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The Boomerang Kid - Jay Quinn

The Boomerang KidJay Quinn

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“Quinn is a masterful writer of dialogue, lacing his characters’ speech with dry humor and honest, if often unflinching words.”—The Bloomsbury ReviewJay Quinn’s Lambda-nominated novels transcend the traditional gay novel, exploring univers… more

The Boomerang Kid
Jay Quinn
Open Road Media , English
Dirty Little Virgin - Ryan Field

Dirty Little VirginRyan Field

When gentle young Harlan goes off to college, he decides it’s time to find out what it’s like to be with a man. And like most gay virgins his age, he’s just not sure where to find a man, or how to go about getting into another man’s pants. … more

Dirty Little Virgin
Ryan Field
Ryan Field Press , English
The Risk - Anthony London

The RiskAnthony London

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The Risk, a dramatic short story about the life of Madison Stanley a high school graduate with a promising future finds himself tempted to explore his sexuality and spends time finding quick dates over the internet. He quickly learns what a… more

The Risk
Anthony London
Maximize Publishing Inc. , English
In the Land of Bluegrass & B... - Mark McCarty

In the Land of Bluegrass & B...Mark McCarty

Formerly published as “The Rainbow Cafe”, Drama District Press again presents the story of Chicago natives Dr. Heath Vanderglass and Kris Austin, who marry and put down roots in a small Eastern Kentucky town and find themselves confronted w… more

In the Land of Bluegrass & Bountiful Rainbows
Mark McCarty
Drama District Press / Mark McCarty , English
Diaper Stories II - babyphil Goddard

Diaper Stories IIbabyphil Goddard

A collection of short stories, a novelette and FAQ and help articles on adult diapering. This book is aimed at the fetish AB/DL communities but is also helpful for others who have a need to wear adult diapers.

Diaper Stories II
babyphil Goddard
Snapped - G. A. Hauser

SnappedG. A. Hauser

3 ratings

Bryce Hayes thought when he left the military and joined the Seattle Police Department, there would be nothing he couldn’t handle. He’d seen it all; the worst of what mankind could do to each other. But the Seven Deadly Sins had yet to rea… more

G. A. Hauser
The GA Hauser Collection, LLC , English
Protecting Bear - Alicia Nordwell

Protecting BearAlicia Nordwell

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Bear has sworn off guys who try to pick him up at his second job working as a bartender. His ex, Vilem, damn near turned him off dating altogether. Jimmy would flip if he finds out Bear dated a drug dealer, as if Bear did it knowingly. His … more

Protecting Bear
Alicia Nordwell
Romance First Publishing , English
Just Ugly - C. Mayham

Just UglyC. Mayham

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Evan never thought he had a chance with his next door neighbor, they were about as different as two people could get; he was a good boy, graduated early, and Colby… Colby was anything but. Even bad boys needed the occasional saving though… more

Just Ugly
C. Mayham
Oberon's Page - Gary Cottle

Oberon's PageGary Cottle

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Oberon’s Page is the story of a man who never wanted to be a hero or an outlaw. Chris Richman likes to lie low and blend in. He has a tendency to wear masks—schoolteacher, husband, father. He has led a conventional, respectable life, but… more

Oberon’s Page
Gary Cottle
Bloodbound: The Railroad Ripper - Chase Erwin

Bloodbound: The Railroad RipperChase Erwin

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Before Tyler was the best interrogator and assassin his species had ever known, he was a scared newborn vampire, forced to learn the ropes quickly.

It seemed that no matter where he turned, trouble found him, and it didn’t help that the wi… more

Bloodbound: The Railroad Ripper
Chase Erwin
Hung 2: The Second Chapter (... - John Lee

Hung 2: The Second Chapter (...John Lee

Hung 2: Chapter Two…Three is the perfect number when Josh, back on the scene after a terminally dull relationship finally ends, gets some enviable company from James, a friend, and his cute buddy, Stuart.In this erotic and sensuous story … more

Hung 2: The Second Chapter (Gay Sex)
John Lee
The Requiem of Janus - Wilkinson, Nicole

The Requiem of JanusWilkinson, Nicole

Janus, the high priest of the Lady Queen Sybaris, has always received what he desired, no matter the price. When his eyes fall on Alcaeus, a soldier already promised to another, Janus vows to do whatever it takes to make Alcaeus his, even i… more

The Requiem of Janus
Wilkinson, Nicole
Torquere Press1 , English
Defying The Alpha - Trois  (... - Crystal Summers

Defying The Alpha - Trois (...Crystal Summers

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              A New Gay Werewolf Romance Series That'll Set You On Fire! (Part 3 of The Series)Julius has been avoiding Parker ever since they spent the night together, going as far as to take a trip to a tropical island just to get awa... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00JDWE2T6/#editorial-review">more</a>
Defying The Alpha - Trois (Gay Werewolf Romance)
Crystal Summers
Crystal Summers Books , English
The Tears of a Phoenix - Justin J. Little

The Tears of a PhoenixJustin J. Little

%The year is 2041, and the world as we know it today has been changed. Many countries have been scarred by war, and the surviving superpowers banded together to form alliances. Genetic modifications are seen as humanity’s hope for the futur… more

The Tears of a Phoenix
Justin J. Little
iUniverse , English
Scrum and Get It (Jonny Naug... - Rick Oliveira

Scrum and Get It (Jonny Naug...Rick Oliveira

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Jonny is a slutty bottom who has slept his way around the London scene for the last few years. But it’s his last day at his boring office job and the last day to lust over his sexy hot work colleague, Steve. And his last weekend in London…. more

Scrum and Get It (Jonny Naughty Boy Series Book 1)
Rick Oliveira
Second Chance Lover - Jay Dix

Second Chance LoverJay Dix

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Over thirty years ago, college roommates Walker and Justin fell in love with each other and discovered hot, erotic man sex with one another for two years. Walker, as he had always planned, transferred to another college, and both of the tw… more

Second Chance Lover
Jay Dix
Jay Dix , English
Demons from Hell-A Reign of Terror - Charles Walker

Demons from Hell-A Reign of TerrorCharles Walker

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On a mission to the Czech Carpathian Mountains,to investigate rumors of vampire activity. Carl meets Alexi, his homophobic translator. they visit the bucolic valley where they fall in love with the people still living in the 14th Century. T… more

Demons from Hell-A Reign of Terror
Charles Walker
AuthorHouse , English
Dirty Sexy Deadly Volumes 1 & 2 - Wade Radford

Dirty Sexy Deadly Volumes 1 & 2Wade Radford

Darkest erotica, insightful psychosis, lustful hearts that beat deep into dusk, other kinds of creatures you’ll learn to love in this blood spattered, intensive, yet mysterious ride that will leave you yearning for more….

A Collection o… more

Dirty Sexy Deadly Volumes 1 & 2
Wade Radford
Wade Radford , English
The Butterfly and the Flame - Dana De Young

The Butterfly and the FlameDana De Young

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“There’s something you need to know about Emily…” In the year 2404, America is no more. In a land ruled by the oppressive theocracy known as the Dominion of Divinity, being gay is a capital offense, adultery is punished with the lash, wom… more

The Butterfly and the Flame
Dana De Young
iUniverse , English
Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes - Adams  JC

Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex QuotesAdams JC

Everybody does it; everybody thinks about it; and of course everybody who’s anybody has talked about it. JC Adams has put together a veritable encyclopaedia of sex quotes from VIPs of every stripe and colour. Madonna Abraham Lincoln Grou… more

Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes
Adams JC
Bruno Gmunder , English