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Words  of Wisdom - John Novak

Words of WisdomJohn Novak

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Words of Wisdom is a daily devotional inspired by my wife, Jody L. Novak. Our kids are all grown and have moved away, so she encouraged me to find a way to continue to provide input into their lives without interfering. I decided to send th… more

Words of Wisdom
John Novak
Trafford , English
Discourse of the Efficient o... - Stephen Charnock

Discourse of the Efficient o...Stephen Charnock

This book has DirectLink Technology built into the formatting. This means that we have made it easy for you to navigate the various chapters of this book. Some other versions of this book may not have the DirectLink technology built into th… more

Discourse of the Efficient of Regeneration - New Century Kindle Format
Stephen Charnock
99 Cent Books & New Century Books , English
Total Love - Frances J. Roberts

Total LoveFrances J. Roberts

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Through prose, poetry, and prayers, beloved author Frances J. Roberts shares the message of God’s “total love” for His children. A companion book to Roberts’ million-selling Come Away, My Beloved, Total Love provides fresh food for the hung… more

Total Love
Frances J. Roberts
Barbour Books , English
Shri Swami Samartha Dhyan - Y B Saraswat

Shri Swami Samartha DhyanY B Saraswat

Shri Swami Samartha Dhyan

Shri Swami Samartha Dhyan
Y B Saraswat
How can I Hear the Voice of God? - Mark Craythorn

How can I Hear the Voice of God?Mark Craythorn

Why a book on listening to the voice of God? Surely it implies that there is a God out there that is talking to us? And if he is talking to us, why is He even interested in talking to us? There is so much pain, hurt and suffering in this wo… more

How can I Hear the Voice of God?
Mark Craythorn
Devote the Bible: Nehemiah - Tim Baker

Devote the Bible: NehemiahTim Baker

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Too many Christians don’t know what’s in their Bible.

It’s sad but true…too many Christians say that the Bible is God’s Word and is essential to their faith, but they don’t pick it up and read it, or know everything in it. This series of … more

Devote the Bible: Nehemiah
Tim Baker
Now This is Living - Dee Dee Wike

Now This is LivingDee Dee Wike

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Are you bored or simply looking for more out of life? Perhaps you long for adventure but lack courage to scale a mountain or leap from an airplane just to experience the thrill of living on the edge. Fortunately, you don’t have to! In Now T… more

Now This is Living
Dee Dee Wike
Innovo Publishing LLC , English
Learning Through Life - James John Hollandsworth M.D.

Learning Through LifeJames John Hollandsworth M.D.

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Death & divorce, tears & trials, love & loss, passion & purpose– How do we deal with all that life throws at us? Where can we go to find the answers? Where is God in all of this? Could it be that God is using the experiences of life to te… more

Learning Through Life
James John Hollandsworth M.D.
Daily With the King: A Devot... - W. Glyn Evans

Daily With the King: A Devot...W. Glyn Evans

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A calendar of devotional readings for the daily walk of the Christian and his God. With appropriate Scripture readings.

Daily With the King: A Devotional for Self-Discipleship
W. Glyn Evans
Moody Publishers , English
Just A Second Thought - Jim Head

Just A Second ThoughtJim Head

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More thoughts and devotions taken from the Scriptures and daily life.

Just A Second Thought
Jim Head
The Way of Truth Eternal (Book 1) - Michael Edward Owens

The Way of Truth Eternal (Book 1)Michael Edward Owens

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The Way of Truth Eternal, Book I, is based on the universal principles of this physical universe. This book is released for the purpose of opening the doors of heaven to those Souls who seek to experience Self-Realization and God-Realizatio… more

The Way of Truth Eternal (Book 1)
Michael Edward Owens
Memories of Nigeria - Clint Bowman

Memories of NigeriaClint Bowman

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This is a 14 day devotional set of short stories based on my experiences while working in a high school in Nigeria from 1992-96. During that time I was privileged to help a team of students and a couple of faculty members begin or nourish f… more

Memories of Nigeria
Clint Bowman
Clint Bowman , English
Beside Still Waters - David Haifley

Beside Still WatersDavid Haifley

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From 1958 until his death in 1994 Dr. David R. Haifley published a weekly bulletin with these short, pithy messages called “Preservice Meditations.” In the early 1960’s his paper became known as the Beams of Grace and enjoyed a limited circ… more

Beside Still Waters
David Haifley
101 Moments of Grace: Powerf... -

101 Moments of Grace: Powerf...

Guideposts Spirit Lifters is an all-new eBook series from Guideposts featuring devotions and story collections. The Spirit Lifters series demonstrates the powerful connection between faith and daily living, and offer readers hope to overcom… more

101 Moments of Grace: Powerful Reminders of God’s Astonishing Love
Guideposts , English
Blessings Beyond - Ethel Williams

Blessings BeyondEthel Williams

Blessings Beyond is a devotional, written in memory of our late pastor, Rev. Phillip Lee Williams, who was crippled from childhood, with Polio. He was the faithful leader of Trinity Gardens First Church for more than 40 years, father of 14 … more

Blessings Beyond
Ethel Williams
AuthorHouse , English
The Song of the Harpers by t... - John MacDuff (1818-1895)

The Song of the Harpers by t...John MacDuff (1818-1895)

The Song Of The Harpers By The Glassy Sea. Chapter from “Memories Of Patmos” (A devotional meditation on the book of Revelation) by John MacDuff (1818-1895) 10 pages. …the sea of glass, as they proclaim, amid all convulsions and all chang… more

The Song of the Harpers by the Glassy Sea
John MacDuff (1818-1895)
Rosy Garland Books , English
Sweetwater - James Vickery

SweetwaterJames Vickery

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This book releases the sweet aroma of peace and joy. In the face of any bitter experience you will find comfort in God’s grace. You will find spiritual encouragement on every page. This book is a summary of how the bitter is made sweet by … more

James Vickery
Theocentric Publishing Group , English
Joseph A Story - Terri L. Fivash

Joseph A StoryTerri L. Fivash

Sometimes the Ways of God Seem Like Hieroglyphics

Sold by his brothers into slavery in a strange land, the pain in Joseph’s ankles matched the pain in his heart. Where now was El Shaddai? But Mishma, the Ishmaelite merchant, saw something … more

Joseph A Story
Terri L. Fivash
Review & Herald , English
External Glories Volume Two ... - Scott E. Beemer

External Glories Volume Two ...Scott E. Beemer

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Second book of the series of the Holy Spirit’s Morning Journal. “The best from the Father, The best from the Son, The best from the Holy Ghost, Wo makes us One.”

External Glories Volume Two (Eternal Glories Volume Two Book 2)
Scott E. Beemer
The Bread of Life (Volume 1) - Doyin Oke

The Bread of Life (Volume 1)Doyin Oke

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A Daily Spiritual Nourishment

The Bread of Life serves as a tool for believers who seek a closer walk with God. The Lord desires that Christians have Him clearly in their sight in order to follow Him. This book is designed to enrich your t… more

The Bread of Life (Volume 1)
Doyin Oke
GodKulture , English
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