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Math Poems for Calculus - Mike Ternoey

Math Poems for CalculusMike Ternoey

This book contains math poems used in calculus lessons as well as other mnemonics.

Math Poems for Calculus
Mike Ternoey
Gentleman: A Family Memoir - Norman Ernest Gates

Gentleman: A Family MemoirNorman Ernest Gates

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Norman Timmins Gates lived a long, happy and loving life. GENTLEMAN presents family stories and some of Norman’s poems about those days. The subject of the book, the love that allowed Norman to live ninety-five active, giving years, shines … more

Gentleman: A Family Memoir
Norman Ernest Gates
Gates Publishing , English
The Amazing Power of Doublin... - Josh Hunt

The Amazing Power of Doublin...Josh Hunt

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Imagine you were to take an ordinary piece of paper and fold it once, twice, three times–fifty times. This is actually impossible because before long the paper will be so small you can’t keep folding it. Still, imagine you could. How thick … more

The Amazing Power of Doubling Groups
Josh Hunt
2020 Vision , English
Preach My Gospel: A Guide to... - The Church of Jesus Christ o...

Preach My Gospel: A Guide to...The Church of Jesus Christ o...

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This is the standard curriculum for all mission presidents, full-time missionaries, and ward missionaries. It may also be used by leaders and members in stakes and wards. It describes the principles of effective missionary work and the doct… more

Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , English
NPNF1-14. Saint Chrysostom: ... - Philip Schaff

NPNF1-14. Saint Chrysostom: ...Philip Schaff

This book has DirectLink Technology built into the formatting. This means that we have made it easy for you to navigate the various chapters of this book. Some other versions of this book may not have the DirectLink technology built into th… more

NPNF1-14. Saint Chrysostom: Homilies on the Gospel of St. John and the Epistle to the Hebrews
Philip Schaff
99 Cent Books & New Century Books , English
Robert's Rules of Order - Henry M. Robert

Robert's Rules of OrderHenry M. Robert

Bibliographic Record Author Robert, Henry M., 1837-1923 Title Robert’s Rules of OrderPocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies Language English Category Text EBook-No. 9097 Release Date Nov 13, 2004 Copyright Status Publ… more

Robert’s Rules of Order
Henry M. Robert
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Ta... -

If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Ta...

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Seven writers at Ball State University gathered throughout the course of a year to chart the moments in their lives when everything changed. These are their tales.

If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Tales of Risk and Rebirth (The Invictus Writers Book 1)
The Geeky Press , English
Celtic Welsh to English Glossary - Gregory Zorzos

Celtic Welsh to English GlossaryGregory Zorzos

Celtic Welsh to English Glossary

Celtic Welsh to English Glossary
Gregory Zorzos
Createspace , English
Copernicus, God, and Goldilo... - David Allen John Seargent

Copernicus, God, and Goldilo...David Allen John Seargent

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It is argued that our planet inhabits a special place in the cosmos; a region where an improbable convergence of factors create a safe habitat for advanced life. The chances of this happening by accident are so remote that a Designing God i… more

Copernicus, God, and Goldilocks: Our Place and Purpose in the Universe
David Allen John Seargent
Xlibris , English
L'Amant de Marguerite Duras ... - Isabelle Defossa

L'Amant de Marguerite Duras ...Isabelle Defossa

Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur L’Amant de Marguerite Duras ! Retrouvez l’essentiel de l’œuvre dans une fiche de lecture complète et détaillée, avec un résumé, une étude des personnages, des clés de lecture et des pistes de réflexion.Rédigée … more

L’Amant de Marguerite Duras (Fiche de lecture) (French Edition)
Isabelle Defossa
lePetitLittéraire.fr , French
The Pastor of Hermas - Hermas Rome

The Pastor of HermasHermas Rome

The Pastor of Hermas is a Christian literary work of the 1st or 2nd century, considered a valuable book by many Christians, and considered canonical scripture by some of the early Church fathers such as Irenaeus. The Pastor or “The Shepherd… more

