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Men: A Collection Of Short Stories - Xondra Day

Men: A Collection Of Short StoriesXondra Day

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A collection of seven hot and sexy man-on-man stories by author Xondra Day.

  • My Gay Zombie
  • The Best Gift
  • Just Upstairs
  • Cutter
  • Kissing Michael
  • Summer Surprise
  • Trick

All stories are available separately in Ebook format.

Men: A Collection Of Short Stories
Xondra Day
With These Wings - Drew Hunt

With These WingsDrew Hunt

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It was just another routine flight from Hong Kong to Manchester for Flight attendant Nigel Grimond until he spied sexy bodybuilder Phil Wilson crammed in seat 12E. Upgrading Phil to business class, Nigel spent as much time as possible talki… more

With These Wings
Drew Hunt
JMS Books LLC , English
Death of a Phoenix - Justin J. Little

Death of a PhoenixJustin J. Little

Average wait: N/A

Tam has vanquished the corrupted artificial intelligence Leah, but an even greater threat lurks in the shadows. Obsessed with his need for vengeance, Tam squares off with his former mentor, Donald…a genius geneticist whose warped set of … more

Death of a Phoenix
Justin J. Little
iUniverse , English
Felice Picano Fiction - Felice Picano

Felice Picano FictionFelice Picano

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Classic Fiction eBook Bundle by Felice Picano:Late in the Season - Set on Fire Island, this is the story of an unlikely pair of friends—a gay composer in his late thirties and an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl.Looking Glass Lives - Cousins Ro… more

Felice Picano Fiction
Felice Picano
Bold Strokes Books , English
Metes and Bounds - Jay Quinn

Metes and BoundsJay Quinn

Average wait: N/A

“Quinn is a masterful writer of dialogue, lacing his characters’ speech with dry humor and honest, if often unflinching words.”—The Bloomsbury ReviewJay Quinn’s Lambda-nominated novels transcend the traditional gay novel, exploring univers… more

Metes and Bounds
Jay Quinn
Open Road Media , English
Human Touch - Alexander Herzog

Human TouchAlexander Herzog

Average wait: N/A

This gay-themed novel contains an explicit depiction of a sexual act between two men.

Benedict “Ben” Bloom has never truly felt love for another person, until the night a stranger buys him a drink across a crowded bar. The well-spoken and… more

Human Touch
Alexander Herzog
High Street Hunger Volume Si... - Gay Male Romance

High Street Hunger Volume Si...Gay Male Romance

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If you’ve just found out about the series, our multiple releases are a great way to catch up. This contains five High Street Hunger Daily Release stories. The Magazine Photographer, The Menswear Manager, The Mechanic’s Apprentice, The Baker… more

High Street Hunger Volume Six. Multiple Release Series Featuring Five Daily Release Stories (High Street Hunger Multiple Release Book 6)
Gay Male Romance
Gay Male Romance , English
The Positions of Love Volume... - J.M. Snyder

The Positions of Love Volume...J.M. Snyder

Average wait: N/A

This Kindle collection contains four books of J.M. Snyder’s best-selling gay superhero series, THE POSITIONS OF LOVE. These stories are available as individual e-books, or you can purchase all four in this one volume.

When Matt diLorenzo g… more

The Positions of Love Volume 3: Books 9 through 12
J.M. Snyder
JMS Books LLC , English
Amo, Amas, Amassive - Robin Anderson

Amo, Amas, AmassiveRobin Anderson

Average wait: N/A

What makes ANDERS different? Could it be the mysterious cousin, the supposed second cousin—or more? And what does the desperate message “FIND RORY” mean? It takes LARS and TORSTEIN, aided and abetted by ANNIE, along with TOBY, DAVID, and VAmore

Amo, Amas, Amassive
Robin Anderson
Staying Power Book 14 in the... - G. A. Hauser

Staying Power Book 14 in the...G. A. Hauser

Average wait: N/A

In Book 14 of the Action! Series, ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller thinks going to his husband’s therapy appointments is a good idea. But he soon finds out Mark Antonious Richfield, may not be telling his shrink everything the doctor needs to know… more

Staying Power Book 14 in the Action! Series
G. A. Hauser
The GA Hauser Collection, LLC , English
Down the Basement II: Santa ... - Ryan Field

