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The Gathering Dark Vol. 5 (Y...X. Aratare

Average wait: N/A

With true eyes, Aidan can see the rotten darkness that pervades life on Devil’s Ridge, contaminating the food, the property, and especially the well. However, his mother and little sister seem blind to the taint as they struggle to keep th… more

The Gathering Dark Vol. 5 (Yaoi Manga) (The Dark Earth)
X. Aratare
Raythe Reign Publishing , English

Want To Be Happy? (Yaoi Manga)Koshino

Average wait: N/A

When Kazuhiro proposed to his girlfriend of three years, the last thing he imagined happening that night was finding himself in bed with a man! After being dumped by his girlfriend, Kazuhiro drowned his sorrows in drink only to wake the nex… more

Want To Be Happy? (Yaoi Manga)
Digital Manga Inc. , English

Spirit Of First LoveSakae Kusama

Average wait: N/A

To be the cause of all misfortune is the curse of the first love.Tomo is feeling run down by the unfaithfulness of his step-mother when he befriends Yuuichi, his next door neighbor. Believing that love is meaningless, Tomo decides he’ll nev… more

Spirit Of First Love
Sakae Kusama
Digital Manga Inc. , English

One Day: 6927 KHR Dojinshi f...Gah-zei Yuile

Average wait: N/A

Chrome invited Tsunayoshi to Disneyland with her in one day. Tsunayoshi agreed with the idea that it has to create a feeling of trustworthiness with his guardian. But, when Tsunayoshi arrived at the Disneyland. He found that he had to date … more

One Day: 6927 KHR Dojinshi fan’s comic, Rokudo Mukuro x Sawada Tsunayoshi
Gah-zei Yuile
renrengang manga doujinshi , English

Marry Me: KHR Xanxus x Squal...GAH-ZEI YUILE

Average wait: N/A

Katekyo Hitman Reborn (KHR) manga, Xanxus x Squalo, Dojinshi Fanbook. It was a story of Varia (XS). Xanxus plan to marry Squallo. He orders Mamon to incept Squallo dream, but without success. So, Bell need to plan a marriage proposal for X… more

Marry Me: KHR Xanxus x Squallo Doujinshi Fanbook
renrengang manga doujinshi , English

In The Sweet Palm Of Your Ha...Sachi Murakami

Average wait: N/A

I’m going to quit painting…”After Misaki Kurahashi loses an art competition, he becomes fascinated with the work of his fellow student, Ikkei Shibuya. While he’s depressed at his own lack of talent, Ikkei encourages him not to quit, and … more

In The Sweet Palm Of Your Hand (Yaoi Manga)
Sachi Murakami
Digital Manga Publishing , English

Legacy Vol. 4 (Yaoi Manga) (...X. Aratare

Average wait: N/A

Vol. 1 - Devil’s RidgeVol. 2 - Hidden PastVol. 3 - Dark PrinceVol. 4 - LegacyVol. 5 - The Gathering DarkExtra Volume - Dream: Too hot for Amazon’s TOS for Kindle on Amazon itself, but available elsewhere. The manga is based on a novel, The … more

Legacy Vol. 4 (Yaoi Manga) (The Dark Earth)
X. Aratare
Raythe Reign Publishing , English

Christmas with WistanD. J. Manly

Average wait: N/A

Brandon Archer, a gorgeous and successful New York City erotica writer, hates Christmas. In fact, it brings back a lot of bad memories from his childhood. On Christmas Eve, instead of getting into the spirit with family and friends, he deci… more

Christmas with Wistan
D. J. Manly
eXtasy Books , English

Just Like in the MoviesClare London

All Bailey wants is to be a good negotiator, and to impress his boss and teacher, the legendary Drew Fletcher. He admires Fletcher for his skills in the field, but that doesn’t stop him admiring him for other, more romantic reasons as well…. more

Just Like in the Movies
Clare London
Red Rose Publishing , English

Safe HarborDerek Adams

Average wait: N/A

For straight jock Mike Vickers, a chance meeting on the beach with another young man named Eric opened up a new world of possibilities. Until then, Mike’s entire existence revolved around girls, football, and the hope of winning an athletic… more

Safe Harbor
Derek Adams
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English

Roadside AssistanceKeegan Kennedy

Average wait: 2h

Kyle Caldwell is a horny frat boy on his way to New Orleans for a fraternity convention. When Kyle’s new BMW breaks down, Kyle finds himself stranded. Alpha male mechanic and top, Briggs Boudreaux, is dispatched and brings young Kyle’s car … more

Roadside Assistance
Keegan Kennedy

Knight PredatorJordan Falconer

Average wait: N/A

Carlisle Crowley is a striking, beautiful vampire hell-bent on living her undead life to the fullest. The last thing she needs hanging around her is Bronwyn Hunter, a seventeen-year-old love-struck human girl. As Crowley struggles to reconc… more

Knight Predator
Jordan Falconer
Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company , English

Don't Look BackJosh Lanyon

2 ratings

Genre: LGBT Suspense He was chuckling, a deep, sexy sound as he pushed Peter back on the satiny cushions. Was this for real? Was he going to go through with it? Peter blinked up as his tie was unfastened, tossed aside, his shirt unbuttoned,… more

Don’t Look Back
Josh Lanyon
Loose Id LLC , English

Takeo [Demon Warriors 4] (Si...Lynn Hagen

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, shape-shifters, HEA] Takeo wakes to find himself in a dark, dank cell. He doesn’t know how he got there, or even where he is. When Constantine threatens to… more

Takeo [Demon Warriors 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
Lynn Hagen
Siren Publishing , English

Virgo: The Warrior PrincePepper Espinoza

Average wait: N/A

Not even death can break a fey’s word or stop a fey’s love…Legend speaks of Banbha, the most powerful goddess of both fertility and war. She led an army of fairy folk and regularly made war on the humans. She was destroyed in one of the w… more

Virgo: The Warrior Prince
Pepper Espinoza
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English

You Don't Ask, We Won't TellB.L. Morticia

A gay, curious young man, Cody McCayne has fallen over the fence more than a couple of times. He’s hoping the armed forces can help him become more of a straight man given he’s under extreme scrutiny from his family. To make it happen, Cody… more

You Don’t Ask, We Won’t Tell
B.L. Morticia
Rebel Ink Press, LLC , English

RedemptionRemmy Duchene

Average wait: 2d, 15h

Genre: LGBT Multicultural ContemporaryAs a teenager, rancher Keegan MacLamore was not very well liked in the small town of Thayne. He was a motorcycle-riding, longhaired rebel. At eighteen years old, he was sentenced to thirty years to life… more

Remmy Duchene
Loose Id LLC , English