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The Battle of Osis (Osis Fan... - Ingrid McCarthy

The Battle of Osis (Osis Fan...Ingrid McCarthy

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In the Battle of Osis, the concluding volume of the Osis Fantasy Trilogy, Jonathan and Magenta’s adventure begins in Ottawa on a bitter-cold winter’s night. Summoned by Master Cobalt to the Rideau Falls, they venture beyond the frozen wate… more

The Battle of Osis (Osis Fantasy Trilogy Book 3)
Ingrid McCarthy
Ingrid McCarthy , English
Wizard Wobberty and The Little Elf - Dave Brett

Wizard Wobberty and The Little ElfDave Brett

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Take your children into the enchanting world of the Little Elf as you read this book to them. They will be enthralled as you tell them how the Little Elf makes new friends as he grows up in a wonderful world where the animals of the Wild W… more

Wizard Wobberty and The Little Elf
Dave Brett
the potter's wife - Renine Osteen

the potter's wifeRenine Osteen

This is a lesson based fairytale that follows the life of someone who decides to be different. He is treated as an outcast for his choices but in the end he finds a new family, a different kind of family, one that supports his decisions and… more

the potter’s wife
Renine Osteen
Aesop's Fables For Children ... - Aesop

Aesop's Fables For Children ...Aesop

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The fables of Aesop have become some of the most enduring stories ever since they were first written down nearly two millennia ago. Aesop was reputedly a tongue-tied slave who miraculously received the power of speech; from his legendary st… more

Aesop’s Fables For Children (Illustrated)
The Sheep and Lamb - Thomas Miller

The Sheep and LambThomas Miller

WHERE you see the square church-tower, in the picture of the “Sheep and Lamb,” stands the pretty village of Greenham, hidden behind the trees. The sheep and lambs that appear so little, because they are such a way off, are grazing on Greenh… more

The Sheep and Lamb
Thomas Miller
BookNet , English
Viking Tales by Jennie Hall ... - Jennie Hall

Viking Tales by Jennie Hall ...Jennie Hall

Iceland is a little country far north in the cold sea. Men found it and went there to live more than a thousand years ago. During the warm season they used to fish and make fish-oil and hunt sea-birds and gather feathers and tend their shee… more

Viking Tales by Jennie Hall (Annotated)
Jennie Hall
Beyond the Veil of Human Eye... - Marshall L. Dell

Beyond the Veil of Human Eye...Marshall L. Dell

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Excerpt from Beyond The Veil of Human Eyes {Okefenokee Whimsy} A brisk wind preceded the storm bringing with it huge thumb sized rain drops splattered on him and the boat. Lightning popped spewing fire as it slammed into cypress trees…. more

Beyond the Veil of Human Eyes {Okefenokee Whimsy}
Marshall L. Dell
Wish You Were Here (The Misa... - Jason Lethcoe

Wish You Were Here (The Misa...Jason Lethcoe

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The long awaited book four in the highly acclaimed Benjamin Bartholomew Piff series is finally here! Entertain no substitutes! Wish You Were Here is the fourth book in Jason Lethcoe’s “You Wish” series, beloved by middle grade readers wor… more

Wish You Were Here (The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff Book 4)
Jason Lethcoe
Wizardtree Press , English
Kadar's Quest: The Legend of Iamar - Siara Brandt

Kadar's Quest: The Legend of IamarSiara Brandt

Kadar of the Wolf Clan wants only one thing. To return to his home, in spite of what he might find there. But he is plagued by what he considers his curse, and he has no answers as to why the secrets of the old Legend are being revealed t… more

Kadar’s Quest: The Legend of Iamar
Siara Brandt
The Cricket's Winter Song - Pendragan

The Cricket's Winter SongPendragan

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In this beautifully illustrated fresh slant on the classic fable of the cricket and the ant, there are twists and turns aplenty on our journey right into the mysterious City of the Ants. Charlie the chirpy cricket and Arthur the hard-workin… more

The Cricket’s Winter Song
Pendragan Publishing , English
A Tale of Two Snowmen: A Chi... - Joy Hall