Down the Basement II: Santa ...Ryan Field

After they met at the Halloween costume party where Rush was dressed up as a woman, Rush and Kadin start seeing each other on a regular basis. Kadin doesn’t seem to mind that Rush only put on the high heels and short skirt for Halloween. An… more

Down the Basement II: Santa Saturday
Ryan Field
Ryan Field Press , English
Finding Steele: North Bay Pursuits - Kenzi Bond

Finding Steele: North Bay PursuitsKenzi Bond

Detective Sargent Jason Steele is a control freak who has a reputation for being as hard and cold as his name. As he goes about his daily life avoiding friends and relationships, he has no idea that someone has been watching him—someone wh… more

Finding Steele: North Bay Pursuits
Kenzi Bond
iUniverse , English
For the Sake of Happiness - Mel Thorn

For the Sake of HappinessMel Thorn

Average wait: N/A

Cory Anderson didn’t believe in fate. However, when he received the first of many mysterious, anonymous letters from a secret admirer, he knew that his entire world was about to change. Written by someone who claims to have stalked him for … more

For the Sake of Happiness
Mel Thorn
Mel Thorn , English
Sugar-baby Bridge - Brett Stout

Sugar-baby BridgeBrett Stout

Average wait: < 1h

When what’s expected to be a one-night stand is followed by an offer to visit a lakeside cabin in Tahoe, Brad postpones his flight back home to Hawaii. After all, what’s waiting for him back there except the vague prospect of life after the… more

Sugar-baby Bridge
Brett Stout
Breur Media Corporation , English
Wow! Pow! & Persuasions! (La... - Robin Anderson

Wow! Pow! & Persuasions! (La...Robin Anderson

Average wait: N/A

When Kabuki meets Noel Coward, thereby interrupting several “PRIVATE LIVES”—plus several equally “DEVIOUS PLOTS”—can this possibly mean the outrageous MIZ MIRANDA MARACONA and MIZ KOOKIE KOMBUIS are at it again? The answer is a resounding “… more

Wow! Pow! & Persuasions! (La Di Da Di Bloody Da! Book 4)
Robin Anderson
Robin Anderson , English
BOYSTOWN, Season 1 - Jake Biondi

BOYSTOWN, Season 1Jake Biondi

One of the most diverse and lively neighborhoods in the country, Chicago’s BOYSTOWN has something for everyone. So it’s no wonder that Jesse Morgan and Cole O’Brien chose to live there upon graduating from college. Ready to begin the next… more

BOYSTOWN, Season 1
Jake Biondi
Adrian's Scar - Martin Delacroix

Adrian's ScarMartin Delacroix

Average wait: N/A

After Kai Olsen’s “perfect lover” dies in a cycling accident, Kai takes a part-time job teaching at a community college to fill his empty evenings. When Kai’s physically challenged student, Adrian Knox, shows an interest in Kai, their lives… more

Adrian’s Scar
Martin Delacroix
Createspace , English
Sin City Secrets (Book Two) - Cassandre Dayne

Sin City Secrets (Book Two)Cassandre Dayne

Average wait: N/A

What sins of the flesh do you hunger for and exactly what would you offer in order for a taste?

For entrepreneur Taynen Salinger, Sin City meant more than simply paying homage to the sizzling desert town. The highly respected and equally s… more

Sin City Secrets (Book Two)
Cassandre Dayne
Rebel Ink Press, LLC , English
In the Land of Bluegrass & B... - Mark McCarty

In the Land of Bluegrass & B...Mark McCarty

Formerly published as “The Rainbow Cafe - After Dark”, Drama District Press again presents the story of when Dr. Heath Vanderglass and Kris Austin decide to unite sexy single father Dr. Max Arnaz with hunky but lonely Dr. Chuck Ebert and a … more

In the Land of Bluegrass & Bountiful Rainbows / After Dark
Mark McCarty
Drama District Press / Mark McCarty , English
Barefoot Beach - R.W. Clinger

Barefoot BeachR.W. Clinger

Average wait: N/A

Ian Shawford, a small press owner, isn’t looking for love along Barefoot Beach in Florida. He’s a quiet man with irrepressible responsibilities to uphold. Publishing books is his craft, not finding the man of his dreams.

Ging Hu, owner of … more

Barefoot Beach
R.W. Clinger
JMS Books LLC , English