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Red (The huge friendly cocke... - Linda Corby

Red (The huge friendly cocke...Linda Corby

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Red is the true story of the huge friendly cockerel we saved from the cooking pot, he really was the biggest cockerel I have ever seen, with the most amazing bright red feathers. Enjoy.From the author:I am one of those people who just love… more

Red (The huge friendly cockerel saved from the cooking pot.) (True Life Events.)
Linda Corby
Mommy and Me Shell Beanie Cr... - Sandy's Cape Cod Originals

Mommy and Me Shell Beanie Cr...Sandy's Cape Cod Originals

this pattern is to make these adorable mommy and me shell beanies..infant to adults sizes included.this version uses worsted weight yarnsMaterials Needed: I Love This Yarn 7ozany color needed x1skeinF hookYarn needleRibbon if desiredGauge: … more

Mommy and Me Shell Beanie Crochet Pattern pdf 367 worsted weight version
Sandy’s Cape Cod Originals
Turkish Van Breed Profile (Y... - Laura Hall

Turkish Van Breed Profile (Y...Laura Hall

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Compiled by Your Cat magazine (Britain’s best selling cat title), the Turkish Van Cat Breed Profile is simply a guide to the Turkish Van, including a fact file of all the important questions, plus character, health and a brief history of th… more

Turkish Van Breed Profile (Your Cat Magazine Breed Profiles Book 33)
Laura Hall
BPG (Stamford) Ltd , English
Secrets of Machine Knitting - Sue Jalowiec

Secrets of Machine KnittingSue Jalowiec

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A guide for beginners, returners or curious hand knitters.Home knitting machines allow the knitter to produce beautiful knitted items …. fast! Instead of forming one stitch at a time, imagine knitting 200 stitches with the push of a carri… more

Secrets of Machine Knitting
Sue Jalowiec
Puppy Training: Advanced Dog... - David Newman

Puppy Training: Advanced Dog...David Newman

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A smart pet owner does not just mind his pet’s nutrition, exercise and health needs but he also takes into consideration his pet’s manners and training. And when it comes to pet dogs, the best time to start is when they are just puppies. Pu… more

Puppy Training: Advanced Dog Training Advice
David Newman
OLD ROVER: MY BEST FRIEND - Bud Evans, Charles Evans

OLD ROVER: MY BEST FRIENDBud Evans, Charles Evans

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Old Rover was my best childhood friend, He taught me more about getting into and out of trouble than anyone can imagine. He had four feet and more love and loyalty than any other creature on earth. We grew up together in a small mountain sa… more

Bud Evans, Charles Evans
German Shepherd: Loyal, Powe... - John Williams, June Cornish

German Shepherd: Loyal, Powe...John Williams, June Cornish

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This book is a guide for those who own or are considering purchasing a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world. It is loved by families, farmers, Police and SWAT teams, the DEA and Military Forces a… more

German Shepherd: Loyal, Powerful & Noble
John Williams, June Cornish
Princess of Patterns
Princess of Patterns
#0931 IRISH CROCHET BEDSPREA... - Princess of Patterns

#0931 IRISH CROCHET BEDSPREA...Princess of Patterns

Oh how I adore a handmade beadspread!

Princess of Patterns
Sebastian's Adventures : An ... - Karin Matey

Sebastian's Adventures : An ...Karin Matey

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This is a warm, sad, but often funny story about how six horses from different places became an American horse family.

Sebastian’s Adventures : An American Horse Family
Karin Matey
AuthorHouse , English
Dog Obedience Training: Trai... - Fiona James

Dog Obedience Training: Trai...Fiona James

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Train your dog the smart way details essential aspects of training your dog. There are many steps to training a dog effectively and it takes time, patience and a lot of love on the part of the owner. The information compiled in this book is… more

Dog Obedience Training: Train your dog the smart way (Dog Training Book 1)
Fiona James
20 Dog Tricks To Bond With Your Dog - Jake Ross

20 Dog Tricks To Bond With Your DogJake Ross

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Do you want to teach your dog some new tricks?

Are you having trouble figuring out how to do so?

There is no doubt that a dog is a man’s best companion and friend. Playing with your dog and spending some time with him every day is one of … more

20 Dog Tricks To Bond With Your Dog
Jake Ross
Homesteading Ideas - Inspira... - Hazel Baker

Homesteading Ideas - Inspira...Hazel Baker

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Many of us dream the dream of a homestead somewhere in the country, yet most still live in the city and have only a small patch of land, if any. This little book is aimed at everyone who finds joy in a more eco-conscious and green lifestyle… more

Homesteading Ideas - Inspiration for a Greener Lifestyle
Hazel Baker
Puppy Dog (Beef Casserole fo... - Peta Love

Puppy Dog (Beef Casserole fo...Peta Love

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Puppy Dog is the tale of a puppy dog and the strange thing that happened.Part of the Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul series of barkalicious story treats for dogs. Written by Peta Love to be read aloud to dogs. Tested and hi-fived by Alask… more

Puppy Dog (Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul Book 1)
Peta Love
Bibliopet.com , English
Home-Grown Fruit Inspiration... - Jane Eastoe

Home-Grown Fruit Inspiration...Jane Eastoe

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What could be tastier than fruit, picked straight from your back garden? Growing your own fruit can be a rewarding pastime and you don’t need a big garden or allotment to cultivate your favourite fruit, as they can grow well in containers a… more

Home-Grown Fruit Inspiration and Practical Advice for Would-be Smallholders (Country Living)
Jane Eastoe
National Trust Books , English
Leash Manners: Learn How to ... - Sophie Miller

Leash Manners: Learn How to ...Sophie Miller

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You’ve seen the scenario – the dog dragging his owner down the street, choking himself on the collar. Maybe it’s happened to you.The walk is so unpleasant for the owner that fewer walks are taken, which ends up making the dog even more exci… more

Leash Manners: Learn How to Leash Train Your Puppy
Sophie Miller
Airedale Terrier Good Food G... - Terry Johns

Airedale Terrier Good Food G...Terry Johns

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Feeding your Airedale Terrier the right food will directly effect on your Airedale’s health giving you both a longer more rewarding relationship.This e-book is packed with fantastic information about what to and what not to feed your Aireda… more

Airedale Terrier Good Food Guide (The Complete Guide to Airedale Terriers)
Terry Johns
For Dogs Sake!® , English
How To Ride A Horse - W Jameson

How To Ride A HorseW Jameson

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Learning how to ride a horse is one of lifes incredible pleasures, hobbies and skills that you will never forget. Horses have brought life long pleasure to millions of people from countries and cultures stretching right across the globe and… more

How To Ride A Horse
W Jameson
The Truth About Rescue Aired... - Terry Johns

The Truth About Rescue Aired...Terry Johns

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Considering a Airedale Terrier? Maybe a puppy ?

Where will you find a puppy that your family will love and that will love your family? Before you make your decision read this e-book it may be the best thing you do all year


The Truth About Rescue Airedale Terriers
Terry Johns