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Granny's Farm Friends - Carolyn D. Anderson, Bryan J. Lynch

Granny's Farm FriendsCarolyn D. Anderson, Bryan J. Lynch

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Granny’s Farm Friends contains six stories, each with wonderful full-color illustrations that teach children positive values and build self-esteem.  The stories include: Snoopy Spot (you’ll stay out of trouble if you don’t snoop), Where’s R… more

Granny’s Farm Friends
Carolyn D. Anderson, Bryan J. Lynch
CCB Publishing , English
Aesop's Fables: The Wolf in ... - Knowledge Works Company

Aesop's Fables: The Wolf in ...Knowledge Works Company

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Aesop’s Fables Vol. II is a vividly illustrated collection of three of Aesop’s most popular fables. This collection includes three charming Children’s stories all in one book. Volume II includes: The Goose and the Golden Egg, The Dog in th… more

Aesop’s Fables: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, The Goose and the Golden Egg, The Dog in the Manger (3-in-1 Children’s Classic Fairy Tales Collection Book 2)
Knowledge Works Company
Knowledge Works Company , English
The Book of Fables and Folk ... - Horace Elisha Scudder

The Book of Fables and Folk ...Horace Elisha Scudder

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A choice collection of old folk tales and fables, attractively arranged and illustrated. Between each of the longer tales appear several short fables, offering a varied reading experience for the young reader for whom it is intended. Suitab… more

The Book of Fables and Folk Stories (Yesterday’s Classics)
Horace Elisha Scudder
Yesterday’s Classics , English
The Early Days (1) - Maxwell Grantly

The Early Days (1)Maxwell Grantly

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This short story explains the origins of two small elven brothers: Maxwell and Skippy.

Find out how their parents passed onto The Thousand and then how the young brothers found themselves in the care of the friendly Cardinal Snowfield, Bis… more

The Early Days (1)
Maxwell Grantly
Maxwell Grantly , English
Bina - Vicki Hall

BinaVicki Hall

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Bina is a little fairy with a big tale. She lives in Fairy Towers and has lived there with her mum and all friends - Cindy, Zel, Mr Stiltskin and Madame Hood - all her life. She has never visited the dungeons … that would break Rule Numbe… more

Vicki Hall
Lift the Cat , English


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Dormouse is a comparatively recent arrival in the Summer Wood, but it is not long before he makes the acquaintance of Badger, who in turn introduces him to several other inhabitants of the wood, most particularly Fox and Rabbit. These four … more

P J Ford
P J Ford , English
A Dream made from Lemonade - Julie Bechtel

A Dream made from LemonadeJulie Bechtel

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Lindsey is a little girl who didn’t have a lot of money. She has no idea that a simple Lemonade stand would help her make her father’s dreams come true.

A Dream made from Lemonade
Julie Bechtel
Eco-Fables: Green Stories fo... - Tom Simek

Eco-Fables: Green Stories fo...Tom Simek

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Eco-Fables is a collection of eco-friendly “green” tales, which all center around a magical “forest full of wonderful things.” The often ironic, satirical short stories offer up moral lessons and colorful pictures, which pack big ideas into… more

Eco-Fables: Green Stories for Children and Adults (Volume 3) (Eco-Fables: Environmental Fairy Tales)
Tom Simek
English Fairy Tales by Flora... - Flora Annie Webster Steel

English Fairy Tales by Flora...Flora Annie Webster Steel

ST. GEORGE OF MERRIE ENGLANDIn the darksome depths of a thick forest lived Kalyb the fell enchantress. Terrible were her deeds, and few there were who had the hardihood to sound the brazen trumpet which hung over the iron gate that barred t… more

English Fairy Tales by Flora Annie Webster Steel
Flora Annie Webster Steel
The Gray Garden: Aunt Nancy'... - Morgan Kostival

The Gray Garden: Aunt Nancy'...Morgan Kostival

The bug-a-loupe are the guardians of a well tended garden. Mitzi is a bug-a-loupe, and she, along with her aunts, are on a mission. They have been asked to find a lost diamond ring that is somewhere in their garden. While searching, Mitzi d… more

