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The Day We Met - Barbara Bretton

The Day We MetBarbara Bretton

USA Today bestselling author of Sleeping Alone and Spells & Stitches Barbara Bretton presents a novel of love and second chances…Maggy O’Brien’s ex-husband is getting remarried. Her daughter has dyed her hair purple. And for her thirty-fi… more

The Day We Met
Barbara Bretton
Berkley , English
The Bride's Baby (Harlequin ... - Liz Fielding

The Bride's Baby (Harlequin ...Liz Fielding

6 ratings

The wedding of the season!Events manager Sylvie Smith is organizing a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride… a bride who’s five months pregnant!The bride eve… more

The Bride’s Baby (Harlequin Romance)
Liz Fielding
Harlequin Romance , English
Brushed by the Butterfly's Wings - E. Scott Tapscott

Brushed by the Butterfly's WingsE. Scott Tapscott

     Depicting the painful start-and-stop process, which is an inevitable part of humankind’s quest for a more enlightened world, BRUSHED by the BUTTERFLY’S WINGS presents the first three decades of the Twentieth Century as a complex perio… more

Brushed by the Butterfly’s Wings
E. Scott Tapscott
AuthorHouse , English
The Last of the Mohicans: A ... - N. C. Wyeth, James Fenimore Cooper

The Last of the Mohicans: A ...N. C. Wyeth, James Fenimore Cooper

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It was a feature peculiar to the colonial wars of North America, that the toils and dangers of the wilderness were to be encountered before the adverse hosts could meet. A wide and apparently an impervious boundary of forests severed the po… more

The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757(Illustrated)
N. C. Wyeth, James Fenimore Cooper
James Fenimore Cooper , English
Reflections of the Heart - Adonica Marjorie Dunn

Reflections of the HeartAdonica Marjorie Dunn

Reflections of the Heart is a heartfelt collection of short stories and poetry intended to be thought provoking and analytic in their content and delivery.  Adonica Marjorie Dunn has never been restrained by circumstances or by the beliefs … more

Reflections of the Heart
Adonica Marjorie Dunn
AuthorHouse , English
The Book of Wands VOLUME 3 a... - Neil Slade

The Book of Wands VOLUME 3 a...Neil Slade

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THE BOOK OF WANDS VOLUME 3- This is the CONTINUED (mostly) TRUE STORY of Neil Slade teaching his own students Brain Radar and how to use “Unusual Tools”, ie. “Wands”. Incredibly presented as a colorful and humorous novel. Based on the rea… more

The Book of Wands VOLUME 3 and The Adventures of Niles Abercrumby (The Adventures of Niles Abercrumby and The Book of Wands)
Neil Slade
Neil Slade Brain Books, Music, and Film , English
Solid Objects - Virginia Woolf

Solid ObjectsVirginia Woolf

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Woolf was educated by her parents in their literate and well-connected household at 22 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington. Her parents had each been married previously and been widowed, and, consequently, the household contained the children of thr… more

Solid Objects
Virginia Woolf
universal publishing , English
Pride Before A Fall - K. A. Qhole

Pride Before A FallK. A. Qhole

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Mr. O’Keefe (Keefe) Hall is an all-American guy with traditional southern values when it comes to family life, working and social relationships.His long-term marriage and high paying job takes him places he never envisioned going. One may … more

Pride Before A Fall
K. A. Qhole
AuthorHouse , English
Keepers of the Gifted - Thomas Laidlaw (LBP)

Keepers of the GiftedThomas Laidlaw (LBP)

The most critical part of any tribal’s life in Kembroage is to receive a spiritual Safekeeper from the Sovereign Guardian and his or her 20th birthday. When Erin Rylee’s dreams fall short, she believes her life is over. That is until she me… more

Keepers of the Gifted
Thomas Laidlaw (LBP)
Laidlaw Bros. Publishing , English
Butterfly Kisses - Anna L. Young

Butterfly KissesAnna L. Young

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Most of us have a side table filled with family photos. Aly has one too. One evening as she passes by her table, she finds herself drawn to a picture. It captures her and before she knows it she is transported back in time, she is reliving … more

Butterfly Kisses
Anna L. Young
AuthorHouse , English
The Rape of Virgin Munchindun - Michael Gillespie

The Rape of Virgin MunchindunMichael Gillespie

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This book is set in the heartland of Ireland. Its story line relates the relationship between two men in a love that dares not speak its name. While that is the story line the theme of conflict between good and evil, runs through the book…. more

The Rape of Virgin Munchindun
Michael Gillespie
AuthorHouse , English
Jose Baca: An L. L. Layman Western - L Layman

Jose Baca: An L. L. Layman WesternL Layman

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They came as a four headed demon from hell itself. All were brandishing some type of club or blade. No time did I have to take notice. My staff I ripped left to right across in front of me, the tip found the face of the closest savage. Dam… more

Jose Baca: An L. L. Layman Western
L Layman
iUniverse , English
The real Blake - Edwin John Ellis

The real BlakeEdwin John Ellis

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(…)” PREFACE THIS biography was written as a companion volume to the edition of the complete Poetical Works of William Blake which Messrs. Chatto and Windus have recently issued. Both works were prepared and put in type at the same time, … more

The real Blake
Edwin John Ellis


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Shackleford, Perez and Driscoll had two things in common: they attended the same  LAPD academy class fifteen years ago, and worked diligently and honestly at their  assignments. However, the lives of these conscientious cops are turned ups… more

David R. Jones
AuthorHouse , English
A Bard for Highgrove - Meic Stephens

A Bard for HighgroveMeic Stephens

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When the Prince of Wales takes it into his head to appoint a Household Bard he hasn’t reckoned on the delectable but subversive Cerys Gifford Huws, fine poet in the strict metres and staunch Nationalist, who tries to teach him Welsh and enc… more

A Bard for Highgrove
Meic Stephens
Cambria Books , English
Roman Proud, Wayward Widower - Tino Calabia

Roman Proud, Wayward WidowerTino Calabia

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Flower power, black power, and Woodstock animated the late ‘60s. But what of the early ‘60s? What of the golden years animated by America’s thousand days of Camelot as John Kennedy presides over the White House, boldly turns back the Soviet… more

Roman Proud, Wayward Widower
Tino Calabia
AuthorHouse , English
Deadly Affairs of State - Jr. Ed Novak

Deadly Affairs of StateJr. Ed Novak

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An overly ambitious Secretary of State, who lusts to be the first woman President of the United States, is handed a once in a lifetime opportunity to make her dream come true.Abetted by her father, she enlists Irish and Islamic terrorists,… more

Deadly Affairs of State
Jr. Ed Novak
Trafford , English
Beach Cat and the Wisdom of ... - James West

Beach Cat and the Wisdom of ...James West

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     Fast-paced and to the point, there’s never a lull in Beach Cat and the Wisdom of the Orange. Sporting a rhyming introduction and full of adventure, drama, and comedy, this Florida-based animal lover’s tale is destined to be a classic!… more

Beach Cat and the Wisdom of the Orange
James West
AuthorHouse , English
Fairy Tales and Other Stories -  Hans Christian Andersen

Fairy Tales and Other Stories Hans Christian Andersen

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Fairy Tales and Other Stories

Fairy Tales and Other Stories
Hans Christian Andersen
The Order - Dan Morris

The OrderDan Morris

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The Order is the third in a series following Beyond Evil and Runaway Mom. Private Investigator Frank McLaughlin sets out to elicit information from Charlene O’Keefe, a friend’s cousin, in order to learn why she suddenly gave up a promising… more

The Order
Dan Morris
iUniverse , English