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How Flowers Got Their Colors... - Pauline J. Brown

How Flowers Got Their Colors...Pauline J. Brown

This is a fun story for young children about how flowers, which were once all white, got their different colors.

This will be fun, entertaining and educational story for kids who are just learning colors.

How Flowers Got Their Colors: An Illustrated Story For Young Children
Pauline J. Brown
KNDL Publishing , English
Rachel and Sammy Learn to Co... - Jannifer Powelson

Rachel and Sammy Learn to Co...Jannifer Powelson

Average wait: N/A

Rachel and Sammy team up for another adventure as they learn to conserve! On the last day of school, Rachel, Sammy, and their classmates take turns showcasing conservation practices they’ve installed around the school for their science proj… more

Rachel and Sammy Learn to Conserve (Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk Series)
Jannifer Powelson
Progressive Rising Phoenix Press , English
Mother Earth Loses her Hat a... - Kamon

Mother Earth Loses her Hat a...Kamon

This story of Mother Earth is for children of the world, whoever they are and wherever they live. No matter whether they are rich or poor, children need to learn at a very young age that the most important thing in everybody’s life is carin… more

Mother Earth Loses her Hat and Boots (Mindfulness for a Better World)
Kamon , English
Our Little Spanish Cousin (O... - Mary F. Nixon-Roulet

Our Little Spanish Cousin (O...Mary F. Nixon-Roulet

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Example in this ebook

Washed by the blue Mediterranean and kissed by the warm southern sun, the Iberian Peninsula lies at the southwestern corner of Europe. To this sunny land of Spain we owe much, for, from its hospitable shores, aided by… more

Our Little Spanish Cousin (Our Little Cousin Series)
Mary F. Nixon-Roulet
L.C. Page & Company , English
Divergent: by Veronica Roth ... - Book*Sense

Divergent: by Veronica Roth ...Book*Sense

Average wait: N/A

Divergent: by Veronica Roth | Summary & Analysis (Divergent Series, Book 1) by Book*Sense

This is a Summary & Analysis of Divergent by Veronica Roth. Bestselling author Veronica Roth emerges in glory in Divergent, the first novel in a near… more

Divergent: by Veronica Roth (Divergent Series, Book 1) | Summary & Analysis
Humble the Hummingbird - Steven Sierra

Humble the HummingbirdSteven Sierra

Average wait: N/A

Poetry, Childrens Book

Humble the Hummingbird
Steven Sierra
Percy goes fishing with Gran... - Linda Moorhouse

Percy goes fishing with Gran...Linda Moorhouse

Percy is excited - he is going fishing with Grandad. They go to the River Lune near Caton. Fish are Percy’s favourite food but will he catch one? What fly will he use on his fishing rod? Who is watching him while he is fishing? Find out the… more

Percy goes fishing with Grandad (The Adventures of Percy, Bailey & Adria Book 7)
Linda Moorhouse
Linda Moorhouse , English
Leaf & the Long Ice: Twig Stories - Jo Marshall

Leaf & the Long Ice: Twig StoriesJo Marshall

Average wait: N/A

Leaf is an impish, stick creature called a Twig. He lives in an old forest at the foot of an ancient volcano capped by a vast glacier ~ the Long Ice. Leaf entertains his mischievous, younger, twin brothers with stories about the rare beasts… more

Leaf & the Long Ice: Twig Stories
Jo Marshall
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Hannah's Tree - Rosie Evitt

Hannah's TreeRosie Evitt

Average wait: N/A

Hannah’s Tree is a fantasy for children with a positive ending. Hannah had always loved trees. So when Hannah, her mummy and daddy and Desmond the dog decide to move to the south of France, where it is very warm, Hannah is pleased that ther… more

Hannah’s Tree
Rosie Evitt
The Choir Press , English
Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees - Jannifer Powelson

Rachel and Sammy Learn About TreesJannifer Powelson

Average wait: N/A

Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees” is the third book in the Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk Series. Rachel and Sammy, along with their classmates, teacher, and Doc Opossum, take a field trip to the forest, where they discover all kinds of … more

Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees
Jannifer Powelson
Rising Phoenix Press , English
Rachel and Sammy Visit the P... - Jannifer Powelson

Rachel and Sammy Visit the P...Jannifer Powelson

Average wait: N/A

Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie” is an exceptional tool for teaching children about life on a Midwest prairie. With an entertaining and educational storyline, vivid photos, plus realistic illustrations, the book will encourage readers t… more

Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie (Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk Series)
Jannifer Powelson
Progressive Rising Phoenix Preses , English
Basil Hazel Forest - Lillie Hill-Martin

Basil Hazel ForestLillie Hill-Martin

Average wait: N/A

Basil Hazel Forest is an original fairy tale in which the dauntless Flip, protector of the forest, discovers that Freddie the fox plans to make some unwelcome changes there. Preoccupied with stopping Freddie, Flip fails to notice the encroa… more

Basil Hazel Forest
Lillie Hill-Martin
Lillie Hill-Martin , English
Monsters in the Earth (Save ... - Bo-Geum Cha

Monsters in the Earth (Save ...Bo-Geum Cha

Average wait: N/A

A small project to protect the Earth which is suffering from a lingering disease!, is a book protecting the precious global environment!Soil is contaminated by agricultural chemicals and fertilizer. Clay, an earthworm, and friends left…. Th… more

Monsters in the Earth (Save Our Planet)
Bo-Geum Cha
Safari Books , English
A White Heron - Sarah Orne Jewett

A White HeronSarah Orne Jewett

Average wait: N/A

One hundred and five years ago, in the first edition of A Wbite Heron, writer Sarah Orne Jewett posed some tough questions for the youngsters reading her book: What is an individual’s responsibility to nature? Does our desire to understand … more

A White Heron
Sarah Orne Jewett
An African Adventure: Flame ... - Maretha Botha

An African Adventure: Flame ...Maretha Botha

Average wait: N/A
              'A vivid and engaging world of animal characters, you have created some great personalities - the stubborn goat 'Plump-Grump' and the conceited 'His Handsomeness, King Rat' being some of my favourites. Very enjoyable 'chap... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00MNKNI04/#editorial-review">more</a>
An African Adventure: Flame and Hope (Tales From Fauna Park Book 1)
Maretha Botha
LionheART Publishing House , English
Professor Humdrum (Hiccups a... - Viv Rosser

Professor Humdrum (Hiccups a...Viv Rosser

Average wait: N/A

Professor Humdrum lecture’s on ecology and he is one of the few Humdrums who cares about nature. This book introduces the charming little Tree-folk who live camouflaged in the tops of trees and do care about plants and animals. The book is … more

Professor Humdrum (Hiccups and Humdrums Book 2)
Viv Rosser
Essential Art , English
Brick's Way Go Green - D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Brick's Way Go GreenD'Brickashaw Ferguson

Average wait: N/A

With the science fair just days away, the only person that can help a group of kids with their project is local football hero D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Transformed into “Little Brick,” his mission is to help teach his new friends about “going … more

Brick’s Way Go Green
D’Brickashaw Ferguson
Mascot Books , English
Lily Green's Long Hot Summer... - Rachel Coates

Lily Green's Long Hot Summer...Rachel Coates

Average wait: N/A

Lily Green is an eight year old girl who wants to change the world, starting on her own doorstep. It is hot, hot, hot in Bottlebank this summer and Lily Green is feeling grumpy. But a visit from her Auntie Bella, and the arrival of a rock s… more

Lily Green’s Long Hot Summer (Lily Green Adventures)
Rachel Coates
Dragonfly E-books , English
Mother Earth Had A Dream - Daniel Morrow, David Jacks

Mother Earth Had A DreamDaniel Morrow, David Jacks

Average wait: N/A

A short story about the day ‘Mother Earth Had A Dream’. In her dream, a strange thing happened, Her beloved skies were blue once more.The planet had healed and the air was clean. Everywhere around her, nature bloomed. All the forests had gr… more

Mother Earth Had A Dream
Daniel Morrow, David Jacks
Wolf-Hawk Writing , English
Mister Hurricane and Mister ... - Mary Monette Barbaso-Crall

Mister Hurricane and Mister ...Mary Monette Barbaso-Crall

Average wait: N/A

Willy the main character of book series has encountered a new and very strange friend who helps him find his beloved mother and friends. He has learnt also a very important lesson in life - to stay positive in any circumstances.NOTE: Edited… more

Mister Hurricane and Mister Thunderstorm - FULL TEXT EDITION (The Adventure of Water Droplets Book 4)
Mary Monette Barbaso-Crall
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