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Love Like Jesus: Reaching Ot... - Judah Smith

Love Like Jesus: Reaching Ot...Judah Smith

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Relevant and practical tips for those who want to spread their passion for Jesus. Many believers have a desire to share the love of Christ with others, but they are held back by fear and uncertainty. Love Like Jesus shows Christians how the… more

Love Like Jesus: Reaching Others with Passion and Purpose
Judah Smith
Regal , English
All Out for Souls - J. B. Chapman

All Out for SoulsJ. B. Chapman

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A booklet giving the message of 1946 by James B. Chapman.

All Out for Souls
J. B. Chapman
Beacon Hill Press , English
What Jesus Started: Joining ... - Steve Addison

What Jesus Started: Joining ...Steve Addison

Sometimes we get so caught up in the power of Jesus shouting from the cross, “It is finished!” that we forget that Jesus started something. What Jesus started was a movement that began small, with intimate conversations designed to build di… more

What Jesus Started: Joining the Movement, Changing the World
Steve Addison
IVP Books , English
Marks of the Messenger: Know... - J. Mack Stiles

Marks of the Messenger: Know...J. Mack Stiles

Many think evangelism is rooted in a method. It is rooted in something much deeper. It is found in what makes us whole and healthy messengers of God’s truth about Jesus.Mack Stiles has lived the life of the healthy evangelist in homes and c… more

Marks of the Messenger: Knowing, Living and Speaking the Gospel
J. Mack Stiles
IVP Books , English
Tell Them - Dag Heward-Mills

Tell ThemDag Heward-Mills

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The fields are white and the harvest of souls is ripe, but where are the preachers? Dag Heward-Mills’ inspiring new book is an urgent call to Christians to become soul winners.

Tell Them
Dag Heward-Mills
Speaking Faithfully: Communi... - Rebecca Wilson, Jim Naughton

Speaking Faithfully: Communi...Rebecca Wilson, Jim Naughton

Today Sunday morning worship competes with youth soccer, Starbucks, Facebook, and the allure of being “spiritual but not religious.” To share the gospel in a world like this, Christians need to reach beyond the boundaries of concrete and vi… more

Speaking Faithfully: Communications as Evangelism in a Noisy World
Rebecca Wilson, Jim Naughton
Morehouse Publishing , English
God's Answer To Man's Sin - Hyman J.  Appelman

God's Answer To Man's SinHyman J. Appelman

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PREFACE ALTHOUGH these sermons are published by request, there is but one reason for sending them out into the world. The Lord has used them in the salvation of tens of thousands of souls, Jews and Gentiles, young and old. They are put out … more

God’s Answer To Man’s Sin
Hyman J. Appelman
Seven New Testament Soul-Winners - W.B. Riley

Seven New Testament Soul-WinnersW.B. Riley

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In the delivery of this series, I was conscious of a blessing, not only in my own experience, but also that it had its effect in inspiring others to new and more urgent endeavors. We are fully persuaded that the first and highest duty of th… more

Seven New Testament Soul-Winners
W.B. Riley
Seven New Testament Soul-Winners - William B. Riley

Seven New Testament Soul-WinnersWilliam B. Riley

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FOREWORD Recently a gifted and experienced layman, who is at the same time a capable author of many books, wrote me concerning my volume, Revival Sermons, as follows: “They are filled not only with much sweet, edifying truth attractively ad… more

Seven New Testament Soul-Winners
William B. Riley
Evangelism - G. Campbell Morgan

EvangelismG. Campbell Morgan

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G. Campbell Morgan (1863-1945) was born on a farm in Tetbury, England, the son of a Baptist minister. When Campbell was 10 years old, D. L. Moody came to England for the first time, and the effect of his ministry, combined with the dedicati… more

G. Campbell Morgan
God Has a Wonderful Plan for... - Ray Comfort

God Has a Wonderful Plan for...Ray Comfort

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Why do 9 out of 10 children raised in Christian homes leave the Church? Why do many professing Christians show little or no evidence for their faith? Why do 80-90% of those making decisions for Christ fall away from the faith?For decades, t… more

God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life: The Myth of the Modern Message
Ray Comfort
Living Waters Publications , English
Why Revival Tarries - Leonard Ravenhill

Why Revival TarriesLeonard Ravenhill

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Leonard Ravenhill’s call to revival is as timely now as it was when &supl;rst published over forty years ago. The message is fearless and often radical as he expounds on the disparity between the New Testament church and the church today. W… more

Why Revival Tarries
Leonard Ravenhill
Bethany House Publishers , English
The Antichrist & The Redeeme... - Arthur Walkington  Pink

The Antichrist & The Redeeme...Arthur Walkington Pink

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Arthur Walkington Pink was an English Christian evangelist and Biblical scholar known for his staunchly Calvinist and Puritan-like teachings.

The Antichrist & The Redeemer’s Return (Two Books With Active Table of Contents)
Arthur Walkington Pink
Ambassadors to Muslims: Buil... - Fouad Masri

Ambassadors to Muslims: Buil...Fouad Masri

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Hope Worth Sharing!As followers of Christ, we have a hope that is worth sharing with Muslims. For too long communication between Muslims and Christians has been broken down because of fear and misunderstanding.Millions of Muslims have never… more

Ambassadors to Muslims: Building Bridges to the Gospel
Fouad Masri
Book Villages , English
On Earth As It Is In Heaven - Patrick LeBlanc

On Earth As It Is In HeavenPatrick LeBlanc

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The community surrounding your church has changed. A homogeneous congregation is now in a heterogeneous community. What should the church do? Should the church transition to become a congregation reflecting the diversity of the community su… more

On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Patrick LeBlanc
CrossBooks , English
Good News In A Bad News World - Aleysha R. Proctor

Good News In A Bad News WorldAleysha R. Proctor

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Have you heard of any bad news lately? I’m sure that you have.Did you seek out this bad news; did you go looking for it? I’m sure that you didn’t.Bad news seems to find its way to us, all day – every day. We now live with 24-hour news cycl… more

Good News In A Bad News World
Aleysha R. Proctor
Xlibris , English
Oh Shit! It's Jesus! - Steve Hughes

Oh Shit! It's Jesus!Steve Hughes

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Evolution, Bible Thumpers, & Christian Hypocrites, what do they have to do with Jesus? Jesus was a peasant day-laborer. However, his teachings and miraculous deeds were revolutionary. When religious leaders saw Jesus walking up, out of frus… more

Oh Shit! It’s Jesus!
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes , English


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One day billions of people will realize that there time has run out and the Rapture of the Church will surprise many like a thief in the night. What would you say if you’re left behind? Where will you go to escape the horror of the most hor… more

Lavonzo P. Latimer
Xulon Press , English
The Ministry of an Evangelis... - SEGUN  OLUMIDE

The Ministry of an Evangelis...SEGUN OLUMIDE

           This powerful book, which is volume 4 in the Ministry Gifts series of 7 volumes, makes available God’s answers to questions like:

Who is an evangelist?

What are the signs of a true evangelist?

What are the 7 ways of exe... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00G6Q0AIO/#editorial-review">more</a>
The Ministry of an Evangelist (Ministry Gifts, #4)
A Heart for the Community: N... - John Fuder, Noel Castellanos

A Heart for the Community: N...John Fuder, Noel Castellanos

Islam, gentrification, AIDS, and multiculturalism: Where do we face these realities? A few years ago, it was in the city. But today, many city dwellers are moving to the suburbs, either by choice or because of circumstances beyond their con… more

A Heart for the Community: New Models for Urban and Suburban Ministry
John Fuder, Noel Castellanos
Moody Publishers , English
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