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In That Land There Are GiantsGary Allison Powell, S. Jill...

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Synopsis: A child’s innocence and curiosity can push beyond the walls of fear and uncover exciting mysteries.

In a faraway land, young Jacob discovers a surprising truth when he ventures to a place he has been warned about. The place whe… more

In That Land There Are Giants
Gary Allison Powell, S. Jillian Johnston
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. , English

The Busy BeeA Crigler

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The Busy Bee (TBB) is a story about a nosey little bee that thought of anything to do but work. She gossiped her life away instead of storing for another day. TBB is a story that serves as a warning and the consequinces when you fail to do … more

The Busy Bee
A Crigler

Dragon, Dragon: and Other TalesJohn Gardner

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The classic children’s collection—now available as an ebookFour tales of fantasy by a twentieth-century literary master—selected as the 1975 New York Times Outstanding Book for Children John Gardner’s first children’s book takes the tradit… more

Dragon, Dragon: and Other Tales
John Gardner
Open Road Media Young Readers , English

The Wolf and the Seven Young...Peter L. Looker

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An illustrated fairy tale with sound track built-in. In a small house on the edge of a forest there once lived a mother goat and seven adorable kids. Their mother loved them very much and did everything she could to protect them from the ba… more

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids. Fairy tale for children. (Fairy Tales)
Peter L. Looker
Potrus Publishing , English

Trahzle Fizzlefahzle and the...Mason Grace

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A Children’s book ages 4-10 based on friendship and teamwork. A fictional story that is both entertaining and interactive. You’ll find that every other page is blank allowing your children to draw in their storybook. This not a sequel how… more

Trahzle Fizzlefahzle and the Walking Pawalapadoo
Mason Grace
Mason Grace , English

The Princess and the Goblin ...George MacDonald

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Beautifully illustrated, “The Princess and the Goblin” is an 1872 children’s fantasy novel by George MacDonald. It describes a prince who lives in a mountain castle above caves inhabited by goblins.The King’s palace was built upon one of … more

The Princess and the Goblin - Illustrated
George MacDonald
Strahan & Co. , English

Miah Moo Who?D. Lynn Lively

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I would very much like for you to meet Miah Moo, a nine year old, inquisitive, sensitive, anxious to learn fairy, who believes she has been abandoned by her parents. She awakens one morning the size of a human child, much too large for her … more

Miah Moo Who?
D. Lynn Lively

Born to be a Dragon (Dragons...Eisley Jacobs

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup…This is what Lord Edric wants you to believe. He will do anything in his power to see that humans never come in contact with dragons again. However, he… more

Born to be a Dragon (Dragons Forever)
Eisley Jacobs

The Necklace of Princess Fio...Mary de Morgan

THE NECKLACE OF PRINCESS FIORIMONDEOnce there lived a King, whose wife was dead, but who had a most beautiful daughter—so beautiful that every one thought she must be good as well, instead of which the Princess was really very wicked, and p… more

The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde and Other Stories
Mary de Morgan
BookNet , English

50 Children's Fairy StoriesMiles Kelly

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Open this book and fly on fairy wings to a world full of mischief and wonder. Magical classic stories sit alongside lesser-known tales of fairy fun, and all are brought to life with enchanting illustrations by renowned artists. Ideal for re… more

50 Children’s Fairy Stories
Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly Publishing , English

The Book of Fables and Folk ...Horace Elisha Scudder

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A choice collection of old folk tales and fables, attractively arranged and illustrated. Between each of the longer tales appear several short fables, offering a varied reading experience for the young reader for whom it is intended. Suitab… more

The Book of Fables and Folk Stories (Yesterday’s Classics)
Horace Elisha Scudder
Yesterday’s Classics , English

The Sheep and LambThomas Miller

WHERE you see the square church-tower, in the picture of the “Sheep and Lamb,” stands the pretty village of Greenham, hidden behind the trees. The sheep and lambs that appear so little, because they are such a way off, are grazing on Greenh… more

The Sheep and Lamb
Thomas Miller
BookNet , English

10-minute Stories: Sleeping BeautyMiles Kelly

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This book brings together much-loved tales about the exciting adventures of curious boys and girls. Each story is accompanied by charming illustrations and takes about ten minutes to read, making this title ideal for parents to share with r… more

10-minute Stories: Sleeping Beauty
Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly Publishing , English

Sofía y el regalo de las hadasHuguette Castaneda

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Sofía y el regalo de las hadas es una aventura mágica para la imaginación ya que planta las semillas para hacernos concientes acerca de la naturaleza y de la forma como estamos conectados y nos relacionamos con todos los seres vivientes. Un… more

Sofía y el regalo de las hadas
Huguette Castaneda
Xlibris , English

Tom Thumb (Illustrated)L. Leslie Brooke

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Apart from being the size of his father’s thumb, Tom can do anything a ordinary boy can do. Battling giants and charming kings is just the beginning.

Originally Printed for the publishers by Frederick Warne & Co in 1904. The original work … more

Tom Thumb (Illustrated)
L. Leslie Brooke
Lire Books Publishing , English

Granny's Farm FriendsCarolyn D. Anderson, Bryan J. Lynch

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Granny’s Farm Friends contains six stories, each with wonderful full-color illustrations that teach children positive values and build self-esteem.  The stories include: Snoopy Spot (you’ll stay out of trouble if you don’t snoop), Where’s R… more

Granny’s Farm Friends
Carolyn D. Anderson, Bryan J. Lynch
CCB Publishing , English

Eco-Fables: Green Stories fo...Tom Simek

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Eco-Fables is a collection of eco-friendly “green” tales, which all center around a magical “forest full of wonderful things.” The often ironic, satirical short stories offer up moral lessons and colorful pictures, which pack big ideas into… more

Eco-Fables: Green Stories for Children and Adults (Volume 3) (Eco-Fables: Environmental Fairy Tales)
Tom Simek

Da's Story Time: The GunniwolfJeffry S. Hepple

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The story of the Gunniwolf has been a favorite of children for generations. With 38 all-new, full-color illustrations.

Da’s Story Time: The Gunniwolf
Jeffry S. Hepple
J. Hepple, Inc. DBA Elisco Publishing , English

Viking Tales by Jennie Hall ...Jennie Hall

Iceland is a little country far north in the cold sea. Men found it and went there to live more than a thousand years ago. During the warm season they used to fish and make fish-oil and hunt sea-birds and gather feathers and tend their shee… more

Viking Tales by Jennie Hall (Annotated)
Jennie Hall

John and Gabe, Knights of WindstoneJuanita Beveridge

Two brothers, showing their courage and strength in the defense of their respected King.

John and Gabe, Knights of Windstone
Juanita Beveridge