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What is the Business of Literature? - Richard Nash

What is the Business of Literature?Richard Nash

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This is the story of publishing as you’ve never read it before, told by one of the most provocative and informed voices building its future.It’s the tale of prophets and storytellers, of entrepreneurs and shop-owners, of those who fashioned… more

What is the Business of Literature?
Richard Nash
Thought Catalog , English
Hot Trends in Food and Drink... - Katie Thomas

Hot Trends in Food and Drink...Katie Thomas

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Hot Trends in Food and Drinks Innovation
Katie Thomas
Datamonitor Consumer , English
INTO THE RIVER: How Big Data... - Tony Cosentino

INTO THE RIVER: How Big Data...Tony Cosentino

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Based on first-hand knowledge of many of the world’s leading corporate insights departments and insights suppliers, Into The River gives the reader a straight-forward perspective into an important and changing industry. More importantly, it… more

INTO THE RIVER: How Big Data, the Long Tail and Situated Cognition are Changing the World of Market Insights Forever
Tony Cosentino
BookLocker.com Inc. , English
Health Concerns & Alcoholic ... - David Bird

Health Concerns & Alcoholic ...David Bird

IntroductionAs health has become a more important issue for consumers generally, the influence it has had on alcoholic beverages has risen too. This has proven a particular challenge for alcoholic beverage manufacturers as the link between … more

Health Concerns & Alcoholic Beverage Preferences: Implications for New Product Development
David Bird
Datamonitor Consumer , English
On-Trade Alcoholic Drinking Trends - David Bird

On-Trade Alcoholic Drinking TrendsDavid Bird

IntroductionAs the off-trade has emerged as the primary channel of engagement between brand and consumers, the on-trade’s role in brand building and in sales generation has had to change. On-trade exclusives; targeting under-represented on-… more

On-Trade Alcoholic Drinking Trends
David Bird
Datamonitor Consumer , English
Craft Beers in the US and UK... - David Bird

Craft Beers in the US and UK...David Bird

IntroductionDespite falling overall beer volumes, the craft or real ale sub-sector has been growing in the UK and particularly in the US. This case study examines the key consumer drivers behind its growth.Features and benefitsAchieve sales… more

Craft Beers in the US and UK Case Study
David Bird
Datamonitor Consumer , English
Food & Alcohol Pairing: Cons... - David Bird

Food & Alcohol Pairing: Cons...David Bird

IntroductionAs product differentiation has become more elusive across CPG sectors, the ball is the court of manufacturers to seek out new routes to generate stand out. A food and alcohol paring offer once such route and is one that can be u… more

Food & Alcohol Pairing: Consumer Occasions and Marketing Opportunities
David Bird
Datamonitor Consumer , English
The Business of Belief:  How... - Tom Asacker

The Business of Belief: How...Tom Asacker

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This is a short book. But I hope it takes you, like me, a long time to read it. The Business of Belief earns the word ‘profound’—every sentence should be savored.” —Tom Peters “Is this about marketing, life, spirituality, history, change o… more

The Business of Belief: How the World’s Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us to Believe
Tom Asacker
Marketing Management - Shruti

Marketing ManagementShruti

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Table of contentsThe book has following contents. Almost every topic is explained with proper diagrams. 1. Marketing2. Modern or new concept of marketing3. Marketing Mix or 4 P’s of marketing4. Marketing environment5. Consumer behavior in m… more

Marketing Management
Distinguishing between descr... - Kurt Grashaw

Distinguishing between descr...Kurt Grashaw

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Descriptive research can be presented in formats such as surveys which can include polling, questionnaires and interviews. The specific data gathering elements include descriptive, casual and relational questions presented in a structured o… more

Distinguishing between descriptive, relational, and causal questions. Explain when each should and should not be used.
Kurt Grashaw
Kurt Grashaw , English
Keep That Customer - J.S Roman

Keep That CustomerJ.S Roman

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The success of your business is largely on the ability to keep the customers you already have. In this book you will learn how to improve customer retention for your business. By following a few basic steps only only are your customers are … more

Keep That Customer
J.S Roman
Lightweighting in Food and D... - Sarah Chambers

Lightweighting in Food and D...Sarah Chambers

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Lightweighting in Food and Drinks Packaging
Sarah Chambers
Datamonitor Consumer , English
Choices - Lynn Ellsworth Taylor

ChoicesLynn Ellsworth Taylor

Choices unfolds a tried and proven means for self-discovery and self-mastery. This is practical guidance about how we can each become the person we are meant to become; how to allow our adapted personalities to fall away; giving all of our … more

Lynn Ellsworth Taylor
Elliott Bay Management , English
Conducting Marketing Researc... - Attila Yaprak, John Riesenbe...

Conducting Marketing Researc...Attila Yaprak, John Riesenbe...

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This practical guide leads you through all the issues you will face in developing new marketing opportunities in foreign markets. From initiating a project, to sampling and analyzing data, to taking advantage of your knowledge by approachin… more

Conducting Marketing Research for International Business
Attila Yaprak, John Riesenberger, S. Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight
Business Expert Press , English
The Future of Functional Foo... - James Robinson

The Future of Functional Foo...James Robinson

IntroductionThe functional bone and joint health market has been characterized by a lack of vibrancy. A high consumer interest/consumption disconnect is reflective of industry players struggling to market niche ingredients outside of calciu… more

The Future of Functional Food and Beverages: Bone and Joint Health
James Robinson
Datamonitor Consumer , English
Married to the Brand: Why Co... - William J. McEwen

Married to the Brand: Why Co...William J. McEwen

Although American companies spend a staggering $500 billion on advertising annually, many fail to establish an emotional connection with consumers. Married to the Brand examines why some companies develop this most desirable consumer connec… more

Married to the Brand: Why Consumers Bond with Some Brands for Life
William J. McEwen
Gallup Press , English
The $10 Trillion Prize: Capt... - Michael J. Silverstein, Abhe...

The $10 Trillion Prize: Capt...Michael J. Silverstein, Abhe...

Meet your new global consumerYou’ve heard of the burgeoning consumer markets in China and India that are driving the world economy. But do you know enough about these new consumers to convert them into customers?Do you know that:• There wi… more

The $10 Trillion Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India
Michael J. Silverstein, Abheek Singhi, Carol Liao, David Michael
Harvard Business Review Press , English
Make money with internet -

Make money with internet

Do you have a new membership website or on-line business that you’ve been working onstarting? Do you notice that anytime you go to put the finishing touches on it, by some unknownpowerful cyber force, you end up on Facebook instead? Or MySp… more

Make money with internet
Unthinking: The Surprising F... - Harry Beckwith

Unthinking: The Surprising F...Harry Beckwith

What do Howard Hughes and 50 Cent have in common, and what do they tell us about Americans and our desires? Why did Sean Connery stop wearing a toupee, and what does this tell us about American customers for any product? What one thing di… more

Unthinking: The Surprising Forces Behind What We Buy
Harry Beckwith
Business Plus , English
Segmenting - Ned Roberto

SegmentingNed Roberto

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SEGMENTING reveals how market segmenting, self-segmenting and desegmenting are changing the marketing game. Segmenting is written by one of Asia’s most respected marketing research gurus, Dr. Ned Roberto, who is the first Asian co-author of… more

Ned Roberto
Lifecycle Press and Salt-ebooks , English