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Human Touch - Alexander Herzog

Human TouchAlexander Herzog

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This gay-themed novel contains an explicit depiction of a sexual act between two men.

Benedict “Ben” Bloom has never truly felt love for another person, until the night a stranger buys him a drink across a crowded bar. The well-spoken and… more

Human Touch
Alexander Herzog
Bros Gone Wild - McCrady Pearce

Bros Gone WildMcCrady Pearce

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It’s tough starting your senior year in a new school, but Chad’s found some buddies who are working hard to make sure he has a good time. Maybe you don’t need girls to get a party going. Maybe you just need a few cold ones and a few bros wh… more

Bros Gone Wild
McCrady Pearce
Operation Thunderspell (Gayl... - Kage Alan

Operation Thunderspell (Gayl...Kage Alan

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Agents Nicholas Inker and Anthony Hamilton: one’s American, the other is Chinese.  One has the brains, the other the brawn.  And the one thing they share, besides annoying each other, is an arsenal of insults for anyone caught in the crossf… more

Operation Thunderspell (Gaylias Book 1)
Kage Alan
Zumaya Boundless , English
Felice Picano Fiction - Felice Picano

Felice Picano FictionFelice Picano

Classic Fiction eBook Bundle by Felice Picano:Late in the Season - Set on Fire Island, this is the story of an unlikely pair of friends—a gay composer in his late thirties and an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl.Looking Glass Lives - Cousins Ro… more

Felice Picano Fiction
Felice Picano
Bold Strokes Books , English
World Idol - Kelly Kramer

World IdolKelly Kramer

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A young superstar faces a crisis, not in his sexual identity but in whether to release that news to the public and what it would mean to his life and career if he did so. Spurring this decision is his romance with an older man, a celebrity… more

World Idol
Kelly Kramer
Finding Steele: North Bay Pursuits - Kenzi Bond

Finding Steele: North Bay PursuitsKenzi Bond

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Detective Sargent Jason Steele is a control freak who has a reputation for being as hard and cold as his name. As he goes about his daily life avoiding friends and relationships, he has no idea that someone has been watching him—someone who… more

Finding Steele: North Bay Pursuits
Kenzi Bond
iUniverse , English
Amo, Amas, Amassive - Robin Anderson

Amo, Amas, AmassiveRobin Anderson

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What makes ANDERS different? Could it be the mysterious cousin, the supposed second cousin—or more? And what does the desperate message “FIND RORY” mean? It takes LARS and TORSTEIN, aided and abetted by ANNIE, along with TOBY, DAVID, and VAmore

Amo, Amas, Amassive
Robin Anderson
Death of a Phoenix - Justin J. Little

Death of a PhoenixJustin J. Little

Average wait: N/A

Tam has vanquished the corrupted artificial intelligence Leah, but an even greater threat lurks in the shadows. Obsessed with his need for vengeance, Tam squares off with his former mentor, Donald…a genius geneticist whose warped set of … more

Death of a Phoenix
Justin J. Little
iUniverse , English
With These Wings - Drew Hunt

With These WingsDrew Hunt

Average wait: N/A

It was just another routine flight from Hong Kong to Manchester for Flight attendant Nigel Grimond until he spied sexy bodybuilder Phil Wilson crammed in seat 12E. Upgrading Phil to business class, Nigel spent as much time as possible talki… more

With These Wings
Drew Hunt
JMS Books LLC , English
Staying Power Book 14 in the... - G. A. Hauser

Staying Power Book 14 in the...G. A. Hauser

Average wait: N/A

In Book 14 of the Action! Series, ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller thinks going to his husband’s therapy appointments is a good idea. But he soon finds out Mark Antonious Richfield, may not be telling his shrink everything the doctor needs to know… more

Staying Power Book 14 in the Action! Series
G. A. Hauser
The GA Hauser Collection, LLC , English
The Fall of a Gay King - Simon Hawk

