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PUBLISHING ON KINDLE: Easies... - Eponymous Rox

PUBLISHING ON KINDLE: Easies...Eponymous Rox

Ready to take your writing career into your own hands, but haven’t a clue where or even how to get started? Got sixty minutes or less today? Then publish yourself and your future bestseller on the bestselling eReader in the universe: Amazon… more

PUBLISHING ON KINDLE: Easiest Digital Publishing Guide In the World
Eponymous Rox
X-Stream Media , English
How To Publish Your Blog on ... - Stephen Buck

How To Publish Your Blog on ...Stephen Buck

Writers, do you have a blog that you update on a regular basis, and want to begin earning money from it? Publishing it to the Amazon Kindle is one way that may help you begin earning extra money for your writing.This simple illustrated guid… more

How To Publish Your Blog on the Kindle
Stephen Buck
Introduction to Information ... - V. Rajaraman

Introduction to Information ...V. Rajaraman

This widely used book has been revised and updated to include recent advances in information technology. It focuses on fundamentals of information technology, describes a number of applications of computers, explains acquisition, storage, o… more

Introduction to Information Technology, 2nd Ed.
V. Rajaraman
PHI , English
M & M Modeling Mag Extended ... -

M & M Modeling Mag Extended ...

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The extended version to the swimsuit issue of 2013

M & M Modeling Mag Extended Swimsuit Issue (M & M Modeling Magazine Book 3)
michael anthony richardson , English
Mouse Under Glass: Secrets o... - David Koenig

Mouse Under Glass: Secrets o...David Koenig

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Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation & Theme Parks” by David Koenig takes a whimsical, unauthorized look behind the scenes of Disney’s classic animated features, from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to “Tarzan,” as well as the … more

Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation and Theme Parks
David Koenig
Bonaventure Press , English
Introduction to AutoCAD 2010... - Nighat Yasmin

Introduction to AutoCAD 2010...Nighat Yasmin

The main purpose of this book is to provide civil engineering students with a clear presentation of the theory of engineering graphics and the use of AutoCAD 2010. Each chapter starts with the chapter objectives followed by the introduction… more

Introduction to AutoCAD 2010 for Civil Engineering Applications
Nighat Yasmin
SDC Publications , English
Practical Font Design, Third... - David Bergsland

Practical Font Design, Third...David Bergsland

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The Third Edition Plus ofPractical Font DesignUpdated for ebooks in the summer of 2012Practical Font Design has found a niche within that group of graphic designers and Web designers who want to design their own fonts. The comment from Read… more

Practical Font Design, Third Edition Plus
David Bergsland
Radiqx Press , English
The Scum'll Come Out Tomorrow - Victor Godot

The Scum'll Come Out TomorrowVictor Godot

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The true story of how artist, author, self-taught scientist and behavioral theorist Victor Godot came to write the book “Serial Murder Syndrome,” a 43-year-long journey into the cause of serial murder and other criminal “behavioral anomalie… more

The Scum’ll Come Out Tomorrow
Victor Godot
e-booktime , English
Glass Sensations Vertical Format
Karo Evans
Karo Evans , English
Cosplay Girls 2: Japan's liv... - DH Publishing

Cosplay Girls 2: Japan's liv...DH Publishing

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Enter the wacky world of Cosplay, Japan’s underground costume scene. All over Japan hard-core fans of anime, video games and manga dress up in their latest costumes. This is a world where ordinary girls reinvent themselves as street-fightin… more

Cosplay Girls 2: Japan’s live animation heroines (cocoro books)
DH Publishing
Graphics Designer 101 - Anonymous

Graphics Designer 101Anonymous

Do You Know Exactly What Companies and Clients Are Looking for in a Graphics Designer? Get a leg up on the competition, and find out exactly how you can catapult your name to the top of the list when it comes to Graphics Designing. Learn Th… more

Graphics Designer 101
PERSPECTIVE OF ENGINEERING P... - M. Sri Ramarao, Nityanand Ch...

PERSPECTIVE OF ENGINEERING P...M. Sri Ramarao, Nityanand Ch...

