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How To Live Greener: Living ... - Adam Clayton

How To Live Greener: Living ...Adam Clayton

You are on this page for one reason and one reason only: You want to know how to start living a greener lifestyle either because you want to do your part in caring for the planet or you want to save money.Whatever your reason for wanting to… more

How To Live Greener: Living Green 101
Adam Clayton
BT Elite Publishers , English
Everything About Green Energ... - Alex J. Green

Everything About Green Energ...Alex J. Green

Limited time offer.It’s time to live green. It’s time to stop polluting the very home you live in. Not only are you contaminating the place you call home, but you are putting your children through tougher, polluted conditions. This book cov… more

Everything About Green Energy Source
Alex J. Green
How to Generate and Build Yo... - Adam Clayton

How to Generate and Build Yo...Adam Clayton

Build your own power source? …It sounds a little nuts, and maybe even impossible, but it’s nowhere close. In this book, I’ll you’ll learn how to:- Build your own solar or wind power generator by following easy, simple, “any kid could unde… more

How to Generate and Build Your Own Power
Adam Clayton
BT Elite Publishers , English
The Bee Garden - Maureen Little

The Bee GardenMaureen Little

Bees play a vital and irreplaceable role in pollinating our flowers, fruits and vegetables. The more bees in your garden the healthier, more productive and more pleasant a place it will be. Yet bees are declining rapidly and many people, ev… more

The Bee Garden
Maureen Little
Spring Hill , English
Go Green, Live Well - Saleem Rana

Go Green, Live WellSaleem Rana

In this book, you’ll learn 100+ ways to go green and live a better life and improve the planet, too.Here are some of the topics covered in this highly informative book: How to save one ton of carbon each year by boiling water properly. Ho… more

Go Green, Live Well
Saleem Rana
Eden Rock Publishers , English
Blue Frontier: Dispatches fr... - David Helvarg

Blue Frontier: Dispatches fr...David Helvarg

An illuminating, insightful, and sobering look at our imperiled oceans.” — Ted DansonIn this compelling book, which Bill McKibben calls “the most comprehensive account available of the state of our nation’s oceans, and the best reporting o… more

Blue Frontier: Dispatches from America’s Ocean Wilderness, Updated 10th Anniversary Edition
David Helvarg
David Helvarg , English
How To Make Your Own Baby Fo... - Sandra Boothe-Armstrong

How To Make Your Own Baby Fo...Sandra Boothe-Armstrong

Know what your baby is eating by preparing your own baby food. No added chemicals, give your baby a healthy start in life. Also keep harmful gases out of the landfills from packaging. Save money in the process. Eco-friendly means healthy li… more

How To Make Your Own Baby Food (The Ecofriendly Way) (1)
Sandra Boothe-Armstrong
M&S Publishing , English
The Comprehensive Guide That... - Adam Clayton

The Comprehensive Guide That...Adam Clayton

You are on this page for one reason and one reason only: You want to know how to start living a greener lifestyle either because you want to do your part in caring for the planet or you want to save money.Whatever your reason for wanting to… more

The Comprehensive Guide That Shows You How To Live Greener: Living Green 101
Adam Clayton
BT Elite Publishers , English
Tips for Living Green - Ruth Green

Tips for Living GreenRuth Green

Never before in the history of this planet have we been more concerned with the environment. We have collectively been responsible for most of the poor condition of the Earth so it is up to each one of us to do our part to do our part to he… more

Tips for Living Green
Ruth Green
The Wolverine Way - Douglas H. Chadwick

The Wolverine WayDouglas H. Chadwick

This enigmatic animal is more complex than the myths that surround it. With a shrinking wilderness and global warming, the future of the wolverine is uncertain. This paperback edition of The Wolverine Way reveals the fascinating natural his… more

The Wolverine Way
Douglas H. Chadwick
Patagonia Books , English
Integrated Planning and Mana... - Dwight  Watson

Integrated Planning and Mana...Dwight Watson

Integrated coastal zone management is a process of good governance that guides decision-making on the equitable allocation and sustainable use of natural resources. Integrated Planning and Management of Natural Resources describes systemati… more

Integrated Planning and Management of Natural Resources: A Guide to Writing Sustainable Development Plans for Tropical Coastal Areas
Dwight Watson
BrownWalker Press , English
Water Resources Management i... -

Water Resources Management i...

Sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest region worldwide, has only recently begun to fully address the issues of meeting the water needs of its rapidly growing population, to reduce the deepening poverty besetting the region and to accelerate econo… more

Water Resources Management in Ethiopia: Implications for the Nile Basin
Cambria Press , English
Climate of Ecopolitics: A Ci... - Paul Taylor

Climate of Ecopolitics: A Ci...Paul Taylor

Climate of Ecopolitics is a vital Citizen’s Guide that sorts out the millions of bits of information on global climate change. Global warming has been described as both the world’s biggest crisis, and the biggest hoax-neither is true. This… more

Climate of Ecopolitics: A Citizen’s Guide
Paul Taylor
iUniverse , English
You will be shown ways on ho... -

You will be shown ways on ho...

IntroductionWith all the information out there in the news and on the internet most peopleare at least aware of pollution problems. The issue is more serious in some areasbut the fact remains that we all contribute to it. The concern is tha… more

You will be shown ways on how you can do your part to live a greener life! by David Thauma
125 Ways to Go Green - Chris Olstad

125 Ways to Go GreenChris Olstad

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125 Ways to Go Green
Chris Olstad
My City Tree Cares For Me - Margaret Hall Spencer

My City Tree Cares For MeMargaret Hall Spencer

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When Callie and her parents move from the country to a new home in the city, she is not sure she will be happy. When they get to the city, though, it doesn’t look anything like she thought it would. She is surprised to see lots of beautiful… more

My City Tree Cares For Me
Margaret Hall Spencer
Lucid Books , English
Culturequake : The Restorati... - Chuck Burr

Culturequake : The Restorati...Chuck Burr

There is a reason that after 10,000 years, our culture is now unraveling—it has hit the wall. Every global crisis today shares one underlying cause—the story that perpetuates our culture, “the world belongs to man.” This story has lead us … more

Culturequake : The Restoration Revolution
Chuck Burr
Trafford , English
Cape Cod (Illustrated) - Henry David Thoreau

Cape Cod (Illustrated)Henry David Thoreau

  • Beautifully illustrated with atmospheric images from early editions, Cape Cod is a brilliant and unsentimental account of survival on a barren peninsula in the face of hostile elements, historical change, and natural decay.

  • Just as ac… more

Cape Cod (Illustrated)
Henry David Thoreau
Heritage Illustrated Publishing , English
A Tree Can Save The World - Sadhguru

A Tree Can Save The WorldSadhguru

What kind of world will our children have to deal with in the future? The World Bank recently released their report on climate change titled, “Turn Down the Heat”, which suggests that unless human beings take action to reduce their impact o… more

A Tree Can Save The World
Isha Foundation , English
Environmentalist, Saving The Planet - The Beach Bum Entrepreneur

Environmentalist, Saving The PlanetThe Beach Bum Entrepreneur

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Environmentalist, Saving The Planet. A book on how to help the environment. What is an environmentalist? How do you become one? What can we do today to create change now? All these questions and more answered in this insightful book. Make t… more

Environmentalist, Saving The Planet
The Beach Bum Entrepreneur
The Beach Bum Entrepreneur , English