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The Bride's Baby (Harlequin ... - Liz Fielding

The Bride's Baby (Harlequin ...Liz Fielding

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The wedding of the season!Events manager Sylvie Smith is organizing a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride… a bride who’s five months pregnant!The bride eve… more

The Bride’s Baby (Harlequin Romance)
Liz Fielding
Harlequin Romance , English
The Day We Met - Barbara Bretton

The Day We MetBarbara Bretton

USA Today bestselling author of Sleeping Alone and Spells & Stitches Barbara Bretton presents a novel of love and second chances…Maggy O’Brien’s ex-husband is getting remarried. Her daughter has dyed her hair purple. And for her thirty-fi… more

The Day We Met
Barbara Bretton
Berkley , English


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The Barfly Boys is a fast-paced thriller about the trials and tribulations of four young men in Charlottesville, Virginia trying to keep alive their dreams of rock ‘n roll stardom. The book chronicles the lives of the Mean Streets band: Chr… more

John Wells
iUniverse , English
Agnus Dei: Templar Knots + Krosses - Andrew David Doyle

Agnus Dei: Templar Knots + KrossesAndrew David Doyle

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Dating back to the dawn of the twelfth century, the ancient Order of the Knights’ Templar is one of the most powerful and mysterious international organizations in history. Its power lies within its ability to keep its secrets secret—and it… more

Agnus Dei: Templar Knots + Krosses
Andrew David Doyle
iUniverse , English
Ovingdean Grange - William Harrison Ainsworth

Ovingdean GrangeWilliam Harrison Ainsworth

It is the rounded summit of a hill; or, to speak with greater precision, the mid-summit of a series of soft bosomy eminences, springing from a hilly ridge, that trends towards the coast, and rises and falls smoothly and gently in its course… more

Ovingdean Grange
William Harrison Ainsworth
WDS Publishing , English
The Verge of Psychosis: An A... - Brian Laesch

The Verge of Psychosis: An A...Brian Laesch

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The Verge of Psychosis is a look into the uncovered diary of delusional aspiring actor Trott Felipe, who chronicles his first year in Hollywood, pursuing his dream. Unfortunately, he’s a $%#*&^@ idiot. Trott’s story starts off like that of… more

The Verge of Psychosis: An Aspiring Actor’s Journal
Brian Laesch
iUniverse , English
Season of the Matriarchs - Bobbie J. Ford-Edwards

Season of the MatriarchsBobbie J. Ford-Edwards

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Season of the MatriarchsAn anthology of seven stories, celebrating strong family matriarchs, from diverse backgrounds, who range from 58-110 years-old.1.THE VISITDicie Phillips, age 70, visits her son and daughter-in-law, in the south subur… more

Season of the Matriarchs
Bobbie J. Ford-Edwards
Xlibris , English
People of the Bear Mother: P... - T.D. Austin

People of the Bear Mother: P...T.D. Austin

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The most powerful shaman of the People of the Bear Mother invites a young woman to take her soul’s great adventure by painting a new piece of animal art on the walls in the deepest chambers of the awesome Great Cave. The time has come for L… more

People of the Bear Mother: Periplus of the Sea of Souls Book One
T.D. Austin
BalboaPress , English
Grace River - Rebecca Hendry

Grace RiverRebecca Hendry

Grace River is a smelter town in the interior of B.C. where most people who live there are born and bred, and everyone is either employed by AXIS or knows someone who is. Not much ever changes in Grace River. The days begin at Nick’s Diner … more

Grace River
Rebecca Hendry
Brindle & Glass , English
El fuego (Exitos De Plaza & ... - Neville Katherine

El fuego (Exitos De Plaza & ...Neville Katherine

Colorado, 2003: Alexandra Solarin recibe una inesperada invitación a la fiesta de cumpleaños de su madre, Catherine Velis, quien nunca antes había celebrado este día. Años atrás, la propia Cat, junto a su marido, había repartido por diferen… more

El fuego (Exitos De Plaza & Janes) (Spanish Edition)
Neville Katherine
PLAZA & JANES , Spanish
Bramble Days - On The Road O... - J Lee Cline

