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PUBLISHING ON KINDLE: Easies...Eponymous Rox

Ready to take your writing career into your own hands, but haven’t a clue where or even how to get started? Got sixty minutes or less today? Then publish yourself and your future bestseller on the bestselling eReader in the universe: Amazon… more

PUBLISHING ON KINDLE: Easiest Digital Publishing Guide In the World
Eponymous Rox
X-Stream Media , English

How To Publish Your Blog on ...Stephen Buck

Writers, do you have a blog that you update on a regular basis, and want to begin earning money from it? Publishing it to the Amazon Kindle is one way that may help you begin earning extra money for your writing.This simple illustrated guid… more

How To Publish Your Blog on the Kindle
Stephen Buck

Getting the Most from InstagramJoseph Linaschke

So, you’ve downloaded the free Instagram app for your iPhone, but how do you use it? What makes sharing your unique, faux-vintage photographs on Facebook so entertaining? Which camera and filter should you use? Getting the Most from Instagr… more

Getting the Most from Instagram
Joseph Linaschke
Peachpit Press , English

A Web for Everyone: Designin...Sarah Horton, Whitney Quesenbery

If you are in charge of the user experience, development, or strategy for a web site, A Web for Everyone will help you make your site accessible without sacrificing design or innovation. Rooted in universal design principles, this book prov… more

A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences
Sarah Horton, Whitney Quesenbery
Rosenfeld Media , English

Creative Photography Tricks ...Robert Schwarztrauber

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Peek behind the scene to discover how amazing photos are created. Robert pulls back the curtain on these 10 award-winning photos to expose the exact secrets. Use these detailed instructions to create you own amazing photos… and watch your… more

Creative Photography Tricks Revealed
Robert Schwarztrauber

Unleashing the Raw Power of ...Mark Chen

Giving photographers the opportunity to more freely experiment with their images, this detailed guidebook demonstrates how to utilize RAW files and Adobe® Camera Raw®, a utility that comes with every copy of Adobe® Photoshop®. Digital photo… more

Unleashing the Raw Power of Adobe® Camera Raw®: Master Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers
Mark Chen
Amherst Media, Inc. , English

Random (Italian Edition)Valentina Tanni

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This book came unexpected. It appeared suddenly, just like necessities do. Like all unexpected things, it has an uneven form, and its contents are far from linear. More than a book, it’s a record, an historical document. It brings together … more

Random (Italian Edition)
Valentina Tanni
LINK Editions , Italian

Photography Theory (The Art ...

Photography Theory presents forty of the world’s most active art historians and theorists, including Victor Burgin, Joel Snyder, Rosalind Krauss, Alan Trachtenberg, Geoffrey Batchen, Carol Squiers, Margaret Iversen and Abigail Solomon-Godea… more

Photography Theory (The Art Seminar)
Routledge , English

Bob the Lovely UnicornKerri Williams

This adorable book shows the importance of acceptance, and having friends. Have fun with this children’s book about animals and their realization of how lucky they are to have each other.

Bob the Lovely Unicorn
Kerri Williams
Kerri Williams , English

Cut the Cord: All You Need t...Janko Roettgers

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Tired of paying $100 or more for cable every month? Would you like to cancel or cut back on your pay TV subscription, but are afraid you’ll miss out on any of your favorite shows? Want to watch Netflix or Hulu on your big screen TV, but uns… more

Cut the Cord: All You Need to Know to Drop Cable
Janko Roettgers
GigaOM Books , English

Today's Social JournalismClement Charles

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Today’s Social Journalism: Engaging the conversation to gain credibility and produce better contentbyClement Charles,Researcher at Academy of Journalism & Media, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland,Chief Executive Officer, ATC Future Media… more

Today’s Social Journalism
Clement Charles
4C Research , English

Fabric, Photography & ArtSuzanne Wade

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Welcome to a journey into rich and colorful fabric, digital art and photography by Author Suzanne Wade. Every photo is unique. Allow your imagination to unfold as you browse and enjoy the rich colors and textures each art photo has to offer… more

Fabric, Photography & Art
Suzanne Wade

How To DJ ProfessionallyJohn J Peterson

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Want to DJ like a PRO at Parties, Events, and Clubs? This simple to read, step-by-step guide reveals all the information you’ll need to get started fast! Whether you are brand new to the industry or want to enhance your current skills and s… more

How To DJ Professionally
John J Peterson

Art & Design Ideas for a New AgeNick John-Child

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In his latest book, Art & Design Ideas for a New Age, Nick John-Child gives us an insight into a modern artists working practice but more importantly perhaps, he has brought together some new and fascinating New Age teachings from around th… more

Art & Design Ideas for a New Age
Nick John-Child
Paolo Raphael Books , English

How You Can Publish Your Own...Kathy Tunning Dillenbeck

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Bonuses for buying this book: Free Kindle Template File - makes formatting so much easierFree Kindle Books Published Excel Spreadsheet - helps you track pertinent info on your booksFree Kindle Checklist pdf file - Do you have a book in your… more

How You Can Publish Your Own Kindle Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Kindle Author
Kathy Tunning Dillenbeck

Self Publishing: Formatting...Patsy Bellah

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Are you interested in publishing a book others will enjoy reading? Are you interested in publishing a book that you can be proud of? Are you interested in doing all this and saving time while you are doing it?

Then you’ve come to the right… more

Self Publishing: Formatting Tips That Work Like Magic - Part 2 (Self Publishing: Formatting Tips That Work Like Magic)
Patsy Bellah

How to Publish Your Own eBoo...PC Pro

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Digital books are selling fast which is great news fort all aspiring writers and budding publishers. By cutting out the costly cycle of printing and distributing your work, you can also cut out a whole industry of publishers, editors and ma… more

How to Publish Your Own eBook MagBook
PC Pro
Dennis Publishing , English

Create It With CreateSpaceJoel Adams

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              Note: The Kindle version of this book contains full color images best viewed on color devices such as the Kindle Fire or Kindle for PCLOOKING TO SELF PUBLISH?This book provides full color pictured tutorials for every step ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00BRYHAMO/#editorial-review">more</a>
Create It With CreateSpace
Joel Adams

How to make your photos popkathy white

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A tutorial in easy step with pictures for beginners to professionals to make your photos pop, and sharper with more contrast

How to make your photos pop
kathy white
kathy white , English

The Electronic/Digital Revol...Donald Schmidt

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A history of book publishing in the recent past encompassing print, print-on-demand, and electronic advances over the past 25-35 years. Commentary from industry insiders as well as predictions on future sales and technological advances. A… more

The Electronic/Digital Revolution in Book Publishing
Donald Schmidt
self , English