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The Service Recovery Toolkit - Theo Gilbert-Jamison

The Service Recovery ToolkitTheo Gilbert-Jamison

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An employee’s ability to properly resolve a customer issue or complaint is crucial in enhancing customer loyalty. They must not only feel confident that we are competent to resolve any issue of inconvenience, but also walk away feeling val… more

The Service Recovery Toolkit
Theo Gilbert-Jamison
Performance Solutions by Design, Inc. , English
The Customer Experience Revolution - Jeofrey Bean, Sean Van Tyne

The Customer Experience RevolutionJeofrey Bean, Sean Van Tyne

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The Customer Experience Revolution has started—a shift in dynamic that has changed the customer-business relationship forever.Beyond branding, beyond customer service, beyond product usability—it is the complete customer experience that det… more

The Customer Experience Revolution
Jeofrey Bean, Sean Van Tyne
Brigantine Media , English
Viral Traffic Generation - Anonymous

Viral Traffic GenerationAnonymous

If you have a website, you need traffic. Regardless of what product or service you are selling, it’s been proven that the more visitors you get to come to your website, the higher your sales will be. The trick is, you have to get customers … more

Viral Traffic Generation
How to Gain and Retain More ... - James Yuille

How to Gain and Retain More ...James Yuille

The simple four-step process that transformed a struggling small business owner who had sold nothing in eight months to selling $30,000 a month overnight…and how it can do the same for you…”How To Gain And Retain More Customers - plain … more

How to Gain and Retain More Customers
James Yuille
The Greet Your Customer Manual - Laurie Brown

The Greet Your Customer ManualLaurie Brown

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On online poll asked “Have you ever stopped doing business with a company because of how you were greeted, either in person or one the phone?” 77.9% responded answered yes. Although surely simple, how you greet (or do not greet) your custom… more

The Greet Your Customer Manual
Laurie Brown
The Difference Press , English
Growing Pains - RuthAnn Hogue

Growing PainsRuthAnn Hogue

Description: Growing Pains: An in-depth look at the exploding teleservices industry (Part One)Synopsis:Teleservices: It’s the fastest-growing industry in Tucson and among those exploding in North America and around the world. As of 1998, be… more

Growing Pains
RuthAnn Hogue
Whiptail Publishing , English
Toyota: understanding the ke... - María Daniela Pascual

Toyota: understanding the ke...María Daniela Pascual

The evolution of the Toyota company, when examined in depth, has been nothing less than astonishing. This study looks at it from an economic perspective, analyzing the impact of the “lean” philosophy and the fundamental principles of the T… more

Toyota: understanding the key to succes
María Daniela Pascual
Pluma Digital Ediciones , English
Managing Forward: How to Mov... - Claes Fornell, Larry Freed

Managing Forward: How to Mov...Claes Fornell, Larry Freed

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Many organizations have traditionally relied on backward-looking metrics showing what already happened in order to determine the strategies and tactics that should drive their futures. They look at how much they sold last month or last year… more

Managing Forward: How to Move From Measuring the Past to Managing the Future
Claes Fornell, Larry Freed
Worzilla , English
La revolución de las relacio... - Larry Hochman

La revolución de las relacio...Larry Hochman

La revolución de las relaciones personalesCómo acercarse eficientemente a los clientes* Un libro oportuno y práctico para los tiempos que corren.Tus clientes están furiosos, ¡muy furiosos!La recesión ha dejado a los consumidores sintiéndose… more

La revolución de las relaciones personales (Spanish Edition)
Larry Hochman
Empresa Activa , Spanish
Facebook The Essential Guide -

Facebook The Essential Guide

If you have ever heard anyone talk about a social networking website, then Facebook may be one of the websites that they were referring to. That is exactly what Facebook is. Facebook is a social networking website that was founded by Mark Z… more

