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After the Fall of NightSherri Lee Claytor

Jackson County, Wisconsin was a tranquil area of the globe, until murder struck the small community. The local sheriff investigates and begins unearthing things he never imagined possible. An immortal shape-shifter… Nightwalker, Corin von… more

After the Fall of Night
Sherri Lee Claytor
Wild Child Publishing , English

Honor Within (A Bonded Fanta...Mima

Average wait: N/A

Book 4Burke is one breath from breaking. At war with the inner Mountaincat that stole his birthright in the Wolf Clan, he is a lone alpha, banished and distrusted. When he finds Nomi, a wandering soul uneasy in her Guild, he knows he should… more

Honor Within (A Bonded Fantasy, Book 5)
Liquid Silver Books , English

Prince's FireCara Carnes

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Genre: Fantasy ParanormalPrevious Book: Warrior’s ParadiseGitana Danson would do whatever it took to find her sister. She never expected to discover the world she grew up learning of, but never thought existed — was her home. Her people. B… more

Prince’s Fire
Cara Carnes
Loose Id LLC , English

Under Her SkinMary Winter

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Genre: ParanormalA wilted flower never gets sent.A scarred woman never finds love.Ari intimately knows these two truths. She works as a florist. Her job is to create beauty. But a horrible car accident left her permanently scarred. She’s bu… more

Under Her Skin
Mary Winter
Loose Id LLC , English

Fallen: WilliamTiffany Aaron

Having had everything taken from him when he was thrown out of Heaven, William Bradford plays poker like he has nothing to lose. When he is ordered to protect Abby Hanson, William doesn’t realize his heart is at risk from a woman who despis… more

Fallen: William
Tiffany Aaron
Liquid Silver Books , English

Accidental Mates: LadonBrenda Steele

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

Third book in the Accidental Mates Series. Tiam is done with the Drelconians. She hopes to find acceptance among the humans at a small outpost on Orel-x Four. Expecting a peaceful life pretending to be human, she finds two plots against he… more

Accidental Mates: Ladon
Brenda Steele
Amira Press , English

Ashita & PalenaKapiel Raaj

Ashita and Palena are souls of my passion: writing. I began my journey in the world of novel and books by first writing my tearful tale Palena, followed by an even more emotional story Ashita. They are both equally a part of my existence. A… more

Ashita & Palena
Kapiel Raaj

Exgirlfriend Slave CaptivesMaster Coe

Two young ladies, Jena and Trudy, are sent to Mistress Kim at the request of their ex-boyfriends. The girls want a second chance from their boyfirends. First they have to prove they have changed their ways. The girls agree to do whatever it… more

Exgirlfriend Slave Captives
Master Coe
MC Publications , English

Troubled Waters (Terran Realm)Tiffany Aaron

Brian Rasmussen makes his living as a charter fisherman on the island of Tortula in the British Virgin Islands. Running a fishing boat might seem to be a strange occupation for a man who fears the water like Brian does, but though he vows n… more

Troubled Waters (Terran Realm)
Tiffany Aaron
Liquid Silver Books , English

Out of the Box 2 (On The Edge)Kallysten

1 rating

Virginia tried to stay away from On The Edge, yet in the end, she returns to the club — and to her lover, vampire Anando. She’s determined to keep things under control this time, and she knows what to choose in his toy box to hold on to he… more

Out of the Box 2 (On The Edge)
Alinar Publishing , English

Prince Of The Blood (Prince ...P.J. Webb

Sebastian Blood is a man who came face to face with his destiny, perpetuated by an unspeakable act that threw him into a nightmare from which there is no escape.At the age of 27 with his mesmerizing, indescribable good looks, self confidenc… more

Prince Of The Blood (Prince Of The Blood Chronicles)
P.J. Webb

The MuseGwen Campbell

Being jilted by your husband does things to your self esteem. Being stuck churning out commissioned portraits does things to your creativity. It may be 2491 but some things stay the same. What Calla needs is a muse. Someone tall, hot and hu… more

The Muse
Gwen Campbell
eXtasy Books , English

Some Like It Haunted [Carnal...Moira Rogers

Series: Carnal Powers; Previous Book: Last HopeGenre: ParanormalReed can have any girl he wants—except the one who seems determined to make his professional life as difficult as possible. Sara’s been the number one paranormal researcher in … more

Some Like It Haunted [Carnal Powers]
Moira Rogers
Loose Id LLC , English

To Wed a Centaur KingDiana Castilleja

Pasha really doesn’t believe the fantastical things Darmitus has told her. Even when he shows her the truth, she still doubts his true intentions. Can his envious cousin use her doubts and fears to tear apart their fragile new love or will … more

To Wed a Centaur King
Diana Castilleja
Tease Publishing LLC , English

The Viper Prince (Desert Pri...Rebecca Goings

1 rating
Average wait: 44d, 6h

A successful romance author, Sabine Santiago’s latest book is about hot desert sands and a sexy caravan prince. She’s dreamt of him every night since buying a coiling viper armband at her local flea market. Little does she know the trinket … more

The Viper Prince (Desert Princes of Jikkar)
Rebecca Goings
Carnal Passions , English

Before the Moon RisesCatherine Bybee

After a twelve-hour shift in a busy emergency room, Janet O’Brien is beat. Her last patient arrives unconscious and naked. She’s lead to believe he’s a psyche patient off his meds. However, once he awakens, Janet is charmed by his million-d… more

Before the Moon Rises
Catherine Bybee
The Wild Rose Press , English

The Quest (Legend of Blackbe...Maddie James

Jackson Porter seeks to fulfill his mother dying request-and answers about the imaginary lover who haunts his nights. His future, he learns, is in a place called Ohio, miles and centuries away from his barrier island home in 1745. The land … more

The Quest (Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice Series)
Maddie James
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English

Out of the Box 10 (On The Edge)Kallysten

Anando thought he had said his goodbyes, but the meddling of his Sire and the confession of a woman from his past change everything. He returns to Haventown, not to fall in bed with Virginia again, but to ask her a question. When she stands… more

Out of the Box 10 (On The Edge)
Alinar Publishing , English

Love Gods and LabyrinthsTeel James Glenn

A collection of short romantic love stories, ranging from the fantastic to the macabre … You’ll find something to suit your taste for romance and fantasy here.

Love Gods and Labyrinths
Teel James Glenn
Gypsy Shadow Publishing , English

Fallen: DanielleTiffany Aaron

Refusing to align herself with either the Enforcers or the unrepentant, Danielle Weston lives her life as normally as possible. Her work as an antiquities consultant for Chicago’s Field Museum allows her to use the knowledge she’s gained ov… more

Fallen: Danielle
Tiffany Aaron
Liquid Silver Books , English