The Pastor of Hermas
Hermas Rome
Tithing: The Financial Disas... - Oliver John

Tithing: The Financial Disas...Oliver John

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He (She) whom the Son sets free is free indeed!” (John 8:36). For present day Christians, particularly those in the new generation Pentecostal/evangelical churches, tithing is a very important subject, one that fellow Christians will frequ… more

Tithing: The Financial Disaster of Christians?
Oliver John
Solstice Horizons , English
Mind, Work, and Life: A Fest... - Howard Gardner

Mind, Work, and Life: A Fest...Howard Gardner

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Howard Gardner, noted psychologist and educator, turned 70 in 2013. To commemorate this occasion, Mindy Kornhaber and Ellen Winner invited colleagues to contribute essays in Gardner’s honor. One hundred and sixteen scholarly colleagues—Gard… more

Mind, Work, and Life: A Festschrift on the Occasion of Howard Gardner’s 70th Birthday (Volume 2)
Howard Gardner
Come With Me Through Galatians - David Pawson

Come With Me Through GalatiansDavid Pawson

The modern mood is that we do not want to argue about religion. We do not want to quarrel, but to be comfortable with each other. Galatians is not that kind of a letter. Paul argues with other Christians, not with unbelievers, and his messa… more

Come With Me Through Galatians
David Pawson
Anchor Recordings Limited , English
The Water-Works and Sewerage... - George Robert Graham Conway

The Water-Works and Sewerage...George Robert Graham Conway

Monterrey, the Capital of the State of Nuevo León, Mexico, is built on the site of the old village of Santa Lucía de León, which was established in 1583 by the Governor of the Kingdom of León, Don Luis Carabajal. Four years later Carabajal … more

The Water-Works and Sewerage of Monterrey
George Robert Graham Conway
Pearl Bookslover , English
Taste This Magic Peach - Elizabeth Hand Shrader, Will...

Taste This Magic PeachElizabeth Hand Shrader, Will...

In language class we had learned that Chinese proverb, “He who rides a tiger cannot dismount.” Had my husband and I unwittingly mounted a tiger? Could we ride it? I looked at him beside me—so strong and unafraid.

December, 1926: a time of… more

Taste This Magic Peach
Elizabeth Hand Shrader, William Whitney Shrader
Tate Publishing , English
Stephen Hawking: Riddles of ... - Michael Lent, Brian McCarthy

Stephen Hawking: Riddles of ...Michael Lent, Brian McCarthy

Stephen Hawking is one of the most brilliant minds of this century. Bluewater Productions is bringing you his life story in this unique comic book format. Find out all about the man the myth and the legend!

Stephen Hawking: Riddles of Time & Space
Michael Lent, Brian McCarthy
Bluewater Productions INC. , English


978-1-105-78642-6 ST. GREGORY Book IX, Letter 1 - 33 EPISTLEST. GREGORY Book IX, Letter 1 THROUGH 33BOOK TO ANDREW HE became pope in 590 and effected great changes in the Roman Catholic church. He used the office to govern and provide pasto… more

EPISTLE ST. GREGORY Book IX, Letter 1 - 33
LULU , English
Beyth Yahushua, The Son of T... - Rabbi Simon Altaf

Beyth Yahushua, The Son of T...Rabbi Simon Altaf

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Would you like to know the identity of Yahushua’s (Jesus’s) family? Did He have brothers and sisters, did He get married, are not Rabbis meant to marry, was Mary Magdalene His wife? All these answered in the book. Are you fed-up of hearing … more

Beyth Yahushua, The Son of Tzadok, The Son of Dawud
Rabbi Simon Altaf
Abrahamic-Faith Publishers , English
Teaching and Hunting in East Africa - Dan McNickle

Teaching and Hunting in East AfricaDan McNickle

Lati knew his stuff and before the sun was high we were on the trail of a small herd. These elephant had fed into thick thorn scrub. We could hear them up ahead, close, but we couldn’t see them as visibility was close to nil. I reached for… more

Teaching and Hunting in East Africa
Dan McNickle
Trafford Publishing , English