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Angie's Heritage Stories - Angie M. Grigg

Angie's Heritage StoriesAngie M. Grigg

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Family histories and stories of the Grigg, Fuhriman, Blackburn, Brown and Taylor families

Angie’s Heritage Stories
Angie M. Grigg
Dick Grigg , English
Say Uncle - Chris  Voisard

Say UncleChris Voisard

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When I was growing up, I thought my little brother was my uncle. I also thought my Papa left because of me. Say Uncle not only gives child’s eye details of adults who’ve gone off the deep end, but also turns an unflinching eye on the adult … more

Say Uncle
Chris Voisard
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English


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The meticulous piece has a conviction that the answer to the question “Must I marry?” is YES. Marriage could be sweet, joyful, and blissful if the professor of marriage institution is there during choice making.This book, “Must I marry?” is… more

REV. JOHN O. ODUM , English
Memories of Spearsville - Jeff Smith

Memories of SpearsvilleJeff Smith

Memories of Spearsville, by Author Jeff Smith, is written in the tradition of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “ Little House ” series of books, where Jeff turns back the clock and takes a look at yesteryear in Spearsville, Louisiana where he recalls… more

Memories of Spearsville
Jeff Smith
Starshine Publishing Company , English


Across the narrow gorge the little foot-bridge stretched-a brace of logs, the upper surface hewn, and a slight hand-rail formed of a cedar pole. A flimsy structure, one might think, looking down at the dark and rocky depths beneath, through… more

Charles Egbert Craddock
Our Southern Breeze: We Once... - Daphene Jones

Our Southern Breeze: We Once...Daphene Jones

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In Our Southern Breeze, Daphene Jones tells the story about her life as the twin sister of Deborah Hall of “Same Kind of Different as Me”. She knew Deborah like no one else could. And the story she tells is like no other story. At the Anahe… more

Our Southern Breeze: We Once Were Lost… But Now We’re Found…
Daphene Jones
Third Chapter Press , English
R.E.N.E.W.: Removing Every N... - Marquis Cooper Sr. M.Ed  and...

R.E.N.E.W.: Removing Every N...Marquis Cooper Sr. M.Ed and...

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The R.E.N.E.W. curriculum sheds light on the past while shifting the vicious cycle of negativity that is occurring at schools, homes, and within our communities. Students will fully be able to detail & break down the “how & why” of their cu… more

R.E.N.E.W.: Removing Every Negative Emotion & Word
Marquis Cooper Sr. M.Ed and Tina Duffy
AuthorHouse , English
Confessions of an alcoholic - Pat Ritter

Confessions of an alcoholicPat Ritter

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Bundy Quicksilver is an alcoholic. He tasted his initial taste of alcohol at 12 years old. Before he knew what alcohol could do to him it was out of control. At 28 years his wife gave him an ultimatum ‘if he didn’t do something about his dr… more

Confessions of an alcoholic
Pat Ritter
Pat Ritter , English
The Panda And The Puppy - Minister Mary  Rincon

The Panda And The PuppyMinister Mary Rincon

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A wonderful Childrens story about the differences and unique characteristics of each other, how we relate in this world of passion.The Panda And The Puppy see how you relate to this story.

The Panda And The Puppy
Minister Mary Rincon
Mary Rincon , English
Temporarily Disconnected - Kelly Jackson

Temporarily DisconnectedKelly Jackson

Where is the love in the black community? Why can’t our men and women get along anymore? What’s really going on with our children? Have our parenting skills fallen to an all-time low? Have black music and movies begun to corrupt our childr… more

Temporarily Disconnected
Kelly Jackson
iUniverse , English
The Belligerent Nudist - William Rubin

The Belligerent NudistWilliam Rubin

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The Belligerent Nudist is a collection of funny, poignant, and introspective vignettes on living with my three-year old son.

The Belligerent Nudist
William Rubin
Pretty Girls Cry a Lot - Sonja  Williams-Roberts

Pretty Girls Cry a LotSonja Williams-Roberts

This story is about five sisters growing up together, alike, yet different. It’s about their lives, loves and mistakes that they made in their quest to find happiness. It also tells a story of family bonds and how they kept them firmly comm… more

Pretty Girls Cry a Lot
Sonja Williams-Roberts
PublishAmerica , English
Madea's Big Happy Family - Stevie Thompson

Madea's Big Happy FamilyStevie Thompson

Wowwww!A big family with the leader Madea being all over the place. this setting takes place in an older time and not that of the 21st century but with a twist to it. the story features Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Madea, Shirley, Kimberly, By… more

Madea’s Big Happy Family
Stevie Thompson
Steviesha T. Publishing , English
Can This Marriage Stuff Work? - Ronnie L. Lee

Can This Marriage Stuff Work?Ronnie L. Lee

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Can This Marriage Stuff Work? is designed to help couples who are involved in a committed relationship by offering them the necessary tools to build a strong and lasting relationship. It helps enable them to weather the storms that committe… more

Can This Marriage Stuff Work?
Ronnie L. Lee
WestBowPress , English
Tracks Of My Tears - Manswell Peterson

Tracks Of My TearsManswell Peterson

Life has its challenges.Growing up in as a child in Albany, Georgia held good times for Manswell Peterson and his siblings.They also held a lot of growing pains.When the one person he could depend on gets her life turned upside down, the re… more

Tracks Of My Tears
Manswell Peterson
Nu Cherte Publishing , English
Seeds Of Magnolia - Bill Miller

Seeds Of MagnoliaBill Miller

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The most peaceful years of Austin Miller’s life were before he married. Only he, Sophia and her mother, Elizabeth, were in the house. After his marriage, the house became a hotbed of chaos fueled by overzealous attitudes and unyielding temp… more

Seeds Of Magnolia
Bill Miller
Healthy Dating & Relationshi... - Information Buddy

Healthy Dating & Relationshi...Information Buddy

Healthy Dating - Ever have a little difficulty with dates - finding them, keeping them, communicating with them? Or how about relationships in general - how to tell if you’re in a good one or bad one? Or maybe you know someone else who stru… more

Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips - Ever have a little difficulty with dates - finding them, keeping them, communicating with them?
Information Buddy
A Robin's Winter - Richard La Flamme

A Robin's WinterRichard La Flamme

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This book, in the style of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, spins the life and times of a lad who grew up in a hamlet on Saginaw Bay Born and raised in Linwood, Michigan, Richard La Flamme was a loyal, patriotic ‘Linwoodite’ who lived there… more

A Robin’s Winter
Richard La Flamme
AuthorHouse , English
How To Keep A Man And Make H... - Kerby Lapointe

How To Keep A Man And Make H...Kerby Lapointe

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Why are so many women single, unhappy and constantly complaining that there are no good men? As a social observer Author Kerby Lapointe decided to decipher the code for women and offer what he’s confident is finally the key for them to not … more

How To Keep A Man And Make Him Adore You
Kerby Lapointe
BookBaby , English
God, Family, and Everything ... - Matt Avery

God, Family, and Everything ...Matt Avery

God, Family, and Everything Else is a collection of poems and thoughts. It also contains one mans opinions on many of life’s strange ways that a lot of people seem to live. It also contains poems of  very personal matters that include life,… more

God, Family, and Everything Else: A Collection of Poems, Opinions, and Thoughts.
Matt Avery
AuthorHouse , English