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Pabo, the priest: a novel - Sabine Baring-Gould

Pabo, the priest: a novelSabine Baring-Gould

Excerpt:King Henry sat in a great chair with a pillow under each arm, and one behind his head resting on the lofty chair-back. He was unwell, uncomfortable, irritable.In a large wickerwork cage at the further end of the room was a porcupine… more

Pabo, the priest: a novel
Sabine Baring-Gould


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Thomas Bulfinch
Classics-Unbound , English
The Essays of Arthur Schopen... - Arthur Schopenhauer

The Essays of Arthur Schopen...Arthur Schopenhauer

The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. Subjects: Literature; Literary Criticism / Semiotics

The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer; The Art of Literature
Arthur Schopenhauer
Works of Joseph Victor von Scheffel - Joseph Victor von Scheffel

Works of Joseph Victor von ScheffelJoseph Victor von Scheffel

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4 works of Joseph Victor von ScheffelGerman poet and novelist (1826-1886)This ebook presents a collection of 4 works of Joseph Victor von Scheffel. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected.Table of Conten… more

Works of Joseph Victor von Scheffel
Joseph Victor von Scheffel
The Perfect Library , English
The Classic Works of William... - William A. Alcott

The Classic Works of William...William A. Alcott

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The Young Woman’s GuideThe Young Man’s Guide

The Classic Works of William A. Alcott
William A. Alcott
A Journal of the Plague Year... - Defoe Daniel

A Journal of the Plague Year...Defoe Daniel

pubOne.info thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. as well public as private, which happened in

A Journal of the Plague Year, written by a citizen who continued all the while in London
Defoe Daniel
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Memoranda on Tours and Touraine - J. H. Holdsworth

Memoranda on Tours and TouraineJ. H. Holdsworth

Quality ClassicsWe specialize in creating hard to find, high quality, classic books optimized for the Kindle.Sick of spelling errors, weird characters, or a lack of pictures in illustrated books? Well we know how you feel. We always have th… more

Memoranda on Tours and Touraine
J. H. Holdsworth
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Memoirs of Extraordinary Pop... - Mackay Charles

Memoirs of Extraordinary Pop...Mackay Charles

pubOne.info thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. “Il est bon de connaitre les delires de l’esprit humain.

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions Volume 1
Mackay Charles
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The Classic Works of I. Lili... - I. Lilias Trotter

The Classic Works of I. Lili...I. Lilias Trotter

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Parables of the Christ-lifeParables of the Cross

The Classic Works of I. Lilias Trotter
I. Lilias Trotter
Helen of Troy and Other Poems - Teasdale Sara

Helen of Troy and Other PoemsTeasdale Sara

pubOne.info thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. Of a knight who shall come with a silver spear

Helen of Troy and Other Poems
Teasdale Sara
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His Last Bow (Sherlock Holme... - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

His Last Bow (Sherlock Holme...Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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His Last Bow (Sherlock Holmes Vol. 8)

His Last Bow (Sherlock Holmes Vol. 8)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Fair Price Classics , English
The Classic Works of David Cory - David Cory

The Classic Works of David CoryDavid Cory

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Little Jack Rabbit and the Squirrel BrothersLittle Jack Rabbit’s Adventures

The Classic Works of David Cory
David Cory
Books and Bookmen - Ian Maclaren

Books and BookmenIan Maclaren

pubOne.info present you this new edition. They cannot be separated any more than sheep and a shepherd, but I am minded to speak of the bookman rather than of his books, and so it will be best at the outset to define the tribe.

Books and Bookmen
Ian Maclaren
pubOne.info , English
Charge It - Irving Bacheller

Charge ItIrving Bacheller

It may interest, if it does not comfort, the reader to know that this little story is built upon facts. The ride of Harry, the hundred-dollar pimple, the psychological hair, the downfall of Roger, all happened, while the Bishop’s Head is on… more

Charge It
Irving Bacheller
pubOne.info , English
Secret Places of the Heart - Herbert George Wells

Secret Places of the HeartHerbert George Wells

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Secret Places of the Heart
Herbert George Wells
pubOne.info , English
The Ultimate Collection of..... - Aphra Behn

The Ultimate Collection of.....Aphra Behn

The Ultimate Collection” is proud to present the best stories, novels, poetry and narratives of the most famous authors. All editions have been thoroughly reworked with interactive table-of-contents for easy access to the various parts of … more

The Ultimate Collection of… Aphra Behn
Aphra Behn
Jazzybee Publishing , English
Siddhartha [with Biographica... - HERMAN HESSE

Siddhartha [with Biographica...HERMAN HESSE

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Siddhartha [with Biographical Introduction]

Siddhartha [with Biographical Introduction]
Digireads.com , English
Oblomov - Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov

OblomovIvan Aleksandrovich Goncharov

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(…)”” An extremely striking piece of work. There are scenes in it full of tenderness and exquisite portraiture. “—Mr. W. L. COURTNEY in The Daily Telegraph. ” A work of intense interest, perhaps of greatness.” — T. f.’s Weekly. ” A rem… more

Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov
Mémoires de Mademoiselle Mar... - Mademoiselle Mars

Mémoires de Mademoiselle Mar...Mademoiselle Mars

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Mémoires de Mademoiselle Mars (volume II) (Mémoires de Mademoiselle Mars (volume II), French Language Edition) (French Edition)
Mademoiselle Mars