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Angie's Heritage Stories - Angie M. Grigg

Angie's Heritage StoriesAngie M. Grigg

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Family histories and stories of the Grigg, Fuhriman, Blackburn, Brown and Taylor families

Angie’s Heritage Stories
Angie M. Grigg
Dick Grigg , English
Alexander's Long Gravel Road: - Alexander James

Alexander's Long Gravel Road:Alexander James

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This is the true story of the author, Alexander James, and his journey from childhood which began down a long gravel road. Alex was born out of wedlock and from birth was not wanted by his mother. He was a frail and sickly child. His grandm… more

Alexander’s Long Gravel Road:
Alexander James
The Sunday Times: 30 Years o... -

The Sunday Times: 30 Years o...

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Over the past 30 years, The Sunday Times Magazine’s Relative Values column has become something of a phenomenon. A simple premise – two people, related, tell us about themselves and their families – has become one of the longest-running, mo… more

The Sunday Times: 30 Years of Relative Values: One of the best-loved and longest-running columns in the UK’s best-selling quality newspaper


It was an evening in early September twenty years ago. The sun was just setting in a radiance of glory behind the dark spruce forest that hid the great unknown, unexplored Labrador wilderness which stretched away a thousand miles to the roc… more

The Secrets to Stepfamily Success - Gloria Lintermans

The Secrets to Stepfamily SuccessGloria Lintermans

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“[Secrets for Stepfamily Success] is the most thorough work on stepfamilies I have seen … a handbook of great value for both professionals and stepfamily members in navigating the complex territory of stepfamily life.”—Joan Sarin, M.S.,… more

The Secrets to Stepfamily Success
Gloria Lintermans
Llumina Press , English
Torn: The Melissa Williams S... - Ella Campbell

Torn: The Melissa Williams S...Ella Campbell

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Melissa Williams, a small town Alabama girl, takes you on her journey as she goes through a very difficult time in her life. Although her high school years were quite memorable, there is one moment in time that stands out more than others. … more

Torn: The Melissa Williams Story: Will Melissa choose the path of least resistance or will she continue on a path that keeps her torn and caught in the middle?
Ella Campbell
Trafford , English
Creating Holiday Magic and F... - Kimberly Joy  Castellotti, T...

Creating Holiday Magic and F...Kimberly Joy Castellotti, T...

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This book is a must-have for every family! Want to make your wish list fly to the North Pole right before your children’s eyes? Produce a VIP concert event for Mom on Mother’s Day? or maybe the Easter Bunny will mastermind a spectacular egg… more

Creating Holiday Magic and Family Traditions - Creative & Unique Ideas to Make Unforgettable Family Memories on Any Budget
Kimberly Joy Castellotti, Thomas Ward
Surnames as a Science - Robert Ferguson

Surnames as a ScienceRobert Ferguson

That portion of our surnames which dates back to Anglo-Saxon times, and so forms a part of the general system by which Teutonic names are governed, is distinctly a branch of a science, and such as has been treated by the Germans, upon whose… more

Surnames as a Science
Robert Ferguson
"Step" This Way - Cynthia MacGregor

"Step" This WayCynthia MacGregor

Are you raising a “blended family”?Stepparenting is not as simple as parenting—there are situations and problems specific to being a stepparent…but here’s help. “Step” This Way is written in friendly, approachable language, and is short a… more

Step” This Way
Cynthia MacGregor
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
We Are Annora: A True Story ... - P.S. Marrow

We Are Annora: A True Story ...P.S. Marrow

Marital and parental responsibilities can be enough of a challenge for two working adults. Add in one spouse who has intensifying bouts of amnesia and you have a recipe for disaster. But disaster is not an option for Annora. She grew up in… more

We Are Annora: A True Story of Surviving Multiple Personality Disorder
P.S. Marrow
Xlibris , English
How To Handle Unresolved Con... - Simon Scott

How To Handle Unresolved Con...Simon Scott

While family relationships can bring support, joy, and other wonderful benefits into our lives, these relationships can also bring stress, particularly when there’s unresolved conflict. Because it’s more difficult to let go of conflicted re… more

How To Handle Unresolved Conflict in Your Family
Simon Scott
Good Girls Don't Whistle - Edith Zeitz

Good Girls Don't WhistleEdith Zeitz

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If you would like to boil down sap for maple syrup, grind apples for cider or just take a sleigh ride through a blinding snow storm in rural Michigan during the 1930’s depression, come along with Sarah Winters. She can do anything her fathe… more

Good Girls Don’t Whistle
Edith Zeitz
Dear M: Letters from Japan, ... - Linda Frye Burnham

Dear M: Letters from Japan, ...Linda Frye Burnham

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1968 and ‘69 were memorable years for most Americans. For Linda Burnham, wife to a drafted Army doctor and mother to three small children, those years were unforgettable. They were spent in a tatami house in a remote Japanese village, with … more

Dear M: Letters from Japan, 1968-1969
Linda Frye Burnham
Frog Pond Farm Press 2005 , English
The Sacred Work of Grandpare... - Elaine K. Williams

The Sacred Work of Grandpare...Elaine K. Williams

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You are not alone if you are one of the staggering numbers of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren! Are you confused by the generational gaps, challenging communications, and tough questions like, “Why are my parents so old? Wh… more

The Sacred Work of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Elaine K. Williams
BalboaPress , English
The Taylor Brand: The Taylor... - Mary Langford

The Taylor Brand: The Taylor...Mary Langford

The Taylor / Lewis Family History captures the early ‘20s and ‘30s when Lem Taylor owned the 160 acres of land, and agreeing to sell it to the Federal Government for the CCC Camp. It also focuses on the family values, expectation, the purc… more

The Taylor Brand: The Taylor / Lewis Family History From The Early ‘20s to Present
Mary Langford
AuthorHouse , English
How to Trace your Family His... - Eileen Hughes

How to Trace your Family His...Eileen Hughes

This e-book will walk you through how to search your Family History. It will guide you to the many Genealogy sites, mailing lists, cemetery records and other places to look for records of your family.Family research is intriguing and once y… more

How to Trace your Family History/Genealogy
Eileen Hughes
Eileen Hughes , English
God, Family, and Everything ... - Matt Avery

God, Family, and Everything ...Matt Avery

God, Family, and Everything Else is a collection of poems and thoughts. It also contains one mans opinions on many of life’s strange ways that a lot of people seem to live. It also contains poems of  very personal matters that include life,… more

God, Family, and Everything Else: A Collection of Poems, Opinions, and Thoughts.
Matt Avery
AuthorHouse , English



My Mother is All I Need for ... - Tania Bethune

My Mother is All I Need for ...Tania Bethune

Carrie Grew up in a single parent family as her father who was a policeman was brutally killed by criminals when she was just a baby. Her mother loved her but Carrie was blinded by her own selfishness and lust. She made a decision and soon … more

My Mother is All I Need for Christmas
Tania Bethune
Tania Bethune , English
Il destino dei nobili (Itali... - Federico G. Martini

Il destino dei nobili (Itali...Federico G. Martini

IL DESTINO DEI NOBILI pag. 252 Nel ricostruire la saga dei Ravazzani-Lavatier, l’autore ha voluto togliere il velo del perbenismo di facciata mostrato talvolta dalla nobiltà. Così superando la soglia austera del loro palazzo gentilizio, int… more

Il destino dei nobili (Italian Edition)
Federico G. Martini
Mediolano , Italian