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Luscious Expense - Hank Brooks

Luscious ExpenseHank Brooks

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How could I get aroused in the presence of one of the world’s leading homophobes? I swear, if I was with any other man in the world, I would be certain that I was being seduced…” It’s hard growing up a closeted gay man in a small, rur… more

Luscious Expense
Hank Brooks
4Fun Publishing , English
The Kitchen Hand: Gay Male E... - Jake William, Brooke Taylor

The Kitchen Hand: Gay Male E...Jake William, Brooke Taylor

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Chef Francois’ kitchen staff were hard working, efficient and loyal. He kept a tight ship and made sure everything operated smoothly.

So, when one of his staff is rushed to hospital Francois is more than pleased when a young man turns up … more

The Kitchen Hand: Gay Male Erotica (High Street Hunger Book 3)
Jake William, Brooke Taylor
Sweet Erotica , English
For the Sake of Happiness - Mel Thorn

For the Sake of HappinessMel Thorn

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Cory Anderson didn’t believe in fate. However, when he received the first of many mysterious, anonymous letters from a secret admirer, he knew that his entire world was about to change. Written by someone who claims to have stalked him for … more

For the Sake of Happiness
Mel Thorn
Mel Thorn , English
Released (Trapped Book 2) - R.J. Seeley

Released (Trapped Book 2)R.J. Seeley

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Jason’s a nineteen year old drag queen. Jason Baker is making a name for himself as Jasmine who performs every Saturday in the Rose Quartz but whilst doing so Jason is also a nineteen year old boy, completing his last year in College, keepi… more

Released (Trapped Book 2)
R.J. Seeley
Getting Some 5 (Gay Sex Stories) - John Lee

Getting Some 5 (Gay Sex Stories)John Lee

Average wait: N/A

He was a small-town boy with a big-time passion…

Setting off at twenty-one for bright lights and gorgeous guys, Phil looked forward to the kind of satisfaction he could only dream of back home in Dullsville. Being out of the closet and a v… more

Getting Some 5 (Gay Sex Stories)
John Lee
Bait (Gone Fishin') - Taylor Lewis

Bait (Gone Fishin')Taylor Lewis

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

Nathan Hardy would really like to stop accidentally kidnapping the guy with the angry blue eyes because, apart from anything else, it makes it hard to get a date when the guy keeps jumping out of cars or vaulting gates to get away from him…. more

Bait (Gone Fishin’)
Taylor Lewis
Bars of Paradise - Aaron Estes

Bars of ParadiseAaron Estes

Average wait: N/A

Anthony, Jameson and Rebel Bolder are three brothers living in rural New Jersey. Anthony is the eldest of the crime family and in charge, Jameson is returning home from California while Rebel is dreaming of another life after graduating hig… more

Bars of Paradise
Aaron Estes
Operation Thunderspell (Gayl... - Kage Alan

Operation Thunderspell (Gayl...Kage Alan

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Agents Nicholas Inker and Anthony Hamilton: one’s American, the other is Chinese.  One has the brains, the other the brawn.  And the one thing they share, besides annoying each other, is an arsenal of insults for anyone caught in the crossf… more

Operation Thunderspell (Gaylias Book 1)
Kage Alan
Zumaya Boundless , English
Gay Romance at Oxford - Anthony McDonald

Gay Romance at OxfordAnthony McDonald

Average wait: 6h

Two eighteen-year-old boys unexpectedly find themselves sharing a room when they first arrive at Oxford. University life draws them together at whirlwind speed as they find themselves playing opposite each other in a student production of H… more

Gay Romance at Oxford
Anthony McDonald
Anchor Mill Publishing , English
High Street Hunger Volume Si... - Gay Male Romance

High Street Hunger Volume Si...Gay Male Romance

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If you’ve just found out about the series, our multiple releases are a great way to catch up. This contains five High Street Hunger Daily Release stories. The Magazine Photographer, The Menswear Manager, The Mechanic’s Apprentice, The Baker… more

High Street Hunger Volume Six. Multiple Release Series Featuring Five Daily Release Stories (High Street Hunger Multiple Release Book 6)
Gay Male Romance
Gay Male Romance , English
Boise Boys - Burny Wells

Boise BoysBurny Wells

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Boise Boys is a fictional work based on actual events. It is a romance, a mystery and a tragedy. The book answers two long standing questions: Who was the illusive Queen Bee? How was the Queen Bee able to elude the authorities?

Boise Boys
Burny Wells
The Serotine Within - Wade Radford

The Serotine WithinWade Radford

Based on Wade Radford’s character ‘Alexander Thomas Kidder’, from his short stories compilation ‘Dirty Sexy Deadly’, at long last he brings his charming; dangerous, deadly and handsome character to life in this, his first novella ‘The Serot… more

The Serotine Within
Wade Radford
Wade Radford , English
Smoke In My Eyes - Becky Black

Smoke In My EyesBecky Black

Average wait: N/A

After a decade together, death took Daniel’s lover away in an instant. A year of grieving kept him from thinking about the future. But now fearing loneliness, fearing aging and its effects, he’s ready to find someone new before it’s too lat… more

Smoke In My Eyes
Becky Black
JMS Books LLC , English
Hidden Away (The Hidden Series) - Nicole Colville

Hidden Away (The Hidden Series)Nicole Colville

Average wait: N/A

After Jamie and Scot’s wedding, and the first few months of finding their feet as a married couple, Jamie sweeps Scot off for a romantic break at their lodge high in the mountains of Switzerland, and away from everyone else. Jamie plans to… more

Hidden Away (The Hidden Series)
Nicole Colville
Stockton County Cowboys Book... - R.W. Clinger

Stockton County Cowboys Book...R.W. Clinger

Average wait: N/A

Artist and former actor turned Midwestern country boy, Dixon Pierce, has fallen head over heels in love with cowboy Gray McKeever at Glock Ranch in Stockton County. The two cowboys plan to get married, with an extraordinary wedding service … more

Stockton County Cowboys Book 3: Roping Cowboys
R.W. Clinger
JMS Books LLC , English
A Kiss Is Just a Kiss (Love ... - Nicholas Scott

A Kiss Is Just a Kiss (Love ...Nicholas Scott

Average wait: N/A

If you listen to Aiden Pike all he wanted to do was try kissing a guy. His curiosity was getting the better of him and he needed to put to rest that nagging feeling that he might be gay.

Admittedly, Cody Beaumont is dubious, though certa… more

A Kiss Is Just a Kiss (Love & Kisses Book 1)
Nicholas Scott
Felice Picano Fiction - Felice Picano

Felice Picano FictionFelice Picano

Average wait: N/A

Classic Fiction eBook Bundle by Felice Picano:Late in the Season - Set on Fire Island, this is the story of an unlikely pair of friends—a gay composer in his late thirties and an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl.Looking Glass Lives - Cousins Ro… more

Felice Picano Fiction
Felice Picano
Bold Strokes Books , English
Unspeakable - Michael-Christopher


Average wait: N/A

After the regretful close of his relationship, Rodney Franklin seeks the comfort of family and friends in his hometown of Philadelphia. While reconnecting with his past, Rodney discovers he and a childhood friend both shared a disturbing ex… more

MC Books , English
Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes - Adams  JC

Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex QuotesAdams JC

Everybody does it; everybody thinks about it; and of course everybody who’s anybody has talked about it. JC Adams has put together a veritable encyclopaedia of sex quotes from VIPs of every stripe and colour. Madonna Abraham Lincoln Grou… more

Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes
Adams JC
Bruno Gmunder , English
Dirty Sexy Deadly Volumes 1 & 2 - Wade Radford

Dirty Sexy Deadly Volumes 1 & 2Wade Radford

Darkest erotica, insightful psychosis, lustful hearts that beat deep into dusk, other kinds of creatures you’ll learn to love in this blood spattered, intensive, yet mysterious ride that will leave you yearning for more….

A Collection o… more

Dirty Sexy Deadly Volumes 1 & 2
Wade Radford
Wade Radford , English