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Angie's Heritage Stories - Angie M. Grigg

Angie's Heritage StoriesAngie M. Grigg

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Family histories and stories of the Grigg, Fuhriman, Blackburn, Brown and Taylor families

Angie’s Heritage Stories
Angie M. Grigg
Dick Grigg , English
From Poverty to Glory - Thomas Sprague

From Poverty to GloryThomas Sprague

It was the 1930s during the height of the Great Depression and Tom Sprague was just a child growing up in rural Michigan. It was a bittersweet time characterized by breadlines, record unemployment, the rise of faschist regimes, and homeless… more

From Poverty to Glory
Thomas Sprague
White Feather Press , English
My Mother is All I Need for ... - Tania Bethune

My Mother is All I Need for ...Tania Bethune

Carrie Grew up in a single parent family as her father who was a policeman was brutally killed by criminals when she was just a baby. Her mother loved her but Carrie was blinded by her own selfishness and lust. She made a decision and soon … more

My Mother is All I Need for Christmas
Tania Bethune
Tania Bethune , English
Dear M: Letters from Japan, ... - Linda Frye Burnham

Dear M: Letters from Japan, ...Linda Frye Burnham

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1968 and ‘69 were memorable years for most Americans. For Linda Burnham, wife to a drafted Army doctor and mother to three small children, those years were unforgettable. They were spent in a tatami house in a remote Japanese village, with … more

Dear M: Letters from Japan, 1968-1969
Linda Frye Burnham
Frog Pond Farm Press 2005 , English
Divine Destiny Equipping the... - Linda Clark Burley

Divine Destiny Equipping the...Linda Clark Burley

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This book is designed to let the reader know that God created the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. It is a gift ordained by God. I believe that God has given me a message for such a time as this, to inspire couples with ne… more

Divine Destiny Equipping the Family for Success
Linda Clark Burley
WestBowPress , English
Elizabeth - Chris Taylor

ElizabethChris Taylor

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Courage, strength and hope are the theme of this book. I was raised in a home filled with extreme domestic violence and alcoholism. My mother Elizabeth was married six times and at the age of 44 she died of cervical cancer. The next 13 year… more

Chris Taylor
Xlibris , English
Torn: The Melissa Williams S... - Ella Campbell

Torn: The Melissa Williams S...Ella Campbell

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Melissa Williams, a small town Alabama girl, takes you on her journey as she goes through a very difficult time in her life. Although her high school years were quite memorable, there is one moment in time that stands out more than others. … more

Torn: The Melissa Williams Story: Will Melissa choose the path of least resistance or will she continue on a path that keeps her torn and caught in the middle?
Ella Campbell
Trafford , English
The Panda And The Puppy - Minister Mary  Rincon

The Panda And The PuppyMinister Mary Rincon

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A wonderful Childrens story about the differences and unique characteristics of each other, how we relate in this world of passion.The Panda And The Puppy see how you relate to this story.

The Panda And The Puppy
Minister Mary Rincon
Mary Rincon , English
Becoming Us: 8 Steps to Grow... - Elly Taylor

Becoming Us: 8 Steps to Grow...Elly Taylor

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With the birth of a baby comes other new beginnings: the birth of a mother, of a father, and of a family. Becoming “us” is more than just a physical transformation; it’s a psychological, emotional and spiritual one, too. In older cultures a… more

Becoming Us: 8 Steps to Grow a Family That Thrives
Elly Taylor
Three Turtles Press , English
Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right - Dr. Tim Kimmel

Raising Kids Who Turn Out RightDr. Tim Kimmel

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Every parent hopes their kids will turn out right. They pray that when their children leave the nest, they will be ready to face the world. And they hope that their kids will be equipped to stand strong in life’s battles.

There are no shor… more

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right
Dr. Tim Kimmel
Bookbaby , English


It was an evening in early September twenty years ago. The sun was just setting in a radiance of glory behind the dark spruce forest that hid the great unknown, unexplored Labrador wilderness which stretched away a thousand miles to the roc… more

A Christmas Visitor - Richard E. Maxwell Sr.

A Christmas VisitorRichard E. Maxwell Sr.

Have you lost a loved one? Do you wish they could still be with you? Your loved one could be looking over your shoulder this very minute. Let me help you realize the fact they never left you when they died. This story about the Marshal Fam… more

A Christmas Visitor
Richard E. Maxwell Sr.
AuthorHouse , English
Family By God's Design: A Ce... - John Salmon PHD

Family By God's Design: A Ce...John Salmon PHD

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Family by God’s Design is• A safe haven where family members esteem and honor one another and where words and actions communicate value and respect to everyone, young and old;• A reliable sanctuary where each person receives grace, uncondi… more

Family By God’s Design: A Celebrating Community of Honor and Grace
John Salmon PHD
WestBow , English
Angel #5:My Special Angel - John Grover

Angel #5:My Special AngelJohn Grover

Angel #5, My Special Angel is the heart wrenching story of one families ordeal of dealing with loss and personal tragedy. Through the loss of their daughter Kaylee, personal strength is found with purpose and conviction in the purpose of li… more

Angel #5:My Special Angel
John Grover
AuthorHouse , English
Angel #5:My Special Angel - John Grover

Angel #5:My Special AngelJohn Grover

Angel #5, My Special Angel is the heart wrenching story of one families ordeal of dealing with loss and personal tragedy. Through the loss of their daughter Kaylee, personal strength is found with purpose and conviction in the purpose of li… more

Angel #5:My Special Angel
John Grover
AuthorHouse , English
Little monkeys happy day - Pamela Elias

Little monkeys happy dayPamela Elias

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A little monkeys love for his friends and family.

Little monkeys happy day
Pamela Elias
Pamela Elias , English
Marriage: Sink or Swim: Chap... - Cheryl Petersen

Marriage: Sink or Swim: Chap...Cheryl Petersen

There is no floating when it comes to marriage. Swim, or sink. Admittedly, the divorce rate mocks our ability to swim, but it doesn’t negate the possibility of improvement. We can improve. The booklet Marriage: Sink or Swim offers practical… more

Marriage: Sink or Swim: Chapters from Cheryl Petersen’s, “21st Century Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” (4th edition), a revision of Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health.”
Cheryl Petersen
Trafford , English
The Sunday Times: 30 Years o... -

The Sunday Times: 30 Years o...

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Over the past 30 years, The Sunday Times Magazine’s Relative Values column has become something of a phenomenon. A simple premise – two people, related, tell us about themselves and their families – has become one of the longest-running, mo… more

The Sunday Times: 30 Years of Relative Values: One of the best-loved and longest-running columns in the UK’s best-selling quality newspaper
Legacy of Prayer: A Spiritua... - Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Legacy of Prayer: A Spiritua...Jennifer Kennedy Dean

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Author Jennifer Kennedy Dean defines the principles of praying for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come. Learn how to lay up treasures in heaven, where the stock market doesn’t crash, banks don’t fail, and every investment i… more

Legacy of Prayer: A Spiritual Trust Fund for the Generations
Jennifer Kennedy Dean
The Praying Life Foundation , English
The Belligerent Nudist - William Rubin

The Belligerent NudistWilliam Rubin

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The Belligerent Nudist is a collection of funny, poignant, and introspective vignettes on living with my three-year old son.

The Belligerent Nudist
William Rubin