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Atlantic Reverberations: Fre... - Paul C, Dr Adams

Atlantic Reverberations: Fre...Paul C, Dr Adams

The 2004 US election provided French citizens and their media with a springboard for re-conceiving ‘self’ and ‘other’. Given its prominent opposition to recent US foreign policy such as the invasion of Iraq, a volley of insults and caustic … more

Atlantic Reverberations: French Representations of an American Presidential Election
Paul C, Dr Adams
Ashgate , English
The Gamble: The Hand You're Dealt - John Sides, Lynn Vavreck

The Gamble: The Hand You're DealtJohn Sides, Lynn Vavreck

This is the first of a series of free eBook preview chapters—scheduled to be released between August and December 2012—from a groundbreaking book in progress about the 2012 U.S. presidential election. What are the odds that Barack Obama wil… more

The Gamble: The Hand You’re Dealt
John Sides, Lynn Vavreck
Princeton University Press , English
Election Special - Project Syndicate

Election SpecialProject Syndicate

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A collection of commentaries about the 2012 US Presidential election and its consequences on the global economic recovery and geopolitical situation.

Election Special
Project Syndicate
Project Syndicate , English
Your Voice Your Vote: The Sa... - Martha Burk

Your Voice Your Vote: The Sa...Martha Burk

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Updated, revised, and enlarged 2014-15 edition of Your Voice, Your Vote is a manifesto for this year’s woman voter and for male voters who care about the women in their lives. Martha Burk empowers the reader to cut through the double talk… more

Your Voice Your Vote: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Power, Politics, and the Change We Need
Martha Burk
A.U. Publishing , English
The Gamble: Random, or Romney? - John Sides, Lynn Vavreck

The Gamble: Random, or Romney?John Sides, Lynn Vavreck

Random, or Romney?” is the second of a series of free eBook preview chapters from John Sides and Lynn Vavreck’s groundbreaking Fall 2013 book, The Gamble: Choice and Chance in the 2012 Presidential Election. These eBook chapters are schedu… more

The Gamble: Random, or Romney?
John Sides, Lynn Vavreck
Princeton University Press , English
How to Elect Republicans in 2016 - Craig Copland

How to Elect Republicans in 2016Craig Copland

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Are you a conservative Republican running for election to public office? If you are then this book will help you become a stronger candidate, and win. Are you helping your fellow conservative get elected to a local or state office? If you a… more

How to Elect Republicans in 2016
Craig Copland
Who's Counting?: How Fraudst... - John Fund, Hans von Spakovsky

Who's Counting?: How Fraudst...John Fund, Hans von Spakovsky

The 2012 election will be one of the hardest-fought in U.S. history. It is also likely to be one of the closest, a fact that brings concerns about voter fraud and bureaucratic incompetence in the conduct of elections front and center. If we… more

Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk
John Fund, Hans von Spakovsky
Encounter Books , English
Damn-ocracy-Government From ... - Wendall Dennis

Damn-ocracy-Government From ...Wendall Dennis

Damn-ocracy-Government From Hell! The Political, Economic and Money System After the Devil’s Own Heart

Damn-ocracy-Government From Hell! The Political, Economic and Money System After the Devil’s Own Heart
Wendall Dennis
Trafford , English
AMERICAN POLITICS: 30-Second Wars - Julian Chitta

AMERICAN POLITICS: 30-Second WarsJulian Chitta

AMERICAN POLITICS: 20-Second Wars’ is a practical political action guide for conservatives. It is a concise handbook for those who entertain political ambitions for running for any office, from city, county, state to national positions. It… more

Julian Chitta
Julian Chitta , English
To Defend and Protect: Why t... - Robert Heghmann

To Defend and Protect: Why t...Robert Heghmann

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This is the Most Important Book You Will Ever Read.The United States is on the edge of the Abyss. If the direction of the Nation is not changed dramatically it will soon be engulfed in chaos. But the national crisis is not limited to jobs a… more

To Defend and Protect: Why the Republican National Convention Must Draft General David Petraeus for President and Governer John Kasich for Vice President
Robert Heghmann
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
The Presidents Code: Common ... - Clint Arthur

The Presidents Code: Common ...Clint Arthur

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The American Dream From their earliest days in school, American children are told that “one day they could grow up to be President of The United States.” In this groundbreaking work from the author of “The Greatest Book Of All Time,” Clint … more