A Tale of Two Snowmen: A Chi...Joy Hall

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When two snowmen named Jack and Bob see the hot sun coming up, they know it will not be long before they melt away. However, these adventurous, fun-loving friends are not nearly ready to turn to puddles! As the sun grows stronger, what can … more

A Tale of Two Snowmen: A Children’s Fable
Joy Hall
Joy Hall , English
Conker Bonkers (Early Days Book 3) - Maxwell Grantly

Conker Bonkers (Early Days Book 3)Maxwell Grantly

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Did you know that the Horse Chestnut tree holds a deep and wonderful secret? No? Well, nor did two small elves, Maxwell and Skippy, until they saw a special picture hanging on the wall of the church study and when Cardinal Snowfield told t… more

Conker Bonkers (Early Days Book 3)
Maxwell Grantly
Maxwell Grantly , English
Da's Story Time: Snow White ... - Margaret Lake

Da's Story Time: Snow White ...Margaret Lake

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Seven little men, one beautiful princess, and a madly, jealous queen. Add ina magical mirror and you have the classic tale of Snow White retold byMargaret Lake and illustrated by Jeffry S. Hepple.With 63 all new, full-color illustrations.

Da’s Story Time: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Margaret Lake


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In this story of Roland as I propose telling it, I shall introduce you to some of the most pleasing of those “tales of France” The poems and legends which embody them were written in various languages, and at widely different times; but in … more

Redhen , English
Sparky And Quatrina The Orph... - Patricia A. Lopez

Sparky And Quatrina The Orph...Patricia A. Lopez

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This book is about a dog that was abandoned by his owners and an orphan girl whose parents died and left her alone with no other family to help her. Quatrina and Sparky found great friendship in hurtful times to overcome the loneliness.Spar… more

Sparky And Quatrina The Orphan Girl:Abandoned And Rescued
Patricia A. Lopez
CreateSpace.com , English
Sofía y el regalo de las hadas - Huguette Castaneda

Sofía y el regalo de las hadasHuguette Castaneda

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Sofía y el regalo de las hadas es una aventura mágica para la imaginación ya que planta las semillas para hacernos concientes acerca de la naturaleza y de la forma como estamos conectados y nos relacionamos con todos los seres vivientes. Un… more

Sofía y el regalo de las hadas
Huguette Castaneda
Xlibris , English
Wheezing: The Story of the B... - Karleen Tauszik

Wheezing: The Story of the B...Karleen Tauszik

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No fairy tale is safe when author Karleen Tauszik starts thinking, ‘What if…?’ What if Rapunzel got head lice? What if the Big Bad Wolf got asthma? What if Sleeping Beauty drank espresso? Each short story in the Tangled Tales series use… more

Wheezing: The Story of the Big Bad Wolf—With Asthma (Tangled Tales)
Karleen Tauszik
The Fairy Godmother Who Lost... - Michael O'Malley

The Fairy Godmother Who Lost...Michael O'Malley

Agnes, a Fairy Godmother, has lost her passion for her work and hasn’t successfully granted a wish for over two years. Her clumsy attempts to grant wishes never work out as she hopes—she appears in the wrong places, uses old magical routin… more

The Fairy Godmother Who Lost Her Touch
Michael O’Malley
Tate Publishing , English
Miss Lilly the oak tree fairy - Amarah Freemantle, A Freemantle

Miss Lilly the oak tree fairyAmarah Freemantle, A Freemantle

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Alice’s secret of Miss Lilly and the other oak tree fairies is soon discovered by her pest of a sister and the Thomas boys. When Alice isn’t able to save Miss Lilly on her own, who is the unlikely person that Alice ends up trusting to help … more

Miss Lilly the oak tree fairy
Amarah Freemantle, A Freemantle
Goody Two-Shoes Color & Sepia - iacob adrian

Goody Two-Shoes Color & Sepiaiacob adrian

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Goody Two-Shoes Color & Sepia

Goody Two-Shoes Color & Sepia
iacob adrian