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Emma by Jane Austen - Full V... - Jane Austen

Emma by Jane Austen - Full V...Jane Austen

Emma is a comic novel by Jane Austen, first published in December 1815, about the perils of misconstrued romance. The main character, Emma Woodhouse, is described in the opening paragraph as “handsome, clever, and rich” but is also rather s… more

Emma by Jane Austen - Full Version (Annotated) (Literary Classics Collection Book 101)
Jane Austen
G Books , English
The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson - Mark Twain

The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead WilsonMark Twain

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The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson
Mark Twain
The Driver And His Wife - Roland L. Reed

The Driver And His WifeRoland L. Reed

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In 1928, young Joshua and his bride, Lena, look forward to living and workingon his father’s farm in the western North Carolina mountains. However, whenMr. Poole, powerful leader of Charlotte’s prohibition whiskey gang, off ers him ajob dri… more

The Driver And His Wife
Roland L. Reed
Xlibris , English
The Second Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling

The Second Jungle BookRudyard Kipling

The Second Jungle Book

The Second Jungle Book
Rudyard Kipling
Diary of Samuel Pepys  Complete - Samuel Pepys

Diary of Samuel Pepys CompleteSamuel Pepys

Quality ClassicsWe specialize in creating hard to find, high quality classic books optimized for the Kindle.We always have the highest quality books. Sick of spelling errors, weird characters, or a lack of pictures in illustrated books? Wel… more

Diary of Samuel Pepys Complete
Samuel Pepys
The Alexandre Dumas Collecti... - Alexandre Dumas

The Alexandre Dumas Collecti...Alexandre Dumas

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Waxkeep Publishing Collections provide history’s greatest authors’ collected works in a convenient collection complete with a linked table of contents. Waxkeep Publishing’s goal is to provide the most complete, and most easy to read collect… more

The Alexandre Dumas Collection: 26 Classic Works
Alexandre Dumas
Acheron Press , English
Delphi Works of M. R. James ... - Montague Rhodes  James

Delphi Works of M. R. James ...Montague Rhodes James

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M. R. James entirely redefined the ghost story for the modern reader. Abandoning many of the formal Gothic clichés of his predecessors, he chose instead realistic contemporary settings, whilst blending his esoteric interest in antiquarian s… more

Delphi Works of M. R. James (Illustrated) (Series Four Book 2)
Montague Rhodes James
Delphi Classics , English
Lady Susan with illustration... - Jane Austen

Lady Susan with illustration...Jane Austen

Check out ngims Publishing’s other illustrated literary classics. The vast majority of our books have original illustrations, free audiobook download, and navigable Table of Contents. Browse our library collection by typing in ngims or ngim… more

Lady Susan with illustrations and a link to download FREE audiobook
Jane Austen
ngims Publishing , English
Works of Moncure Daniel Conway - Moncure Daniel Conway

Works of Moncure Daniel ConwayMoncure Daniel Conway

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5 works of Moncure Daniel ConwayAmerican abolitionist, Unitarian clergyman, and author (1832-1907)This ebook presents a collection of 5 works of Moncure Daniel Conway. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work sele… more

Works of Moncure Daniel Conway
Moncure Daniel Conway
The Perfect Library , English
Lothaire par M. Disraeli (Fr... - Paul Challemel-Lacour

Lothaire par M. Disraeli (Fr...Paul Challemel-Lacour

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Lothaire par M. DisraeliPaul Challemel-Lacour, homme d’État français (1827-1896)Ce livre numérique présente «Lothaire par M. Disraeli», de Paul Challemel-Lacour, édité en texte intégral. Une table des matières dynamique permet d’accéder dir… more

Lothaire par M. Disraeli (French Edition)
Paul Challemel-Lacour
Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale , French
Around the World in 80 Days,... - Jules Verne

Around the World in 80 Days,...Jules Verne

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Around the World in 80 Days, Formatted for Kindle
Jules Verne
Works of Jean Webster - Jean Webster

Works of Jean WebsterJean Webster

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7 works of Jean WebsterAmerican writer and author (1876-1916)This ebook presents a collection of 7 works of Jean Webster. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected.Table of Contents:- Daddy-Long-Legs - Dea… more

Works of Jean Webster
Jean Webster
The Perfect Library , English
Sir George Cornewal Lewis (F... - Paul Challemel-Lacour

Sir George Cornewal Lewis (F...Paul Challemel-Lacour

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Sir George Cornewal LewisPaul Challemel-Lacour, homme d’État français (1827-1896)Ce livre numérique présente «Sir George Cornewal Lewis», de Paul Challemel-Lacour, édité en texte intégral. Une table des matières dynamique permet d’accéder d… more

Sir George Cornewal Lewis (French Edition)
Paul Challemel-Lacour
Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale , French
Red Saunders - Henry Wallace Phillips

Red SaundersHenry Wallace Phillips

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Red Saunders
Henry Wallace Phillips
Old Love Stories Retold - Richard Le Gallienne

Old Love Stories RetoldRichard Le Gallienne

Richard Le Gallienne’s “Old Love Stories Retold” is a classic work read by book lovers, students and scholars. This is a special edition which exposes readers to a variety of phrases and terminology from this genre. The “click to Webster’s … more

Old Love Stories Retold
Richard Le Gallienne
The Works: Augusta Groner - Augusta Groner

The Works: Augusta GronerAugusta Groner

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This collection has been develop and optimized for use on the Kindle, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian and other devices including your PC. It includes a hypertext Table of Contents for each title making it very easy to navigate th… more

The Works: Augusta Groner
Augusta Groner
Packard Technologies , English
Utopia - Sir Thomas More

UtopiaSir Thomas More

Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) wrote Utopia in 1515. He coined the term “utopia”, a pun meaning both “good place” and “no place.”Utopia is found on a voyage to the newly discovered Americas. The society is a communistic democracy as opposed t… more

Sir Thomas More
Desperate Remedies - Thomas Hardy

Desperate RemediesThomas Hardy

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Thomas Hardy (2 June 1840 – 11 January 1928) was a writer and poet born in Dorchester, England. Hardy’s poetry dealt mainly with the naturalism movement. Hardy considered himself a poet first, but his most famous works were his novels, part… more

Desperate Remedies
Thomas Hardy
Acheron Press , English