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After the Fall of Night - Sherri Lee Claytor

After the Fall of NightSherri Lee Claytor

Jackson County, Wisconsin was a tranquil area of the globe, until murder struck the small community. The local sheriff investigates and begins unearthing things he never imagined possible. An immortal shape-shifter… Nightwalker, Corin von… more

After the Fall of Night
Sherri Lee Claytor
Wild Child Publishing , English
Mastered [Dark Elves 2] - Jet Mykles

Mastered [Dark Elves 2]Jet Mykles

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Series: Dark Elves; Previous Book: TakenGenre: Paranormal; BDSMSuzana has lost all she held dear—her family dead at sea, she, a musical mage of noble birth, has been taken by slavers. Alone, bereft, she can do nothing but mourn. But then t… more

Mastered [Dark Elves 2]
Jet Mykles
Loose Id LLC , English
Cake: A Fairy Tale - Dina Keratsis

Cake: A Fairy TaleDina Keratsis

When life offers Breena the chance to discover her true destiny she accepts, despite the misgivings of her noble, brooding protector. Long ago, Rune failed in his duty to guard the Queen Likely and vowed never again to let emotions rule him… more

Cake: A Fairy Tale
Dina Keratsis
Wings ePress , English
Salvation [Dark Elves 3] - Jet Mykles

Salvation [Dark Elves 3]Jet Mykles

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Series: Dark Elves; Previous Book: MasteredGenre: Paranormal; BDSMIrin was raised among the raedjour—dark elves bred by their goddess for sexual pleasure. When Irin was a toddler, sorcerers cast a protective spell on her to quell the lustf… more

Salvation [Dark Elves 3]
Jet Mykles
Loose Id LLC , English
Her Dark Desires - Charisma Knight

Her Dark DesiresCharisma Knight

Dremon, a five hundred year old tall, dark, and brooding vampire has been alone far too long. From the moment he laid eyes upon Anais, he read her like an open book. Swearing an oath to claim the sensual goddess, Dremon suddenly realizes sh… more

Her Dark Desires
Charisma Knight
Sugar and Spice Press , English
Night's Fortunes - J. E. Biggar

Night's FortunesJ. E. Biggar

In 19th century Florence, Elizabeth, a youthful English woman, vacations with her newlywed husband. Death separates the lovers and this is when the adventure begins. We now find a reincarnated Liz existing in present day, searching in this … more

Night’s Fortunes
J. E. Biggar
amazon.com , English
Whatnots And Doodads - Stacey Kennedy

Whatnots And DoodadsStacey Kennedy

For Bryanna, a witch from the Asheville Coven, magic is on the fritz. Shunned by her coven and her boyfriend Layton for her unruly magic, she seeks a new life for herself. It just so happens, fate steps in and brings her to Strange Hollow—… more

Whatnots And Doodads
Stacey Kennedy
Liquid Silver Books
The Fallen Fae - Connie Wood

The Fallen FaeConnie Wood

Shae is a fallen angel seeking salvation through a woman promised to him in return for services rendered long ago. Aleta is unaware she is the payment of a deal made between her grandfather and the Fae. With her grandfather gone, she discov… more

The Fallen Fae
Connie Wood
Freya’s Bower , English
Dreams of Anubis - Maria Isabel Pita

Dreams of AnubisMaria Isabel Pita

Legal secretary in Boston or ancient Egyptian priestess… Mary Fallon has no doubt which she would prefer to be, and when she finally gets the chance to visit the land of her fantasies she doesn’t hesitate. Her best friend, Caroline has fo… more

Dreams of Anubis
Maria Isabel Pita
Magic Carpet Books, Inc. , English
Kate's Island - The edge of heaven - Kacey Daniel

Kate's Island - The edge of heavenKacey Daniel

Though she never thought it would, romance finally finds Young Kate McGregor, who is torn between her conservative Catholic family background and the free spirited life style of her new found love. Soon her dreams start to blur with reality… more

Kate’s Island - The edge of heaven
Kacey Daniel
Daniel C Kaynor , English
Dissent [Dark Elves 4] - Jet Mykles

