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The Serotine Within - Wade Radford

The Serotine WithinWade Radford

Based on Wade Radford’s character ‘Alexander Thomas Kidder’, from his short stories compilation ‘Dirty Sexy Deadly’, at long last he brings his charming; dangerous, deadly and handsome character to life in this, his first novella ‘The Serot… more

The Serotine Within
Wade Radford
Wade Radford , English
Leaves of Red and Gold - Scott Chapman

Leaves of Red and GoldScott Chapman

Matthew Schipani starts his professional career as a child protective social worker in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. He follows his dream to become a lawyer, and through skill and dedication, he ends up becoming the first openly gay Att… more

Leaves of Red and Gold
Scott Chapman
iUniverse , English
Bad Movies - Peter Joseph Swanson

Bad MoviesPeter Joseph Swanson

In the mid-70s, Jill, a sex-change in denial, buses west with the hope of becoming a star. She meets an aspiring gay photographer, Andernach, who instigates her discovery at a pool party. She pratfalls into a frenzy of tacky guerrilla film … more

Bad Movies
Peter Joseph Swanson
My Year of Living Heterosexu... - Ronald Donaghe

My Year of Living Heterosexu...Ronald Donaghe

Compared to the dangerous, rage-filled military of today, where even the hint of homosexuality will get one badly beaten or savagely murdered, mine were almost halcyon days as an openly gay Airman First Class, where my boyfriend and I coul… more

My Year of Living Heterosexually: And Other Adventures in Hell
Ronald Donaghe
iUniverse , English
Stronger Than This - David-Matthew Barnes

Stronger Than ThisDavid-Matthew Barnes

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Charlene’s soul mate, Samantha, has been killed in a car accident. Daniel’s partner, Martin, has been murdered in a robbery gone wrong. Seeking comfort, Charlene and Daniel attend a support group where they meet for the first time. Emotiona… more

Stronger Than This
David-Matthew Barnes
Bold Strokes Books , English
Hung & Hard 10 (Gay Sex) - John Lee

Hung & Hard 10 (Gay Sex)John Lee

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The Tenth Part…

Detective Brent Russell. The kind of guy who gets the job done, at any cost. And with his ripped physique, rough-house charm and reputation for packing a major piece of wood in his shorts, it’s no wond… more

Hung & Hard 10 (Gay Sex)
John Lee
The Boomerang Kid - Jay Quinn

The Boomerang KidJay Quinn

Average wait: N/A

“Quinn is a masterful writer of dialogue, lacing his characters’ speech with dry humor and honest, if often unflinching words.”—The Bloomsbury ReviewJay Quinn’s Lambda-nominated novels transcend the traditional gay novel, exploring univers… more

The Boomerang Kid
Jay Quinn
Open Road Media , English
The Blind Season: Common Thr... - Ronald Donaghe

The Blind Season: Common Thr...Ronald Donaghe

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”“Ronald L. Donaghe continues his series with a novel that excels both as a family and an action drama. Five years after the events of the novel Common Sons, young lovers Tom and Joel decide to start a family. The struggles they face come … more

The Blind Season: Common Threads in the Life
Ronald Donaghe
iUniverse , English
Life as a Front Porch - Sean Michael

Life as a Front PorchSean Michael

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Randy and Josh have worked hard to make a home together. They’ve been together a good while, plan to grow old together. So when Randy gets a job offer that will take them somewhere else, make them start over, it’s a tough decision. But they… more

Life as a Front Porch
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
The Fence And Then The Trees - JF Smith

The Fence And Then The TreesJF Smith

1 rating
Average wait: 22d, 5h

What would you do?

Jack Carber was in a bad spot. Betrayed and thrown in prison, he had to figure out fast how to survive, and with no idea who to trust and who not to trust. To make matters worse, he had already gotten on the bad side of … more

The Fence And Then The Trees
JF Smith


Average wait: N/A

The cover of the book, Illusions, was created by the creative talents of David Lipnik and Richard A. Morris. David Lipnik is married with two twin boys and a younger daughter. A successful photographer who at this time helps run one of t… more

Richard A. Morris
Xlibris US , English
Retreat To Island County - Derek Adams

Retreat To Island CountyDerek Adams

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Is it possible for two men to overcome betrayal and tragedy to find happiness?One man is betrayed by a faithless lover. Another is devastated when his lover is lost to an act of terrorism. Can they put the past behind them and come together… more

Retreat To Island County
Derek Adams
The Three Hour Man (Manlove ... - James Cox

The Three Hour Man (Manlove ...James Cox

Average wait: N/A

Getting away from murderers was the easy part, surviving in the storm was the hard part, and inhabiting a paradise island may just lead to true love.In the year 2014, a virus wiped out most of the population. Those that survived learned to … more

The Three Hour Man (Manlove at the End of the World Book 2)
James Cox
Evernight Publishing , English
Chameleons on a Tightrope - Darian Land

Chameleons on a TightropeDarian Land

Jasper St.Claire takes a job as a counselor at the Out and Proud Community Care Center. Well, the job is a stepping stone to better things. Those who know the good counselor would describe him as a compassionate homophobe. He helps members … more

Chameleons on a Tightrope
Darian Land
Darian Land , English
Dirty Little Virgin - Ryan Field

Dirty Little VirginRyan Field

When gentle young Harlan goes off to college, he decides it’s time to find out what it’s like to be with a man. And like most gay virgins his age, he’s just not sure where to find a man, or how to go about getting into another man’s pants. … more

Dirty Little Virgin
Ryan Field
Ryan Field Press , English
My Stepfather - James Orr

My StepfatherJames Orr

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My mother had left a week earlier to stay with her sister in Manchester because my uncle was recovering from surgery and my aunt needed help with their three wild, young children.My stepfather and I had begun to adapt to our time without he… more

My Stepfather
James Orr
Loving Samuel - Martin Delacroix

Loving SamuelMartin Delacroix

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Nick’s parents are working class. Domestic violence has plagued his Florida childhood. A closeted gay man, he vows he’ll avoid personal commitments as an adult. Nick tells himself, Who needs love? It’s all bullshit, anyway. But on a Costa R… more

Loving Samuel
Martin Delacroix
Createspace , English
The History Teacher: Gay Mal... - Gay Romance Team

The History Teacher: Gay Mal...Gay Romance Team

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It was Clarke’s first day as the History Teacher at the school. He wasn’t prepared for his department head to pay so much attention to him, attractive as he was. Clarke had no idea how to deal with the mixture of emotions coursing through h… more

The History Teacher: Gay Male Erotica Daily Release Series (High Street Hunger Book 31)
Gay Romance Team
Gay Male Romance , English
The Guidance Counsellor: Gay... - Gay Romance Team

The Guidance Counsellor: Gay...Gay Romance Team

Average wait: N/A

Frank’s day to day job was to take care of the students at his university. Most assignments were pretty standard and he could help his students quite well.

However he had just been assigned Leroy, an important student, and Frank had absol… more

The Guidance Counsellor: Gay Male Erotica Daily Release Series (High Street Hunger Book 25)
Gay Romance Team
Gay Male Romance , English
Captivated - Keegan Kennedy

CaptivatedKeegan Kennedy

Average wait: N/A

From the stimulatingly outlandish mind of Keegan Kennedy comes an unorthodox romance…. Based in Toronto, college student, Ian Proctor has been living with German billionaire, Braun Richter, since the death of his mother, who had been a Ca… more

Keegan Kennedy
Kennedy-Empire Media , English