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Inside Homeland Security - Dave Grossman, Richard Hughb...

Inside Homeland SecurityDave Grossman, Richard Hughb...

Antiterrorism.Cyber security.Disaster preparedness.Border security. These are just a few of the wide-ranging professional fields that have rallied under the banner of homeland security in the decade since 9/11. Inside Homeland Security®, th… more

Inside Homeland Security
Dave Grossman, Richard Hughbank, Jason Sprowl, Shawn VanDiver, David Johnson, Peter Probst
The Art of War - Antoine-Henri Jomini

The Art of WarAntoine-Henri Jomini

Baron Antoine-Henri Jomini (1779-1869), a Swiss citizen, was a general in the French army, serving as a aide-de-camp on Marshal Ney’s personal staff. He also served in the Russian army, receiving the rank of Lieutenant-General and serving a… more

The Art of War
Antoine-Henri Jomini
The Prince.  Special Edition... - Niccolo Machiavelli

The Prince. Special Edition...Niccolo Machiavelli

Machiavelli’s The Prince is the ultimate guide to power politics and is still considered essential reading for politicians, statesmen and leaders five hundred years after it was written. Shocking in its candor and honesty and disturbing be… more

The Prince. Special Edition with Machiavelli’s Description of the Methods of Murder Adopted by Duke Valentino
Niccolo Machiavelli
Re:Imagining Change: How to ... - Doyle Canning, Patrick Reinsborough

Re:Imagining Change: How to ...Doyle Canning, Patrick Reinsborough

An inspirational inside look at the trailblazing methodology developed by the nonprofit strategy and training organization, smartMeme, this unique exploration provides progressive activists with the tools to get stories into the media, buil… more

Re:Imagining Change: How to Use Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements, and Change the World
Doyle Canning, Patrick Reinsborough
PM Press , English
The National Interest (May/J... - Jacob Heilbrunn, Richard J. ...

The National Interest (May/J...Jacob Heilbrunn, Richard J. ...

The National Interest is the premier venue for debate on international affairs. Covering topics as varied as terrorism, nuclear proliferation, energy security and international trade, TNI is regularly read by government officials and member… more

The National Interest (May/June 2011)
Jacob Heilbrunn, Richard J. Evans, Rajan Menon, Jessica Stern, Eugene Rogan, Christian Caryl, Thomas de Waal, Margaret MacMillan, Richard K. Betts
The Romance of Irish History - John Gabriel Rowe

The Romance of Irish HistoryJohn Gabriel Rowe

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Although the late 20th Century has brought historic changes to Ireland, keep in mind that this book was publihsed in 1913. From the Preface: “The story of our native land, from weary age to age, Is writ in blood and scalding tears ou many… more

The Romance of Irish History
John Gabriel Rowe
United States Special Operat... - David Tucker, Christopher J. Lamb

United States Special Operat...David Tucker, Christopher J. Lamb

In October and November of 2001, small numbers of soldiers from the Army Special Forces entered Afghanistan, linked up with elements of the Northern Alliance (an assortment of Afghanis opposed to the Taliban), and, in a remarkably short per… more

United States Special Operations Forces
David Tucker, Christopher J. Lamb
Columbia University Press , English
From Dictatorship to Democra... - Gene Sharp

From Dictatorship to Democra...Gene Sharp

Twenty-one years ago, at a friend’s request, a Massachusetts professor sketched out a blueprint for nonviolent resistance to repressive regimes. It would go on to be translated, photocopied, and handed from one activist to another, travelin… more

From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation
Gene Sharp
The New Press , English
The Electoral College - William C. Kimberling, FEC O...

The Electoral CollegeWilliam C. Kimberling, FEC O...

In order to appreciate the reasons for the Electoral College, it isessential to understand its historical context and the problem that theFounding Fathers were trying to solve. They faced the difficult question ofhow to elect a president in… more

The Electoral College
William C. Kimberling, FEC Office of Election Administration
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
Can America be Saved from St... - Dave Duffy

Can America be Saved from St...Dave Duffy

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There are two reasons why I decided to compile into a book some of the columns I’ve written for Backwoods Home Magazine over the past 23 years.First, they are well written, concise, and to the point about topics that every American needs to… more

Can America be Saved from Stupid People (and other essays)
Dave Duffy
Backwoods Home Magazine , English
A Return to Virtue: Repositi... -

A Return to Virtue: Repositi...

