oscars: 1944-1952
Robert James
Variations on a Theme , English
100 Nights in the Dark : A C... - Joe Barlow

100 Nights in the Dark : A C...Joe Barlow

Fed up with snooty film critics? Then this is the book for you! 100 Nights in the Dark is a collection of 100 humorous, insightful film reviews and essays by renowned critic Joe Barlow. Want the low-down on a particular film before you po… more

100 Nights in the Dark : A Collection of Contemporary Film Reviews and Essays
Joe Barlow
iUniverse , English
The In Crowd Movie Review (1... - Miquiel Banks

The In Crowd Movie Review (1...Miquiel Banks

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I’m sure people are going to play defense on this movie, but I promise you, this movie is SUPER CRUNK! Del is our POV into the world of dancing, being crunk, and finding true love. StorylineA young man of the rock and roll generation is in … more

The In Crowd Movie Review (1988): Del’s Journey to Victory with Vicky
Miquiel Banks
Miquiel Banks , English
Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie ... - Leonard Maltin

Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie ...Leonard Maltin

NEW More than 16,000 capsule movie reviews, with more than 300 new entries NEW More than 13,000 DVD and 13,000 video listings NEW Up-to-date list of mail-order and online sources for buying and renting DVDs and videos NEW Complet… more

Leonard Maltin’s 2013 Movie Guide: The Modern Era (Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide (Mass Market))
Leonard Maltin
Signet , English
Homeland TV - Season 2 - An ... - Interactive Games

Homeland TV - Season 2 - An ...Interactive Games

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Homeland TV is a controversial television show that airs on Showtime and is taking the country by storm. The concept behind the Homeland TV show is how would our US intelligence deal with a potential terrorist strike on US soil. The unique… more

Homeland TV - Season 2 - An Interactive Games Quiz Book
Interactive Games
Mega Media Depot , English
The Marx Brothers - John  Pearson

The Marx BrothersJohn Pearson

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The Marx Brothers ensured themselves a permanent position in any pantheon of great screen comedians. They carried a variety of styles and skills to the screen that had been honed from years on stage and their brazen unsentimental disregard … more

The Marx Brothers
John Pearson
Beyond Casablanca: 100 Class... - Jennifer C. Garlen

Beyond Casablanca: 100 Class...Jennifer C. Garlen

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In an age of streaming video and booming DVD production, viewers have access to more old movies than ever before, but the number of choices can be staggering. Beyond Casablanca offers thoughtful reviews of 100 classic films worth watching, … more

Beyond Casablanca: 100 Classic Movies Worth Watching
Jennifer C. Garlen
Published by Westview, Inc. , English
The Fear of a Ghost Planet G... - Paul Arrand Rodgers

The Fear of a Ghost Planet G...Paul Arrand Rodgers

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Collecting over 200 pages of reviews and articles on a wide variety of films from the year 2012 and beyond, The Fear of a Ghost Planet Guide to Film unites, in one electronic volume, the film criticism of Paul Arrand Rodgers. Included in th… more

The Fear of a Ghost Planet Guide to Film: 2012 Edition
Paul Arrand Rodgers
Television Can Blow Me - James Donaghy

Television Can Blow MeJames Donaghy

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Television Can Blow Me is the collected best reviews from the Aerial Telly website. First appearing on the Internet in 2003, Aerial Telly is the voice of the dispossessed TV fan - a savage wildling, a beast who just keeps coming, taking on … more

Television Can Blow Me
James Donaghy


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For almost fifty years the beloved 1960s sitcom Bewitched has been enchanting television audiences. Created at a turbulent time in American history, Bewitched offered a brief respite from the worries of the day. Before now, there has never … more

David Pierce
BearManor Media , English
Quincy M.E., The Television Series - James Rosin

Quincy M.E., The Television SeriesJames Rosin

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New from BearManor Media is Quincy M.E.: The Television Series, an in-depth look back at the long running, emmy award -winning television series (1976-1983) about the crusading Los Angeles County medical examiner starring Jack Klugman.The… more

Quincy M.E., The Television Series
James Rosin
BearManor Media , English
Duck Dynasty - Hunting for S... - Alisa Franz

Duck Dynasty - Hunting for S...Alisa Franz

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Duck Dynasty - Hunting for Spiritual Truths is an interactive Discussion Guide for Families and Small Groups. Author Alisa Franz uses 8 episodes from Season 1 to create engaging life lessons from a Biblical perspective. Each lesson provides… more

Duck Dynasty - Hunting for Spiritual Truths
Alisa Franz
Alisa Franz , English
Breaking Blue: The Themes, T... - Pearson Moore

Breaking Blue: The Themes, T...Pearson Moore

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Marie is wearing black. Your eyes grow big and you lean in closer to the television screen. Marie never wears black. Something’s up. Something important is about to happen. You pause the action, do an online search. “Aha!” You jab at the co… more

Breaking Blue: The Themes, Thesis, and Colors of Breaking Bad
Pearson Moore
Who Goes There:
50th Anniver... - Nick Griffiths

Who Goes There: 50th Anniver...Nick Griffiths

NEW UPDATED EDITION celebrating 50 years of Dr Who.Who Goes There is the sequel to Nick’s hugely popular Doctor Who memoir, Dalek I Loved You. It’s a travel book with Doctor Who at its core. Nick travels England and Wales, seeking locations… more

Who Goes There: 50th Anniversary Edition
Nick Griffiths
Legend Press , English
Thrones Questions and Comments - Pearson Moore

Thrones Questions and CommentsPearson Moore

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What would you give to discuss HBO’s Game of Thrones with an intensely interested fan? With a writer who poses fascinating questions, who sheds new light on events critical to the story?For the price of a candy bar, you can enjoy Pearson M… more

Thrones Questions and Comments
Pearson Moore