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The Stolen White Elephant (A... - Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

The Stolen White Elephant (A...Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: The Stolen White ElephantAuthor: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

The Stolen White Elephant (Annotated)
Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
The First 200 Days - David Barron

The First 200 DaysDavid Barron

One day a manic-depressive man woke up and realized he was going to be a professional writer…but how? That question evolved over the course of two-hundred days of daily blogging until he found an answer that worked for him. Along the way … more

The First 200 Days
David Barron
H2NH , English
Fight Scenes - Greg Bottoms

Fight ScenesGreg Bottoms

In an intricately linked series of poetic, short tales set in a 1983 suburb, Greg Bottoms portrays his life as one of two “at-risk” boys as they attempt to learn how to be—and what it means to be—men. By turns funny, disquieting, and moving… more

Fight Scenes
Greg Bottoms
Counterpoint , English
Salvation - part 2 (Salvatio... - Wick Scott

Salvation - part 2 (Salvatio...Wick Scott

This edition picks up where Salvation part 1 leaves off. Jacob’s journey is set in motion when he finds himself alone for the first time in his 23 years. The emotional isolation that haunts Jacob also fuels his desire for love and acceptanc… more

Salvation - part 2 (Salvation - World’s Savior Mission)
Wick Scott
Wick Scott , English
The Fashionable Adventures o... - David Graham Phillips

The Fashionable Adventures o...David Graham Phillips

The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig “The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig,” published in 1909, was a brisk satire of that world. It features a romance between a rugged yet brilliant political appointee from Minnesota (Craig) an… more

The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig
David Graham Phillips
Strangers on the Tube 4 - C.J. Newt

Strangers on the Tube 4C.J. Newt

Strangers on the Tube 4Welcome fellow traveller. Take a journey with your special companion in the fourth instalment of this series.Today we meet:Tom and Stu, best mates. Tom’s girlfriend Tiffany is about to drop a bombshell,Dominic, who ha… more

Strangers on the Tube 4
C.J. Newt
Imperium Books , English
Of Human Band Aids - TD Cripps

Of Human Band AidsTD Cripps

A Psychiatric Hunter, a Cool Customer, a Handsome MF, a cat with Green Marble eyes and many others, come together in this fast paced, absurd look at the adventures of the mentally ill and those who care for them.

Of Human Band Aids
TD Cripps
TD Cripps , English
Citizen Truth - Stavrogin

Citizen TruthStavrogin

It’s like Jon Ronson stopped taking his pills and started hanging out with the ghost of Kurt Vonnegut.” - Jon Ronsom Jr., author of ‘The Goats who stare at Men’Citizen truth is on the trail of lies.And behind the lies are liars. Lots of th… more

Citizen Truth
Liars’ League , English
The Brown Study - Grace S. Richmond

The Brown StudyGrace S. Richmond

Brown was so tall and thin, and his study was so low and square, that the one in the other seemed a misfit. There was not much in the study. A few shelves of books—not all learned books by any means—three chairs, one of them a rocker cush… more

The Brown Study
Grace S. Richmond
Strangers on the Tube 3 - C.J. Newt

Strangers on the Tube 3C.J. Newt

Strangers on the Tube 3Welcome fellow traveller. Take a journey with your special companion in the third instalment of this series.Today we meet:A man whose face once graced the silver screen but now struggles to get by,A young woman whose … more

Strangers on the Tube 3
C.J. Newt
Imperium Books , English
Strangers on the Tube 1 - C.J. Newt

Strangers on the Tube 1C.J. Newt

Travelling on the tube? Take a look at the people around you. Meet the politician’s mistress, the man who has a shock when he sees a pretty young woman, the drag artist disappointed by his hero, the young man with a smile on his face and a … more

Strangers on the Tube 1
C.J. Newt
Imperium Books , English
This Is The Police - Ex PC Henduck

This Is The PoliceEx PC Henduck

Bishopsbeade Constabulary does not exist, nor do the ridiculous characters who work there…I mean don’t work there. To believe that this actually happened would be outrageous.

This Is The Police
Ex PC Henduck
Goose Henduck , English
My interviews with famous de... - D R hann

My interviews with famous de...D R hann

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My interviews with famous dead people The 2nd book in the writer Don series.Writer Don’s interviews with famous people, famous dead people. George Burns, MM, Howard Hughes and others

My interviews with famous dead people
D R hann
Createspace , English
12 West Chartertin Blvd - A Novella - R.M. Hines

12 West Chartertin Blvd - A NovellaR.M. Hines

Four friends, now grown adults, remember a horrible accident from their childhood, which has come to haunt them. Through the efforts of one, the friends reunite as adults to come to terms with what they had done and try to seek retribution…. more

12 West Chartertin Blvd - A Novella
R.M. Hines
The Knights of Krazzmah - Scott Flockhart

The Knights of KrazzmahScott Flockhart

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Everyone knows that Santa is this awesome elf guy who lives in the north pole and gives gifts to all the children of the world on Christmas night. This is a very sugar coated misconception. Saint Nick, also known as Belsnickel, is one of a … more

The Knights of Krazzmah
Scott Flockhart
The Expedition of Humphry Cl... - Tobias Smollett

The Expedition of Humphry Cl...Tobias Smollett

The Expedition of Humphry Clinker was the last of the picaresque novels of Tobias Smollett, and is considered by many to be his best and funniest work. Published in London on 17 June 1771, it is an epistolary novel, presented in the form of… more

The Expedition of Humphry Clinker Unabridged (Annotated)
Tobias Smollett
An Illustrated Guide to Paul... - Ella Watson

An Illustrated Guide to Paul...Ella Watson

After her father, Paul’s, sudden suicide, Brontë Tanner returns from Boston to her hometown of Appling, North Carolina. In Appling, as Brontë struggles to navigate the unwritten rules of Southern conduct, she begins to uncover the reasons f… more

An Illustrated Guide to Paul’s Suicide
Ella Watson
Unleavened Bread Unabridged ... - Robert Grant

Unleavened Bread Unabridged ...Robert Grant

This most ambitious work deals frankly and fearlessly with modern social conditions and with their effect upon the heroine in town, city and metropolitan life, in a vein at once serious and satirical. It is a story of absorbing interest.

Unleavened Bread Unabridged (Annotated)
Robert Grant
Balduin Bählamm - Der verhin... - Wilhelm Busch

Balduin Bählamm - Der verhin...Wilhelm Busch

Die Serie “Meisterwerke der Literatur” beinhaltet die Klassiker der deutschen und weltweiten Literatur in einer einzigartigen Sammlung für Ihren eBook Reader. Lesen Sie die besten Werke großer Schriftsteller,Poeten, Autoren und Philosophen … more

Balduin Bählamm - Der verhinderte Dichter (Gold Collection - voll illustriert) (German Edition)
Wilhelm Busch
Jazzybee Publishing , German
The Man From Atlantis - Dyla... - David R. Duggin

The Man From Atlantis - Dyla...David R. Duggin

The Journey Begins…In the summer of 2004 twenty year old Dylan embarks on a journey to find Plato’s Atlantis, the fabled paradise that his father had abandoned him to discover years prior.Throughout his journey Dylan hopes to find the rea… more

The Man From Atlantis - Dylan’s Beginning - Episode III
David R. Duggin
BOI Consulting LLC , English
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