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The Day We Met - Barbara Bretton

The Day We MetBarbara Bretton

USA Today bestselling author of Sleeping Alone and Spells & Stitches Barbara Bretton presents a novel of love and second chances…Maggy O’Brien’s ex-husband is getting remarried. Her daughter has dyed her hair purple. And for her thirty-fi… more

The Day We Met
Barbara Bretton
Berkley , English
The Bride's Baby (Harlequin ... - Liz Fielding

The Bride's Baby (Harlequin ...Liz Fielding

6 ratings

The wedding of the season!Events manager Sylvie Smith is organizing a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride… a bride who’s five months pregnant!The bride eve… more

The Bride’s Baby (Harlequin Romance)
Liz Fielding
Harlequin Romance , English


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My book is a culmination of fifteen years of research and field study in an area that not many people are aware of, that being the subconscious mind. Instead of writing another non-fiction, how-to-book, I decided to convey all the experienc… more

AuthorHouse , English
Millennial Hospitality - Charles James Hall

Millennial HospitalityCharles James Hall

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Millennial Hospitality is not like any other book you may have read about aliens. You will find out many new things such as, the answer to the question, ‘where do the children of aliens play?’ This book is about friendship, romance, terro… more

Millennial Hospitality
Charles James Hall
AuthorHouse , English
Myshka's Shawl - Anne Nelson

Myshka's ShawlAnne Nelson

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Ofelia, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, is haunted by her early memory of being deserted in a Toronto park when she was three years old. She passionately believes that her father never meant to abandon her.Twenty-five years later an opportun… more

Myshka’s Shawl
Anne Nelson
Xlibris , English
The Fisher-Boy Urashima -

The Fisher-Boy Urashima

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Fisher-Boy Urashima
Muslin (TREDITION CLASSICS) - George (George Augustus) Moore

Muslin (TREDITION CLASSICS)George (George Augustus) Moore

This book is part of the TREDITION CLASSICS series. The creators of this series are united by passion for literature and driven by the intention of making all public domain books available in printed format again - worldwide. At tredition w… more

George (George Augustus) Moore
tredition , English
Mike Fletcher A Novel (TREDI... - George (George Augustus) Moore

Mike Fletcher A Novel (TREDI...George (George Augustus) Moore

This book is part of the TREDITION CLASSICS series. The creators of this series are united by passion for literature and driven by the intention of making all public domain books available in printed format again - worldwide. At tredition w… more

Mike Fletcher A Novel (TREDITION CLASSICS)
George (George Augustus) Moore
tredition , English
No Pulling Back - Ruth Ann Hanley

No Pulling BackRuth Ann Hanley

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This fighter dog summoned incredible courage to survive in the Roman amphitheater … and even more to open wide his heart.

No Pulling Back
Ruth Ann Hanley
Kip MacAllister Adventures: ... - Lisa Hendrix Simmons

Kip MacAllister Adventures: ...Lisa Hendrix Simmons

Kip MacAllister is back in this fifth in the series of adventures. This time she’s protecting a young woman who races on the NASCAR circuit and boxing with a Golden Gloves boxer! Then she will face the fight of her life when is abducted by … more

Kip MacAllister Adventures: Danger Lurking!: Kip MacAllister Adventure Series
Lisa Hendrix Simmons
iUniverse , English
Zero to hero - Pierre Mare

Zero to heroPierre Mare

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Zero to heroby Pierre Mare

Zero to hero
Pierre Mare
Xlibris , English
Best Friends: A Novel - Thomas Berger

Best Friends: A NovelThomas Berger

Since childhood, Sam Grandy and Roy Courtright have been best friends. They grew up in the same prosperous community, went to the same prep school, and later entered the same university. After Sam’s father died, Roy’s father looked after hi… more

Best Friends: A Novel
Thomas Berger
Simon & Schuster , English
Lady of Steel - Sr. R. Furman Kenney

Lady of SteelSr. R. Furman Kenney

    The setting of this novel centers around the period of the Civil War.  It tells the story of a spoiled, head strong young lady who was determined to have her way at all costs.  Her run-away marriage was for the purpose of defying her m… more

Lady of Steel
Sr. R. Furman Kenney
AuthorHouse , English
Robert Louis Stevenson: Comp... - Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson: Comp...Robert Louis Stevenson

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  • Illustrated with the original images.
  • Annotated with concise introduction, including analysis of Robert Louis Stevenson’s works as well as modern view on Robert Louis Stevenson’s historical background.
  • Original footnotes are hyperlin… more
Robert Louis Stevenson: Complete Collection of 266 Works with analysis and historical background. Including Novels, Stories, Non-Fiction works, Poetry … and Illustrated) (Annotated Classics)
Robert Louis Stevenson
Annotated Classics , English
To Somewhere And Back: Sail ... - Bob Thomas

To Somewhere And Back: Sail ...Bob Thomas

When your daily routine screams….ENOUGH ALREADY! Go for broke; Jump Off A Bridge.… Reevaluate your goals and dreams and then stop procrastinating, make things happen. This is what I did, taking our 35ft. boat, with my wife as First Mate, t… more

To Somewhere And Back: Sail The World
Bob Thomas
AuthorHouse , English
Angel of Mine - Joann B. Namorato

Angel of MineJoann B. Namorato

While rushing home from work one day, Jonna Duwe, a hardworking paralegal, makes a wish: to be transported to another time and place. Jonna may consider the thought a bit of whimsical Christmas thinking, but she soon meets her very own ang… more

Angel of Mine
Joann B. Namorato
iUniverse , English
Tales of Christmas - Drake Budde

Tales of ChristmasDrake Budde

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Christmas eve has come again. Eight strangers are about to have a life changeing experiance as they all sit in a bar together unwilling to go home to the emptyness that awaits them. One by one they share a tale, a story of a Christmas or ho… more

Tales of Christmas
Drake Budde
Reasonable Maniacs: For the ... - Monty Miles

Reasonable Maniacs: For the ...Monty Miles

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Hearing of his brother’s murder in Belfast, Irish American Wilder O’Neill reacts with such recklessness, his friend Reason McGuinness must risk her life to save him. In an instant their fortunes collide. That night Wilder’s passion unites … more

Reasonable Maniacs: For the Love of Northern Ireland
Monty Miles
iUniverse , English
Snowed In: UChoose Adventure Series - Ann McElroy

Snowed In: UChoose Adventure SeriesAnn McElroy

UChoose Series presents its first interactive fiction novella. At the end of each chapter, YOU decide which path you’d like to take to get to the end.

Château Marconne might seem like the perfect place to be during an immobilizing blizzar… more

Snowed In: UChoose Adventure Series
Ann McElroy
Booktango , English