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In a world of moral relativism, American exceptionalism has been marginalized and mocked. Never before has our nation been in need of a return to the traditional values that have made it the standard bearer of liberty since its founding. In… more

A Return to Virtue: Repositioning America for Leadership in the 21st Century
The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and ... - Philip  Marshall

The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and ...Philip Marshall

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From the perspective of a Boeing 767 captain and former “special activities” contract pilot, Philip Marshall straps the reader into the cockpits of hijacked commercial airliners to tell the story of the most sophisticated terrorist attack i… more

The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror
Philip Marshall
Createspace , English
Minutemen: The Battle to Sec... - Jim Gilchrist, Jerome R. Corsi

Minutemen: The Battle to Sec...Jim Gilchrist, Jerome R. Corsi

Called “vigilantes” by President Bush—but cheered on by millions of Americans concerned over decades of uncontrolled illegal immigration—the all-volunteer Minuteman Project was founded in 2004 by decorated Marine veteran Jim Gilchrist. Arme… more

Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Borders
Jim Gilchrist, Jerome R. Corsi
World Ahead Publishing , English
Guns, Crime & Freedom - Wayne LaPierre

Guns, Crime & FreedomWayne LaPierre

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In “Guns, Crime and Freedom,” Wayne LaPierre provides Americans with a single source to find the available facts surrounding the gun control argument. “Guns, Crime and Freedom” has all the facts. It explores the issues of gun control, crime… more

Guns, Crime & Freedom
Wayne LaPierre
Liberty Library via Smashwords , English
The Conspiracy That Will Not... - Sr. Robert Gates

The Conspiracy That Will Not...Sr. Robert Gates

From each according to his ability…To each according to his needs…Is this what we want America to be? A cabal of financial interests are rapidly driving America toward totalitarianism and Communism. If we are to stop them, their conspir… more

The Conspiracy That Will Not Die: How the Rothschild Cabal Is Driving America into One World Government
Sr. Robert Gates
A Preface To Politics ( Anno... - WALTER LIPPMANN

A Preface To Politics ( Anno...WALTER LIPPMANN


A Preface To Politics ( Annotated ) : By WALTER LIPPMANN
Sirinan Saelor , English
Guerilla Days In Ireland: To... - Tom Barry

Guerilla Days In Ireland: To...Tom Barry

Guerilla Days in Ireland’ is a fascinating memoir of the Irish struggle for Independence from the commander of the Third West Cork Flying Column. Guerilla Days in Ireland is the extraordinary story of the fight between two unequal forces, w… more

Guerilla Days In Ireland: Tom Barry’s Autobiography
Tom Barry
Mercier Press , English
Letter Of The President Of T... - Various

Letter Of The President Of T...Various

We have now the honor to submit to the consideration of the United States in Congress assembled, that Constitution which has appeared to us the most advisable. The friends of our country have long seen and desired, that the power of making … more

Letter Of The President Of The Federal Convention - Various
Keeping the Edge: Revitalizi... - Dr. John A. Nagl, Brian M. B...

Keeping the Edge: Revitalizi...Dr. John A. Nagl, Brian M. B...

Keeping the Edge: Revitalizing America’s Military Officer CorpsAuthor(s): Dr. John A. Nagl, Brian M. Burton, Dr. Don M. Snider, Frank G. Hoffman, Captain Mark R. Hagerott, USN, Colonel Roderick C. Zastrow, USAFType of Publication: ReportDa… more

Keeping the Edge: Revitalizing America’s Military Officer Corps
Dr. John A. Nagl, Brian M. Burton, Dr. Don M. Snider, Frank G. Hoffman, USN Captain Mark R. Hagerott, USAF Colonel Roderick C. Zastrow
Center for a New American Security , English
The Psychology of Revolution - Gustave Le Bon

The Psychology of RevolutionGustave Le Bon

A discussion of the psychology of revolution in general, religious or political, and the mental and emotional characteristics of the leaders of such movements, with special consideration of the French revolution. The examples of revolutiona… more

The Psychology of Revolution
Gustave Le Bon
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English