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PUBLISHING ON KINDLE: Easies... - Eponymous Rox

PUBLISHING ON KINDLE: Easies...Eponymous Rox

Ready to take your writing career into your own hands, but haven’t a clue where or even how to get started? Got sixty minutes or less today? Then publish yourself and your future bestseller on the bestselling eReader in the universe: Amazon… more

PUBLISHING ON KINDLE: Easiest Digital Publishing Guide In the World
Eponymous Rox
X-Stream Media , English
How To Publish Your Blog on ... - Stephen Buck

How To Publish Your Blog on ...Stephen Buck

Writers, do you have a blog that you update on a regular basis, and want to begin earning money from it? Publishing it to the Amazon Kindle is one way that may help you begin earning extra money for your writing.This simple illustrated guid… more

How To Publish Your Blog on the Kindle
Stephen Buck
Mouse Under Glass: Secrets o... - David Koenig

Mouse Under Glass: Secrets o...David Koenig

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Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation & Theme Parks” by David Koenig takes a whimsical, unauthorized look behind the scenes of Disney’s classic animated features, from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to “Tarzan,” as well as the … more

Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation and Theme Parks
David Koenig
Bonaventure Press , English
Web Picture Creator Intro Tu... - Celal Boz

Web Picture Creator Intro Tu...Celal Boz

PSP Paint Shop Pro by Jasc (now Corel) is a super powerful photo editing software( a lot easier compared to Photoshop and 1000 times cost effective too.This tutorial for a companion app called Web Picture Creator , freeware app from the net… more

Web Picture Creator Intro Tut (PSP Tutorials)
Celal Boz
Celal Boz , English
Hidden Pictures - Loretta Montambo

Hidden PicturesLoretta Montambo

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This is a book of stereogram pictures. You will have to look at them at a certain angle or distance and relax your eyes to see them. It also might help to double tap the picture quick two times so you can make it a little bigger. Flipping t… more

Hidden Pictures
Loretta Montambo
Art & Design Ideas for a New Age - Nick John-Child

Art & Design Ideas for a New AgeNick John-Child

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In his latest book, Art & Design Ideas for a New Age, Nick John-Child gives us an insight into a modern artists working practice but more importantly perhaps, he has brought together some new and fascinating New Age teachings from around th… more

Art & Design Ideas for a New Age
Nick John-Child
Paolo Raphael Books , English
Practical Font Design, Third... - David Bergsland

Practical Font Design, Third...David Bergsland

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The Third Edition Plus ofPractical Font DesignUpdated for ebooks in the summer of 2012Practical Font Design has found a niche within that group of graphic designers and Web designers who want to design their own fonts. The comment from Read… more

Practical Font Design, Third Edition Plus
David Bergsland
Radiqx Press , English
Spectecular 3d titles (PSP T... - Celal Boz

Spectecular 3d titles (PSP T...Celal Boz

PSP Paint Shop Pro by JAsc (now Corell) is a super powerful photo editing software( a lot easier compared to Photoshop and 1000 times cost effective too.This is another basic tutorial for the series,spectecular 3d titles.

Spectecular 3d titles (PSP Tutorials)
Celal Boz
Celal Boz , English
Zero: Technical Source Mater... - Numeric Text Systems

Zero: Technical Source Mater...Numeric Text Systems

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The sum of zero and zero is zero. The sum of million zeros is zero. The sum of ten million zeros is zero.Zero (the book) is dedicated to the zen of zero, the empty quietness of nullity, the nothingness which can barely be comprehended with … more

Zero: Technical Source Material for Decimal Number Systems (Numeric Text Systems Publications)
Numeric Text Systems
Numeric Text Systems , English
Mechanism Design with Creo E... - Kuang-Hua Chang

Mechanism Design with Creo E...Kuang-Hua Chang

Mechanism Design with Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 is designed to help you become familiar with Mechanism Design, a module in the Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) software family, which supports modeling and analysis (or simulation) of me… more

Mechanism Design with Creo Elements/Pro 5.0
Kuang-Hua Chang
SDC Publications , English
Introduction to AutoCAD 2010... - Nighat Yasmin

Introduction to AutoCAD 2010...Nighat Yasmin

The main purpose of this book is to provide civil engineering students with a clear presentation of the theory of engineering graphics and the use of AutoCAD 2010. Each chapter starts with the chapter objectives followed by the introduction… more

Introduction to AutoCAD 2010 for Civil Engineering Applications
Nighat Yasmin
SDC Publications , English
How to become a Graphic Designer - Clive Stevens

How to become a Graphic DesignerClive Stevens

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How to become a Graphic Designer” tells you how to get started in the business, how to train for a successful career, how much to expect to earn, how to put your portfolio together to get work, how to make a presentation to win pitches and… more

How to become a Graphic Designer
Clive Stevens
Farleigh Mill Publishers , English
Unleashing the Raw Power of ... - Mark Chen

Unleashing the Raw Power of ...Mark Chen

Giving photographers the opportunity to more freely experiment with their images, this detailed guidebook demonstrates how to utilize RAW files and Adobe® Camera Raw®, a utility that comes with every copy of Adobe® Photoshop®. Digital photo… more

Unleashing the Raw Power of Adobe® Camera Raw®: Master Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers
Mark Chen
Amherst Media, Inc. , English
Starry Nights - Austin Torney

Starry NightsAustin Torney

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Fully color-illustrated observations about the stars.

Starry Nights
Austin Torney
Austin P. Torney , English
Introduction to Finite Eleme... - Randy Shih

Introduction to Finite Eleme...Randy Shih

The primary goal of Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using Pro/MECHANICA Wildfire 5.0 is to introduce the aspects of finite element analysis that are important to the engineers and designers. Theoretical aspects of Finite Element Ana… more

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using Pro/MECHANICA Wildfire 5.0
Randy Shih
SDC Publications , English
Cosplay Girls 2: Japan's liv... - DH Publishing

Cosplay Girls 2: Japan's liv...DH Publishing

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Enter the wacky world of Cosplay, Japan’s underground costume scene. All over Japan hard-core fans of anime, video games and manga dress up in their latest costumes. This is a world where ordinary girls reinvent themselves as street-fightin… more

Cosplay Girls 2: Japan’s live animation heroines (cocoro books)
DH Publishing
Glass Sensations Vertical Format
Karo Evans
Karo Evans , English
Watermarking Images with PSP... - Celal Boz

Watermarking Images with PSP...Celal Boz

PSP Paint Shop Pro by JAsc (now Corell) is a super powerfull photo editing software( a lot easier compared to Photoshop and 1000 times cost effective too.This is another basic tutorial for the series,Watermarking Images with PSP.

Watermarking Images with PSP (PSP Tutorials)
Celal Boz
Celal Boz , English
iBooks Author - Andreas Kleinke, Anton Ochsenkühn

iBooks AuthorAndreas Kleinke, Anton Ochsenkühn

With the release of the first iPad in the first quarter of 2010, Apple launched a particularly powerful tablet computer. Within just a few months, the iPad became a huge sales hit. A multitude of available apps enable the user to adapt the … more

iBooks Author
Andreas Kleinke, Anton Ochsenkühn
amac-buch Verlag oHG , English
Web Video Mastery - Garry Parkes, Gary Simpson

Web Video MasteryGarry Parkes, Gary Simpson

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Website Video Mastery is an ebook that will teach you how to create your own high quality SCREEN CAPTURE videos to drive endless amounts of traffic to your websites or blogs using all FREE software and techniques. Twenty chapters will take … more

Web Video Mastery
Garry Parkes, Gary Simpson