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Tale of the Waning Moon, Vol. 4 - Hyouta Fujiyama

Tale of the Waning Moon, Vol. 4Hyouta Fujiyama

For breaking the rules and lending a helping hand to his beloved Ryuka, who is en route to the moon, the Moon Spirit, Ixto, finds himself a jailbird, imprisoned by the powers that be! And far from being understanding of his lover’s sacrific… more

Tale of the Waning Moon, Vol. 4
Hyouta Fujiyama
Yen Press , English
Love Quest - Lily Hoshino

Love QuestLily Hoshino

Rejected by the girl of his dreams for some guy named Moriya, Kazunori Akabane is royally ticked off when he unknowingly collides with his rival in the school hallway. Unexpectedly, the accident warps Akabane and Moriya to a magical realm f… more

Love Quest
Lily Hoshino
Yen Press , English
Want To Be Happy? (Yaoi Manga) - Koshino

Want To Be Happy? (Yaoi Manga)Koshino

Average wait: N/A

When Kazuhiro proposed to his girlfriend of three years, the last thing he imagined happening that night was finding himself in bed with a man! After being dumped by his girlfriend, Kazuhiro drowned his sorrows in drink only to wake the nex… more

Want To Be Happy? (Yaoi Manga)
Digital Manga Inc. , English
Spirit Of First Love - Sakae Kusama

Spirit Of First LoveSakae Kusama

Average wait: N/A

To be the cause of all misfortune is the curse of the first love.Tomo is feeling run down by the unfaithfulness of his step-mother when he befriends Yuuichi, his next door neighbor. Believing that love is meaningless, Tomo decides he’ll nev… more

Spirit Of First Love
Sakae Kusama
Digital Manga Inc. , English
Legacy Vol. 4 (Yaoi Manga) (... - X. Aratare

Legacy Vol. 4 (Yaoi Manga) (...X. Aratare

Average wait: N/A

Vol. 1 - Devil’s RidgeVol. 2 - Hidden PastVol. 3 - Dark PrinceVol. 4 - LegacyVol. 5 - The Gathering DarkExtra Volume - Dream: Too hot for Amazon’s TOS for Kindle on Amazon itself, but available elsewhere. The manga is based on a novel, The … more

Legacy Vol. 4 (Yaoi Manga) (The Dark Earth)
X. Aratare
Raythe Reign Publishing , English
The Gathering Dark Vol. 5 (Y... - X. Aratare

The Gathering Dark Vol. 5 (Y...X. Aratare

Average wait: N/A

With true eyes, Aidan can see the rotten darkness that pervades life on Devil’s Ridge, contaminating the food, the property, and especially the well. However, his mother and little sister seem blind to the taint as they struggle to keep th… more

The Gathering Dark Vol. 5 (Yaoi Manga) (The Dark Earth)
X. Aratare
Raythe Reign Publishing , English
In The Sweet Palm Of Your Ha... - Sachi Murakami

In The Sweet Palm Of Your Ha...Sachi Murakami

Average wait: N/A

I’m going to quit painting…”After Misaki Kurahashi loses an art competition, he becomes fascinated with the work of his fellow student, Ikkei Shibuya. While he’s depressed at his own lack of talent, Ikkei encourages him not to quit, and … more

In The Sweet Palm Of Your Hand (Yaoi Manga)
Sachi Murakami
Digital Manga Publishing , English
(Yaoi) Closet DT Boys Teach ... - Miyoko Matsumoto

(Yaoi) Closet DT Boys Teach ...Miyoko Matsumoto

Average wait: N/A

Nezu is a sophomore in college who’s constantly swarmed by classmates asking him to give them love counseling. He always comes up with the right advice, but the truth is, he’s a virgin! Despite bragging that he can solve any kind of love pr… more

(Yaoi) Closet DT Boys Teach You: How to Really Have Exciting Sex 1
Miyoko Matsumoto
Manga Reborn , English
Tale of the Waning Moon, Vol. 2 -

Tale of the Waning Moon, Vol. 2

Enchanted by the Spirit of the Last Quarter Moon to follow in his footsteps, the beleaguered young Ryuka discovers en route that all kinds of men (with varying degrees of morality) are attracted to his body like bees to honey. But despite R… more

Tale of the Waning Moon, Vol. 2
Yen Press , English
A Gay Video and a Huge Awake... - Reiji Togakushi

A Gay Video and a Huge Awake...Reiji Togakushi

Average wait: N/A

No way… why am I getting an erection to a gay porn video?! Yokoda is a teacher who accidentally runs into one of his students at a local porn shop. He only picked out one video, but for some reason, when he gets home, he finds two in the … more

A Gay Video and a Huge Awakening (Yaoi): 7 days drenched in man juice
Reiji Togakushi
Manga Reborn , English
Three in Love - Brit M.

Three in LoveBrit M.

Average wait: 451d, 7h

Heather is in love with her best friends, Andy and Daniel. The problem is that they’re in love with each other and have moved to Nevada without her. She follows a year later and moves in with them, hoping to attend a local graduate program,… more

Three in Love
Brit M.
Ravenous Romance , English
Back to Blackpoint - Book 2 - D. J. Manly, A. J. Llewellyn

Back to Blackpoint - Book 2D. J. Manly, A. J. Llewellyn

Erotic romance authors Thomas Carter and Matt Lucas have ‘met cute’ as they say in Hollywood movies. They’ve fallen in love over a blissful weekend in balmy, tropical Black Point in the Hawaiian Islands. Separation is devastating for Matt w… more

Back to Blackpoint - Book 2
D. J. Manly, A. J. Llewellyn
eXtasy Books
Pushing The Envelope XII: Yo... - Kim Dare

Pushing The Envelope XII: Yo...Kim Dare

Average wait: N/A

The sequel to Amber Allure’s Best Seller Pushing The Envelope: Posthaste…Joe told Scott to expect a letter from him, and it wasn’t an easy one to write. Joe’s also sure that it won’t be a simple letter to receive either. He’ll be asking a… more

Pushing The Envelope XII: Yours Faithfully
Kim Dare
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Jenna Byrnes

Wanted Dead Or AliveJenna Byrnes

Dan Radisson is released from Corcoran State Prison, and he never intends to go back. He’s working his twelve steps, minding his own business, and trying to resume some degree of normalcy while living in the home of his sister and her famil… more

Wanted Dead Or Alive
Jenna Byrnes
Phaze Books , English
Red Cloud Wolves (Collection) - Kate Steele

Red Cloud Wolves (Collection)Kate Steele

Average wait: N/A

Almost century ago, Landon Jeffers was on the run from a posse determined to see him dance at the end of a noose when he made a discovery that would change his life forever. Landon’s dreams of the desert’s riches morphed into images of moon… more

Red Cloud Wolves (Collection)
Kate Steele
Changeling Press, LLC , English
The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Pepper Espinoza

The Devil Went Down To GeorgiaPepper Espinoza

Average wait: N/A

Hell has no limits, but neither does a friend’s love…Actor Simon Kidd can’t believe his ears when he learns that his former costar, Alan Ricks, is part of a traveling theater company in Georgia. Just a year before, Alan had been one of th… more

The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Pepper Espinoza
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Deceived (Galactic Betrayal) - Silvia Violet

Deceived (Galactic Betrayal)Silvia Violet

Several months after confessing his love for Lark, his former partner at the Intergalactic Investigations Bureau, Derek Carlson is hired to extract a sniper from the Kraxnafton prison on Lithusia. He hopes the mission will allow him to unco… more

Deceived (Galactic Betrayal)
Silvia Violet
Silver Publishing , English