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Angie's Heritage Stories - Angie M. Grigg

Angie's Heritage StoriesAngie M. Grigg

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Family histories and stories of the Grigg, Fuhriman, Blackburn, Brown and Taylor families

Angie’s Heritage Stories
Angie M. Grigg
Dick Grigg , English


Across the narrow gorge the little foot-bridge stretched-a brace of logs, the upper surface hewn, and a slight hand-rail formed of a cedar pole. A flimsy structure, one might think, looking down at the dark and rocky depths beneath, through… more

Charles Egbert Craddock
Four Square - randall 'Jay' andrews, Jacks...

Four Squarerandall 'Jay' andrews, Jacks...

Socializing those first years of school, the playground became our retreat from the daily ritual of creating the productive souls we were expected to be behind the desks of elementary education. We gravitated to games as simple as Four Squa… more

Four Square
randall ‘Jay’ andrews, Jackson Ahern, Jill Pierce, Sheryl Lynn Arbuckle
JaCol Publishing, Inc. , English
Madea's Big Happy Family - Stevie Thompson

Madea's Big Happy FamilyStevie Thompson

Wowwww!A big family with the leader Madea being all over the place. this setting takes place in an older time and not that of the 21st century but with a twist to it. the story features Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Madea, Shirley, Kimberly, By… more

Madea’s Big Happy Family
Stevie Thompson
Steviesha T. Publishing , English
From Poverty to Glory - Thomas Sprague

From Poverty to GloryThomas Sprague

It was the 1930s during the height of the Great Depression and Tom Sprague was just a child growing up in rural Michigan. It was a bittersweet time characterized by breadlines, record unemployment, the rise of faschist regimes, and homeless… more

From Poverty to Glory
Thomas Sprague
White Feather Press , English
Can This Marriage Stuff Work? - Ronnie Lee

Can This Marriage Stuff Work?Ronnie Lee

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Can This Marriage Stuff Work? is designed to help couples who are involved in a committed relationship by offering them the necessary tools to build a strong and lasting relationship. It helps enable them to weather the storms that committe… more

Can This Marriage Stuff Work?
Ronnie Lee
WestBowPress , English
The Taylor Brand: The Taylor... - Mary Langford

The Taylor Brand: The Taylor...Mary Langford

The Taylor / Lewis Family History captures the early ‘20s and ‘30s when Lem Taylor owned the 160 acres of land, and agreeing to sell it to the Federal Government for the CCC Camp. It also focuses on the family values, expectation, the purc… more

The Taylor Brand: The Taylor / Lewis Family History From The Early ‘20s to Present
Mary Langford
AuthorHouse , English
But God, I'm Only Eighteen: John - Elizabeth Grace Jung

But God, I'm Only Eighteen: JohnElizabeth Grace Jung

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John assumes responsibility for his family and the farm after the death of his father in a farm accident. Later, his mentor grandfather died, making his future college education uncertain. Even so, through a tragedy with a nearby family an… more

But God, I’m Only Eighteen: John
Elizabeth Grace Jung
WestBowPress , English
Women In Love - Patricia Griecci

Women In LovePatricia Griecci

Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen are two sisters living in the Midlands of England in the 1910s. Ursula is a teacher, Gudrun an artist. They meet two men who live nearby, school inspector Rupert Birkin and coal-mine heir Gerald Crich. The four be… more

Women In Love
Patricia Griecci
The Sacred Work of Grandpare... - Elaine K. Williams

The Sacred Work of Grandpare...Elaine K. Williams

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You are not alone if you are one of the staggering numbers of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren! Are you confused by the generational gaps, challenging communications, and tough questions like, “Why are my parents so old? Wh… more

The Sacred Work of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Elaine K. Williams
BalboaPress , English
Good Girls Don't Whistle - Edith Zeitz

Good Girls Don't WhistleEdith Zeitz

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If you would like to boil down sap for maple syrup, grind apples for cider or just take a sleigh ride through a blinding snow storm in rural Michigan during the 1930’s depression, come along with Sarah Winters. She can do anything her fathe… more

Good Girls Don’t Whistle
Edith Zeitz
God, Family, and Everything ... - Matt Avery

God, Family, and Everything ...Matt Avery

God, Family, and Everything Else is a collection of poems and thoughts. It also contains one mans opinions on many of life’s strange ways that a lot of people seem to live. It also contains poems of  very personal matters that include life,… more

God, Family, and Everything Else: A Collection of Poems, Opinions, and Thoughts.
Matt Avery
AuthorHouse , English
The Secrets to Stepfamily Success - Gloria Lintermans

The Secrets to Stepfamily SuccessGloria Lintermans

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“[Secrets for Stepfamily Success] is the most thorough work on stepfamilies I have seen … a handbook of great value for both professionals and stepfamily members in navigating the complex territory of stepfamily life.”—Joan Sarin, M.S.,… more

The Secrets to Stepfamily Success
Gloria Lintermans
Llumina Press , English
Healthy Dating & Relationshi... - Information Buddy

Healthy Dating & Relationshi...Information Buddy

Healthy Dating - Ever have a little difficulty with dates - finding them, keeping them, communicating with them? Or how about relationships in general - how to tell if you’re in a good one or bad one? Or maybe you know someone else who stru… more

Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips - Ever have a little difficulty with dates - finding them, keeping them, communicating with them?
Information Buddy
Seeds Of Magnolia - Bill Miller

Seeds Of MagnoliaBill Miller

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The most peaceful years of Austin Miller’s life were before he married. Only he, Sophia and her mother, Elizabeth, were in the house. After his marriage, the house became a hotbed of chaos fueled by overzealous attitudes and unyielding temp… more

Seeds Of Magnolia
Bill Miller
Temporarily Disconnected - Kelly Jackson

Temporarily DisconnectedKelly Jackson

Where is the love in the black community? Why can’t our men and women get along anymore? What’s really going on with our children? Have our parenting skills fallen to an all-time low? Have black music and movies begun to corrupt our childr… more

Temporarily Disconnected
Kelly Jackson
iUniverse , English
My Mother is All I Need for ... - Tania Bethune

My Mother is All I Need for ...Tania Bethune

Carrie Grew up in a single parent family as her father who was a policeman was brutally killed by criminals when she was just a baby. Her mother loved her but Carrie was blinded by her own selfishness and lust. She made a decision and soon … more

My Mother is All I Need for Christmas
Tania Bethune
Tania Bethune , English
How to Trace your Family His... - Eileen Hughes

How to Trace your Family His...Eileen Hughes

This e-book will walk you through how to search your Family History. It will guide you to the many Genealogy sites, mailing lists, cemetery records and other places to look for records of your family.Family research is intriguing and once y… more

How to Trace your Family History/Genealogy
Eileen Hughes
Eileen Hughes , English



Alexander's Long Gravel Road: - Alexander James

Alexander's Long Gravel Road:Alexander James

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This is the true story of the author, Alexander James, and his journey from childhood which began down a long gravel road. Alex was born out of wedlock and from birth was not wanted by his mother. He was a frail and sickly child. His grandm… more

Alexander’s Long Gravel Road:
Alexander James