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The Adventures of Buculu & G... - Bruno Miglietta

The Adventures of Buculu & G...Bruno Miglietta

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Join Buculu, the little apple loving dragon as he befriends the grouchy wizard Ghelin. this pair of unlikely friends wind up taking a magical journey to Applesville. See what adventures they find themselves on!

The Adventures of Buculu & Ghelin The Beginning (the adventure of Buculu and Ghelin)
Bruno Miglietta
Bruno E Miglietta , English
Sparkles: A Supernova's Drea... - Rose Barnett

Sparkles: A Supernova's Drea...Rose Barnett

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Did you ever wonder where sparklers come from? Read all about it in the new book, Sparkles. Sparkles was an ordinary star with an extraordinary goal. He had a dream and he pursued that dream. Hard work paid off. He accomplished a rare … more

Sparkles: A Supernova’s Dream Comes True
Rose Barnett
CreateSpace , English
Fat Pat Too? (Fat Pat the Wa... - A Crigler

Fat Pat Too? (Fat Pat the Wa...A Crigler

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This is ‘Fat Pat the Water Rat,’ which is the name that was given to the character by a mean spirited bird in the book of the same title, written by me A J Crigler aka A J Caleta. ‘Fat Pat Too?’ is a continuation of that story in an adventu… more

Fat Pat Too? (Fat Pat the Water Rat Book 2)
A Crigler
Märchen für Kinder, by Hans ... - Hans Christian Andersen

Märchen für Kinder, by Hans ...Hans Christian Andersen

Märchen für Kinder, by Hans Christian Andersen

Märchen für Kinder, by Hans Christian Andersen (German Edition)
Hans Christian Andersen
Thunder and Lightnin' - Jeneen Poole

Thunder and Lightnin'Jeneen Poole

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Henry is a little boy living in a small, wood-framed house along the road leading to the blackberry forest. And if there’s one thing Henry loves, it’s blackberries. Blackberry jam, blackberry candy, blackberry pies, blackberry pancakes, and… more

Thunder and Lightnin’
Jeneen Poole
A.J. and The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Ranee` S. Clark

A.J. and The Boy Who Cried WolfRanee` S. Clark

A.J. just wanted to get his room cleaned in time to go swimming, but when Mom asks him to read a storybook he ends up inside of it instead! To get home, A.J. must save Dubs the shepherd from the wolves.

A.J. and The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Ranee` S. Clark
The Necklace of Princess Fio... - Mary de Morgan

The Necklace of Princess Fio...Mary de Morgan

THE NECKLACE OF PRINCESS FIORIMONDEOnce there lived a King, whose wife was dead, but who had a most beautiful daughter—so beautiful that every one thought she must be good as well, instead of which the Princess was really very wicked, and p… more

The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde and Other Stories
Mary de Morgan
BookNet , English
Mikolay & Julia In The Attic... - Magda M. Olchawska

Mikolay & Julia In The Attic...Magda M. Olchawska

Mikolay and Julia, two five year old wizards, are searching the attic. Mikolay explores the attic on a regular basis and is always able to find the most unusual magical objects, which his mummy collects.This time he is looking for a wand fo… more

Mikolay & Julia In The Attic (Mikolay & Julia Adventures)
Magda M. Olchawska
BookBaby , English
Sugar Bear Gang Adventures -... - Robin Westlain

Sugar Bear Gang Adventures -...Robin Westlain

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The Sugar Bear Gang Adventures …”Secret Of The LOST CAVE” Is the second episode in this action packed children’s book series! Follow the Sugar Bear Gang in each of these (6) adventure stories about 4 best friends who live in a Jungle for… more

Sugar Bear Gang Adventures - “The SECRET OF THE LOST CAVE
Robin Westlain
HANDSCO Publishing , English
The Wolf and the Seven Young... - Peter L. Looker

The Wolf and the Seven Young...Peter L. Looker

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An illustrated fairy tale with sound track built-in. In a small house on the edge of a forest there once lived a mother goat and seven adorable kids. Their mother loved them very much and did everything she could to protect them from the ba… more

