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Trick Photography and Specia...joshua mintz

Easily follow step by step instructions to create trick photos and special effects like a professional. Withing the Trick Photography guide you will get some of the coolest tricks and effects that can be done virtually any DSLR - and withou… more

Trick Photography and Special Effects Guide (Photography Tricks and Special Effects)
joshua mintz
DIY Digital Photography , English

Photography MasterclassDesmond Downs

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A description of the more technical aspects of photography including, depth of field, flash, auto-fp flash, making money with photography, beginners wedding photography, reading histograms and using exposure compensation, camera metering mo… more

Photography Masterclass
Desmond Downs
Desmond Downs , English

An Introduction To Macro And...Brent Betz

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An Introduction To Macro & Close-Up Photography, part of the DSLR Fundamentals series, is an eBook written specifically for those interested in learning more about the basics of macro and close-up photography. The book uses text, video lin… more

An Introduction To Macro And Close-Up Photography: Part Of The DSLR Fundamentals Series
Brent Betz
Liberated Media, LLC , English

Creative Collection , Compos...Harold Davis

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Three colorful e-books offer advice on key photographic techniques from Harold DavisComposition and lighting are two of the essential foundations of photography. Landscapes are a favorite of both hobbyists and professional photographers. Th… more

Creative Collection , Composition, Lighting, and Landscapes
Harold Davis
Wiley , English

Get More Views On Flickr - S...Aaron Shanty

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Have you ever wondered how people on Flickr get all those comments, views, favorites and shares? How do they get so popular from just uploading a few images a week - most of which you could do yourself!Get More Views On Flickr - Secrets Of … more

Get More Views On Flickr - Secrets Of The Flickr Masters
Aaron Shanty
Aaron Shanty , English

AAA++ Rated - DON'T Become a...

Here’s a list of the topics you’ll find inside: - Digital Photography- The Basics Of Digital Imaging - Digital Imaging Software - Tips for Taking Great Digital Photos- Digital Scanning Basics - Digital Photography Basics - Digital Cameras a… more

AAA++ Rated - DON’T Become a Digital Photographer Without ME - Secrets to QUICKLY and EASILY Become a Digital Photography Expert! (PLUSBONUSES)

Cut Photoshop Editing Time 8...Amanda Stock

When she first started her photography business, Amanda Stock used to spend hours editing images after each session or wedding, partly because she was learning a lot about portrait photography but also because she didn’t know about the powe… more

Cut Photoshop Editing Time 80%: A post processing workflow for efficient professional photographers (Includes Video)
Amanda Stock

Instagram FamousSir Princeton Parrish

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Have you ever wondered how users on Instagram got so many followers? Regular everyday users like yourself? Have you ever wondered what it was like to have so many followers but thought you could never do it? Well you can. In fact, I did it…. more

Instagram Famous
Sir Princeton Parrish
Sir Princeton Legacy Parrish , English

Compose Better Pictures: A B...Edwin Jones

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Compose Better Pictures: A Beginners Guide on How to Improve Your Digital Photography with Better Composition 2013This is an illustrated photography book containing straightforward advice on how to improve your Digital Photography with bett… more

Compose Better Pictures: A Beginners Guide on How to Improve Your Digital Photography with Better Composition 2013
Edwin Jones
Webcycle Partnership , English

A Quick & Easy Guide To Bett...EMS Publishing

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If you are frustrated with the results of your photography, you are not alone. Does this sound familiar? You’re on a wonderful vacation in a beautiful resort, and you capture a whole lot of beautiful images of the water, the waves, the beac… more

A Quick & Easy Guide To Better Digital Photography
EMS Publishing

Easy Photography: The Minima...Wilfredo Garrido

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2013 Abridged Edition. New pictures, new tips.This abridged edition of Easy Photography introduces a minimalist approach to DSLR photography that allows the user to take full advantage of a camera’s automatic functions, leaving minor tweaki… more

Easy Photography: The Minimalist Way (2013 Abridged Edition)
Wilfredo Garrido
Gondola Books , English

Scott Kelby's Digital Photog...Scott Kelby

With over 800 of the most closely guarded photographic “tricks of the trade,” this boxed set–consisting of all four parts of Scott Kelby’s best-selling series, The Digital Photography Book–is the ultimate resource for any one who wants to s… more

Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Boxed Set, Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, Updated Edition
Scott Kelby
Peachpit Press , English

The Photography Triple Combi...Eric Dahlin

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This is a combination of 3 of my books. I am bundling them for a discount. Each of these books are normally 2.99 USD. Bundled they are 7.50. Photography: Develop your skills one shot at a timeThis is what they didn’t teach you at the Camera… more

The Photography Triple Combination: Photography: Develop your skills one shot at a time, 70 Photography Lessons, and The Photography Workbook.
Eric Dahlin
Eric Dahlin , English

Shooting Great Digital Photo...Mark Justice Hinton, Barbara...

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Make your photos better than ever with these great tips!Photography is fun, and thebetter your photos, the morefun you’ll have. This little bookis packed with advice to help you set up super shots, make the most of lighting, explore exposur… more

Shooting Great Digital Photos For Dummies®, Pocket Edition
Mark Justice Hinton, Barbara Obermeier
For Dummies , English

Advanced PhotographyEric Dahlin

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Advanced Photography TechniquesThis book will teach you the necessary components to step into more advanced photography techniques. Most beginners have little or no grasp of how light works, how colors interact, or how different types of p… more

Advanced Photography
Eric Dahlin
Eric Dahlin , English

Creative Collection , Black ...Harold Davis

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Nurture your creativity with this three-part e-book collectionHarold Davis, a well-known photographer whose work is widely displayed and collected, has shared his techniques on black-and-white, close-up, and nighttime photography in three b… more

Creative Collection , Black and White, Close-Ups, and Night
Harold Davis
Wiley , English

Photography Tips and Tricks ...Simon Williams, Vook

You can take high quality photos absolutely anywhere with your iPhone. This video guide features 8 lessons that cover everything from basic iPhone camera techniques to impressive effects. You’ll learn how to: - Add motion blur- Apply differ… more

Photography Tips and Tricks for the iPhone: The Video Guide
Simon Williams, Vook
Vook , English

Photography Tips and Tricks ...Simon Williams

Think you need a pricey digital camera to take AMAZING photos? All you need is your iPhone and THIS How-To guide! This Vook has it covered! Download “Photography Tips and Tricks for the iPhone: The How-To Guide” now and you’ll be snapping a… more

Photography Tips and Tricks for the iPhone: The How-To Guide
Simon Williams
Vook , English

A Quick & Easy Guide to Tabl...EMS Publishing

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This short, 14 page magazine style article addresses the problem thousands of us as amateur photographers face. You love your new camera, but you’ve run out of ideas on what to photograph next. Your family runs the other way as soon as th… more

A Quick & Easy Guide to Tabletop Photography (Quick & Easy Guides)
EMS Publishing
EMS Publishing , English

Comment créer la couverture ...Noé Facq

Les dimensions idéales recommandées par Amazon kdp Deux options pour votre couvertureComment réaliser une couverture 2 dimensions gratuitement ? Trouver des photos VRAIMENT gratuites Trouver des icônes VRAIMENT gratuites Comment mettre en p… more

Comment créer la couverture d’un livre pour publier sur kindle (French Edition)
Noé Facq