The Fall of a Gay KingSimon Hawk

Average wait: N/A

Threads are all investigative journalist Logan Walker has to go on when he starts digging into a scandal that involves corporate magnate Franklin Judson and his hush money paid to young street hustler Baxster Crown. But when hit man Ben Don… more

The Fall of a Gay King
Simon Hawk
Bold Strokes Books , English
Captivated - Keegan Kennedy

CaptivatedKeegan Kennedy

Average wait: N/A

From the stimulatingly outlandish mind of Keegan Kennedy comes an unorthodox romance…. Based in Toronto, college student, Ian Proctor has been living with German billionaire, Braun Richter, since the death of his mother, who had been a Ca… more

Keegan Kennedy
Kennedy-Empire Media , English
Wow! Pow! & Persuasions! (La... - Robin Anderson

Wow! Pow! & Persuasions! (La...Robin Anderson

Average wait: N/A

When Kabuki meets Noel Coward, thereby interrupting several “PRIVATE LIVES”—plus several equally “DEVIOUS PLOTS”—can this possibly mean the outrageous MIZ MIRANDA MARACONA and MIZ KOOKIE KOMBUIS are at it again? The answer is a resounding “… more

Wow! Pow! & Persuasions! (La Di Da Di Bloody Da! Book 4)
Robin Anderson
Robin Anderson , English
Back at the Altar - J.D. Walker

Back at the AltarJ.D. Walker

Average wait: N/A

Cole Altridge believes in happily-ever-after. Or at least he did until he is jilted at the altar by his cheating ex-fiancé, Hunter. Heartbroken, Cole tries to get over the pain by burying himself in work, but it doesn’t help.

When his best… more

Back at the Altar
J.D. Walker
JMS Books LLC , English
To the Victor Belongs the Spoils - Keegan Kennedy

To the Victor Belongs the SpoilsKeegan Kennedy

Brennan Lockhart is a young Army Private in denial of whom he is supposed to be. First Lieutenant Victor Wolfe is an older officer with a specific agenda. On opposing teams during their battalion’s war games, Brennan is captured and taken p… more

To the Victor Belongs the Spoils
Keegan Kennedy
Kennedy-Empire , English
Evolver - Steven Martin

EvolverSteven Martin

Average wait: N/A

Evolver” a book about the black church, the black community, secrets, and sexuality.

The author tells the epic journey of four college students going off to school for the first time. Even though they are all completely different people,… more

Steven Martin
Sin City Secrets (Book Two) - Cassandre Dayne

Sin City Secrets (Book Two)Cassandre Dayne

What sins of the flesh do you hunger for and exactly what would you offer in order for a taste?

For entrepreneur Taynen Salinger, Sin City meant more than simply paying homage to the sizzling desert town. The highly respected and equally s… more

Sin City Secrets (Book Two)
Cassandre Dayne
Rebel Ink Press, LLC , English
BOYSTOWN, Season 1 - Jake Biondi

BOYSTOWN, Season 1Jake Biondi

One of the most diverse and lively neighborhoods in the country, Chicago’s BOYSTOWN has something for everyone. So it’s no wonder that Jesse Morgan and Cole O’Brien chose to live there upon graduating from college. Ready to begin the next… more

BOYSTOWN, Season 1
Jake Biondi
Men: A Collection Of Short Stories - Xondra Day

Men: A Collection Of Short StoriesXondra Day

Average wait: N/A

A collection of seven hot and sexy man-on-man stories by author Xondra Day.

  • My Gay Zombie
  • The Best Gift
  • Just Upstairs
  • Cutter
  • Kissing Michael
  • Summer Surprise
  • Trick

All stories are available separately in Ebook format.

Men: A Collection Of Short Stories
Xondra Day
An Agreement Among Gentlemen - Chris Owen

An Agreement Among GentlemenChris Owen

Average wait: N/A

An Agreement Among Gentlemen

An Agreement Among Gentlemen
Chris Owen
Torquere Press1 , English