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The Essential Human Anatomy ... - Professor H.P. Doyle

The Essential Human Anatomy ...Professor H.P. Doyle

Welcome to the Second Edition of The Essential Human Anatomy Compendium, which is a study guide in the format of LECTURE OUTLINE NOTES compiled from various university instructors nationwide. Students have found that using this essential st… more

The Essential Human Anatomy Compendium (Second Edition):A Comprehensive and Concise Study Guide for Success in Introductory Anatomy Courses
Professor H.P. Doyle
AuthorHouse , English


Learn the facts about religion. An older book with over 500 pages of religion history including:The Nature of ReligionThe SoulEarly Religious CeremoniesMarriage CeremoniesCeremonies of BirthBurial CeremoniesHeavenly BodiesGodsMythsAnd Much … more

www.onelovemanymemories.com , English
Speed Reading Course -- E-book -

Speed Reading Course -- E-book

Learn how to speed read. Increase your understanding and comprehension while increasing your enjoyment of readingWe all learn to read at school, after a fashion. But for most of us, this is not an optimal use of our brain power. In this co… more

Speed Reading Course — E-book
A Compass for Understanding ... -

A Compass for Understanding ...

As a teacher, you are probably already familiar withthe decennial census, conducted every 10 years in theUnited States since 1790 (see text box). The censusprovides vital data our country needs to perform governmentalfunctions and to unders… more

A Compass for Understanding and Using American Community Survey Data: What High School Teachers Need to Know
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
Privacy Versus Security - Jeri Freedman

Privacy Versus SecurityJeri Freedman

This book examines the issues that arise in trying to balance the need to protect Americans against terrorist attacks with the need to preserve their most basic freedoms.

Privacy Versus Security
Jeri Freedman
ReadHowYouWant , English
Stones Rolled Away: And Othe... - Henry Drummond

Stones Rolled Away: And Othe...Henry Drummond

Amazon.com reviewHenry Drummond was one of the most influential Christian voices in the latter part of the 19th century. His speaking style and broad range of thought endeared him to many. These lectures in “Stones rolled Away”, allow us to… more

Stones Rolled Away: And Other Addresses
Henry Drummond
AMA Publication , English
Tales of an Original Bad Girl - Mack Mama

Tales of an Original Bad GirlMack Mama

2 ratings

TALES OF AN ORIGINAL BAD GIRLMack Mama has defied all odds and after being counted out by many she rises from the ashes of defeat. She did a total of 13 years in prison and after her last stint she chose to concentrate on her music career a… more

Tales of an Original Bad Girl
Mack Mama
Star Status Publishing , English
Vital Viral - 18 Explosive Tactics - Anonymous

Vital Viral - 18 Explosive TacticsAnonymous

How many times have you looked at the stats counter on your website and felt good knowing that your site is receiving about 100 hits a day?Not too often?How would you like to get to the point where 100 hits a day wouldn’t matter to you. Wou… more

Vital Viral - 18 Explosive Tactics
A Life Renewed, 1983-1998 - Roderick Stackelberg

A Life Renewed, 1983-1998Roderick Stackelberg

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A Life Renewed, 1983–1998 continues the personal story begun in Roderick Stackelberg’s earlier autobiographical volumes, Out of Hitler’s Shadow and Memory and History. The basic themes stressed in the prefaces to the first two volumes of h… more

A Life Renewed, 1983-1998
Roderick Stackelberg
iUniverse , English
RUSH - Black Dragon - HSA - HO SY AN

RUSH - Black Dragon - HSAHO SY AN

In the south of the Agency is to go to Turkish customs, which everyone knows. Gate agent very quiet obvious, and of course, sales people here that just because E customers to move elsewhere, just head of a burden, a burden selling dumplings… more

RUSH - Black Dragon - HSA
Paul Robert Hanna: A Life of... - Jared R. Stallones

Paul Robert Hanna: A Life of...Jared R. Stallones

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Analyzing and ultimately placing in context Paul Hanna’s vast contributions, this book provides a richly textured narrative of his life and his major role in twentieth-century American education and the development of modern American educat… more

Paul Robert Hanna: A Life of Expanding Communities
Jared R. Stallones
Hoover Institution Press , English
The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci - leonardo Davinci

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vincileonardo Davinci

Educational. Teaching Painting and sharing experiences

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
leonardo Davinci
Jesus Himself - Andrew Murray

Jesus HimselfAndrew Murray

The following brief messages comprise a revision of two addresses, which originally appeared in the South African Pioneer, the organ of the “Cape General Mission” (Rev. Andrew Murray, Pres.), and are published by arrangement, the Mission pa… more

Jesus Himself
Andrew Murray


978-1-105-19419-1SAINT BARBARA(†235)Saint Barbara was brought up by a pagan father, Dioscorus. With the intention of protecting her beauty, he kept her jealously secluded in a lonely but very luxurious tower which he built for that purpose;… more

Margo Marie Snyder
LULU PRESS , English
And God Still Stops the Rain... - Edgar Nazario

And God Still Stops the Rain...Edgar Nazario

The conclusion of all man’s efforts to describe life, are in the words of Solomon… vain. We can give a description of feeling but the description has no happiness, sadness, or fear. It has no courage, no anger ,and no despair. Our descript… more

And God Still Stops the Rain: Excerpts of a Life Touched by God
Edgar Nazario
iUniverse , English
Flourish: Balance for Homesc... - Mary Jo Tate

Flourish: Balance for Homesc...Mary Jo Tate

Exhausted? Overloaded? Teetering on the brink of burnout? As a homeschooling mom, it’s easy to find yourself paralyzed by an overwhelming to-do list, and false guilt only adds to the burden. If you’ve just been getting by, it’s time to star… more

Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms
Mary Jo Tate
Apologia , English
everybody his own god? - chris bouter

everybody his own god?chris bouter

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This booklet can be seen as an intermediate introduction to my ethical theology, the cartoons about vices and virtues being the most simple introduction.It is a passionate plea for the christian faith in this so-called age of postmodernism,… more

everybody his own god?
chris bouter
chris bouter , English
greek mythology - patrick warf

greek mythologypatrick warf

This book is good for students to learn about greek mythogoly. This book covers ALL major and minor gods.

greek mythology
patrick warf
patrick warf
The $10,000 Auction eBook - Alan Tang

The $10,000 Auction eBookAlan Tang

I bet your sick of hearing about how floodled the eBay eBook market is and how you can’t make money from eBooks? I know I am. Anyone who thinks that the eBook market is dead could not be further from the truth. I make over $2000 each and ev… more

The $10,000 Auction eBook
Alan Tang