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Say Uncle - Garland Stewart

Say UncleGarland Stewart

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Garland Stewart’s early life in Mississippi was focused on one overriding goal: to get out of Mississippi, because it isn’t really the best environment for a gay man. After graduating from college, he accepted a teaching job in the Middle … more

Say Uncle
Garland Stewart
iUniverse , English
The Blind Season: Common Thr... - Ronald Donaghe

The Blind Season: Common Thr...Ronald Donaghe

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”“Ronald L. Donaghe continues his series with a novel that excels both as a family and an action drama. Five years after the events of the novel Common Sons, young lovers Tom and Joel decide to start a family. The struggles they face come … more

The Blind Season: Common Threads in the Life
Ronald Donaghe
iUniverse , English
Death of a Phoenix - Justin J. Little

Death of a PhoenixJustin J. Little

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Tam has vanquished the corrupted artificial intelligence Leah, but an even greater threat lurks in the shadows. Obsessed with his need for vengeance, Tam squares off with his former mentor, Donald…a genius geneticist whose warped set of … more

Death of a Phoenix
Justin J. Little
iUniverse , English
The Alpha's Honor (Gay Milit... - Crystal Summers

The Alpha's Honor (Gay Milit...Crystal Summers

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A New Gay Military Romance Series That’ll Set You On Fire!Drill Sergeant James White is surprised to see Jason Smith, a weak and frail friend from his hometown, in the latest batch of recruits to Foxtrot company. Private Jason’s heart is in… more

The Alpha’s Honor (Gay Military Romance)
Crystal Summers
Crystal Summers Books , English
Sin City Secrets (Book Two) - Cassandre Dayne

Sin City Secrets (Book Two)Cassandre Dayne

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What sins of the flesh do you hunger for and exactly what would you offer in order for a taste?

For entrepreneur Taynen Salinger, Sin City meant more than simply paying homage to the sizzling desert town. The highly respected and equally s… more

Sin City Secrets (Book Two)
Cassandre Dayne
Rebel Ink Press, LLC , English
The Requiem of Janus - Wilkinson, Nicole

The Requiem of JanusWilkinson, Nicole

Janus, the high priest of the Lady Queen Sybaris, has always received what he desired, no matter the price. When his eyes fall on Alcaeus, a soldier already promised to another, Janus vows to do whatever it takes to make Alcaeus his, even i… more

The Requiem of Janus
Wilkinson, Nicole
Torquere Press1 , English
The Pleasuring of Men - Clifford Browder

The Pleasuring of MenClifford Browder

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In New York City in the late 1860s, Tom Vaughan, a respectably raised young man, chooses to become a male prostitute servicing the city’s affluent elite, then falls in love with Walter Whiting, a renowned scholar and lecturer who proves to … more

The Pleasuring of Men
Clifford Browder
Gival Press , English
Felice Picano Fiction - Felice Picano

Felice Picano FictionFelice Picano

Classic Fiction eBook Bundle by Felice Picano:Late in the Season - Set on Fire Island, this is the story of an unlikely pair of friends—a gay composer in his late thirties and an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl.Looking Glass Lives - Cousins Ro… more

Felice Picano Fiction
Felice Picano
Bold Strokes Books , English
Hardcore Houston - G. A. Hauser

Hardcore HoustonG. A. Hauser

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Dale Evan Howard felt stuck. Living with his family, sharing a room with his grandfather, Dale yearned to leave the small town on the outskirts of Spokane and make something of himself. But what? No funds for college, nothing but working mi… more

Hardcore Houston
G. A. Hauser
The GA Hauser Collection, LLC , English
The Heart's Filthy Lesson: A Novel - Sheldon L'henaff

The Heart's Filthy Lesson: A NovelSheldon L'henaff

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For seven years, Eli and Dutch have maintained a unified appearance as the best of friends As co-workers in a call centre positioned for expansion, on the surface their friendship couldn’t appear to be more picture – perfect. However their … more

The Heart’s Filthy Lesson: A Novel
Sheldon L’henaff
Trafford , English
The Backpack - Sue Brown

The BackpackSue Brown

2nd edition There’s only ever been one man for Patrick. Paul was the six-year-old boy who kissed him after Patrick helped find his mom in a mall full of Christmas shoppers, the teenager who showed him kindness at Christmas when Patrick need… more

The Backpack
Sue Brown
Sue Brown , English
Sacrificial Sex - Laura Tolomei

Sacrificial SexLaura Tolomei

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Sacrificial Sex ( Laura Tolomei ) !— Tables of product_types — Parameters of Product: Ebooks ISBN: 978-1-55487-243-5 Pages: 127 Flames Rating: 4  Flames Cover Artist: Martine Jardin Release Date:  March 1st, 2009 Genre: M/M, Horror, Dark … more

Sacrificial Sex
Laura Tolomei
eXtasy Books , English
Life as a Front Porch - Sean Michael

Life as a Front PorchSean Michael

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Randy and Josh have worked hard to make a home together. They’ve been together a good while, plan to grow old together. So when Randy gets a job offer that will take them somewhere else, make them start over, it’s a tough decision. But they… more

Life as a Front Porch
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
The Tears of a Phoenix - Justin J. Little

The Tears of a PhoenixJustin J. Little

%The year is 2041, and the world as we know it today has been changed. Many countries have been scarred by war, and the surviving superpowers banded together to form alliances. Genetic modifications are seen as humanity’s hope for the futur… more

The Tears of a Phoenix
Justin J. Little
iUniverse , English
The Towel Boy: M/M Short Story - Dianna Bell

The Towel Boy: M/M Short StoryDianna Bell

Finally, his senior year has arrived and Aaron only had only one semester to go before he was free of high school. He has spent this entire school career under the radar of the multiple cliques in the school. But in doing so, poor little Aa… more

The Towel Boy: M/M Short Story
Dianna Bell
Dianna R. Bell , English
Men: A Collection Of Short Stories - Xondra Day

Men: A Collection Of Short StoriesXondra Day

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A collection of seven hot and sexy man-on-man stories by author Xondra Day.- My Gay Zombie- The Best Gift- Just Upstairs- Cutter- Kissing Michael- Summer Surprise- TrickAll stories are available separately in Ebook format.

Men: A Collection Of Short Stories
Xondra Day
Home and Heart - Chris Quinton

Home and HeartChris Quinton

It’s December in the Cotswolds, deep in the heart of England, and Ben Elliot of Home-Safe House & Pet Sitting is looking after Mrs Bonney’s home and two dogs while the elderly lady is away for two months recovering from an operation. When h… more

Home and Heart
Chris Quinton
Kouros Books , English
Hypocrisy - Keegan Kennedy

HypocrisyKeegan Kennedy

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After graduating with a Master’s from Queen’s Landing University, Cade Rogers thought life would roll out the red carpet for him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case… Just when it seems that the only job that he’ll be able to get is one in… more

Keegan Kennedy
Kennedy-Empire Media , English
Tell the Bees I'm Sorry - Felicitas Ivey

Tell the Bees I'm SorryFelicitas Ivey

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Physics Grad Student Marcus Fitzhughes agrees to leave New York City with his roommate, Andy, to visit Andy’s uncles in Vermont. Marcus wants to escape the city and his ex-boyfriend, Dan, who hasn’t taken their break up very well.

In Vermo… more

Tell the Bees I’m Sorry
Felicitas Ivey
Dreamspinner Press , English
Down the Basement II: Santa ... - Ryan Field

Down the Basement II: Santa ...Ryan Field

After they met at the Halloween costume party where Rush was dressed up as a woman, Rush and Kadin start seeing each other on a regular basis. Kadin doesn’t seem to mind that Rush only put on the high heels and short skirt for Halloween. An… more

Down the Basement II: Santa Saturday
Ryan Field
Ryan Field Press , English