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In the Land of Bluegrass & B... - Mark McCarty

In the Land of Bluegrass & B...Mark McCarty

Formerly published as “The Rainbow Cafe - After Dark”, Drama District Press again presents the story of when Dr. Heath Vanderglass and Kris Austin decide to unite sexy single father Dr. Max Arnaz with hunky but lonely Dr. Chuck Ebert and a … more

In the Land of Bluegrass & Bountiful Rainbows / After Dark
Mark McCarty
Drama District Press / Mark McCarty , English
The Monarch of Key West - David Paule

The Monarch of Key WestDavid Paule

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Aidan McInnis, a young, straight-laced pilot from Boston likes structure, so he is woefully unprepared when a series of personal upheavals deposits him in the heart of unconventional and uninhibited Key West, Florida. As his new life evolve… more

The Monarch of Key West
David Paule
iUniverse , English
Luscious Expense - Hank Brooks

Luscious ExpenseHank Brooks

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How could I get aroused in the presence of one of the world’s leading homophobes? I swear, if I was with any other man in the world, I would be certain that I was being seduced…” It’s hard growing up a closeted gay man in a small, rur… more

Luscious Expense
Hank Brooks
4Fun Publishing , English
Krakow Melt - Daniel  Allen Cox

Krakow MeltDaniel Allen Cox

Shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award and Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBT Fiction, the second novel by Daniel Allen Cox (Shuck)is an infernal fable about sex, politics, and violence, in which a bisexual artist in Krakow, Poland teams up with… more

Krakow Melt
Daniel Allen Cox
Arsenal Pulp Press , English
Hearsay (Bylaws Book 1) - Taylor V. Donovan

Hearsay (Bylaws Book 1)Taylor V. Donovan

1 rating
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Senior associate attorney Derrick Swain wants it all: a loving husband, a fulfilling career, and a couple of kids. After years of hard work he’s on the fast track to a promotion. He’s also met the man of his dreams. A week of daily lunch me… more

Hearsay (Bylaws Book 1)
Taylor V. Donovan
TVD Books , English
BOYSTOWN, Season 1 - Jake Biondi

BOYSTOWN, Season 1Jake Biondi

One of the most diverse and lively neighborhoods in the country, Chicago’s BOYSTOWN has something for everyone. So it’s no wonder that Jesse Morgan and Cole O’Brien chose to live there upon graduating from college. Ready to begin the next… more

BOYSTOWN, Season 1
Jake Biondi
Retreat To Island County - Derek Adams

Retreat To Island CountyDerek Adams

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Is it possible for two men to overcome betrayal and tragedy to find happiness?One man is betrayed by a faithless lover. Another is devastated when his lover is lost to an act of terrorism. Can they put the past behind them and come together… more

Retreat To Island County
Derek Adams
Captivated - Keegan Kennedy

CaptivatedKeegan Kennedy

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From the stimulatingly outlandish mind of Keegan Kennedy comes an unorthodox romance…. Based in Toronto, college student, Ian Proctor has been living with German billionaire, Braun Richter, since the death of his mother, who had been a Ca… more

Keegan Kennedy
Kennedy-Empire Media , English


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The cover of the book, Illusions, was created by the creative talents of David Lipnik and Richard A. Morris. David Lipnik is married with two twin boys and a younger daughter. A successful photographer who at this time helps run one of t… more

Richard A. Morris
Xlibris US , English
The Three Hour Man (Manlove ... - James Cox

The Three Hour Man (Manlove ...James Cox

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Getting away from murderers was the easy part, surviving in the storm was the hard part, and inhabiting a paradise island may just lead to true love.In the year 2014, a virus wiped out most of the population. Those that survived learned to … more

The Three Hour Man (Manlove at the End of the World Book 2)
James Cox
Evernight Publishing , English
Fall Fires - N .L. Leeks, M.C. Rayne, C.W...

Fall FiresN .L. Leeks, M.C. Rayne, C.W...

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Winter’s Love:A past relationship has left Jared Winter broken. When Eric Healey runs into him, Jared finds a reason to learn to trust again. The two men begin to fall for one another, but the prejudice around them threatens to tear them ap… more

Fall Fires
N .L. Leeks, M.C. Rayne, C.W. Stevens, K.L. Platt, N. Wood
My Stepfather - James Orr

My StepfatherJames Orr

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My mother had left a week earlier to stay with her sister in Manchester because my uncle was recovering from surgery and my aunt needed help with their three wild, young children.My stepfather and I had begun to adapt to our time without he… more

My Stepfather
James Orr
Sugar-baby Bridge - Brett Stout

Sugar-baby BridgeBrett Stout

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When what’s expected to be a one-night stand is followed by an offer to visit a lakeside cabin in Tahoe, Brad postpones his flight back home to Hawaii. After all, what’s waiting for him back there except the vague prospect of life after the… more

Sugar-baby Bridge
Brett Stout
Breur Media Corporation , English
Chameleons on a Tightrope - Darian Land

Chameleons on a TightropeDarian Land

Jasper St.Claire takes a job as a counselor at the Out and Proud Community Care Center. Well, the job is a stepping stone to better things. Those who know the good counselor would describe him as a compassionate homophobe. He helps members … more

Chameleons on a Tightrope
Darian Land
Darian Land , English
Dirty Little Virgin - Ryan Field

Dirty Little VirginRyan Field

When gentle young Harlan goes off to college, he decides it’s time to find out what it’s like to be with a man. And like most gay virgins his age, he’s just not sure where to find a man, or how to go about getting into another man’s pants. … more

Dirty Little Virgin
Ryan Field
Ryan Field Press , English
Barefoot Beach - R.W. Clinger

Barefoot BeachR.W. Clinger

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Ian Shawford, a small press owner, isn’t looking for love along Barefoot Beach in Florida. He’s a quiet man with irrepressible responsibilities to uphold. Publishing books is his craft, not finding the man of his dreams.

Ging Hu, owner of … more

Barefoot Beach
R.W. Clinger
JMS Books LLC , English
Silver Thread Spinner (La Lu... - Lara Biyuts

Silver Thread Spinner (La Lu...Lara Biyuts

The life of Jocelyn and his foster-father Anthony goes on,and the story of Anthony’s next adult lover is continued too. The new detective subplot which will be developed and finished in the next sequel. A winter tale and poems written by my… more

Silver Thread Spinner (La Lune Blanche)
Lara Biyuts
Lara Biyuts , English
Lights! Camera! Anal! (gay e... - Jen Harker

Lights! Camera! Anal! (gay e...Jen Harker

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Now that he’s an award winning fluffer, it’s time for Martin to move up to the big leagues — fucking on camera! But when he discovers that he’s expected to perform in gay porn scenes, can he go through with it, or will he default on his co… more

Lights! Camera! Anal! (gay erotica) (Starfluffer Book 3)
Jen Harker
Dominant Other Press , English
Gaybash - David Jay Collins

GaybashDavid Jay Collins

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Matt Tompkins, a reserved gay man, has always played by the rules and has created a comfortable but unfulfilling life for himself. When his bold best friend Greg reaps unexpected rewards for standing up for himself in a very public display,… more

David Jay Collins
The Men of PUMP 3 : Muscles ... - Alex Carreras

The Men of PUMP 3 : Muscles ...Alex Carreras

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The drama continues in the latest installment of The Men of PUMP 3: Muscles and Mayhem.

Boy next door, Brandon Bliss is worried over having unprotected sex with old friend and new partner, Mateo Carrasco. Knowing his friends active sexual … more

The Men of PUMP 3 : Muscles and Mayhem
Alex Carreras