Facebook The Essential Guide
Chief Customer Officer : Get... - Jeanne Bliss

Chief Customer Officer : Get...Jeanne Bliss

Drawing on her first-hand experience at top companies as diverse as Lands’ End and Microsoft, Jeanne Bliss explains why even great corporations can drift to delivering mediocrity to customers, and she offers a proven solution to break the c… more

Chief Customer Officer : Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action
Jeanne Bliss
Jossey-Bass , English
A Complaint Is a Gift: Recov... - Janelle Barlow, Claus Moller

A Complaint Is a Gift: Recov...Janelle Barlow, Claus Moller

The title of this book can be a little misleading because ostensibly this is just a book about how to deal with complaints. And while complaints are talked about on just about every single page, this book is really about a much more importa… more

A Complaint Is a Gift: Recovering Customer Loyalty When Things Go Wrong
Janelle Barlow, Claus Moller
Berrett-Koehler Publishers , English
What Customers Really Want - Scott McKain

What Customers Really WantScott McKain

A Thomas Nelson Kindle book.

What Customers Really Want
Scott McKain
Thomas Nelson , English
Harvard Business Review on I... - Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review on I...Harvard Business Review

How do you keep your customers coming back-and get them to bring others?If you need the best practices and ideas for making your customers loyal and profitable—but don’t have time to find them—this book is for you. Here are nine inspiring… more

Harvard Business Review on Increasing Customer Loyalty (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review Press , English
Hamburgers, Fries and You!! - STEPHEN MAXWELL

Hamburgers, Fries and You!!STEPHEN MAXWELL


Hamburgers, Fries and You!!
Perfect Phrases for Customer... - Robert Bacal

Perfect Phrases for Customer...Robert Bacal

THE RIGHT PHRASE FOR EVERY SITUATIONEVERY TIME You’ve heard it a million times: “The customer is always right.” But let’s face it—sometimes the customer is misinformed, confused, or downright difficult. The ability to handle such cu… more

Perfect Phrases for Customer Service, Second Edition (Perfect Phrases Series)
Robert Bacal
McGraw-Hill , English
UP! Your Service New Insight... - Ron Kaufman

UP! Your Service New Insight...Ron Kaufman

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True Stories of Winners and Losers in the Quest for Superior Service. Who wins? Who loses? It’s up to you! BENCHMARK the best service innovations. (Chapter 5: Generating New Ideas) DISCOVER how to keep your customers happy, loyal and buying… more

UP! Your Service New Insights: True Stories of Winners and Losers in the Quest for Superior Service
Ron Kaufman
Kaufman Professional Services , English
Loyalty Myths: Hyped Strateg... - Timothy L. Keiningham, Terry...

Loyalty Myths: Hyped Strateg...Timothy L. Keiningham, Terry...

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In Loyalty Myths, the authors have assembled 53 of the most common beliefs about customer loyalty – all of them wrong or misconceived! Each of the beliefs in this book is debunked with real-world examples. While other books speak in platitu… more

Loyalty Myths: Hyped Strategies That Will Put You Out of Business — and Proven Tactics That Really Work
Timothy L. Keiningham, Terry G. Vavra, Lerzan Aksoy, Henri Wallard
Wiley , English
50 Powerful Ideas You Can Us... - Paul R. Timm

50 Powerful Ideas You Can Us...Paul R. Timm

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Since publishing the first edition of this classic that has sold over 250,000 copies, the challenges of keeping customers-or creating customer loyalty-has become even more urgent. Ultimately, every successful enterprise must attract, serve,… more

50 Powerful Ideas You Can Use to Keep Your Customers
Paul R. Timm
Career Press , English
Summary: Why We Buy by Paco ... - Larry Fitzpatrick

Summary: Why We Buy by Paco ...Larry Fitzpatrick

This is a summary of Paco Underhill’s Why we Buy. Read this to get most of the book’s info in a fraction of the time.

Summary: Why We Buy by Paco Underhill
Larry Fitzpatrick