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The Gnomes of Knot-Hole Manor - Adele Marie Crouch

The Gnomes of Knot-Hole ManorAdele Marie Crouch

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Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye? When you turned your head was it gone? Could it have been a shadow? No, there was nothing there to cast a shadow. Maybe it was a fly or a moth. Or……………. Maybe it was a Gn… more

The Gnomes of Knot-Hole Manor
Adele Marie Crouch
Adele Marie Crouch , English
The Hawk Prince (The Seraphi... - Megan Peters

The Hawk Prince (The Seraphi...Megan Peters

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Written in the style of an old Grimm fairytale, The Hawk Prince follows Seraphim Fletcher, a young maiden who lives with her father in the woods,as she discovers an amazing palace in the woods. With her discovery, she learns that the prince… more

The Hawk Prince (The Seraphim Chronicles Book 1)
Megan Peters
How The Ladybugs Got Their Spots - Richard Davis

How The Ladybugs Got Their SpotsRichard Davis

The Ladybugs in Ladybug Land were very happy for a new little Prince or Princess was to be born today. The King was very nervous when the Doctor came in to take him to Royal Nursery. The King enters the door and sees the Queen with a smile… more

How The Ladybugs Got Their Spots
Richard Davis
Richard A. Davis , English
The Feathers of the Rainbow - Thomas Scott

The Feathers of the RainbowThomas Scott

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Macaw is a sad bird who is made fun of by the other birds because he has only gray feathers. One day, he sees a rainbow and dreams of have feathers the color of the rainbow.

The Feathers of the Rainbow
Thomas Scott
A.J. and The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Ranee` S. Clark

A.J. and The Boy Who Cried WolfRanee` S. Clark

A.J. just wanted to get his room cleaned in time to go swimming, but when Mom asks him to read a storybook he ends up inside of it instead! To get home, A.J. must save Dubs the shepherd from the wolves.

A.J. and The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Ranee` S. Clark
The Princess on a Cloud: A F... - R. Patricia Capitain

The Princess on a Cloud: A F...R. Patricia Capitain

Cordelia and Emma, who live in the Kingdom de la Montagne, meet during the magical Midsummer Night’s Ball hosted by the Forest King. They are bewildered when they realize how much they resemble each other. With the help of Fairy Hella they … more

The Princess on a Cloud: A Fairytale of Suspense
R. Patricia Capitain
General Store Publishing House , English
The Story Teller (Illustrated) - Maud Lindsay

The Story Teller (Illustrated)Maud Lindsay

Maud Lindsay (1874-1941) was renowned internationally as a philanthropist, author, teacher, and story teller. She taught her young students through these stories and songs. Her stories were not only full of life and entertaining, but taug… more

The Story Teller (Illustrated)
Maud Lindsay
Bluewater Publications , English
The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly - Reg Down

The Tales of Tiptoes LightlyReg Down

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Tiptoes Lightly lives in an acorn high in the branches of a Great Oak Tree. One morning she finds a note lying on her floor. It says: “Please help! Bee has lost his buzz!” She and her friend, Jeremy Mouse, set off down Running River to help… more

The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly
Reg Down
Lightly Press , English
Rapunzel (World Classics) - Brothers Grimm

Rapunzel (World Classics)Brothers Grimm

This is a faithful and wonderfully artistic return for this classic story.

Rapunzel (World Classics)
Brothers Grimm
Big & Small , English


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Beauty and the Beast

For Parent’s - Here’s the complete story, so you can enjoy before purchasing and reading to your children!

Once upon a time there was an irritable and haughty prince. One day a poor old man came to the prince’s castle… more

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Picture book for children 3-8: The traditional fairy tale illustrated with marvelous drawings of great beauty and imagination for … Tales, Classic Tales, Beauty and the Beast)
UNITEXTO Digital Publishing , English
Riptide - Erica Cope

RiptideErica Cope

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Emerge yourself into the mystical underwater world of Kestia. Where beautiful mermaids and strong mermen live and thrive in peace. Harmonia and Delia were not only sisters, but they were best friends. Until Harmonia let her jealousy and th… more

Erica Cope
Sisters - Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie

SistersKatrina Bowlin-MacKenzie

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Two sisters, Louise and Katie are playing in the forest. Louise goes home alone to study and Katie gets lost. Louise saves her sister and becomes the hero.

Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie
Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie , English
The Adventures of Buculu & G... - Bruno Miglietta

The Adventures of Buculu & G...Bruno Miglietta

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Join Buculu, the little apple loving dragon as he befriends the grouchy wizard Ghelin. this pair of unlikely friends wind up taking a magical journey to Applesville. See what adventures they find themselves on!

The Adventures of Buculu & Ghelin The Beginning (the adventure of Buculu and Ghelin)
Bruno Miglietta
Bruno E Miglietta , English
Peter Snerdly Meets Jackie d... - R.S. Miller

Peter Snerdly Meets Jackie d...R.S. Miller

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Peter Snerdly Meets Jackie d. Skunk. by R.S. Miller
R.S. Miller
Robert Miller , English
The Cricket's Winter Song - Pendragan

The Cricket's Winter SongPendragan

In this beautifully illustrated fresh slant on the classic fable of the cricket and the ant, there are twists and turns aplenty on our journey right into the mysterious City of the Ants. Charlie the chirpy cricket and Arthur the hard-workin… more

The Cricket’s Winter Song
Pendragan Publishing , English
Mikolay & Julia In The Attic... - Magda M. Olchawska

Mikolay & Julia In The Attic...Magda M. Olchawska

Mikolay and Julia, two five year old wizards, are searching the attic. Mikolay explores the attic on a regular basis and is always able to find the most unusual magical objects, which his mummy collects.This time he is looking for a wand fo… more

Mikolay & Julia In The Attic (Mikolay & Julia Adventures)
Magda M. Olchawska
BookBaby , English
A Tale of Two Snowmen: A Chi... - Joy Hall

A Tale of Two Snowmen: A Chi...Joy Hall

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When two snowmen named Jack and Bob see the hot sun coming up, they know it will not be long before they melt away. However, these adventurous, fun-loving friends are not nearly ready to turn to puddles! As the sun grows stronger, what can … more

A Tale of Two Snowmen: A Children’s Fable
Joy Hall
Joy Hall , English
Aesop's Fables For Children ... - Aesop

Aesop's Fables For Children ...Aesop

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The fables of Aesop have become some of the most enduring stories ever since they were first written down nearly two millennia ago. Aesop was reputedly a tongue-tied slave who miraculously received the power of speech; from his legendary st… more

Aesop’s Fables For Children (Illustrated)


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In this story of Roland as I propose telling it, I shall introduce you to some of the most pleasing of those “tales of France” The poems and legends which embody them were written in various languages, and at widely different times; but in … more

Redhen , English
Let's Get Rid of The Sky - Diana Muiruri

Let's Get Rid of The SkyDiana Muiruri

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Facing the truth. Attempting to hide the truth doesn’t make it go away.

Let’s Get Rid of The Sky
Diana Muiruri
Diana Muiruri , English