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After the Fall of Night - Sherri Lee Claytor

After the Fall of NightSherri Lee Claytor

Jackson County, Wisconsin was a tranquil area of the globe, until murder struck the small community. The local sheriff investigates and begins unearthing things he never imagined possible. An immortal shape-shifter… Nightwalker, Corin von… more

After the Fall of Night
Sherri Lee Claytor
Wild Child Publishing , English
George W. Sands- Mazelli, an... - George W. Sands

George W. Sands- Mazelli, an...George W. Sands

An Excerpt from the book-Canto I. I. “Stay, traveller, stay thy weary steed, The sultry hour of noon is near, Of rest thy way-worn limbs have need, Stay, then, and, taste its sweetness here. The mountain path whi… more

George W. Sands- Mazelli, and Other Poems
George W. Sands
The Mississippi Bubble: The ... - Emerson Hough

The Mississippi Bubble: The ...Emerson Hough

The Mississippi Bubble. How the star of good fortune rose and set and roseagain, by a woman’s grace, for one John Law, of Lauriston. A novel by Emerson Hough.Enjoy some of this book as following:-*CHAPTER I: THE RETURNED TRAVELER”Gentle… more

The Mississippi Bubble: The Great Novel of the Year
Emerson Hough
Ashita & Palena - Kapiel Raaj

Ashita & PalenaKapiel Raaj

Ashita and Palena are souls of my passion: writing. I began my journey in the world of novel and books by first writing my tearful tale Palena, followed by an even more emotional story Ashita. They are both equally a part of my existence. A… more

Ashita & Palena
Kapiel Raaj
The Interview (1) - The Knife Sharpener

The Interview (1)The Knife Sharpener

A man is attending an interview to save his life.You are the interviewer.As the interviewer you have seen his CV, but now that he is in front of you the information you require is about him, face to face. This man is on the edge, he’s not e… more

The Interview (1)
The Knife Sharpener
Cavendish Publishers , English


2 ratings

When Lady Jasmina accidentally creates a double of herself who knows nothing about Society propriety, the mix-up brings her into a very compromising position with a sexy were-stallion.

Kathryne Kennedy
Love Spell , English
Caribbean Dreams of Love - Bess McBride

Caribbean Dreams of LoveBess McBride

Daisy and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Lilly, are embarking on a Caribbean cruise. She isn¡¦t looking for anything special on the cruise other than a pleasant break from her humdrum existence as long-time divorced single mother to a busy … more

Caribbean Dreams of Love
Bess McBride
The Wild Rose Press , English
Love Gods and Labyrinths - Teel James Glenn

Love Gods and LabyrinthsTeel James Glenn

A collection of short romantic love stories, ranging from the fantastic to the macabre … You’ll find something to suit your taste for romance and fantasy here.

Love Gods and Labyrinths
Teel James Glenn
Gypsy Shadow Publishing , English
Taken [Dark Elves 1] - Jet Mykles

Taken [Dark Elves 1]Jet Mykles

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Series: Dark Elves; Next Book: MasteredGenre: Paranormal; BDSMDiana is infuriated, humiliated…insanely aroused. Who do these black-skinned, white-haired, sex-oozing devils think they are making her into a broodmare and sex-slave? She won’t … more

Taken [Dark Elves 1]
Jet Mykles
Loose Id LLC , English
Her Dark Desires - Charisma Knight

Her Dark DesiresCharisma Knight

Dremon, a five hundred year old tall, dark, and brooding vampire has been alone far too long. From the moment he laid eyes upon Anais, he read her like an open book. Swearing an oath to claim the sensual goddess, Dremon suddenly realizes sh… more

Her Dark Desires
Charisma Knight
Sugar and Spice Press , English
Jewels of the Sun - Kiss Carson

Jewels of the SunKiss Carson

Born on the mysterious island of Ambrosia and whisked away to mainland Australia when only a few days old, Selena Lewis grows up hearing tales of unimaginable treasures and a floating island, trapped in the nineteenth century, which only ap… more

Jewels of the Sun
Kiss Carson
The Wild Rose Press , English
teen alien 11 (Teen Alien book #11) - ipam

teen alien 11 (Teen Alien book #11)ipam

11 times…Starra is the beautiful alien trapped in a new galaxy, only she knows.11 times…Dirk, her enemy is trying to send her back to Earth, only he knows.11 times…Rann, the bronze prince can marry Starra breaking the time warp, no on… more

teen alien 11 (Teen Alien book #11)
Pamela Joan Barlow , English
The Quest (Legend of Blackbe... - Maddie James

The Quest (Legend of Blackbe...Maddie James

Jackson Porter seeks to fulfill his mother dying request-and answers about the imaginary lover who haunts his nights. His future, he learns, is in a place called Ohio, miles and centuries away from his barrier island home in 1745. The land … more

The Quest (Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice Series)
Maddie James
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English
Soulful Sex Volume II - Diana Laurence

Soulful Sex Volume IIDiana Laurence

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Soulful Sex Volume II” follows in the tradition of its bestselling and award-winning predecessor. Another six delightful couples explore timeless, archetypal themes of desire, intimacy, submission, conquest, and the union of souls through … more

Soulful Sex Volume II
Diana Laurence
Living Beyond Reality Press , English
Erotic Tales - Lucky For Some - Mythic Tales Publishing

Erotic Tales - Lucky For SomeMythic Tales Publishing

Erotic Tales is a series of naughty, erotic tales published in multiple volumes. This volume contains ‘Lucky For Some’ a tale of a tall up-tight plain girl that sexually comes out of her shell.

Erotic Tales - Lucky For Some
Mythic Tales Publishing
Whatnots And Doodads - Stacey Kennedy

Whatnots And DoodadsStacey Kennedy

For Bryanna, a witch from the Asheville Coven, magic is on the fritz. Shunned by her coven and her boyfriend Layton for her unruly magic, she seeks a new life for herself. It just so happens, fate steps in and brings her to Strange Hollow—… more

Whatnots And Doodads
Stacey Kennedy
Liquid Silver Books
The First Kill - Anastasia Rabiyah

The First KillAnastasia Rabiyah

Fresh from training as a deadly assassin, Marin is given her first assignment—murder Lord Coreth and carve her master’s mark into his face. Confident in her abilities, she travels to Jondah and targets her first kill, but when she finds he… more

The First Kill
Anastasia Rabiyah
Sugar and Spice Press , English
Shadow of the Wolf (Darkness... - R.G. Porter

Shadow of the Wolf (Darkness...R.G. Porter

A woman of nature, Saleene has answered only to herself. Born with the gift of magick, she is endeavored by the council to seek out the source of the evil that has spread across the lands. What she didn’t expect was the help of a man who se… more

Shadow of the Wolf (Darkness Unleashed) (German Edition)
R.G. Porter
Tease Publishing LLC , German
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights by Emily BronteEmily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is the only novel by Emily Brontë. It was first published in 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, and a posthumous second edition was edited by her sister Charlotte.The name of the novel comes from the Yorkshire manor on t… more

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Emily Bronte
Entwined by Fate (American O... - S.A. Price

Entwined by Fate (American O...S.A. Price

Thirty females of the Ophidian race have gone missing, most from the transient nest of Las Vegas, a rogue and unofficial nest run by the Saint, John Merrick. Believed to be dead by every Archon in the states, Merrick leads a quiet and unass… more

Entwined by Fate (American Ophidians)
S.A. Price
Tease Publishing LLC , English