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Hypoallergenic Dog Food Guide - Jamie Quinn

Hypoallergenic Dog Food GuideJamie Quinn

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This is a guide to hypoallergenic dog food and helping dogs with allergies have a healthy diet. Hypoallergenic dog treats and making healthy food for your dog is also discussed. Providing a healthy and hypoallergenic diet for your dog wil… more

Hypoallergenic Dog Food Guide
Jamie Quinn
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Dog Raw Food Diet: Give Your... - Maya Rose

Dog Raw Food Diet: Give Your...Maya Rose

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If you would like your dog to have a super shiny coat within 60 days then this book is for you.

Many pet owners have found that upon switching their pet to a raw food diet, and if done correctly and in a balanced way, that the health and e… more

Dog Raw Food Diet: Give Your Dog A Super Shiny Coat Within 60 Days
Maya Rose
Natural and Organic Fly Control - Andy Lopez, Invisible Gardener

Natural and Organic Fly ControlAndy Lopez, Invisible Gardener

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Natural and Organic Fly ControlIntroMore about the FLYBasic Steps to Natural Fly ControlBasics Methods of Natural and Organic Fly ControlLong Term ControlsSomething Odd in Fly ControlNatural Fly ControlSmall Fly Pest Management TipsNatural … more

Natural and Organic Fly Control
Andy Lopez, Invisible Gardener
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Dog Owner's Guide - Dog Love... - Melissa Parker

Dog Owner's Guide - Dog Love...Melissa Parker

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Dоgѕ arе an іntеgrаl рart of human ѕociеty on everу іnhаbitеd continеnt оn Earth. Theу drive lіveѕtock аnd prоtесt іt; pоlісе propеrtу; ѕcеnt and dеtеct іllісіt subѕtanсeѕ; haul slеds; rеtrіеve gаmе; guіde the blind; ѕеarсh fоr аnd reѕсuе t… more

Dog Owner’s Guide - Dog Lovers 101: Starting with the Basics
Melissa Parker
Home In 10 Steps : A Step by... - Michael Pearson

Home In 10 Steps : A Step by...Michael Pearson

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Home In 10 Steps is a quick and enjoyable read for anyone thinking about purchasing a home in the current market. The entire home buying process is explained in easy to understand language, by industry expert Michael Pearson. Home In 10 St… more

Home In 10 Steps : A Step by Step Guide to Buying Your First Home
Michael Pearson
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Alexandra Crochet Easy Flower - Wonderful Hands

Alexandra Crochet Easy FlowerWonderful Hands

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Sweet Crochet Motif!

SIZE: (+- ) 5.5 cm the pink flower!

It will depend of your yarn!

You can chose the size you wish!



Very eas… more

Alexandra Crochet Easy Flower
Wonderful Hands
Save: Your money, your time,... - Shannon Lush, Jennifer Fleming

Save: Your money, your time,...Shannon Lush, Jennifer Fleming

SAVE is full of clever ideas to help you get the most from everyday household items. In the process you’ll save money, save time and save the planet! These days, once we’ve finished with something, we tend to throw it away rather than cons… more

Save: Your money, your time, your planet
Shannon Lush, Jennifer Fleming
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The Dog Food Doctrine: The S... - Robert Riley

The Dog Food Doctrine: The S...Robert Riley

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The Dog Food Doctrine: The Shocking Truth About Your Canine’s CuisineDo you really know that the food you are feeding your dog every day is healthy or are you just taking “their” word for it? In less than an hour, you’ll discover the answer… more

The Dog Food Doctrine: The Shocking Truth About Your Canine’s Cuisine
Robert Riley
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Secrets to Successful Organi... - Fi McMurray

Secrets to Successful Organi...Fi McMurray

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New to gardening, or just to gardening organically? In this useful and easy-to-read book Fi clearly outlines the things you need to consider when gardening organically, and how to get started to give your garden the best chance of success.F… more

Secrets to Successful Organic Gardening: soils, bugs, sprays and everything else you need to know to make your organic garden thrive
Fi McMurray
Graduation Party Ideas - Stacy McMillian

Graduation Party IdeasStacy McMillian

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Graduating from high school or college is an achievement that calls for a celebration. Throwing a graduation party is a great way to honor a person’s hard work. You can customize a graduation party to the interests of the student and since … more

Graduation Party Ideas
Stacy McMillian
My Dog Has DM: A Personal Jo... - Josh Davies

My Dog Has DM: A Personal Jo...Josh Davies

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My Dog Has DM is a personal journey caring for a dog with Degenerative Myelopathy. It includes many tips and techniques but more than a guide book it tells the personal side of the story. That caring for a dog with DM is one of the hardes… more

My Dog Has DM: A Personal Journey Caring for a Dog with Degenerative Myelopathy
Josh Davies
CAT TALK ~ Learn the Languag... - Kitt E. Katt

CAT TALK ~ Learn the Languag...Kitt E. Katt

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Learn the “CAT TALK” language with the playful adventures of Sasha & Symba. It’s a fun-loving, feline-friendly story that is lots of laughs for everyone and is a must have for cat lovers!

CAT TALK ~ Learn the Language of our Feline Friends
Kitt E. Katt
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Small Hobby Farm Chickens fo... - Heather Tomlin

Small Hobby Farm Chickens fo...Heather Tomlin

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This eBook will provide you with tested knowledge. It will cover chick selection, incubating, chick care, chicken care including food, water and shelter, sickness, illness and injury, eggs problems (and recipes for the problem of too many … more

Small Hobby Farm Chickens for the Backyard - The Basics of How To!
Heather Tomlin
New Dog! Now What? The Guide... - Rebecca Adams

New Dog! Now What? The Guide...Rebecca Adams

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So you have a new puppy. Now what? This book is designed to help you become the best pet parent you can be for a small dog. Much like children, dogs come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. This guide will help you muddle through the di… more

New Dog! Now What? The Guide to Understanding and Training a Small Dog
Rebecca Adams
Preparing Your Pets for Emer... - Joyce Rheal

Preparing Your Pets for Emer...Joyce Rheal

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NATURE has her temperamental days resulting in disasters - everything from flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, and blizzards. On top of that are the man-made disasters like terrorism, wars, nuclear accidents, and chemical sp… more

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies and Disasters
Joyce Rheal
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Preparing A Vegetable Garden... - Stephanie Suesan Smith

Preparing A Vegetable Garden...Stephanie Suesan Smith

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Want to grow a vegetable garden but not sure how to do it? Join the Victory Garden revival with Preparing a Vegetable Garden From The Ground Up. Perfect for the beginner who is not sure what all those gardening terms mean or how to plant a … more

Preparing A Vegetable Garden From The Ground Up
Stephanie Suesan Smith
Stephanie Suesan Smith , English
Princess of Patterns
#2224 HOLLAND STAR BEDSPREAD... - Princess of Patterns

#2224 HOLLAND STAR BEDSPREAD...Princess of Patterns

I adore the design of this bedspread.

Princess of Patterns
#1575 LOUNGING ROBE AND SLIP... - Princess of Patterns

#1575 LOUNGING ROBE AND SLIP...Princess of Patterns

I could use this for my lounging time.

Princess of Patterns
#0627 PINK CLOVER DOILY VINT... - Princess of Patterns

#0627 PINK CLOVER DOILY VINT...Princess of Patterns

I’m looking over a four leaf clover.

Princess of Patterns