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The Art of Loving Yourself Now -

The Art of Loving Yourself Now

You should refer to the easy 29 page manual to inspire you as you need inspiration! It includes……Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 – Happiness is a Choice You Make Chapter 3 – Questions to Ask Yourself Chapter 4 – Peak Experiences and… more

The Art of Loving Yourself Now
"FEEL" YOUR AFFIRMATIONS - A... - Don Wadington


Feel your Affirmations-A SecretThis information could help change your life. It is concrete comprehensive information on how to feel your affirmation and be validated. Book updated on 3/1/2011 with Testimonials, A Challenge to you, and an… more

Don Wadington
A WRITER'S NOTEBOOK: Everyth... - John Scherber

A WRITER'S NOTEBOOK: Everyth...John Scherber

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A WRITER’S NOTEBOOK: Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Starting Out.

Learning to write well is a solitary and often frustrating task, but help is on the way. Here is the distilled experience of 50 years of writing (and write… more

A WRITER’S NOTEBOOK: Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I was Starting Out.
John Scherber
San Miguel Allende Books , English
Hair Extensions & Wig Making... - Shon Stoker

Hair Extensions & Wig Making...Shon Stoker

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Learn How-To Create Custom Wigs, Hair Extensions, Maintenance, Styling Tips, Simple Hairstyles, & Tricks!!! This book gives you all the information you need to create your ideal look. Have fun creating and trying new hairstyles!!!

Hair Extensions & Wig Making Made Simple: Beauty Made Simple Collection
Shon Stoker
Mrs. Shon G. Stoker , English
Makeup Made Simple Collection - Shon Stoker

Makeup Made Simple CollectionShon Stoker

Every woman is her own standard of beauty and makeup can assist you in creating that standard for yourself. Master the art of makeup application using this easy to understand book.

Makeup Made Simple Collection
Shon Stoker
Shon G. Stoker , English
The Widening Stream - David Ulrich

The Widening StreamDavid Ulrich

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Life itself can be approached as a creative challenge, through the medium of whatever we do on a daily basis, whether it be painting a picture or cooking a meal. In The Widening Stream, author David Ulrich gracefully illustrates the series … more

The Widening Stream
David Ulrich
ReadHowYouWant , English
Kindle 3 How-To: Notes To Share - Ludwik Kowalski

Kindle 3 How-To: Notes To ShareLudwik Kowalski

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This mini-tutorial is a set of notes about how to use Kindle, a very popular ebook reader. After publishing two Kindle books, the author, Ludwik Kowalski, decided to share what he learned.. How can a retired teacher miss an opportunity to t… more

Kindle 3 How-To: Notes To Share
Ludwik Kowalski
Ludwik Kowalski , English
Spiritual Guides, Mediums an... - Paul Hamden

Spiritual Guides, Mediums an...Paul Hamden

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The author presents a step by step handbook for the beginner who is delving into mediumship and meditation. Subjects covered are;Chapter One - Past and PresentChapter Two – MeditationChapter Three - Contacting your GuideChapter Four – Mediu… more

Spiritual Guides, Mediums and Dimensional Energies
Paul Hamden
CreateSpace , English
Book V - Marketing: The End ... - Jack Morgan

Book V - Marketing: The End ...Jack Morgan

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This is a tongue-in-cheek informational book on how to create and publish your first eBook. Follow Jack along the creative process, from idea creation to work flow to proof-reading to making a cover and publishing your book. Will it help yo… more

Book V - Marketing: The End is Only the Beginning! (A Book Worth Writing: Creating a Million $1 eBooks)
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan , English
Off the Coast of Zanzibar - Greg S.  Reid

Off the Coast of ZanzibarGreg S. Reid

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Coming of Age for a Second TimeAn adventurous tale that will inspire your soul and awaken your heart.Meet Karl, an entrepreneur and family man with an adventurous streak, who just realized success after years of learning through trial and e… more

Off the Coast of Zanzibar
Greg S. Reid
Sherpa Press , English
21 Secrets That Can Change Y... - Len Hagan, Elijah Bush

21 Secrets That Can Change Y...Len Hagan, Elijah Bush

Len Hogan and Elijah Bush deliver a book of scientific principles not opinions and take you on their journeys and experiences in high places in the real world to show you this eye-opener of a book of how the world really works. They will sh… more

21 Secrets That Can Change Your Life: Secrets of Highly Effective People
Len Hagan, Elijah Bush
TheNew10BookProject , English
Brain Training--Tips and Tec... -

Brain Training--Tips and Tec...