Dissent [Dark Elves 4]Jet Mykles

Average wait: N/A

Series: Dark Elves; Previous Book: SalvationGenre: BDSM ParanormalHer brother Geriman killed her husband, so now the two of them are on the run. Out of options, they take their chances on a trip through the Dark Forest, but they’re captured… more

Dissent [Dark Elves 4]
Jet Mykles
Loose Id LLC , English
The First Kill - Anastasia Rabiyah

The First KillAnastasia Rabiyah

Fresh from training as a deadly assassin, Marin is given her first assignment—murder Lord Coreth and carve her master’s mark into his face. Confident in her abilities, she travels to Jondah and targets her first kill, but when she finds he… more

The First Kill
Anastasia Rabiyah
Sugar and Spice Press , English
Frost Fever (A Raven Saga Book 5) - Crymsyn Hart

Frost Fever (A Raven Saga Book 5)Crymsyn Hart

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Jet is ordered to keep an eye on Paget. Once she touches him, her frosty caress opens his heart to her. He must prove his innocence that he didn’t kill her uncle, but before he can, he must find the Shadows that are out to kill her. Paget … more

Frost Fever (A Raven Saga Book 5)
Crymsyn Hart
Amira Press , English
Betrayal: The Darkfire Chron... - Victoria Knight

Betrayal: The Darkfire Chron...Victoria Knight

ATTENTION! New Release Sale! The price of this book will be raised soon. Grab your copy today! Betrayal: The Darkfire Chronicles Part III (A Vampire Romance)Enter the world of Darkfire: a secret wrapped in passion and intrigue where anc… more

Betrayal: The Darkfire Chronicles Part III (A Vampire Romance) (The Darkfire Chronicles: A Vampire Romance Series)
Victoria Knight
ILVN Press , English
Wolf in Training - Brenda Steele

Wolf in TrainingBrenda Steele

Brigit doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her boyfriend. He’s moody and distant, he’s covering the windows like he’s afraid of the moon, and worst of all, he won’t touch her. She’s got to find out what is going on with him and soon, becau… more

Wolf in Training
Brenda Steele
Sugar and Spice Press , English
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights by Emily BronteEmily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is the only novel by Emily Brontë. It was first published in 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, and a posthumous second edition was edited by her sister Charlotte.The name of the novel comes from the Yorkshire manor on t… more

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Emily Bronte
The Mississippi Bubble: The ... - Emerson Hough

The Mississippi Bubble: The ...Emerson Hough

The Mississippi Bubble. How the star of good fortune rose and set and roseagain, by a woman’s grace, for one John Law, of Lauriston. A novel by Emerson Hough.Enjoy some of this book as following:-*CHAPTER I: THE RETURNED TRAVELER”Gentle… more

The Mississippi Bubble: The Great Novel of the Year
Emerson Hough
Passionate Awakening  -  Ero... - Asia Assa

Passionate Awakening - Ero...Asia Assa

Stimulate your senses with this collection of prize winning erotic adult stories.Discover how these singles and couples satisfy all of your wildest sexual desires in these sizzling sex stories. Adults only 21+Warning, this title contains th… more

Passionate Awakening - Erotica, Romance, Sex
Asia Assa
Best of Intentions - Michelle Cary

Best of IntentionsMichelle Cary

Seth McFadden would love to ditch his life as a rock star and return to his hometown and girl he left behind. When a wicked winter storm fulfills his desire, Seth learns the true meaning of be careful what you wish for. Injured and blind, S… more

Best of Intentions
Michelle Cary
The Wild Rose Press , English
Boundless - Annie Dean, Bonnie Dee, Dion...

BoundlessAnnie Dean, Bonnie Dee, Dion...

Seven Days – Annie DeanTeresa intends to devote her life to the church, immaculate and untouched. Into her quiet life comes a beautiful devil sent to test her purity and her determination. She is silent prayers at midnight; he is the flash … more

Annie Dean, Bonnie Dee, Dionne Galace
Liquid Silver Books , English