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids. Fairy tale for children. (Fairy Tales Book 9)
Peter L. Looker
Potrus Publishing , English
The Busy Bee - A Crigler

The Busy BeeA Crigler

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The Busy Bee (TBB) is a story about a nosey little bee that thought of anything to do but work. She gossiped her life away instead of storing for another day. TBB is a story that serves as a warning and the consequinces when you fail to do … more

The Busy Bee
A Crigler
Planet-Soul - Patrice Gendelman

Planet-SoulPatrice Gendelman

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It’s a race between the Planet-Soul and Planet Rude space creatures to influence the earthlings. One leaving them positive the other leaving them negative. This entertaining and beautifully illustrated story will teach children the impact t… more

Patrice Gendelman
Patrice Gendelman , English
Granny's Favorite Tales - Terry Latterman, Carolyn D. ...

Granny's Favorite TalesTerry Latterman, Carolyn D. ...

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Granny’s Favorite Tales contains five stories, each with wonderful full-color illustrations that teach children positive values and build self-esteem.  The stories include: A Whale of a Tale, Little Red Bunny, Mama’s Button Box, Old Gunnywo… more

Granny’s Favorite Tales
Terry Latterman, Carolyn D. Anderson
CCB Publishing , English
THE TALE OF TWO BAD MICE: -O... - Beatrix Potter

THE TALE OF TWO BAD MICE: -O...Beatrix Potter

The Tale of Two Bad Mice is a children’s book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, published in September 1904. Potter took inspiration for the tale from two mice caught in a cage-trap in her cousin’s home and a dollhouse being constr… more

THE TALE OF TWO BAD MICE: -Original text and illustrations
Beatrix Potter
A Berry Special Day (The Lit... - Samantha Watkinson

A Berry Special Day (The Lit...Samantha Watkinson

2nd in a series of books about the wonderful life of the littleberries. In this book it’s Jodie Littleberrie’s birthday and there aren’t any other littleberries to be seen……..have they all forgotten??? Why not come in and find out what … more

A Berry Special Day (The Littleberries)
Samantha Watkinson
F. B. Lloyd's The Guardian A... - Joyce  Bolanos, Felipe Bolanos

F. B. Lloyd's The Guardian A...Joyce Bolanos, Felipe Bolanos

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A Guardian is entrusted with the task of taking care of a new planet and even given an instruction book to do so. He is warned that he must NOT fall asleep. But guess what? The Guardian falls asleep not just for a regular nap but for millio… more

F. B. Lloyd’s The Guardian An Environmental Fairy Tale
Joyce Bolanos, Felipe Bolanos
Whisper in the Wind - A Crigler

Whisper in the WindA Crigler

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Whisper in the Wind (WITW) is a story about a destructive force of nature that wreaks havoc in a town and only one person can rescue the town’s people. WITW is a mystery that has to be solved before a solution can be found. It is fantasy an… more

Whisper in the Wind
A Crigler
The Golden Goose - L. Leslie Brooke

The Golden GooseL. Leslie Brooke

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The Golden Goose tells the classic the story of Grimm’s fairy tale involving a young man who is rewarded a golden goose in return for his kindness to a stranger

Originally Printed by Frederick Warne & Co in 1904; With numerous drawings in … more

The Golden Goose
L. Leslie Brooke
Lire Books Publishing , English
Cinderella Color & Sepia - iacob adrian

Cinderella Color & Sepiaiacob adrian

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Cinderella - in a new visual version - Color & Sepia

Cinderella Color & Sepia
iacob adrian
The Fairy Godmother Dilemma:... - Danyelle Leafty

The Fairy Godmother Dilemma:...Danyelle Leafty

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A fairy godmother on probation needs a certain kind of story. A story that lets her make the best possible impression. A story with a neat Happily Ever After just waiting to happen.This isn’t that story.Instead, Nerissa’s DID (Damsel in Dis… more

The Fairy Godmother Dilemma: Frogspell
Danyelle Leafty
Danyelle Leafty , English