Bramble Days - On The Road O...J Lee Cline

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‘On the Road of Life”” is the third in a series of books called Bramble Days.Set in the 60’s and early 70’s, “”On the Road of Life”” follows Alex Sonnes west to life in Los Angeles where he meets many interesting, complex, and different pe… more

Bramble Days - On The Road Of Life:On The Road Of Life
J Lee Cline
Xlibris , English
Life Is A Foreign Language - Rayne E. Golay

Life Is A Foreign LanguageRayne E. Golay

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When she surprises her husband making love to another woman in the home NINA BROCHARD has shared with him for thirty-seven years, she has reached her limit. After years of struggling with his infidelities, this final betrayal prompts her … more

Life Is A Foreign Language
Rayne E. Golay
Trafford , English
On Top of Spoon Mountain - John Nichols

On Top of Spoon MountainJohn Nichols

Jonathan Kepler wants to climb Spoon Mountain with his grown son and daughter on his sixty-fifth birthday in three weeks. The kids, Ben and Miranda, think he’s crazy. For starters, Spoon Mountain is almost the tallest alpine peak in New Mex… more

On Top of Spoon Mountain
John Nichols
University of New Mexico Press , English
A Terra Que Um Homem Precisa... - Leon Tolstoi

A Terra Que Um Homem Precisa...Leon Tolstoi

Versão otimizada para Kindle. Perfeita formatação e navegação funcional entre as partes da obra.’Se eu tivesse muita terra, não temeria nem mesmo o próprio diabo’, pensa em voz alta o camponês Pakhóm. O que ele não sabe é que o diabo, escon… more

A Terra Que Um Homem Precisa [Com índice ativo] (Portuguese Edition)
Leon Tolstoi
LL Library , Portuguese
The King - Sophia R. Holloway

The KingSophia R. Holloway

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Josef was a young man who lived in a wasteland. Day after day, he toiled to stay alive on his meager supply of food and water. Night after night, he slept and dreamt of being valuable and feeling loved. Mostly, though, in his dreams he hea… more

The King
Sophia R. Holloway
InspiringVoices , English
A Mile in My Shoes - Barry Clay

A Mile in My ShoesBarry Clay

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A Mile in My Shoes is a character driven story of family loyalty,  street life,  and ultimately love.     The story revolves around three adult siblings and their resultant lives following the murder of their mother.     Allysa leaves an ab… more

A Mile in My Shoes
Barry Clay
AuthorHouse , English
The Gypsy Queen's Vow - May Agnes Fleming

The Gypsy Queen's VowMay Agnes Fleming

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Overhead, the storm-clouds were scudding wildly across the sky, until all above was one dense pall of impenetrable gloom. A chill, penetrating rain was falling, and the wind came sweeping in long, fitful gusts—piercingly cold; for it was a … more

The Gypsy Queen’s Vow
May Agnes Fleming
Lost Leaf Publications , English
Undercover Rebel - Morgan Wyatt

Undercover RebelMorgan Wyatt

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Emily Audley couldn’t remember when she fell in love with her neighbor, Gray Masterson. He unfortunately didn’t really notice her as a woman until the eve of his leaving to fight in the Civil War. A magical evening ensued with him asking h… more

Undercover Rebel
Morgan Wyatt
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
Gringo viejo (Spanish Edition) - Carlos Fuentes

Gringo viejo (Spanish Edition)Carlos Fuentes

Un fulgurante best seller mexicano en Estados Unidos, Gringo viejo (1985) es una de las novelas más famosas de Carlos Fuentes, figura central de la narrativa y la ensayística mexicana. En Gringo viejo Fuentes plasma los turbulentos años de … more

Gringo viejo (Spanish Edition)
Carlos Fuentes
Leer-e / Palabras Mayores , Spanish
Unexpected Journey - Joost R. von Weiler

Unexpected JourneyJoost R. von Weiler

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Unexpected journey is the story of a family in the Netherlands during the last century and while life before World War II showed that the country had fully recovered from the big depression of the twenties, the war changed all that. The ho… more

Unexpected Journey
Joost R. von Weiler
Trafford , English