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Hot Trends in Food and Drink... - Katie Thomas

Hot Trends in Food and Drink...Katie Thomas

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Hot Trends in Food and Drinks Innovation
Katie Thomas
Datamonitor Consumer , English
What is the Business of Literature? - Richard Nash

What is the Business of Literature?Richard Nash

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This is the story of publishing as you’ve never read it before, told by one of the most provocative and informed voices building its future.It’s the tale of prophets and storytellers, of entrepreneurs and shop-owners, of those who fashioned… more

What is the Business of Literature?
Richard Nash
Thought Catalog , English
Consumers and Wage-Earners :... - J. Elliot Ross

Consumers and Wage-Earners :...J. Elliot Ross

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Consumers and Wage-Earners : The Ethics of Buying Cheap, consumer, invest, wages, morals, Ethics, Idustrial revolutionOur little boy and over-worked girl are not, probably, typical Consumers and Producers. Still they represent large numbers… more

Consumers and Wage-Earners : The Ethics of Buying Cheap
J. Elliot Ross
Con$umer Wi$e (Volume 1 ) -

Con$umer Wi$e (Volume 1 )

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If only more of us had read these and followed the suggestions to be consumer wise… perhaps we’d be better off today….

Con$umer Wi$e (Volume 1 )
Is Behavioral Economics Doom... - David Levine

Is Behavioral Economics Doom...David Levine

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It is fashionable to criticize economic theory for focusing too much on rationality and ignoring the imperfect and emotional way in which real economic decisions are reached. All of us facing the global economic crisis wonder just how ratio… more

Is Behavioral Economics Doomed? The Ordinary versus the Extraordinary
David Levine
Open Book Publishers , English
The Consumer Mind: Brand Per... - Pepe Martinez

The Consumer Mind: Brand Per...Pepe Martinez

The Consumer Mind explores the relationship between consumers and brands, analysing the types of communication and their perception of brands. Based on research from Millward Brown, one of the world’s leading research agencies, it provides … more

The Consumer Mind: Brand Perception and the Implications for Marketers
Pepe Martinez
Kogan Page , English
INTO THE RIVER: How Big Data... - Tony Cosentino

INTO THE RIVER: How Big Data...Tony Cosentino

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Based on first-hand knowledge of many of the world’s leading corporate insights departments and insights suppliers, Into The River gives the reader a straight-forward perspective into an important and changing industry. More importantly, it… more

INTO THE RIVER: How Big Data, the Long Tail and Situated Cognition are Changing the World of Market Insights Forever
Tony Cosentino
BookLocker.com Inc. , English
Catching the Chameleon: The ... - Lynn Allison

Catching the Chameleon: The ...Lynn Allison

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Catching the Chameleon is the story of how, every day, retailers fail to grasp opportunities for sales, because they misunderstand customers’ constantly changing chameleon-like needs. Juggling sales data, market information, stock control a… more

Catching the Chameleon: The Everyday Mistakes Retailers Make
Lynn Allison
Ecademy Press Ltd , English
Conquer The Recession - Andre J Benjamin

Conquer The RecessionAndre J Benjamin

A Detailed Account Of The Winners Of The Great Depression. Learn The Marketing Strategies, Products Developed, Industries That Flourished And Consumer Behavior. This Book Reveals Time-tested Secrets That Produce Profits In A Down Turning Ec… more

Conquer The Recession
Andre J Benjamin
Andre J Benjamin , English
Shopper Insights in India - Richard Parker

Shopper Insights in IndiaRichard Parker

IntroductionThe Indian grocery retail sector is enterring a phase of rapid growth and transformation, with the advent of modern retail formats and changing consumer attitudes towards grocery shopping itself. This report identifies key preva… more

Shopper Insights in India
Richard Parker
Datamonitor Consumer , English
I Hate Apple - A. Aaker

I Hate AppleA. Aaker

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I Hate Apple”™A. Aakeraaaker.blog.comApple.The reasons to hate Apple are many. I hate Apple, because Apple executives purposefully deprive states of tax money and consequently harm citizens. Apple executives allow employees in their supply… more

I Hate Apple
A. Aaker
The Robert Collier Letter Book - Robert Collier

The Robert Collier Letter BookRobert Collier

The best methods on selling with words, generating interest and creating sales.

The Robert Collier Letter Book
Robert Collier
The Inevitable GREAT AMERICA... - Carl W Hafele CFA CPA

The Inevitable GREAT AMERICA...Carl W Hafele CFA CPA

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Financial crashes are a necessary part of capitalism, as the market occasionally needs to “reset” itself. Some crashes are relatively minor and short-lived. Others, like the Wall Street Crash of 1929, are devastating, depression-triggering … more

The Inevitable GREAT AMERICAN RESET: Riding the Economic Rollercoaster of Capitalism
Carl W Hafele CFA CPA
Carl Hafele , English
Health Concerns & Alcoholic ... - David Bird

Health Concerns & Alcoholic ...David Bird

IntroductionAs health has become a more important issue for consumers generally, the influence it has had on alcoholic beverages has risen too. This has proven a particular challenge for alcoholic beverage manufacturers as the link between … more

Health Concerns & Alcoholic Beverage Preferences: Implications for New Product Development
David Bird
Datamonitor Consumer , English
On-Trade Alcoholic Drinking Trends - David Bird

On-Trade Alcoholic Drinking TrendsDavid Bird

IntroductionAs the off-trade has emerged as the primary channel of engagement between brand and consumers, the on-trade’s role in brand building and in sales generation has had to change. On-trade exclusives; targeting under-represented on-… more

On-Trade Alcoholic Drinking Trends
David Bird
Datamonitor Consumer , English
Craft Beers in the US and UK... - David Bird

Craft Beers in the US and UK...David Bird

IntroductionDespite falling overall beer volumes, the craft or real ale sub-sector has been growing in the UK and particularly in the US. This case study examines the key consumer drivers behind its growth.Features and benefitsAchieve sales… more

Craft Beers in the US and UK Case Study
David Bird
Datamonitor Consumer , English
Food & Alcohol Pairing: Cons... - David Bird

Food & Alcohol Pairing: Cons...David Bird

IntroductionAs product differentiation has become more elusive across CPG sectors, the ball is the court of manufacturers to seek out new routes to generate stand out. A food and alcohol paring offer once such route and is one that can be u… more

Food & Alcohol Pairing: Consumer Occasions and Marketing Opportunities
David Bird
Datamonitor Consumer , English
The Human Brand: How We Rela... - Chris Malone, Susan T. Fiske

The Human Brand: How We Rela...Chris Malone, Susan T. Fiske

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Why we choose companies and brands in the same way that we unconsciously perceive, judge, and behave toward one anotherPeople everywhere describe their relationships with brands in a deeply personal way—we hate our banks, love our smartphon… more

The Human Brand: How We Relate to People, Products, and Companies
Chris Malone, Susan T. Fiske
Jossey-Bass , English
The Way of the Assassin: pro... - Pieter Becker

The Way of the Assassin: pro...Pieter Becker

This short 1000 word article has enough explosive power to change how you do business today! Using the analogy of an assassin’s cunning observation and research methods you will learn practical steps on how to profile your customers for bus… more

The Way of the Assassin: profiling the target to generate sales
Pieter Becker
E-mail Marketing Dynamo -

E-mail Marketing Dynamo

Are You Ready To Become An Email Marketing Dynamo? If Your Not Concentrating On List Building, Your Missing The Point!”Email Marketing Dynamo is a complete guideline that will show you the way through online marketing greatness in the most… more

E-mail Marketing Dynamo