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Men: A Collection Of Short Stories - Xondra Day

Men: A Collection Of Short StoriesXondra Day

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A collection of seven hot and sexy man-on-man stories by author Xondra Day.- My Gay Zombie- The Best Gift- Just Upstairs- Cutter- Kissing Michael- Summer Surprise- TrickAll stories are available separately in Ebook format.

Men: A Collection Of Short Stories
Xondra Day
Hypocrisy - Keegan Kennedy

HypocrisyKeegan Kennedy

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After graduating with a Master’s from Queen’s Landing University, Cade Rogers thought life would roll out the red carpet for him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case… Just when it seems that the only job that he’ll be able to get is one in… more

Keegan Kennedy
Kennedy-Empire Media , English
Recipe For Fun: One Dominant... - Kevin Kyle

Recipe For Fun: One Dominant...Kevin Kyle

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Growing up in boring and cold Minnesota, I always knew I was a submissive. Whenever the neighborhood boys and I would play cowboys and Indians, I always wanted to be the Indian, who always happened to be tied up to a tree. For some reason… more

Recipe For Fun: One Dominant Male and Two Submissive Males Volume 2
Kevin Kyle
Vince Stead , English
Moving Earth (Earthquake #2)... - T.A. Webb

Moving Earth (Earthquake #2)...T.A. Webb

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Now that Charlie Turner has control of his life again after ten years of watching out for his mom and younger brother—Damon—his eyes have re-opened to his buried wants and needs. His late father always told him to go after what he wants in … more

Moving Earth (Earthquake #2) (Pulp Friction 2014)
T.A. Webb
A Bear on Books , English
Scent Of A Werewolf (Gay Wer... - Crystal Summers

Scent Of A Werewolf (Gay Wer...Crystal Summers

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              A New Gay Werewolf Romance Story That'll Set You On Fire!Justin has just started his second year of law school and he's already sick and tired of it. To make things worse, he's just broken up with his first boyfriend, Ashe... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00IT7GDQQ/#editorial-review">more</a>
Scent Of A Werewolf (Gay Werewolf Romance)
Crystal Summers
Crystal Summer Books , English
To the Victor Belongs the Spoils - Keegan Kennedy

To the Victor Belongs the SpoilsKeegan Kennedy

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Brennan Lockhart is a young Army Private in denial of whom he is supposed to be. First Lieutenant Victor Wolfe is an older officer with a specific agenda. On opposing teams during their battalion’s war games, Brennan is captured and taken p… more

To the Victor Belongs the Spoils
Keegan Kennedy
Kennedy-Empire , English
Back at the Altar - J.D. Walker

Back at the AltarJ.D. Walker

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Cole Altridge believes in happily-ever-after. Or at least he did until he is jilted at the altar by his cheating ex-fiancé, Hunter. Heartbroken, Cole tries to get over the pain by burying himself in work, but it doesn’t help.

When his best… more

Back at the Altar
J.D. Walker
JMS Books LLC , English
Thoreau in Love - John Schuyler Bishop

Thoreau in LoveJohn Schuyler Bishop

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In 1843, a repressive puritanism still hangs over Concord, Massachusetts, and Henry Thoreau, twenty-five years old, wants out. When his mentor, Ralph Waldo Emerson, gives him an opportunity to move to New York City, the lively center of the… more

Thoreau in Love
John Schuyler Bishop
BookBaby , English
Finding Steele: North Bay Pursuits - Kenzi Bond

Finding Steele: North Bay PursuitsKenzi Bond

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Detective Sargent Jason Steele is a control freak who has a reputation for being as hard and cold as his name. As he goes about his daily life avoiding friends and relationships, he has no idea that someone has been watching him—someone wh… more

Finding Steele: North Bay Pursuits
Kenzi Bond
iUniverse , English
The Grin Reaper - Robin Anderson

The Grin ReaperRobin Anderson

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Scriptwriter Oliver and actor Jamie set wheels a rolling upon their startling discovery Kurt is cavorting with not just them, but also with their fathers! Revenge is dish best served scorching, and the plot and cast of charming and not-so-c… more