The Gray Garden: Aunt Nancy’s Garden
Morgan Kostival
PublishAmerica , English
The Little People - Guy Quigley

The Little PeopleGuy Quigley

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Sandy Piggot a ten year old American girl leaves her New York home for a family vacation in Ireland. Being chased by what her Irish cousin Kevin calls a witch they run for their lives and by some supernatural and magical circumstance find t… more

The Little People
Guy Quigley
LULU.COM , English
English and Scottish Ballads... - Francis James  Child

English and Scottish Ballads...Francis James Child

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This book is an illustrated version of the original English and Scottish Ballads by Francis James Child. The ballads are grouped in eight Books. It is as follows:— BOOK I. contains Ballads involving Superstitions of various kinds,—as of Fai… more

English and Scottish Ballads : Volume II (Illustrated)
Francis James Child
Book 1 The Discovery of Powe... - E.S. Hoy

Book 1 The Discovery of Powe...E.S. Hoy

On her eleventh Birthday Sienna Brown finds strange things are happening to her. She sets things on fire, moves objects and is being stalked by the family black cat. Her crazy Grandma who lives at the bottom of the garden has all the answer… more

Book 1 The Discovery of Power (The Adventures of Sienna Brown Trainee Witch)
E.S. Hoy
E. S. Hoy , English
StoryChimes Princess and the Pea - Hans Christian Anderson

StoryChimes Princess and the PeaHans Christian Anderson

ABOUT PRINCESS AND THE PEA Once upon a time a young prince wants to marry a princess, but is having difficulty finding a suitable princess. Something is always wrong with those he meets, and he cannot be certain they are real princesses. On… more

StoryChimes Princess and the Pea
Hans Christian Anderson
Siena Entertainment, Inc. , English
The  Return of the Twith - Kenneth G. Old, Patty Old West

The Return of the TwithKenneth G. Old, Patty Old West

The Return of the Twith to their homeland has had to wait for over a thousand years. These wee folk, only half a thumb high, had to flee when the wicked Wizard of Wozzle invaded their tiny country. They could not return because the wizard e… more

The Return of the Twith
Kenneth G. Old, Patty Old West
Tate Publishing , English
Tom Thumb (Illustrated) - L. Leslie Brooke

Tom Thumb (Illustrated)L. Leslie Brooke

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Apart from being the size of his father’s thumb, Tom can do anything a ordinary boy can do. Battling giants and charming kings is just the beginning.

Originally Printed for the publishers by Frederick Warne & Co in 1904. The original work … more

Tom Thumb (Illustrated)
L. Leslie Brooke
Lire Books Publishing , English
Short Stories - Sam Jacobs

Short StoriesSam Jacobs

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4 short storiesThe Little Fox….. How a little fox learned to be proud of himself, and not want to be someone else.The Old Man and the Rapper…… Two people from different age groups must learn to respect, and trust each other in order t… more

Short Stories
Sam Jacobs
Sam Jacobs Music , English
The Top Secret Tooth Fairy Truth - Nathan Dorrell

The Top Secret Tooth Fairy TruthNathan Dorrell

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The kids of the world are about to find out a very powerful secret. It is the Tooth Fairy truth! If they can keep the parents from finding out—they will wind up with the money! This is a comical Top Secret book that you can read to your… more

The Top Secret Tooth Fairy Truth
Nathan Dorrell
Reflecting The Truth , English
Monsters, Gnomes and Fairies... - Paul Anthony, Meg Johnston

Monsters, Gnomes and Fairies...Paul Anthony, Meg Johnston

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Welcome to a wonderful collection of children’s stories and rhymes. Some of these masterful tales were originally discussed around a dining table in Gravesend, Kent, where G’Nigel the Gnome was born. Eventually, they were all dusted with an… more

Monsters, Gnomes and Fairies (In My Garden)
Paul Anthony, Meg Johnston
The Joy Of Santa (1) - Cynthia Anderson

The Joy Of Santa (1)Cynthia Anderson

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The Joy of Santa is a delight entertainment for all small Children to enjoy. Also for them to learn the significance and meaning of the Christmas holiday, by express through words and pictures.

The Joy Of Santa (1)
Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson , English