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Venison Lovers' Cookbook: Th... - Editors of Creative Publishing

Venison Lovers' Cookbook: Th...Editors of Creative Publishing

Whitetails are the #1 big-game animal hunted in North America. Complete nutrition information for every recipe. Nutrition exchanges for weight management. 150 black and white photographs.More than 150 recipes offer a huge varietyfrom huntin… more

Venison Lovers’ Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Dressing and Cooking Venison (The Complete Hunter)
Editors of Creative Publishing
Creative Publishing international , English
The Game - John Sparks

The GameJohn Sparks

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The Game by: John Sparks

The Game
John Sparks
Xlibris , English
Plants vs Zombies Game : Get... - Awesome Games

Plants vs Zombies Game : Get...Awesome Games

New Guide Shows How to Master Plant vs Zombies”If you want to play Plants vs Zombies and master the game, then this guide will show you how.This is a detailed guide for the Plants vs Zombies game. It contains an overview of the Plants vs Z… more

Plants vs Zombies Game : Get All Game Strategies On Plants vs Zombies Cheats and Hacks! Plants vs Zombies Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips And Hints Guide: Special Edition
Awesome Games
Early American History (Quiz Me On) - William Clark

Early American History (Quiz Me On)William Clark

The people who made early America showed great character and courage as they battled against unknown difficulties and challenges. Men and women of strong values and principles struggled to civilize a great continent. This illustrated intera… more

Early American History (Quiz Me On)
William Clark
Clarkscript.com , English
The Mountain Woman's Wild Ga... - Dawn Howard

The Mountain Woman's Wild Ga...Dawn Howard

Elk, bear, squirrel, rabbit, groundhog, fish, fowl and found food recipes for the hunter gatherer in your home.

The Mountain Woman’s Wild Game Cookbook
Dawn Howard
Howard-Hirsch Publishing , English
Stalingrad for Beginners (St... - George Phillies

Stalingrad for Beginners (St...George Phillies

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Stalingrad, the 1963 game from Avalon Hill, is the most intensely analyzed board wargame in the history of the wargaming hobby. Stalingrad for Beginners - Basic Wargame Tactical Analysis - presents fundamentals of play and basic strategic … more

Stalingrad for Beginners (Studies in Game Design Book 3)
George Phillies
Beach Games For Kids: Childr... - Dan DeFigio

Beach Games For Kids: Childr...Dan DeFigio

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An Amazon bestseller! Beach Games For Kids is a collection of children’s games that can be played at the beach, either with adults for some quality family time — or played by the kids by themselves if the grownups need a little peace and … more

Beach Games For Kids: Children’s Games For Outdoor Family Fun In The Sand
Dan DeFigio
Dan DeFigio , English
1300 Word Scrambles: Bible T... - E L LEE

1300 Word Scrambles: Bible T...E L LEE

Great For Fun, Knowledge, Contest & Waiting Time!Know Your Bible Well? Test and See!This is a book of word scramble game. It is written based on the book of Matthew from the Bible. This book contains 1300 questions. There are more than 1300… more

1300 Word Scrambles: Bible Theme The Book of Matthew (Bible Word Games 2)
Hana T & Boon Publishing , English
194++ Word Scrambles: Bible ... - E L LEE

194++ Word Scrambles: Bible ...E L LEE

Bible Book Word Games!Value Buy For Fun, Knowledge, Contest & Waiting Time!This is a book of word scramble game. It is written based on the book of Jude from the Bible. This book contains more than 194 words to unscramble.The games are hype… more

194++ Word Scrambles: Bible Theme The Book of Jude (Bible Word games 3)
Hana T & Boon Publishing , English
Basics Of Game Maker - Aditya Kale

Basics Of Game MakerAditya Kale

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This book is a basic step-by-step guide to game programming. The book describes various ways and means of generating the same output giving details of the pros and cons of each programming approach. This helps to develop better programming … more

Basics Of Game Maker
Aditya Kale
Beginning Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Beginning Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Tutorials

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Beginning Raspberry Pi consists of 15 Chapters that will guide you through setting up, installing and using the Raspberry Pi computer. You will learn your way around the console by using basic commands and then move on to the graphical use… more

Beginning Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Tutorials
RMLA Link Publishing , English
Amazing Happenings in the Ga... - Kaiho Rin, Norio Kudo, Chiku...

Amazing Happenings in the Ga...Kaiho Rin, Norio Kudo, Chiku...

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During the twentieth century the Japanese developed the game of go and the associations that support it to an extent never before seen. That resulted in an astoundingly creative evolution of go and great numbers of thrilling matches and stu… more

Amazing Happenings in the Game of Go (Kido Classics Book 2)
Kaiho Rin, Norio Kudo, Chikun Cho, Yoshiteru Abe, Eio Sakata, Shuko Fujisawa, Yoshio Ishida
Traditional Games: How To Ha... - Linda Gray

Traditional Games: How To Ha...Linda Gray

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Traditional games to play at home or away, and mostly for FREE!

Here’s the fun stuff that children got up to before the days of computers. Bring the whole family together with a fun idea and the little darlings may even switch off the com… more

Traditional Games: How To Have Fun off the Grid! (Healthy Living Book 4)
Linda Gray
Linda Gray , English
Rhyming Words: A beach quiz ... - Fran West

Rhyming Words: A beach quiz ...Fran West

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In this picture book there are 20 colorful photos of what you might see and do at the beach.To see samples of the photos (with words on them) view the video on Fran’s author page (click on “Fran West” below the title of this kindle book).Th… more

Rhyming Words: A beach quiz to enjoy (a children’s picture book)
Fran West
Fran West , English
Programming Concepts in C++ - Robert Burns

Programming Concepts in C++Robert Burns

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Programming Concepts in C++ is one in a series of books that introduce the basic concepts of computer programming, using a selected programming language. Other books in the series use languages like Java and Python, but all focus on concep… more

Programming Concepts in C++
Robert Burns
Xlibris US , English
Chess Patzer to Master - How... - Paul Powell

Chess Patzer to Master - How...Paul Powell

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This book is written by a chess player just like you. I wasnot a child prodigy, I did not become a master in my teens. I have lost manygames like a patzer and I struggled to learn how to play well. But I over cameand you can too. In this bo… more

Chess Patzer to Master - How an Everyday Joe Does it
Paul Powell
Construct 2 Game Development... - John Bura

Construct 2 Game Development...John Bura

In DetailConstruct 2 is an HTML5-based game editor that uses drag-and-drop functionality to allow users to create complex and engaging games with no programming experience. The software is fast and easy to learn for novices, yet powerful fo… more

Construct 2 Game Development by Example
John Bura
Packt Publishing , English
Game Maker For Beginners 201... -

Game Maker For Beginners 201...

Have you ever wondered how these games are created? Do you love playing games and also want to create your own cool games? If your answer is yes then this book is for you. Game Maker for Beginners provides step by step tutorials for Game Ma… more

Game Maker For Beginners 2014 Edition
Unity 3 Blueprints - A Pract... - Craig Stevenson, Simon Quig

Unity 3 Blueprints - A Pract...Craig Stevenson, Simon Quig

Unity3D is an amazing game development tool being used around the world by professional, indie and bedroom game developers. This hands-on blueprints book is designed to get to the heart of Unity 3 development by showing you how to create 4 … more

Unity 3 Blueprints - A Practical Guide to Indie Games Development
Craig Stevenson, Simon Quig
Deep Pixel Publishing , English
Stalingrad Replayed (Studies... - George Phillies

Stalingrad Replayed (Studies...George Phillies

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Stalingrad, the 1963 game from Avalon Hill, is the most intensely analyzed board wargame in the history of the wargaming hobby. Stalingrad Replayed presents a series of complete games, with detailed turn-by-turn tactical analysis by Grandma… more

Stalingrad Replayed (Studies in Game Design Book 4)
George Phillies