The Grin Reaper
Robin Anderson
Below the Boarder - R.W. Clinger

Below the BoarderR.W. Clinger

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When sexy mechanic Dayton O’Hare moves into professor Nino Spiro’s home as a boarder, the two men are attracted to each other and romance blooms between them. Then Dayton meets landscaper Michael Block, and what unravels is quite simple: Da… more

Below the Boarder
R.W. Clinger
JMS Books LLC , English
In the Land of Bluegrass & B... - Mark McCarty

In the Land of Bluegrass & B...Mark McCarty

Formerly published as “The Rainbow Cafe - After Dark”, Drama District Press again presents the story of when Dr. Heath Vanderglass and Kris Austin decide to unite sexy single father Dr. Max Arnaz with hunky but lonely Dr. Chuck Ebert and a … more

In the Land of Bluegrass & Bountiful Rainbows / After Dark
Mark McCarty
Drama District Press / Mark McCarty , English
Pumpkin Ravioli Boy - Ryan Field

Pumpkin Ravioli BoyRyan Field

When a tree falls on handsome, young Patrick’s house during a brutal storm, he calls an insurance adjuster the next morning and winds up meeting the man of his dreams instead. Even though Patrick is bitter about losing his partner of seven … more

Pumpkin Ravioli Boy
Ryan Field
Ryan Field Press , English
The Monarch of Key West - David Paule

The Monarch of Key WestDavid Paule

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Aidan McInnis, a young, straight-laced pilot from Boston likes structure, so he is woefully unprepared when a series of personal upheavals deposits him in the heart of unconventional and uninhibited Key West, Florida. As his new life evolve… more

The Monarch of Key West
David Paule
iUniverse , English
Homocidal 2: Kill or Be Killed - Lore

Homocidal 2: Kill or Be KilledLore

A victim’s nightmare but a lover’s dream, Tonic is back and is on a mission!!
In Homocidal 2: Kill Or Be Killed, Tonic is on the run and wanted in two cities, the nation’s capital, Atlanta and counting. He returns to the root of his prob… more

Homocidal 2: Kill or Be Killed
Luscious Expense - Hank Brooks

Luscious ExpenseHank Brooks

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How could I get aroused in the presence of one of the world’s leading homophobes? I swear, if I was with any other man in the world, I would be certain that I was being seduced…” It’s hard growing up a closeted gay man in a small, rur… more

Luscious Expense
Hank Brooks
4Fun Publishing , English
My Manhood is Very Important to Me - Charles Harvey

My Manhood is Very Important to MeCharles Harvey

A short but potent story of Avery’s secret life. Ladies, it will blow your mind if you knew what your fella was doing behind your back. Fellas, if you have secrets, you understand Avery’s and Skate’s story. Avery is on the downlow.  He has … more

My Manhood is Very Important to Me
Charles Harvey
Charles Harvey , English
Krakow Melt - Daniel  Allen Cox

Krakow MeltDaniel Allen Cox

Shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award and Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBT Fiction, the second novel by Daniel Allen Cox (Shuck)is an infernal fable about sex, politics, and violence, in which a bisexual artist in Krakow, Poland teams up with… more

Krakow Melt
Daniel Allen Cox
Arsenal Pulp Press , English
Hearsay (Bylaws Book 1) - Taylor V. Donovan

Hearsay (Bylaws Book 1)Taylor V. Donovan

1 rating
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Senior associate attorney Derrick Swain wants it all: a loving husband, a fulfilling career, and a couple of kids. After years of hard work he’s on the fast track to a promotion. He’s also met the man of his dreams. A week of daily lunch me… more

Hearsay (Bylaws Book 1)
Taylor V. Donovan
TVD Books , English
BOYSTOWN, Season 1 - Jake Biondi

BOYSTOWN, Season 1Jake Biondi

One of the most diverse and lively neighborhoods in the country, Chicago’s BOYSTOWN has something for everyone. So it’s no wonder that Jesse Morgan and Cole O’Brien chose to live there upon graduating from college. Ready to begin the next… more

BOYSTOWN, Season 1
Jake Biondi