As much as we believe we train our brains and give them a good workout, we seldom actually do it on a regular basis. In most cases, our brains are not used in a balanced way. We’re creatures of habit. We find a way to do things that we cons… more

Brain Training—Tips and Techniques For Memory Enhancement!
Tree Work and Tarot Tableaus... - Madonna Compton

Tree Work and Tarot Tableaus...Madonna Compton

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Combines the author’s devotion to theology, spiritual thought, and the study of mysticism. Tarot is seen through the lens of spiritual practice, not divination, and guides the serious student to a more profound relationship with the Divine… more

Tree Work and Tarot Tableaus: A Handbook for Golden Dawn Students based on the Teachings of Paul Foster Case
Madonna Compton
Guide to Online Dating and M... -

Guide to Online Dating and M...

Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking!Are you ready to find a budding romance online?This 57 page Guide has been researched on how to best present yourself and find a meaningful relationship online. It is amazing and you can refer back to … more

Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking!
Yes! I Am a Dreamer: Sweet Dreams - John Alexander Baker

Yes! I Am a Dreamer: Sweet DreamsJohn Alexander Baker

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This is a motivational book. Being a “Dreamer,” seems to conjure up some negative connotations for some people. But, the Author shows that dreamers are usually people who are highly motivated. Success is also measured in different ways. Thi… more

Yes! I Am a Dreamer: Sweet Dreams
John Alexander Baker
John Alexander Baker , English
Wintario Lottery Jackpot Winner - John Alexander Baker

Wintario Lottery Jackpot WinnerJohn Alexander Baker

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This is the story of two brothers, one a policeman and the other a fire fighter, trying to use mind power to win a lottery jackpot. There must be something to “Positive Energy” and the way that it is directed, because they actually won a lo… more

Wintario Lottery Jackpot Winner
John Alexander Baker
In Search Of Goodness: How T... - Zainal Nazam Mohd Noor

In Search Of Goodness: How T...Zainal Nazam Mohd Noor

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This book is inspired by the simple and good things in life: the warm, soothing early morning sunshine bathing your face; a cool refreshing breeze on a hot day; a child’s infectious laughter. Simple things that bring much joy in life. Thing… more

In Search Of Goodness: How To Get A Cat Down From A Tree - A Lesson In Getting Things Done
Zainal Nazam Mohd Noor
Hair Extensions Made Simple - Shon Stoker

Hair Extensions Made SimpleShon Stoker

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Learn how to create beautiful custom Clip-in, Tape-on, Micro-link Weft Hair Extensions, Lace & Monofilament Welded Mesh Hair Fillers, Hair Extension Falls, along with Braided Hair Extensions. Learn each method from start to finish. With a … more

Hair Extensions Made Simple
Shon Stoker
Shon Stoker , English
A SIMPLE GUIDE FOR CREATIVE ... - Salvatore Ingoglia Jr

A SIMPLE GUIDE FOR CREATIVE ...Salvatore Ingoglia Jr

Learning visualization tools and techniques. Tips on how to reach goals by creating vision boards,visualizing and meditation.

Salvatore Ingoglia Jr
Salvatore Ingoglia Jr , English
How to Write... Right! : Bec... - Patrick Grayson

How to Write... Right! : Bec...Patrick Grayson

What this book covers:• • How to write• Do you regard yourself as a writer?• The spirituality of writing• Creative writing• Creativity is your right• Editing checklist• Writing and technology• Report writing• Writing your book• Self-publish… more

How to Write… Right! : Become the writer you have always wanted to be!
Patrick Grayson
Molten Mango Pty Ltd , English
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