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This new edition is thoroughly revised and updated as per the latest syllabus of JNTU, Kakinada. Some new topics which are relevant and beneficial for the students like Wedge Angle; Space of Thickness; Huygen’s Wave Theory; Differences Betw… more

M. Sri Ramarao, Nityanand Choudhary, Daruka Prasad B.
Acme Learning Private Limited , English
Halfwood Press - The story - Bill Ritchie

Halfwood Press - The storyBill Ritchie

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“Halfwood Press – The story,” is what the author calls a mockumentary to tell how an artist designed and made etching presses out of wood and steel, calling them “Halfwoods.” You learn how he was able to sell them to thirty people by readin… more

Halfwood Press - The story
Bill Ritchie
Ritchie’s Perfect Press division of Emeralda Works , English
Interactive Art and Embodime... - Nathaniel Stern

Interactive Art and Embodime...Nathaniel Stern

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What is interactive art? Is this a genre? A medium? An art movement? Must a work be physically active to be classified as such, or do we interact when we sense and make sense? Is a switch-throw or link-click enough - I do this, and that hap… more

Interactive Art and Embodiment: The Implicit Body as Performance (Arts Future Book Book 1)
Nathaniel Stern
Gylphi Limited , English
Photographs by Keith Spence:... -

Photographs by Keith Spence:...

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Photographs of things I have seen, places I have been in the United States.

Photographs by Keith Spence: I’ve been here and there.
Spence , English
eCover: eCover Pro Making Yo... - Steven Mark

eCover: eCover Pro Making Yo...Steven Mark

Fire Your Graphic Designer And Forget Buying An eCover Creator Software Because In 5 Minutes, You Will…”Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Easily Create Your Own Professional eCover In Just A Few Minutes without Having To Hire An Expensiv… more

eCover: eCover Pro Making Your Own Professional eBook Covers
Steven Mark
Kindle: SCREENSAVER 020 "PRI... - Tatsuhiko Kadoya

Kindle: SCREENSAVER 020 "PRI...Tatsuhiko Kadoya

[ SS 020 “PRIVATE OCEAN FRONT” Picture Image (jpg) for Kindle Display Screen Saver. ]- 2 size (Available on Kindle & Kindle DX) -: Display Screen Saver Picture Image (jpg) for Kindle: Display Screen Saver Picture Image (jpg) for Kindle DXLa… more

Kindle: SCREENSAVER 020 “PRIVATE OCEAN FRONT” Picture Image (jpg) for Kindle Display Screen Saver. - 2 size (Available on Kindle & Kindle DX) (SS 020) - TKP 0112 - (LAST REVISION: Feb 21, 2011)
Tatsuhiko Kadoya
CRAFTec Art WEB http://www.owari.ne.jp/~craftec/ , English
How to Write Your Very Own B... - John Edward Falato

How to Write Your Very Own B...John Edward Falato

This is a complete guide on how to creating your very own product to sell on the internet, That’s right, ebooks are products just like gold watches and iPods, but an ebook is something you can create using your own experience, and know-how…. more

How to Write Your Very Own Blockbuster eBook
John Edward Falato
John Edward Falato , English
Best of TOC - Peter Brantley, James Bridle...

Best of TOCPeter Brantley, James Bridle...

Best of TOC is a collection of essential posts from the last 12 months, selected from the TOC blog and a number of external sources.One of the mantras at Tools of Change is “fail forward fast,” which is an alliterative way of encouraging ex… more

Best of TOC
Peter Brantley, James Bridle, Liza Daly, Joseph J. Esposito, Kate Eltham, Adam Hodgkin, Kassia Krozser, Bill McCoy, Andrew Savikas, Mac Slocum, Bob Stein, Sara Lloyd, Tim O’Reilly
Tools of Change , English
Restore old Pictures with PS... - Celal Boz

Restore old Pictures with PS...Celal Boz

PSP Paint Shop Pro by JAsc (now Corell) is a super powerful photo editing software( a lot easier compared to Photoshop and 1000 times cost effective too.This is another tutorial for the series,Restore old Pictures with PSP this chain of tu… more

Restore old Pictures with PSP (PSP Tutorials)
Celal Boz
Celal Boz , English