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The Day We MetBarbara Bretton

USA Today bestselling author of Sleeping Alone and Spells & Stitches Barbara Bretton presents a novel of love and second chances…Maggy O’Brien’s ex-husband is getting remarried. Her daughter has dyed her hair purple. And for her thirty-fi… more

The Day We Met
Barbara Bretton
Berkley , English

The Bride's Baby (Harlequin ...Liz Fielding

6 ratings

The wedding of the season!Events manager Sylvie Smith is organizing a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride… a bride who’s five months pregnant!The bride eve… more

The Bride’s Baby (Harlequin Romance)
Liz Fielding
Harlequin Romance , English

It Is WrittenKelvin L. Singleton

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Synopsis:When a slain store clerk’s ID is discovered in a young African American’s car during a routine traffic stop in Conway, South Carolina, he and his best friend are arrested, then mysteriously disappear from the county lockup. Later, … more

It Is Written
Kelvin L. Singleton
Eloquent Books , English

Not Wisely, but Too WellRhoda Broughton

” Miss Broughton’s popularity in all ranks of society shows no sign of decline. A short time ago Captain Markham, of the Alert, was introduced to her at his own request. He told her that in some remote Arctic latitudes an ice-bound mountain… more

Not Wisely, but Too Well
Rhoda Broughton

Superwomen (Annotated)Albert Payson Terhune

Find the Woman.You will discover her in almost every generation, in almost every country, in almost every big city—the Super-Woman. She is not the typical adventuress; she is not a genius. The reason for her strange power is occult. When p… more

Superwomen (Annotated)
Albert Payson Terhune

Ace of SwordsSara Curran-Ross

London 1893Nathan Valancourt, the Knight of Swords and lead warrior of the ancient human hybrid Taleian Vampire race travels to a Scottish castle owned by Lycan leader, Marcus Duart. His task is to procure a cure for his beautiful Queen and… more

Ace of Swords
Sara Curran-Ross
Hellfire Publishing, INC , English

Love, Hate, and Fate : Alexi...Annmarie Sartor

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Alexis Marsh has been on her own for nearly two years after her relationship with Damon crumbled. Constantly changing her location and identity, she reunites with her past to attempt to flush out a killer and build a future.The question is … more

Love, Hate, and Fate : Alexis Marsh Finds Redemption
Annmarie Sartor
Xlibris , English

Winter GiftsKelliea Ashley

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A blizzard, a hunky chef, and an accident-prone milkmaid—ingredients for a passionate fling, or a recipe for a blazing romance, hot enough for a lifetime of winters?When Maxine Grant finds herself out in the freezing rain of a winter storm,… more

Winter Gifts
Kelliea Ashley
Breathless Press , English

May I Walk You Home, Sarah M...James Vincent Frank

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Sarah Morgan spells big trouble for Jon Burns even before they meet. In a dream, the wayward slacker hears her crying out. In visions, he’s confronted by a demonic image from her extreme paintings.When the two twenty-somethings meet at a M… more

May I Walk You Home, Sarah Morgan?: A Love Story (sort of)
James Vincent Frank
AbbottPress , English


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The Fish House Gang is a middle-aged brotherhood of college buddies that graduated together from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. They meet in the spring of each year at the Fish House, a beach cottage on Rhett Island o… more

John G. Richards
AuthorHouse , English

Oeuvres de Joris-Karl Huysma...Joris-Karl Huysmans

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17 Oeuvres de Joris-Karl HuysmansEcrivain et critique d’art français (1848-1907)Ce livre numérique présente une collection de 17 Oeuvres de Joris-Karl Huysmans éditées en texte intégral. Une table des matières dynamique permet d’accéder dir… more

Oeuvres de Joris-Karl Huysmans (French Edition)
Joris-Karl Huysmans
Editions la Bibliothèque Digitale , French

The Complete Little Colonel ...Annie Fellows Johnston

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Annie Fellows Johnston (1863 – 1931) was an American novelist of children’s story, her most famous novel is “Little Colonel” series, which was adapted into film in 1935 and translated to many languages. The Complete Little Colonel Series, b… more

The Complete Little Colonel Series by Annie Fellows Johnston
Annie Fellows Johnston

Speak Ill of the LivingMark Arsenault

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Everybody had thought the car-jacking led to the banker’s murder. Then he turns up in a photograph taken by his kidnappers. But if the banker is still alive, whose ashes are buried in his grave? Reporter Eddie Bourque is back, chasing down … more

Speak Ill of the Living
Mark Arsenault
ReadHowYouWant , English

The JESTER'S SWORD (The John...Annie Fellows Johnston

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The JESTER’S SWORD How Aldebaran, the King’s Son Wore the Sheathed Sword of ConquestBECAUSE he was born in Mars’ month, which is ruled by that red war-god, they gave him the name of a red star—Aldebaran; the red star that is the eye of Taur… more

The JESTER’S SWORD (The Johnston Jewel Series)
Annie Fellows Johnston
Thanto Published , English

Drama TwoCheryl-Ann Wallace

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Born in New Jersey, as baby was moved to Hartf ord, Connecti cut. Raised in a strict home, mother only parent, 2 brothers, 3 sisters. While in High School was in a prep-college program which helped me graduate 3rd in a class of 300 in 1975…. more

Drama Two
Cheryl-Ann Wallace
Xlibris , English

Lost, to Get High / The Grea...A. Michael Howard

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 A bold and window-like depiction of the idea of life in the streets of Cleveland, where a small gang of friends follow their desires, unforseeingly, to sudden drastic prosperity, and the demise of their collective just a few weeks into th… more

Lost, to Get High / The Greatest Trick
A. Michael Howard
AuthorHouse , English

Rosie O'DellBill Rowe

Warning: Graphic Content and Mature Subject MatterRosie O’Dell is a creature of beauty, brilliance … and unspeakable secrets. When she was young, terrible crimes had been committed against her. Tom Sharpe became Rosie O’Dell’s high scho… more

Rosie O’Dell
Bill Rowe
Flanker Press , English

Shock WavesStuart Warner Phelps

An adventure of magnificent proportions wrapped within subtle humour. Matt, a bumbling reporter, meets a whistle blowing scientist who is determined to ‘out’ the malpractices, lies and deceit of the government. Matt’s position has him churn… more

Shock Waves
Stuart Warner Phelps

Dawn of Bio/Politics: Govern...Mike Morra

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Dawn of Bio/Politics: Governing the 12 DNA/Tribes of America

Dawn of Bio/Politics: Governing the 12 DNA/Tribes of America
Mike Morra
AuthorHouse , English

My Not-So Fairy-Tale LifeJulie Wright

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Looking away, I asked as nonchalantly as my rapidly beating heart would allow, “So you’re the kind of guy that believes in fairy-tales.”“I am. And you’re the kind of girl that believes in the reality of here and now.”“When you’re pregnant a… more

My Not-So Fairy-Tale Life
Julie Wright