The Presidents Code: Common Traits of Uncommon Leaders
Clint Arthur
www.ClintArthur.com , English
Oops! (A Diary from the 2012... - Jay Root

Oops! (A Diary from the 2012...Jay Root

“Oops.” With that single, inane utterance, and the agonizing seconds of gut-wrenching silence that came before it, Texas governor Rick Perry—the onetime front-runner among 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls, the darling of Tea Party cons… more

Oops! (A Diary from the 2012 Campaign Trail)
Jay Root
Byliner Digital Services , English
Election Fraud: Detecting an... - R. Michael Alvarez, Susan D....

Election Fraud: Detecting an...R. Michael Alvarez, Susan D....

Allegations of fraud have marred recent elections around the world, from Russia and Italy to Mexico and the United States. Such charges raise fundamental questions about the quality of democracy in each country. Yet election fraud and, more… more

Election Fraud: Detecting and Deterring Electoral Manipulation (Brookings Series on Election Administration and Reform)
R. Michael Alvarez, Susan D. Hyde, Thad E. Hall
Brookings Institution Press , English
CODE RED: Computerized Elect... - Jonathan Simon

CODE RED: Computerized Elect...Jonathan Simon

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CODE RED is about what has happened to American elections, American politics, and America since computers took over the vote counting just a few short years ago. It identifies the red flags—including the glaring one now waving over our mo… more

CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century: POST - E2014 Edition
Jonathan Simon
CodeRedPublishing , English
The Opposition Research Handbook - Larry Zilliox

The Opposition Research HandbookLarry Zilliox

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The Opposition Research Handbook: A Guide to Political Investigations is a one-of-a-kind book that takes the researcher through the process of compiling information about political candidates, both the opponent and your own. It offers more … more

The Opposition Research Handbook
Larry Zilliox
Investigative Research Specialists, LLC , English
203 Reasons Not to Vote for ... - John Wilson

203 Reasons Not to Vote for ...John Wilson

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Do you doubt that the Obama Administration could be involved in a cover-up on Benghazi? If so, there’s probably statements by Obama and others in his Party that you’ve missed!!!Yes, the Presidential Election is done and Obama won. But isn… more

203 Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama
John Wilson
John Wilson , English
How Campaigns Can Use the In... - Colin Delany

How Campaigns Can Use the In...Colin Delany

How Campaigns Can Use the Internet to Win in 2012” is a comprehensive guide to effective online political campaigning, including detailed overviews of online advertising, volunteer management, digital fundraising, political email campaigni… more

How Campaigns Can Use the Internet to Win in 2012
Colin Delany
How to Elect Conservatives i... - Craig Stephen Copland

How to Elect Conservatives i...Craig Stephen Copland

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Do you want Canada to be a conservative nations for decades to come? Eh? If we do then we have a big job ahead of us. We have to elect common-sense conservative men and women to the thousands of public offices - local, regional, provincial… more

How to Elect Conservatives in Canada: Everything You Need to Know to Plan and Manage Winning Campaigns for Local, Provincial, and Federal Elections Throughout Canada
Craig Stephen Copland
Conservative Growth Inc. , English
Mobilizing Inclusion: Transf... - Lisa Garcia Bedolla, Melissa...

Mobilizing Inclusion: Transf...Lisa Garcia Bedolla, Melissa...

Which get-out-the-vote efforts actually succeed in ethnoracial communities—and why? Analyzing the results from hundreds of original experiments, the authors of this book offer a persuasive new theory to explain why some methods work while o… more

Mobilizing Inclusion: Transforming the Electorate through Get-Out-the-Vote Campaigns (The Institution for Social and Policy St)
Lisa Garcia Bedolla, Melissa R. Michelson
Yale University Press , English
Democracy Hijacked: What you... - BJ Williamson

Democracy Hijacked: What you...BJ Williamson

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Time is growing short for Americans to take back control of our government. Learn the secrets behind why Congress passed harmful visa legislation that let foreign workers take millions of our best jobs. Discover how foreign nations are exe… more

Democracy Hijacked: What you need to know before the 2012 election to ensure the integrity of our election, and to end outsourcing lobbies that corrupt politicians.
BJ Williamson
Lanite Publishing, LLC , English